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Man....I'm all depressed. Andre Agassi just lost in 5 sets at Wimbledon to Mark Philoupoussiss. I have no idea if I am spelling his name right. Agassi was right in the match but had a bad service game at 3-all in the 5th and couldn't get his mojo back. Damn you Dr. Evil!!
What an amazing weekend. Too bad I spent most of it inside. My Mom was in town on Saturday with some other family so we went to eat at Guastavino's and came back to the crib and kicked it for a while. It was nice to see Moms and the rest of the family. Sunday I watched Wimbledon, installed iSync and iCal and made some Sheppard's Pie. Yummy.
- Put John McEnroe on your desktop and recieve up to the minute Wimbledon scores.
- Coupling is the greatest show on TV. Too bad NBC is gonna fuck up the US version next year. Friends wishes it was this funny.
- Finding Nemo is encouraging little kids to flush their goldfish down the toilet. D'oh!
- How much would you pay to rename your business?
- The famous Steve Albini report of what's wrong with the music industry. A must read.
- Radiohead's acoustic set on KCRW.
- A cause I can really get behind.

I'll have more later...I have to go to physical therapy and pick my girlfriend up from the airport.

Tonight's Simpsons rerun is the one where Homer tears his ACL playing basketball. Respect.

Yesterday I finally got my refill on Vicodin and for some reason they gave me bigger pills this time. I spent much of last night watching the NBA Draft is a (legal / prescription) drug haze.
Things turned out well for my mighty Celtics. We got the Point Guard we wanted, Marcus Banks from UNLV, and also a high school big guy to help us in a few years. Funny, I remember when a draft was supposed to help you immediately. No you draft on "upside" and "potential". Argh. Jerry West and the Memphis Grizzlies traded us their 2 first round picks for ours so we could move up and get Banks before Seattle or Orlando could get him. I don't know how our new guys will turn out but our new GM Danny Ainge got the guys he wanted and didn't really give up anything to get them so I can't complain. He has put his stamp on the team already and that is a good thing.
In other news, it was hot yesterday. Damn Hot. Wow. It's a bit better today I guess. I haven't really been outside other than to grab the paper. I cancelled my physical therapy session for today. I'm glad I did. I didn't get to sleep until about 5 AM last night(due to Vicodin and my kitty keeping me up) so I slept in. After I got up, I got on the computer and have been here all day since then.
- The only thing better than the NBA Draft itself is the Sports Guy's running diary of the night as it happens.
- Bob Ryan says the Celtics are fools no more. Good to see Mr. Ryan back to work.
- Here is a great explanation about why the music industry is dying.
- Another great Business 2.0 article. This one is about whether bands should use p2p services as a Beta Tester for their albums like software companies do.
- Strongbad and company made it into Time Magazine.
- The Flaming Lips have agreed to pay Cat Stevens for lifting a song of his for Fight Test. When is Yoko going to sue them for using "Mind Games" for "Do You Realize?"
- This is HILARIOUS. Is Demi getting Punk'd?
- Ouch. Pitchfork gave Liz Phair a 0.0. Haven't heard it yet, but that's harsh. Wait until everyone finds out the Mooney Suzuki went out to work with The Matrix too.
- The website for the new Super Furry Animals album has gone live. Album / DVD drops on July 21st.

Cheers all.

Music I've Been Listening To Lately:
Radiohead - Hail To The Thief
Harvey Danger - King James Version
Shudder To Think - 50,000 BC
Richard Ashcroft - Alone With Everybody
The Spinanes - Arches & Aisles
Noise Addict - Meet The Real You

