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I have a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell!

The Sports Guy strikes again.

Peabs v. Lou Dobbs:
Detractors claim he's utterly unelectable, personally irresponsible, and ethically repugnant. His supporters argue that Peabs is exactly what America needs. Is he a flash in the pan, or the future of politics in America? As part of CNN's ongoing coverage of the Presidential primaries, Lou Dobbs Tonight host Lou Dobbs sat down with Peabs.

LD: What would you say to those that claim genital size and curvature is unimportant to the electorate, and that your attacks on John Kerry relating to said are the worst kind of negative campaigning and mudslinging?

Peabs: Peabs only speaks truths, Lou. Obvs, if you've got a small D, I'm gonna attack you. I don't feel this is "mudslinging," per se, just brutal honesty from a man who happens to be blessed down below. Bovs.

Obvs in '04! Tiggs, Shats and Boombalats.

Well, it’s a bittersweet day here at information leafblower headquarters. It is time to reveal the matters of personal interest that have been consuming so much of my time in the last few weeks. So here is the buzz:

On February 10th I will be moving back home to the North Cackalack. I’m doing this in part because I can’t seem to find gainful employment in NYC, but mostly because my girlfriend and I, via mutual decision, have decided to end our relationship of five years. Damn, time fucking flies when you’re having fizz. Just as bad, if not worse, is that I’m also losing kitty. Molly and I actually broke up a few months ago but are just now telling everyone.

So to recap my 2003: tear ACL playing soccer, have ACL surgery, unable to walk for two months, get laid off 4 days after ACL surgery, unemplyed and broke for most of the year, break up with girlfriend (& kitty).

If that was a country song, no one would listen to it.

Needless to say most of our friends were/are shocked. Apologies to those that didn’t receive the news from me in person. I’ve been trying to clue everyone in but of course some people are going to be left out. This was not intentional.
This whole experience has been unlike any other break up I’ve ever had to deal with because 1) we still live together and 2) we are still friends. Molly and I still hang out alot and have fun together and I have no doubt that we will be friends for a long time after this is all over. For that I am extremely thankful.
It’s also strange getting together with my friends now because every time we hang out I wonder if that will be the last time I will see them. Well, the world is much smaller nowadays and it’s not that hard to keep in touch. Hint hint.
Moving away from the Big Apple is sad in many respects but I was here for seven fun filled years and it’s time to move on. I need a change badly and a change of scenery will (hopefully) do the most good. I’ve always said I wasn’t going to live in NYC forever, so I guess there’s no time like the present get going on that. I am ready to drive to work and have closets in my apartment that actually are wide enough to hang clothes in.
As for the immediate future, it’s all about packing and getting rid of the things I won’t need once I’m back down below the Mason Dixon line. Molly and I are heading to Boston next weekend to see the Super Furry Animals for one last glorious blowout. We’ll see the Super Furries again the following Monday in NYC and then pack everything up the next day and I’ll hit the road. Loading the moving truck up with all the snow on the ground should be fun. I’ll be back at my parent’s house near Charlotte until I can find a gig somewhere, hopefully Atlanta.

So next week I will be on an abbreviated publishing schedule. The following week I’ll be moving so I’m not sure when I’ll be back online after the 10th.

Sorry if this melodramatic, but it’s something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while.
Thanks for listening.

and i know that
what is here will not be here much longer
unless we alter what we have
or alter what we don't have / what we won't have
what we've never seemed to have
what we try to have / we fail to have
and all of this was just so we won't

stay the same / if we can't be the same
we won't stay the same
our similar thoughts will never let us
stay the same / if we can't be the same
we won't stay the same
just because we think we are the same

Oh yes...believe it. All Hail Largehearted Boy for this download of the mighty Chuck Palahniuk reading his short story entitled Guts.

Or gal...or person...whatever. If you're not keeping up with the The Sports Guy and his daily entries to his "blog", you are SO missing out. I take back all the bad things I said about Billy Boy, we're all just swimming in your wake this week.

So, we came up with this big plan for Media Day: Jimmy's cousin Sal (a frequent contributor to the show, as well as one of my good friends and the author of the best-selling book, "I Just Hit a Five-Player Parlay in the Australian Open!") is going to pretend he's one of the players. And with the staggering number of foreign journalists and non-sports fans running around at Media Day, we think it just might work.
Now we need to decide on a player. Sal has to pretend he's a kicker, since he's barely 5-foot-9. And everyone knows what Adam Vinatieri looks like, given that he's made two of the most memorable kicks in the history of football and all. That leaves Panthers kicker John Kasay. Who the heck knows what John Kasay looks like?

