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Is it my imagination
Or have I finally found something worth living for?
I was looking for some action
But all I found was cigarettes and alcohol

You could wait for a lifetime
To spend your days in the sunshine
You might as well do the white line
Cos when it comes on top . . .
You gotta make it happen!

Nice to know Liam's still alive and madferit. I wish the boys would get off their asses and release some new material. As always, nice fucking haircut.

Cheers to Whatevs Dot Org for the pic and also for this link. Hubba Hubba.

Super Furry Week is upon us!! Good thing I have a temp job so I can pay for all the drinks that I'm bound to consume in the next five days.

The schedule:
Wednesday - Carson Daly Taping
Friday - Gig @ Irving Plaza supporting Grandaddy
Saturday - Gig @ Irving Plaza supporting Grandaddy
Sunday - In-Store at Mondo Kims

It's on like Chaka Khan!

75 or Less never ran my review so I'm posting it here instead:

The 80’s are back! Or at least the Dandy Warhols would have you think so. Their latest hella good LP delivers more of their trademark noisy-drone-pop music for the masses, but this time the keyboards, synths and some of their idols (Nick Rhodes, Nile Rodgers and Tony Visconti) add a sexy, slinky, “couples skate” feel to the festivities. They said it best themselves: The Dandy’s rule OK. And they are still cooler than you.

Congrats to the Detrizzle Tizzle's and their seemingly impossible late season surge. By winning 5 of their last 6 games, including their last game of the season yesterday, they keep the Mets in the record books and don't have to hear about it all summer. Congrats boys. By the way, the Oakland A's have a similar payroll and have made the playoffs for the last three seasons.
You have to feel for Todd Helton. All he needed was one more hit to win the NL batting title, but Rob Beck walked him after going 3-0 on him and he loses to Albert Pujols by .00022 percentage points. Damn.
Jim Caple has some good ideas about who to root for in the playoffs. If you need to get excited about October, check out the 10 best playoff games to jog your memory.
North Korea? No problem. An easy 3-0 win and Mia Hamm didn't even play. Some of the other starters were rested as well so the US should be ready for Norway on Wednesday.
MMQB says the Iggles are for real. Whatever. They're certainly not the Carolina Panthers.
Seems like we've been doing too many of these stories lately, but tennis' female Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson, died yesterday.
Somewhere, Coolfer is laughing. The Celtics invite waste of space Mateen Cleaves to camp. If he freakin' makes the team and Rusty doesn't, I'm gonna persecute them.
Ha! Want to know what's wrong with UNC basketball? Check it: UNC - now and then.
Apple's stock is upgraded due to back to school shopping. People love their iBooks! The Beatles lawsuit v. Apple could go on for years, according to Steve Jobs.
Oh, and that Music Match Store...not feeling it at all. All these Windoze based solutions get it wrong on the base level. See, the files you buy from Music Match are Windows Media files encoded at 160 kbz. Lame!
Shits & Giggles
Jack Black is the shiznit.

Wow…I was just getting ready to begin a typical post about the Women's World Cup and the upcoming baseball playoffs when I got confirmation on something I was researching yesterday. It took a while for me to find out for sure but I found it. There is no reason to beat around the bush so I will just come out and tell everyone.

Chuck Palahniuk is gay.

Again…wow. Leave it fucking Chucky P to have something up his sleeve to make everyone step back and gather their thoughts. So typical for him. I kinda feel like Jack at the end of Fight Club when he realizes that HE is Tyler Durden. Talk about a complete surprise.
For those of you not in the know, this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly has a four page article on Chuck written by Karen Velby and it apparently contains some heavy handed hints about Chuck's sexuality. I have neither seen the article nor read it. From what I have read on his website, Chuck did tell Ms. Velby that he had been living with a male partner for the last 11 years but that the info was off the record and not to be used in the article. Obviously, if this were info that Chuck didn't want to get out he wouldn't have brought it up to her so maybe it is a relief to him in some ways for everyone to know.
Chuck certainly didn't see it that way at first as he left a nasty audio blog on his website in regards to Ms. Velby and the article in question (which I did not hear) but it has since been removed. Since then he has left another audio blog apologizing to Velby and also asking his fans to lay off of the EW scribe. He has apparently decided to roll with whatever punches come his way. Respect.
I will be the first to say that this is somewhat of a surprise to me but in no way, shape or form does it make me respect the man or his work any less. Hell, I respect him more if anything, and anyone that reads this site on a semi-regular basis knows what a big Palahniuk fan I am.
And please, everyone, don't go back through all of his work and look for homoerotic undertones or any of that bullshit. I love Chuck's work because it's always fresh and it hits you in the face and makes you THINK. There's not enough of this type of stuff around today. Lets give him some space, let him deal with this and, most importantly, let him do his thing. The next time I see him at a reading or reread any of his books, I won't think any different about him. And neither should you.

What's the best thing about watching the Women's World Cup on TV?
Is it Julie Foudy or Shannon MacMillan (pictured above) or any of the other lovely ladies of the USA? The answer, faithful readers, is none of the above (although I would not fault you for picking the lovely Mrs. Foudy). The answer is studio commentator Heather Mitts:
Heather, how you doin'?
She should have plenty to talk about today as the US squad faces a tough test in North Korea. The North Korean women are fighting for their tournament lives, along with some respect, while the US needs a win or tie to ensure their spot in the quarters. A good deal of the US team's success can be placed on their ability to capitalize on set plays off of dead balls. The way things are heading now, the US could face Germany in the semi's which would be a tough road to the Finals. Still, if Mia Hamm continues her stellar play and Aly Wagner continues to come up big, The US should be OK.
In a related item, did the WUSA fail because it focused it's marketing approach on the wrong demographics?
> Cubs Win! Cubs Win! The playoffs beckon....And their pitching rotation is looking good.
> Speaking of winning, the Tigers won their own personal World Series last night as they came back from an 8 run deficit to beat the Twins and stave off loss #120. Their last game of the season is this afternoon. Go Tizzle's!
> Baby faced GM Theo Epstein deserves alot of credit for his personnel moves with the Red Sizzle's this year. The no-closer approach back fired on him but Ortiz, Millar and Mueller came up aces.
> Talent or no talent, the Lakers will face a long road in the media this year thanks to Kobe's shoplifting of the pooty.
> Pat Riley is banking mad loot on pot-head Lamar Odom.
> Peter May's Top 10 Storylines for the upcoming NBA season. Guess what's #1? By the way, rookies report for camp tomorrow!!!!.
> Yo!! How you been dawg? Bobby Hurley (the only man on the planet that has had more bad haircuts than me) is named as a scout for the Philly 76ers. Hot.
> How about my Carolina Panthers and second year coach John Fox?
> Pitchfork compiles a list of the 50 most common used CD's of the last 10 or so years. For the record, I own or have owned 21 of them.
> Apple is updating their logo. Not changing, updating.
> FOIL Scott follows up on my WKRP spot from yesterday:
I read your little mention of WKRP in Cincinnati and thought I'd weigh in. The episodes are pretty much butchered, music-wise, as you've said. The royalties are ridiculous. That's why we still have yet to see WKRP DVDs. Just to license the music for the DVD release is well over the million dollar mark. Ludicrous, if you ask me. The same problem apparently came up when they were releasing FELICITY season 2, hence the reason that those episodes have been butchered on the DVD release. They've been substituted with cheesy elevator music.
Thanks for reading and weighing in!! By the way, Scott's site is actually more on top of a Chuck Palahniuk story than I am. Apparantly there is a 4 page article in the Sept. 26th issue of Entertainment Weekly that takes potshots at Chuck (and his fans) and also claims he is NOT married although he stated he was everytime I have gone to a reading and have read this very fact elsewhere numerous times. Still, with Chucky P, you never know. I'm still trying to find out all of the facts, but I hope to have more info later.

That's all for now. It's rainy outside which probably means more house cleaning and some football and fitba TV action for later today.
Remember, I don't have an attitude, rebellion is a platitude. I only hope the verse is good, I hate verisimilitude.

