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Sorry for the lack of updates this week but it's been hectic. I had 3 doctors appointments today but that's cool because they all had good news for me. Doctor #1 performed a post-op check up on my surgically repaired right knee(the second such checkup) and proclaimed it "Solid as a rock." Nice. Doctor #2 fitted me for a new knee brace much less cumbersome than the one I am forced to wear now. ETA 12 days. Doctor #3 was my physical therapy appointment and she told me I was voted "ACL Of The Month" because of my fast healing ways.
And you say I never win anything!
Yesterday I broke down and rented Daredevil. My curiosity got the best of me. Daredevil was one of my favorite comic books when i was growing up. I read it religiously ever since Frank Miller made it what it was. I honestly didn't have high hopes for the movie(specifically Ben Affleck and his forehead) but it turned out OK. Good, but not great. There were many details that they totally nailed, the dark mood of the film in particular, and for the most part, the movie was cast pretty well. My big problem with the movie was Bennifer. There were parts in the movie that he absolutely nailed. But every time he started talking to Jennifer Garner and did that damn smirk, he lost me. Colin Farrell's character was way too over the top. Just laughable. He needed a costume or something. The thingy on his forehead was silly. Why not a tatoo or something else instead? Jennifer Garner and Michael Clarke Duncan both did great work in this film. I particularly liked the part on the roof when Daredevil wants to go intervene in a Kingpin related mugging but Elektra asks him to stay and he does. Daredevil is a real man and needs love and comfort and does not get it often. This was one of those chances, if it interferes with work, so be it. If Jennifer Garner tells you to hang out 'cause you're about to get some booty, I'd be like "Screw work!" and so would you.
Overall, the screenplay was great(except for the psuedo fight in the playground, that was wack) and it was honorable to the Miller penned "Elektra Saga." It's just a shame those 4 great books had to be condensed into one movie. Also, all the hard rock in the move reminded me of "The Crow." That is not a good thing.
I give it a B- but I have a feeling I would like this movie less and less with more viewings.
-NY Times reviews Lollapalooza and Siren. Guess which one I went to?
- The dude kicked out of the Libertines accused of theft.
- REM continue to amaze on their European tour. Damn!
- Super Furries add new UK tour date.
- Lollapalooza for Europe. Ummm....they already have better festivals over there Perry.
- Ticket dickheads Radiohead confirm new European tour dates. No I am not bitter.
- In todays' episode of DANNY AINGE IS A GENIUS I present to you the Jumaine Jones trade. Let's see, the Celtics trade their 15th man, a 7 foot stiff guarenteed to never leave the bench and our 3rd string point guard(granted he played well at times last year) for what will likely be our starting small forward, all the while skirting the salary cap imposed by the league and Celtic ownership. Josh Ozersky also weighs in. I've said it once, I'll say it again. Danny is the man. Also, the schedule for next year is released. Highlights here.
- Peter May on the T-wovles and Spree.
- The Sports Guy reviews Seabiscuit.
- Red Sox acquire more help for their bullpen.
- This just in...2/3 of spam is misleading. Information Leaf Blower is NEVER misleading.
- Best Buy to carry Apple computers. Rejoice!
- USA Today thinks leaves alot to be desired. Apple rulez.
- Breaking news on Kobe. Check Whatevs from 7/29 for some more info. I hope everyone realizes that this trial isn't happening until like February. Get used to all this shit.

That's all for now folks.
Remember, you have to be prepared for the possibility that God does not like you. Tyler Durden says so.

Happy Saturday everyone.
I'm heading up to Massachusetts today to hang with my Dad and some of his family so I'll have to be quick today.
Let me first just say how off the fucking heazy Spoon The Rock Band was Thursday night at Castle Clinton. I can't believe my lazy ass almost didn't go! Catherine went too(and she has pics up). Here I am unemployed and one of my favorite bands in the world are playing a FREE show and I debated on attending. Britt and Co. were totally on point, just brilliant. And what a set. It's like he snuck a look at the Spoon playlist on my iPod and just played that along with "Chicago at Night" and "Lines In The Suit". Shit was hot to def. Why aren't Spoon the biggest band in the world? Seriously. I think they are that good. Lots of cross-over appeal too. They wouldn't have to change a thing. Shit, if Ben Fucking Folds made it, whay can't Britt? Imagine if Elektra took all the money they spent on Third Eye Blind and spent that on Spoon instead. The world would be a better place. But I digress...
- Holy Fucking Shit! This is beyond funny. Metallica are an easy target but he is spot on.
SPECIAL SECTION: We have a special section on ILB today entitled "DANNY AINGE IS A GENIUS:"
EXHIBIT A: Does the prudent thing and signs Brandon Hunter for more than a 2nd round pick is supposed to sign. Mr. Hunter(and his agent) just got signed for an extra $400k or so. Nice one. Hey K-Mart, come over here, I have someone for you to meet. HA!
EXHIBIT B: Toys with Travis Best and signs his (younger) back up, Mike James, for less money. They had almost identical stats last year. Hey Travis, piss off! No one is gonna give you $1.4 mil. Best's agent is such a tool. He wants to know why they didn't give his client more time to explore more profitable options around the league before answering the Cetic's contract offer. Hey Buddy, you not only lost a contract for your client for next year, but your commission as well. Ahem...HA!
Rock on Danny. You were always my favorite C.
Except for, of course, Reggie Lewis. The Sports Guy answers more fan mail and gives Lewis some love for good measure. Sunday is the 10th anniversary of Reggie's death. Damn.
- Will legal downloading lead to a new singles chart? Better than the alternative.
- Ian Brown to get under the influence.
- Phantom Power love from Pitchfork. Yo, you know it's good if Pitchfork says so. Right?
- Dude, Ozzy's tour manager just died.
- An extremely intelligent discourse of the lack of merits shown by the new site, or as I shall now refer to it as, Be sure to check out all the legal mumbo jumbo you have to do just to download a damn song. Apple platform users can't even access the site now. PS - you have to agree to using only Microsoft Corporation Windows Media Player 9 Series, or a later higher version to play your files. Typical Microsoft bulshit.
- Even more typical Microsoft bullshit. Hey, you know that new OS we're coming out with? You won't really like it.
- Scary note to Apple users. If you move to another country, the music you bought with the iTunes Music Store doesn't come with you. This is some typical RIAA bullshit here. We all know Apple is perfect.
- Neighborhoodies. Hotness. I still think Brooklyn Industries hoodies are the best.
- Chuck Palahniuk attacked by a mob of Santa's! He's forced to drink Tequila! Cacophony Society strikes again. Rock.
- Looks like we are going to Liberia. I wonder where that Osama fellow is?

