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Chucky P gets some "Diary" love from the Village Voice.

FYI - It's pronounced Paula - nick


Gruff Rhys is the Super Furry Power Ranger

Also check out this hotter than hot interview with my Super Furry homies Bunf and Guto from this year's Glastonbury Festival. In gorgeous Quickime no less! Bunf actually gives props to other bands! Usually, I'll name a band and he'll say "they're shite" no matter who it is. And he doesn't even have sunglasses on. Strange days indeed.
Lastly, our Super Furry Roundup comes to a close with news of their next UK single.

Another day at the US Open is about to get case you were wondering:
Daniela Hantuchova won yesterday and Ashley Harkelroad lost:

Capriati and Agassi in the night matches tonight and I will be there!!
> The NY Times votes for the USTA to ditch the babe watch and focus on the tennis. This may not be a bad idea(wait, did I just say that?) as Daniela Hantuchova almost had a meltdown in her match yesterday. Her opponent started playing a slowed down/moon ball/Tracy Austin type game which frustrated her to no end. She started crying and yelling at the linesmen. Some people aren't ready for prime time yet. But hey, she won.
> Here are some other girls that like sports. How you doin'? All of you...[link from Whatevs]
> Larry Bird let everyone know who is in charge of the Indiana Pacers when he sacked Isiah Thomas yesterday. Isiah, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Thomas should have known he was finished after the Celtics beat the Pacers in 6 games in the playoffs last year. This really wasn't a big surprise as ex-Bird assistant(and former Coach of the Year) Rick Carlisle was on the open market. Better to fire Isiah now and get Carlisle in place as soon as possible. Training camp is one month away. J O'Neal is not a happy camper right now.
> Go Red Sox, go. Four games back from the Evil Empire.
> Man, I was all set to go off on MTV's new show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, about Nick Lachey's marriage to Jessica Simpson, but Slate and Gothamist beat me to it. Jessica Simpson, doing her best to reinforce the spolied celebrity and smoking-hot-babe-that-is-utterly-stupid stereotype, just can't seem to handle living on her own.

Some sample dialogue from the show for you:
"I didn't really have this upkeep thing," she says, amazed at how dirty skillets can get and the fact that flowers fester. Laundry bewilders her, too; she tends to toss clothes and towels over a balcony outside her bedroom onto the floor of the foyer. "Somebody's always picked up after me," she says.
"I need a maid, but Nick won't let me hire one because he wants to trust them. He wants to interview them and do all that thing first. Do you even know if there's, like, maids for like celebrities?"
> Yesterday, I found out some information that has shaken me to my very core. It appears Danny Ainge is not the genius I've made him out to be. If we was how could he let the Lakers, the Celtics arch rivals no less, sign basketball god Koko Archibong? It appears that Koko is the REAL Ultimate Power in basketball. Some facts about this amazing player:
1.    Koko is a mammal.
2.    Koko is the ILLEST basketball player ever.
3.    The purpose of Koko is to throw down pimp-ass dunks.
There you have it. I'm convinced. Also, in case you were wondering why everyone is so obsessed with Koko, I have the answer for you:
"Koko is the ultimate paradox. On the one hand Koko can dunk and hit mad treys, but on the other he is like a completely nice guy and hasn't raped anyone, not even once."
I stayed up all night over that one....
> I heard last night that gas is going up 19 cents tomorrow. But hey, what's 19 cents a gallon when President Bush wants "several tens of billions'' of dollars in the next year to rebuild Iraq. I mean, that's totally fine with me because everything is so fucking perfect here at home that the President can take a the month of August off for a vacation. It's not like several states lost power for a prolonged period of time because of our nations outdated and deregulated power grid. Oh, wait...
In case you were wondering "The Bush administration has refused to publicly project how much the U.S. occupation of Iraq will cost," but estimates are "$50 billion to $100 billion over the next three years." I forget, did the President throw out these numbers when he was giving all those speaches saying we had to go to war with Iraq over those WMD's they haven't found yet? I wonder how much good that money could do here at home...
> Hey, more good news! The nations deficit is projected to be $480 billion in 2004, which has been billed as a record. Didn't we have a surplus when he took over?
- But don't worry, Bush is determined to do his part for big business, environment be damned. The Bush administration relaxed its clean-air rules to allow thousands of industrial plants to make upgrades without installing pollution controls. I mean, we all drive SUV's, so what's a little more pollution, right?
> Yay Earthlink! They are suing some spammers in Alabama and Vancouver. Now if you could just lower my monthly DSL bill.
> Today, I will leave you with the Liz Phair digital desk calendar. [link from Whatevs via Stereogum]

Remember, I used to fly like Peter Pan, all the children flew when I touched their hands.

Good people, faithful readers of ILB, I take care in what I post here for you to read. I try to be somewhat knowledgeable in any topic I write about or rant against. I believe that it is important to be informed so that I may pass this knowledge onto you. One of the things I hate is when uninformed people make judgments on shit they obviously have no knowledge about(and if I am ever in the wrong, PLEASE point it out to me). I am a fairly easy going sort of guy. But when someone sent me this link, I fucking lost it. How stupid can people be?
I have worked in the music industry for over 7 years. I have been on both sides of the coin: fighting for the producers that were my clients, thereby taking away things from the bands they were working with as well as being on the bands side while everyone reaches in their pocket and takes their cut, leaving the band with nothing. The music industry is in real trouble right now because they are using antiquated theories, promotional ideas and distribution channels while signing the next "mallternative" punk band or whatever to cram down peoples throats. I am currently unemployed due to the state of the industry and have decided, with clear conscience, to get out while I can. At every job interview I go to I tell people that the industry will have to be blown up and rebuilt before real change can be made. One real change that has recently been put into place has been Apple's iTunes Music Store. We all know how I feel about Apple, but that is not the issue here. Stupid people writing about areas in which they have no knowledge is the task of the day, so let's straighten them out shall we? My comments are in BOLD:

1) It's too expensive

Let's start simple: the iTunes Music Store is not a good value for customers. Bullshit. If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t use it (see for example)Apple says many users are buying whole "albums" for $8-$12 each. That's less than the $16 store price much less, but used CDs at Amazon or ebay cost $5, CD’s on eBay may cost $5 but they might be scratched and people will charge you $5 just to ship the damn thing and those come with liner notes. CD’s you burn from a friend do not. If you don't care about liner notes, you can burn the CD from a friend for 25 cents and send the musician a buck. What makes you think the musician you send your dollar to will share this money with other royalty holding musicians on said CD/song? If 4 people in a band write a song or record, what makes you think this money will be split 4 ways? What if the band didn’t write the song, just perform it? It happens more than you think. Then you are sending them money for no reason. If you want to put money directly into a bands pocket, buy a ticket to a show, go see them and then buy a t shirt. That is how most bands eat each day, from merch money In both cases, you end up with a real CD, and you can always use iTunes to rip it onto your computer or mp3 player. And you don't have to deal with restrictions on how you use it.

2) AAC is lossy.

iTunes AAC files don't sound as good as CDs. AAC is a "lossy" compression format: it shrinks the sound file by throwing away subtle nuance and texture that a computer program thinks you won't be able to hear. The thing is, you can hear it. You might not notice listening to your iPod on the subway, but if you get home, lie back on the couch, and listen to your new iTunes album on a real stereo, it won't have the same nuance, punch, and presence that a CD has. A burned copy of a real CD will always sound better than a burned iTunes album. So don’t buy anything from the iTunes store. Go away.

3) "But I don't really care about compression"

Then you're in good company: lots of people just want to hear the songs they like and don't mind listening to compressed music. The majority of those people (the sensible ones) choose peer to peer filesharing programs like Kazaa or Acquisition to get their mp3s. Downloads are fast, there's a bigger selection, and peer to peer sharing doesn't prop up the music industry. Plus it's free. Yes, you also unknowingly get the privilege of downloading viruses and spyware with your mislabeled and incomplete downloads(if it is even the artist or song that you think you are downloading) from the above listed programs. And you have no idea what BitRate it was encoded with.

4) Apple and the Labels Get a Lot.