Finally got to see Lost In Translation last night, at BAM no less, and was very glad that I did. Bill Murray is right at home in this movie. I hope all the Oscar buzz he is receiveing pans out for him. The movie was extremely funny and equally as bittersweet. I don't think the role was a stretch for Murray ( I kept thinking he played a somewhat similar role in Meatballs for some reason, but that's probably because I saw the Meatballs DVD for $4.99 at Best Buy and I was still kicking myself for not picking it up) but that doesn't take away anything from his performance. Scarlett Johanson was a very sexy and forlorn ingenuine and is also to be commended for her performance. I died laughing at the "Cameron Diaz" character. So spot on(as far as I know). The karaoke scene was also ace. All in all, a good time for a Friday night. Highly recommended. It's no Royal Tenenbaums but it's damn good. The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack remains the only movie soundtrack I have gone out and purchased directly after seeing the movie. I literally walked out of the theatre, down the block into the Virgin Megastore and bought the CD. The Kevin Shields music in the film was good but not good enough to make me want to buy it. Downloading? Now that's a different story.
> Even more spot on than the Cammy D impersonation was Jon Bon Jovi buying an Arena Football team.
> Ok, who out there is NOT pulling for a Cubs v. Red Sox World Series? Seriously, how monumental would that be? Can you imagine? One set of fans finally getting relief from years of torment while the other half gets burned yet again while being so close to the prize. Kerry Wood / Mark Prior / Sammy Sosa v. Pedro / Derek Lowe / Manny Ramirez. Well, my fingers are crossed. The Sox are in, but the Cubs are still fighting. They were rained out yesterday(royally screwing the fans), so they are playing two today. The Astros lost yesterday and start the day a 1/2 game back. Who out there is rooting for the Astros? They lose in the first round every year. They are just there to make the Braves feel better about themselves.
> In other baseball related news, The Evil Empire secured home field throughout the AL playoffs and the Tigers fell in 11 innings bringing their season long loss total to 119 games with 2 left to play. They had won 3 in a row before that. At least they are playing hard.
> In a move that surprised absolutely no one on this planet, Pedro has been named the Game 1 starter against the A's on Wednesday. Look for Tim Wakefield to start game 2 and Derek Lowe to get the nod at home in game 3.
> Peter Vescey is back! We are soooo close to basketball season.
> Remember when Bird and Magic wore those Converse Weapons and they were THE shoe to have growing up? Well, in what can be filed into the "worst. idea. ever." category, Converse has released a new, updated line of these shoes and dubbed them....wait for it...Loaded Weapons. You couldn't make something like this up if you tried. This special shoe related news item brought to the suffering readers of Catch Dubs because he seems to be over his bandwidth limit.
> Radiohead played the Hollywood Bowl last Thursday night. Reports from NME and MTV. No I Might Be Wrong but they did play Drunken Punch Up At A Wedding. They are in NYC in 2 weeks.
> REM drop the info on their bonus disc that will come with the first pressing of their forthcming Greatest Hits LP. I have most of this shit already.
> My favorite movie reviewer on the planet, Neill Cumpston, reviews School of Rock.
> Click here for your Matrix:Revolutions trailers.
> New stuff up at
> Sign the petition to get Invisible Monsters released in hardcover. Or don't. Your loss.
> Apple's 2nd quarter laptop marketshare rose almost 2 percent. Sweet.
> Crappy Rolling Stone celebrates the life of The Man In Black.
> Wow! See Jennifer Connelly and her incredible hulks. Not safe for work yo.
> Coupling drew in less viewers this year than freakin' Good Morning, Miami did last year in the place where sit coms go to die, aka 9:30 Thursday night slot on NBC.
> That guy that uploaded the Hulk movie and got caught was let off with probation. Music Industry...are you paying attention? Think he'll upload anything else to the web?
> More theories on why the music industry sucks as well as an interesting article on how reruns of WKRP In Cincinnatti are much different than the original episodes. To wit: "much of the (original) music has been replaced by generic instrumental music from a music library, or by sound-alike "fake" songs. Also, some of the dialogue has been redubbed by voice impersonators, usually when the actors were speaking over the music, but sometimes to remove references to songs that have been replaced." . This was obviously done so they don't have to pay royalties on all those songs now that the show is in syndication. I wonder if the WB will do this in the future?

That's all for right now. Women's World Cup action tomorrow. Check back for updates.
Remember, rocks are slow life.

Just confirmed....

Super Furry Animals
Special Acoustic Performance
Sunday, October 5th at 4PM
Mondo Kim's
6 St. Mark's Place * New York City

I will be there with reinforcements!

I tried NBC, I really did. Lord knows it was hard not to believe the (negative) hype, but it's a fact. The US Version of the BBC smash Coupling is a complete dud. The casting is truly horrible and completely mixed up, save for the lovely Sonya Walger (aka the only good thing about The Mind of the Married Man;pictured below), and the sets look like they are stolen from the local high school theatre department. What city is this supposed to be set in? The bar, which is totally central to the whole show, Coupling's Central Perk if you will, looks like fucking Eric Foreman's basement. I don't see what all the controversy about the shows dialogue or subject matter is...It can't be worse than The OC, Nip/Tuck or the upcoming Fox series Skin. Get a life people. Unfortunately, the writing has really been dumbed down for the US audience and the show lost all of the little nuances that make the UK show so great. It definitely doesn't help that the US show is 6 minutes shorter than it's UK counterpart due to all the fucking commercials and NBC promos. I hate to say it, but our version is simply a bad photocopy of a good show. Oh, and just for the hell of it, here is a negative review that plays up the obligatory Lost In Translation angle. How original.
> Hmmmmmm....Speaking of "coupling" (how's that for a transition?) Who would you say had the better night? Nomar Garciaparra who hit a home run, his 27th of the year (anyone remember when that number was impressive for a HR total?), helping the Boston Red Sizzle beat the Orioles and clinch the AL Wild Card spot or Mia Hamm who scored 2 goals and assisting on another while helping the Women's World Cup squad crush Nigeria and all but clinch their trip to the quarterfinals of this year's tourney? My vote goes to Hamm. She has better looking legs. For those confused by this pairing/transition, you should know the two are engaged.
> Is anyone else completely shocked by this? How long will it last? Oh, I almost forgot...strange there was no mention of last weekend's Michigan game over at Whatevs dot org. He must have forgotten or something. I'm not one to talk though, my alma mater, East Carolina, got routed by Wake Forest. Was it a good thing that I got to witness the carnage in person? All I really have to show for it is a wicked sun burn.
> The Sports Guy weighs in on that Boston Red Sizzle documentary airing on HBO(I need a freakin' Tivo in the worst way!) as well as answering some more questions from his mailbag. There is even some Paradise Hotel buzz about Dave, who is a native Bostonian. Apparently he used to sell Crunch n' Munch at Celtics games back in the day and did some wacky dance thing while on camera to amuse everyone / draw attention to himself. To wit:
Q: You wrote a whole column about "Paradise Hotel" without mentioning that Dave is known in Boston as 'The Crunch and Munch Guy' from the Fleet Center? After seeing his idiocy at Celtics games, I think everything he says on "Paradise Hotel" is an 11 out of 10 on the Unintentional Comedy Rating because I can't get the thought of him dancing down the aisles yelling about 'Crunch & Munch' out of my head. -- Sam, Boston, MA
SG: I'm with you. Believe me, it wasn't an oversight -- I only have 725 words for those magazine columns, which doesn't leave me much time to mention anything, much less describing Dave's history as the most loathed vendor in the history of Boston sports. His consistent abrasiveness even inspired me to write a column about him -- for my old "Boston Sports Guy" website in January, 2000 -- that ended with this paragraph:
"As for the Crunch 'n Munch guy, I hope he's enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, because they're almost up. I only hope he's there at the Celts-Grizzlies game tonight so I can sidle up to him and congratulate him on his new website ... all while desperately trying to pass the flu onto him."
Turns out that I was wrong about the 15 minutes: I couldn't have imagined that the 'Crunch N' Munch Guy' was destined to become one of the biggest losers in reality-TV history. I'm just happy to say I knew him when.

This just in, his last name is Kerpen and he's also done his dance at Fenway. Google searches rock!
Did anyone else watch Paradise Hotel on Tuesday? What a fucking crock of shit that 2 hours was. Only one guest was kicked off, and that was no big surprise, and then they make us wait until next week to find out who the final four are. That was a dirty trick. I'm not even watching the finale. It has Joe Millionaire all over it. Let down and hanging around. I will say, however, that Keith should do the right thing and boot Dave's ass off the island. He deserves it no doubt.
> This is the worst idea ever. Leave it alone, you've screwed it up enough!
> Johnny Fucking Cash to have his public memorial at the old site of the Grand Ol' Opry. I am 50 pages into Cash by Johnny Cash. For the record, it has been on my "Books to Buy" list for a while now.

I'm exhausted and should hit the hay as I HAVE TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW!!!!
More on that later...
Remember, I just want to be, darling, with you, The music's made that way. My eyes are blue, there's nothing I can do.

Hi all...I came back from my holiday in North Cackalack a day early to start a temp job at a prestigious ad agency. Woo Hoo! Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things.
*fingers crossed*
I had planned a humongous post today but that will have to wait for now.

PS - I bought the new Outkast LP and started listening to the Andre 3000 disc on the commute in this morning and on first listen, it's not that impressive. Hopefully it's a grower.

