About informationleafblower.com

Online since 2003, Information Leafblower is a daily dip into the world of Kyle Gustafson. The site features photos, links and commentary about a wide range of topics, most frequently music, sports and photography. And, cat pictures. Lots of cat pictures. The site is named after the job title claimed by Bug, one of the characters in Douglas Coupland's book Microserfs.

Kyle Gustafson

A writer and photographer, Gustafson has been posting his work online in one form or another since 2001. Born in Massachusetts but raised in North Carolina, Gustafson graduated from East Carolina University in the late 90's with a degree in Communications. Most of his time as an undergrad was spent as a club DJ and as music director of the campus radio station. After graduation, he moved to New York City and worked in the music industry for most of the next decade. In 2004, he relocated to Washington D.C., where he spends his days as a web editor for a major publishing company.

Of Note

  • Gustafson worked with a wide range of artists during his time in the music industry, including William Orbit, the Dust Brothers, Madonna, R.E.M., Limp Bizkit, Dido, Beck, and Beth Orton as well as the soundtracks to the films Fight Club, Man on the Moon and School of Rock.
  • In 2003 he worked in conjunction with Weiden + Kennedy on a Nike commercial that starred Jason Giambi and featured the Mooney Suzuki's cover of the Cole Porter classic "Don't Fence Me In."
  • After moving to D.C. in 2004, he became one of the founding members of DCist.com. He currently serves as both Sports Editor and Senior Editor. While at DCist, he has established relationships with D.C. United and the Washington Wizards as well as co-creating and booking the successful DCist concert series "Unbuckled."
  • His writing has appeared on Washingtonpost.com, Pitchforkmedia.com and Blurt-Online.com.
  • His photography has been featured worldwide in media outlets such as The Sun, The News of the World, the Washington Post, the Toronto Star, Heat Magazine, NME.com, Rollingstone.com, Pitchforkmedia.com, HuffingtonPost.com and many others.