That's all for now folks.
Remember, life is hard, you have to change.

So back to my ranting about tickets...I tried to get tickets through Radiohead's fan club dealy called W.A.S.T.E.(don't ask me what it stands for). They said tickets would go on sale Monday, so I cancelled my physical therapy session so I could make it happen. Then they inform everyone that tickets would not be on sale until Tuesday. Ggggrrrrr, so be it. So I keep checking back all day Tuesday, every half hour or so, and the site always says US TICKETS ON SALE SOON. I click on it every so often just to check and it says tickets will be on sale later in the day. Whatever. I finally get fed up and go to AtEaseweb to the message board there. Apparantly those fucks at W.A.S.T.E. put the NYC tickets on sale at 6 AM and they were all gone by like 8 Am(when I got up). That is fucking bullshit. Is this how a band treats ther fans? I realize they are trying to make it as hard as possible for scalpers to get their grubby little hands on tickets, but damn! Many a longtime and hardcore fan got left out in the cold as well. Thanks dicks. Ridiculous. I did manage to score seats to MSG on Friday but they are in the top of the venue and we all know what happened last time I tried to make the best of that situation. It's all very frustrating.
Also, a quick aside...I know shit was crazy down at City Hall yesterday. Last night when i was flipping through the channels around 11 PM, fucking Headline News was running their CNN newsticker across the bottom of the screen and it said their was still a gunman on the loose that was connected to the shooting at City Hall. This was obviously NOT TRUE, and CNN must have known it by then. What gives? Why is no one (except me) calling them on it?
But I digress...
- Play the Kobe Bryant video game!
- The Park Slope Nets? Hot to def!
- Vin Baker report. Trying to think of something funny to add, but dude is just too pathetic. PS - He's gonna make over 13 million dollars this season.
- Dammit! We were leading Brazil yesterday but still lost. mutter mutter mutter.....
- Man U's final frontier. The USA.
- Holla Atcha Boi! Jay Williams goes home from the hospital.
- The Modfather is a busy man. Signs to v2 and preps box set and tour.
- New shit on forthcoming Radiohead single. Bastards.
- CMJ gives Phantom Power the love it deserves.
- Ever see a commercial and want to know what cool, hot indie rock band they are aping for tunage? Well then, get thee to
- US to issue reprt about failure of 9/11 intelligence.
- 525 reasons to dump Dubya. [via Catherine's Pita]
- New FCC law overturned!!!! Fuck yeah!
- Ever wonder why wine costs so damn much? If you don't know, now ya know, nephew.
- Wanna start a blog? If you are on a Mac(like me), consider using Sparkpod. Made on a Mac, Mac Servers, sounds dope. $30 bones a year. Cheaper than Blogger(who were not letting people upgrade to Blogger Pro last time I checked. I want to add pictures dammit!)

That's all for now folks. Spoon at Castle Clinton today. Rejoice!
Remember, If tears could kill, I'd be a long time dead.