Hi all,

information leafblower leaves for vacation in the dirrty south today and will return at the end of next week. Updates next week are unlikely, as my parents have crappy dial up, but not all together out of the question.
Last night was fun. I have some pictures from happy hour and my friend Drew's birthday party but not enough time to post them.


KCRW 89.9 FM in the LA area

Friday, September 19, 2003
Super Furry Animals bring a mix of fun sounds to Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am PCT [2:15 NYC, 7:15 Caerdydd (Welsh time)]

The SFA / Grandaddy tour begins tonight in San Francisco! Woo Hoo!
Someone send me the set list.

The Sports Guy waxes poetic about "Paradise Hotel". Pure Genius. Highlights:
Like in any sport, the "guests" in "Paradise Hotel" are playing for something serious: the elusive "Ultimate Prize," which could be a box of Sharpies for all we know.
The sports parallels go even deeper. The weekly Roommate Switch features so much overmanaging that Tony La Russa would be embarrassed.
Dave and Charla had launched their own alliance and ousted their stunned rivals. Seeing their plan work felt like a Bengals Super Bowl run -- hard to believe it was happening.

There is more but I don't want to spoil it all. Have I mentioned I am (so ashamed to be) addicted to this show?
As if that wasn't enough "sports" buzz, here are some thoughts on Duke frosh Luol Deng and senior PG Chris Duhon.

It's happy hour again/ I think I might be happy if I wasn't out with them / And they're happy it's a lovely place to be / Happy that the fire is real the barman is a she

Where the haircuts smile / And the meaning of style / Is a night out with the bass / Where you win or you lose / And its them who choose / And if you don't win then you've lost

What a good place to be / Don't believe it / 'Cause they speak a different language / And it's never really happened to me / {It's happy hour again} / Don't believe it / 'Cause they speak a different language / And it's never really happened to me / {It's happy hour again}

Anyone care to guess on the over / under of digital camera's in the house tonight? If I had a comments section, we could. Anyways, Coolfer and I will be in attendance tonight, hope to see you/meet you there.
> Following up on my rant yesterday, University of Michigan officials have asked former Wolverine Chris Webber to reimburse the school $695,000 for legal fees and losses from NCAA penalties. "Such a payment would reflect Mr. Webber's long history of deceit, would counterbalance the harm caused the university by that deceit, and have the added benefit of discouraging other student athletes from making similar errors," Marvin Krislov, the university's general counsel, wrote. Webber "has never, to my knowledge, ever publicly expressed even a minor feeling of remorse for his conduct which brought both shame and financial loss to the university." Punk ass. Duke Rulez.
> Boston Red Fizzle. Yanks and Mariners won last night. Bah.
> The late, great Reggie Lewis will be inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame tomorrow night. Cheers buddy. Rest in Peace.
> Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell will have his number retired by the Celtics in December, bringing the team's total count of retired numbers to an astonishing 22. A few weeks ago, I pointed out how new Head of Basketball Operations, and resident genius, Danny Ainge had approached some of the players that have had their numbers retired about letting players use those numbers again if it would help the organization bring in and land free agents. Some players refused, but one who was willing might surprise you. It was Bob Cousy. Respect.
> This is fucking rich (pun intended). Every Miami Heat front-office employee, including coach and president Pat Riley, is being forced to take up to a 10 percent pay cut so the team can avoid further layoffs. The Heat are suffering large financial losses because of high player salaries, arena debt payments and other factors. The pay cuts impact every member of the organization -- except players. FYI - The Heat have 2 players that will make over $12 million this season. Think if they each gave $1 million back to the organization this issue would go away without affecting the "little people" in the organization?
> EmptyVee is streaming the new Outkast album.
> The "naked"(read: Spector-less) version of Let It Be will be released on November 17.
> Besides the new Outkast and forthcoming Ride compilation, this is the one record I'm dying to hear.
> Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) doesn't agree with the RIAA's unsavory legal tactics so he is introducing a bill that will require "the owners of digital media to file a John Doe lawsuit to obtain the identifying information of an Internet user, rather than simply requesting a subpoena." I take this to mean they will have to go to court and ask a judge for a subpoena for the info they want. Currently they just have to go to a court clerk and file some papers, skipping the judge. Right On!!
> Fuck the Industry dot org. I'm with ya fellas, but I am so buying the new Outkast.
> Slate Magazine on Quentin Tarantino's comeback. I hope Kill Bill kicks ass. I'm a big QT fan and have been from early on. [link from Whatevs dot org]
> Broadband subscriptions rose 72 percent in 2002. I was one of those converts.
> Yet another case of someone copying Apple.
> Dubya admits they have nothing tying Saddam to 9/11. Glad we invaded his country then.
> Speaking of Iraq...Many people that are in Isobel's path are having a hard time finding plywood because the US Army bought 660,000 sheets of the stuff to rebuild Iraq with. This has caused shortages on the East Coast and prices from wholesalers have gone up. As a result, some businesses have elected not to buy the over-priced plywood because they would have to sell it for more and face accusations that they raised prices due to the hurricane. Lame!
> This just in, Dick Cheney is still getting paid by Halliburton even though he is VP of the country. He was paid $162,393 by Halliburton in 2002. The U.S. vice president's salary is $198,600 annually. But hey, there's no conflict of interest here, right?
> AT&T's CEO can't get cell phone service in his house in Atlanta and has to go outside to make calls. In other news, a funny piece on Motorola's phones and some of their quirks. "Like many smart devices, my phone has an alarm to tell me when the battery is low. I suspect this drains a lot of the remaining energy from the battery in order to fulfill its prophecy more quickly, but normally I might consider it a useful feature."
> Man, is on the cutting edge of journalism. They just revealed that Instant Messaging is mostly used for gossip and flirting in the workplace. Wow.
> Will Apple update iCal and iSync in the near future?
> I was all set to give Catchdubs some props for giving me a shout out (and for his guest lecture at NYU on blogging) but then he has to go and write something like "Go Tarheels". I mean, WTF? I thought you were representing Jersey? Shouldn't you be claiming Seton Hall or something like that?
> Les Yper Sound are having problems with their web hosting company. Yesterday, via email, Ryan called them "asshats". Let's hope their up and running again soon.
> I'm not the only one complaining about Radiohead's ticketing methods. Chromewaves feels the pain.

Hope to see some people out and about tonight.
Remember, I'm highly animated even though I'm decomposing...So tap your toes and clap your hands, C'mon trace the globe and shake ya pants, just twist your hip and do the dip, shake and bake, do whatever it takes.

Or just the latest example of how athletes (particularly "star" athletes) plainly recieve preferential treatment and light sentencing whenever they face charges from law enforcement agencies? Chris Webber, former Michigan Wolverine and current All-Star for the Sacramento Kings (pictured above) learned yesterday that he won't face sentencing on criminal contempt charges until 2005 at the earliest. Until then, Webber has been ordered to perform 300 hours of community service for the youth of Detroit Presumably he won't be advising the kids on how to accept $280,000 from a universty booster and then lie to a grand jury about it.
Of course, Webber's case was helped immeasurably when the prosecution's star witness, Ed Martin, the man who gave Webber and other Michigan players the money in question, died from a pulmonary embolism before he could testify.
But this was just another step accelerating the downward decline of Michigan basketball. The first was, of course, the shellacking they received from the mighty Duke Blue Devils in the 1992 NCAA Chamionship game. I think they lost again the next year to some other school from NC, but I forget. Later, as the program was in shambles, they had to watch former recruit Mateen Cleaves lead in state rival Michigan State to prominance and a national title (even though he was later convicted of shoplifting a 40 once of malt liquor from a 7-11).
Still, Sacramento Kings fans everywhere must be jumping up and down with glee knowing their injury prone power forward will be free to play ball for the next two seasons. Maybe now he will have some time to practice taking a big shot at the end of the game.
> Find out if your favorite NBA player has committed any crimes at Cracksmokers of the NBA. They've got nothing on my man Paul Pierce.
> Dude, I know your happy, but keep your pants on.
> Boston Red Sizzle.
> The mighty get...mightier. 6-9 Josh McRoberts commints to Duke for the 2005 season. McRoberts has been compared to Christian Laettner and Mike Dunleavy, which is great because he will come to Durham with Syracuse native Greg Paulus, a 6-1 point guard that has drawn comparisons to Bobby Hurley. Go to hell Carolina!!
> Coach K on the ACC's expansion: "It sucks"
> The Flaming Lips are back in the studio.
> Juanes Addicion' tour movie to finally see the light of day.
> Pitchfork finally get around to reporting about The Matrix Suzuki. Faithfull information leafblower readers knew about this a few months ago. Funny how all these stories have the Matrix's manager commenting but no one from the band....
> Register here to see the Super Furry Animals on Carson Daly's late night show. And ask for an extra so you can get me in if I don't get tickets. Seriously.
> New, amazing stuff up at My favorite in entitled "How Did This Get In My Eye".

