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Before I begin let me first say
1) Happy Thanksgiving
2) You don’t know how good you have it on DSL until it’s gone

So last night, after my Dad and I went to the local YMCA and swam some laps, I went down to the local “sports bar” hoping to catch the Celtics v. Magic match up on TV. The town where my parents live isn’t much on bars and drinking (at least compared to Brooklyn) and I knew this going in so I was prepared to take everything with a grain if salt, but wasn’t prepared for the culture shock that occurred.
So I went to the bar, called Buffalo Wild Wings (formerly known as BW3). There used to be one in Greenville, where I went to school, so I was vaguely familiar with the place...
I went in and asked the waitress/greeter if they had the NBA TV package. She looked back at me with this blank stare. I saw all the football paraphernalia from Bud Light on the wall so I tried to explain that it was the same thing as the NFL Sunday Ticket. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh, right” she says back to me. “I’m not sure. Let me go ask the manager.” Then the manager, one of the most effeminate men I’ve ever talked to in my life, comes over and I ask him the same thing. He answers that he isn’t sure and leaves to ask the owner. Five minutes later he comes back and says, “I think we do”. I explain what it is again and he says, “Well, we should have it. We have 14 satellites on the roof, but you have to go ask Antoine the bartender because he's the only one that knows how to change channels on the TV system”. Fine, whatever. It then occurs to me that if he didn’t know the answer to my question than no one has ever asked them to change the channel on any of the NBA games they’ve shown this year. The NBA is now in Week 4. Argh.
So I go over, sit at the bar and say my whole spiel again to the bartender. “No problem” he answers.
Finally. Progress.
I order a 23 oz. Yuengling ($2.75! Nice!) and settle in. After a minute or two he gets the TV in front of me to the right channel. Which is great. Really. The only problem is the picture is bigger than the screen so the score/time info that is superimposed on the top of the screen is cut off from my view. At this point, I was just happy to watch the game so I didn't complain. I had to watch the ticker on the bottom of the game on ESPN to see what the score was. All night. Argh.
But wait, it gets better true believer. They are having a band that night and they start warming up right when the 3rd quarter ends. One of the patrons next to me asks the other bartender what the band sounds like. “Oh,” she says, “They play everything. The Eagles, Pearl Jam, Nickleback. You know, everything“. Yes, this is the part of the country that I, the Brit Pop loving Celtics fan, come from. At the risk of repeating myself, Argh. The band didn’t totally suck but I had to sit through some Incubus, Pearl Jam, Men at Work and STP songs. The things I do to watch my team! Still, two 23 oz. beers, and a grilled chicken sandwich and fries came out to $11. Not to shabby.
- The C’s won last night, snapping a 4 game losing streak and keeping extending Orlando’s losing streak to 14 games. The Magic beat the Knicks opening night and have lost every game since. We won by 2. Hey a win is a win is a win.
- Last night was a night of intrigue in the NBA. The 76ers beat their former coach, Paul Silas lost to the team that fired him and the Knicks beat Latrell Spreewell’s new team.
- College b-ball kept up its end of the bargain too. #1 UCONN was crushed by Georgia Tech in the Preseason NIT and defending champ Syracuse lost to UNC-Charlotte by 3 even though ‘Cuse guard Gerry McNamara hit seven 3 pointers. The problem was UNC Charlotte guard Brendan Plavich dialed long distance 10 times, including 7 in the first half. The funny thing about this was they didn’t even have that game on in the sports bar where I was. My parents live 25 miles from Charlotte. Argh.
- I finally get to see Duke play tonight 11:30 PM EST. Once I see them play this weekend I’ll be able to finish my season preview for the Blue Devils. Be patient. It’ll be worth the wait.
- I’m not sure how I feel about the proposed Curt Schilling to Boston trade. I’d rather get A Rod. But both would be good too, I guess.

Time for some turkey. Cheers all.

PS - dial up sucks.

4 and 3 and 2 and 1. And when I'm in the heazy, all the suckers run.

So I finally made myself a logo. What do you think? The site's colours have also been changed accordingly. I think it's much better than the old green colour scheme.

I am officially on Thanksgiving holiday beginning tomorrow. As you know, I'm currently unemployed so there's no reason for me to sit around and wait for the holiday rush. I'll be at home in the North Cackalack where my parents still use v e r y s l o w dial-up service so any updates will be few and far between. Especially if I break down and get myself a Gamecube. I do hope to get my Duke season preview up over the break however, so keep an eye out for that.

I'll leave you with a few nuggets:
- As if you guys didn't think I was a big enough Morrissey freak. Princess Diana's death was fortold by the works of Morrissey. Specifically the seminal album, The Queen Is Dead. Well worth 20 minutes of your time. I know Emily will be glued to her computer screen for this. [via Master of Chooch]
- Vivendi Universal recently sold the domain to CNET. That in and of itself is a yawner. doesn't really fit the Vivendi profit model, so it's understandable that they're dumping it. Why this matters is they're not selling the archive, containing more than a million songs by 250,000 artists. As of December 3rd, they're destroying it.
- Have I mentioned that the Celtics have lost 3 straight and 4 of their last 5 games? Ugh. Also here are Peter May's weekly NBA Notes.
- Let's chalk this up to opening night jitters. As usual, DBR has the full report.

In addition to my iPod, I am bringing the following CD's home with me for the break:
Suede - Sci Fi Lullabies (Disc2)
PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love
Morcheeba - Big Calm
Ted Leo/RX - Hearts of Oak
Joy Division - Complete BBC Recordings
Morrissey - My Early Burgulary Years
The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
QOTSA - Songs for the Deaf
Spoon - Kill The Moonlight
Soul Coughing - Ruby Vroom
Reset - My November 2003 mix
My Still untitled December 2003 mix

OK, I'm off to pack. Have a great Holiday everyone.

Thank God for The Sports Guy on days like these. Perhaps you know what I'm talking about. Friday afternoon, I'm broke, there ain't shit going on, I'm unemployed, no good movies on the tube(I tried to watch The Tuxedo I was so bored. Tried.), I'm broke, I have no Playstation 2, I'm know.
Anyhoo, The Sports Guy is comin' at ya with his annual minute-by-minute recap of his fantasy basketball league draft. I think you know what's coming next...

I proposed two new rules this year. First, I thought everyone should be required to draft a minimum of three white guys, just so Brian Cardinal and Mark Madsen could realize their dreams of getting taken in a fantasy draft. And second, I thought the stats of Lorenzen Wright and Stromile Swift should be combined into one super-center named "Stromenzen Wrift." Sadly, both suggestions were voted down. Maybe next year.

4:53: After Dutch Oven gambles on C-Webb, Dad and I follow with Carmelo Anthony, who narrowly edged Darko Milicic on our board because he plays 40 more minutes a game.

5:04: I'm starting to like our team. Pining for Michael Redd, we catch a break when Jason Richardson and GP go in front of us. Suddenly I find myself saying, "You know, if Vince comes through this year, we might be in the running." Of course, Lenny Wilkens said these same words last year, and he's mowing his lawn right now.

5:40: "We'll take Vin Baker," I tell the crowd. For about 1.2 seconds, it's one of the most heartwarming stories in the history of fantasy sports. Nobody was a bigger Baker critic than me. I wrote entire columns about the guy. He drove me insane. He was the centerpiece of the worst trade in Boston sports history. When I was debating whether or not to move to Los Angeles last year, the thought of watching Baker at the Fleet Center actually made the "Reasons to Leave" section of my "Pro-Con" list (no joke).

6:20: I notice teammates Joe and Anthony shaking hands. Any reason? As Anthony explains it, they just made a bet about "whether a player we both like will still be there for our next pick." Without missing a beat, Dad replies, "He probably will be."

6:28: "I just can't believe my next pick," Lee says. "We couldn't believe your last pick," Dad replies. He's officially on fire.

7:08: Here's why you shouldn't allow computers at a roto draft: The Sull-Bugs just grabbed Doug Christie in Round 13. Maybe he could design them matching purses.

TSG also gives us his picks for Week 12 of the NFL season.

In other news...The Nets are almost in panic mode. Jason Kidd is playing hurt and Kenyon"I'm Just Like School In The Summer...No Class" Martin and Alonzo "My Kidneys Are In" Mourning almost came to blows in pratice yesterday.
Celtics v. Sixers tonight. Oh, and PP is on Wheel of Fortune tonight. Seriously. [thanks Emily]

Also, Marvel has announced movie plans for some new properties/characters, including Captain America, Nick Fury, Iron Fist and Hulk 2. That sequel, however, won't be directed by Ang Lee as he is doing a gay Western next.