GGGGGRRRRRRR. I've been trying the last 2 days(unsuccessfully, I might add) to get Radiohead tickets for their MSG shows in October and I am fucking pissed! Tickets went on sale last week and when I logged in 1 minute after they went on sale, the best tickets they could find for me were 300 level(the upper deck). I tried to buy them but the Ticketbastard server wouldn't let me, it kept generatng an error message all the while reminding me that my tickets would expire in 2 minutes and I would lose them if I pressed the BACK button. So I had to give those tickets up and try again. When I logged back in, I got 400 level, which is about the highest seat they have in the house. My Fuddy-Duddyness dictates that I not even attend events if I am relegated to the upper deck. The last time I did this was a disaster.
I bought tickets for the u2 tour a few years ago when PJ Harvey was opening for them. I got tickets, but they were pretty high up, but I figured why not. I had some friends catch the show in Boston and they said it was amazing, so I took the plunge. The show was at the Meadowlans in NJ which means you have to take a bus from Port Authrity to get there. I forget exact specifics here but we arrived at Port Authority a little over 2 hours before PJ was scheduled to go on and the fucking bus line literally goes around 1/2 the block and was 4 people wide. We waited in line 2.5 hours before we got the honor of getting on a bus for the 30 minute ride to the venue. The bus lets you off behind the venue so you have to walk all the way the fuck around it to get to the box office. When I get to will call, they can't find my tix and I start bitching up a storm. 10 minutes later they are like "Oh here they are", I snatch them and run inside. As soon as we get upstairs and find our section, we walk in and PJ Harvey says "Thank You, Good Night!!"
Pissed off beyond belief, we trudge to our seats, which happen to be on the TOP FUCKING ROW IN THE WHOLE FUCKING VENUE. And if that isn't bad enough, we are behind a scoreboard and have an obstrructed view. I paid like $65 each for these fucking seats. We tried to get a beer but the lines were insane, so we decide to wait until the first u2 song is over and go then, thinking there will be less of a line. So u2 comes on, we wait and then go get in line for a beer. I think you see where I'm going with this. We try to get in line but none of the beer guys will let us as they are all closing up shop. I'm fucking yelling at them"Let me get this straight...You serve beer until the 3rd quarter of Nets games, but you quit serving at concerts when the fucking headliners go on?" Unbelievable. So we watched the rest of the show extremely pissed off, unable to have fun. And PS - u2 suck. Bono has no more voice.
We decided to leave during the 2nd encore. We walk outside and get on the bus to go home. Guess how long it took us to get back to Port Authority? 12 fucking minutes. I timed it.
And that folks, is my worst concert-going experience ever.
- launches their online music store. Uh folks, the downloads are in Windows Media format. That sucks balls. And PS - you can't play them on an iPod. Losers. Apple Rulez.
- Congress to Bikers: Get a Car. An SUV perhaps?
- The dullest blog in the world. Fucking Awesome!
- Red Sox: Making moves, never faking moves.
- Major trade on the table in the NBA involving Spree, Big Dog, KVH and T Brandon.
- Celtics make an offer to Travis Best. Ugh.
- Man U crushes Celtic(not THE CELTICS) in their US tour opener in Seattle.
- US national team is not scared of Brazil.
- Making of the next Travis record, part 2. [via modernage]
- Rick Rubin to produce the next Weezer opus.
- 2003 Mercury Music Prize nominations are here.
- Super Furry Animals + Grandaddy = US tour.
- New music from fat Greg Dulli?
- Has anyone bought/downloaded/listened to the new Janes Addiction album? The new video and single are wack.

That's all for now folks. I'm off to look for a job.
Remember, I need no guidance, just your patience.

Well, the Indie Rock portion of my weekend has finally ended. Friday night Glenn and I decided to check out the Steven Malkmus + The Jicks gig in Prospect Park. I’d never been to a gig there(even though I only live like 4 blocks away) and I was intrigued with the prospect(no pun intended) of checking out Mr. Malkmus as I have avoided his solo work after the break up of Pavement The Rock Band.
The sky portended rain, but we went any ways (I left the digicam at home). We had a slight sprinkle on our way there and as soon as we entered the venue, it started pouring. We grabbed a beer(for $4, not bad) and some cover and settled in. The band was good but I really wasn’t all that impressed. In Pavement The Rock Band, Malkmus and his songwriting were greatly augmented by the rest of the band, not so in this new incarnation. They were good, but they weren’t Pavement The Rock Band and that’s who I really wanted to see on Friday, not the former lead singer’s watered down solo shit. We stayed through 5 or so songs and then swam home. It was fucking pouring by the time we motivated out of there. I’m talking hurricane proportions. My clothes are still wet. As soon as I changed out of my wet clothes, I imported Wowee Zowee into iTunesand listened to it for the rest of the night.
The weather Saturday was much better for the Siren fest. I decided to go out there late(due to my leg + the crowd) and had to skip seeing The Pattern. I arrived a little after 5, just as Northern State were finishing. I only heard 2 songs but was not impressed. Methinks right now is not the best time to be a Beastie Boys rip off act. 4 years ago maybe?
When they were done, I made my way up front to get a spot to see Ted Leo. Ted was great as usual. My only complaint was the short set he had to play. And no “Hearts of Oak” but we did get “Timorous Me” so even steven. I did learn during the set that I am now officially too old to go stand up front with the kiddies. Too much jumping around and bullshit. Woo Hoo! I’m a fuddy-duddy. Ted opened with some old song I had never heard, done solo, and then the band broke right into “Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone” and it was ON from there. Everyone went nuts for “The Ballad of the Sin Eater”. That song is always a crowd pleaser as Ted doesn’t play guitar and he runs around being a frontman the whole time. I was surprised at the big crowd he drew. Lots of students or at least student looking people. It was funny to see all the Pasty Williamsburg Indie Rock Geeks baking out in the sun. Before anyone thinks I am throwing stones here, I am a Pasty Park Slope Brit Pop Geek, so there. The set ended right when he was warming up, but it was still a great performance.
Glenn and I walked around a bit during Radio 4’s set but we did catch a few songs and they were impressive. Gotham moved to the front of the “Must Download and Later Go Buy If I Like It” list. The new stuff seems more dancey than their earlier stuff but I liked it.
The crowd hightailed it to the other stage to see Modest Mouse(surely it wasn’t for the Datsuns, right? They are soooo Def Leppard) after Radio 4 was done. I grabbed a spot up front for Idlewild so I could get some pictures. They bounded onstage at 5 after 8 and proceeded to kick out the jams. They were in good form. I hadn’t seen them touring behind The Remote Part although I saw them 4 times in support of 100 Broken Windows (they were amazing twice and horrible twice). The subtraction of Bob Fairfoull and addition of the extra guitar player has really beefed up their live show. Much nastier. The set mostly leaned on 100 Broken Windows with a few songs from their new disc peppered throughout the set. The crowd was a little disappointing(I never knew there were that many Modest Mouse fans) but it didn’t seem to affect the band. It was, after all, their first ever trip to the American Institution that is Coney Island. I left around 10 'til 9 and headed for the subway. My feet were killing me and I was starving. Surprisingly, my knee was OK. The subway ride home took about 40 minutes and I was too tired to cook, so I got a burger and fries from Bonnie’s Grillto go and went home and chilled.
I’ve spent the rest of the weekend listening to Luna’s Pup Tent.
- iTunes Music Store rulez and will continue to do so. Also, third quarter profit report from Apple.
- Apple / VW has a new commercial advertising their new iPod / Bug package.
- All Microsoft software has critical flaws. Apple Rulez.
- NYPD busts guy on subway for taking up 2 seats on the train. At 2:45 AM.
- Britain Tried First. Iraq Was No Picnic Then.
- Hey Guess What?? WMB unlikely to be found in Iraq. Is this really surprising?
- An open letter to the NY Times photo retoucher.
- World Cup Girls.
- New Explodingdog! Explodingdog rulez.
- Super Furry Animals interview. Album out Tuesday.
- Celtics still need a veteran PG. McCarty resigns mutli-year contract. The salary cap debunked.

