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April 2003 Archives

It's the best!

Like everything else, going to the grocery store in New York City(actually Brooklyn in this case) is an experience in itself. Most trips are an extreme exercise in patience that can try even the calmest of man.
Upon entering the grocery store, you have to immediately realize that your girlfriend is actually in charge there, so there is no use in fighting it. Ever take a long look at the check out line? It?s all guys, guarding the shopping cart or basket while the girlfriend is out picking up that last elusive item. Grenadine, Buttermilk, or Cayenne pepper. Whatever. Once you have everything picked out and are ready to pay...then comes the fun part. Everyone packs all of there food onto a 12 inch strip on the conveyer belt leading to the cash register. There are two people in front of that still need to check out, but your food needs to be up there. Even if this involves a three foot high pile of food that will shift dangerously once the belt is turned on. Your food deserves to be up there dammit! Tonight, the cashier one row over from us was holding her cell phone is on hand and checking everyone out with the other. It was strictly a one hand operation. She talked throughout the whole process. Funny that. Then comes the task of bagging your own groceries so you can go outside and wait for the bus for the next 15 minutes. The rest of it?s not so bad. But the bus is the kicker on top of it all. I NEVER catch the bus. The bus hates me.

Who the heck came up with the idea of the projection pop up ads that move down the screen while you are trying to scroll down to the info you want? Better yet, what ad executive thought that this would be a great way to make people aware of your current ad/scam/service?
"I know, what if we make a mini-movie sort of thing that take 30 seconds to play and it will be on top of the web page so you can't read anything and you can't make it stop or close it until the mini movie thingy plays entirely. This will be the perfect way to get people to check out our new promotion! People won't mind these things at all. They won't find them annoying or anything like that."
I have found these things quite a bit lately....yesterday on and today on MSN's slate magazine site.
Advertisers! Here me now! I promise to never buy anything associated with these type of ads! I don't care if it's for the next Radiohead album!

Even though I am a very nice guy, there are quite a few things that really piss me off. Right now at the head of the list is New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA. The jokers just raised our subway fares by 50 cents a ride with no vote on the matter and no discussion on the matter(kinda like Mayor Bloomberg banning smoking in bars in the city even through he didn't campaign behind it). 2 years ago they were sitting on a multimillion dollar surplus but now they say they are in the red and have to increase fares in order to "maintain service" which I guess means if you have a 3 train commute after 11 PM, it will still take you 2 hours to get home. Maybe they saw their chance after 9/11 to claim they were broke(even though FEMA paid for all the fixes to the subway system). I don't know....Assholes. But wait, I have proof:
Here is a history of the MTA from New York Press. Great article on how politics REALLY work.
Here is a story from today's New York Post(my daily paper of choice) about how the MTA has 2 sets of books.
And finally, Here is a story from 1010 WINS-AM that states that the MTA lied about having to raise subway fares.
What I want to know is, if these stories are true, why isn't everyone that knew about this or in on this from the MTA fired immediately?

Good morning...

Some stuff to read that I found on the internet yesterday...
NBA Playoff Predictions from the Sports Guy The Sports Guy is one of my favorite witers out there. He gets extra points for being a Celtics fan.
Gregg Easterbrook makes a Mockery of the NFL Draft Gregg writes the Tuesday Morning Quatertbrack column for and also Slate Magazine. It's a bit high brow but is always entertaining and funny.

That's all for now...I'm going to see Primal Scream tonight at Irving Plaza so I'll give you a report in the next day or two.


Last post for the night...I read this on the Chuck Palahniuk messageboard(if you don't know who Chuck is SHAME ON YOU!...go here to find out) and although I think it must be taken with a grain of does lend credence to the old saying "Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Here it is:
Is our current President following in the steps of a former deposed dicatator who's birthday happened to be yesterday?
The answer might scare you.

Here is some funny stuff regarding yesterday, April 20th (or 420), which happened to be Easter, Hitler's birthday and also the same date as the Columbine shootings:
The Origins of 420
It was also the first day my girlfriend M and and I made it out to Prospect Park to enjoy the weather. It was very relaxing out there...even with all the kiddies and rugrats running around wreaking havoc.

Well I did it. Taking the plunge, as they say...Welcome to my blog. Let's hope that I update it more than my webpage. hahaha. Right-o.
Hopefully I'll get around to writing about my confusion as to why Spoon isn't the biggest band in the world...maybe even get into some politics...but I'll probably just end up talking sports with everyone. That's what usually happens.
PS - My beloved Celtics are losing game 2 to the Pacers right now.
I just found out yesterday was Hitler's birthday. Funny, even though his first name is Adolph, most people don't use it...He's right up there with all the greats...just need one name to identify him. Like Madonna, Sting, Regis or Rocky. Ha.
I got my tax rebate check today. Woo Hoo. I actually had a sizeable rebate this year as I was unemployed for most of it. Too bad it's all going to pay back my credit cards. That's no fun dammit! Oh well....