... most of our crew is staying at the luxurious La Quinta, located conveniently about 35 minutes from downtown Houston. It's $54 a night, and that's during Super Bowl Week. Good times! It's the kind of place Billy Bob Thornton's son met with his weekly hooker in "Monster's Ball," only a little less classy.
Within two hours there, some of the gang witnessed a man leaving his room, with his dog on a leash, and about 10 different white towels that were soaked in pee. One of the other writers, Paul, described the sight as the worst thing he has ever seen, and this is a guy who has seen Kathy Griffin naked.

Over the next 45 minutes, we end up roping in a handful of people, with Sal giving crazy answers like, "I'll let you in on a little secret: I have a metal left foot, the league has no idea," and "I don't care about the game, I'm just here for the strippers."

For the past eight years, Sony PlayStation and 989 Sports have thrown a Super Bowl party together. For the past eight years, one star from each Super Bowl team has competed in the most current version of "NFL GameDay." And for the past eight years, the player who prevailed ended up winning a Super Bowl ring just a few days later.

Our announcers for the evening? Pat O'Brien and Deion Sanders. Pat was wearing a Kangol hat, grey suede jacket and jeans that were anchored by an oversized Texas belt buckle. "Does he realize that he's white?" somebody behind me asked. Excellent question. I like Pat though -- I like anyone who could wear that outfit in front of 400 people.

Now I'm furious. That was Troy's fault. Everyone knows that football games have an "All right, this guy's playing like a wuss" trigger that activates something bad to happen. It's a distant cousin of the "No F------ Way Game," the game when you've won too many games in a row during a season, and the Play Station activates that "There's no f------ way you're winning this game" chip.

"I'm sorry," one of the GameDay PR ladies tells me, sensing that I might jump over the balcony. "Well, it's a great game you guys have," I hiss at her. "I didn't realize Stephen Davis was the greatest running back of all-time."

As I'm thinking about this stuff, Smith does something unbelievable -- he goes for the two-point conversion ... and gets it to make the score 22-7. There have been rappers who have shot each other for doing that. It's the ultimate insult. Remember the scene in "Goodfellas" when Billy Batts tells Tommy, "Now go get your shine box?" Going for the two-point in front of 400 people is 10 times worse than that. Smith could have stood up and peed on Brown's right leg and it wouldn't have been as insulting.

Good stuff to say the least. I used to speak with Pat O'Brien quite a bit at my last gig, he was a super cool guy. I always told him I wouldn't hold it against him that I associated his face with the Lakers winning the '86 title over the C's (he used to cover bball for NBC in the pre-Access Hollywood days). He always acted like that was a funny joke or something. Respect.

Did anyone else catch Peabs going at it with Bill O'Reilly last night? It was pretty heated stuff. Peep the transcript:
PEABS: ... the vast majority of illegal drug users use drugs like ‘mos, either occasionally or perhaps once a wizz. No buzz. The vast majority of illegal drug users are marijuana users, in fact. Shmears.
O'REILLY: Well, OK, but look...
PEABS: Now, we're talking about (inaudible, Peabs hits joint)...
O'REILLY: ... you're getting off, you're getting off the topic in the sense that you believe -- See, I believe public intoxication should be against the law, and it is. If you're intoxicated in public, it's against the law.
PEABS: Shmears. Not everywhere, man. I mean, New Orleans would be an example of a plizz where you're allowed to drink on the street, fuck dirty-ass skanky whores…
O'REILLY: You may be allowed to drink on the street. You're not allowed to be intoxicated on the street. There's a blood alcohol level everywhere in this United States. If you're over it, you get hauled in. And I believe that's a fair and good law. You don't.
PEABS: G’damn rizz Peabs doesn’t.
Obvs in '04!

This is one of the most fucked up things I've ever seen. It's so wrong, but so so funny.

For anyone that's around the NYC area, I'm selling my Palm Vx and my 24 speed mountain bike + bike rack. Drop me a line if you're interested. Both are in A+ condition.

Today's word/phrase is:
gratta: pants stuck in the butt

There is so much buzz today that I'll have to run it down bullet stizz:

- Lonely? How about an imaginary girlfriend as opposed to a real one? Less hassle you know.

- As if seeing the Knicks play didn't cost enough, Gov. Pataki wants to include an additional tax on tickets to sporting events to help pay for wireless telephone emergency service programs and other homeland security initiatives. The city and state already have an 8.625 percent surcharge on all tickets and we haven't even gotten to the TicketBastard charges yet. Just wait until they raise it again to pay for that stadium on Flatbush and Atlantic.

- Mo' Money, Mo' Problems. Wardel Fenderson, P Diddy's former limo driver is suing him for a cool $3 million because has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and has been in constant fear for his life ever since he helped Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs flee a shooting at Club New York on Dec. 27, 1999. Yeah buddy, a million dollar lawsuit should make you feel real safe now. A friend hooked Fenderson up with the job but he warned him that Puffy was "very arrogant, very demanding, has a very, very hot temper and some acquaintances of a bad nature." Really? Are we talking about the same P Diddy here?