Anyone else sick of the media’s All Kobe / All The Time coverage?

That’s all for now folks.
Remember, keep your eye on the ball and write your thoughts upon the wall.

After watching waaaaay too many hours of basketball yesterday(The Cetics / Hawks game was just as good as I remembered and it had an extra bonus, a few minutes of PT for rookie Reggie Lewis - RIP buddy), I thought I would throw a changeup today and devote my space entirely to music. This is very easy to do as Moday is the UK release date(Tuesday for the US) for Phantom Power, the next opus from my favorite band in the world, the Super Furry Animals. I will note that the guys are all very good friends of mine(for many years I felt like their only fan in the US) for which I am a bit biased. They are all super nice and because of my friendship I have been able to take part is some amazing adventures with them, including:
- Going upstate to Bearsville and watching them record what would become their last album, Rings Around the World. I just sat their for hours with huge grin on my face listening to the guys bang out songs. Words do not do justice to watching your favorite band make their new record right in front of you, occasionally asking me what I thought of a particular tune. I remember Cian taking a long time to nail the piano line in "Patience" and also him piecing together the beats that would make up "All The Shit You Do" and "Edam Anchorman". The last night they were there, they played all the finished songs back over the PA for everyone to hear. My 3 favorite the songs didn't even make the record (they were relegated ot B-Sides) but that just shows you how good that album was.
- I liked the record so much(and since I ws unemployed at the time), I saw 8 shows of their US tour.
- I also traveled to the UK to attend the Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2000. The Furries were of course playing. I was also excited to finally see Oasis in the UK as well as Primal Scream, who were touring behing XTRMNTR, by far my favorite record of that year. I rode with the band on the bus from Reading to Leeds and they blagged me tickets, passes etc. for the gig. Part of their set at the time was to have 5 crew members dress up in various animals costumes and come onstage during the end of the set when Cian is going techno on "The Man Don't Give A Fuck." For some reason, in Leeds, they were 2 people short. Upon hearing the announcement in the tour bus, I immediately think "No way are they going to ask me" then Guto turns around and says, "Kyle, up for it?" Shit I was mad for it. "Hells Yeah!" I said and backstage I went to suit up. I was nervous as hell but I did alright. Check it out here. That's me in the center in the green gorilla costume. It was the coolest thing I've ever done in my life. I didn't want to leave the stage. 65,000 people were going mental, cheering, taking pictures, whatever. I can see how fame goes to people's heads. Anyway we come off stage and I'm so fucking juiced from what I just did I can't even begin to deal. I went to the dressing room to chill but Jarvis Cocker, Justine Firschman and the guys in Gomez all came to hang out. Talk about a surreal day.
- In 2001 I went to Dublin when the Furries staged one of their Furrymania weekends. This consists of a DVD screening on Friday and afternoon acoustic show on Saturday followed by a full on show Saturday night followed then by a DJ set by the band at some club after the gig. I went. Shit was crazy. The band dedicated my favorite song, "Citizens Band"(the hidden track on Guerilla) to me. It was the third time they'd ever played it. Gruff couldn't remember the second verse. It was the coolest thing ever. I wrote a 6 page recollection of my time in Dublin, I'll have to dig it up and post it here. It was intense. I'll just sum it up by saying that in 4 days in Dublin, I drank 33 pints of Guinness.
But I digress...
So Phantom Power is out next week. Go Buy It. It's even better than their last record. Here are reviews from NME and Rolling Stone. Have I mentioned Rolling Stone sucks?
Want tour news? Where do you live? The UK or in the US?
- This just in! Music Industry is in a slump. Really? I had no fucking idea. Maybe it's because record labels promote piece of shitbands like COLD in 1/4 page ads?
- New music from My Bloody Valentine? Momentous!
- Greatest Hits from the Chemical Brothers. I remember being in college and watching 120 minutes one night and Tim Burgess said that Exit Planet Dust was his favorite record of that year. I went and bought it the next day.
- Siren tomorrow...Ted Leo is also doing something on WMFU but not sure what. Idlewild get some love from the NY Times. Nice one. They are on the Ted Leo stage at 8 PM.

