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Ever sit back and take stock of your life? I mean really go back and try and figure out where it all began? You might be saying to yourself, “No, not really…” but remember, I’m currently unemployed, so work with me. I have a lot of time on my hands.
So I ask you…was 1995 the best year EVER for music?
After some not so thorough research(the interweb didn't really seem to take off until 1996, most archives only go back that far), I am ready to declare that it was. However, If you hated Brit-pop then you will probably answer with a firm “No”, but in my estimation it gave us 3 of the greatest records ever recorded by someone other than The Beatles. Those being:
The Verve's A Northern Soul, Radiohead's The Bends, and Oasis' (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?
Many other seminal bands put out (in my opinion) their best ever work that year, like PJ Harvey, Luna, Ben Harper, Bjork, Pulp, Method Man and Pavement. We even got a "new" Beatles album!

When I went through my CD collection and pulled these CD’s out, I was amazed by
1) How many of these CD’s I still listen to on a regular basis
2) How many times I had listened to some of these discs, it's completely unhealthy
3) How these CD’s have really shaped my musical tastes, even to this day

The list is impressive:

RadioheadThe Bends
The VerveA Northern Soul
Oasis - (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?
Paul WellerStanley Road
The Stone Roses - The Complete Stone Roses
PulpDifferent Class
StereolabRefried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2]
PJ HarveyTo Bring You My Love
MorrisseySouthpaw Grammar
The Charlatans (UK) – self titled
BlurThe Great Escape
Elastica – self titled
Various ArtistsHelp (War Child Charity)
Beatles – Anthology 1
Tricky - Maxinquaye
SupergrassI Should Coco
Teenage FanclubGrand Prix
Super Furry Animals - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwl [EP] / Moog Droog [EP]
ProdigyMusic For The Jilted Generation
Massive AttackMassive Attack v. Mad Professor
Ben HarperFight For Your Mind
Guided By VoicesAlien Lanes
The Dandy Warhols – self titled
The Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Metallic
PavementWowee Zowee
Archers Of LoafVee Vee
The Beastie BoysRoot Down EP
Noise AddictMeet The Real You
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Garbage - Garbage
Method Man - Tical
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Links

Did I leave anything out? If so, comment below.


I read this earlier today and I kept thinking:

Sir leads the troops
Jealous of youth
Same old suit since 1962

Literally....Tonight's guests on Late Night with Conan O'Brien are none other than Quentin Tarantino and Chuck Palahniuk. Please, please, please let them talk about a film project together in the green room.
Sorry for the late notice but don't forget it repeats tomorrow on Comedy Central (7 PM EST I Think It's 6 PM).
Set those TiVo's right now!
In other news, I rented Jackie Brown again last night and while I no longer think it's a big pile of flaming poop, it's still really boring and too long.

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5132.jpgHmmmm.....The Red Sox today placed Manny Ramirez on irrevocable waivers, (due to his dookie haricut. Yo, you make good money, go to a barber my friend) which basically means every other team in the league has a chance to claim Manny and his .325 batting average, 37 homers and 104 RBI. All that team will have to do is take on the $95 million in base salary that is owed Ramirez over the next 5 years. At that price even the Yankees would be hesitant to pick up Manny, who has gone on the record saying he would like to play in the Bronx.
This may seem like a strange move from Sox GM Theo Epstein, but he's obviously taking a page out of Danny Ainge's book. Yes, Ramirez is one of the top 10 hitters in the game but he makes too much money, is a headcase, doesn't play the field particularly well and most importantly DOESN"T RUN HARD AROUND THE BASEPATH! The Sox could add 3 All-Star calibre players for $95 million. So look at this as a Fatoine Walker type of situation. Tha being said, if no one takes him, Manny will be back in Fenway next year. I wonder how that will play out in the clubhouse.
In other, more pleasant news from Boston area sports teams, the C's rolled over the listless Heat last night. PP had his typical all-around game, but left for a short period in the 3rd due to cramping. Vin Baker was the man with 15 points and an all around solid effort. He got a much deserved standing O when he left the game with 1 minute remaining. Cheers! The C's play Memphis on Friday and New Orleans on Saturday. PS - The Nets lost. Ha!
- Nigel Godrich to helm the boards for the next Beta Band LP. Awesome.
- Paul Weller does a Mandy Moore.
- Eric Bachman, former lead singer of the greatest band ever in the history of recorded music, The Archers Of Loaf, takes his new incarnation Crooked Fingers out on the road in November with Azure Ray.
- Here's the new Spider-man 2 movie poster. I don't understand why it's "Spider-man" and not "Spiderman".
- Thank you Gothamist for pointing out this awesome picture from Low Culture. Is any blog out there blowing up more than Low Culture right now? Maybe and of course Whatevs, but that's about it.
- Speaking of Uncle Grambo, he follows up my piece yesterday about the MS worker getting fired for something he posted on his blog with this piece from the Seattle Post- Intelligencer.

More later today as I am awaiting the next NBA preview installment from The Sports Guy.
**UPDATE** And here it is

And the radio says...This is a low, but it won't hurt you.

I have a million things going on today (as seems to be the case all around the blogging universe) so it will be short and sweet. I guess everyone is out trying to get a Halloween costume. Not me, I'm sorted. Hey, if you have a Cubs hat lying around, you could always go as Steve Bartman.
- The Celtics open their season tonight against an injured Miami Heat team that lost to Philly last night. Rookie Dwyane Wade dropped 18 on the Sixers but is suffering from a hip pointer, and it took Lamar Odom exactly 8 minutes to sprain his ankle. Still, the C's will look to Paul Pierce for leadership and for Vin Baker to keep up his great play from the pre-season. Their new and improved bench will help as will the team's new attitude.
- Since BOA bought Fleet, does this mean the name of the Fleet Center will be changing?
- Messageboards are ablaze with tales that the Shaq v. Kobe fued is a ploy to get people talking about what's happening ON the court as opposed to Kobe's tribulations OFF it. Others claiming to be "in the know" are saying Kobe's interview with Jim Gray is a ploy to get traded to the Sacto Kings for Vlade, Peja and a #1 pick. Supposedly the GM's are talking about it right now. Yeah, and the Celtics did a bad job of getting equal value for Fatoine.
- Will the Red Sox regret firing Grady Little? My vote for the new manager goes to Bobby Valentine.
- Just recently started reading on a daily basis and am very impressed with their content. Good stuff. Specifically this post.
- I also enjoyed the Strokes album review over at Low Culture.
- Did you hear the one about the Microsoft employee getting fired because he took a picture of an Apple G5 delivery on the MS campus and posted it on his blog? Everyone out there that's, you know, actually holding down a gig right now (unlike yours truly) should be careful.
- Please God let this nugget declaring the John Cusack has signed on for a part in Watchmen be true. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you're not an old comic geek like myself.
- Would anyone be so kind as to take the Elliott Smith tribute from KCRW and make it into an MP3 and email it to me? My Mac can't open it. grumblegrumblegrumble
- I am soooooooo hooked on The Velvet Teen right now. Go here and download Naked Girl. It's been on repeat in my iTunes for a few days now.
- Not sure if I posted The Sports Guy's ode to ESPN Classic, but it's a good read as his the first part of his NBA Season Preview. Glad I got mine on the servers yesterday so my puny article can run for cover when The Sports Guy easily throws out gems like:
Portland Trailblazers:
Why spend all the money on "Playmakers" when they could have just gotten the real thing?

along with

Los Angeles Clippers
After a Clippers practice last February, Jimmy Kimmel's show filmed a bit where Quentin Richardson rated his teammates' cars. Searching for participants, we approached Andre Miller, who was untying his sneakers at the time. After we explained how the piece was called "The Cars of the LA Clippers," Miller scowled and said, "Man, I ain't doin' sh*t for the Clippers!" Then he stormed off.
I mention that story for three reasons. One, it was one of the highlights of my year. If I could go back and make "Man, I ain't doin' sh*t for the Clippers!" my high school yearbook quote, I would.

Part 2 tomorrow and 3 on Friday.

Cheers all.

Summer always goes so quick. Rarely stopping like my thoughts, which dip and spin and change so fast I have to wonder, Will I last?

Praise the Basketball Gods! The NBA season is finally here to make us forget all about the Red Fizzle and the Evil Empire. information leafblower is extremely pumped for the season to tip off tonight, even though the Celtics don’t play until tomorrow night. I need to do something with all this energy so, taking a page from Uncle Grambo’s book, I bring you the First Annual information leafblower 50 Words Or Less NBA Basketball Preview*! (Can someone email me and tell me how to do the trademark symbol up in this piece, thanks.)
*All team previews will be 50 words or less, except for the Boston Celtics which will of course, get a few paragraphs
Boston Celtics: Has a team ever traded an All-Star (especially a “veteran All-Star”, anyone remember that comment from 2 years ago?) one week before the season began? If so, I can’t recall it. images-2.jpgMost pundits are ready to declare the season a lost cause for the boys from Beantown, but don’t sleep. Paul Pierce will step up and challenge for the title of Best Player In The Eastern Conference. Don’t be surprised to see him average 7 assists and 8 rebounds this year as the offense will flow through him. Vin Baker goes from rehab to starting PF, and he is looking good so far. Just ask Alonzo Mourning, Vin put his nuts in Zo’s face last week when he dunked all over him. Raef LaFrentz is the third best center in the East just by putting his uniform on. Let’s face it, as much as Antoine Walker helped this team, he hurt it in other ways. Gone are his 38% shooting and 500+ 3-point attempts. Raef LaFrentz shoots 51% from the field and would average 6 more points than Walker did last year on the same shots.
Miami castoff Mike James is holding down PG duties until rookie Marcus Banks is ready, and it won’t take long. Third year swingman Kedrick Brown is poised for a Richard Jeffereson type season. Along with Jumaine Jones, the C’s can expect big things from their swingman position. The bench looks strong with former starters Eric Williams and Tony Battie as well as new addition Jiri Welsh.
Danny Ainge is a genius and is putting his stamp on the team at a very fast pace. Since taking over this past summer, he has brought in 8 new players.
I predict at least 44 wins for the C’s and a playoff spot. With 2 first round picks next year and around $10 million in future cap space, the future looks bright in Beantown.