- Howard Dean changes campaign managers. His new one worked for Al Gore. How'd that work out for him?

- Stop the presses! Former CIA weapons inspector David Kay admitted to Congress yesterday that Iraq almost certainly did not have weapons of mass destruction before the war.

- "Good evening Mr. Jacko, would you like the Jesus Juice or the Jesus Blood to go with your meal tonight?"

- An Oregon hotel worker came forward yesterday and announced that she had a consensual sexual encounter with Kobe Bryant that stopped just short of sex in April of 2003. Strangely this will neither help or hurt the prosecution as the woman described Bryant as "a perfect gentleman" when she said no to intercourse. I wonder how big of a ring Vanessa is getting for this?

- Homer Simpson to star in a Superbowl ad for Mastercard. The ad highlights a typical day for Homer, who runs some errands so he'll be able to spend more time with Marge and the kids. Homer's first stop is the Kwik-E-Mart, where he grabs a six-pack of Duff, a hot dog, potato chips and some doughnuts as the voiceover intones "Diapers, milk and laundry detergent . . . $25" ("Oh yeah, and the stuff he said," Homer responds).

- This is fucked up. For real. I have actually met and hung out with the myth and legend that is TMFTML and while being an all around cool person, was very serious in keeping his/her identity a secret. This is something I fully respect and I wish TMFTML the best.

- Foxy Jess has been at the top of her game lately over at The Blueprint. Respect.
**Update** Can I call it or what? Foxy J got the mention over at E! online regarding her Bill Murray piece. Awesome!! Way to go Jess!! Don't forget the small (unemployed) people on your way to the top. [link from the ubiquitous Whatevs]**UPDATE**

- Andre Agassi had his 26 game winning streak at the Australian Open snapped in the this year's semi finals by Marat Safin.

- Lost cause Eddie Girffin is heading back to rehab because he can't keep his willy in his pants. He is taking an indefinite leave from the team just three weeks after signing with the New Jersey Nets. The media's been saying "he's playing tomorrow" for the last week. Yeah right.
Four days ago police responded to calls from alarmed guests at a Rutherford, N.J. hotel concerning Griffin going to the wrong room looking for a girl he had just met. He was invited by a girl up to a party in the hotel," said Sgt. Patrick Feliciano of the Rutherford Police Department's Detective Bureau."Somehow, he went to the wrong room, was knocking on the door and frightened the guest who called police. The person didn't know who he was."Officers responded but there was no arrest made, Feliciano said.
Griffin, 21, has a long history of emotional and legal issues. Nine days ago, he was convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana-possession charge in Houston. He still faces a felony assault charge that will be heard Feb. 13, when sentencing on the pot rap also is set. Yet somehow, the Nets were applauded for signing this guy to a one year contract worth $371,000, but the Celtics were idiots to trade for Ricky Davis, who has never had an off court issue in his entire NBA career. Idiots!!

- Don't even front. You bitches got lucky last night. Why do the refs love that punk ass bitch Rip Hamilton so much? If he chips a nail, they call a foul. Rip Hamilton is the new Reggie Miller. And by that, I mean NO BUZZ.
The C's were on the wrong end of many a questionable call (at home no less!!) last night but special props go out to Big Ben Wallace for his 4 straight free throws down the stretch to seal it for the Pistons. Respect to BB. I will take solace in the fact that the C's scored 103 points on one of the best defensive teams in the NBA and actually outrebounded their opponents.
New coach John Carroll was doing all sorts of crazy things on the court, like running screens to get his jump shooters open and having people cut to the basket for lay ups. Crazy I tell you! He even went out on a limb and played our two best low post players, Chris Mihm and Mark Blount, AT THE SAME TIME, so we could hang with Detroit's big boys on the glass. Mihm ended up fouling out, but had 16 points and 9 boards while Blount added 12 and 9. Some people may not like where we are heading, but I feel the future is very bright.

Last night while watching the Kings v. Rockets tilt, Coolfer and I decided that Turn You Inside Out was the grestest REM song ever. Thoughts? I further submit New Adventures In Hi-Fi as their most under-rated album.

Nothing could be bring me closer
Nothing could be bring me near
Where is the road I follow? / to leave, leave

Today's word / phrase is:
rain closet: shower

Due to philosophical differences the Jim O'Brien era ended in Beantown yesterday, to the dismay of some and the delight of others. Count me in the latter group. I greatly respect Obie for taking this club to within 2 games of the NBA Finals in 2001 and all the other things he has done for the franchise, but I had tired of his over reliance on veteran role players like Waltah McCarty and especially his motionless offense that relied on three point shooting. The Celtics are not a hard team to defend or prepare for and hopefully now that will change.

obrien_i.jpgMake no mistake, Obie's reliance on his precious "system" is what did him in in Boston. He continually tried to get the players to fit into the system as opposed to adjusting his game plans around the talent. Rather than take Obie to task for this, Ainge simply traded away his crutches in December when he sent Eric Williams, Tony Battie and Kedrick Brown to the Cavs for Ricky Davis, Chris Mihm and Yogi Stewart. Obie was crushed to say the least. Ainge wants to win in the future, Obie wanted to win right now.