Apple says iTunes is "better than free" because it's "fair to artists and record companies." That's simply not true. Again, bullshit. First of all, Apple gets 3 times as much money as musicians from each sale. Why shouldn’t they? It’s their servers, bandwidth and promotional dollar. Apple takes a 35% cut from every song and every album sold, a huge amount considering how little they have to do. You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you? Record labels receive the other 65% of each sale. Of this, major label artists will end up with only 8 to 14 cents per song, depending on their contract. This may be so but it has absolutely nothing to do with Apple. Every recording artist on a major label signs a contract with the label and they, with help from their lawyer(who takes up to 5% of their income BTW), agree to terms with the label with regards to royalties. If the artist has a bad royalty rate(as most of them do), go bitch to the artist’s lawyer, not Apple. Many artists don’t see 50 cents from a CD sale, if they are getting 8 cents a song, that is a better rate for them! Many of them will never even see this paltry share because they have to pay for producers and recording costs, both of which can be enormous. MOST bands will never see this share. They will never see a penny from record sales either. Maybe they shouldn’t be spending $300,000 making a record and $500,000 on the first video from the album. This would reduce the amount they have to recoup. The White Stripes are a perfect example here. Elephant cost $5,000 to record. They made that back in their first week sales Until the musician "recoups" these costs, when you buy an iTunes song, the label gives them nothing. Again, this is standard in each and every recording contract for each and every artist on a major label today. How is this Apple’s fault?

5) Nothing changed

So why does iTunes give artists such a raw deal? Because it's the exact same deal that artists have always gotten from the big five record companies. True, and if the Big 5 didn’t agree to any of these terms with Apple or even want to have their songs available for paid downloading, there would be no iTunes Music Store. Period. End of story. Apple didn’t hold any of the cards in this negotiation, the Big 5 did. Despite huge new efficiencies created by internet distribution --no CDs to make, no distributors to store and ship them, no CD stores to build and run-- artists receive the same pathetic cut. Again, this is an issue for the labels and the bands’ lawyers, not Apple That is the disaster of iTunes. No, that is the music industry in a nutshell. Instead of using this new medium to empower musicians and their fans, it helps the record industry cartel perpetuate the exploitation. This is because they are all run by 60 year olds who don’t know what the internet is and they are afraid of it because it is stealing their money. So they want to destroy it, not harness it’s power. Apple might say it's not their fault: after all, they didn't write the unfair record contracts. EXACTLY. But when Apple supports and profits from an obviously unfair system, while telling customers that it's "fair to artists", they are just as guilty. There has to be a proven alternate option for artists(preferably in favor of the artists) in order to change the system. Apple is laying this groundwork right now. A system like this should have been put in place by the Big 5 (and not necessarily with Apple) 5 years ago. Then Napster never would have been an issue. But they didn’t and now, here we are.

In closing, you have the right sentiment here, but are going after the wrong people. How about Sony? They make CD burners that come in their own Sony brand computers. They also manufacture CD's for their music labels(Columbia, Epic, etc.) that are copy protected and won't play in their own computers.
Remember when the CD was introduced and they said prices would come down because of it? Been to Virgin Megastore lately? It's not happening.

But I digress....

Well....I just finished Hey Nostradamus! It was very entertaining and a great read but overall, I thought Coupland's last book, All Families Are Psychotic, was more satisfying. There are many questions left unanswered at the end of Hey Nostradamus! that I would have like to have tied out, but again, it's a great book with some surprise twists thrown in for good measure. Basically it is the story of a "Columbine-type"(it's very unfortunate that this is now a term in our societies' lexicon) massacre at a Northern Vancouver high school from 4 different characters point of view. Two, Jason and Cheryl, were directly involved in the event, while the other two, Heather and Reg, were not but were still affected by it very much. Religion and the afterlife is discussed thoroughly.
I should note that I am a bit biased in my love for All Families Are Psychotic as it was a genuine return to form by Coupland after his two previous stinkers, Miss Wyoming and Girlfriend in a Coma.
Today I am startng on Diary. Hey, ever wonder what Chucky P does to answer all of his fan mail? I thought so...well, read on. [thanks emily]
- We'll start with the US Open today because I am going out there tomorrow.
First of all, Jelena Dokic, how you doin?
-Today's NY Post examines some other Anna K-clones, and wisely, none of them want to be compared to her. They actually want to, you know, win some matches. Anna was still in effect last night as she announced she will be working for TV Sponsor USA as an entertainment reporter. Do I hear a second career calling her? Hey, it's better than the other options.
- On the Men's side of the draw, Roddick won, Agassi cruised and Michael Chang played in and lost his last career match. Ever. Ummmmm...Does anyone care? I don't. Chang was washed up at 18. Anna K should take note.
Everyone is ready to hand the title to Roddick, but don't count Andre out yet. Losing in the final last year to Sampras had to hurt and he will be on a mission this year. He wiped the court with former #2 player in the world Alex Corretja yesterday. FYI, Andre is the oldest #1 seed in the open era. That's unreal. I remember when he had long hair and acid wash shorts and took Ivan lendl to 4 sets in the early 90's.
- Man, I was so distracted on my Diary quest from yesterday I missed new columns from The Sports Guy AND TMQB. Unacceptable. It'll never happen again.
- Moving on to b-ball news, The US squeaked one out against Argentina. It was a close game throughout. The quest for the Gold Medal won't be a cakewalk. T-Mac is hurt and probably done for the tournament. That hurts the team a bit. They need a big 2 guard(Paul fucking Pierce anyone?) not AI or Ray Allen. Kobe also comes to mind, but he was busy kissin' and grabbin'.
- In other news, fallen UNC golden boy Joeseph Forte is done with the Seattle Supersonics. Serves you right you little punk ass bitch. The Celtics wasted a draft pick on you when they could have drafted Tony Parker. But I'm not bitter. Yes I am...Go to hell Carolina.
- The Jets signed former Rams back up QB Jamie Martin yesterday to back up brittle Vinny Testeverde for the upcoming season. The Jet's assesment of their new signing? "He has had flashes of competence." Awesome! Good for him.
- Pitchfork posted details of the new Ted Leo EP that's coming on October 7th that we've known about for ages.
- Wonder why this SoBig virus isn't going away anytime soon? Easy. It's making someone rich. Apple Rulez.
- Lastly...Is there anyone in America that has an ounce of sympathy for that big douchebag from Everyone Loves Raymond? For those that don't know, he held up production of CBS highest rated show(which I have never even seen once) because he wasn't happy with his salary of $150,000 per episode. CBS offered him $300,000 per episode and he turned it down! What an assclown. The shitty thing is, he finally got his way!! ARGH!! I'm so sick of rich, overpaid sitcom stars whining about how they deserve more money when they are on a hit show. Take your syndication rights and shove it up your......
But I digress.

Remember, a crack on the head is what you get for not asking, and a crack on the head is what you get for asking.

Andy Roddick won in straight sets last night but he still lost all of his cool points for wearing a freaking trucker hat!!

Barnes and Noble can go to hell. I went to three of them today searching for a copy of Chucky P's Diary and none of them had a single copy in stock. So on the way home from the subway, I decide to detour down 7th Avenue and lo and behold, there it was in the window of The Community Bookstore, the hood's mom and pop book joint. They had 2 copies left and one of them is now mine. I am already 1/3 of the way through Coupland's Hey Nostradamus! so I am going to be a big bookworm for the next few days. Damn, I love it! My two favorite authors release new books so close to each other. Rock!
Tonight will consist of some serious reading, a few beers, and some TV viewing inthe form of the Andy Roddick v. Tim Henman match at the US Open. Life is good my friends.
Even more so now that is up and running. Adjust your bookmarks if you feel the need.
- Go Red Sox, go. Winners of five straight. Now lay off Pedro and let him do his thang.
- Lamar Odom is a Miami Heat. How stupid does that sound? What a lame team name....Hey Clips, my boy Corey Maggette is gonna break out this year. No worries.
- UNC preview from DBR. Can't wait for November.
- Woo Hoo!! Julie Foudy and Shannon Macmillan both made the Woman's World Cup team roster. Hotness. Literally.

That is all for today. Andre Agassi is wailing on Alex Corretja and I'm missing it. Tennis geek out.
Today I will leave you with the first sentence from Hey Nostradamus:
"I believe what seperates humanity from everything else in the world - spaghetti, binder paper, deep-sea creatures, edelweiss and Mount McKinley - is that humanity alone has the capacity at any given moment to commit all possible sins."

| |

The Park Slope Barnes and Noble is soooooo lame. I was there at 10 AM so I could purchse Diary, but they didn't have it in stock. WTF? I have to go into Manhattan later today for physical therapy and will try my luck again on the Upper West Side.