Cheers all.
Remember, throw the knife toward the meaning of life.

Ah...It's the little things in life that make you really happy. I just signed up for NBA TV from DirecTV and am getting ready to settle in and watch some Summer League hoops! Life is good. Games start at noon and Celtics v. Knicks is tonight at 8 PM.
But wait faithful reader, it gets better. Much Better. At 9 PM on ESPN Classic, it's on!!The 1988 EASTERN CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS, GAME 7, ATLANTA HAWKS VS. BOSTON CELTICS at the BOSTON GARDEN. That's the infamous Bird v. Dominique game where they go mano a mano in the 4th quarter. I can't wait! Yes, I have no life. Thanks for understanding.
- The Mooney Suzuki get "complicated" with the Matrix. I told you this back on June 27th. But no one listened. Maybe next time. However, no one on the Velvet Rope seemed to care although they all made a stink when la Liz did the same thing. I guess the Velvet Rope doesn't care about the Mooney Suzuki...I will refrain from commenting further.
- Surprise!(Not really) Another Lollapalooza cancelation. Jane's haven't been popular(or particularly good) since the early 90's, everyone has seen Queens of the Stone Age and Incubus like 50 times the past 2-3 years and Audioslave isn't enough to pack the crowds. That and tickets come to like $72. Idiots. Lollapalooza was created to put many different bands of different genre's on one tour. That it is not happening here.
- Two of the greatest bands ever on one CD? I am, of course, speaking of the Super Furry Animals and Spoon.
- Are you an accountant looking for work? Suede needs a new one. Only those with upstanding morals and negligible criminal history need apply.
- Great news that also brightened my day. One thing at at time Jay. Small steps buddy.
- The Celtics make a splash in Free Agency. Not. Danny Ainge's master plan? I hope not. Everyone in the East is getting better except us. Scorecard here and here. Let me go on record stating the Nets will not get much better by signing Alonzo Mourning. They need a shooter, not another overpaid big man. Rip Hamilton would have been better for them.
- A burglary at the TVT offices. Funny that, especially after this NY Times story I posted yesterday. Something here isn't right. *cough*Island/Def Jam*cough*
- Batman film news. I am all for Christian Bale signing on to be the Dark Knight.
-More love for Apple's AV Chat.
- Argh!! What are they thinking? They should have bought this instead.

Ted Leo, Ted Leo, Ted Leo.
Remember, we make our days as they make us, as I must, as Odysseus, make myself my own Telemachus.

My cat is just the coolest. It's hard to explain here, just take my word for it.
I'm giving the new Blur record another shot. Not feeling it much thusfar(although "My White Noise" is on point). I loooooved their last one, 13, but I think Damon's Ego has taken over at this point. He needed Graham to balance everything out. I think it's funny that Damon still can't give an interview without mentioning Noel. But I digress...
- Drool...interview with Chuck Palahniuk...Drool...His new book has been dispatched from Amazon to my door. Simply waiting for arrival.
- Orlando Magic have been denied the medical exemption for Grant Hill and his fucked up ankle. This means they have to count Grant's salary against the salary cap(which turns out to be higher than everyone thought). But hey, they agreed to terms with Juwan Howard. Minnesota fans everywhere are crying. Free Agents can start signing contracts tomorrow.
- Another fat man for ESPN's football pre game shows.
- Tarantino's new film Kill Bill will be released in two parts. Movie studios need to do more crazy things like this. The last Matrix installment sucked but props to them for releasing the new one at the end of the year. Coolness.
- More retractions from the Times. Get your shit together people!!
- Dubya...inching past Roger Clemens on the people I hate most list. Get your shit together man!!
- This just in: It is legal to lie. Aren't the fucking mayor and other politicians supposed to save us from this shit!?! Read the entry's from my first week blogging on how screwed up the MTA is.
- Bono buys Steve Jobs apartment in NYC for mad loot.
- Yeah, like Apple is scared of you or something. Bring that weak shit on!!
- Buy a Bug from VW, get an iPod. Hotness. Also, iPods will now be sold at Circuit City and Bose.
- See Albert Einstein in a crop circle.

Tomorrow is my last day in Filemaker class. If anyone needs some work done on their current database, give a brother a shout, won't ya?
Don't forget...Ted Leo, Ted Leo, Ted Leo.
An remember, I'm here because I've got no fucking choice.