The Celtics are one of the least fun teams to watch in the NBA because of their archaic offense. Paul Pierce gets triple teamed so much that he thinks he is wide open when only two people are on him, yet Obie never runs any plays to get PP free looks at the basket. He has stationed Ricky Davis, an excellent mid range shooter, out by the three-point line, also reducing his effectiveness in driving to the basket.
Obie amazed me by leaning so hard on his veterans this year when Ainge continually went to the press saying it was a rebuilding year and he had no expectations for the club, essentially giving Obie free reign to experiment with his line ups and strategies, regardless of the results. Obie, the stubborn bastard he is, wouldn’t bite and the team kept shooting three pointers and getting badly out rebounded night after night.

So now the team is in the hands of assistant John Carroll. Carroll was brought to Boston by Rick Pitino, so unfortunately, the Pitino era is still not done in Beantown. Argh. Whether or not Carroll will still be the head man next year remains to be seen. I look for Danny Ainge to bringin someone he can control and dictate things like playing time to, essentially having an extension of himself on the bench. The names I have heard the most are former Phoenix suns coaches Frank Johnson (an Ainge assistant when he was the head man there) and Paul Westphal as well as ex-Celtic Dave Cowens, currently employed the the club as a scout.

O'Brien will undoubtably get another coaching gig in the very near future. There is some speculation he may take over in New Jersey. Whatever happens, I wish him the best, but I'm still glad he is gone.

Oh yeah, the Celtics play the Pistons tonight. I'll be watching for obvious reasons.

Slow news day my ass!! Message board punching bag Jim O'Brien resigns as head coach of the Boston Celtics today. This story is so new there is no link on ESPN. Assistant head coach and "defensive wiz" (a term I use loosely as it is up for debate due to the teams recent performances) Dick Harter has also resigned. It is thought that assistant John Carroll will take over in the interim basis.
Does this set the stage for Danny Ainge to return to the bench?
If not, will Caroll stay on the bench all year or will someone else be brougt in?
Does the team still owe O'Brien for the remaining 3 1/2 years on his contract?
Does this affect the Vin Baker contract buyout/termination situation?
What does Paul Pierce think of this?
Will the Sports Guy weigh in?
Stay tuned to this site for more updates.

I've been swamped with personal stuff so far this week, hence the lack of the usual witty, insightful comments in this space. Be patient, all will be revealed.

Bill Gates is all like "To say a system is secure because no one is attacking it is very dangerous," trying to call out Apple and Linux as unsecure platforms. Meanwhile, the MyDoom virus is fucking shit up on Windoze systems worldwide. Gates went on to stick his foot in his mouth even further by dropping gems like "A high-volume system like (Windows) that has been thoroughly tested will be by far the most secure," as well as "Everybody who had their software completely up-to-date was immune to those (virus) problems. But only 20 percent of our customers were, so obviously, we weren't doing enough." OK...whatever you say bro.

I can't believe I beat Peabs to this story (all the time and drugs on the campaign trail must be taking their toll), but the mascot for the Chicago Bulls was arrested for selling weed. Police found 6 ounces of pot with a street value of more than $1,000 and a scale in the trunk of his car late Monday night. Chester Brewer, 31, was charged with delivery of marijuana and appeared for a bond hearing Tuesday afternoon.

In other news, According to sources with the Chicago Bulls, a buyout of Jay Williams contract will be finalized in the next few days.

The Sports Guy is in Houston all week to cover the big game for ESPN and the Jimmy Kimmel show. His column is serving as a blog while he is down there. Here are the entries for Monday and Tuesday. He promises it will be updated 2 to 3 times per day while he is in town.

In case you were wondering, Ricky Davis has played 22 games wearing green and white. I feel at home, real comfortable," he said. "I'm trying to do what I can to win ballgames. It's been pretty good so far." Personally, I'm still trying to put the beat down the C's got at the hands of the Nets on Sunday out of my mind. We play the Pistons tomorrow. Cowboy up!

Uconn skipper Jim Calhoun apologized for his diarrhea of the mouth following his teams unexpected loss to lowly Providence (note:the Friars are 14-3, I should look at the standings before I write things like this). When asked about Ryan Gomes, the Providence star that hails from nearby Waterbury, CT, Calhoun went off the deep end with a profanity laced tirade."I took Emeka Okafor and Caron Butler. They're not bad! I can't get everyone!"
Can you imagine Coach K ever doing something like this?
Me neither.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I repeat, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Serves you right.