Atlanta Hawks: Traded a 20 point per game scorer in Glenn Robinson for the injured Terrell Brandon, who promptly retired and will come off their salary cap. Enough said.

Cleveland Cavaliers: How many GM’s regret passing on former Dukie Carlos Boozer now? 10 PPG and 7 RPG last year. Oh yeah, they picked up some high school kid from Ohio that’s supposed to be a player. He should help, but still no playoff birth for them.

Chicago Bulls: This might be the year the Baby Bulls break out and make it to the second season, but only if Jalen Rose learns to share. Must improve on their horrible road record from last year. 3 wins away from the Windy City doesn’t get it done.

Detroit Pistons: Still can’t understand how they win so many games. A true team if there ever was one. Can Rip Hamilton stay healthy enough to make the next step? New coach Larry Brown expects big things from Tayshaun Prince. #2 overall pick Darko Milicic is still a year or two away.

Indiana Pacers: Larry Bird rightfully fired Isiah Thomas and brought in buddy Rick Carlisle as head coach. There will be a fight for playing time between Bender, Croshere and Harrington, but note that Croshere is a Carlisle fave. Not convinced that PG Jamaal Tinsley can lead them to the promised land.

Miami Heat: Can players recover from Pat Riley stepping down as head coach just 4 days ago? Butler and Odom were both visibly upset that Riles left them hanging. Can a team win consistently with 3 shooting guards, one small forward and one power forward on the court at all times?

Milwaukee Bucks: Franchise was almost sold in the off-season and team is still reeling from the Allen for Payton trade. Cupboard isn’t bare with Redd, Mason and new PG Ford but they are years away. Will Tim Thomas and Joe Smith ever live up to their potential? Joe Pryzbilla anyone?

New Jersey Nets: Have to begrudgingly admit this is the best team in the East. However, Zo is half the man he used to be. No lift will make rebounds hard for him. Should have spent free agent money on outside shooter to help teams anemic half court offense in the playoffs.

New Orleans Hornets: Star players Davis and Mashburn are just too brittle to take this talented team to the promised land. Injuries catch up with them every post season. Fired Paul Silas (franchise’s winningest coach ever) to hire Tim Floyd (worst winning % in NBA history). Suckers.

New York Knicks: Traded fan favorite Latrell Spreewell for Keith Van Horn in the off season. Team is stocked with undersized forwards (7 at last count). No PG to speak of. Injuries have left Dice a shell of his former All-Star self. Why does GM Scott Layden still have a job?

Orlando Magic: Spent free agent money to bring in Juwan Howard, who plays same position as young stud Drew Gooden. Why? Helped Celtics on draft night by selecting Reece Gaines instead of Marcus Banks. Cheers. When will press lay off KG and realize that McGrady has never led Magic to 2nd round?

Philadelphia 76ers: Could be surprise of East if Iverson shares the ball like he did for the US National team this summer. But could also implode if he doesn’t. Glenn Robinson was brought in to help with the scoring load but gives up as many points as he scores.

Toronto Raptors: Vince is healthy and looking like Dr. Funk again. Will he last the entire season? Rookie Chris Bosh will be counted on heavily. Antonio Davis wants out but has a huge contract. Will former Celtic draft bust Moiso finally shine north of the border? New coach O’Neil will help.

Washington Wizards: Great move in off season by losing MJ and hiring Eddie Jordan as coach. Signed Gilbert Arenas as FA. Is Stackhouse done because of weird knee injury? Decent team but very young. New motion offense should help young’uns but team goes nowhere until former #1 Kwame Brown becomes a player.

PLAYOFF TEAMS: NJ, Detroit, Orlando, New Orleans, Boston, Philly, Indiana and Chicago


Dallas Mavericks: Traded Van Exel and LaFrentz for Jamison and Fatoine. Loaded at positions 1 – 4 but still no help on the boards. How does the Big 3 react to the new additions? For all the credit Nellie gets for being a great, unorthodox coach, he hasn’t won shit.

Denver Nuggets: Going to be awful again this year but future is bright. Carmelo already in position to win Rookie Of The Year. New PG Miller will help him immeasurably. Young big men need to get game up to snuff before real improvement can be made.

Golden State Warriors: Boneheaded front office decisions continue to haunt this team. Good youg core with Richardson, Murphy and Dunleavy. They traded Jamison so former Dukie Dunleavy can get the PT, will he step up? Will have veteran bench to help them out. Lost too much talent to go anywhere in the West.

Houston Rockets: Former Knicks coach Van Gundy trying to bring his style of play to Houston. Will Stevie Franchise surrender his shots to Yao Ming? Eddie Griffen’s trouble with the law couldn’t have come at a worse time for the team. Whoever plays D will get the PT.

LA Clippers: Owner Sterling finally spends some cash to keep players and will likely have little to show for it. Former Dukie’s Brand and Maggette will have to carry the team. Expect a big year from Maggette. No PG to speak of. Draft picks from last year need to get some PT.

LA Lakers: 4 Hall of Fame players on team but Kobe and Shaq are already arguing over whose team it is. Not a good sign. Kobe’s rape case will hang over the team all season like a bad cloud. Run for cover if they get off to a slow start.

Memphis Grizzlies: Grizz starting to show some signs of life. Deep team. If Gasol can continue to play like he did at the Euro Championships, look out. Will Swift finally live up to his billing? Don’t forget, they have 2 former Dukies – Battier and Jones. Could be playoff bound.

Minnesota T’wolves: Added 3 new starters in Cassell, Spreewell and Olawakandi, but Cassell and Spree are too old and Kandi is already hurt. Will Wally pout over fewer touches? Team is obviously improved from last year but still 5th best team in the West. Primed for a meltdown.

Phoenix Suns: Great young nucleus with Starbury, Amare and Marion. Which Joe Johnson shows up in regular season (4 PPG in playoffs or 16 PPG in preseason)? Are Penny and Googs still shadows of their former All Star selves? Will new draft picks get any PT? Could probably win the East.

Portland Trailblazers: Jailblazers vowed changes but only got rid of their good citizens. Zach Randolph’s inspired play moves Rasheed to the 3 spot where he can shoot 3 pointers all day. 21 year streak of making the playoffs in serious jeopardy. Time to blow it up and start over?

Sacramento Kings: Best starting 5 in the L. Best 6th man in Jackson. Lost depth in Turkoglu and Pollard but added “All-Star” Brad Miller. Team MUST stay healthy, specifically Divac and Webber (both already hurt). Gerald Wallace will be a spark off the bench. All-Star year from Peja if healthy.

San Antonio Spurs: Has an NBA Champion ever improved as much in the off season as the Spurs did? Lost old man Robinson, but added Nesterovic, Turkoglu and Mercer. Tony Parker plays like a seasoned vet and ate J Kidd alive in the playoffs last year. Ginobli should be much improved if healthy.

Seattle Supersonics: Their 2 first round picks from last year are already hurt, as is superstar Ray Allen. Great jump shooting team but no inside presence even though they pay James, Potapenko and Booth a combined $15 million. Going to be a long season in Seattle.

PLAYOFF TEAMS: Sacto, San Antonio, LA Lakers, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Minnesota

This time change thing has really screwed me up today. My internal clock is all out of wack. The 47 beers I drank last night probably aren't helping either.
Last night Molly Wizzle, Anna Jess and I went to Williamsburg to meet up with some friends and go see The Velvet Teen perform at Northsix. We started drinking early (for me), around 7 PM, but took a short break for some yummy sushi and one very large bottle of saki at Planet Thai, because everyone knows if you are planning to drink 47 beers while you're out and about, you need to eat some sushi first.
Anyways, after dinner we made the short trek from the restaurant to the venue and while we are milling about outside, I take a look at the schedule of bands that will be performing that night and guess who is at the top of the list (completely unbeknownst to me)?
Ted fucking Leo! Rock!
A quick aside before I go on; do yourself a favor and take a second to click on the link to Ted's site, hit the Click To Enter button there and scroll down to the October 22nd entry in the News section. He has a very, very cool Elliott Smith story that I thought was touching and definitely worth sharing with everyone.
Ok, back to the recap...
All of my faithful readers out there know that information leafblower loves me some Ted Leo. So not only is he playing directly after The Velvet Teen but the VT show is FREE. Free is good.
As we were a tad early, we went next door to Galapagos and had some beers there. Around 9 PM, they had some wacky performance art thing called METAMORPHASHION which was totally insane. It was a Burt Bacharach-like band fronted by a 6 foot 3 tall blonde woman and two smaller asian women, but they all sang in French. It was very Austin Powers, I'll leave it at that.
After they took the stage, we fled back to Northsix and waited for the gig to start. While we were at the bar inside the venue, I ran into Nicole from Bling Kong (Yo, don't sleep on their Halloween gig), and some of the Super Furry Friends like H to the Izzo, G-Spot and K-Diddy.
At 11 PM, we ventured downstairs to see The Velvet Teen but of course they were running late. I don't know if any of you have been downstairs in Northsix, but it is tiny. Very tiny. It has enough space for maybe 50 people and it seemed like there were 150 packed in there. The band finally started playing around 11:40 and I stayed for a song or two but it was nearing midnight and that meant it was Ted Leo time, so I left everyone else and went upstairs.
The gig was "sold out" but many of the people with CMJ badges left so I got in. I had been buttering up the gals at the door all night about making it inside and I think they finally got sick of me and let me in so I would quit bothering them.
Live_Reviews2049a.jpgBut this is where it gets good. The person that walked in right before me was none other than the lovely and talented Rebecca Gates! I was apporaching three-sheets-to-the-wind status at this point in the night but I still went up and talked to her. She seemed a little shocked that I recognized her but we chatted for a few minutes. She told me about her upcoming tour and said she really enjoyed the month she and Ted spent on the road. I told her she really needed to put out a live record and she laughed and said that something like that was in the works. Awesome. I kept babbling on about what a big fan I was and then let her go on her way. She was supercool and extremely nice. Uncle Grambo can have Liz Phair, give me Rebecca Gates any day of the week!
Then Ted took the stage and rocked that shit. I swear he has different people in his backing band every time I see him, but it never really affects his performance. Strange that. I was worried that he would be playing alot of the covers on his new EP, but he mostly stuck to Hearts Of Oak material. The title track was particularly rocking and he came out and encored with a bouncy version of Ballad Of The Sin Eater, but sadly, no Dancing In The Dark. Oh well, maybe next time.
- This is what you get, this is what you get when you mess with us! Basketball season starts Tuesday. Finally!
- Did you know the Fatoine Walker trade has affected the marketing department just as much as the coaching staff. Seriously.
- Off On A Tangent got to go to the Nets game (which the C's won, of course). His friend Joshua wins the prize for best headline for the Fatoine Walker trade: Walker, Texas Ranger. Hot.
- Here's a recap of Duke's Blue and White exhibition game.
- Here is a full version of the interview with Thom Yoke where he was talking about iTunes.