The NYPost's cover today was priceless. A picture of Jacko and the caption, "Who's Bad". I'm still regreting not taking advantage of my perfect chance for the even more brilliant "November Spawned a Monster" headline. Oh well.

Here's to the weekend everyone.

_38289931_jackson150.jpgSleep on and dream of love
Because it’s the closest you will
Get to love, oh ah ...
The poor twisted child
So ugly, so ugly
The poor twisted child
Oh hug me, oh hug me
One november
Spawned a monster
In the shape of this child
Who later cried :
"But Jesus made me, so
Jesus save me from
Pity, sympathy
And people discussing me"

spector.jpg Well, it took them long enough! Phil Spector will face murder charges in the shooting death of Lana Clarkson. The shooting, which occured last February at Spector's California mansion, left Clarkson dead at his front door. Spector famously professed in an Esquire interview that Clarkson shot herself and that she "kissed the gun" before doing so. Yeah right. He will be charged with one count of murder.
Earlier this week, The Beatles released Let It Be...Naked, which is basically Paul McCartney's Spector-less vanity project now that the two Beatles that brought in Spector to do production on the original version of the album are dead.
(Damn, that was cold! Did I just write that?)
Spector began his lengthy career producing girl groups like The Ronnettes and The Supremes but later went on to work the John Lennon and The Ramones.
He had been enjoying a resurgence of late due to his work with the English group (and crappy Verve wannabe's) Starsailor (although I did like that "Good Souls" joint). He was due to produce the next record from crappy Nirvana wannabe's The Vines when the tragedy involving Clarkson happened.

Strangely, this isn't even the biggest story involving the legal troubles of a famous person in the music industry today as Michael Jackson has turned himself in to authorities on multiple charges of child molestation. Strangely, Jackson had a new album that was released on Tuesday as well and is currently on pace to sell 100,000 copies this week.

In other news, Robbie Williams to quit smoking.

Last night I bought Ryan Adams' cover of Wonderwall from the iTunes Music Store and it's one of the most brilliant covers I've ever heard. It's sublime, understated and simply a brilliant re-working of one of my favorite tunes ever. Very Jeff Buckley-esque.
Truly amazing and HIGHLY recommended.

Much better than the Mike Pops Orchestra's version.

james_hetfield.jpg I don't know about you but I feel sad for former metal heavyweights Metallica. Once the kings of the metal world, it appears their kingdom is caving in on them. I think it all started with the haircuts, but that album with the symphony certainly didn't help things. I am STILL laughing at their performance at the performance of Frantic to close out last year's MTV Music Awards. I laughed all the way through it.
I am by no means a fan of the band (my favorite track of theirs is their Breadfan cover) but it's become very easy to hate them for the above mentioned reasons as well as their much hyped war on file sharing. How's that working out for you lads?
Now comes word that lead singer James Hetfield is bummed with the "meager" sales of thir latest album "St. Anger," which has stalled out around at around 1.5 million units sold in the US but is "doing well in Europe." I could go on about this topic but I think this sentence pretty much sums up the band's situation:
"It's a very challenging record," (drummer Lars) Ulrich said of "St. Anger," which was constructed by a computer program and features no guitar solos.
Quoth The Sports Guy, read that last sentence again.
Case closed. Next...
- Anyone ever heard of a female singer/songwriter named Jesca Hoop? They play her all the time on KCRW but can't find any of her stuff online.
- Grambo beat me to it, but Radiohead are rumoured to be headlining Coachella next year. Now just get Morrissey and the Super Furries to play and I am there dude.
- Speaking of Thom Yorke, he's going to be protesting during Dubya's UK visit to see Tony Blair. "Both of these men are liars. We have right to call them such, they are putting our children’s future in jeopardy. They are not controlling the terrorist threat, they are escalating it. Blair will not be allowed off the hook by his pathetic pleading for us to ‘move on’, neither shall Bush."
- Irv Gotti has decided to change the name of his label from Murder, Inc. to, simply, The Inc. "so people can just try and focus on our music and not our name. All everyone seems to want to focus on is the word 'murder'." Yeah, you're probably right, I don't think Bodily Harm, Inc. rolls off the tongue as nicely. Gotti will also got back to using his real surname, Lorenzo.
- Yo, check this article out. It's about Sean McRossin, the owner of Sit N' Spin Records in Chapel Hill. Sean also runs the CD ALLEY store chain. His second CD ALLEY store opened in Greenville, NC a year before I enrolled there at East Carolina University. My sophomore year there I stared DJ'ing at a dance club across the street. I made about $120 a week for two nights of work. I used to take my money on payday/Tuesday and walk right over to his store and drop about $90 on CD's. Every damn week. I got to know Sean the more I shopped there and we went to a few shows in Chapel Hill together. Long story short, he's a cool dude and responsible for turning me on to alot of bands(Buffalo Tom, Morphine, Luna, Stereolab, The Wedding Present, etc.) I still listen to to this day. I literally would go into his store and tell him to pick out 4 CD's that I should own. Dude had good taste. If you are an NYC resident, the really tall dude that bartends at the Mercury Lounge used to work at CD ALLEY, so drop some science on him the next time you are there.
- New Chucky P article for your reading pleasure.
- Natalie Portman to play Lois Lane? That's mucho hot, but how about casting the Man Of Steel? And don't gimme no bullshit like Ashton, Jude Law or any other scrawny pencil neck geek dude. How about Christian Bale if he won't do Batman?
- More on 14 year old soccer phenom Freddy Adu.
- This is an old article but still, it's no suprise that The Sports Guy is still haunted by the death of Len Bias. Good stuff. Grambo, like any self respecting Pistons fan, took offense to Michael Wilbon's assertion that had Bias lived, the Bad Boys of Detroit might never have won a title, but it's not that crazy if you stop and think about it. Even with Bias, the Celtics would have still been in position to draft Reggie Lewis the next year. All of a sudden, the C's bench is super. Now if Bias is getting minutes up front, Kevin McHale can take time off from him foot injury in 1987 (he fractured his foot towards the end of the season, healed, came back for the playoffs, fractured it again and continued to play on it. He was never the same player again). He also takes alot of pressure off of Basketball Jesus and extends his career. Danny Ainge would never have been traded to Sacramento for (Ugh) Ed Pickney and Joe Klien (double ugh). I don't see the Pistons having anyone that can match up with Bias. Rodman? Fine...who's gonna guard Bird? Adrain Dantley/Mark Aguire? Please. The Bad Boys could have been reduced to Patrick Ewing/Perpetual Runner Up status. Then again, maybe not. It's all conjecture. But it's both fun and sad to think about what might have been. Like what if Corey Maggette and Zach Randolph had stayed in school?
- More about MeShawn. Apparently, he and Coach Gruden weren't on the same page. That's coachspeak for "he wouldn't follow directions." MeShawn talked about this to Dan Patrick last night. Guess what he said? And I quote, "Me and the Coach not being on the same page is just a big misunderstatement." The word is misunderstanding buddy. Good lord. He also said something about something that "can't not be true" but I was laughing at him so hard I couldn't write it down. What a dummy!
- TMQB is back in full effect.
- The C's take on the Hornets in Beantown tonight. Hey Coach Obie, how about some more PT for my main man Jiri Welsch? Pretty please? My solution to our guard rotation is start rookie Marcus Banks at the point, make Jiri the back up PG and demote current PG starter Mike James to the back up shooting guard. I soooooo need a front office job in the NBA. Honestly, I'll be happy if anyone steps up and helps PP out some.

I have been excited all day since my first Gothamist link. Sincere thanks to everyone that's linked to the Top 40 Bands list. Cheers.

Good times for a change
See the luck I've had can make a good man turn bad.
So please, please please, let me get what I want this time.

I feel kind of bad using my own blog to do this, but the again, if it's not a vehicle to promote ME, then what is?

I am currently unemployed and have been since early June when my former employer laid me off 4 days after having reconstructive surgery on the ACL in my right knee. Needless to say, the timing was pretty bad and a bit underhanded. It's a long story that I won't go into right now.
I am currently looking for employment somewhere on the East Coast, anywhere from Washington DC to Boston. I will pay my own moving expenses.
I have worked in the music industry since 1997, mostly in a management capacity as an executive assistant. My main duties were looking after the day-to-day operations of my clients which ranged from a roster of multi-million selling record producers to up-and-coming rock bands. On any given day, that could range from booking travel and setting up meetings with Beck and Madonna to ridding the office copier of that pesky paper jam. I have served as a production coordinator on two national ad campaigns created by Weiden Kennedy and Arnold Worldwide in addition to overseeing certain production aspects in conjunction with the motion pictures Fight Club and The School of Rock.
Among other things, I have experience in event/tour planning and coordination, publicity, licensing, bookkeeping, office management, and promotion/sales along with the general responsibilities that go along with being an executive assistant.