Last night I realized Week 3 of my recovery from knee surgery coincides with Week 3 of unemployment. I'm actually not all that bummed about being out of work. It will be much better when I can walk withot crutches or a knee brace though. I can go chill in Prospect Park, catch a Yankees or Mets day game, wander around SoHo. Hell, I can sleep all fucking day if I want to. It'll be nice for a while(and it's kinda nice not having to commute everyday in my current condition) but I'm sure I'll be itching to get back to work after a while. I plan on taking some computer classes and trying a different field, effectively ending my dreams of "making it" in the music industry. I'm fine with it though. I'm not convinced there will be a music industry in 5 years so the time to get out is now. Computers will still be around.
Went to see my doctor yesterday and finally got my stitches removed, so I can bathe again!
I got to take my first shower since June 8th last night. It was all I wanted and more.
My visit to the doctor didn't last very long though. It takes me almost two hours to get from park Slope to the Upper East Side and he can't even spend 5 minutes with me! He comes in, looks at the wound from surgery(which is healng quite nicely), takes out my stitches, bends my knee one way, and does another test to make sure the new ligament is tight(it is) and that was that. Damn.
Tonight is the NBA Draft and I have decided not to attend. All my friends bailed on me to go see Sonic Youth and Wilco in Central Park. I'm not much of a fan of either band. Instead I will drive my girlfriend to the airport for her flight to Buffalo. She has a wedding to attend this weekend, one which I begged off due to my condition. We have another in 2 weeks so we compromised and agreed I would go to that one instead. I'll still be in my knee brace then so it should be interesting seeing how that works.
I'll most likely be back tonight to offer my thoughts on the draft. Until then....
- The Man in Black makes his first public appearance since losing his soulmate, the lovely and talented June Carter Cash and plays some tunes to boot!! Johnny Cash Fucking Rules. End of story. See the video for HURT here. It's powerful, powerful stuff. June makes an appearance in it as well.
- Playboy Playmates the 'Tops' at gauging the economy
- The RIAA(aka the Evil Empire) has begun preperations for legal action against users that offer up alot of tunes to the p2p services
- Damn.
- Morrissey once said he learned everything he knew from Limp Bizkit(ha!). Michael Stipe learned everything he knows from Morrissey.

Cheers all.

Week 3 of my recovery from knee surgery is underway and I am officially sick of wearing my knee brace. This thing is stinky. It makes it very hard for me to get comfortable when I sit down. The top part of the brace comes up to my upper thigh so I have to sit sideways with one buttock hanging off whenever I sit down. Oh to be able to face the place where I am sitting head on. Soon, hopefully....I have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow so I might be able to get my stitches out (finally) and start taking showers. I've enjoyed my three weeks of ignoring personal hygene but I'm ready to start smelling good again.
My birthday came and went without anything exciting happening. Not that that is a bad thing at all. On Friday(my actual birthday) my girlie and I stayed in, ordered Pizza and watched the Barfly DVD she bought as one of my presents.
Saturday some friends came over to cheer me up and we ordered in from the Chip Shop. Mmmmmmmmm...Fish n' Chips. I ran out of medication so I was finally able to drink my first beer that night. Woo Hoo.
The car broke down earlier in the day while it was pouring down rain. I had to sit in it for 2 hours waiting for the tow truck. No one would help us at all. Dicks. Turns out our battery was just dead so the damage to the checking account wasn't that bad.
I've also officially become addicted to Vice City ever since my friend Tony let me borrow his PS2.
- Yesterday Apple unleashes all sorts of new stuff at this years WWDC, including a G5 and a preview of the upcoming OS Panther(10.3). Here is a recap.
- Today Apple unveiled the Pro Card.
- Wanna know how your 99 cent purchases from the Apple Music Store are divided between Apple, Artist and Label? I thought so....well, read on.
- Some bands weigh in on why they declined to participate in the Apple Music Store at this time.
- I heard about this on Saturday night...apparantly Fidel Castro fell victim to a prank pulled by a Miami radio station.
- Super Furry Animals play for over 2 hours in front of 6,500 people in their Homecoming Gig in Bethesda, Wales.
- Eddie Izzard is SEXIE.

I had to go to my physical therapy appointment in the city yesterday so I decided to take public transportation in just to see how rough it would be. While it wasn't exactly fun, I made it(took me three damn hours to get from Park Slope to the Upper West Side) even though I was exhausted by the time I got there. My PT says another week or so before I can ditch my leg brace. Even longer for my crutches. Damn. My Doctor/Surgeon is at a conference this week so i can't get my stitches out until next week. Damn. I hope to be a little more mobile by next Thursday, the night of the NBA DRAFT. I'll be there.
Tonight I'm going to make my first appearance in public since the surgery. My friend Jude is moving back home to New Orleans so we're throwing him a goodbye dinner. No drinking for me, I'm still on medication.
News and stuff from the interweb:
- New column from the Sports Guy.
- New stuff from Get Your War On!
- Super Furries antagonize me by playing "Frisbee" in their set last night. Bastards!
- Opening date of Lollapalooza is cancelled. Poor ticket sales to blame?
- Top Ten roadie funeral requests.
- Here's that Law & Order piece I was talking about yesterday from the NY Times.
- A list of the 20 worst post-break-up bands ever. Like when Duran Duran split up and became Powerstation and Arcadia.