My head still hurts so that is all for now.

If you think, if you think everything is cool,
can't you hear, can't you hear what the girl goes through?
Can you tell, can you tell me that it's not true?
Can you find, can you find Hearts Of Oak in you?

Ugh. Just spent 3 hours at Circuit City so they can tell me that the old radio for my Mercedes can't be re-installed because the ass clown that installed the current Alpine kit cut some wires that he wasn't supposed to or some shit like that. Don't they know I have some blogging to do? Oh well, I showed them. I went in and made information leafblower and Whatevs the homepage for all of their Windoze boxes.
The spirit of Tyler Durden compelled me to do it.
Let's dive in:
- Shocker! Pat Riley steps down as coach of the Miami Heat. Jeff Van Gundy's cuter brother(HA!) Stan will take over the coaching chores and Riles will stay on as Team President. The C's open with the Heat next week.
- This just in, Paul Pierce is the shiznit.
- 31 things to watch in the upcoming NBA season that have nothing to do with LeBron or Kobe (aka the pooty shoplifter).
- Hey Junior Seau, how do you recommend opposing defenses stop your former teammate, Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson? Junior: "You give him watermelon and load him up with fried chicken and tell him to keep eating." Do you think he'll even get fined for this? And TMQB gets fired for saying "Jews like money." Not saying what TMQB is right by any means, just trying to point out existing double standards.
- Get Rhythm! Keep your eyes out for the new Johnny Cash Box Set. It's gonna have 64 unreleased songs on it. Hot to def.
- Someone's been watching Willy Wonka.
- New Billy Bragg tour! And he's touring with...Tom Morello? WTF?
- Thom Yorke says " good".
- Yo, Foxy J over at The Blueprint is pretty fucking funny. She gave me the ultimate compliment yesterday:
I hit yer blog everyday for my fill of sports, if only so I can be a dilletante at the bar. Stop...I'm blushing.
- information leafblower also heartily endorses fellow Apple user and Celtic Fan Off On A Tangent.
- Mac OS X.3, aka Panther, is being released later today. The NY Times says don't sleep.
- No, I have not forgotten about Chucky P. Check him in the current issue of Blender. Be warned you'll have to buy a magazine that has that skank Pink on the cover.

There is a Craig Clevenger reading tonight in Brooklyn that I might attend. That's if the C's / Nets game and a six pack doesn't suck me in first.
Oh, almost forgot, Whatevs is the latest in a long line of deserving blogs to get some props in the Village Voice.
Sigh, Always a bridesmaid....
Here's hoping Grambo's head doesn't get too big. Yeah right, he's already posted it TWICE on his site. hehehehehehehehe :)

Where's your head at?

Here is The Guardians's Top 40 American Bands. Having Pink ranked ahead of Queens Of The Stone Age is a crime against humanity. Seriously. That being said, it's hard to argue with their Top 9.

It's on tonight! The Boston leafblowers v. The New Jersey Catchdubs.

More later today. I got my new Verizon cell phone, the Motorola T730. So far it seems to be OK. I'm digging the color screen. The battery life on this thing isn't supposed to be very good but so far so good for me. I wanted the V60i or V60c but Verizon has done away with those phones in favor of the V60p which has that push to talk crap (as well as more expensive service plans) that no one in their right mind would want. Like it's not easy enough for people to track you down wherever you are.
I chose the T730 for two reasons:
1) I can buy a USB cable and sync it to my iMac using iSync and therefor put my contacts and calender on my cell phone, negating my need for my Palm Pilot. That's the theory anyway.
2) I can download ringtones for my phone and be straight gully. Or is it crunk? I get confused on those two. So anyway, I went to the Verizon site and tried some of the ringtones out and I wanted everyone to vote on which one they think I should get. My choices:
Jay-Z / Big Pimpin'
elastica / Connection
Hot Hot Heat / Bandages
blur / Country House
Sean Paul / Get Busy
You can preview the ringtones with the links I have provided. Once you hear them you'll see that they all sound like they were recorded by Weird Al's back-up Polka band.
The Jay-Z one is obviously the coolest and sounds pretty good, but I figured that everyone will have that one. Although if I get it I can answer the phone by saying "Ch-ch-ch-ch-chyeah" like he does at the start of the song and I can do my little Jay-Z dance.
My brit-pop cred compels me to go with elastica or blur as they are also slammin' but I figure no one will recognize them.
The other ones are cool too but those three are in the early lead. They have some other wacky stuff available like one Doves track and three(!!!!) Billy Bragg tracks, but sadly none of them are A New England and they all generally sound like poop. T-Mobile has better phones and ringtones but with discounts I got this phone for $30 so the price is right for my unemployed ass.
I will leave it up to you faithfull readers to guide me in the right direction.


| |

As if today wasn't bad enough (see below) it seems TMQB has been fired from writing for ESPN's Page 2 website. WTF? Apparantly he made a remark on his personal blog that was taken to be anti-semetic. Is this a case of writing before thinking something through? One thing is for sure, the comments were very un-TMQB-like. Nonetheless, he is no longer listed as a contributing writer on ESPN's Page 2 site.
This is just wrong. Like Rush Limbaugh never said anything controversial on his radio show prior to be hired as a football analyst for ESPN TV. And don't even get me started on the flaming pile of poop that is Playmakers, or Stuart Scott saying one football team "pimp slapped" another while he was recapping the highlights on SportsCenter. Puh-leeze.
It is well known that TMQB is an information leafblower favorite, and yes TMQB often had diarrihea of the mouth and rambled on and on, but unlike Fatoine Walker, I was willing to look past his faults and appreciate the man for his strengths, namely his intelligence and cutting wit.
TMQB began as a column for Slate Magazine, so maybe it will move back there for future columns.
*fingers crossed*

At least there was some good news from Apple today. New iBooks and cheaper eMacs. Me likey.

Elliott Smith is dead. This is a sad day indeed.

From NME:


Singer-songwriter ELLIOTT SMITH has died - with suicide the suspected cause.
Fan websites and various radio stations claim that the singer passed away yesterday (October 21) at the age of 34.
MTV news reports that his body was discovered by a friend in his Los Angeles apartment. He had a single knife wound to the body.
Smith was then taken to Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center at approximately 12.18pm yesterday (October 21), where he was pronounced dead an hour later.
Born in 1969, Smith loved music from an early age. He released five albums, the most critically acclaimed in the mid-90s, titled ’Either/Or’ and ’XO’.
His most mainstream success however came when his song ’Miss Misery’ from the film Good Will Hunting’ was nominated for an Academy Award in 1997.
At the time of his death Smith was working on a new album, which had a working title of ’From A Basement On The Hill’, which was set for completion later this year.
A UK spokesperson for the singer is currently unable to confirm the reports. This story will be updated as more details emerge.

Thanks to Whatevs for being on top of the story as well.

The Fatoine Walker fallout continues, but make no mistake, the Walker era is over in Beantown.For some reason, everyone thinks the C's got played in this trade. Why, I have no idea. Don't get me wrong, at times, Fatoine could dominate a game, but he was usually a ball hog with a big head and inflated view of his value to the team that took bad shots and didn't make many of them. His stats have decreased across the board for the last 3 years. Funny how no one seems to mention that. Someone compared him to Jerry Stackhouse yesterday and I think that's on the money.
LaFrenz will do fine in Boston with old friend Paul Pierce and Welsh is gonna be a player. Mark it down. Danny Ainge knows what he is doing. We may have a small step back right now(I doubt it) but this move will pay off down the road. None of the C's younger players would develop properly as long as Antoine was dominating the ball. Now they can shine.
In the end, Bob Ryan makes the best case for doing the deal:
...there is no more oddball player that Antoine Walker, a 6-foot-8-inch guy with a questionable body who can make threes but who shoots too many of them; who can dribble like any guard you can name but can't really handle the ball properly; who has post-up moves but can't get them off against any good athlete; and who can make sensational passes but can't be trusted to make them at the proper moment. Wednesday night is the C's first game without Toine. It's Must-See-TV to say the least.
- Finally got Room On Fire last night thanks to Redboy. Seems like a grower upon the first few listens. I shall reserve judgement for now.
- Hey, I'm on Blogshares! So is that a good price or do I suck?
- As with most crazy ideas, the Simpsons thought of it first:
Homer: "I'm feelin' low, Apu. You got any of that beer that has candy floating in it, you know, Skittlebrau?"
Apu: "Such a product does not exist, sir! You must have dreamed it."
Homer: "Oh. Well then just gimme a six-pack and a couple of bags of Skittles."
And so with that, the Skittlebrau project was born. [link via FOW The Blueprint]
- Shatnerian comes through with a link that takes popular songs, say "Baby Got Back" for instance, translates them into Spanish and the translates them back into English. Hilarity Enuses.
- lays down some iTunes science. Well said. PS - iTunes for Windoze has been downloaded 1 million times over 3 1/2 days.
- The story behind The White Stripes video for The Hardest Button To Button. Cool video.
- For all of my Boston peeps, the history of The Pill.
- Speaking of Boston peeps, Peter Gammons says keep Grady Little. The Sports Guy counters after some time to reflect:

The ultimate Grady moment happened in the eighth inning of Game 7, when lefty Embree was pitching to switch-hitting Enrique Wilson (tie game, guy on second, two outs), and Grady brought in Mike Timlin, so Torre countered with Ruben Sierra ... so poor Grady had to walk Sierra, meaning he had a righty pitching against lefty Karim Garcia with two runners on instead of one. Unbelievable!