Although the bulk of my experience is in the music industry, I would prefer to branch out into another field of work such as publishing, marketing or advertising. I held a temp job as a traffic manager at a respected ad agency for about a month this summer and enjoyed it greatly.
By nature I am a creative person and tend to flourish in creative environments.
I am not very good at singing my own praises so if you know of anything that's open or can pass along a name of someone that I should get in touch with, please contact me.

Thank you.

PS - I will gladly pay you some sort of finders fee, say $200, if you help me secure a job.

None of that today. It was about a grey as it gets out today. Very Phillipe Stark. Whatever that means. I ventured into the city and attempted to get a haircut but my guy wasn't working today. Also shopped around for a bday present for my Dad(it's next Monday so I still have some time). I went to the Apple Store in Soho to drool on the eMac's there. I hope to have one of those baby's on my desk by the first of the year. On my way to the subway stop on Broadway, who did I see on the street walking by while chatting to someone on his cell phone? None other than former French Open champ Jim Courier. Am I a tennis geek or what?
- Apple introduces the 20-inch iMac just in time for the holidaze. It's muy expensive and is basically the 17-inch iMac with a bigger screen. Also, iTunes Music Store for Europe is coming soon.
- Can Microsoft do anything original or do they HAVE to copy Apple at every turn in the road? The Microsoft Music Store is on the way. Gates' CTO is all over the iPod's stizz. I'm confident no matter what they comeup with, you'll still have to click the button 3 more times than neccessary to do anything.
- I love it when my site comes up in online searches. Especially for big ass women pooty. Party On!
- Amazon's editors Top 100 list for 2003 is out.
- Speaking of tennis, That ball was on the line!
- Is the Mozzer going to put out a live album before his new studio relizz? For God's sake man, just put out something with some new shizzle on it!
- You know your list is good when people say it sucks! I feel validated now. Especially after being accused of the list being written by Spin. Okay, whatever.
- Doc Rivers, Buh-Bye. We hardly knew ye. That Coach of the Year award from 2000 isn't doing ya much good now is it?
- Blah blah blah blah blah Celtics choke and lose to lowly Knicks blah blah blah blah Vin Baker is good again blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah. See you next Monday. Grrrrr. No, I'm not bitter.
- Dear NBA, Please don't go on strike again. Let hockey go down that road first. Cheers.
- Just give him the damn ball the inactive list. Buh-Bye Meshawn.
- You'd never know it from any of the sportscasts you do or don't watch, but this is BIG news. 14 year old Freddy Adu signs with Major League Soccer. Dude is gonna be like the 3rd best player on that team as soon as he steps on the field. He's that good. At 14. This is huge as he's been offered a multi-million dollar contract from such world powers as Juventus, Man U and Chelsea. But get this, he (or I should say his parents) turned them down for a few hundred thousand a year to play MLS. When's the last time a kid turned down millions so he could develop properly at a slower rate? This guy is gonna sell alot of tickets. I'm a huge fitba/soccer fan and have never been to an MLS game, but I'd pay to see this kid play. I'm gona go ahead and move this to the I TOLD YOU SO file so I can bring it up later.
- Yo, if you don't think Saturday's Michigan/Ohio State tilt is big time, you need to check this out. Dude plead guilty just so he could watch the game! That's a true fan.
- Somewhere Glamorama is smiling (and not because he totally duped me into thinking Kelly Clarkson's next single was a cover of The Verve's So Sister) as Bernard (that's pronounced Bernerd kiddies) Butler has signed on to produce the next Libertines offering. Hotness abounds.
- This just in, The MTA are rat bastards. Thanks to Gothamist for the linkage. Also I'm totally digging this picture for some reason.

Play baby, play.

Biasdraftnight.jpgWow. Len Bias would have been 40 years old today. This makes me incredibly sad.
Much more than it probably should.
For those that don't know, Len Bias was an All-American at Maryland taken 2nd overall by the Boston Celtics in the 1986 draft. He was to be the franchise's bridge from the 80's to the 90's. Unfortunately, he died of a cocaine overdose 48 hours after being drafted. I still remember sitting in my living room in Kernersville, NC, 12 years old, and hearing the news.
I was devastated.
How good was Lenny Bias? Let's go to the college basketball source, shall we?

"This is my 24th year at Duke," says coach Mike Krzyzewski, "and in that time there have been two opposing players who have really stood out: Michael Jordan and Len Bias. Len was an amazing athlete with great competitiveness. My feeling is that he would have been one of the top players in the NBA. He created things. People associate the term `playmaking' with point guards. But I consider a playmaker as someone who can do things others can't, the way Jordan did. Bias was like that. He could invent ways to score, and there was nothing you could do about it. No matter how you defended him, he could make a play."

"He was a physical specimen," says Johnny Dawkins, the Duke assistant who was a high school and college contemporary of Bias. "He had a very soft jumper, and he got up so high, no one could affect it. He would have been a terrific player in the NBA."

On Jan. 21, 1985, George Blaney put a Holy Cross team on the floor against Maryland. "He had a presence about him, and a capacity for taking over," says Blaney, now an assistant at UConn. "He sort of disregarded good defense."

"I saw great players from both the ACC and Big East every night," says (Washington Post sports writer Michael) Wilbon. "Jordan. Ewing. Mullin. Sampson. Later on, David Robinson. But Bias was the most awesome collegiate player of that bunch. That jumper was so pure. I mean, Michael Jordan, at that time, would have killed for that jumper. And Bias was 2 1/2 inches taller."

So was Bias a junkie or did he just go overboard one night while out partying?

(Former UNC center Brad) Daugherty swears Bias wouldn't even join him for a beer, let alone shove cocaine up his nose. Driesell's words during a pre-draft radio interview are still eerie:
"Leonard's only vice is ice cream," Lefty insisted.

So what might have been had Bias come to play for my beloved Celtics?

"His death changed the history of the NBA," Wilbon says. "Because then there are no Bad Boy Pistons, and who knows when the Bulls would have won? Bird and McHale would never have had to play all those minutes. The Celtics would have kept winning."

"You put an athlete like him in with a Larry Bird," says Krzyzewski, "and he would have made use of all his abilities. Bird wouldn't have seen him as a threat; he would have seen him as a treasure."

Drank too much
Said too much
And there's nowhere to go but down
Young boy, I wanna help you
Truly disappointed
Truly, truly, truly
Don't talk to me now
About people who are "nice"
'Cause I have spent my
Whole life in ruins...

This is the last post I will ever write
No I've changed my mind again

The Mission: Attempt to come up with a comprehensive list of the best bands in America in response to this article written by a bunch of Brits.

The Panel: A collection of some of the best writers in the blogging universe. Or at least the people behind most of the sites that I read daily.

The Process: Each person on the panel submitted their list of the10 bands/nominees that they felt should make the list. Each slot had a corresponding number value attached to it. Tallies were added, compiled, shuffled and the list was born. In case of a tie, the band with more votes got the nod(i.e. if on band had 21 points from one vote and another had a total of 21 points from 3 different votes, the latter get the higher spot).

The Criteria: This was left up to each of the writers. I only asked for the “best” bands. What that term meant was up to the individual.