Also, I would like to send my eternal gratitude to Stereogum for putting up the new Outkast song "Hey Ya." It's actually just an Andre 3000 song but damn it's so fresh and so clean. I sincerely think when you have the "Who Is The Best Band In The World?" debate that the "Two Dope Boys In A Cadillac" have to be included. They are on some outer space shit. Other than the Roots, who else is pushing hip hop forward? Let us not, however, bring up that Scooby Doo song....

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This is one scary sight. Link from Whatevs.

"Our Little Baby Is All Growns Up"

Trying to think of the line from Swingers when Trent is all fucked up in the that it? I watched the first half of the movie last night before I passed out. I never get sick of seeing it. It's so money!
Well...I finally took the plunge, SoBig virus be damned. Sometime in the next 48 hours will officially be online. This is not quite as exciting as it sounds as right now I am just parking the domain name and redirecting traffic here, but eventually I hope to design a site that will be one quarter as cool as Whatevs dot org. But only time will tell.
This virus seems to be fucking a whole bunch of people up. I've seen quite a few sites pleading with their readers to download any and all patches/fixes because their inboxes are getting slammed. My condolences to all Windoze users. Unfortunately, it might get worse before it gets better. Be careful everyone.
Quite a relaxing day yesterday. Lots of napping and just hanging around the house, good weather be damned. I was *a tad* hungover from the night before.
Before I get on with it I want to plug some new blogs worth checking out:
The first is from my friend Glenn(of rainy Stephen Malkmus gig and Siren Fest fame) who joins the blogging fray with He's gonna focus on the "industry" side of the music industry, which is bascially lazy A & R folks and parties with free beer. Glamourous, no? Keep an eye out for his future column comparing soundscan numbers from all the pro athletes that have released CD's in the last few years.
The other is DJ Benny Blanco. He's still a newbie so be the one to say you were there first man! Word. Let's get on with it...
- As a Dolphin fan, let me be the first to say "Muahhahahahhahahahhaha" to all the Jets fans. QB Chad Pennington severely fucked up his non throwing hand(nice pic!) over the weekend. Ha! Out at least 12 weeks is the estimate. Sucks to be you. This is the football gods extracting revenge for all those ridiculous columns that ran last year saying Hutchinson "Is the next Joe Montana." Please...
- MMQB thinks the NFL pre-season is too long.
- The US Open(aka my favorite NYC based sporting event) starts today. The mens field looks tough but if the seeds play out and we get a little help we may get an Agassi v. Roddick final. CBS must be praying for that because Lindsay Davenport is hurting and both the Williams sisters withdrew before the tournament(after CBS moved the Womens' Final to primetime to increase ratings). Sucks to be CBS.
- Dirk fucked up his ankle playing with the German National Team. Mark Cuban must be throwing shit out in Big D. Sucks to be Cuban.
- Popmatters compiled a list of the 100 best songs from the last 25 years and I had just settled in to pour through it when I saw that the La's masterpiece "There She Goes" was ranked #100...Shocked, I figured this list was not worth my time or the bandwidth it was taking up. If you think there are 99 better songs than that Lee Mavers classic, you are smoking crack.
- must be desperate for readers so they decide to slam "Diary", the new novel by Chuck Palahniuk(released tomorrow!!!). Chucky P cult members ain't taking this injustice lying down and decide to fight back. The first rule about is we do not read
- There will be a whole lot less headbuts given out in the future. Wesley Willis is dead. Rest in peace big guy.
- Blur(aka Damon's Inflated Ego) played a career spanning set at Reading over the weekend but still decided to play quite a few of the crappy songs from their so-so new album. But at least they played "My White Noise." That track is ace.
- Are new iMacs coming soon?
- The MTA loses $260,000 per year when cheaters bend their Metrocards and get free rides.
PS- They don't recycle old Metrocards because it only costs 7 cents to purchase new ones. Fucking LAME.
- The trailer for Matrix:Revloutions is available for download.
- Finally, save the date of September 18th. Gothamist and 601am are having another blogger-get-together/ happy hour.

Approaching 700 hits. Thanks everyone.
Remember, these things I do to make myself more attractive to you. Have I failed?

Skipped the Luna show last night.
Instead, a bunch of friends came over. We had dinner, played cards and drank heavily.
Right now I'm reading the latest issue of Q Magazine. It has a great Queens of the Stone Age article in it:
"Queens is the culmination of all of our experiences," he(frontman Josh Homme) says. We flirted with punk and metal, then I was in the Screaming Trees. But I could never join a scene. I love Kylie and Bjork too. The scene is, Be yourself. Even if you like the Queens, don't copy us. Don't. Get your own."
"We are all here for the same reason." adds (Nick) Oliveri more prosaically.
"Music, girls, cars, crystal meth."

OK....back to the state of New York's power grid...Let me first say that this week's Village Voice is a must read. That being said, unfortunately it doesn't reveal anything that really surprises me. Power companies have greatly profited from deregulation and they are pocketing the profits as they have have little incentive to invest that money back into the infrastructure of the power grid. But don't take my word for it:
- New York's Prince of Darkness lays the blame squarely on George Pataki's shoulders. Highlights from this article: "It's no coincidence that both the New England network and PJM—the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland regional organization (93 percent of whose users were unaffected by the blackout)—expressly rejected New York merger overtures in recent years. As Assemblyman Paul Tonko, the Energy Committee chair, put it in a report issued last October, Pataki policies have turned New York into a "regional pariah," with manic deregulation, skyrocketing prices, and both transmission and capacity disinvestment driving other, sounder systems away. While the PJM combine found $700 million in two years to invest in transmission improvements, New York was spending $90 million, a third of what it did in the '80s, even though the technology-driven demand on our aging downstate lines was soaring."
- The Bush Moneybags Behind the Blackout Probe tells us that, surprise, one of Bush's cronies is to blame for this. Highlights: "FirstEnergy, the big Akron utility, is the focus of the probe so far because its lines crashed in such a way as to trigger the system’s collapse. The company is an amalgam of seven other companies, including Toledo Edison, Cleveland Electric, Ohio Edison, Pennsylvania Power, Pennsylvania Electric, Metropolitan Edison, and Jersey Central Power & Light.
With Abraham at the helm, the entire blackout affair has disappeared into a maze of technical gobbledygook. Nobody wants to talk about the politics involved because once again—as with Enron—one of Bush's pals and big fundraisers is at the center of the mess.
As independent advocacy group Public Citizen reports, "Top executives at FirstEnergy rank among the Bush campaign's top fundraisers. FirstEnergy President Anthony Alexander was a Bush Pioneer in 2000—meaning he raised at least $100,000—and then served on the Energy Department transition team. H. Peter Burg, the company's CEO and chairman of the board, hosted a June event that raised more than half a million dollars for Bush-Cheney '04."
- It's Deregulation, Stupid takes alook at energy deregulation. Highlights: "The Pataki critique grows louder day by day. On August 17, The New York Times' James C. McKinley Jr. reported that the blackout has revived an old debate in Albany. As it turns out, Pataki personally introduced deregulation of the state energy industry in 1996—a move that critics say has resulted in an antiquated and overtaxed transmission system."
- The NY Press also got into the act. Check out Finding NiMo. Highlights: "By the time National Grid bought NiMo, the deregulation process was already well underway in the U.S. In 1992, George Bush Sr. pushed through laws that weakened the Public Utilities Holding Company Act (PUCHA), enacted by FDR in 1935. PUCHA was partially rolled back by the Bush legislation, which eliminated price controls. Bush’s laws later allowed campaign contributions from utilities, through a series of loopholes (which had been banned absolutely by PUCHA) and weakened measures designed to ensure that utilities allocated enough resources to maintenance and personnel. Bush’s federal measures were followed by deregulatory state measures. The admirable effects of those initiatives in California are well-known, but of course we had similar measures passed here in New York in 1999 as well.
That year, Gov. Pataki–who received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from utilities, including significant contributions from Niagara Mohawk–pushed through legislation that removed caps on prices, promising that the increased competition would lower prices. It did not, and in the years immediately following the reform, the measure was generally considered a failure."
- And I don't give a shit what President Bush has to say about all of this. He still isn't telling the American People the truth about Iraq. Honestly, how can you believe anything that comes out of his mouth? All of this shit is going on and he is on a month long vacation!!!!
- Here's another "surpirse." The fucking White House made the EPA tell a big fat lie about the quality of the air in lower downtown immediately after 9/11. More here. Not to get overly dramatic on everyone here, but I was front and center on 9/11. After the towers fell, there was easily 5 inches of dust/soot/asbestos and god knows what else on EVERYTHING. There is NO WAY all that shit goes away in a week or so. I've read reports that even now people in Battery Park City get a layer of soot in their fridge and freezer every few days. This is only going to get worse when they begin building at the new site. If that ever happens.
Reports like these are the reason Molly, kitty and I moved the hell away from Fulton Street/Lower Manhattan. I'm terrified that 20 years from now I'm going to get some big lump of cancer or something similar because of the time I spent living down there after 9/11. I assume most of the brave people that took part in the rescue effort are fearing the same thing. Will anyone care in 20 years?
It took us until March of the following year to move out to Park Slope. We had to sue our landlord because they would not let us out of our lease or lower our rent even though they were renting apartments in our building for half what we were paying because everyone was moving out anyways. We would have just moved out and skipped the lawsuit but our landlord could have fucked our credit and kept us from ever buying a house, etc. The lawsuit(which was a class action suit filed by myself and about 45 other people in our building) was finally settled in November of that year. So things ended as happily as they could. I guess.
OK, I'm done for now. Thanks for listening/reading. I needed to get that off of my chest. It just sickens me how much politicians turn a blind eye to everything as long as they get their precious campaign donations. That is why I voted for Ralph Nader in the last election. And don't give me any shit about how that handed the election to Dubya. Why vote if you don't vote for the candidate you believe in and want to win? But I digress... o' clock.
Damn it's hot today. Sweaty upper lip hot. The subway platforms are sauna's.
Still undecided on if I should attend the Luna show tonight. I'm telling myself that it will all be new stuff so I shouldn't waste my money. It's not like I have extra to spare.
My item from eBay arrived today. You know, the one that cost me $6 to ship. Guess how much it actually cost the seller to ship it.
Seventy Three fucking cents. ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr.
I have a host of links about the fucked up state of NY's power grid from the Voice and NY Press but I'm in too good a mood to start ranting. However, there is always tomorrow. Provided I don't go out to the USTA center to see some tennis.
- Travis Best signs with the Mavericks. But he doesn't get his $1.4 million a year. Ummmm....told you so. Danny Ainge is a genius.
- Armchair quarterbacks(that's not the right term here but I couldn't think of anything better) are questioning Wales' strategy on the heels of their loss to Serbia & Montenegro. Ryan Giggs isn't worried about their upcoming match with against the Azzuri.
- American(actually he's from Ghana) soccer prodigy Freddie Adu is the shit. He's getting looks from the mighty Manchester United.
- The best sports section, week in and week out, belongs to the Village Voice. I always forget to give them props. Bad me. Bad!
- Wanna see some screen shots of the new Windoze operating system entitled Longhorn(that's such a Dubya type term). Me niether but it's election time in CA and I'm all about equal time.
- ZDNet names the EMac one of it's back to school picks.
- Lastly I want to direct everyone to the tour diary written by Sean Nelson, currently serving as keyboardist for the Long Winters. Some may know Sean as a part-owner of Barsuk records. Others may even remember him as the talented frontman from Harvey Danger. Either way Sean is an awesome guy and an even better writer. It's a long read but it's worth it as he gives you a good idea what is like in the up and down life of being on the road. And don't even start hatin' on Harvey Danger. I am a big fan of their second record which due to a convergence of bad situations and circumstances, no one heard and was never given a fair shake. Give it a listen sometime.