Landon Donavan might be joining Brian McBride in the EPL this season. MLS should look to get some scrub players from the EPL to come over here for a while.

2004 NME award nominations revealed.

Even more exciting are the 2004 Grahammy Awards, Pt. 1.

The mighty Mozzer is in the new issue of Index Magazine, whatever that is.

Today's word/phrase is:
Beam me up, Scotty: request for crack cocaine

Sorry I've been away most of the day. I've been owning Matt from in his big "I'll Name 10 MC's Better Than Jay-Z and/or 2Pac" discussion. I'm kidding of course, but the timing of his topic is eerie.

Last night was officially the end of Xmas, as Fiona, Anna, Mr. White, Molly and yours truly got together to finally exchange gifts. While the presents I dished out to the faithful were totally on point, I recieved the official "Gift Of The Night" in the form of the Hip Hoptionary, the dictionary of hip hop terminology. Anna meant this as a joke but now I have the edge I need to hang with all the smooth talking cats out there as well as those others that just talk weird or have invented their own freaking language. Obvs. Perhaps now I can get a cabinet position in the administration....

I will spit like a janky joe peckerwood no more my peeps. Ya heard? (That sentence translated to the white people's vernacular would read I will talk like a clueless average white person no more my good people. Do you understand me? )

But I don't want to leave my faithful readers behind either, so I will be starting a new feature here on information leafblower. Each weekday I will provide you with a slang vocabulary word or phrase and it's corresponding definition. This way, we will all be able to take it to the bridge.

Today's word/phrase is:
Take it to the bridge: to maximize one's effort.

Oh yeah...Byron Scott = owned.

yo, cause I'm a teacher / and Scott is a scholar
it ain't about money / cause we all make dollars
that's why / I walk with my head up
when I hear wack rhymes / I get fed up
rap is like a set-up / a lot of games
a lot of suckas with colorful names
I'm so-and-so / I'm this / I'm that
huh, but they all just wick-wick-wack

I'm listening to the new AIR album, Talkie Walkie, right now. It's perfect Sunday morning music. Good stuff, a definite return to form for the French duo.

Best. Ad. Ever!!! Pepsi uses 20 teenagers sued by the DB's at the RIAA in their forthcoming Superbowl ad to announce their partnership with the iTunes Music Store.
Annie Leith, a 14-year-old from Staten Island, appears with other downloaders in the ad, which features music by Green Day. The band cut a special version of the 1966 Bobby Fuller Four hit I Fought the Law for the ad, by BBDO, New York. In the ad, Leith holds a Pepsi and proclaims: "We are still going to download music for free off the Internet." Then the announcer says how: "Announcing the Pepsi iTunes Giveaway."
Pepsi will be giving away 100 million free songs from the iTunes Music Store beginning February 1.

Howard Dean- the remixes. Rolling Stone is working on an article about how many Apple users are using the new Garageband software to make their own remixes. I just got my iLife '04 software package this weekend, so I'll have to give it a spin next week.

Speaking of my favorite computer company, yesterday was the 20th birthday of the Mac, aka "the people's computer".

In other Mac related news, the relase of the iTunes Music Store for Europe is being held up by red tape.

Good reading. A sordid recap of all the problems with Charlotte's pro sports franchises since the Panthers last made the NFC title game in 1996. Will former Panther Rae Carruth be watching the Superbowl next weekend from jail, wondering what could have been?

The bitch slapping by the Blue Devils continues. Yesterday's recipient, the Georgetown Hoyas. Before I left to go get breakfast, it was 18-16. When I came back, Duke was up by 34. Ouch. UNC, we are coming for you. Oh yeah, be sure to check out incoming Duke recruit DeMarcus Nelson outscoring incoming Tarheel Quentin Thomas by a 41 - 9 clip. At the risk of repeating myself, Ouch.

Worth watching: Gary Payton is not a happy camper out in La La land. "Gary can't believe it," a source close to Payton told "Shaq talked him into signing with the Lakers this summer to win and now he's decided not to play until he wants to. He should have been back two games ago and everybody knows it. This is not a good thing."

Does playing basketball for your country during the NBA offseason negatively affect your performance the following year? A look at the facts says yes.

Chris Mihm will play today against the New Jersery Crooklyn Nets.

The sale of the Nets might be done, but developer Bruce Ratner has miles to go before he sleeps.

What’s up pimpalufagus? Pop ya collar! E-40 invented every rap word you ever heard. Ya heard?