My favorite highlight of the last few days: Wells and Clemens pouring champagne on Babe Ruth's statue. Clemens should have been back in the locker room hugging everyone for saving his fat hick traitor ass. No, I'm not bitter.

You know, only the Yankees would exploit a beautiful, patriotic song like "God Bless America" and drag it out for six minutes so they could ice the opposing team's pitcher before the bottom of the seventh. No, I'm not bitter

One last note: I TiVO'd Game 7 from 5-to-8, then TiVo'd the Fox shows afterwards in case it went into extra innings. Well, what would have been a "Simpsons" episode in L.A. from 8:00-8:30 p.m. ended up showing the eighth inning -- starting with Jeter on second base, one out, and Williams at the plate against Pedro. And the entire Sox collapse ran in the place of this Simpsons episode.
The synopsis of the episode, according to TiVO? "Thinking he's dying, Homer assesses his life."
You couldn't make this stuff up

Any day that I can fit two Simpsons references into information leafblower is a good day in my book.
I'm off to buy a new cell phone. Cheers.
Remember, one awkward conversation can ruin my whole day, in the company of strangers with some vulgar shit to say.
I always seem to miss the point completely.
And here I am again.

1065001557_4948.jpgDanny Ainge must have been waiting for the Red Sox season to end before he turned the focus back onto Celtic Nation. Well, all eyes are on him now as he traded 3 time All Star Antoine Walker and Tony Delk to the Dallas Mavericks for Raef LaFrenz (a former teammate of Paul Pierce at Kansas), Euro-swingman Jiri Welsh, injury prone Chris Mills (included as salary cap fodder) and the Mavs #1 pick in next year's draft.
I had planned to spend an errand filled day out and about in the city but it loks like I'll be throwing my 2 cents around in all the Celtic messageboards all day instead.
No one is really sure who got the better end of this deal and both sets of fans are wondering why this deal actually went down. From the C's perspective, its' easy. 'Toine has already clashed with Ainge in the pre-season over the change in offensive philosophy being installed by Celtic coach Jim O'Brien, so he had to go. Buh-bye. Take your crappy 3 point percentage with you.
Many in Celtic Nation are rightfully upset about trading a 3 time All Star for a former top 3 pick that never seemed to pan out in the Western Conference. But don't fret:
'Locked in to 35 minutes a night at Walker's vacated power forward slot, and facing Eastern Conference frontcourts on a regular basis, LaFrentz could average 16-17 points and 3 blocks. If that still sounds modest, consider only four players -- Elton Brand, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal and Jermaine O'Neal -- averaged at least two blocks and 16 points last season."
These numbers were right around what LaFrenz averaged in his first three seasons with the Denver Nuggets before getting traded to the Mavericks in 2001.
Josh Ozersky from Hoopsworld is the first to weigh in.

Fuck football...I've spent most of the day trying to find / download the new albums by The Strokes, elbow and Athlete. I need me some new music. Coolfer gave me the 2 latest Grandaddy records on Friday night so I will have to peep them as well.
I stayed in and watched Saturday Night Live last night. Ho hum. Not much to speak of. The new Britney single is just plain awful. Ever heard of a hook? Hello? Can't wait for the beatdown Monday on Whatevs.
Speaking of Room On Fire, I was browsing the iTunes Music Store on Friday afternoon and found the album on their and previewed a few of the tracks. I found it hard to justify the purchase at the time so I held off on buying it. Then I went over to Whatevs and Grambo is all "better than the Beatles?" on The Strokes live show (the answer is obviously NO, but thanks for asking) but still, it convinced me to at least give the disc a try. So back to the iTunes Music Store I went and the album had disappeared. Damn! It was obviously up there by mistake. Oh well, p2p here I come.
jwill-20031018.jpg- Who is that stranger to our right? Nice to see him up and about. Midnight Madness got underway last Thursday night / Friday morning. The Cameron Crazies got their first look at super-frosh Luol Deng. UNC introduced new coach Roy Williams at their event and also had some skits and other weird things happening, including players dressed in drag. One skit featured a Coach K impersonator. Methinks the wine and cheese crowd at Chapel Hill is experiencing a little Durham envy.
- Rusty LaRue Watch: a blazing amount of burn last night but not much to show for it in the box score. 24 minutes(!!!), 2 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists. Good, but not great. His shot just wasn't falling. But still, the C's got the W.
- If you haven't seen the Electric Six's video for Gay Bar, now is your chance.
- I found some cool stuff online last night, including the Oasis fan site Born On A Different Cloud. It had some good articles from the recent special Oasis edition of Q Magazine including the stories behind all of their (proper) album covers:
Definitely Maybe
(What's The Story) Morning Glory
Be Here Now
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants
Heathen Chemistry
- My friend Chad has to be walking around with a big smile today. He manages the band Orange Park and today the NY Times did a huge article(with an even bigger picture) on lead singer Justin Moore. Front page of The City section (and the website too). Nice! If you are attending CMJ, they are playing Saturday at Luna Lounge. Buy their EP here.
- The NY Times also drops science on the new releases from The Strokes (an unprecidented three mentions today! What's wrong with me?) and The Rapture.
- PC World reports that a Microsft exec has ripped Apple for their iTunes Music Store for Windoze, saying it is too restrictive.
"...users of ITunes are limited to music from Apple's Music Store ... this is a drawback for Windows users, who expect choice in music services, choice in devices, and choice in music from a wide variety of music services to burn to a CD or put on a portable device. Lastly, if you use Apple's music store along with ITunes, you don't have the ability of using the over 40 different Windows Media-compatible portable music devices. When I'm paying for music, I want to know that I have choices today and in the future."
Funny, he fails to mention that anyone crazy enough to give their money to the new Napster or (god forbid) (aka gets crappy WMA downloads that can't be used on the world's #1 MP3 player. Think that's a little restrictive?
It's pretty easy to see that Apple wants to control the whole widget here. You use their software, their online store and their music player to ensure that everything works like it's supposed to and is as easy as possible for everyone to use. Microsoft will never understand "simple is better".

I am happy to report I did not watch one second of the World Series last night nor do I plan to tonight.
Remember, some might say that sunshine follows thunder. Go and tell it to the man that cannot shine.

Just got through watching Oliver Stone's JFK on Skinemax. Talk about eating up the whole afternoon. In order to give everyone a break from my seemingly monotnous sports postings, todays info will be sports-free. How's that for a deal?
- The Village Voice review the Suer Furry gig at Irving Plaza from a week or so ago. Usually I'm not much of a fan of the Voice and their music writers but they are always on point regarding the Super Furries. Thier review of Rings Around The World said the Furries were better than u2. Well, duh!
- REM are a bunch of big fat liars. [link via Whatevs]
- Peep the new covers for Radiohead's forthcoming single 2+2=5.
- Ted Leo has finally updated his website.
- Apple unveiled the iTunes Music Store for Windoze on Thursday along with some new iPod peripherals. Full coverage here.
- Pitchfork News drops science on the indie labels that are joining the iTunes Music Store.
- Here's a fun game. It's called Who Said What. You get a quote and have to choose if either Dubya or Ralph Wiggum said it. [link via Largeheartedboy]
- OK...has anyone else seen the ads for the new Bridegstone Blizzak tires? What the fuck kind of name is that? Have they been watching too much Doggy Fizzle Televizzle? Or maybe they've been reading too much Whatevs Dot Org ...I dunno. God help us if they've been peeping Uncle Grambo because if so, their next model will be called the Shmeriobvs or something like that! The izzle phenomenon continues. [article link via The Old Hag]
- David Blaine has two days left but he's suffering from heart palpatations. Tell the truth, you forgot he was in there. I did. He's gotta be careful when he comes out. His first meal could kill him. Seriously.
- The guy who made the album art for Blur's Think Tank sneaked a painting into London's Tate Museum of Art. Sweet. The Museum had no idea he did it until it fell off the wall later that day because the glue didn't hold.
- Found a new blog entitled God's Audio/Visual Aid that has a great Blur article up right now. Some other blogs I've discovered the weekend are:
Mac Mike - tech guy from the Freep
Mac p2p - your guide to all the Mac p2p services
Sweetness & Light - named after the Lush song?
Off On A Tangent

So...does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?
I don't know.

The Sports Guy should be commended for even being able to write this column after what happened last night. Highlights:

I can't say this strongly enough: I will spend the rest of my life wondering why Grady let Pedro wilt to death in the eighth inning.

. . . but when it comes right down to it, you don't want Grady Little managing your team in the "Biggest Non-World Series Game Of All-Time." I could give you about 150 Grady examples from the last two weeks -- including him breaking the major-league record for "Consecutive games with a failed hit-and-run that resulted in a double play" -- but that would be a waste of everyone's time. This man would hit on 19 at a blackjack table because "he had a feeling." That's all you need to know.

Anyway, my wife understands now. She only jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago, thanks to me. Now her Sox virginity has been taken; she was near tears last night. "I finally understand why you're so crazy about this team," she kept saying. "I can't imagine going through this for my entire life. This is horrible." Add another one to the list.

Now let us never speak of this wretched game again.