That's all for right now folks.
Remember, I know some things that I would rather not. Like the time ahead is all you've got.

12 Memories - Travis
Watusi - The Wedding Present
Almost Here - The Unbelievable Truth
Welcome To The Monkey House - The Dandy Warhols
2003 Glastonbury set(from BBC broadcast) - Super Furry Animals
and of course...
The Essential Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash

Exhibit A of why I hate the post office:

This is the 4th magazine in the last 2 weeks that has arrived at my house in this kind of shape.
But I digress...
> Boston Red Sizzle
> The WUSA, aka the US Women's pro soccer league, is folding after three seasons. This announcement comes 5 days before the Women's World Cup is set to begin.
> Hey Chris Wallace, will you take Vin Baker with you? Oh yeah, don't let the door hit you on the way out of the office.
> Do you live in Brooklyn? Do you have $250 million lying around? Do you want to buy the NJ Nets?
> Mike Kahn gives out some grades on his NBA Summer Review.
> NBA season preview for the Cleveland LeBron's.
> Time magazine on The Man In Black. [link via Chromewaves]
> Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, to release a new EP "available via paid downloads from leading online retailers". Sweet.
> Coolfer blows off some steam for the 2nd straight day. hehehe.
> The MTA gets off it's overpaid, lazy ass and will allow trains to use the Manhattan Bridge which is awesome news for us Brooklynites. [link via Gothamist]
> The British are torturing David Blaine by buzzing him with a radio controlled helicopter with a hamburger attached to it. Hot. [link via Stereogum]
> Apple Expo is going down in Paris as we speak(type/read/whatever) and Apple has a bunch of new products. Included are new Powerbooks in 12-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch as well as a wireless mouse and keyboard that uses Bluetooth. Apple Rulez.
> Here some irony for you. The RIAA subpoenaed contact info for all the people that they sued for downloading music but they have an unlisted telephone number!! found it, and called them. Hilarious. If that wasn't enough, then he called Apple to see why his PC wouldn't run iTunes. Genius. [link via Boing Boing]
> Stealth Disco.
> And last but certainly not least, it's TMQB.

That's it for now. I have to go watch Bulls @ Celtics, Game 2 of the 1986 1st Round NBA playoffs at 4 PM. I believe this is the game where Jordan scores 63 but still loses. Good times.
Remember, tell everybody waitin' for Superman, that they should try to hold on the best they can.

I'm too stressed out to rant about anything today. My funds are low, last weeks unemployment check never arrived....Ugh. I need a fucking job.

> cost of war dot com
> Ever check out information clearing house dot info? Lots of coverage of Bush and Cheney's media manipulation. Eye Opening.
> Hey, when did Bush put himself on the face of the $200 bill?
> Pitchfork on the new Big Boi single "The Way You Move".
> Here's a recap of the Chucky P reading at Columbia U. yesterday. I was too lazy and couldn't be arsed to head all the way up there. And I have no more books for him to sign.
> Nick Cave on The Man In Black. Cash's private funeral was held today.
> Peter King's MMQB.
> Apple's Windoze based iTunes Music Store debuting in October?

Ugh. That's all for now.
Remember, I would like to change back now. To the shadow of, shadow of my former self. It follows me around. It follows me around.

I had a distinctly New York experience last night on my way to the Royale (with Cheese) Club to see/hear DJ Redboy spin and it was completely awesome.
While Coolfer and I were on our way to the club, we rounded the corner of 1st Street onto 5th Ave. and saw a huge crowd on the sidewalk that spilled out into the street making this huge comotion. Usually when i see a big crowd like that, I'll cross the street and continue on my way, but we went a bit closer to see what was going on, and I'm glad we did.
Basically, what we were seeing was about 40 people watching the "Sugar" Shane Mosely v. Oscar De La Hoya fight and having a grand old time. Someone had run their cable out the window of their 2nd floor apartment and put their TV on a fold up card table and everyone was gathered around watching. The bodega next door was open and people were going inside and buying beers in between rounds. Cars were double parked in the street, people that were biking by stopped to see what was going on...It was really cool. There was some guy asking all the new people stopping by if they wanted to bet on the fight. "What you got? $400? $500? Wanna Bet? Wanna Bet?" No one took him up on was, after all, the middle of the 10th round. Anyways we watched 2 rounds and then continued on to the club. It was some shit you won't see anywhere else. I only wish I had my digicam with me.
> Blogger has done away with thier premium service and will be free to everyone now with some additions to their service. BUT. STILL. NO. FEEDBACK. CAPABILITES. I found one service that was accepting new people but they aren't compatible with Apple's Safari web browser, so no joy.
> Hey, you know with all these RIAA lawsuits going around, did anyone think of asking the artists what their thoughts on the matter were? After all, isn't that who the RIAA are supposed to be "protecting"? Or is it the big money major labels? I did read somewhere that all the money made from these lawsuits will be used for more lawsuits but can't confirm it with a link.
> God forbid me for typing this, but Moby has some really good ideas about what the labels should do to change the industry for the better.
> Are you going to be sued next? Find out here.
> Boston Red Fizzle.
> Jay Williams wants to play in the 2004 - 2005 season. Get at me dawg!
> Former alcoholic (and member of the starting 5 on my Favorite-Basketball-Players-of-All-Time) Chris Mullin talks about recovering alcoholic Vin Baker. Good stuff.
> Holla Atcha Boi! The Celtics will have 20 people in training camp even though they already have 14 players under contract. One of the 20 invitees? Rusty LaRue. I can honestly say that Rusty is my dawg. We grew up across the street from each other in Kernersville, NC. I got whupped on his backyard basketball court many times during my youth. Rusty went to college at Wake Forest and helped Tim Duncan win 2 ACC championships there. He also was the QB for the football team, helping them win the Independence Bowl and even pitched for the baseball team. During his junior year he became the first athlete since 1952 and only the second in ACC history to play football, basketball, and baseball in the same year. Check his full bio here. Anyways, he tried his hand at pro basketball after school and caught on with the Bulls. He was the guy at the end of the bench that was always on IR (even though he was healthy) when the Bulls won it all in 1998. Don't front though, he won a ring and guarded MJ in practice every day. He's bounced around the league ever since and didn't play last year so here's hoping he can keep living the dream this year. Last time I saw him was 2 years ago in the pre-season when the Jazz came to NYC. He dropped like 16 on Charlie Ward. It was sweet.
> Speaking of the Utah Jazz, they signed Jason Terry to an offer sheet.
> The Sports Guy on college dorm life.
> Knicks to trade for Nick Van Exel? Can you tell I'm dying for basketball season yet?
> Great. Just what I wanted to hear.
> NME on The Man In Black. Here's a transcript of his recent appearence on Larry King.
> Stop! Or I'll say Stop again!
> Uh Oh. The Beatles are suing Apple for trademark infringement. And they'll probably win.
> TMQB in his alter ego non sports gig waxes poetic on the greed of the 9/11 families that are lawsuit happy. A great read.

I just saw both new Outkast videos back to back on MTV. Yes you read that right. MTV played 2 videos in a row. Anyways, Andre 3000's video was awesome. It's kinda a take on Nirvana's "In Bloom" video except they don't tear down the studio and Andre plays the parts of each of his band members. It's sweet. The "Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture" part is fucking priceless. Big Boi's song is great as well. It's not that much different than Andre's, except he raps in it. Both songs are very Earth, Wind and Fire. And that is absolutely a good thing.
Remember, I get home in the evening and I ain't got nothing to say, I come home in the morning feeling the same way. You can't start a fire, can't start a fire without a spark. This gun's for hire, even if we're just dancing in the dark.
Someone has to get me an MP3 of Ted Leo doing this song!!

One of these people wrote Fight Club, one of them writes a crappy little blog.