Ay Caramba! Hectic day today. I took a Filemaker Pro course most of the day and then had to hurry to my physical therapy appointment uptown. No one really cares about that so lets get right to it:
- My Filemaker class was cool but all I could think about today was Summer League NBA ball up in Boston. Shit was supposed to be on tonight with the Cleveland LeBron's going against the Celtics featuring Lenny Cooke. For all those that don't know, LeBron schooled Mr. Cooke 2 years ago at the Adidas ABCD camp when they went head to head. Cooke was LeBron before LeBron was LeBron. Then LeBron won the game between their teams at the camp with a 3 at the buzzer(outscoring Cooke 28-9 in the process) and they hype was on. Cooke declared for the draft, went undrafted and his career has been in a downward spiral ever since. Cooke is now on the C's summer league roster. Unfortunately, their rematch never materialized as Cooke never made it off the C's bench. Loser. LeBron lost anyway, JR Bremer's 28 led the C's to the W. And yes, I wanted to see how many times I could put LeBron in that paragraph. Marcus Banks had 10 pts, 4 assists and 3 TO's.
- Anyone else seen the ads for the MLB All Star Shame tomorrow on Fox? Anyone else think it's funny that Barry Zito is in those ads now that he has been replaced on the team, unbeknownst to him, by Roger Clemens? In related news, I fucking hate Roger Clemens. Quoth Flavor Flav: "Motherfuck him and John Wayne!"
- The Sports Guy delves into his mailbag. Hilarity ensues. The pics of Nash and Dirk getting hammererd are in the column so I won't bother posting those seperately.
- Cheers to the Boston Globe for being the only news outlet I found to cover the US men's victory over El Salvador this past weekend. I am talking about soccer(the rest of the world calls it "fitba") here people. What the fuck other sport are we going to play El Slavador in? The US women beat Brazil on Sunday. Respect. Julie Foudie, How you doin?
- Major Congratumalations go out to Timmy Howard. The latest in a long line of excellent goalkeepers our fair country has produced. He is off to play for my squad Man U. Good luck boyo!!
- The Mets keep rebuilding.
- This just in: Star running backs get preferrential treatment in college classes. Shock! Horror!
- REM are doing their damnedest to get me to buy tickets for their tour. Bastards!!
- The Lips want to record with The 'Head.
- I literally rolled around on the floor drooling for twenty minutes when i read the following on Ted Leo's website(What Else section):
"Rebecca will be joining me for some East Coast solo dates in September, so if I'm lucky, maybe I'll get to join her for some Spinanes reprises."
Could it be??? Current indie fave Ted Leo touring wih all time indie fave Rebecca Gates(aka the Spinanes)? Hootie Hoo!!! In other news, Ted Leo fucking rocks and he will rule Siren this year! (5:30 kids)
- Pearl Jam...biggest of this year's free agent crop. I predicted a while ago they would go inide on future releases. I am a fucking genius for going out on that limb, huh? Ps, nice pic.

That's all for now. I've retyped this post three fucking times because it keeps disappearing on me when I hit Preview so now it's going up errors and all.
Cheers to Catchdubs and Whatevs for the linkage this weekend.
Remember, there might just be a time when you need some friends.


Gotta jet(no pun intended) to the airport very soon(wedding in Buffalo this weekend) so an abbreviated update for all my peeps on this somewhat overcast and gloomy afternoon. Before I begin, shout out to my man Mark at Whatevs (dot org) for peeping my homie(umm...not really) Shane Battier buying bagels the other day. Jealous...jealous again. I wear exactly TWO bball jerseys. A home green Paul Pierce and a black Shane Battier from his time at Duke. Respect. This reminds me, I have to drop Danny Ainge an e-mail following up on my suggestion of trading Eric Williams(expiring contract) for Battier. Battier was meant to be a Celtic, right?
- Jason Kidd shows his hand. An easy choice if you ask me. If he leaves, the best players in the Eastern Conference are T-Mac, Paul Pierce and AI, in that order.
- Nike buys Converse. Will Chuck Taylors be renamed Phil Knights?
- Waltah is done with the Celtics. I like him and all(but not as much as Tommy Heisnson) but Buh-bye. More playing time for Kedrick Brown and no more excuses for Coach O'Brien.
- Metallica...sucking more and more with each day. But don't take my word for it.
- Conversely(pun intended), REM seem to be sucking less and less. Old REM = good REM. Still undecided to tix to Jones Beach.
- Shades of Miss Wyoming. [thanks catchdubs - a fellow Douglas Coupland aficionado]
- Yet another Super Furry record on the way? The elusive techno record even? Wowzer.
- This is not really news anymore, as everyone in the free world has already posted it, but a Pixies reunion might be in the cards.

See everyone on Monday.
Remember, this flower is scorched, this film is on, on a maddening loop.

Ok...I have calmed down a bit...apologies.

CD's I encoded into iTunes(and my iPod) this morning:

blur - The Great Escape
Billy Bragg - William Bloke
REM - Life's Rich Pageant
Outkast - Aquemini
Richard Ashcroft - Human Conditions

- The MLB All-Star game is a sham. Armando Benitez made the friggin' team!!! Since Steve Phillips left town, he is the most hated man in NYC. Yes, even more than Scott Layden. The draft helped him out quite a bit.
- I left town for like 4 hours this afternoon and the whole landscape of the NBA changed while I was gone. It looks like Gary Payton will be a Laker next season. Karl Malone may be next. That's too bad 'cause even though I loves me some GP, I'm a Celtics fan, so obviously Lakers = bad. NO more titles for them until we get a few more, cool? The DA of the NBA weighs in on how this affects the L. Sacramento must be like "Woah!" But hey, they have Mike Bibby and he's good, right? Right?
- The NCAA done gone and changed the tourney format so that it actually makes sense. For you new readers, anything that says "NCAA" means hoops and if it means hoops then we're talking about the mighty BLUE DEVILS. Fingers crossed they come to East Rutherford next year. Shavlik Randolph makes All ACC next year. You heard it here first.
- Bruce Arena can breathe easier. Claudio Reyna signs up for US soccer(known around the world as "fitba") action through the 2006 World Cup. Now fucking add Ante Razov to the squad you wanker!
- Here's the lowdown on the Hacker Contest thingy this past Sunday.
- Blogs rule!! Even in the workplace. [thanks modernage]
- This is some crazy shit about the probe into the Seton Hall fire. [thanks catchdubs]
- The dude I mentioned the other day was on CNN last night talking about his new website, Telavenger. When do I get my 15 minutes?