Actually it’s darkness / I don’t know what I’m scared of
It’s darkness / I must be scared of something
You must be scared of something / quite quite special

...Still I cling / I don't know where else I can go
Over and over and over and over
I know it's over / And it never really began
But in my heart it was so real

baker01242004.jpgI was out last night having second dinner at some place near Times Square (don't ask) and as I was watching the sports ticker under the Spurs / Suns game for the Celtics score, and there it was: Celtics forward Vin Baker was suspended indefinitely yesterday for noncompliance with his aftercare program for alcohol abuse.. My first reaction was "Yes!" simply for the fact that the Celtics are now in a position to erase the $35 million that the team owes Vin over the next 2 1/2 years.
However, more than anything else, I feel sorry for Vin. He has a disease. An addiction. Here is a man that cannot stop drinking even though he knew that his next drink could likely cost him over $30 million. Think about that for a second. It's scary. I think, in a way, Vin kept drinking just to get it over with. Now that he has been suspended, all the pressure is off of him. His contract was an albatross around his neck and he was constantly reminded of it. Maybe once he is out of basketball, he can get his life together. I certainly hope so.
One thing is for sure, Vin Baker has played his last game a Boston Celtic. From the team's standpoint, it's unfortunate but at least now they can put this behind them and not go through the rest of the season worrying if Vin will be in shape to play or not.
The Boston Globe reports that "noncompliance" can constitute anything from the failure of regular alcohol testing to the refusal to take a test to conscious disregard for treatment. The latest suspension came about because Vin tested positive for alcohol. In accordance with an agreement reached by Baker and the Celtics last summer, the third incident of noncompliance results in an automatic suspension for an indefinite period, effective immediately. If the suspension reaches the 10-game mark, which would happen when Boston plays at Chicago Feb. 12 right before the All-Star break, Celtics officials can move to terminate the remainder of Baker's contract.
As the Globe's Bob Ryan points out, amazingly, because of their win last night against Washington,, if the Boston Celtics defeat the New Jersey Nets tomorrow afternoon, they will walk off the court tied with the future residents of Flatbush for first place in the Atlantic Division.
And the news isn't entirely gloomy today as I learned that Raef LaFrentz is recovering quite nicely from his December surgery.

It's so easy to laugh / It's so easy to hate
It takes strength to be gentle and kind

...Jaded former indie rock fan gets free ticket to see Brooklyn indie band perform, loves it...Writes about it on his blog the next day...More news to follow....

Last night began at the manhattan local, the East 4th Street bar, to catch the Kings v. Cavs tilt with Coolfer. The Kings played like poop but pulled it out in the end. Luckily for them, no LeBron last night. After the game we headed to the AIR record release party but decided it wasn't worth getting frostbite while waiting in line. BTW, that's a good strategy for getting people to go buy your records...making them wait in line in sub-zero tempratures to get into a stuffy, chi-chi club so you can find out all the free beer is gone after an hour. Losers.
searay.jpgAgainst my better judgement, Coolfer convinced me to walk from the Bowery over to Sin-E on Attorney Street. Need less to say, when we finally got there i was not in a good mood, being half frozen and all. We were there to catch Brooklyn based Sea Ray and I left the show very glad that I came.
What a great band! Imagine Coldplay if they were, you know, cool, only with their Echo & the Bunnymen influences played up more, kind of like Wheat during their more introspective tunes. Their Verve and Ride/shoegazer influences were also apparent. Correct me if I am wrong, but Sea Ray may be the only band that has a permanent cellist in the band and not seem one bit sappy because of it. I haven't seen a band this good in quite some time. The singer sounds like Damon Albarn, and suprisingly, this is not a bad thing. Extra cool points because their drummer looks like James Blake before he cut his hair.
Yo, I am extremely jaded on new music now a days, a fact Glamorama enjoys caling me out on, but I was really impressed with this band. I'm not sure how long they have been together, but they sound like they've been playing together for years. I see big, big things for this band.
Right now I am streaming the Sea Ray album from their website. When you click on "listen to the whole album here", a new window with the image of an iPod comes up and you use that to play the album. Too cool!
Sea Ray from Brooklyn, NY is officially endorsed by information leafblower! Check them out!
FYI - the photo above used without kind permission from Some amazing shots on that sight, click through for more.

By now I'm sure you've hard that Bruce Ratner was successful in his attempt to purchase the Nets. Before everyoine gets too excited about the Nets moving to Brooklyn, check this out:

This generation of sports media has been around long enough to know one thing: Any move of a franchise, accompanied by a plan to build a new arena, is about one, and only one, thing - making a handful of rich people even richer...Watch the media coverage of this story very closely. A man like Ratner is powerful - a friends-in-high-places kind of guy. Ratner is in partnership with The New York Times on the construction of a new Times office building.The Times' coverage of this whole Ratner/Nets/Brooklyn thing - including sports columns - has been less than balanced.