My birthday is tomorrow. I am leaning towards this as my present as i gave my old one to my dad last year.

Sorry for no posts last week but I was out of it because of the surgery and it turned out to be a crazy week. A quick recap of my time since my last post:

Saturday was, of course, Field Day. And let me tell you it sucked ass until I heard that Beck broke his rib/hip/indie cred. It rained all fucking day and it was absolutely miserable out. The Giants stadium security Nazi's didn't make anything better but that is a loooong story and I won't get into it. I went to Field Day for the music and it became a game of survival. Cold, windy and rainy are not ideal festival conditions. Underworld were ACE. Played "The Hits" and their set was much appreciated by everyone that braved the weather. I spent much of the rest of the day in the VIP area under the stadium as it was A) dry and B) warm. Didn't see Blur but they looked wack on the monitors inside. Saw 2 songs of Bright Eyes and was impressed and missed Elliott Smith. Beck didn't play and that was great as the Beasties had to go early and as a result, so did Radiohead. Caught the last 5 Beastie songs and they sounded unrehearsed. Really guys, you've been doing this as long as i can remember. Is it that hard to rmemeber the lyrics to "Slow and Low"? The 2 anti-war songs they played made the group seem played. The rain broke right beofre Radiohead, which turned out to be a good omen. They were amazing as always, and the new stuff sounded awesome, although no "Drunken Punch Up At A Wedding." Blah. But a great set and a great end to a long day.

On Sunday, I just chilled out and got ready for my surgery the following day. Not much to speak of, went to bed ealy.

Moday started early, as I woke up at 4:30 as I had to be at the hosptial at 6:00 AM. My girlie and I took the car in as we figured it would be easier to get home that way. I checked in at the ambulatory surgery wing, got into a gown, talked to a few of the people that were involved with the whole process(nurse, attending, anesthesiologist, etc.) and waited for my turn to come. I was the first person scheduled for surgery that day. One funny thing they made me do was take a magic marker and mark which knee needed the operation. I wonder how many lawsuits happened before they started that practice.
When it was time, they led me down the hall into OR 3 and strapped me into a table, and stuck me with all sorts of needles for the IV and the local anesthesia. They put my right leg asleep by blocking the femoral artery. I remember rolling my legs back and forth a few times for them so they could stick me some more and the next thing I know, I am in the recovery room with this HUGE brace on my right leg and all the other patients staring at me. Peeing was the worst as my shy bladder was not cooperating but I managed to go twice while I was there. I had to stay there until my right leg "woke up" from the anesthesia and took a long time. I got a few shots for the pain as well. Finally around 7 PM I could wiggle two of my toes so they let me go. I got home at like 7:45 and didn't get a pizza delivered until around 9 PM. That was my first meal of the day.
Everyone at the hospital was very cool and extremely nice. Overall the experience wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.
I spent the rest of the week in a Vicodin induced coma. The pain was pretty bad and sleeping was even worse. I have to keep my leg elevated at all times so I have to sleep on my back which isn't very comfortable for me. Last night was really the first good nights sleep I've had since the operation and I even woke up twice then. My kitty enjoys our new 4 AM playtimes though.