Ugh. Can't Sleep. I've been up for hours. Where to begin?
Lets just say if the BoSox v. Yankees were a made for TV movie, I would have changed the channel a long time ago because the ending was too predictable.
This just in, Grady Little is an idiot. The Sports Guy said it best in a past column:
Just an unbelievable run for Grady this week. He did everything but order the tiger to attack Roy.
I can't wait for The Sports Guy's next column but he was eerily on the mark when he wrote the following during the A's series:
It was excruciating to sit through. Managers can usually stink in one of two ways -- either you can look back at the game and second-guess them, or you can watch the game as it's happening and say, "My God, what the (bleep) is he doing?" Grady always errs towards the latter. It's uncanny. There's no rhyme or reason to anything with him. And yes, I'm venting, but it's my column and you'll have to bear with me. I just sat through a 162-game season and watched my manager screw everything up in five hours. Takes awhile to bounce back from that one.
Time to update that resume Grady, because you won't be coming back to Beantown. This loss had nothing to do with curses and everything to do with Grady turning into John McNamara. If Little had the nerve to take Pedro out with 2 outs to go in the 8th, then I wouldn't even be writing this post. Pedro pitched well, but wasn't exactly dominating and never should have been left out on the mound to face Matsui, much less Posada. Little had his entire pitching staff at his disposal but failed to use them when the time came. It's been 85 years...what's one more, right? Business as usual in the Northeast.
Memo to Fox TV Executives: I won't be watching one miserable second of the World Series this year. I'll be watching pre-season NBA games.
Bring on Paul Pierce!

Curses! The Sox have the Curse of the Bambino, the Cubs have The Goat Curse. Well, it reared it's ugly head last night, sending all of Chi-town into a deep funk they may never recover from.
Wait, what am I talking about? Like BoSox fans, they deal with this shit every year. Our turn is tonight. Yesterday's game was just over the top. I had to venture into the city for the Inteprol gig around the 7th inning and missed Trot Nixon's home run. Man that was a long subway ride in. I rushed to the bar on 32nd for some pre-gig drinks and when I walked in, it was completely silent. I tried to hide my big smile. I looked up at the scoreboard and sure enough, the Sox were up with 2 outs to go. As if you won't see this enough today, tonight is the Pedro v. Clemens rematch. Hey Pedro, I know you're a snot nosed punk, but just go out and get the W tonight, OK?
If only I had a dollar for every time ESPN said "The Florida Marlins have never lost a playoff series" or "The last time Boston was in a Game 7 situation in the ALCS, Roger Clemens pitched them into the World Series. Now he will be trying to do the same for the Yankees" last night then I would be about $20 richer and that would pay for beers tonight while I watch the action unfold. I am so hitting the bar tonight. It should be fun.
Quoth Eddie Izzard: Call me crazy but I think America is the favorite to win the World Series again this year. Ha!
So onto the music portion of last night, the Interpol gig at Hammerstein Ballroom. As I stated before, I am not a huge Interpol fan. I downloaded the record and liked it, but it's not exactly in high rotation in my iTunes. They put on a decent show last night but I think they are challenging Coldplay for the title of "Most Boring Live Act On The Planet" in a big bad way. The songs, though monotonous, are very good but the band has zero stage presence. It's obvious their record sales have outpaced the development of their live show. They played all the hits last night including the one with the "New York Mets" chorus, the one that says "she can't read, she can't read, she's black" and the one that says "look into my ass face", so that was fun. It also comforted me that the bass player is one of the few people on the planet with a haircut that is worse than mine. Still, it's great to see a band like Interpol having the success that they are having. There are many more successful bands out there that deserve it less, so cheers to them(Interpol, not the other bands). It did boggle my mind that they sold out Hammerstein Ballroom but what I really want to know is how in the hell are The Strokes going to sell out 2 nights at Madison Square Garden? Anyone remember when The Verve tried that? It didn't work and they had to do 2 nights at Hammerstein instead. So it goes, you come in on your own in this life and you know you leave on your own. But I digress...
- I fell really bad for the Bartman, especially after last night. He had to go into hiding yesterday and issued an apology for interfering with that fly ball. Don't even try and blame the Cubs loss on him. Shit happens. It's obvious he is a Cubs fan and wouldn't have dreampt of doing anything like that had he known the reprecussions. A very good article for everyone to read would be The Sports Guy absolving Bill Buckner of some of the blame for the '86 World Series collapse from the Sox. Speaking of which, here are Billy Buck's thoughts on Game 6. Dude played for the Cubs and the Sox so he knows the dilly.
- Here is the official police report from the Game 3 fight in the bullpen.
- Rusty LaRue watch: 12 minutes, 2 points, 2 assists and 1 steal in last night's loss to the Pistons. The C's and Rusty are in NJ on Friday night to face the Nets and I am debating on attending. However, the thought on traveling to Jersey on a Friday night is none to enticing. No offense Catchdubs.
- Daryl Strawberry's kid arrested for selling cocaine. This is a week or so old, but I can't believe no one picked this up. Immediate flashbacks to that mid '80's PSA where the kid yells at his dad "I learned it from you!" cannot be avoided.
- The Matrix Suzuki finally get around to owning up to using the "superproducer" team on their new record. Is there a term out there that's worse than "superproducer"? And why the fuck do the Matrix deserve to hold that title? I'll give you Timbo and the Neptunes, but the fucking Matrix? If you want to know who invented the term "superproducer" then go here. Billy Bubbles has all the skillz and has worked with a much broader range of artists than anyone else mentioned in this god forsaken paragraph.
- Whatevs already beat me to the story of what the hell ever happened to wacky Lauren Hill. Damn you! And for the record, I didn't feel the need to pump you up in the wake of The Modernage stepping down because I thought everyone would just naturally figure that out for themsleves. Play on playa!
- Is a Radiohead remix album in the works?
- Damn you downloaders! Universal Music will cut 11% of it's workforce in the very near future, including around 200 jobs in North America.
- Yo, that Staten Island ferry wreck yesterday was insane. Thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. If I may nitpick during this inopportune moment, can I just say that I am sick of the media comparing real life tragedies to the movies. Lame.

Looking forward to tonight.
Remember, Shake ya ass! But watch yourself.

Interpol @ Hammerstein Ballroom tonight. Not a big fan but a friend has one of those "Muppet Boxes" in the balcony so how can I turn that down?
- Red Sox Nation is in peril right now. Down 6-4 in the 6th inning. We're all waiting for Nomar to break out of his slump. Looks like we'll be waiting a long time. Still, it could be worse. You could be "that guy" from the Cubs game last night. Go here for his personal info. Gotta love the internet age. Or do ya?
- So the ACC has decided to invite Boston College to become a member so they can have their 12 teams for their stupid football championship game. And guess what, the Big East is not happy about it. This totally fucks up the ACC hoops schedule. Dicks.
- Can I get a What What!?! The C's came to their sense and cut Mateen Cleaves. Thank god! And in even better news, Rusty is still on the team (but will most likely be the last player cut) until Tony Delk gets back from an injury. That means one more paycheck for my dawg. Nice.
- TMQB waxes poetic about the Maroon Zone and contemplates a move to the Middle East because of their superior football watching options on TV.
- The NFL trade deadline passed without any movement. Raise your hand if you knoew their was a trade deadline in the NFL. Keep them up if you knew it was at the end of week 6. Thought so.
- It appears Anna K may have to retire due to "injuries". This will just leave more time for modeling. And perhaps breast implants? Just asking....
- AtEaseWeb has a new look. Me Likey. Check out Radiohead's set list from their second night at the Garden. They played Creep (ho hum) and Street Spirit (!!!!) but otherwise it looks like Thursday's set was better. Yay me! Fluxblog agrees with me. Here are some photos from Thursday that I did not take.
- Check out this unreleased photo session with Stephen Patrick Morrissey from 1997. Sweet. Did I ever tell you about the time I talked to Morrissey on the phone? I'm serious. I did. Oh, and here is a new blog I found called Oh Manchester, So Much To Answer For. Nice one.
- Do you hate Metallica as much as me? Good. Now go and piss off Lars by downloading ALL of their records in MP3 format. Hehehehehehe.
- Apple is gonna launch their Windoze version of the iTunes Music Store on Thursday. Hey, that's tomorrow! Woot! And in the nick of time, they have added "chunks" of the Matador catalog to their library. Now if they could only add the Creation Records catalog, that would be on point.
- Coolfer lists his CMJ picks. information leafblower ALWAYS boycotts CMJ. It's like going to an Irish pub on St. Patty's day.
- Tune in Tokyo! Is a 16 Candles sequel in the works? If nothing else, it allows me to mention Long Duk Dong. Sweet.

Funny enough, the following was prepared before I read the comments from the previous post.

Here is the October Playlist(or mixtape for those of you still in the 80's) entitled Period Revival, which was the original name of Chuck Palahniuk's latest effort, Diary:

Artist / Song / Album
Turin Breaks / Mind Over Money / The Optimist LP
The Electric Soft Parade / Sleep Alone / Holes In The Wall
Noise Addict / Away With The Pixies / Mixed Drink No. 2
Gorillaz / Rock Tha House / Gorillaz
Ed Harcourt / Watching The Sun Come Up / From Every Sphere
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists / My Vien Ilin / The Tyranny Of Distance
Big Boi / GhettoMusick / Speakerboxxx
Travis / The Beautiful Occupation / 12 Memories
Johnny Cash / Five Feet High And Rising / The Essential J. Cash
Luna / Season of the Witch / I Shot Andy Warhol Soundtrack
Teenage Fanclub / The Sun Shines From You(live) / SBN Session
Jay-Z / Big Pimpin' / MTV Unplugged
The Connells / Stone Cold Yesterday / One Simple Word
Underworld / Jumbo (Jedis Electro Dub Mix) / Q Mag Sampler
Pavement / Killing Moon / Major Leagues EP
The Verve / So Sister / Bitter Sweet Symphony (CD 2)
Billy Bragg / The Milkman Of Human Kindness / Back To Basics
Interpol / PDA / Turn on the Bright Lights

Currently I have 2679 songs in my iTunes Library, which adds up to 12.45 GB on my hard drive and 7.2 days of continuous music.

My top 15 artists and their corresponding number of songs are as follows:

Radiohead / 140
Super Furry Animals / 105
The Smiths / 86
Morrissey / 70
REM / 65
Pavement / 63
PJ Harvey /63
Blur / 54
Oasis / 54
Paul Weller / 54
The Beatles / 52
Spoon / 45
Johnny Cash / 43
Teenage Fanclub / 38
Billy Bragg / 36

Friends of information leafblower will note the juicy irony of fookin' Blur having the same number of songs in my library as the Battlin' Gallagher Brothers Circus.
Side note to Noel: If you guys don't tour this year, it will mark the first calendar year since 1996 that I have not seen your (increasingly shitty) band play live at least once. Dick.
PS - If you release a great record next year, all will be forgiven.