Bruce Ratner's plan to bring the Nets to Brooklyn as the anchor of a $2.3-billion project will cost New Yorkers hundreds of millions for infrastructure improvements, payouts to displaced residents and possible tax breaks, a source familiar with the deal said Thursday.Officials estimate that widening local streets and installing new sewers and utility conduits alone will cost the city between $150 million and $180 million.
For Ratner, city promises of financial aid may have been the deal-maker.
In talks just before the Brooklyn developer agreed on the final details of a contract to buy the NBA team for $300 million, he told the Wall Street bankers negotiating the deal that he was assured of some municipal economic assistance, people involved in the sale process said.
During the protracted bidding negotiations, the people said, Ratner insisted on being compensated for losses of tens of millions of dollars the lame-duck team is expected to incur over the next two seasons in New Jersey while he pushes the Brooklyn project forward.

Ask the people of one spends any money to support a team that is moving to another town. Even a playoff team. New Jersey already ranks near the bottom of the NBA in attendance. If you think the crowds are sparse now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

You'll forgive the Celtics squad if they think this is a holiday or something. See, they haven't played a game in two whole days! The last time that happened was Thanksgiving and again at Christmas. By the time the All Star break comes around, they will have played 56 of their 82 games, most in the NBA. This season hasn't been the best of times, with the Vin Baker situation and all, but at least rookie Marcus Banks is showing some steadily improving play. He looks like the teams PG of the future more and more each game.

Don't even think I forgot about Duke going to Maryland and coming away with a W for the first time in 3 years. Losses this week by Wake and UNC mean the ACC standings are shaping up quite nicely for Blue Devil fans.

Ryam Adams falls down, goes boom.

Pitchfork gets around to breaking news about the Ted Leo DVD I reported about LAST WEEK!

Roc-a-Fella Damon Dash is sick and tired of being called Posh Spice's friend. I'm glad he doesn't have other things to worry about.

On of the members of Jethro Tull had a sex change operation. Seriously.

There has been a dart of Chucky P news lately, but I am happy to report that his much talked about short story, Guts, will be published by Playboy in March. Playboy, buy it for the boobies, read it for some Chucky P!

All the modern things / Have always existed
They've just been waiting / To come out
And multiply / And take over
It's their turn now...


the lid to the great jar
and out tumbles a
Christ Child.
I throw it to my cat
who bats it around in the
but soon tires of
the lack of
it is near the end of
February in a so far
banal year.
not a damn good war
in sight anywhere.
I light an Italian cigar,
it's slim, tastes bitter.
I inhale the space between
stretch my legs.
it's moments like
this - you can feel it
happening - that you grow
partly into something
else strange and
unimaginable -
so when death comes
it can only take
part of

I exhale a perfect
smoke ring
as a soprano sings to me
through the radio

each night counts for something
or else we'd all
go mad.

- Charles Bukowski, from his book
what matters most is how well you walk through the fire

Why watch last night's State Of The Union address when can give you blow by blow commentary the following day? Obvs. I had much better things to do with my night, like finally getting to see Swimming Pool, trailer here. Great plot, great scenery, and most importantly, lots and lots of boobies. This movie is heartily endorsed by information leafblower. Swimming Pool, rent it for the boobies, watch it for the plot twists. Ludivine Sagnier, so much Buzz.

62a.gifAs if that wasn't good enough, we finished up the movie around 9:30, just in time to catch the nightly episode of South Park, which I can't seem to watch enough of lately. Monday's episode was Cripple Fight Club between Jimmy and Timmy and last night was the one where Kenny dies for good. The cripple fight was actually a shot by shot remake of the fight at the end of They Live. Timmay! Genius stuff.

I ought to have my head examined for failing to mention Chromwaves post yesterday pointing out the awesome Super Furry Animals bootleg available at sfadublin.jpgI was at this gig and it was one of my favorite Super Furry moments from the last few years. Before they reached their current (modest) level of popularity the Furries always used to start their US tours with shows at Maxwells in Hoboken. And they would always be extremely jetlagged and drunk/hungover from the flight. On this day they literally got off the flight from the UK, went to Jersey, soundchecked, ate dinner and played the gig. And it was amazing. MWNG had just come out so they were doing some of the songs from that album as well as the bulk of Guerilla. Gruff wrote the set list on a paper towel and claimed that the songs kept moving around and changing order on him. My favorite moment of the night was when this drunk guy took advantage of a quiet moment in between songs to request a tune by yelling "Demons!" at the top of his lungs and Gruff looked out into the crowd and said "There's a tortured soul in the house tonight." F'ing brilliant. Super Furries and Maxwell's. So tiggs. Bovs.

Coming Soon. Hey, want to see how not to run your internet music store? Check out Coke's failure to roll out their online music store on it's release date. Ametuers! More on the digital music wars here.

Primal Scream - alive and kicking

I have a TON of CD's and DVD's on sale on eBay. Check it out.

Reach for a drink when / you're in cola land
it may be just what you need / but it's never enough
and now we're sending out / but it's never enough
it's just the last time / you'll get the truth in
I'm on the guest list / the execution.

OK...I'm going to try and make this fairly quick as I have to go to the gym today. I slacked off and didn't go all last week. No bueno.