Could I be any less photogenic? I mean, I'm only getting my picture taken with my favorite fucking author (Bukowski is dead...).
Honestly, Chuck was just what I needed today. I was seriously depressed by Johnny Cash's passing. He was my dawg. Quite a few people contacted me today to make sure I heard the news. I did. I did.
But it was just awesome to see Chuck. He has this energy that is just contagious.
I arrived a B & N Union Square around 5:30, about 15 minutes before Chuck. Chuck ALWAYS shows up early to get the book signing underway. He's good like that. I took a seat in the 4th row and we were the last ones called up for the pre-gig signing. I now have 3 more signed 1st edition's. HOT.
Last time I went to see Chuck, I turned into that guy at the gas station in Beyonce's Pepsi commercial when he started signing my book. Completing a sentence was way beyond my capabilities. I was much better this year. I chose to tell him about my conversation with Amy Hempel in which she gushed mucho props his way and he returned the favor to me (he later named Amy his favorite author during the Q & A part of the night) and I could tell he was excited he turned me on to her work. HOT.
Chuck has been reading this short story entitled Guts during the Diary tour and it's been making quite an impression. Prior to tonights' reading of the story, 21 people during the tour had passed out while he read it. 2 more people bit the dust tonight bringing his total to 23 for the tour. And I'll be the first to say Guts is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. It's a three part short story that gets progressively worse. Part 1 deals with a peeled carrott, some Vaseline and an anus, Part 2 with some wax, a penis and masturbation and Part 3 with a pool, the water pump and a large intestine. Truly sickening. Some guy in the row in front of me taped the whole thing so maybe it will be available on video soon. Playboy bought the print version so we'll all have an excuse to pick up an issue in the near future. "I bought it for the ARTICLES dammit!"
Anyway, it was a great night. I learned some weird things about Chuck:
1) Both his grandparents died last year and he paid for their tombstones(the first his family has ever had) with the money from Fight Club.
2) Apparently, his agent is Edward Hibbert who appears occasionally on Frasier. I'm still trying to get confirmation about this, but Hibbert was in the house tonight.
For more Chuck P pics, go here.

As for me, I went to the Virgin Megastore afterwards and bought the Golden Retriever CD Single and the Phantom Power DVD. Then I travelled back to Brooklyn, bought some booze and turned up my iTunes very loud.

I am now sufficiently drunk and will listen to a little Phantom Power in 5.1 surround sound.
A truly memorable Friday night.

Remember, I might be wrong.

Fuck. This ruins everything.
I am so depressed right now.

Story from CNN.
Johnny, I will drink heavily in your honor tonight big guy.
You will be missed. Say hello to June for all of us.

Hurt Video

BBC - Country legend Cash dies

AJC - Johnny Cash dead at 71

MSNBC - Country legend Johnny Cash dies

Ananova UK - Music legend Cash is dead

NY Times - Johnny Cash, Country Music's Bare-Bones Realist, Dies at 71

Billboard - Country Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies

We'll Meet Again (Charles/Parker)
appears on American IV: The Man Comes Around

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when,
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day.
Keep smilin' thro just like you always do
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away.
So will you please say hello to the folks that I know;
Tell them I won't be long.
They'll be happy to know that as you saw me go
I was singing this song.
We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when,
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day.

More later....

Yo, tonight, it is ON!

9/12/2003 - 7 pm
Barnes & Noble
33 E. 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

Survivor + Spike Jonze = My Wet Dream


They were both awesome tonight.
Ted played "Dancing In The Dark".

Wow...If you search Google or Yahoo! for "9-11-01 Pics" my crappy, completed in like 2 hours website is #3 in the rankings!! Hotness. Currently my webpage is over it's bandwidth limit, but should be back up soon so you can see it. Now if I can just get all those people to come over here when they are done....
Nick Catchdubs has a great entry today, be sure and read it.
Looking back on everything let me say that first and foremost, I am so happy that Molly, Kitty and I moved out to Brooklyn. It's 100% better than downtown Manhattan was in the days after 9/11. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Everything. And we have a backyard now so kitty can watch birds and squirells all day.
Thinking back about my day on 9/11 I am still amazed at how calm I was throughout the whole thing.
I'm very glad to still be here today and I think I made it through everything relatively unscathed. I saw some things that will go to the grave with me, but there was much worse that I missed and I am thankful for that. I really wish I was blogging back then. I wrote journal entries in my notebook, maybe I will transcribe them here someday.
I ended up losing my old job the following February because of lingering 9/11 issues (my boss was livid at me for not going to work on the 12th even though we had no telephone service and I had no idea if my apartment had been ransacked or destroyed). Shit happens. Life goes on.
PS - I'm unemployed again and looking for work, help a brother out, won't ya?
But I digress...
> A fitting story for this day. Vin Baker has admitted he is an alcoholic. While not going as far as recanting all the venom I spewed his way last year, I have to see this as an encouraging step. Professional athletes as a whole are not wont to step up and admit to their shortcomings or face their demons in public. For this, Vin is to be commended. 10 and 6 is all we need this year buddy. Cheers.
> In other "Hellz Yeah" news for the Celtics, Tony Battie's knee seems to be recovering just fine.
> Can Duke freshman Luol Deng pull a Carmelo Anthony and lead his team to a title in his first collegiate campaign? [click on Andy Katz's column on the right]
> Is this a legitimate story or is Kim Clijsters a sore loser?
> Sometimes, it's the little things in life. Today I found out that Apple has pre-programmed schedules for the Celtics and the Blue Devils available to download for use with their iCal datebook software (free if you own a Mac running 10.2). Not only that, but they have tour dates for REM and Radiohead available too. Have I ever told you that Apple Rulez?
> On the fence about renewing .Mac? Go here for your answer.
> In the interest of fair time, more critical vulnerabilities revealed in Windows.
> Have I ever told you Rolling Stone fucking blows? Neither Johnny marr, nor John Squire made it onto their list of 100 Greatest Guitarists Ever. If I have to tell you what bands those guys were in, you're reading the wrong blog.
> The Super Furry Animals will be doing a live DJ set and meet and greet in Houston on Wednesday, September 24th at 6:30PM. Go to Cactus Music and Video on 2930 South Shepherd Drive and tell the band DJ Koldflow sent you.
> Johnny Fucking Cash released from the hospital. Only good news here today dammit!
> REM pay tribute to fallen comrade Warren Zevon in LA. Hindu Love Gods anyone?
> Billy Corgan = Jewel.

All right...I am in such a good mood today, I am going to give away some prizes to my faithful readers!
I have two copies of Love Songs for New York, a compilation CD with tracks from Moby, Andrew WK, Cornershop and more, which was released by the Village Voice to benefit the September 11th Fund. Both copies are brand new and still sealed.
To get them, just tell me what song the following lyrics came from as well as the artist that performs the song and the CD on which this track first appeared:

You want me? Fucking well come and find me.
I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches.

Email me your answers. The first two correct responses with all the info requested will get a copy mailed to their house. Good luck.

This is what information leafblower saw two years ago today.

Very much looking forward to the Ted Leo / Rebecca Gates gig tonight.

Has anyone else seen the rescue footage of the bear in the tree? In Missoula MT, some crazy bear got stuck in a tree so they shot it with a tranquilizer dart and it fell out of the tree onto a strategically placed trampoline, bounced once there and then did a total faceplant into the ground. Then some guy carries it like a sack of bricks and throws it into the back of a truck. Supposedly it is OK, but of course they are going to say that. PETA is gonna go nuts.

CBS 2 (NYC) has the footage in crappy REALPlayer in their VIDEO section. I'm scouring the interweb for glorious QuickTime footage. Check back soon.

Oh Shit! Yo, this Saturday, it's on in Park Slope!!

Whoa...Blogger has a new interface in it's post menu. Spellcheck? Hello! Where have you been for the last 4 months...
I really have a love / hate relationship with my mail carrier / postman. He brings me my unemployment checks every week so that I can eat and pay for broadband internet access, but he also rips and destroy's every magazine he delivers to me. Yesterday my new Macworld arrived with the back cover and last three pages ripped off of the magazine and stuffed into my mailbox. Today my ESPN Magazine's front cover is hopelessly shredded. Hey dawg, this is the pro football preview issue! Damn.
So the Evil Empire beat the Tizzle's 4 to 2 last night. The game was fun but not particularly exciting. The Yankees seemed determined to lose not matter how hard the Tizzle's tried, only to pull it out late. We left in the middle of the 8th inning, just gefore The Yankees scored 2 to put the game away. I mean, it's not like anyone there thought Detrizzle would actually win. The subway commute from the Bronx to Park Slope is hell so we wanted to get a jump on it. Besides, I couldn't afford any more $6.25 Bud Lights and $4.75 Hot Dawgs. Hideki Matsui made a great play in the 2nd inning that made Soprtcenter's Top 10 plays of the night. Check foto's from my fotolog for some visual stimulation.
Still, I was happy to find out that the Boston Red Sizzle's also got a W last night, and are winning 3-0 right now. Rock!
> This just in, Jessica Simpson is hot as hell and "dumb as a stick". The Post weighs in on MTV's newest hit show.
> Stereogum and Whatevs dot org have Britney's new photos from Rolling Stone. Funny how no one is reporting how Madonna Kobe'd Britney for that smooch. And by that I mean pay her off with diamonds for helping out the cause.
> Yo, Jack Bauer knows what's up. He's sporting an Apple G5 in the preview for season 3 of 24.
> Snapple is now "The Official Drink of NYC" or something like that.
> The 12 year old settled with the RIAA for $2,000.
> Hey, did ya hear the one about how former UNC golden boy Joe Forte is a punk ass bitch and is getting cut by the Seattle Supersonics, perhaps ending his brief NBA career? It's very sad. Almost as sad as the Celtics drafting him instead of Tony Parker.
> Are the Pixies going to reunite? I am surprisingly on the fence about this idea. What if they suck? I like them and all but what the world needs now is a Smiths reunion. I know it's gonna happen someday.
> Someone named Dizzee Rascal won the Mercury Music Prize. I personally lost respect for that award when Parachutes beat out XTRMNTR for a nomination a few years back. It was then that I realized that there is no such thing as justice.
> Pitchfork has a lovely review of Waves, the forthcoming Ride compilation.