Remember, this is our new song, just like the latest one. A total waste of time. My Iron Lung.

What a weekend(and it's not even over yet). Friday was my last day at my temp job. It was hard to drag myself out of bed Friday morning after all the post-Radiohead revelry but I made it in to work and brought Krispy Kreme's for everyone. Needless to say, that was a big hit. Everyone was sad to see me go and the head of the department said that although there were no jobs available for me there at the present time, they might have enough work in a month or two that would necessitate them bringing on an extra person and if that occurred, I would be at the top of the list. That made me feel really good. After 12 days of working at the office, I really couldn't ask for more than that. It was nice to go to work and get things done and prove to myself that I can still TCB. When you're unemployed for a long period of time, it's easy to start doubting yourself. This gig erased all of my doubts. But still, come Monday, I'm unemployed again.
small649.jpgEven though I was dead tired Friday night, Molly Wizzle talked me into going to see Kill Bill Volume 1 aka "The Fourth Feature Film by Quentin Tarantino" over at BAM. I was sooooo glad that we did. I'm a huge Tarantino fan and was really scared that this film was gonna suck. Luckily, nothing could be further from the truth. Although the witty dialogue and pop culture commentary you come to expect in a Tarantino product are sorely lacking, the action makes up for it's absence. The fight sequences are all beautifully choreographed and are intensely fun to behold. In particular, the fight at The House of Blue Leaves is so over the top you won't believe your eyes. The way it is filmed is pure QT brilliance as he has the fight starting in color, switching to black and white at it's bloody peak, switching back to color in the blink of an eye(literally), having a side skirmish fought in the dark with a blue background providing light only for silhouettes and finally ending up in a snow covered field. Yes the film is incredibly gory and bloody but by taking it so far, Tarantino takes much of the shock value away. It has nods to both Reservior Dogs and Pulp Fiction as well as the ubiquitous trunk shot. Uma is great and Lucy Liu is cute beyond belief. Bottom line, this film is classic Tarantino. I'm going to rent Jackie Brown this week to see if it was indeed the big pile of flaming poo I remembered the movie to be or if I was blinded by disgust at QT for not making Pulp Fiction 2.
DSCN0289.JPGOn Saturday we took advantage of the great weather and had our second annual stoop sale to moderate success. We sat outside from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM trying to unload our junk and unwanteds on the unsuspecting public. Many of the people that you get at stoop sales are just plain weird. A lot of the older folks come by just to have someone to talk to. They start telling you stories about their youth and how some of your stuff reminds them of blah, blah, blah. Invariably none of these pople have any cash and wouldn't be buying anything even if they did. Oh well. Lots of people drive around the nieghborhood in their cars going up and down the streets and stopping at each yard sale. Others come up and ask you for very specific things:
"Do you have any old guitars or vinyl?"
"Do you have any books on religion?"
"Do you have any antique light fixtures?"
And so on....Molly went for the "sell all of your stuff at $2" route where I tried to sell my stuff for more but had more things unsold at the end of the day. My attitude was if I didn't get what I wanted for it that day, there was always eBay or Craigslist. Overall, we judged it as a success as we made aound $85 between the two of us. Not bad for a few hours work. And now our apartment has a few less items of junk in it. Salvation Army is now getting whatever we can't sell on line.
So as soon as that was done, we had to hurry and pack everything inside and get ready for the night's main event, namely seeing Eddie Izzard is Sexie. I will now segway into a segment I have decided to name - What Not To Do If You Want To Avoid A Hangover so follow closely:
sexie5.jpg- Do Not go out for a drink before dinner, around 5:30, and get some special martini/cosmo mixed drink.
- Do Not go eat Greek food at Snack and drink copious amounts of wine.
- Do Not go see Eddie Izzard and laugh almost continuously for 2 1/2 hours(You see, us Brits were confused by the whole 9/11 thing. What the bloody hell happened on November 9th?, etc.) and also consume one flute of champagne.
- Do Not go out for a drink afterwards and consume one pint of Stella.
- Do Not go out for "Second Dinner" around 12:30 AM and get Mexican food and consume one very strong margarita on the rocks, no salt.
And so on....
So due to my commitment to see Izzard, I pretty much missed the entire BoSox/Yankees game and what a doozy it turned out to be. I know these two teams don't really like each other, but last night took it to a whole new level. I only saw replays of the Pedro v. Zimmer fandango but this is what I can surmise:
Pedro definitely threw at Garcia or whoever that was. No doubt. He's done it before, he'll do it again.
Clemens ball at head height to Manny was the closest he could come to retaliating. He's done it before, he'll do it again.
Ramirez lost his shit for something that happens quite regularly in a baseball game. A high ball that was nowhere near his head. He was a bit out of line there.
And as far as Zim going after Pedro when the benches cleared. What exactly was Pedro supposed to do? Stand there and let a 72 year old codger take a swing at him? Bullshit. I think he handled it as well as he could while being in the line of fire.
As far as the skirmish in the Yankee bullpen during the ninth inning, I have no idea what happened there.
You might want to check out the NYC version of what happened or the Boston version of what happened.
One thing is for sure...I'll be tuning in to Game 4 tonight.

Have a great Sunday everyone.
Remember, I am the milkman of human kindness, I will leave an extra pint.

What is up with The Sports Guy? He's been cranking out columns over the last two weeks. This is obviously a good thing.
He returns today with some football picks and other gems including:
There aren't any bad parts of the job, other than the hours, Jimmy's shirts, and the fact that occasionally -- not often, but occasionally -- I can't devote 100 percent to a column because I get sidetracked by something on the show. This was one of those times. You're getting the Vince Carter effort this week, not the Paul Pierce effort. So I apologize.

Before we get to this week's picks, some leftover baseball thoughts:
* I moved to California last November ... now the Sox are three wins away from the World Series, I'm 3,000 miles away, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is my new governor.
* Read that last sentence again.

Here's what kind of day Monday was for me. Not only did I wager on the Sox to win the A's series when they were down 2-0 (plus-375 odds), but I had a three-way parlay going Monday night: The Red Sox to win, the Colts to win, and the over in the Indy-Tampa game. Pulled in 8-to-1 odds, thanks to Tampa's history-making collapse. We're immediately sending all videotape to the Alcoa Gambling Hall of Fame.

Extra points should be awarded this week for the Paul Pierce reference. Nice one.
Have a good weekend everyone. I'm going to see the "Fourth Film by Quentin Tarantino" tonight. I'm not usually one to go to see a movie on opening night(especially in NYC), but I'm throwing caution to the wind. I mean, c'mon, were talking about Tarantino here!

The Empire Strikes Back. Yeah, NO ONE saw that headline coming. I missed most of the game last night, only catching the first inning. I'm not too beat up about this loss. I think coming out of the Bronx with a split is all the Sox could ask for. Game 4 (Burkett v. Wells) is gonna be the biggie no matter what happens in Game 3. What are the chances of Clemens going down hard in Beantown again like he did in '99?
radiohead-msg-2.jpgYo, the Radiohead gig last night was just amazing. Off the heazy if you will. Not the best gig I've ever seen them do(that would have been at Irving Plaza the year they did the Tibetan Freedom Show in NYC and right before OK Computer came out. I walked out of the building on air that night), but it was awe-inspiring nonetheless. Thom was in a particularly good mood and was dancing up a storm throughout the gig. The set of songs they picked out was perfect. Sure Knives Out or Nude/Big Ideas would have been grand but I got everything else I wanted to hear from them. I Might Be Wrong is just plain nasty and currently moving up my list of favorite songs ever. My Iron Lung got the biggest cheer of the night (rightfully so) and the arena wide sing along for Karma Police was powerful. Thom did the "make funny to the camera" bit during You and Whose Army? to great effect and True Love Waits was stunningly beautiful. More than one audience member cried. They played my two faves at the very beginning, Sit Down. Stand Up and Where I End And You Begin, so I was a very happy camper. It is, however, unfortunate that Radiohead no longer exclusively belong to us geeks and people with bad haircuts. My estimate was that 1/3 of those in attendance had also seen Dave Matthews in the last 12 months but I guess things like this are out of my control. Let us celebrate that Radiohead are truly the best band in the world and they proved it again last night. Our seats were really bad but the view to the stage was OK and the binoculars I brought helped out a ton.
- Kobe's new shoe from Nike may be on hold. I also read somewhere else that Nike cannot release Kobe from his new $40 million endorsement deal unless he pleads guilty or is convicted. Nike is not happy about this and is adjusting the language in all future contracts to change this.
- Ghettopoly. Make 'em say UH!
- I'm not much into horror movies, but how exciting does this sound? [link from Scott Writes]
- Be sure to check out Whatevs Dot Org this afternoon for the Friday Afternoon Topic, including an entry from yours truly.

Check back later today as I'll be adding more stuff as I find it.
Remember, take the money and run, take the money and run, TAKE THE MONEY!

Ok….show of hands…how many people in Red Sox Nation thought Tim Wakefield would hold the Yankees scoreless in 6 innings and allow just 2 men on base in that amount of time? "Not I" said the information leafblower. What a game last night! I couldn't even watch the 8th and 9th inning.
The NY Post has some great headlines today:
This Sox! - front cover
Curses! - back cover
David 1, Goliath 0 - sports section (referencing David Ortiz' homer)
I also caught some pre-season NBA buzz from the Celtics/Pistons match. Vin Baker and Kedrick Brown looked good and my homey Rusty LaRue got some burn to the tune of 9 minutes, 4 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist.
Play on playa!
I'll miss most of Game 2 tonight as I am going to see Radiohead @ MSG, but I'm sure they'll have the game on somewhere in the building. Hey, are you a Radiohead hater too?
- Are new eMacs on the way? I want one in my stocking!
- More Smiths Buzz! Johnny Marr on the creation of the songs The Boy With The Thorn In His Side and Is It Really So Strange?
- Congratulations! You deserve it.
- Largehearted Boy gives us some live MP3 love with Ben Gibbard doing the Billy Bragg classic "St. Swithins Day"
- REM reveal their upcoming DVD tracklisting.
- I'm going to see this Saturday night and I think I'm more excited about it than I am about seeing Radiohead tonight. But only because I've seen Radiohead before and my seats are really shitty.