Friday, I was supposed to go back to work, so i called in to the office to let them know I was on the way when my boss got on the phone and told me not to bother, I was fired. Ummm...WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT? I won't comment on this as I still have to get my shit back from the office but let's just say I was surprised. I was all ready to raise some hell but then I realized I hated my job and this was a really good thing. They can pay my unemployment for the next 9 months. Fuck 'em. I'll use the next few months to take some computer classes and get into a new line of work. It's all positive from this end.
Unfortunately I still can't walk so I am stuck in the land of 1,00 Seinfeld repeats. ER in the morning, Law & Order in the afternoon. TNT has primetime on all the time. I read a great article from the NY TImes on Sunday about how Law & Order is holding up the NYC acting community as it tapes 3 shows here and they all need like 25 people per episode. A juicy part can land you over $5,000 a week during filming, plus residuals. Nice.
Other news:
- Looks like the ACC is considering expanding by only one team, Miami, instead of the three as originally planned. I am against the expansion thing in general, but if it happens this is the best way. By just adding the Hurricanes, the round robin conference scheule in basketball won't be affected, thus Duke/UNC and Duke/Maryland twice a year. We'll Know on Wednesday.
- This is very,very scary.
-An more proof that Dubya is an idiot. here are pictures of him falling off of a segway scooter.
My birthday is coming up on Friday. What should I ask for for my present? I am undecided.

Woke up to sunshine again today. That was nice.
Unlike yesterday, it didn?t last long this morning. The rain and gloom is already settling in. Um....woo hoo?
So I decided to go to Field Day today as I scored a free ticket. No way in hell would I pay $80 to go to this train wreck. I can?t wait to go out there and sit through 8 hours of constant downpour and them to tell me the show is off right before Radiohead goes on.
Normally I wouldn?t even think about going today but I?ve already missed 2 shows by them this week:The Krock acoustic set (download it here if you missed it) and the show at the Beacon which will air on M2 later in June. There is no way I can wait until they come back to NYC later this year(MSG in July is the rumour).
Also helping me make up my mind is that I will be having reconstructive surgery on my ACL on Monday morning. That leaves me under 48 hours to get my mobility on.
Last night at like 2 in the AM I began researching the surgery and now I?m thinking that wasn?t such a good idea.
I was up most of the night doing research...after I worked up a cold sweat about the thought of them drilling holes in my knee, I surfed around and started checking out other people?s blogs and found some awesome stuff.
The first is a site called Catchdubs. He has a link to DUBYA?s resume which I found personally hilarious.
I think my favorite career move of his might be:

After taking the entire month of August off for vacation, presided over the worst security failure in US history.

If you haven?t seen my pics from that attack on the WTC, click here to check them out.
Can you say Realer than Real Deal Holyfield?
He had some other good things on there including some graphic love letters from James Joyce. He also had a link to a piece I read a while back about Michael Jordan stealing some dude?s date. I always thought MJ was a punk. Give me Chris Mullin any day.
So I have no idea what I?m going to do next week while I recouperate from my surgery. I bought two books last week in case I am able to read and comprehend things. One was Reefer Madness by the guy who wrote Fast Food Nation, the other was A Working Stiff's Manifesto which I picked out because it looked funny and the local bookstore I was in had it on display.
Some other stuff I found while surfing the web aimlessly in the wee hours of the morning:


The Nets stole one in San Antonio last night so it looks like this series is on. Honestly I could care less because if there are only two teams left playing it must mean it?s the offseason for my beloved Celtics. The draft is near, which means I am flooding the HOOPSWORLD MESSAGEBOARD with all my superior draft knowledge and opinions.
I?m shooting for the NBA DRAFT on June 26th to be my first appearance in the NYC nightlife post-surgery. I hope I?ll be able to survive all the drunken fools there.
The Celtics have picks 16 and 20(thanks Philly). I?m hoping for a Yugoslav, Aleksandar Pavlovic, at 16 and maybe UNLV point guard Marcus Banks at 20. We?ll see.
Josh Ozersky writes The Celtics Report for HOOPSWORLD and it is always opinionated and informative. He pointed me to a newspaper column that was LITERALLY THE MOST DEPRESSING THING I?VE EVER READ. Its a fictional accout of where the C?s would be if they got Tim Duncan in the draft back in the day. It?s very depressing.

OK...I?m off to Giants Stadium to get rained on. I? excited to finally see Underworld for the first time but I know today is going to be a long fucking day.
Check back tomorrow and I?ll tell everyone how shitty it was.

