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Dec 12 2003

I Might Be Wrong

Hooooooooooboy. Not sure to start with this flaming pile of BS. Fatoine Walker can't let go. Today he disses Celtic Director of Basketball Operations and resident genius Danny Ainge. Guess whose side I am on? I'll let Fatoine start:

fatoine.jpg"Danny wanted to get rid of me," said Walker. "If you look at the trade, I think he really felt like I wouldn't mesh with these guys in Dallas. Me, personally, I think he was really trying to set my career back a little bit. If you really look at what I got traded for, it's got to be the biggest difference [in talent] in history. Usually, an All-Star gets traded for an All-Star. And you gave away Tony Delk, a proven scorer in this league."

"I never had a relationship with him. I knew he was going to be a snake. Walker acknowledged he "wasn't trying to have a relationship" with Ainge, in no small part because of negative comments Ainge made as an analyst. Walker contends that his close relationship with Celtics coach Jim O'Brien, as well as a number of staff members and front office personnel, threatened Ainge... I was like, `Just trade me now because I know you're not going to pay me. So, just trade me now."

"I'm sure he probably regrets [making the deal]. He'll probably never admit he regrets it. I know he knows what situation he put me in. So, [the Mavericks] winning is not surprising him. But if I'm able to succeed individually and have a good season. Then, obviously, if Boston doesn't do well, he's going to regret it. You go to the Eastern Conference finals and then the second round of the playoffs. You only have a little window of opportunity. Now, if you take a step back and don't make the playoffs, and if every year, you're fighting to be around .500, he's going to regret it. That means he came in and set the organization back instead of moving it forward. He won't regret it so much as the owners will regret it. Really, really, really, regret it. I think to win a championship you've got to have two superstars.

Ainge, classy as ever, responded.

Every player that gets traded is emotionally hurt and their pride is hurt and I understand it. I've been a player and I've been traded twice. I understand his perspective. I obviously don't agree. And I can't think of a better situation that Antoine Walker went to than Dallas, individually and everything.

Now, let me retort on a point by point basis,
1) I would nominate Rick Robey and Joe Barry Carroll for Robert Parish and Kevin McHale as the most lopsided trade in terms of talent exchanged in NBA history.
2) Other than score 50 points in one game when he played in Phoenix with Jason Kidd, Tony "Injured All The Time" Delk hasn't done jack shit in the NBA. Gimme Jiri Welsch any day.
3) The players involved in the deal are more than Antoine and Tony for Raef Lafrentz, Jiri, Chris Mills and a #1 pick. Mills and current Celtic Eric Williams will be dealt sometime between Dec 15 and the mid February trading deadline for another player or two. After that, we will have two picks in the upcoming draft. Say we trade EWill and Mills and get Clippers Quentin Richardson (a rumoured Ainge target) and Melvin Ely in return and then trade up in the draft and nab (for the sake of arguement) Duke superfrosh Luol Deng. All of a sudden that deal looks a whole lot better, no? The true value of this deal won't be known for at least another year or two.
4) I guarentee you, that after comments like this, Danny Ainge is sure he did the right thing.
5) No matter what Fatoine thinks, even if he did play in Boston this year, the Celtics weren't winning the championship any time soon. Yes, winning the East might be an admirable thing, but this is the Boston Celtics my friend. The single greatest professional basketball franchise in the world. Period. 16 World Chamionships. Anything less than #17 is a failure. Ask the Nets how they like those 2 Eastern Conference championships compared to what the Lakers and Spurs walked away with.
And lastly, dude, you got traded to a title contender! And the owner in Dallas has fat pockets and is not afraid to overpay players. If anything, Ainge did you a favor. I just hope your big fucking head fits into the Fleet Center on Dec. 17th so we can beat your ass on national TV. ESPN, 8 PM. Party at my place. But I digress...
- Wooooohooooooo!! Super Furry tour dates for February 2004. Webster Hall stizz in NYC. Unortunately, the Detrizzle show is on a Tuesday so I won't be able to fly up there and make a weekend of it. Or will I?
- Will there be a new Blur EP next year?
- Pitchfork is making a book.
- Posh Spice blames the Brtish media on her rep as a "miserable bitch".
- The Sports Guy handicaps the NFL Playoff picture. Nothing that excerpt-worthy.
- In today's Big Suprise department, a Pentagon probe has estimated that VP Dick Cheney's former company (from which he still draws a salary that is more than his pay as VP) Halliburton overcharged as much as $61 Million for gasoline in Iraq.
The Pentagon officials said they were concerned about the problems with [Haliburton subsidiary]KBR's contracts, which were awarded without competitive bidding for up to $15.6 billion.
That's Billion with a B folks.

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Two comments on Halliburton. First, there's little doubt they overchaged. To exactly what degree is unknown. Hopefully somebody will sort through the political BS and come up with a good estimate. Second, they're delivering gas into the most dangerous place on the planet. Let them make a nice mark up on the petrol, for shit's sake.

Posted by: Coolfer at December 12, 2003 2:34 PM

Why should we cut them slack on projects on which they recieved no competition and could have been done much cheaper by others?

Other companies were very willing to do the job. It's not like Halliburton were the only ones who wanted the job.

Posted by: information leafblower at December 12, 2003 3:03 PM

Slack? What slack? Allowing a contractor to make a profit is not cutting slack. Companies are in business to make a profit. Nobody purposely loses money on goods and services. Just because it's the taxpayers' money doesn't mean the winner of a contract all of a sudden turns into a not-for-profit enterprise. They should pay back what is overcharged, obviously, but they should also be allowed to turn a profit.

Other companies were willing to do the job. Naturally. We can debate the no competition part of the contract until the cows come home. The fact is that Halliburton has the job. (I hope people quick whining about it but remember it when it comes times to vote.) There is such thing as hazard pay, you know. Halliburton should be charging for the hazards of the job, on top of the normal expenses incurred. That's fair. So here are the stats according to a Halliburton spokesperson (no way of knowing if this is the truth, but whatever...): 20 trucks damaged or stolen, nine drivers injured and one killed.

Here's what I find funny about the no-comp contract. When news broke, everybody was pissed off. Reporters went into a frenzy, no doubt smelling Halliburton-gate. Three things were ignored. First, did the government really have the time to sit through a normal bidding process? Probably not. Second, the bidding process is anything but pristine morality. You think a no-comp contract is sleazy? The entire process of securing government contracts is disgusting. Let's keep it in perspective. Third, the same reporter who broke the story later admitted that there are only a few companies that have the capacity to to the job required. Few media outlets bothered to mention that little quote, lest they risk losing their Halliburton-gate story. So it's not like there's a line of bidders stretching around the corner--which is the image the media portrays to people. I should also add that in everyday business, the lowest bidder doens't always get the contract.

Posted by: Coolfer at December 12, 2003 4:21 PM

This is the first time I've ever been here and I like it. Anyone who says good things about Danny Ainge is my friend.

Posted by: mcf at December 14, 2003 10:32 AM