That's all kids.
Remember, I'm not trying to give you love and affection, just a few minutes of perfection, cab fare and directions.

Just curious...How many days has it been since the "war" in Iraq ended?
How many WMD have we found in that time?

Oh wait, I know the answer to question #2

Running around(we not really, I am on crutches after all) in the City all damn day today. It wasn't scorching out there but it was still hot. I had problems with the downtown 2 and 3 from Penn Station and I realized that if there was ever a terrorist attack or something crazy happening, I sincerely hope I am not down on the Subway platform, because EVERY DAMN ANNOUNCEMENT THEY MAKE SOUNDS LIKE CHARLIE BROWN'S TEACHER!! You can't understand a word they say. There is no way they could communicate with you in an understandable way so that you would know to get the fuck out of there. Yes, these are things I think about during the day.
Yo, how was everyone's break? I went out to dinner with friends last night and they were all "Damn, I had such a good weekend, I don't want to go back to work." Sometimes it's good to be unemployed.
- I knew it! Lollapalooza is gonna suck this summer. Someone on the Velvet Rope said they were giving people 2 for 1 tickets at the door.
- Dude, you're getting a Dell. And it's made by prison labor. Apple rulez!!
- Rejoice! Printer ink costs up to seven times more than vintage champagne per millilitre(Mmmmm, champagne). In other news, my new printer will not be an Epson.
- David Pogue of the NY Times reviews the latest video chat software, including Apple's AV Chat and iSight combo.

That's all for now kids.
Remember, You don't wanna fuck with Shady, 'cause Shady will fucking kill you.

The Fourth of July weekend brings many things with it: fireworks, grillin' outdoors, beers, shopping, traffic and more. I experienced all of the above(although traffic wasn't that bad early Friday afternoon on the GW or coming back Saturday afternoon) in my short break up in Nanuet. My girlie and I stayed at a friends' parents house and enjoyed some non-NYC time in the 'burbs. It was nice to sit on a deck overlooking the backyard and not have all the other buildings on the block staring down at you. Cheers.
My personal favorite part of Fourth of July weekend is Breakfast at Wimbledon. It should be noted here that, yes, I am a tennis geek. I love getting up early and watching the men's final on Sunday morning. The men's final at The All England Lawn and Tennis Club bring up memories of the great matches I've watched growing up:
Borg v. McEnroe
McEnroe v. Connors
Becker v. Edberg
Sampras v. Ivanisevic
Here are some others from the Beeb.
Today's Federer v. Philippoussis match didn't have the same ring to it and it didn't live up to the high expectations set by the matches above but it was still very enjoyable. Federer won a close straight set victory. No one expected Philippoussis to even be here so it was a bit of a moral victory for him. Federer hopes that this match will be his coming out party. He has the gift of amazing shot making. Tennis is all about angles and the greats can hit them all on a regular basis. Federer showed he could do that today. Going into the thrid set he had 1 unforced error. Amazing.
- Hate telemarketers? This guy did something about it.
- Just in case you were wondering, having sex while driving at 60mph down a motorway is not an offense in Germany. Glad we are all straight on that issue.
- This just in, Fireworks are dangerous. Be careful.
- Forget Ashanti v. Beyonce, okay? It's all 'bout Serena.
- Booyakasha! It's the Ali G translator. Any of my friends will tell you my anglophile self was on to Sascha Baron Cohen years ago. Respect.
- Hellz yeah! A new disc from Ride is heading our way soon. By "our way" I mean if it comes to America it will likely be via Soulseek or expensive import. Woo Hoo!
- More acoustic Radiohead greatness.
- New toys for the new generation iPod. Check it here and here.
- Oh looky. Rolling Stone relased their list of Artists To Watch for the coming 12 months. Last year they went out on a limb and predicted 50 Cent and John Mayer would be hot. The cutting edge of journalism!
- I didn't attend Glasonbury this year but the NY Times did. I honestly think I would have experienced brain overload having to choose between seeing the Super Furry Animals or Radiohead. Can you believe my 2 favorite bands were playing at the same time? Agonizing. The Furries would have won, i think, because I am dying to hear their new stuff live(Phantom Power is all that for those that haven't Soulseeked it yet) and I saw Radiohead a few weeks ago. But fear not, there wil be a Furry Tour in September.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!
A few questions I am pondering right now:
Is anyone really feeling the latest Supergrass record? I can't get into it.
Can anyone recommend a great USB inkjet printer that works with OSX? I have an Epson 740 c now and it cuases me nothing but problems, so I am thinking I'll stay away from the Epson's. I was thinking about the HP 3820 or the Canon s820. If you have any thoughts, please email me.