We're already over 600 hits. Incredible. Thanks everyone.
Have a great weekend.
Remember, one awkward conversation can ruin my whole day, in the company of strangers with some vulgar shit to say. I always seem to miss the point completely. And here I am again.

There is some strange shit going on outside right now. A helicopter with a spotlight has been circling overhead for the last 20 minutes or so. It's flying very low. Sounds like it's right on top of the building. Sirens come in and out of earshot. A few cop cars with their lights flashing have sped up the street.
I wonder what they are looking for? I'm assuming it's not conducive to my health so even though I want to go outside and see what's happening, I think I'll stay right here. I just went outside and doublechecked all of our locks just to be safe.

"These days animals just seem infinitely wiser than, for example, politicians."

-Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys explaining the song "Venus and Serena"

My fotolog has been updated with a picture of our kitty.

TOP 5 REASONS THAT information leafblower IS IN A GOOD MOOD TODAY:
5) Mojo article on Radiohead.
4) Saw a Pixies documentary on Trio last night entitled Gouge. Here's a list of people weighing in on the group during the show.
3) Johnny fucking Cash is hard at work on new material. Than Man In Black is 71 years young.
2) Had a job interview today that went pretty well. *fingers crossed*
1) My physical therapist says I *should* be able to snowboard this winter no problem. Fucking great news.
I'm in such a good mood I'm not even bringing up the fucking Red Sox.
- Wales, the homeland of everything Super Furry, fall agonizingly short of wrapping up their bid for Euro 2004. Next time then. They have 3 more games to make it happen.
- Hehehehe. The Super Furries get a mention over on Scroll down for it. Classic!
- Is Detroit trading Uncle Cliffy to Golden State? They have to if they want to resign Memet Okhur next season. Have I ever mentioned I fucking hate the Pistons?
- Carmelo Anthony signs with Brand Jordan.
- Did you watch the US Men's Olympic Basketball Qualifying Team(that's a mouthful) beat Brazil last night? Not unless you paid for it. Lame!
- Ah.....The Sports Guy waxes poetic about Video Bo Jackson, the greatest player ever from a video game.
- Apple is giving away and 10 gig iPod every day until September 20th. All you have to do is sign up for the iTunes Music Store.
- Forbes thinks iPods will acount for 5% of Apple sales this year. In other news, Apple's get attacked by viruses too, just not as often.
- Buddyhead rag on the "40 year old rockers" The Mooney Suzuki for shacking up with the Matrix for their next record. Oh wait, I reported that here ages ago.
- Whatevs dot org has the new Return Of The King poster up. And Beyonce's nips.
- The fine folks at Les Yper Sound have a new website address. They were kind enough to send me an email about it a few days ago. Same great content.
- Finally, Chuck Palahniuk interview by Elizabeth Spiers(originally in the NY Post). Thanks to Whatevs dot org for the info.

See you tomorrow.
Remember, here's a gap in between, there's a gap where we meet...Where I end and you begin.

Michael pointed out that humans are the only animals to have generations. "Bears, for example, certainly don't have generations. Mom and Dad bears don't expect their offspring to eat different kinds of berries and hibernate to a different beat. The belief that tomorrow is a different place from today is certainly a unique hallmark of our species."
Michael's theory is that technology creates and molds generations. When technology accelerates to a critical point, as it has now, generations become irrelevant. Each of us as individuals becomes our own personal diskette with our own personal "version." Much more logical.

- Written by Douglas Coupland, taken from his book Microserfs.
This blog takes it's name from Bug, one of the characters in the book.
His occupation, as listed on his business card, reads information leafblower.