So without further ado…

1) THE STROKES - The band have the tunes and the style to leave every other band in their dust. But a lack of ambition makes them only the best American band, not the best band in the world. - Glamorama
2) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Pummeling, diverse, exceptionally well-made…art punk? -Catchdubs
3) THE WHITE STRIPES - I’m curious to see where they go, especially if the dancefloor success of “Seven Nation Army” and “Hardest Button To Button” (both rocking some SERIOUS four-on-the-floor house kick drums) are any indication. - Catchdubs
4) THE FLAMING LIPS - For the last ten years, no other band has adapted their sound so radically and yet managed to create such genre groundbreaking sounds from start to finish. Performance orchestral pop? Whatever it is, they deserve credit for following their vision and always producing something worth noticing. The world has finally caught up to them. – Mark from 75 or less
The best band of the 1990's just gets better...and more interesting. - Coolfer
5) THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS - One of the few New York bands that can claim to sound completely (post)modern. They get a bigger sound out of guitar and drums than most bands do with five members. And while it's been said before, Karen O has the most presence of any frontwoman since PJ Harvey. - Glamorama
6) OUTKAST – This duo from ATL have probably done more to push the hip hop genre forward than any other group on the planet. They never repeat themselves, stay away from bragging about their bling and always make asses move on the dancefloor. - information leafblower
7) WILCO - Serious points for being America's most ambitious band, their mainstream impact will sadly always be limited by the fact that they have virtually no image whatsoever. - Glamorama
8) SPOON – Proves the adage “less is more” true without a doubt. – information leafblower
Absolutely sublime college rock at it’s finest. - Catchdubs
9) THE SHINS - The Shins make music that could be the soundtrack to a lost Wes Anderson film. Slight and lovely, if not world-beating, tunesmithery is on display in all of their songs. - Glamorama
10) THE MOUNTAIN GOATS - John Darnielle is the epic storyteller of our generation. – Largehearted Boy
11) EMINEM – Voice of a new generation, homophobe…whatever. You don’t wanna fuck with Shady. 'Cause Shady will fucking kill you. - information leafblower
12) GUIDED BY VOICES - After twenty years in the business Bob Pollard is as prolific as ever, and still rocking two and a half hour shows that put bands half his age to shame. - Largehearted Boy
13) FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE - MTV and VH1 have Punk'D the american public into thinking this band is a novelty one-hit wonder, but the truth of the matter is that there isn't a finer power-pop group in the land. – Whatevs dot org
14) NEPTUNES/N.E.R.D. - These guys are the reason hip-hop hasn't sunken into an abyss of bling and crunk. - Coolfer
16) BRUCE SPRINSGTEEN – Still rockin' international audiences; "The Rising" re-established the band as socially and musically relevant almost thirty years after their inception. – Whatevs dot org
17) MISSY ELLIOT - How often is there a woman in hip-hop who excels on her non-physical talents? Missy's from another planet. She defies categorization. - Coolfer
18) INTERPOL - their seemingly never-ending world tour has obscured their brilliance recently. - Glamorama
19) !!!
20) JOEL RL PHELPS - It's been said that Elliott Smith sang about despair but Joel Phelps is the sound of despair. Hurt has never sounded so legitimate, fragile and soaring. –Mark from 75 or less
21) BECK - An American treasure. Even his "off" albums (Midnite Vultures, Mutations) are excellent. - Coolfer
22) CENTROMATIC - After seven full length releases under various names, still waiting for this band to be noticed. Denton Texas' Will Johnson has channelled into something others never find. - Mark from 75 or less
24) JAY Z
25) …AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD – Indie rock sledgehammers. They come to your town and tear the venue down -information leafblower
28) PREFUSE 73
29) FOO FIGHTERS - Their quirky videos brought them popularity but have also doomed them to an eternity of being underrated. – Whatevs dot org
31) TED LEO / RX –Our generation’s Billy Bragg. His live shows have an amazingly infectious energy. - information leafblower
32) SWEARING AT MOTORISTS - I dare you to find a band that is a better representative of what american music is all about. Your eyes see someone who could be homeless, your ears hear Dave Doughman's heart pour out of his mouth. - Mark from 75 or less
35) LUNA - If you have to ask, you'll never know. – Whatevs dot org
37) LOW
39) THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS - Only poor marketing and a lack of willingness to get on the road stopped the RHCP of having the biggest album of their career in "By The Way." - Whatevs dot org

Other bands receiving votes: The Thermals, The Breeders, LCD/DFA, Peaches, Silkworm, Pearl Jam, Rilo Kelly, Andrew Wk, Steve Earle, Mike Watt, Bright Eyes, Grandaddy, Stewart Walker, R. Kelly, Crooked Fingers, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket and The Dixie Chicks (I'm with Natalie, eff G-Dubz. – whatevs)

Major props and sincere thanks to everyone that took time out of their schedules to help me out on this little project. Specifically: Whatevs dot org, Coolfer, Catchdubs, Mark from 75 or less, Largehearted Boy, Glamorama, Obliquity, and Motorcity Rocks.
Much appreciated everyone. To those people that were invited to participate and chose not to, you're dead to me now. At least until I ask you to do this again next year. :)

Did we leave anyone out? Is someone not ranked high enough? Shouldn’t Ted Leo rank higher than 31? Discuss below.

Below are 6 albums that you probably have in your CD collection that you haven't listened to in a long, long time but really should:

The Lemonheads - It's A Shame About Ray
The Sundays - Reading Writing & Arithmetic
The La's - The La's
Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly
Buffalo Tom - Let Me Come Over
Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Don't sleep.

No I am not talking about the latest (mini) column from The Sports Guy in which he gives us his week 11 NFL picks. (It doesn't really count in my book as it's really a column for the Magazine)

I am talking about Let Them Sing It. I'm trying to get them to say "Welcome to information leafblower" but I need a song that has the word "leaf" in it. Any ideas?
Anyways check it out. It's hours of fun. Many thanks to OOAT for the link.

Friday Reset

| |

Let the ranting begin! I'm about to go Larry King on your asses.
- Ok, let me get this straight because I want to be on the same page with everyone. I can go to jail for downloading Dude Where's My Car, Part 2 but if I admit to cross-dressing, shooting someone in the face and dismembering their body I will still be a free man?
You mean to tell me our prisons aren't crowded enough that now we are now looking at sending people that share files over the internet to occupy the same space as rapists and murderers? Don't policymakers have better things to do with their tiime? And ours?
- The next thing you'll be telling me is that this douchebag is innocent. If you're not guilty, you don't cheat on your wife with 4 different women, tell your latest mistress you are a widower, buy a boat you use to kill your wife on the same day you make that statement, go watch the police in the marina while they are searching for your missing wife, then try and leave the country after you dye your hair with your brother's passpsort and a large amount of cash.
- Don't even get me started on these guys.
- The weather was crazy here yesterday. I thought we had it bad until I saw what happend out in Cali. First the fires, now this. Dayum.
- President Bush = Pedro Martinez.
- Guy poses as police officer. Pulls someone over. Suspect then flees. Police officer calls for backup. He ends up being arrested because, you know, he's not a real cop. This happened not once, but twice. In California and Cleveland.
- Yo, I know things can seem hectic at times, but don't go out and do something crazy. Like drowning yourself in a cesspool over a lost bicycle.
- Oh goody! More Paris Hilton porno tape news. In addition to the 10 extra tapes I reported on yesterday, now apparently she made a girl on girl tape on her 22nd birthday with Playboy model Nicole Lenz. This is what happens when you become famous FOR NO REASON AT ALL other than being rich. You become infamous for reasons you would like to forget. Or so it appears. It's not like I have any experience in the matter.
- The Brits are finding out that just because you get more TV channels, that doesn't mean there is anything on worth watching.
- Britney Spears, do you have anything to say to your fans in Hungary? Yes I do, "Hi all my hungry fans!"
- P Diddy says he wants $10 million to run the marathon next year. In related news, I find it funny that no one is really reporting about this. Doesn't that seem fishy to anyone?
- OK, who is the bigger ass clown? Fred Durst for covering a Nirvana song in concert or those losers in mallternative faves Good Charlotte who are starting their own label (DC Flag, ugh) and begging Morrissey to release a record on it. Guys, Moz is at the point in his career when he doesn't have to slum if he doesn't want to. Now piss off.
- Graham Coxon, "I am not particularly interested in rejoining Blur". Right on. Fuck Damon. Go join Oasis! That would be hot!
- Just so we're straight, Let It Be...Naked, in addition to having the most Durst title ever, obvs, is nothing more than a Macca vanity project. It's not a new Beatles album. Now, the original Get Back would be a new release worth looking forward to.
**UPDATE** You can listen to the album here in crappy Windows Media Player format. [thanks OOAT]
- 3 cheers for information leafblower reader Mystery & Misery for pointing us over to the new temporary home of TMQB, If you need the TMQB archives (which have not so mysteriously disappeared from, head over to tien mao's little read book. Any port in a storm, right? I think it's cool that Gregg can still do his thing and has some people willing to step up and give a hand. God bless (but don't tax) the internet.
- LeBronmania visits Beantown tonight. PP is still adjusting to his new role as team leader, but he is learning. PP is not by nature a vocal leader, he lets his play on the court do the talking. He's been hard on some players (Vin Baker & Kedrick Brown in particular) in the past, but knows he can't do that anymore.
Vin Baker: "I think we all forget, because Paul has accomplished so much so early in his career, that he's still so young. He's still growing. He pushed me because he wanted me to do well. When I came back, one of the people I wanted to make amends to was Paul. Not by saying, `Sorry, I'll do better,' but by playing hard, like he does, and showing up early, like he does. He leads by example. You can't force being a vocal leader."
Marcus Banks: "Paul is the best. I look up to him. I listen to everything he says. He's been really positive with me. He knows what I'm capable of doing."
- Can someone explain to me how a global company like the NBA can release All Star Ballots 3 weeks into the NBA season and not take note of the LaFrentz/Walker trade that happened four weeks ago? Seriously, WTF? ON the ballots, Walker is listed as a Celtic and Lafrentz as a Maverick. You mean to tell me the big bad NBA can't switch 2 names in 4 weeks? Currently they are both listed with an asterisk noting The Boston-Dallas trade involving Antoine Walker and Raef LaFrentz was completed after the media panel's deadline for selecting the ballot and therefore Walker and LaFrentz are listed on the ballot as members of their prior team. For tabulation purposes, Walker's votes will be counted toward the Western Conference totals and LaFrentz's votes will be counted toward the Eastern Conference totals. L A M E !
- Dickie V's all everything lists going into the 2004 season.
- What can we do to make sure this does not happen?