Here is a mix I made in iTunes for the trip to Nanuet tomorrow:


Revenge - Archers Of Loaf - Greatest of All Time
On A Beach - Richard Ashcroft - Alone With Everybody
Sing - Blur - Leisure
Heavens - James - Seven
Do You Feel Loved - U2 - Pop
Strumpet Eye - Guided By Voices - Do The Collapse
I Will Believe(live) - Oasis - Definitely Maybe B-Side
Needle In The Hay - Eliott Smith - The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack
Nicole - Ash - Free All Angels
World Leader Pretend - R.E.M. - Green
Seen The Light - Supergrass - Life On Other Planets
The Cedar Room - Doves - Lost Souls
Resident Wine - Shudder To Think - 50,000 B.C.
I Can Have Both - Morrissey - Alma Matters
Don't Tell Your Mother - The Sundays - DGC Rarities Vol. 1
Pagan Poetry - Bjork - Vespertine
Ontario, Quebec & Me (Live) - Billy Bragg - Live
You Held The World In Your Arms - Idlewild - The Remote Part
Miss Lucifer - Primal Scream - Evil Heat
Temptation - New Order - 1981-1982 EP
Jonathon Fisk - Spoon - Kill The Moonlight
Play With Fire - Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1964-71
13th [Swing Radio Mix] - The Cure - Galore

Well, I was all set to venture outside and head off to my physical therapy appointment today when I heard about the suspicious activities going on at Chambers Street. Yo, lower Manhattan(and my subway line, the 2 & 3) is on lockdown right now and I'm not going ANYWHERE.
Wimbledon was besieged by rain today so the scheule is all out of whack. Fucking Tim Henman was down 1-5 in the first set, rallied to force a tiebreaker, had three set points, lost them all and ended up losing the first set. Damn dude, I gave you the kiss of death yesterday. My bad. This Grosjean fella he's playing is nice though. Respect. The Williams sisters play a pair of Belgians tomorrow for the right to go to the finals. Andy Roddick was supposed to play today but it's not looking likely right now. Tomorrow then.
Well, the low key plans for the 4th are all set. My girlie and I are heading up to Nanuet tomorrow afternoon to hang at our friends' parents place. Party! Nanuet is having their fireworks and such tomorrow night so we're gonna go hang in the 'Burbs. Hot. This plan fits our requirements for the 4th. (1) very inexpensive and (2) somewhere out of the city, but not too far away. Perhaps I will even have pictures to post.
So I watched Gangs Of New York last night....and how can I put this? I want those three hours of my life back please. Martin, what the fuck happened to you? This movie was horrible. It was way too long and just wandered and wandered. Daniel Day Lewis was great but that's the only good thing I have to day about this movie other than the colors in it were very impressive. Argh. Blah. Ugh.
I was up late due to some pain in my knee, and I caught Heidi Klum on Letterman while I was waiting to see Liam Lynch(I know he's down with "The D" and all but he sucked too). She's a blonde now and I hate to say it but her being a blonde doesn't really do it for me. I liked her better with dark hair.
- Further proof about how freakin' weird Doug Christie is.
- Check out this dude's daily photo journal. It's creepy.
- Mr. X has all the local dirt. Respect. [from redboy]
- Eminem's ex pleads not guilty. Ya'll got to feel her. [from whatevs]
- That ugly dude with the wack afro from American Idol is a fucking loser. [from whatevs]
- Here's the proof of how bad Field Day sucked. [from Modernage]

That's all for now.
Cheers all.

Yo....I went outside today. Seriously.
All it took me was like an hour and a half to walk 6 blocks to the video store(perhaps a Gangs of New York review will be in order tomorrow), the bank and the bodega. Damn. I'm all hot and sweaty now. I saw Danny Aiello(who, I just found out, has the same birthday as me) on 7th Ave. He had just finished lunch at one of the local pasta joints and was with 4 or 5 other Sopranos-looking dudes. Last week in the city, I saw Richard Belzer and Evan Handler(the bald, Jew lawyer on Sex and the City that's banging Charlotte) at the opposite ends of the same block. Strange that.
I finally broke down and got my birthday present yesterday. It's pretty damn cool. I want to start putting some pics up on the site soon.
I found two new sites that are worth checking out. Gawker and Brooklynkid.
Jennifer Capriati and Lindsay Davenport lost to Serena and Venus respectively today in the Women's Quarters at Wimbledon. I have thought it over and I am now officially pulling for Tim Henman on the Men's side.
- I read the funniest thing EVER yesterday. For it to make really hit home you will need to have some semi-serious basketball knowledge but what makes it funny(and shareable) is that we all know some guy like this.
Doug Chrisie, a guard from Pepperdine (that was originally drafted by the Knicks) and now plays in Sacramento has, since he has been married, redifined the meaning of "pussywhipped." The all-mighty Sports Guy has changed the term "pussywhipped" to "the Doug Christie jersey." See Doug's wife DOES NOT LET her husband interact with other females. Doug IS NOT ALLOWED to look at, interact with, or speak to other females. At all. Period, end of story. The Sports Guy goes into further details here and here.
So now it appears that a female employee was fired from the Sacramento Kings after Doug's wife observed her passing a phone message to her husband. A fucking phone message!! She works in the team's publicity office(which requires using a telephone!) and handed him a message. I hope she wins millions from the team and the Christie's in her lawsuit. That's just plain stupid.
- The NBA's free agency period starts today. All they can do now is talk, contracts can't be signed until July 16th. Here are the Top 10 teams in the L that will be players this offseason. More here.
- And don't believe for a second this BS about the Celtics trading Antoine Walker to the Knicks for Latrell. The C's (1) aren't stupid enough to do that, and (2) would never trade Antoine to a division rival.
- Do ne a favor and drop my boy Jay Williams an email and tell him he's gonna be OK. Duke Rulez.

Cheers all.