That's all I have time for now. I have a job until tomorrow and I should get back to it. Feel free to drop me a line about the new site in the brand spanking new comments section below. Cheers.
Remember, follow me, don't follow me, I've got my spies, I've got my Orange Crush.

bassman.jpgFormer Smiths bassist (and heroin junkie) Andy Rourke is using eBay to auction off a Yamaha bb2000 bass guitar that was "purchased in 1983 and put straight to work on all The Smiths records there-after", and is "featured in the gatefold cover of Hatful Of Hollow."
Bidding on the guitar is currently up to $2,400 with a little over a day and a half remaining on the auction. The winner will get the guitar, its' case and a letter from Rourke.

I'm playing around with the design of the site to see if I will drop my Blogger page and move my service over here. Let me know what you think about it. I am shooting for a minimalist type design but am having a hard time settling on something I like.

indextopbox10082003.jpgAnd I'm not talking about the one they found in that apartment in Harlem. Apple today announced that OSX 10.3, aka Panther, will be released on October 24th at 8 PM. Like it's predeccesor, it will be priced at $129. To celebrate the release, Apple will be holiding some special events at their retail stores as well as at other authroized resellers.
Personally, information leafblower is waiting for Xmas when he hopes to pick up a new eMac and will most likely upgrade my OS then.
Apple also today released updates for it's iCal and iSync programs. I'll be downloading those when i get home tonight.

Apparently Supergrass will be unable to open for Radiohead this Thursday and Friday at MSG. Thom Yorke and Co. have asked Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks to open instead. Crap. I have already heard the less than stellar "Pavement-lite" of the Jicks and was looking forward to some Richard III buzz from Gaz and Co. More here.

UPDATE - The band Low will be opening at MSG.

Classic column up today. I love the Sox being the the second season if only for the increased output of one of my favorite writers (and fellow Boston sports fan) out there.

Did Grady Little even watch Trot Nixon during the regular season?(Important note: This was also the inning when my buddy J-Bug -- sitting in the first row behind the Sox bullpen -- was kicked out of Fenway Park for heckling Ricardo Rincon in Spanish. The J-Bug is 100-percent Irish. You couldn't make this stuff up.)

That brings us to Game 5: Pedro against Zito, winner takes all. Vegas listed the Sox as a minus-170 favorite, strictly on the fact that Zito was A.) pitching on three days rest; B.) was out partying Friday night; and C.) looks enough like Eric Roberts that it makes everyone uncomfortable.

The game starts. Pedro and Zito start matching zeroes. Tensions rise, especially as we wonder if Gabe Kapler is available to pinch-run on Yom Kippur.

Grady decides to bring in a defensive replacement for his No. 3 hitter -- Damian Jackson for Todd Walker, which (as I mentioned last Friday) constitutes about a 15-percent upgrade at best. It's like watching "The Handler" instead of "Hack" on CBS ... you're not really making or breaking your Friday night either way

Also, here is this week's TMQB column. Great stuff as always. I'm about at the point where I skip all the games and just watch Primetime and read TMQB to stay up on the NFL.

This is what Googlism thinks of me:

information leafblower is jealous of those in attendance
information leafblower is on vacation through the weekend
information leafblower is dead tired right now
information leafblower is a tennis freak with great pics you won't see anywhere else

Wow. Last night when Scott Williamson walked the first two batters he faced in the 9th inning, I was all set to write about how the Baseball Gods were angry at the Red Sox because of Manny Ramirez walking the first eight steps to first base after his 6th inning home run, and were exacting revenge by causing them to lose the game via their shaky bullpen. But current starter and former closer Derek Lowe pulled it out and the Red Sox won, advancing to the ALCS to face the hated Evil Empire beginning tomorrow night. There was some noise about the A's being mad at Lowe for some supposedly obscene gestures he made right after striking out the last batter, but they should have been more pissed off at Ramirez and that stunt he pulled. Hell, I'm a Red Sizzle fan and I was fuming. That crap was just like school in the summer. No class.
There are 500 different story lines being written about today so I'll just give you the link to all of them. Looking ahead, it seems like it will be Mike Mussina v. Tim Wakefield facing off in the Bronx for Game 1. Oh, and did you hear the one about Tim Hudson getting into a fight in a Boston bar? He was unable to pitch more than 1 inning in Game 4 because he hurt himself in the brawl. The club denies that kept Hudson from pitching, but what else are they supposed to say? The A's are now an incredible 0-9 in series clinching games when they can advance with a win.

PS - Peter Vescey agreed with my Alonzo Mourning rant yesterday.

PPs - Sorry for all the sports concentrated posts lately but it's the best I can muster here at work. They have some 'Surf Control" program here and I can't access many of the sites I go to for other info (like Whatevs dot org for example) so I am stuck with what I can work with.

This is rich (pun intended). The Eastern Conference Champion Nets have decided to buy out Dikembe Mutombo's contract for $20 million dollars, thereby saving the team $7 million and making themselves more attractive to prospective buyers as the impending sale of their team nears. But this personnel move does not sit well with new free agent signing Alonzo Mourning. He says:

"I'm extremely disappointed," Mourning said after practice yesterday. "The purpose of this whole thing is to win and to get yourself in position to win."
"It goes to show you, the main objective, of whether you win a championship, that's our concern, the players," Mourning said. "The people in the front office are about making dollars."

This, after the club re-signed Jason Kidd for over $100 million for 7 years as well as signing Mourning, who has not played much in the last 2 years due to health problems, to a 4 years deal worth $22 million. The club also has a situation on it's hands with former #1 pick Kenyon Martin whose rookie contract runs out after this year and will need a new contract should the club decide to keep him. He's already gone on record stating he wants a max contract(which will cost the team around $90 million over 6 years) even though he has yet to even make the All Star team in the power forward deprived Eastern Conference. The team offered him a $66 million extension but he turned it down.
Mourning, it should be noted, bolted the Charlotte Hornets back in the day because they would not bow to his outrageous contract demands. Perhaps it's not just the people in the front office worried about making dollars.
More than ever, the NBA is all about the money.

Personally, information leafblower can't believe that the Nets would play $20 million to have someone NOT play for them. I certainly didn't get that kind of compensation when i was fired from my job.

Oi. Super Furry Weekend has come and gone and left everyone involved with the usual glowing fuzziness that accompanies a few days of hard partying with good friends you don't get to see often enough. It kicked off Wednesday with the Carson Daly taping and dinner and drinks, provided a brief respite on Thursday as the band played DC and then picked up full steam on Friday night.
I left work around 6 and jetted uptown to meet Bill The Rhino to score his extra ticket for Saturday's gig as the guest list was tight and hard tickets are always good to have. I met up with Molly Wizzle in Midtown and we went to Union Square to scarf down some food at our fave "fast food" restaurant, Zen Palate. Service was unusually slow but we still managed to make it to the predetermined pre-gig meeting spot, Shades of Green Pub, in time. There we saw Karen(the SFA internet list moderator) and met up with Dizzy G and his brother Brendan. They drove in from Boston and other points North to catch the show. Pints were consumed, some catching up was done and off we went to the show.
Things got a bit hairy here as Molly Wizzle was not on the list as we were told she was (Irving Plaza had apparently cut the list unbeknownst to the band) so she was left out in the cold, literally, for the nights festivities. She insisted I soldier on and we agreed to focus on getting her a ducat for the next night's show. The mood was a bit somber when I finally went inside to meet Dizzy and bro, understandably, but we tried to make the best of it. And that was hard with the $6 Buds we were drinking ($5 per can plus tip), but we managed. Finally, at 9:30 PM the band came on and slammed into Phantom Power closer, Slow Life. Gruff put on his Power Ranger helmet for the last bit of the song, which was LOUD and groovy. The band seemed in great spirits and in good form as the dished out hit after hit after hit from their last 2 records. The stand out was, hands down, Piccolo Snare, with it's soaring harmonies and lush guitars. The accompanying visuals, made by Pete Fowler, of bombs being released from planes and then turning into white crosses during their free fall onto the ground were very powerful.
The second half of the set picked up the pace with Beach Boys ditty/death metal durge Recepticle For The Respectable and also Out Of Control. About the latter, Gruff described it as a "song written about the previous song". After a raucous version of Radiator-era b-side and fan favorite Calimero (a song I have told each of the members of the band, they can never, ever, ever take out of the set under penalty of death), they broke into show stopper and show closer The Man Don't Give A Fuck, complete with it's Bill Hicks sample of "All Governments Are Liars And Murderers" being played over and over again on the sound system and footage of both Dubya and Tony Blair being played on the video screens. Challenging stuff.
The band, save for keyboardist Cian, left the stage during the end of the song to ravenous applause while the crowd got their groove on for Cian's, patented techno breakdown that closes the song. Finally, Cian, got up to leave the stage and the music seemed to die down. Everyone though the set was over but then, the music gradually got louder until it was booming again. And then, the band comes back out on stage in their Yeti costumes and finished the song. I almost spit out the mouthful of beer I was trying to swallow. It was awesome! And more than anything, a complete surprise to yours truly and that's very hard to do to me at a Furries show.
About midway through Grandaddy's set, the Furries all came out to chat with everyone right outside the VIP lounge upstairs. I finally got to see Dav and chat with him a while. Before we knew it, the gig was over and they were kicking everyone out of the venue. The band retreated backstage to gather their things and those with VIP passes ran to the VIP lounge to hang out a bit more. During this time, I met quite a few Welsh people that had come over just to see the gig and chatted with them. They were all charming people and nice as could be. I met a woman that had gone to grade school with Guto back in the day, so I asked her to tell me something embarrassing about Guto from his school days that I could get him with and she told me a quick little story. When the band came out of the dressing room, I went up to Guto and was like "So I hear…" He turned to his old schoolmate and said, "Shit, why did you tell him that? Now it's gonna be all over the internet!" Well, almost….
After we all left Irving around 12:30, we went back to Shades of Green and settled in for some serious drinking. It was great! The pub was practically empty when we all got there but it soon filled up with friends and family from both bands. We all just chilled and drank our faces off. I was talking to Bunf about the Yeti costumes and asked him(with a straight face), "You guys are gonna do that again tomorrow right? I have to bring my camera and take pictures!" He replied, "Shit, we did it in fucking Louisville, hell yeah we're gonna do it again tomorrow!" Maybe you had to be there but it was the funniest thing I heard all night.
The next thing I knew, the lights came on and the barkeep said "It's 4 AM, go the fuck home!" Wow. Ever have one of those nights when you can just drink and talk and drink for hours and you totally lose track of time because of the great time you're having? This was one of those nights. Outside, good-byes were exchanged, and I went home to get some sleep even though I felt that I could have gone on for another couple of hours. I got home at 4:50 AM, and any of my friends could tell you that was the latest I've stayed out in a loooooong time.
Saturday, I scored tickets via Craigslist for Molly Wizzle and Coolfer, so we went to do it all over again. We took it easy that night and never hooked up with the band. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing as I had to get up at 9 AM to drive Ms. Wizzle to Queens and never managed to get back to sleep, so I was crashing hard after the gig.
I had to skip the in store on Sunday due to the Red Sizzle and some other commitments but I heard it was a blast. Today I'm back at work, a little worse for the wear but better because of it.