That's all for now folks.
Remember, sister luck is calling out someone else's name. What a shame.

I'm out to see the Evil Empire v. The Detrizzle Tizzle's. Look for me on Channel 2.

Here is this week's TMQB Column. Hey, before I forget, thanks for reminding me the Dolphins have lost their last three games by a field goal in the game's waning seconds. Cheers.

Wanna comment on my RIAA story? I uploaded it at Lay it on me. I entitled the piece
The RIAA = Zack from Paradise Hotel

Today’s topic du jour seems to be the RIAA’s new tactic of suing people that download music from the internet. Of the 261 that are in the current crop of suits, everyone involved had apparently uploaded more than 1000 songs to the internet. Thus, it seems, people that strictly download songs are safe from the RIAA’s (misguided) wrath as their plan is to attack those who are responsible for making those songs available online. Among those under duress from the RIAA are a 12 year old NYC student whose mother said paid $29.99 for Kazzaa and a 71 year old grandfather whose computer was taken over by his grandkids and used for this “illegal” activity. Is the internet free or not?

So….a few questions:
1) Who exactly is getting sued here? The person that holds/pays for the ISP account being used or the person doing the act of downloading? Are both at fault?
2) What if a guest uses your computer to upload / download music without your knowledge? Who is at fault?
3) How do the record companies initiating the lawsuit know that the user that downloaded these songs didn’t erase them after listening to them a few times?
4) Do the 1,000 songs in question include live tracks or remixes that are not available to consumers commercially?
5) Is there really that much difference between downloading songs from the internet, burning a CD for a friend, or recording songs off the radio or webcast?
6) Aren’t the bootleggers hawking $5 burned copies of the latest titles down on Canal Street more of a threat to the RIAA and the artists they protect? Why are they allowed to sell these CD’s on the street with the police department’s full knowledge? Wouldn’t it be better PR for the RIAA to go after these real criminals?

The RIAA’s problem (along with the labels) has continually been that they think they can snuff out filesharing with bullying and scare tactics rather than embracing it and working together to come up with a model that can be universally compatible and yet profitable for labels (and hopefully artists as well). More than one record label has spent millions on Napster but yet they don’t have a new, legal, fee driven version available to the public yet. More importantly, why has it taken this long for the labels to put an alternative on the market? Apple’s iTunes Music Store sold its 10 millionth download this week. It’s a proven winner considering the minute market it is serving. Out of all Apple users (which currently make up 2.7% of the computer market), only those with OSX are able to use the iTunes Music Store, which I’m guessing cuts that number in half.
If I am the record labels, I get to working on a PC version and get it on the market as soon as possible.
But again, this battle isn’t going away any time soon. Why has it taken this long for labels to lower their prices? That’s should have been their first reaction, not raising prices even more. $18 (or $19.79 + shipping for that matter) is too much for a CD when DVD’s and video games are just a few dollars more.
Why are they supporting Clear Channel, whose illegal monopoly and unfair business practices directly lead to domination of the countries radio and concert venues? When the last time you saw a video on MTV? They are too busy showing the Osbournes and the Real World reruns. Does it ever occur to anyone that maybe people want to hear new and different things on the radio and people are using filesharing for this purpose? Kazzaa, Grokster and their ilk ARE THE NEW RADIO. Except you don’t have the labels, their promotional money or radio’s lame PD’s and MD’s making the music choices. What you want to hear is entirely up to you.

> The album cover for the forthcoming Ride album/compilation.
> Hot Damn! New Super Furry single news. One of the b-sides will be Sanitizzzed, a track I heard them record when I hung out with them at Bearsville Studio while they recorded Rings Around The World. This song is Hot To Def. Tons of la la la's, an amazing chorus and a great opening stanza:
Superglue all the cash machines
Sew them up
Think it over

Consider it already added to my collection.
> Cameron Crowe to release the next Low offering on his own label, Vinyl Records.
> Ugh. So typical.
> In news that will suprise no one, Grant Hill is having ANOTHER ankle surgery. Damn G. I still feel ya. They had some old Dream Team 2 games on last week (Mark freakin' Price was on that team!) and it's easy to forget how nice G Hill was on the court.
> Larry Legend doesn't waste time in Indiana. Send Ron Artest as far away from Paul Pierce as possible please. Cheers.
> Will the US Open try and move the mens final to Monday night? Not if Everyone Loves Raymond and MNF has anything to say about it.
> Has anyone seen this yet? Does it suprise anyone that alot of money didn't go where it was allocated to, bypassing mostly small business owners?

More to come later today before I head to the Bronx to see my hated Yankees take on the Detrizzle Tizzle's. In honor of Whatevs dot org, i will root for the Yankees to win(even if it hurts the Red Sox) so that the Tizzle's can take another step toward the worst record in baseball history.
Remember, Gertrude Stein said that's enough.

Just announced!

Super Furry Animals
Live Free Acoustic Performance / In-Store
Thursday, September 18th at 6PM
Amoeba Music
1855 Haight Street * San Francisco

If there is no NYC in-store I am going to scream!

From Gawker:

Quoth the NY Times' Bob Morris. "You're a blogger? God, blogging is totally the new DJing."

Go and read this right now. The Sports Guy has regained his form. I laughed out loud at least five times while reading it. Highlights:

9:30: What country is this? How are you supposed to locate your Game Face at 9:30 in the morning?

11:10: Hench and I just spent the last five minutes wondering who has more of a noodle arm in center field: Bernie Williams or Johnny Damon (a k a, the Unfrozen Caveman Center Fielder).

11:14: With the score headed towards 21-0 on channel 709, Hench officially dubs the Pats game "The Abortion on 709." Sounds like a Lifetime movie.

12:38: Heading to the bathroom, Hench hisses, "In honor of the Red Sox bullpen, I'm going to take a leak."

After you read that, head over to Peter King's MMQB for more on Lawyer Milloy.

Why Is This Man Crying?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your 2003 Men's US Open Champion. Crying like a baby. Roddick beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in straight sets yesterday for the title after overcoming a 2 sets to love deficit the day before, including a saved match point, to David Nalbandian. Roddick will be ranked #2 in the world today, behind Ferrero who took over the top spot when he beat Andre Agassi on Saturday. Not to worry though, Agassi says he will be back next year.
While it is very easy to hate Roddick (you know, dating Mandy Moore, the trucker hat, and the shout outs he's been giving to the freakin' Dave Matthews Band all tournament long), and, like fellow American Andre Agassi, he most certainly did receive the most favorable rain delay match scheduling possible, there is no doubt that he played the best tennis in this tournament and deserved the title. Yesterday Ferrero looked as flat as Agassi did on Saturday.
Agassi has to wonder what might have been for another year. Maybe it's not a bad thing that Agassi lost in the semi's. Had he won the tournament, he might have decided to retire, much like his contemporary Pete Sampras. Still, the future of men's tennis is here and a changing of the guard is not a bad thing. With Roddick, Roger Federer and Fererro, the men's game is in fine shape.

> Apple announces new iMacs with speeds of up to 1.25 Mhz and USB 2.0. Also, there are new 20 GB and 40 GB ipods.. They are all available for purchase at the Apple Store.
> More on Robert Parish and his entrance into the Hall of Fame. I know football season is already here, but I can't wait for NBA training camps to open later this month.
> The Red Sox nation has to be excited right now. They rocked Roger Clemons on Saturday, and even though they lost yesterday, the Yankees are feeling the heat. With 3 weeks in the season to go, this should be fun to watch.
> Will they or won't they? ATL's finest, Outkast (aka "The Two Dope Boys In A Cadillac") have a new double album, Speakerboxxx: The Love Below, coming out on Sept. 23rd. Many of the things being said now are similar to the whisperings about the group before they dropped their classic album Aquemini. You know, "What's up with Andre? Is he in a cult? Is he gay? Is he on drugs?". I hope this isn't their final record together but we'll have to see how it plays out. Andre 3000's track "Hey Ya" was in heavy rotation on my iPod this weekend. It has a great line in it: "If what we say is "Nothing is forever" then what makes love the exception?" Go on and marinate on that for a minute.
> the NY Times magazine had a great article on the creators of the brilliant brit-com Coupling, which airs on BBC America on these shores. It's like Friends, except they've all slept with each other and talk about sex constantly. NBC is devloping the show for it's "Must See TV" line up on Thursday and the network has pinned it's post-Friends future on the show. Let's hope it's not another Men Behaving Badly. Here is a random quote generator from the British show.