The Sports Guy should have his picks for week 11 in the NFL later today. Stay tuned.

People give your ears so I be sublime
It's enjoyable to know you're in the concubine
Nephews, take off your coats, ladies act liike gems
Sit down, Indian style, as we recite these hymns

I have some errands to run today so this will have to do for the time being. Big things are in the works. Stay tuned.
- Television Without Pity reviews episode 3 of 24. For all the crappy TV I complain about, I should be giving more props to this show. To think I'd never even watched it before a 24 hours of 24 marathon a few months ago. I particularly like the episodes where Bauer has to yell at everyone because he's running out of time. "Tell me where the bomb/virus/WMD is or I'll kill your kids!" Brilliant. More please.
- Here's the Sigfried and Roy tiger attack footage. Nasty.
- Yay science! Eating late at night does not make you fat.
- Can't believe Uncle Grambo didn't beat me to this. Britney says women should masturbate and talk about it. This, after the NYPost reports that Kendel Ehrlich, the wife of Maryland's governor, said, "If I had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, I think I would." Britney's response? "She probably needs to get laid." Well said young lady!
- Scary. But I'm sure she's a great mom, right?
- This just isn't going to go away, is it?
- Idiots!!
- The Celtics shot 5 for 21 in the third quarter last night and, not surprisingly, lost to the Bulls at home. Ugh.
- Thanks to Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick will end the year ranked #1 in the world.
- Speaking of young Roddick, read this comment and see if you can make any sense of it. Methinks someone's been smoking too much maui wowee.

Is happiness real? Or am I so jaded?
I can't see or feel. Like a man been tainted.

If you can't tell I'm on a big Paul Weller kick lately.

Christiecrying.jpg Oh yes true believer, Doug (pictured right) and Jackie Christie are back! And they are writing a book on relationships! You just can't make this stuff up!
First a little background for those of you that have no idea who I am talking about. Doug Christie currently starts at shooting guard for the Sacramento Kings. His wife is Jackie and to say they have a strange marriage/relationship is putting it lightly. Let's just say Jackie wears the pants in the family. Some other facts:
- Jackie Christie does not allow Doug to interact with any other females. At all.
- The Christies renew their wedding vows every year in full regalia, with a ceremony and cake. They've done it for nine consecutive summers
- Jackie Christie is the only wife of a Kings player -- and perhaps the only one in the league -- who regularly travels with the team via the team charter.
- Doug has special "hand signals" he flashes Jackie throughout each game that translate into "I love you" to let her know he is thinking about her. He does this multiple (over 20) times a game.
- Jackie sends a note to Doug before each game via a club attendant. Doug reads the note and responds to it.
- They have matching tattoos that read: "Infinite love."
Now all of this may not seem too wacky but did you know that a publicist for the Kings was fired last year after Jackie observed her passing a phone message to Doug? I first wrote about this back in July. The suit, filed May 27 in Sacramento Superior Court, alleges that "Doug Christie is notorious for refusing even basic contact with all women, except with his wife, Jackie. Jackie Christie is likewise notorious for policing her husband's contacts with women."
Quoth Doug: "If you could feel as good as I feel to be whipped, you'd be whipped, too." I wouldn't.
From the article linked above: (Doug) Christie said he has no reason to look at other women, in hardly any fashion, and his wife is plenty pleased to hear that. He said that it's not about taking orders from his wife, it's "about respect."
I will let the mighty Sports Guy explain further, in particluar why he has traded in the term pussywhipped for the phrase wearing the Doug Christie jersey(see first reader question):

When Christie played for the Raptors, his wife once confronted a female fan seeking an autograph and a kiss in Toronto. 'A security guard grabbed her, but I put my hand up and told her to back off really loud,' she said. 'It scared me, because my voice sounded like a demon ... she was touching someone she shouldn't have been.'"

He continues....

If you were granted an alternate TV wish, wouldn't it be for an "Osbournes"-style reality-TV show called "The Christies"? Just Doug getting harassed by his wife in episodes entitled "I wasn't looking at her!" and "I told you, that was Peja's fiancee!"

From this point forward, doesn't Christie's replica Kings jersey immediately become the best possible way for a group of guys to humiliate one of their emasculated buddies? Let's say you have that one friend who's spending a little too much time with a new girlfriend, and it seems like she's wearing the pants in the family, to the point that your buddy has been blowing you off. BOOM! Everyone chips in five bucks, you purchase the Christie jersey, and you mail it anonymously to him.

Now who here doesn't love sports!?!

- Oh. My. God. Drooldrooldrooldrooldrooldrooldrool. PS - Thanks to Glamorama for all the Oasis goodies up at his site right now.
- Beyonce: "I can't find clothes that fit my bum"
- The Beautiful Occupation (the tune I wrote about a few days ago) will be Travis' new single.
- Oh. My. God.-Part 2. Talks underway to give Wolverine his own movie after X-Men 3.
- Vin Baker hit a 12 foot jumper with 20 seconds left to give the C's a big W over the Pacers last night. Listen to cry-baby Jermaine O'Neal: "The fouls they called on me are unbelievable. Do I need to make five or six more All Star games, win an Olympic gold, continue to make All-NBA teams for me to get some respect in the paint? These refs are taking away my aggressiveness in the post." Perhaps everyone should take a look at the picture accompanying that link. It shows Vin launching the winning shot over Mr. O'Neal. Perhaps if he played better D on that possession and didn't miss a shot from 6 feet out with 3 seconds left his team would have won. Way to take responsibility JO. Punk. Now take a look at what Paul Pierce said after his team's tough loss to the Nets last Friday night, "I really haven't played up to my standards over these last five games. I've been turning the ball over way too much (5.8 per game) and I'm really taking my team's chances of winning away each and every night. My decision-making is just not where it should be. I've got to do a better job of that.'' Now you know why he is my favorite player in the NBA. Respect to you, PP.
- I hate it when that happens.
- The 10 most overpaid jobs in the USA.
- The Matrix: Reloaded in plain english.

Cheers all.
The sanest days are mad. Why don't you find out for yourself. Then you'll see the price very closely.


I have my thoughts to position
But do i know how to act?
I have no silent ambitions
But does that make me a man
Until i learn all i can
And mean all i understand
As a way of giving
I'm a piece of the earth
I take no offence
I can be who i am
I have no pretence
Only to what you can be
If you want to be
It's a way of living

I've got a pen in my pocket does that make me a writer?
Standing on the mountain doesn't make me no higher
Putting on gloves don't make you a fighter
And all the study in the world
Doesn't make it science

So grab a piece in the air
Try an' make it sing
Try and be who you can
It's the real, real thing
I'm into what you can be
If you want to be
As a way of living

I've got a pick in my pocket does that make me a player?
Words can't do - what action does louder
Putting on gloves doesn't make me a fighter
And all the study in the world doesn't make it science

The song Science is from his album Heavy Soul. Respect.