Red Sizzle Nation is all abuzz right now following their dramatic 5-4 win over the A's in Game 4, sending the series back to Oakland for tomorrow's Game 5. What did information leafblower say on Friday was the key to the series for the Sox? Production from Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Manny singled in the bottom of the 8th, sending Nomar to third and then Ortiz broke out of his 0-for-the-ALDS slump with a double that scored them both. It definitely didn't hurt that Oakland starter Tim Hudson left after the first inning with an injury.
The A's now own a major league record 7 game losing streak when trying to close out a series. They lost a wacky Game 3 to the Red Sizzle on Saturday night after Trot Nixon's walk off home run in the 11th inning. Trot is representing the North Cackalack if you didn't know. Pedro is starting in Game 5 so Boston has to be confident coming into the game.
The Sports Guy has to be feeling pretty good right now even if he wasn't very happy with Beantown manager Grady Little after Game 1.

Red Sizzle Nation is all abuzz right now following their dramatic 5-4 win over the A's in Game 4, sending the series back to Oakland for tomorrow's Game 5. What did informationleafblower say on Friday was the key to the series for the Sox? Production from Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Manny singled in the bottom of the 8th, sending Nomar to third and then Ortiz broke out of his 0-for-the-ALDS slump with a double that scored them both. It definitely didn't hurt that Oakland starter Tim Hudson left after the first inning with an injury.
The A's now own a major league record 7 game losing streak when trying to close out a series. They lost a wacky Game 3 to the Red Sizzle on Saturday night after Trot Nixon's walk off home run in the 11th inning. Trot is representing the North Cackalack if you didn't know. Pedro is starting in Game 5 so Boston has to be confident coming into the game.
The Sports Guy has to be feeling pretty good right now even if he wasn't very happy with Beantown manager Grady Little after Game 1.

Tonight it's on to the break of dawn! (I really need to get some new lingo) SFA and Grandaddy at Irving Plaza. This will be tonight's premier rock/pop event in the city, just ask the NY Times and the Daily News.
If that's not good enough for you, check out The Guardian's list of the 40 best Bands In Britain. The Furries come in a very respectable 12, although how Dizzee Rascal is ahead of them I have no idea. Can't say I agree with their #1 choice, but numbers 2 and 3 are right on the money. And FYI, Oasis and u2 don't make the list. Interesting.

Although it's hard right now, Red Sox Nation is hoping and praying that the Red Fizzle's can turn around their sub par play in the playoffs so far. They lost again last night after getting dominated by Barry Zito, a pitcher that had been struggling coming into the contest. Game 3 is Saturday night in Beantown. The Fizzle's are confident they can win at home and send it back to Oakland. To do it they need a little luck and most importantly to forget about game 1. Personally, I think Manny needs to become a presence as does David Ortiz.

This picture got me more excited than anything. Wow, Vin Baker looks good standing beside the franchise. The C's are really looking forward to the upcoming season. Antoine Walker went on record saying the C's could win the East. I think they'll need a little help to do that but I think Celtic Nation is in for a great season. Especially if Vin Baker returns to his form of 3 or 4 years ago. I'm not exactly holding my breath about that but he looks good and is in shape. I'm pulling for him.
What does resident genius Danny Ainge think about this year? Forsooth:
According to Ainge, the key questions facing the Celtics season are: What can Marcus Banks and Mike James bring to the point guard position? What does Jumaine Jones bring? What does Baker add? Can Walker and Pierce have strong, injury-free seasons? Ainge added that the Celtics need big seasons from Banks, Jones, Baker, Walker, and Pierce to be Eastern Conference champions, a goal he believes is possible.

information leafblower is dead tired right now due to the events that transpired last night and MLB's decision to make the Red Sox play at 10 PM. Therefor, he is not going out tonight. HOWEVER, if information leafblower was going out tonight, he would definitely be at the following:

BLING KONG's foray into world domination begins Thursday at Pianos.
Be there or you will end up weeping bitterly for your loss. .

Thursday, October 2
158 Ludlow Street (at Stanton)
New York, NY
(212) 505-3733

doors open at 7:30
8:00 Cephalopod
9:00 Kid Lucky w/ Action Daddy

all for a mere $6

Visit the Bling Kong web site.

Good Morning, lethargy, Drink Pepsi, It’s good for energy.

Before I get to the good stuff, memo to baseball commisioner Bud Selig:
What are you thinking by starting Game 1 of the ALDS between The Red Sox and the A's at 10 PM East Coast time? I got home from the bar (more on that later) at 1:25 AM and the game was just getting into the ninth inning. Of course the crappy BoSox bull pen gave the game away and they lost in the 12th inning, but that's not the point here. The point is the game ended at just before midnight west coast time. Too bad for you, as the game sounded like a certifiable classic. And you wonder why baseball is losing fans every year. How are Beantown fans supposed to stay up for the end of that game? There is nothing worse than going to bed without knowing if your team won or lost. In the Playoffs.
Oh, and they play the first game today at 1 PM west coast time. I'm sure both teams got plenty of sleep last night. But I digress

So….by some unforeseen stroke of luck, everyone knocked off from work around 5:30 yesterday which left me just enough time to get uptown to Rockefeller Plaza and NBC studios the see the Super Furry Animals tape an episode of Last Call With Carson Daly. I made it with literally two minutes to spare. There were 4 people in line behind me and they were the last ones to gain admission to the studio.
The show itself was very strange. They were taping the show to run next Friday (Oct. 10th) and those episodes are one hour long as opposed to the normal 30 minutes. Also on Fridays they bring in a "house band" which turned out to be a group of 14 year olds that called themselves the Billionaire Boys Club after some 80's movie starring Judd Nelson. Let's just say they don't warrant any further mention in the space and leave it at that. The guests were Rena Sofer from Coupling (oh, the irony), Vivica A. Fox who was promoting Kill Bill, and some animal guy. Finally the Super Furries were called to the stage. I snagged a spot in the front row and watched the band rock out on Golden Retriever. At the very end, the camera guy turned around to get some audience shots and it could practically hear the director telling the camera guy:
Director: Ok turn around and get a close up of some of the audience…
Camera Guy turns and puts the camera directly on me and start focusing.
Director: No you idiot, not the guy with the bad haircut, the hot girl standing beside him!
Camera Guy turns to my right and focuses in on the hot girl from out of town who is not sure what she just witnessed and seems somewhat confused by all the long haired Welsh men standing in front of her with instruments.
So maybe I'll get some face time when the episode airs, we'll see. For the record, I was wearing black and standing right in front of Bunf.
A brief aside…at the office where I temp, they have someone come around every day and ask if you want your shoes shined. Weird.
After the taping, the band and the usual suspects(myself, Wacky Jen, K Diddy, G-Spot and H to the Izzo) met in the lobby to plan the rest of the night. My famous last words were, "I'll come out for a beer but need to get home as I am broke as a joke". Ummmm…that didn't happen. After a quick stop at Max Fish, we all went to a restaurant, ate some great Spanish tapas and consumed some cervezas and sangria. The guys said the tour was going well and they were having a great time with Grandaddy. "I watch them every night," said Guto. They were all stoked about the recent New Orleans show because on the last tour they played to 30 people. On the current tour with Grandaddy, they played to 800. Sweet. Guto and I got to rappin' about the Welsh National team and the baseball playoffs. Then we all tried to figure out the best solo Wu-Tang record. Most of the SFA votes were for the GZA's Liquid Swords, but I had to vote for Raekwon's Only Built for Cuban Linx.
After dinner we went to yet another bar, and the band bought all the drinks for everyone(not unusual). It was definitely appreciated by yours truly for reasons stated above. Gruff and I talked about his new John McEnroe circa 1978 look which he is totally rockin' and I tried to get in a few requests for the acoustic In-Store on Sunday. He was excited about the upcoming UK tour and also said that the Furries would be back in the States in Feb. or March for their own headlining tour. By then they should know a few more songs from Phantom Power. He said they just got Piccolo Snare down (and that replaced information leafblower favorite Herman Loves Pauline in the set! Argh!) and that a rockin version of Sex, War and Robots was next on the list. Blah, blah, blah, more drinks, a peek or two at the Red Sizzle game, etc. We all stayed until 1 AM when the band had to get back to the tour bus and drive down to Washington DC for their gig at the 9:30 club tonight. Damn this well paying temp job! I so want to go.
So I am at work today, slightly hungover and definitely tired but better for the experience.
Sorry for the lack of updates this week but between the Welsh invasion and work, time has been short.

Cheers all,
Remember, this is the thrilling conversation you've been waiting for.