Man, eBay is getting out of hand. I just bought a new battery for my cell phone at a very reasonable price of $9.99. However, shipping on my new purchase is $6.00. Insurance, should I decide to get it, is another $1.80. Wait, did I buy this from Ticketmaster? The battery can't weigh more than a few ounces. Priority shipping from the USPS is a mere $3.95(and they will give you the packaging to ship it in). So the vendor just made another $2.05 from the auction. Then he has the gall to email me and tell me to "please allow reasonable time to receive your item" along the lines of "5 to 7 days". Shit, for $6 you should deliver it to me personally by hand! It's unfortunate that this seems to be becoming the norm on eBay. But I digress...
I tried to take my Blackout 2003 photos to Rite Aid to get them developed today. After dropping them off and waiting 3 hours for the "One Hour Photo Service" I walked all the way back up there and they tell me they can't develop Advantix film. bad. I thought the type of film I was dropping off was obvious since I checked the Advantix film box on the drop off envelope. Argh!
More and more I'm finding I spend my time on the web reading, and primarily getting my news from, other people's blogs. It's not inconceivable that they could be the way news gets filtered to people in the future. I'd much rather read Camworld's (representing Park Slope!) account of what he saw that day than hear it from Fox fucking News. I also found some great stuff by Paul Ford and Amy's account of getting trapped on the Q train for 2 hours. Amy is also represting Park Slope. Brooklyn in the house! Nice.
Also, ESPN takes the piss out of the whole "New York really pulled together" thing that has gotten beaten into the ground by the press.
Before I get on with it, I want to officially declare this the summer of Luna, for no other reason than I have been listening to them non-stop for the last 2 or 3 weeks. It started with Pup Tent, then the Live Record, and now I am hooked on Bewitched. Days of Our Nights must be next. I couldn't possibly listen to Penthouse anymore than I already have as I listened to it for what seems like my last 3 years if college. It's permanently engrained in my cerebellum(or is that the cerebral cortex?). Oh, and guess what? Luna hits Park Slope's Southpaw this weekend. I just may have to attend! Even if they will play all new stuff and none of the golden oldies.
- Ted Leo is such a punk ass bitch. He has the gall to go ahead and play last Thursday after the power goes out even though I can't attend. AND he did his cover of "Dancing In The Dark"!! It's not fair I tell you! Then he writes about it on his website and makes it sound like the most bestest gig ever. Damn!
- The Rolling Stones catalog, post 1971, will be available to purchase and download from the iTunes Music Store on September 2nd.
- Speaking of my favorite computer company, they will have new Powerbooks soon. Also, their webpage was updated yesterday saying the G5 is shipping.
- Oops, I forgot to give you the link to Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column yesterday. It's a well written, straight ahead look at the world of pro football. It's a good read but not as much as ESPN/Slate Mag's Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback (or TMQB). TMQB is always informative (not just about football) and extremely funny. It took me about 13 seconds before I laughed out loud at this week's column. And he always has a gratuitous cheerleader pic or two for everyone. Respect.
- Here is a look at the Celtic's depth at center for the upcoming campaign.
- Was Chris Mullin behind that wacky Golden State / Dallas trade?
- Holy shit! Nike spends $1.4 BILLION annually on their celebrity endorsements. That is some serious cash.
- Whatevs dot org has the new Kill Bill poster for you to look at. Scroll down a bit.

Cheers all. Thanks to everyone that comes here to check me out. We went over 500 hits(and 850 page views) last night. If you keep coming back, I'll try and keep it entertaining.
Remember, The sky is painted deep shades of blue, I hope for happiness. I think of you.

What a weekend. The great thing is it's not over for my better half and I. She has today off. I see some girlfriend-mandated serious house cleaning in my future. Right now she is going through her closet getting rid of clothes, Beacon's Closet here we come.
Last night I went to see one of my favorite authors, Amy Hempel(scroll down), give a reading at Magnetic Fields in Brooklyn. I got the word from the ever-reliable Chuck Palahniuk website. The website folks are big fans, as is Chuck himself. He waxed poetically about Amy in this LA Weekly article. The reading was lot of fun. Amy read two short stories, both of which were excellent. I chatted with her after the event and she graciously signed both of the books I brought with me. Check my fotolog for a pic from last night.
I think it says alot about me that I enjoy going to book readings much more than concerts at this point in my life. I definitely get more excited about readings than gigs. But I guess that's beacuse I am an aspiring writer and already know I have no musical talent whatsoever.
Saturday, my better half and I went and picked up our friend Anna in the car(as subways were still not running at that time)and we went to Prospect Park for some serious hang time. We invented a game called "Go Fuck Yourself" which is basically "Go Fish" with a potty mouth. Needless to say that phrase was good for a laugh for the rest of the weekend. We also figured out that anyone with a child decided to "get their kid on".
When it got dark, we came home, drank some beer and then went out for some sushi at Blue Ribbon. While that may not have been the best idea considering the blackout and all, Blue Ribbon had a generator and was open for business the entire time, so there! Our meal was excellent and we came home and passed out soon after.
Speaking of the blackout, I read some interesting figures about the energy business from the New York Times. I can't find the article but it basically said that since 1995 energy usage has gone up 35%, spending on the grid rose 18% and energy companies profits have risen 400%. Funny that. But with our current president, these figures do not suprise me. Here is the blackout by the numbers and talk about how the nightlife was not really affected. The Post had a quick mention of an all night UNO tournament that sounded pretty hot. I know scores of people had a bad time during this whole ordeal, but I was home and had a stocked fridge so I had a fucking blast.
- More mail bag responses from The Sports Guy. Did I mention he actually used the phrase "hilarity ensues" in his last column? That's my line dude!!!
- DC United's Bobby Convey joins the Tottenham Hotspurs. MLS in the house. This is fitba(aka soccer) news for those that have no idea what I am talking about.
- Here is a recap of what's happened this offseason in the NBA in case you need it.
- In the latest installment of "What in the fucking world are the Golden State Warriors thinking?" they are trading Antawn Jamison and a few other players to the Dallas Mavericks for Nick Van Excel and a few other players. Ummmmmmm...why?
- Proof that Kenyon Martin does not deserve a max contract extension.
- Meet Brandon Hunter the Cetics 2nd round pick from this year. Dude is gonna be a player.
- Hahahahahahahahaha. Vin Baker's webpage for Brand Jordan. For those that do not know, Vin makes $13.75 million dollars a year for three more years but didn't play last year because he admitted he is an alcoholic. He was a 4 time All-Star but now he has problems. And so do the Celtics since trading for him.
- Proof that Daniel Ewing was the best player for my Duke Blue Devils last year.
- Hear the new Travis single.
- The Man in Black is about to release a box set from his American Recordings Sessions. Johnny Cash fucking rulez!
- Details for Suede's Greatest Hits disc. Apparently there will be other songs besides "The Drowners" and "My Insatiable One" on the disc. It's called filler.
- New Rufus Wainwright album on the way.
- In more somber news, charges are coming very soon in connection with the Rhode Island club fire. Looks like the club owners and the tour manager are in deep shit.
- The blackout affected IBM's plant in upstate NY. The make parts for Apple there.
- The NY Times say that Apple's G5 is available starting today.
- Apple online store is in the Top 5 of B to B websites.
- Infoworld goes Apple crazy with 4 seperate reports on the company.
- There is a ton of new stuff at Hot.
- Lastly, some Episode 3 rumours for ya. Enjoy.

That's all for now. I hope everyone made it through the weekend unscathed.
Remember, She lives for the written word, and people come second or possibly third.

Ugh....Can't sleep.

Yesterday was totally off the heazy. Power flickered and then went out at 4:11 PM. Nothing worked, especially my cell phone. Gradually everyone gathered outside their homes to trade what little information they had with the neighbors. I tried to go up to 7th Ave. and get some batteries but by the time I went up there around 5 PM, they were all out. All the bodegas were dark but they were still selling ice and other things, ringing people up by calculator. I came home and turned on the radio in my car and everyone gathered around to find out the dilly. The girlie was stranded on the Upper East Side and we decided she should go to a co-workers place nearby and wait it out there.
When it was obvious everyone wasn't in any real danger and the power wasn't coming on anytime soon, I did what any self-respecting Brooklynite would do in this situation. I grabbed a beer and went outside to sit on the stoop and chill. Luckily I had been grocery shopping 2 days before. I hung out with my landlords and the neighbors and it was actually a lot of fun. About 7:15 PM or so, my friend Glenn rode his bike over. He was out of beer. We drank the rest of my stash and then went out to wander around after it got dark. We went up to a friends place on 6th and Flatbush. Flatbush was insane. All kinds of people trying to get home. Regular Joe’s were out there directing traffic. Busses were PACKED and most of them said NEXT BUS PLEASE where the route usually appears.
We hung out there and then decided that since we were out of beer, we should go to a bar. The only problem, we only had $12 between us. It was comical how none of my friends had any cash on them. We went to O'Connors for some $2.50 Budweiser’s. We drank as much as our meager cash allowance would allow, saw some friends just getting back from the city and then went to Glenn's apartment to chill for a bit.
Once we were at Glenn's place I realized I hadn't eaten anything since 11 AM so I decided to call it a night. I came home around 11:30 PM and cooked some Kraft Mac n' Cheese in the dark. Luckily the gas and water still worked, I just had to light the stove by hand. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After I got my grub on, I crashed, or at least tried to.
Our power came back on at 4:35 AM, a little over 12 hours after it went out. The girlie and I are supposed to fly to Buffalo at 9:30 AM (45 minutes from now) and that's not happening. The first flight out we can get right now is on Sunday. We had planned to come back on Monday. It sucks, but we'll deal with it.
You know, there are times when I despise my existence living in New York, but at the same time you can really experience some amazing things here. Last night was one of them. It was history. And everyone was totally cool to each other. There were hundreds of people of all race, creed and color hanging out 5th Avenue and everyone was completely chill. In fact, they were nicer than usual. I think 9/11 really straightened everyone out. I'm still amazed at the acts of bravery and compassion I saw that day and yesterday wasn't that different. Neighbors pulled together, people directed traffic, helped the elderly, and pooled batteries, radios, food; whatever they had that other people needed. And we all went out and got drunk after dark.
Yesterday was a good day. I'm glad I was here to enjoy it.