ATeam.jpg No one asked, but I thought you would all like to know that I went with the "None Of The Above" choice for my cell phone's ring tone and decided on the theme from the A-Team. It's crunkified. I love it when a plan comes together!
PS - Thanks Coolfer for spilling the beans early! No worries though, because my headline is much better than yours. Ha! You bring up a good point about people not complaining about paying $2 for a 30 second novelty ringtone but yet say that 99-cents for a MP3 from the iTunes Music Store is too expensive.
- My site came up yeserday in a search for the Jason Kidd Fanclub. The Horror! information leafblower refuses to give props to any wife-beater.
- The Carolina Panthers beat the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday, despite the efforts of a fan calling himself the Carolina Prowler. Dude, how stupid are you? Argh. I'm hoping to attend the Panthers/Eagles game over Thanksgiving weekend while I am at home in the Cackalack.
- This is the best idea that Major League Baseball has had in quite a while.
- Like I said earlier, I have no problem with Duke being ranked #2 in the pre-season poll. The reason? The last team to begin the season at number and also win the title was Kentucky in 1995. The pre-season #1 is a curse, not a blessing. For all you college bball fans, Pat Forde is an amazing writer. I still have goosebumps from this Duke/Kentucky article he wrote a few years ago.
- Josh Ozersky weighs in with this week's Celtics Report. The C's play at Indiana tonight which gives Globe columnist Shira Springer a chance to sit down and have a chat with Basketball Jesus.
- The FCC approved rules to allow us all to switch our home phones to be our new cell number.
- Imagine this: You are a DJ but you don't have any bulky gear. You don't need to drive to a gig, the subway/underground will do just fine. You don't need an assistant to carry milk crates of heavy vinyl. Everything you need is in your pockets and the size of a cigarette pack. You only have 2 iPods, but they together hold enough music to play for several months straight, 24-7, without a single repeat. You are a mp3j.

Cheers all.
Listening to the Root Down [EP] that the Beasties released back in 1995. They were a crazy tight live act back then.
Guys, what happened?

I'm Like Al Goldstein, I'm All About Screwing
Lead My Team To Sixty Wins Like My Man Pat Ewing

I've started underlining all the links in my posts as I didn't think they were standing out enough from the regular text. Let me know what you think. I tried making them all bold but it didn't mesh too well with all the other words that are in bold face in the posts. It was a bit of visual overload.
Anyways, feel free to comment on if the readability (is that a word?) has improved or not.

Got quite a shock today as I was flipping through the NYPost (they've redesigned their on-line site). It appears the owner of Carnival French Ice Cream in Park Slope (5th Avenue between 1tth and 12th streets) is being suspected of funneling a huge amount of money to al-Qaeda. Newsday also weighs in on the story. The war on terror here at home affects everyone but it opens your eyes when things like this take place 10 blocks from your apartment.
- Someone may want to drop Coolfer a line today. On Friday he watched his Kings go down to the lowly Knicks. Then last night he came over to watch the Kings open up a 15-2 lead on my Celtics, only to end up losing after they only scored 37 points in the second half. Vin Baker, take a bow. 18 points, 13 rebounds. Well done sir. This almost makes up for the C's loss to the freakin's Nets on Friday. Almost.
- Maurice Clarett: "Me am smart. Me fail PE." In other moronic sports news, Jim McMahon was arrested for DUI.
- Sarumon has been edited out of Return Of The King. Strange that.
- Ok, raise your hand if you thought Primal Scream would stay together long enough to release a greatest hits LP? Me neither.
- Lego album covers. [I got this from someone but can't remember who. Apologies]
- Wacky beer names. [same thing]
- Radiohead to start work on new album after their European tour. ...Trail Of Dead are also working on the follow up to Source Tags and Codes. Ummm...and Conrad Kelly is engaged to Juliette Lewis for some reason.
- I think I am the only person in the bloggerverse that doesn't have a copy of the Shins' Chutes Too Narrow. Call me crazy but I wasn't really feeling the first record.
- Hip hop has beens Arrested Development are suing the Fox Network over their sitcom of the same name.
- The iTunes Music Store lead's TIME Magazine's list of 2003's coolect inventions. Recognize.
- Argh. Another R.E.M. fluff piece.
- Thanks to Coolfer for pointing out this article over at Vice pointing out how sometimes it's the bands that fuck over the labels and not the other way around. (Granted that's not usually the case.) Still, I would have rather read about The Happy Mondays holding the masters of their (at the time) new record over some river(forget which one it was) demanding more money from the label so they could buy more crack.

Happy Monday! (get it?)

Time After Time was my least favorite song!
Time After Time was my least favorite song!

Say Hello to Luol Deng, the second ranked prep prospect behind that kid from Ohio. He looks good in white, no? He's gonna play a big part in Duke's success this year.

"He's the best player on our team," said Duke sophomore J.J. Redick. "No question."

"He could be the type of player who scores 20 points one night and then doesn't score the next but still has an impact on the game," (Lee) Melchionni said.

"He's our best player," Duke junior guard Daniel Ewing said. "We have guys accepting that Luol is our best player."

Such is the story in college basketball, especially in the ACC. 53% of the players in the conference are underclassmen.

See ya in March!

This one goes to 11. About time he had another column. I was close to withdrawl. Still waiting for a good basketball column now that the season is underway but this one has some football gems:

CINCINNATI (-5.5) over Houston
How 'bout this for a stayaway: "David Carr with a sprained ankle" takes on "Jon Kitna as a 5.5-point favorite." That's like choosing between Brooke Burns and Brooke Burke, only the complete opposite.
(By the way, is it wrong that I was in the shower last week thinking about how Corey Dillon ruined not one but TWO of my roto seasons, and I was trying to think of ways to get him back, so I decided I would find out his home address, then sign him up for something like 100 different magazine subscriptions with the "Bill Me Later" option? And I spent about 10 minutes concocting this plan before I realized that he was driving me insane? And yes, I'm married and I have a job. Let's just move on.)

Chicago (+2) over DETROIT
Let's just say that Fox isn't spending the extra money for a sideline reporter on this one.

JACKSONVILLE (+6) over Indianapolis
Rough week for Peyton Manning. Out of any sport, football is the one sport where you need to be 100% focused every week, or else it shows up on the field. Just look at that D.H. guy on "Playmakers" -- in the past seven weeks, his crack problem raged out of control, he injected fake urine into his own bladder, he slept with about 150 different call girls, and he found out that his brother was Snoop Dogg. Plus, he smoked hillybilly heroin on a UFO, ran for the governor of California, started a feud with Ja Rule and killed his blonde ex-wife and a waiter who was returning her glasses. You think his stats weren't affected? Of course they were.

Ah yeah, it's that time again. It's actually a nice day outside so I might, you know, leave my house and go breathe some fresh air.
Hey, crazier things have happened.
*Sigh* I need a job. Badly.
Celtics v. Nets tonight in Boston. A must win game for the C's. Nets lost to Indy last night and their starters all played over 40 minutes. [Mr. Burns voice] Excellent! [/Mr, Burns voice]. Then the Kings come to town Sunday afternoon. If we can win those 2 games, the C's will have a better record than the Mavs (and Fatoine) through 6 games.
- NBC Chief: "Coupling...sucked."
- I am sooooooooooo sick of reading REM article's that say the group feel "as strong as ever". They've been saying that for the last 5 years and haven't released a decent tune since The Great Beyond. My old favorite band sucks now.
- CNN is on some cutting edge shit. Commercials raise musicians' profiles. Wow, commercials work better at selling music than radio does? Really? Ya think?
- Absolutely hilarious eBay rant. I don't think my ex-wife was in the Black Market Beanie Trade..but then again, I didn't know she was having an affair either![thanks Mr. White]
- [thanks ypersound]
- 5 reasons not to buy an iPod. I agree with #1 and #4 isn't Apple's fault but the rest are crap. Nice try.
- Ha! I spit on your download service. Apple sells five times the amount of downloads that Napster does in it's first week. Napster = Durst. Pitchfork agrees.
- McDonalds to give away one billion iTunes songs. Do you want fries with that?
- Well, someone out there likes Napster. Penn State will pay the service to allow students to download songs. Napster will get paid out of the $160 information technology fee students pay each year. This could be a good idea.
- If anyone out there has a subcription to ESPN Insider, there is a great article on the NBA's upcoming expansion draft for next year and how it will affect everyone's salary cap. It's paid content so no linky. Sorry.
- Money is tight right now so I still haven't seen Matrix:Revolutions. Reviews have been mixed at best. Aint-It-Cool liked it but Slate panned it. So did The Guardian. Well, it did $43 million in it's first day.
- Gizmodo breaks down what each cellular carrier is charging for number portability. Good to know if you are renewing your contract anytime soon. Right Foxy J? PS - I just realized I didn't have yer site in my blog links to the right so apologies for that. Thought I added it a while ago. Cheers.
- Presidential hopeful Wesley Clark weighs in on the Outkast break up rumours. In Quicktime no less. Genius. [thanks Off On A Tangent]
- It's The End Of The World As We Know It. Funny. [thanks Stereogum]
- Suede break up. A nation yawns. Sorry Coolfer.
- From the I Told You So file: Pearl Jam to release their new single as a paid download as they are still without a label.
- Monosyllabic clears up any confusion you might have regarding all the -ills bands out there right now. [thanks Catherine]
- MYV Europe Music Awards winners. Xtina's stylist is not among them.
- BRMC were forced to halt a gig in Leeds as the floor under the audience cracked and was in danger of collapsing. I wonder if White Light Motorcade were supporting? I always get those groups mixed up.
- Dammit, this shit is TOO EASY. Duke gets a commitment from a 6-7 point guard that's ranked as the #2 prospect in the country. Paging Roy Williams, time to get off your ass and recruit.