What an utterly crap day. I wish I could have posted the radar shot from this morning. It was pissing down rain here.
Nothing like starting your day with a 15 minute walk to the subway in a monsoon, getting on the train and almost getting pnuemonia from the AC on the subway and having strangers drip on you all the way into the city. Blah.
Well, they didn't have the Field Day vote last night, they did it today. But it doesn't matter because Field Day won't be happening on Long Island this weekend.
Instead it will be on Saturday at Giants Stadium. WTF?
Figures, I found some free tickets last night. If Radiohead and Underworld are playing, I'll still go but i won't like it! It's still going to rain...
Some wacko agreed to trading his house in Park Slope for 2 tickets to see Radiohead at the Beacon. Not sure if I believe this.
Other random crappiness...Palm bought Handsrping today. Ugh.
Oh yeah, Martha Stewart got indicted for insider trading today. Ha! Time to face the music(no pun intended).
Just so you don't think I'm all morose today, some good stuff:
The first chapter of Diary has been published on line. That's the new Chuck Palahniuk novel for all you people without a clue.
And finally, The Sports Guy picks the Nets in six. Game 1 of the NBA Finals is tonight.

There is a vote tonight that will decide the fate of Field Day. It will also decide the fate of two tickets I may or may not be purchasing.

Some news I found while combing the interweb this morning:

Boston Globe piece on Tim Duncan and how lucky he was to escape the clutches of Rick Pitino.

The All Tomorrow's Parties festival in LA has been postponed.

Apple release a new version of iSync today. I think I need to try this thing out.

Here is one person's account of their 16 hours in line for Radiohead tickets at the Beacon. Glad I stayed home.

I quit listening to radio when it got deregulated back in 1996. I also moved to NYC around then and anyone who lives here knows that radio in NYC is one big joke, but I digress. Today the FCC voted to deregulate TV in a similar way to radio back in 1996. This is very bad. Eric Boehlert from agrees with me.
Maybe now I can quit watching TV.
I wonder how I stay sane when I have to deal with bullshit from Mayor Bloomberg and Dubya each and every day.
Be sure to read the Salon article(you have to sign up for it) as it details how when radio was deregulated in 1996, Newt Gingrich was in Congress and Newt said(in not so many words) that they would relax restrictions on radio ownership in return for favorable media coverage on all these stations.
Many people also don't know that one of the bigwigs at Clear Channel(which owns like 80% of radio in the US) bought the Texas Rangers from Dubya and basically made him a rich man.

Here is a track by track preview of he new Super Furry Animals masterpiece entitled PHANTOM POWER. I have a few of the tracks from the record(thanks SoulSeek!) and I have to say that I think this is their most brilliant album yet. I had dinner with Gruff and Guto a few weeks ago(they were in town to do a round of US promotion for the record) and they were very excited to get back into the groove, so to speak.

What an utterly crap weekend. I drove my girlfriend to the airport Saturday morning, got home and headed out to see the Matrix:Reloaded and when I left the theatre, it was raining. It's been raining ever since. It's very gloomy today. This must be what Manchester is like.
I've been inside most of the weekend, but I am going to venture out tonight to see Ted Leo play the Bowery Ballroom. He's on late, around 11 pm, which is wierd because the show next Tuesday has the headliner on at 10 PM. What's up with that?
So...The Matrix...It wasn't as bad I read/heard about. I had low expectations going in. The main problem of the movie was that the 1st one set the bar very high for this installment and the technology hasn't really been able to leap ahead and really WOW everyone here. The scene where Trinity is falling out of the window was very cool visually, but the story was very wack and there was too much downtime in the movie. If Neo is "The Chosen One" why is he still trying to kung-fu with everyone instead of fucking some people up? In the scene where he fought all of the Agent Smith's, why didn't he do something to take them all out of action? They should have done more with this. And many of the shots looked too CG for my taste.
Here is some stuff I enjoyed reading this past week:
- It appears that Field Day is on for next weekend. Now the big question. To go or to watch it on MTV. Right now, the weather for next weekend isn't looking very good.
-The Sports Guy wrote an amazing article on the trade values of the Top 40 players in the league. A must read. He also did another article on why Roger Clemens is the anti-christ.
-In other news, hell is freezing over. Morrissey signed a record deal with Sanctuary Records.