I have power again. YAY!

Time for bed....

Another Wednesday, another physical therapy session.
I don't really have anything opinionated, witty or informative to rant about today.
I have a psuedo job interview tomorrow with a recruiter but I am not overly optomistic about it.
- Thank god. Tuesday Morning Quarterback has returned. He's like the Sports Guy if he was a professor at Harvard and watched too much damn (American) football. I'm a fan.
- Is Vince Carter ready to step up and quit being a pussy? In case you were wondering, he was drafted ahead of Paul Pierce. HA!
- Kobe shoplifted the pooty(I knew that phrase would come in handy). And his trial may take place during the NBA season as a result.
- Gregg Doyel on how the ACC's football expansion will water down the conference's strong basketball tradition.
- BoSox lose again, surrendering the Wild Card lead, and I am officially pissed off about it.
- CNN interviews Blur. I have concluded that exactly one half of Think Tank is pure genius and the other half is complete crap.
- Gorky's Zygotic Mynci return with a UK tour.
- The motherfuckin' Jigga Man cancels his Carling Weekend appearances. Reading what? Leeds who? Hey, you were forewarned: "First time they bust, he's breezin', talking 'bout "what's the reason?"
- Spoiler laden review of Kill Bill, Episode 1.
- Businessweek interview with Steve Jobs. Fuzzy math by Bloomberg puts Steve's salary at $219 MILLION per year for the last three years. The reporters figures are duly disussed and contested by Mac zealots not unlike myself. They put the actual number around $50 million per year. Not too shabby.
- Hehehehehehehe. I'm not running Windoze and not vitcim of the virus that's spreading like wildfire. Apparantly, there is already a new variation of it going around. Apple Rulez.
- Fuckers. Apple decides to give customers who by a new Nikon Coolpix camera a free 128 MB memory card. I bought my Coolpix 3100 last month. Damn.
- Summer is becoming a gay man's paradise on TV. Hey, even I watched Queer Eye For The Straight Guy last night.
- Words that sound dirty but really aren't.

I got some of this stuff from other blogs but can't remember who to credit so my apologies in advance.

Cheers all.
Remember, 29's my age, 22's my gauge, I'm writing rhymes on a page and blowing up in a rage.

Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference!
Jerry Finn has signed on to produce the next Morrissey album. I used to work for the company that manages Jerry and I confirmed this with an old co-worker. It is happening.
Not who I expected but unlike all the other Moz fans, I know Jerry is an ace behind the board so I'm interested to hear the outcome.

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Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power
R.E.M. - Document
Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf
The Lemonheads - It's A Shame About Ray
Luna - Pup Tent
Paul Weller - Days Of Speed

Information Leaf Blower is currently drinking a Magners.

I'm selling my iSub if anyone is interested. Here's a review from a user. It is in perfect working order and I will ship it in the original box with original packing supplies. It's compatible with any slot loading iMac. No software neccessary, just plug and play.
Drop me an email(address at right) and make me an offer. Cash preferred but I'll listen to trades as well.


Yesterday was a good day. I finaly got my new knee brace. If you think this one is bad, you should see my old one. The new one should come in handy should I ever actually get a job interview. I can hide it under a pair of pants and not scare the interviewers off with visions of high health care bills.
Other than that, nothing exciting yesterday. Watched Paradise Hotel last night. I think the girlie and I are the only people in the country watching this trash. There has been zero buzz about the show in the media. The funny thing is I am soooooo not a reality TV watcher but every once in a while a show will grab me. Now I feel like I've invested so much time in Paradise Hotel(I call it Hook-Up Hotel) that I have to see it through(although it shows no signs of ending any time soon).
My girlie said the funniest thing last night: "What's up with us watching so much FOX lately?" She said this as she watched the OC premiere for the second time(it was rerun for a third time last night before Hook-Up Hotel). I forgot to give the OC props for their music selection, it was tight. Anyways, that was the funniest thing my girlie has said since we were watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and she said "This is football for gay guys!" So true, so true.
Yo, big ups to my homey, my stromey Whatevs dot org for the major shout out yesterday! 5 whole sentences! One included the phrase "rising to the upper echelon on my list of highly respected blogs ". Dude, you're gonna give me a big head. Oh shit, too late. And I didn't even have to pay him for it(this time). Ha! Right back at ya buddy. Making frends over the internet is cool. Especially when you have no life, like me.
- The Flaming Lips touring drummer Kliph has an online diary(dare I say, blog) on their site. Click the News tab and then "diary" to see it. This is noteworthy because he is a big Super Furry Fan and has a few adventures with Gruff at Glastonbury and one of their warm up gigs. Hotness.
- More Super Furriness: Sunday Herald interview with Gruff and Bunf and a fan review of their recent Edinburgh gig.
- The albums nominated for this years Shortlist Prize have been announced. Check out Perry Farrell's lame ass list(I would link it but the site won't let me, just click around). It's like he said "Oh you need a list from me? Ummmmmm...who is playing the second stage at Lollapalooza? Just put them down." Loser.
- Yo, it's gonna be ON between Duke and UNC starting in 2004. Both are up for monster recruiting classes. Duke only got one recruit this year but do not weep for us true believer. Luol Deng was ranked as the #2 prospect in the country and will step in and start at the small forward. He's so good, has him projected as the #5 pick next year.
- Yo, fuck 2004 for right now, how about next year in the ACC? What's gonna happen? First check out the Blue Devil's schedule for next year. Then, if you have a half hour to kill, check out this preview. Some tidbits for you:
*During its run of five straight ACC Tournament Championships, Duke captured the 2001 NCAA Championship and accumulated an 82-12 won-lost record against its ACC opponents and 158-22 record overall. [that's an 87 percent winning percentage folks]
*UNC holds a favorable series won-lost record against every single ACC school, and the Tar Heels lead every conference series by a wide margin (123-92 in their closest competition - Duke). UNC also has the most ACC Championships (15 to Duke's 13) despite Duke's recent string of five consecutive ACC Championships and has as many Final Four appearances as Duke (13) despite Duke's many recent ventures to the Final Four under Coach K.
*Clearly, Duke will be better this coming season than the 26-7 team last season that, astonishingly, had the worst record for a Duke team since the 1996-97 squad finished 24-9(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
I know they will rebound this year so let me get this off my chest:
Thanks, I feel better.
- There is a 6 minute audio exceprt from the mighty Chuck Palahniuk's new book, entitled Diary. The print version comes out next week.

That's all for now folks, back to the job hunt.
Remember, I take care because I know you'll be there.

What a weekend...Friday night's dinner party was a success. Check my fotolog for pics. Copious amounts of wine and beer were consumed along with 2 bottles of champagne we had left over from New Years.
Saturday was a different story. Very hungover. Got in the car to run an errand and it breaks down in the left lane on Flatbush Ave. Nothing like causing a major traffic jam on a hot and rainy day. Joy. Tow truck arrived fairly quickly(thank god) and took my car to a shop in Cobble Hill. That was about noon. At 6 PM (and several hundred dollars later) I was mobile again. Not the way I wanted to spend Saturday, but hey, I'm unemployed, everyday is the weekend(or so I keep telling myself). I was exhausted by the time I got home. Caught Jerry McGuire on TNT(and was motivated to change ILB's tag line above) and went to bed soon after.
Sunday the girlie and I headed to a wedding reception/party(the couple in question were married in a small ceremony in Canada 2 weeks ago). Saw some friends and drank a few beers but nothing noteworthy. Had a great discussion on how Teenage Fanclub is the greatest band in the world. The girlie cooked sausage lasagne when we returned to the crib. It was ready by 9 PM so we grubbed and watched Sex and the City. That show needs more Mario Cantone(Charlotte's gay wedding planner guy) in the worst way. He is the best! But I digress...
NOTES OF INTEREST FROM THE INTERWEB: (note new section name!)
- Super Furry love from the New Yorker.
- I converted quite a few Super Furry fans last time the band played Boston(it didn't hurt that I got everyone backstage to hang with the guys). Included in that group is my football loving friend Derek(he and Bunf bonded over their love for Aston Villa) and he has penned a great review of Phantom Power(click on the album review link on the right of the page). The Pill is Boston's (better?) version of Tiswas. [thanks emily]
- Watch Radiohead's video for Go To Sleep. In Quicktime no less.
- Pitchfork announces the Ted Leo tour dates with Rebecca Gates I talked about last week. Don't miss this show when it comes to a town near you! Free NYC show this Thursday at South Street Seaport! Free Rock!
- Paul Pierce passes on an invitation to play for the US Olympic Qualifying team. Don't even front on PP. He played last summer and his NBA season was a tad subpar because of it. He has his priorities straight. He wants banner #17 for the city of Beantown. Respect. PS - Travis Best is still looking for a contract.
- Crybaby Kenton Martin wants out of New Jersey becase they won't give him a max contract. Dude, you shot 3 for 23 in the biggest game of your life. Get Real. Perhaps you should increase your paltry numbers from last year. 16 points and 8 rebounds do not a maximum salaried player make. Oh yeah, you haven't made the All Star team yet. Maybe they will trade him to Portland for Rasheed Wallace?
- The citizens of Philadelphia shell out $200 million for a new stadium for the Eagles and then the team breaks with tradition by banning fans from bringing food into the stadium, something that was no problem at their old home, Veterans Stadium. Sickening.
- Apple on track to ship all G5 orders this month.
- Great NY Times article on the decaying Co-Op City and the price tag on the needed repairs.
- Injured dog takes himself to the Vet.