Happy Friday everyone.

Everybody knows what's going wrong with the world. I don't even know what's going wrong with myself.


That's the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink.

If something happens, you drink in an attempt to forget;

if something good happens, you drink in order to celebrate;

and if nothing happens, you drink to make something happen.

- Charles Bukowski 1978

Wise words from the master. Respect.

In today's "I'm Really Glad I'm Not Working In The Music Industry Anymore News" I give you the Sony / BMG merger. Here's the Sony memo:

To: All Sony Music Employees

I have an important announcement that I’d like to share with all of you: Sony Music has signed a letter of intent to form a 50/50 joint venture with Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG). If completed, the agreement would include the global recorded music operations of both companies.

While we are optimistic that a partnership between Sony Music and BMG would provide significant opportunities to both companies – and invigorate the music marketplace overall -- you should keep in mind that we are at the very beginning of this process, and that we still have to secure approvals from regulatory bodies in both Washington, DC and the European Union. As always, we will continue to update you on developments when new information becomes available.

Finally, I want to thank each of you for your support and ongoing hard work. Your talent, knowledge, experience and dedication is our greatest strength.

I look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible in the days and weeks ahead to talk through all the many possibilities presented by this great opportunity.

All Best,
Andy Lack

When I was at college radio in the mid to late 90's, we always talked about in regards to The Big 6 - Sony, Polygram, Universal, EMI, BMG and Warner Bros. Polygram and Universal merged in 1999 or so, leaving The Big 5. Now with this merger and a proposed EMI/Warner Bros. merger, we may be down to The Big 3.

Although they lead for the entire first half and even took a 3 point lead in the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Celtics left Detroit with their 2nd loss of the season. Even with the L, it was an encouraging game for the Celtics on most fronts. PP had his usual stellar game with 20 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounds (and 5 turnovers, ugh) while Vin Baker chipped in with 20 points, most of them coming against last year's defensive player of the year, Ben Wallace. Wallace had another huge game against the C's. Respect. The turning tide was ex-Celtic Chauncey Billups domination of the Celtic point guards and the Pistons going 8-18 from 3 point range (including 5-6 in the 4th quarter) as opposed to the C's 2-13. Jumaine Jones made his Celtic debut and played a strong first half.
Even though they lost the game, make no mistake that the C's are much improved from last year. One anonymous Pistons player even went on record by saying "They're a much better team without Antoine [Walker]. Much better." New Jersey is in town on Friday. information leafblower asks all of his faithful readers from Detrizzle to direct their shit talking to the comments section below and to remember that the Pistons' have to come to Beantown twice before the year is out.

B0000DD797.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpgI was all set to write a review about the new Travis record, 12 Memories, of which I've had for a while (thanks to Redboy) but hadn't really spent time with. A closer listen to some of the songs has really hooked me. Travis will never be anyone's favorite band, but much like Coldplay, they're good background music to listen to. I've always thought they were much better rocking out than singing those dopey love songs and this album proves me right.
One track in particular really stands out to me, "The Beautiful Occupation" which depending on who you believe may or may not be a protest song about war. It can certainly be construed that way with lyrics like:
Don't just stand there watching it happening
I can't stand it
Don't feel it
Something's telling me
Don't wanna go out this way
But have a nice day

Then read it in the headlines
Watch it on the TV
Put it in the background
Stick it in the bag
Stick it in the bag

For the beautiful occupation
The beautiful occupation
You don't need an invitation
To drop in upon a nation

I'm too cynical
I'm just sitting here
I'm just wasting my time
Half a million civillians gonna die today
But look the wrong way

Then read it in the headlines
Watch it on the TV
Put it in the background
Stick it in the bag
Stick it in the bag

The beautiful occupation
The beautiful occupation
So much for an intervention
Don't call the united nations

What I am trying to say is that Travis, along with Radiohead, have released 2 very high profile albums (at least in the UK, probably less so on this side of the pond) which are both critical of the US war with Iraq. I know Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood have both gone on record saying Hail To The Thief wasn't a political statement but did you actually believe them? I certainly didn't. Shit, I was burning copies of HTTT for friends before it was released and labeling the CDR Hail To The Republican. And while no one will ever acuse Fran Healy of being Thom Yorke in terms of song writing, Travis is actually a bigger selling band than Radiohead in the UK (to my knowledge). So these two European groups (Radiohead are Britsh, Travis are Scottish) are showing their hands somewhat as far as their stance on the war and I say more power to them!
My question is where the hell are the American bands that are doing the same? It certainly much easier for someone not based in our country to be vocal about opposing the war, but I'm sure there are many people with views to express about it that are in a position to say something and really be heard. And I'm not talking about aging alternative icons making crappy one off war-protest songs(REM and the Beasties, I'm looking at you here). I'm saying where are the groups willing to go on record (literally) and put their money where their mouth is? Yes, some groups said "War is bad" in soundbites when the action broke out, but I don't hear much about it from that sector anymore, even though we've reached the point where our country has lost more troops since the combat "ended" than when we were actually fighting this war. It's also apparent that certain groups with multi-platinum status are afraid of Dixie Chick like reprecussions, but what's to stop all the indie bands out there that have never made a penny from royalties? I think Eddie Vedder put it best, "If we can't criticize the President while we are at war, doesn't that encourage him to be at war?"
Please visit for some much more coherent and well thought out political shiznit. Cheers.
PS - 12 Memories is available for purchase at the iTunes Music Store as an album or on a song by song basis.
- After tonight, there gonna be plenty of shit talking going on here one way or the other. That's right, I'm talking about the Beantown Leafblowers facing off against the Motor City Whatevs tonight. In english that means it Celtics at Pistons. And guess who the top scoring team in the East is? Might it located in Boston? Why yes, yes it is! Still, the C's will be without bench sparkplug Eric Williams and Jumaine Jones is still a few days away from taking the court, so that should mean more PT for Jiri Welsh. Trust me, that's a good thing. This is a big week for the C's. Pistons tonight, Nets Friday and Kings Sunday. 3-0 is not out of the question if we win tonight. The Nets are hurt and the Kings game will be the last of their 4 game road trip. Both teams tonight come off of 4 days rest so it's gonna be on.
- So who's gonna watch Andy Roddick The TV show? Besides me that is.
- Yes, the Big East will be the nation's best basketball conference, but you better be with 16 teams(!!!).
- Eternal gratitude to Nick Catchdubs for the timely link regarding the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko! Woo Hoo!
- Sony releases detail about it's "iPod Killer". OK, whatever....
- You can enjoy hours of fun with NSFW yo. [link via Off On A Tangent]
- Congrats to the Blogmore Academy Class of 2003.

Cheers all.
One love, one heart, one soul.
We can have it all.
Easy, easy do.

Someone may want to drop Uncle Grambo a line and make sure he is OK after he hears this news:

Amanda Bynes, who segued from Nickelodeon's "The Amanda Show" to The WB's "What I Like About You," seems to have a new love in her life - her WB co- star Nick Zano.

Don't shoot the messenger, OK?

images.jpg I want to go home, I don't want to stay


thom2.jpg I'm not here, this isn't happening

The wave of crap TV continues...Did anyone else (besides Lindsay and Uncle Grambo) actually waste an hour of their life watching Average Joe last night? I can honestly say I have never seen a more pathetic show in my entire life. It was soooo depressing. All these middle age geeks with receding hairlines practically crying to the camera "look past my bad complexion and questionable fashion sense! I really am a catch once you get to know me! It's all about what is inside!" Yet, what is the first thing each and every fucking one of them said after they met the chica in question, "She's hot!" Fellas, how can you expect America to look at your "pretty on the inside" selves when you are doing exactly what you are asking everyone NOT to do? Did anyone count how many times the phrase "I REALLY need a girl" was uttered last night? In the words of Uncle Grambo, No Buzz. Much like Coupling, I don't think this show is going to be around long. Molly Wizzle and Lindsay both spotted that the show is using lighting tricks to make the guy's complexion's seem even worse than they already are. I also found it very curious that she canned 2 of the decent looking guys last night. Strange that. Still, I feel bad for Melana. If she walks from the show, she's branded as shallow and uncaring by all of America(or at least the 14 people that are watching) and if she stays, she has a bunch of losers that she normally (and rightfully so) wouldn't give the time of day to choose from. A lose lose situation if there ever was one. Perhaps the worst part is Season 2 is already in the can.
- Halloween pictures are up, check the photo album on the right side of the page. That's our crazy cabbies ID number if you are interested.
- Oh shit, it's time to party like it's 1999! UConn and Duke are ranked 1 & 2 respectively in the pre-season Top 25 poll. UConn cemented their permanent place on my shit list when they upset Duke for the 1999 title. And yes, I'm still bitter about that loss, thanks for asking. We will get our revenge this season!
- Part 3 of The Sports Guy's NBA preview. He predicts big things for the Cetics because of the Ewing Theory. For those of you not familiar with the concept, two crucial elements needed to be in place for any situation to qualify for "Ewing" status:
1) A star athlete receives an inordinate amount of media attention and fan interest, and yet his teams never win anything substantial with him (other than maybe some early-round playoff series).
2) That same athlete leaves his team (either by injury, trade, graduation, free agency or retirement) -- and both the media and fans immediately write off the team for the following season.