That's all for now folks.
Remember, what is forgiveness? Just a dream? What is forgiveness? Everything.

information leafblower's reading list for 2003 (so far):

Factotum - by Charles Bukowski
Septuagenarian Stew: Stories and Poems - by Charles Bukowski
What Matters Most... - by Charles Bukowski
War All The Time: Poems, 1981-1984 - by Charles Bukowski
Hey Nostradamus! : A Novel - by Douglas Coupland
All Families Are Psychotic- by Douglas Coupland
Americana - by Don Delillo
Reasons to Live: Stories - by Amy Hempel
Tumble Home: A Novella And Short Stories - By Amy Hempel
Speaking With the Angel - by Nick Hornby (Editor)
Jesus' Son - by Denis Johnson
You Cannot Be Serious - by by John McEnroe & James Kaplan
The Restraint of Beasts - by Magnus Mills
Diary - By Chuck Palahniuk
Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon - By Chuck Palahniuk
Paul Weller: My Ever Changing Moods by John Reed
Reefer Madness - by Eric Schlosser
Porno - by Irvine Welsh
Nothing...except My Genius - by Oscar Wilde

information leafblower reread the following books this year:

Microserfs - by Douglas Coupland
Life After God - by Douglas Coupland
Invisible Monsters - By Chuck Palahniuk
Survivor - By Chuck Palahniuk

Blogger has been acting weird today (couldn't log in this morning at all) so much of the following post is a bit dated but I wanted to post it anyway:

> Robert Parish, aka The Chief, joins the Larry Legend and Kevin McHale in the Hall of Fame. My favorite Tarheel (did I really just type that?), Big Game James Worthy, joins him there. Respect to them both.
> The Red Sox are coming on strong as Pedro finally gets a W against the Evil Empire. Could this be Joe Torre's last stand?
> The men's semi's are set at the US Open. Agassi v. Ferrero and Roddick v. Nalbandian. information leafblower predicts either Agassi or Roddick will lose.
> In the "Where The Hell Did This Come From" category, Time magazine professes their love for Spoon The Rock Band.
> Guess what? Great White are charging a bigger fee to play charity gigs for the Rhode Island fire victims families than they stood to make at that fatefull gig. Unreal.
> In non-sucky band news, Primal Scream ready a greatest hits set and the Electric Soft Parade announce a UK tour to support their upcoming disc.
> Holy shit! These t-shirts are dopeness personified! Order them here but get in line after me!
> Wondering how Universal's new CD price structure affects artist's royalties? Of course you were. What does it mean for Indies?
> The new Travis single "Re-Offender" is pretty dope. I bought it from the iTunes Music Store for 99 cents. All singles should be available like this.
> Catchdubs went to a pimpin' Nike shindig.
> Yo, I know we're friends and all that shit, but you really need to work on your dance fundamentals. Cool? [link from Redboy]

Oh my god! I just shat myself!

Hot off the presses from

Chuck got a phone call from director Spike Jonze two weeks ago about a possible adaptation of, what Chuck thinks, may turn out to be his second novel, Survivor.

Not to mention, film website DarkHorizons posted something today about the Invisible Monsters film adaptation getting ready to shoot principal photography in November!


Dammit, Younes just lost the 1st set. This Nalbandian guy is good.

I need your help! Can anyone out there recommend a FREE comment/talkback system for my blog? Haloscan and backBlog aren't accepting new people. I feel so unwanted!

Man...I went out to the USTA Center today to try (again) to get tickets for today's matches, and apparantly everyone in Manhattan ready my post last night and tried to do the same thing. The crowd out there was NUTS. There must have been 3,500 people in line to trade in their rainout tickets. I went from the Ticket windows, through the parking lot and back up to the boardwalk that leads you to the subways. Add in another couple hundred people like me just trying to pick up a ticket and get inside and that makes for a huuuuge market for a short supply of tickets. I tried for about an hour and a half to score a single ducat but it became apparent quickly that the $100 I was able to scrounge up wasn't gonna get me in the gate. Honestly, this isn't such a bad thing as I will now be able to eat next week.
Stayed up way too late again last night (two nights in row! Lookout!) but it was worth it as we threw a surprise shinding for Anna to celebrate her BDay. We bought a ton of stuff from one of Anna's favorite food joints, Leo's Latticini (aka Mama's). Let me tell you, if you are going to the USTA site or Shea Stadium, you would be wise to drop by Leo's and pick up a sandwich beforehand. They had some of the best Mozzarella I've ever tasted. OK, Shameless plug done.
So we had that and followed up with cake and Champagne (which, in my house, is always pronounced Champagna in tribute to Christopher Walken's brilliant reoccuring SNL skit, The Continental)

Anyways it was alot of fun and I am slightly hungover (two days in row! Lookout!) but what else is new, right? Glad you asked...
> Represent! The Sports Guy gets off of his lazy ass and writes a TWO PART preview for the upcoming NFL season and it based entirely around Top Gun! Hilarity ensues. Part one and two. A sample for you:
Did you ever play the "How Much Would You Pay?" Game? Like, what's the maximum amount you would pay for a copy of "Madden 2004?" Or, how much would you pay to know for sure who killed JFK? Or, what's the most you would pay to see Zack from "Paradise Hotel" get punched in the face?
> In case you were wondering, Agassi cruised today, Ferrero was killing Hewitt, but not as bad as Roddick was beating up on Schalken. I'm just biding my time until Younes gets on the court. He plays David Nalbandian, the guy who took out #2 seed Roger Federer. Again.
> Michael Jordan turns down the new NBA franchise in Charlotte.
> Would you rather see Jake Gyllenhaal as Bruce Wayne or Jessica Simpson as Sue Storm? How about both?
> The MorningNews has a chat with the original information leafblower, Douglas Coupland.
> Lance Armtrong's wife is now back on the market. In other news, Cycling news is filed under the category of "More Sports" at
> Here's a review of REM at the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle, as well as some thoughts on the new Radiohead single and b-sides.
> I'm too out of it to rant about how late the CD price cutting is, but I will definitely rant about it in the future.

Have a great weekend folks. I hope to have my Diary book report done sometime this weekend.
Remember, children by the million sing for Alex Chilton when he comes 'round.

Today / tonight was Anna's birthday!! Although now that it's past midnight and it's officially over, we are still here drinking in honor of it.

The US Open finally got some tennis in today.
Quoth Smokey:

Carlos Moya,


This is my dawg, Younes El Aynaoui aka The Morocan Rocket.

Younes beat the # 7 seeded Moya in four sets earlier tonight. Just like information leafblower predicted a few days ago.

Agassi, Roddick and El Aynoui are playing in tomorrow's day session.
I'm going to go and try and scam a ticket.
Wish me luck.

I'm drunk.

Here is a mix I made last night:


Lit Up / Lush / Split
Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars) / R.E.M. / Dead Letter Office
Falling / Matthew Sweet / Altered Beast
Re-Offender / Travis / Re-Offender(Single)
Ribcage / Elbow / A Cast of Thousands
Hey Ya (Radio Mix) / Outkast / Hey Ya CD Single
The Truth Is No Words / The Music / The Music
Street Carp / Deftones / White Pony
Never Here / Elastica / Elastica
On The Way To The Club / Blur / Think Tank
The Dope / The Dandy Warhols / Welcome To The Monkey House
This Time Around / Luna / Bewitched
Fearless / Pink Floyd / Meddle
Hannah & Gabi / The Lemonheads / It's A Shame About Ray
Dreams Burn Down / Ride / Nowhere
Valency / Spinanes / Strand
Judy Is A Punk / The Ramones / The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack
From Red To Blue / Billy Bragg / William Bloke
Slow Life / Super Furry Animals / Phantom Power

Whew...went out tonight and had a few....
Just saw Junior Senior on Conan.
They are a real BAND. Like a grown up, bald and fat Hanson.
Who knew?
Not me.

Yo, check out this discussion on about my "interesting response" to that stupid iTunes thingy.

PS - Red Sox = 3 games back. Go team, go.