That's all for now, time to look for a job.
Remember, we just can't wait to make more mistakes, and to fall from grace and to stuff our faces with cake.

Guests are arriving at any second(all three of them) but Friday wouldn't be complete without a new column from The Sports Guy.


New photo added to my fotolog.

Friday! Like that means anything to me.
I'm unemployed. Everyday is Friday.
I had to go to my "Unemployment Orientation" in Downtown Brooklyn this AM. I stayed there for an hour, filled out 2 forms and handed them in with my resume. I have been unemployed for 39 days. It's flown by. Is that a good or bad thing?
Last night I was flipping through the channels and watched a bit of The Amazing Race on CBS. There were four teams of two competeing each other and to identify each team the show flashes the contestant's name and their marital staus whenever they appear on screen. I thought the latter was a bit strange, but maybe that's the hook for this season of the show? There were 2 male gay couples, both reported to be married in case you were wondering, one engaged heterosexual couple and a pair of males, Jon and Al, who were best friends. They are also clowns by way of vocation. For some reason, whenever their info was flashed on the screen it said:

Jon and Al
Best Friends / Clowns

None of the other teams had their occupations listed. I don't know, I thought it was funny, because these two guys were the biggest dorks. Maybe everyone is unemployed on the other teams? It doesn't really matter as Jon and Al were eliminated last night. But I digress...

- You MUST check out Morrissey's tribute to Linda McCartney. It at once both soothing and touching. And funny as hell.
- Booyakasha! New Ted Leo MP3 available for download. Thanks Lookout Records for your willingness to give away music from your fine roster. This has convinced me to buy both the Ted Leo records, along with The Pattern's first disc, via your website. All it cost me was around $10 for each CD and shipping only added like another $1.25. My shipment arrived super-quick. It's great to see a label not trying to make money on the CD's actual shipment. If I want that I'll got to eBay. End of shameless plug.
- Oh my god! I think I just spooged all over myself. Ted Leo is playing with the mighty Rebecca Gates (aka The Spinanes) at the Knitting Factory in NYC. I am SO THERE!! I love me some Spinanes. Click here for tickets.
- Skyscraper Mag interviews Billy Bragg. Respect. [via chromewaves]
- The History of Neil Young. Thorough. [via chromewaves]
- The Church of Me tells the UK what they SHOULD be paying for every record in the week's top 40, as opposed to what the price is at the local HMV. Dude, you are sooooo wrong about Phantom Power.
- The Flaming Lips are re-releasing Yoshimi, this time with an extra DVD included. Woot! Another record I can scratch from the "I Downloaded It and Loved It, So I Must Go Purchase it" list. Radio 4's Gotham is next.
- The Sports Guy meets his idol, Freddie Lynn. Respect ensues.
- Former Celtic great Dennis Johnson and I have something in common. He's unemployed and so am I.
- ESPN is doing some sort of theme this week about the "underrated" amongst us. Here are their non-sports male and females. Whatevs fave Keira Knightley makes the womens list.
- Ticketmaster under fire yet again. Like anyone will do anything about it. Ever seen how many results for get when you search Google for "Ticketbastard"? 1450. [from the Velvet Rope]
- Craigslist: The Movie. [from Gawker]
- The Chuck Palahniuk website has a ton of news. Best of all, an audio blog from Chuck himself. Beyond coolness. This applies to my rant about uncreative bands from yesterday. Why don't they do something like this?

Have a great weekend everyone. The girlie and I are hosting a dinner party tonight. We are such Thirtysomethings. Actually I'm broke and refused to go out to eat.
Remember, you kiss like a rock, but I need it anyway.

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I am in possesion of an urgent missive from none other than Whatevs dot org. Forsooth:

euphoria is the name of the drug that Emily Valentine dosed Brandon with in that 90210 ep you referenced. best.
i'm equally deadly with Saved By The Bell resets.

Thank you kindly. Now I will be able to sleep tonight. Seriously.

New Blogs for you to check out:
Bill Maher's Blog - No doubt a Ride fan. Nice.
Largehearted Boy - representing Park Slope. Nice.
The New Topography - representing Brooklyn. Nice.

4 entries today. Unprecedented.
You just witnessed history. Enjoy.

Here is some more info on the Phish show I was talking about. This is some impressive stuff.
It boggles my mind that in the music industry there is so little true creativity happening. What bands are pushing the boundaries of what can be done? Phish, Radiohead, Pearl Jam and Super Furry Animals come to mind, but that list is embarassingly short. Am I forgetting anyone? Most bands aren't involved in the music industry to be innovative, it seems they just want to get rich. I mean there are soooooo many bad band websites out there. If I were in a band, I would devote a great deal of time to my band's webpage as it is the easiest way for you to interact with your fans. Why don't bands try and push the limits more? Probably because they all are derivitive of each other and are scared to do anything new(just like the labels). But I digress...
-'s aping of the Apple's iTunes Music Store ads just strengthens Apple's brand recognition. Cheers guys. Douchebags.
- Hey there are 26 definitons for "douchebag" at
- Be careful when you use public computers.
- Mayor Mike backtracks on his statement that he will be able to repeal the new taxes he recently mandated.

Cheers all.
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Peep my fotolog at once!
I promise it will get more exciting.

OK, I'm assuming everyone watched The OC the other night...I watched some of it(the girlfriend wanted to see it) even though I felt I had seen the entire episode between all the promos FOX has been running prior to the broadcast. The first thing I thought when I saw it was "This is the new 90210". Except they drink until they pass out, etc. Remember how booze and drugs were depicted as evil on 90210? Dylan was a recovering alchoholic and Brendan did that drug in one episode(I forget what they called it) and everyone freaked out. Times have changed folks.
- Yanks trade Armando Benitez to the Mariners for Jeff Nelson and cash. Buh- Bye. For the record, Benitez lasted for 21 days, or 504 hours, in the Bronx. Not that I am counting.
- Kevin Garnett switches shoe companies again(he's been on the Fun Police with Nike and also And 1) and signs a lifetime deal wih Adidas. The Brand With The Three Stripes now has three players from last years 1st team All NBA squad: Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady and KG. Go Adidas!
- Grading Danny Ainge. Shocker: He passes with flying colors.
- Golfer John Daly's wife was running a drug and gambling ring without him knowing it. Good for him. For not knowing. Nevermind.
- Yo, this is fucked up, the father of a tennis player apparantly drugged his kid's opponent which may have led to that person's death. That is some crazy shit. I used to play on the tennis circuit in high school(just the state level, I wasn't the next McEnroe or anything) and I can tell you it's ultra competetive.
- Photos from Siren are up.
- Melody Nelson and get the spotlight from NY Press. Congrats to them both. It's well deserved.
- Is now the time to buy some Apple stock?
- The Voice's Mr. Roboto debunks Apple's G5.
- Let preface this next bit by saying I fucking hate Phish. But this is ultracool. They set up a ton of iMacs at a recent festival/gig and let concertgoers pick out a set of live tunes from the band and burn their very own CD of said mix using iTunes. The future is now people.
- Arnie wants to "pump Sacramento up".

That's all for now folks. More later today.
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Thought I would post this for shits n' giggles. It's a long read but worth it. And don't skip it just because of the next three words.