Sound like the Fatoine Walker situation to anyone?
- Here's a GREAT article on Danny Ainge. Is Danny the pot calling the kettle black?
"I laugh when I hear Danny say Antoine takes too many shots," says a gleeful (Larry) Bird, now president of the Indiana Pacers. "Look who's talking. Danny was a gunner. I remember [former Celtics coach] Bill Fitch telling him, `You're shooting about the same percentage as your batting average.'
"M.L. Carr told everybody Danny was another Jerry West. After a few days of Danny missing all those shots, I turned to M.L. and said, `Hey, I thought Jerry West scored a lot of points.' "
"I remember Max [Cedric Maxwell] sitting there counting out loud, `1 for 10, 2 for 12, 3 for 17 . . .,'

- The Big East is announcing the 5 schools it will invite to join the conference in the wake of 3 schools defecting to the ACC. It's sad to think of the ACC as a football powerhouse where basketball now takes a back seat.
- Paul Weller say The Jam will NOT be reforming anytime soon.
- Pitchfork gets around to reporting about the Rebecca Gates tour I talked about last month. They also drop science on Dizzee Rascal signing to Matador.
- This just in, Tenacious D are fucking brilliant.
- Alien v. Predator trailer. I read somewhere that the script is a big pile of poop.
- Stop the presses, watching Oprah raises your stress levels. You can't make stuf like this up.
- Ho hum, another day, another brilliant post from Low Culture. This one compares the Oval Office to "The Office".
- Shit, everything isn't as bad as it seems, Slick Rick is going to be released from prison! Did I ever tell you about the time that I went to see Outkast at Tramp's (Aquemini tour) and I went to the bar to get a beer , took a sip, turned around and saw Slick Rick standing beside me, eye-patch and all? That was a fun night.

Remember, Waking up at 6 a.m. on a cool warm morning, Opening the windows and breathing in petrol, An amateur band rehearsing in a nearby yard, Watching the tele and thinking about your holidays,
That's Entertainment.

So then, the weekend that was...Friday night was, of course, Halloween. We threw a party at Lolita Bar (well, as you can see, we helped throw the party) which is now in it's 4th consecutive year(if you count the first one at Jude's apartment 4 years ago that I didn't attend). Anyways, a fun time was had by all. Cheers to Eden for putting it all together and making it happen. There were some great costumes this year(as you will soon see). Quite a few people went for the Roy costume and I also saw a few Steve Bartman's. One quick note: WEARING A SPORTS JERSEY DOES NOT A COSTUME MAKE! Glad we're straight on that one. I'll post all of my snaps up in a photo album on this page sometime later today.
Now, as all New Yorkers know, in these parts Halloween is also called the night of "There Is No Way In Hell We're Gonna Find A Cab Home". Molly Wizzle and myself waited for a good 15 minutes out on Delancy street when we finally hailed one and got him to stop. But as soon as we got in and said the magic words, "Park Slope", he was all like "Get the fuck out of my cab, I have to go uptown and take a piss" (except it was in some wierd Eastern European accent). We were like "Ummmmm...NO, take us the fuck home right the fuck now" and he proceeded to yell "You will NOT curse in this cab" and start uptown (away from Brooklyn) without the meter running, repeatedly telling us he was NOT driving us to Brooklyn. I did the sensible thing by calling the TLC and leaving them a message with the drivers info and the dilly, but by the time I was done, Molly Wizzle had had enough and sprung into action. She started opening the rear driver's side door of the cab as we were weaving in and out of traffic up 1st Avenue and shouting "You're not gonna need this door back here are you?" and certifiably freaking the driver out. She did this not once, but twice and I was hanging onto her for dear life lest she be flung from the car. Keep in mind this was about 2:30 in the AM and we had been at the party since 9 PM. In other words, despite our somewhat clouded judgement, it seemed completely sensible at the time.
So the driver, sensing he was overmatched, caved into our demands around 23rd street and hopped on the FDR going south and clicked on the meter. He refused to take the route we wanted him to take but we finally got back in our hood about 30 minutes later. We had him stop at the end of our block (away from our crib) and Molly ran into an apartment building that we do not live in while I faked fumbling for some money. The meter read $16 and change. I gave the guy a tenner and told him to get to steppin'. He tried arguing with me about the rest of the money, but quickly realized there was no use and drove off. As soon as he turned the corner, we hurried up the block to our crib, thankful to finally be home. Trips home like this happen in NYC every once in a while but aren't that common. At least in my experience.
Saturday, I drove our Mercedes down to Virginia so my parents could sell it to one of their friends. We really had no more use for it here in Brooklyn with winter approaching and decided now was the best time to get rid of it. It was a gorgeous day for a drive and once I rolled out of bed, slightly hungover, at 10:30, I was on the road an hour later. I got to my destination in 5 short hours, watched VA Tech crush Miami, had some dinner, chatted with my parents and finally crashed.
Sunday I took a flight back from Dulles to LaGuardia and made it back to the hood in time to catch the tail end of the big pack of runners during the Marathon. It comes exactly 1.5 blocks away from the crib, straight down 4th Avenue. I missed it last year due to general laziness and felt bad about doing so, so I was glad I got to catch some of it this year before it was all over. However, unlike Coolfer, I didn't have a big PA system near my house blasting bad hip hop all day. phew. *wipes brow*
And if that wasn't boring enough for everyone to read, today I went to the gym for the first time since my knee surgery 11 weeks ago. It felt great. I rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes and did the elliptical trainer for another 10 in addition to lifting some weights. Looking forward to going back tomorrow.

I haven't really been on the computer for the last 3 days so I don't have much to post as far as links go, so those will have to wait until tomorrow. Check back soon for the Halloween photo album.
Remember, these things take time.

And congrats to Nick, who correctly guessed my costume. My friends are obvs not as gully as Mr. Catchdubs. NO ONE could guess who I was dressed up as on Friday night and everytime I told them, they said "Oh...never saw it."
Hello? It's only the greatest movie made in the last 5 years (other than Fight Club, natch). So the irony that the movie takes place over Halloween was completely lost on everyone. Sometime I wonder why I even bother.

As Nick's prize (should he want to collect), he'll recieve a complentary copy of this month's mixtape, entitled RESET. Tracklisting as follows:

Artist / Song / Album

PJ Harvey / No Girl So Sweet / Is This Desire
The White Stripes / The Hardest Button To Button / Elephant
Andre 3000 / She Lives In My Lap / The Love Below
Interpol / Obstacle 1 / Turn on the Bright Lights
Radiohead / High And Dry / The Bends
The Velvet Teen / Naked Girl / The Great Beast February
Trail Of Dead / Crowning Of A Heart / The Secret Of Elana's Tomb
Johnny Cash / The Ballad Of Ira Hayes / The Essential Johnny Cash
Superdrag / Do The Vampire / Head Trip In Every Key
Blur / You're So Great / Blur
The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead / The Queen Is Dead
The Wannadies / You And Me Song / The Wannadies
Massive Attack / Be Thankful For What You Got / Blue Lines
The Strokes / Under Control / Room On Fire
The Boo Radleys / Adieu Clo Clo / Kingsize
Elbow / Snooks (progress report) / Cast of Thousands
Big Boi / Reset / Speakerboxxx





Our party at Lolita Friday night was off the chain except that not one single person guessed who I was dressed up as (maybe I should have put my hood up more). That's me all the way on the left in the group shot. Free CD for the first person with the correct guess.



Full report tomorrow.