Being unemployed and all, I have been watching way too much TV lately. I pay the big bucks for alot of channels, youknowwhatImean? Unfortunately, I have discovered that TV programming in general really sucks. Take Sunday night for example. Around Midnight, I had flipped on the just finishing E True Hollywood Story of Anna Kournikova (what exactly has she done to be famous, other than being hot and dating the Moley-Moley-Moley guy?). MTV was in the middle of 2 straight hours (4 episodes) of Doggy Fizzle Televizzle. Over on M2 (you know, where "It's All About The Music" or whatever their stupid, untrue slogan is) they too are showing an episode of Doggy Fizzle Televizzle followed by Snoop Dogg To The Extreme. Meanwhile VH1 has just started Driven: Anna Kournikova. Exactly who is programming these three channels? Are they asleep at the wheel?
What happened to Behind The Music? Did the labels get sick of paying all that money for their bands to be featured? Does anyone remember the Oasis:Behind The Music? They should have called it Oasis:Please Buy Our New Lame Ass Record So Noel Can Buy Another House.
Remember when MTV (an M2 and VH1 for that matter) actually played videos? I mean hours of just random videos, not videos as parts of lame ass shows like All Things Rock, Chart2Chart, Latest & Greatest and shit like that. Fucking lame. When I got DirecTV, I was pumped to get M2 as I thought I would get to actually see videos again. Little did I know that M2 is now what MTV was 5 years ago, before they started showing Road Rules and Real World 24 hours a day. Here's to M3.
In less grumpy news, I am really digging the new Dandy Warhols record Welcome To The Monkey House . It took a few listens but it has grown on me just like all their previous records have. We Used To Be Friends, The Dope, You Were The Last High and Heavenly are all standout tracks. The album is a keeper & definitely worth a listen.
> The rain is totally fucking up the schedule at the US Open. Andre Agassi got lucky last night as Taylor Dent was forced to retire before the start of the 4th set and just before the rain started back up. Although Agassi won, he was clearly not in top form but was able to pull through. This bodes well for him. I look at tennis majors in the same light as the NCAA Bball Tournament (aka The Blue Devil Invitational). You have to win 6 or 7 games(matches in this case) to win it all and you are bound to have one bad game(match) in there somewhere. If you can overcome this opponent and advance, you will be better because of it. In 2001 Duke played their worst 20 minutes of basketball all year in the first half of their Final Four game against Maryland, being down by as much as 18 points at one time. But they pulled it out in the 2nd half and went on to beat Arizona in the final(thank you Mike Dunleavy). This match might turn out to be the same thing for Agassi. *fingers crossed*
> In other tennis news, you would be surpirsed at the number of fathers on the mens tour compared to the number of mothers on the womens tour.
> Manilus, NY native Greg Paulus, who some are calling the next Bobby Hurley(and yes, they mean that as a compliment), has declared he will be a Blue Devil starting in 2005. Go to to hell Carolina. You too Notre Dame.
> Check out this audio interview with Chuck Palahniuk by Bill Richardson in crappy RealPlayer format. Also, check out some of Chuck's non-fiction writing. He has a collection of it coming out next year.
> The Shortlist Prize nominee list gets shorter as finalists are announced. information leafblower would vote for The Streets, but would guess that either Interpol or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will win. But Spoon actually deserves it.
> I am not making this up. Mike Piazza (yes, the Mets catcher) leaked a new Guns n' Roses track on the radio last Friday. I guess Axl is trying to gauge public interest after his tour went downin flames.
> This is not good at all. Not in any way, shape or form.
> Serena Williams, how they, uh...I mean, how you doin? [link from Whatevs]

That's all for now folks. We went over 1,000 hits today. I will have a drink in everyone's honor tonight.
Remember, All of the rumours keeping me grounded, I never said, I never said they were completely unfounded.

TMQB on NYSE chairman Dick Grasso, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Spidey's webshooters. Oh, and predictions for each and every NFL team in haiku form. Hotness.

I'm back! Did ya miss me? Will you at least tell me you missed me so that I feel important? Oh wait, 75 or Less already did that for me. It's hard to distill the genius of the Super Furries into 75 words or less but I think I did a respectable job. Keep your eye out for more reviews by yours truly in the future.
I didn't make it to the US Open on Thursday night. It was sold out. I've been to the Open the past 3 years and always buy my tickets at the venue(fuck you Tickemaster) and I've never had a problem before. So I missed Agassi. I was devastated, but drank my sorrows away at the Astoria Beer Garden which I had never been to before, even though I lived in Astoria for 3 years. It was soooo money, we had a good time.
We got home late, but I caught parts of the VMA rebroadcast at like midnight and let me just say that if Madonna really wanted to shock everyone, she should have kissed Missy Elliott. That shit was totally lame and not sexy at all. And I thought Madge was singing her Gap Ad, I didn't know that song was on her record. I was a bit confused at that.
Metallica are just a fucking joke. I never thought they would make Axl and the Gunners' permormance from last year look professional. Guto from the Super Furries put it best(although we were talking about Oasis at the time) when he sad that rich musicians make rich musician's music. That's what Metallica sounds like to me now(and I'm not even a fan). That song(not the preceding medley of old covers) they did was a joke right? Was it a cover?
How was everyone's holiday? Mine included some laid back action upstate at Lake George with my better's half's mom and some other relatives. Exciting, no? We drove back late Saturday night and saw some CRAZY SHIT on our way back. First, somewhere on I-87, around 90 miles outside of the city, there was a car on the side of the road ON FIRE. And by that I mean it was consumed in flames just sitting on the side of the road. I fully expected Jay-Z and Beyonce to pop out from some hidden place and get their "Crazy In Love" on. It was soooooo weird. At first I slowed down so I could get a good look at it, but then I thought to myself "What the fuck are you doing? Speed up before that thing blows up!!" and hightailed it on down the road. It was insane.
Secondly, after crossing the GW bridge and while making our way over to the FDR, there was a white Maxima that apparently couldn't make up it's mind whether to turn off to an exit or stay on the road because it rammed into the guard rail in between the two. We must have missed that by like 5 minutes. The cops weren't even there yet.
And lastly, and perhaps most disturbingly, on Adams Street directly off of the Brooklyn Bridge we witnessed a group of 5 or 6 guys totally beating the shit out of some big dude with sticks and things like that. I mean they pounded the guy. Molly got out her cell phone and dialed 911 but just as she did, the cops rolled up. Wow.
They say bad things happen in three's, right?
Not wanting to push our luck, we went home, parked, unloaded our shit, went inside and locked the doors.
I spent Sunday watching tennis on and off throughout the day. Younes El Aynaoui won the match of the tournament so far by beating 10th seed Jiri Novak 7-6, 5-7, 3-6, 6-3, 7-6. CBS just showed the 5th set tiebreak but it was awesome tennis. You could tell these guy had been going toe to toe for a while. Hopefully with all the rain they will replay that match and give us a break from that fucking Connors v. Krickstein match from 7 or 8 years ago.
I became an El Aynaoui fan a few months ago after I read an article in ESPN the Magazine (can't find the damn link) about his story. He wanted to train at the Bolleteri Acadamy in Florida but couldn't afford it so he took a job as ballboy/janitor/bus driver and still worked on his game in his spare time. He's 32 now and it's paying off. He currently ranked #21 in the world. It's hard not to pull for someone like that. He's playing Carlos Moya next and Moya better fucking recognize.
Yesterday, by my best estimation, I watched roughly 14 hours of the 24 hours of 24(the TV Show) marathon(2nd season). I had never seen that show before. It was DOPE.
> Yo, remember when Anna Kournikova was known for her game? Someone does.
> Peter May on the ongoing Larry Bird / Isiah Thomas / J Oneal saga. Rick Carlisle could be hired as early as today.
> This situation is screaming for a wise ass(no pun intended) comment but it's really not funny. Steeler's linebacker Joey Porter was shot in the ass on Sunday morning at a sports bar in Denver. Porter was just minding his own business and may have been an innocent bystander in some gang related activity through no fault of his own. The Steelers may have to redesign their defense because of this.
> Was Manny Ramirez fraternizing with the enemy this weekend?
>Another response to that stupid Itunes Music Store protest thingy. Coolfer chimes in as well.
> Radiohead and REM share the stage in Vancouver. information leafblower is jealous of those in attendance. Lucky bastards.
> Johnny Fucking Cash hospitalized again but he will be OK. Yo, he got ROBBED at the VMA's.
> Paul Weller, aka the Modfather, does a London instore. And plays old stuff by The Jam. information leafblower is jealous of those in attendance. Lucky bastards.
> Hellz yeah! The new Ride album of BBC Sessions will be released in the US. Hot Damn! I just like typing "new Ride album."
> Sofia Coppola, how you doin? The champagne that bears her name is great BTW.
> More Chucky P love, this time from the NY Times. And Chuck got so pissed at, he wrote to them personally. I think he took it too easy on them. Rip them a new one Chuck!!
> A great articile on the Brooklyn Bridge and all the swaying it was doing when everyone walked over it during the blackout.
> The headline for this article says it all: No Outage for Bush, Utilities' Cash-Transmission Lines Work Great.
> Our friends Fiona and James are getting married in little under a year. Woo Hoo!

Cheers all.
Remember, summer's almost gone. Yeah, almost gone. Where will we be when summer's gone?