By Rush Limbaugh:
I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving the country in Uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11.

Well, I just can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million.

If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those payments come to a screeching halt.

Keep in mind that some of the people who are getting an average of $1.185 million up to $4.7 million are complaining that it's not enough. Their deaths were tragic, but for most, they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soldiers put themselves in harms way FOR ALL OF US, and they and their families know the dangers.

We also learned over the weekend that some of the victims from the Oklahoma City bombing have started an organization asking for the same deal that the September 11 families are getting. In addition to that, some of the families of those bombed in the embassies are now asking for compensation as well.

You see where this is going, don't you? Folks, this is part and parcel of over 50 years of entitlement politics in this country. It's just really sad. Every time a pay raise comes up for the military, they usually receive next to nothing of a raise. Now the green machine is in combat in the Middle East while their families have to survive on food stamps and live in low-rent housing. Make sense?

However, our own U.S. Congress just voted themselves a raise, and many of you don't know that they only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month, and most are now equal to being millionaires plus. They also do not receive Social Security on retirement because they didn't have to pay into the system.

If some of the military people stay in for 20 years and get out as an E-7, you may receive a pension of $1,000 per month, and the very people who placed you in harm's way receive a pension of $15,000 per month. I would like to see our elected officials pick up a weapon and join ranks before they start cutting out benefits and lowering pay for our sons and daughters
who are now fighting.

"When do we finally do something about this?" If this doesn't seem fair to you, it is time to forward this to as many people as you can.If your interested there is more.......................

This must be a campaign issue in 2004. Keep it going.
SOCIAL SECURITY: (This is worth the read. It's short and to the point.)
Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years. Our Senators and Congressmen do not pay into Social Security. Many years ago they voted in their own benefit plan. In more recent years, no congressperson has felt the need to change it. For all practical purposes their plan works like this:

When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay until they die, except it may increase from time to time for cost of living adjustments. For example,
former Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their wives may expect to draw $7,800,000 - that's Seven Million, Eight Hundred Thousand), with their wives drawing $275,000.00 during the last years of their lives. This is calculated on an average life span for each.

Their cost for this excellent plan is $00.00. These little perks they voted for themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan.

The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly from the General Fund--our tax dollars at work! From our own Social Security Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid) into -- every payday until we retire (which amount is matched by our employer) --we can expect to get an average $1,000 per month after retirement. Or, in other words, we would have to collect our average of $1,000 monthly benefits for 68 years and one month to equal Senator Bill Bradley's benefits!

Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made. And that change would be to jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from under the Senators and Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us and then watch how fast they would fix it.

If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of awareness will be planted and maybe good changes will evolve. WE, each one of us... can make a difference.


Check 50's new video for the Snoop remix of P.I.M.P. with the extra gratuitous iPod shot in the beginning! 50 is down with the iPod. Chutch.

Remind me to tell you my 50 Cent story sometime. We used to be boys. Not really, but I have spoken to him on more than one occasion.

Thank god for basketball. I have had a rough 48 hours. It fucking poured here yesterday. My clothes are STILL wet. Subways were all screwed up. The weather even stopped Monday Night Football.
My car wouldn't start this morning so I had to have it towed to the shop. Wonderful.
I was in a bad mood when I got back...I turned on NBA TV and lo and behold, life was good. Celtics v. Hawks from March 1985. This is the game where Larry Bird scored 60 points, breaking the old record he helped teammate Kevin McHale set two weeks earlier. It could have been 62 but the refs disallowed a 3 pointer he made in the waning seconds, calling the foul before the shot. Bird was unreal. Brought back some good memories. Here's a look at some of the people from that Celtics squad:
Larry Bird - GM of the Pacers, took team to NBA Finals as head coach
Kevin McHale - GM of the Timberwolves
Danny Ainge - GM of the Celtics.
Dennis Johnson - coached the Clippers last season
Rick Carlisle - coached the Pistons to back to back 50 win seasons, won Coach of the Year
Quinn Buckner - TV analyst
Quinn doesn't really count but I threw him on there anyways. The announcers for that game were the Hawks guys for local TV. They were talking about how the next home game was "Rap Night featuring the rap group Run-DMC". Times have changed. Now the players make rap records.
ESPN Classic was showing the #2 Georgetown Hoyas v. the #1 St. Johns RedMEN(not the PC friendly Red STORM) at MSG from February 1985. Ewing v. Mullin.
Bird and Mullin are my two favorite basketball players ever. Reggie Lewis, Danny Ainge and Paul Pierce round out my starting 5 in case you were wondering.
1985 is in the house today. And I am thankful.
- In other Larry Bird news, he wants to resign Reggie Miller.
- Will Kevin Garnett still test the free agent market next year?
- Here me now, believe me later! 73 days until Midnight Madness(that's when college basketball practice starts, bitches). Say it with me now....BLUE DEVILS! Want to know the answers to some burning questions from the upcoming ACC season, me too. Roy Williams has been at UNC for 100 days. As soon as Carolina gets better, I can derive more pleasure from the W whenever the Blue Devils crush the Tarheels.
- Ex-Dukie Trajan Langdon playing overseas this year. Getting married too.
- UCLA to name the court at Pauley Pavillion after Coach Wooden and his wife. Why in the hell did it take this long? Coach K already has the court at Cameron named after him.
- Travis spill the beans on their new single and upcoming album.
- Strokes hype machine gets warmed up.
- How to install Windoze XP in 147 easy steps OR 5 hours, whatever comes first. Ahem...Apple Rulez.
- Business Week looks at Apple's future. Are they the new Sony?
- More businesses turning to Apple's OSX server for their needs.
- Hey,, you stole Apple's marketing shit. Biter's never win. You're all a bunch of followers.
- Apparantly the money the MTA are making from raising subway fares 50 cents is not enough to keep 45 subway booths open this year. How is that? This is bullshit. Mayor Mike....hello?
- Actually Mayor Mike is busy shaking down your local newsstand so he can open new revenue streams for the city at their expense.
- Now for your reward for listening to me rant...Kylie's bum! [via modernage]

Cheers all.
Remember, Holston export times 3, Jimmy Hendrix and Thin Lizzy.

Well, I'm back. The girlfriend and I went up to Cape Cod and spent a relaxing weekend on the water. I was very depressed to get back on I 95 and head back home today. Molly's friend Anna and her family have this great little cove near Falmouth, MA and they have 5 or 6 little cottages on the water. I seriously think it's the greatest place on earth. It's the definition of chill. All we do is eat, drink, go out on the sailboat or take the Sea-Doo out for a spin. I hope everyone else had as relaxing a weekend as me. I'll try to post some pictures somewhere when I have some free time.
We went and saw Seabiscuit on Friday. I think the Sports Guy was right on with his review, as usual. The narrative thingy drove me nuts.
- Where Sportscenter meets Cops. HA!
- Anthony Carter's agent will pay the player $3 Million this season because of his fuck up. Carter's agent was supposed to exercise his player option with the Miami Heat(a "player option" is basically when the agent tells the team that the player will return and play for them next season and they must pay him per the terms agreed to in the current contract, if a team holds the option then the team informs the player what the dilly is and that's called a "team option") by the beginning of the free agent period but failed to do so. So the Heat didn't have to pay him the $4.1 million he had coming to him this season. The Spurs signed him for a little over $1 million per season so his agent has agreed to pay him the difference. What a tool. There were rumblings that happened so the agent could get another of his clients a bigger payday with Miami but it looks like that didn't work either. Loser.
- Danny Ainge (aka "The Genius") is trying everything to improve the Celtics.
- Coach K Academy. Sounds awesome.
- Peter May on Larry Bird's new gig. Wither Isiah? Loser.
- The next Bobby Hurley?
- It took me a while but I finally got the iTrip to work. This thing is much better than the iRock. Reviews here, and here. The second one has in-depth instructions that are handy. Anyone want to buy an iRock?
- PS - iTrip is illegal in the UK.
- Spider-man 2 posters. Hotness.
- The Onion on Digital Music Piracy. Spot on.
- Verizon Wi-Fi locations in NYC.
- Primal Scream to support the Rolling Stones.
- The Strokes debut 3 new songs in Japan. They are all cleverly named.
- Ummmmmm...the Glasto-wank.
- Billboard reports on the progress of the iTunes Music Store for the PC.
- Park Slope = gentrification. [from Gawker]

Cheers all.
Remember, nothing is EVER as good as you imagine