Did you know Google has a Mac oriented search function that searches for Apple/Macintosh-related sites? Wow. Coolness.

SI's Peter King beautifully illustrates the lack of respect the media gives the Carolina Panters by devoting his weekly column on how to fix the Eagles, instead of giving the space to the team that held Philly to 3 points. Unreal. TMQB doesn't spend much time on the Panthers either, instead pointing out that both Indy and Philly lost because of a reluctance to go for it in short yardage 4th down situations early in their respective games.

Chris Mihm has a strained left hamstring and is questionable for tonight's Celtics game in Miami.

This week's #1 ranking makes it seven straight years that the mighty Blue Devils have appeared at the head of the class. Also JJ Redick was named ACC Player Of The Week and Luol Deng grabbed Rookie Of The Week honors.

I guess Basketball Fundamentals is a better title than "How To Ruin The Greatest Basketball Franchise Ever Through Abrupt, Uninformed Personnel Decisions". Hey, whatever floats your boat I guess.

Analysis of Nike's Lebron ad campaign. I like that spot. Can I get a layup?

Micky D's to Kobe: I'm not loving it. Buh-bye.

Brian McBride is heading to the UK to join Fulham in the EPL. Nice one sir!

Chart Attack interviews Super Furry bassist and information leafblower homey Guto Pryce. BBC Wales interviews Bunf, the Super Furries guitarist in his native tongue of Welsh. Being Welsh = buzz.

Here's a story on Pete Fowler, the (Welsh) artist behind all the Super Furry album sleeves, and his burgeoning toy empire. FYI - The Radiator era was my personal fave as far as album/single covers go.

Beyond cool. Buzz I say!

Elbow will cover Masive Attack on their forthcoming single.

Glamorama faves The Delays have been added to the bill at the NME Awards show. Kegzies also speculates that Alan Whyte was sacked because he leaked Heathen Chemistry. Don't doubt Kegzies yo. I will again reiterate that other than the very first time I saw Oasis at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill on the Definitely Maybe tour, that the two shows I saw Steve White play with the band on their tour with the Black Crowes were two of the best sounding Oasis shows I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. ConnieNYC is also on the money when he says Alan was played out anyways, so no big loss. Respect.

Upon hanging out with Uncle Grambo & ConnieNYC this weekend in NYC conversation turned briefly to 9/11 as it somehow always does and Grambo said he had never seen my pictures from that day. Well, rather than just email the link to him, here they are for all to see. Feel free to send them around to anyone you feel needs to see them. They've already been around the world a few times. And no making fun of my lack of html coding skills. I made those pages up at a friends house on 9/12. I wasn't really concerned with the aesthetic beauty of the site if you know what I mean.

Winter coming / Winter push on (push on)
Oh, winter push on
Winter is so long / Winter moves on

Seriously, don't even front. You know you read that shit here first. My NBA trade predictions may be a bit off but I was right on the money with my Carolina Panthers. Yes, they are the Cinderella team and a decided underdog (you have to love the Post...they put the current Superbowl spread on the back cover!) but don't count them out. They are eerily reminiscent of the Patriots two years ago when they took down the heavily favored Rams. How can you not pull for the Panthers (other than the fact that if they get out in front, this will be the most boring Superbowl ever). After Bobby Phils, after Rae Carruth, after Fred Lane, and after losing the Hornets because of their punk ass owner, the Queen City needs this.

Yesterday was awesome. The weather outside was shitty and that gave me the perfect reason to be in full on sports watching mode. 12:30 was the C's losing badly to the Spurs, 3:30 was the Pats v. Colts tilt and 6:30 was the Panthers game. Good times.

The C's are about ready to push the panic button. They've lost 4 straight and their defense has all but disappeared. Some rest would probably do them good but the NBA scheduling gods have decided against that. By the time the All Star break rolls around next month, the C's will have played 56 games, most in the NBA. Methinks it's time for Danny Ainge to work some magic.

Anyone that thinks the Nets moving to Brooklyn under the current plan needs to read this right now. Funny how the media aren't reporting that Bruce Ratner owns much of the property around the proposed site of the new arena (therefore driving the properties value up) including the hideous structure that is the Atlantic Center Mall which could easily be torn down and used for the arena space. And get this! If he did that, no one would lose their apartment. The fact that Bloomberg and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz support this plan sickens me. But then again, Markowitz is too busy worrying about making signs that make fun of the Joo's. (Did anyone else see that South Park? It was brilliant.)

It's tennis geek time again! The Australian Open started last night. Agassi and Roddick won their opening matches.

In other "I Had No Idea That Was Even Going On" news, the US Men's Fitba (Soccer) Team had a friendly with Denmark yesterday. I didn't even know about it until I was flipping through the channels during the Pats game. Bad mass media! Bad! Landon Donavan tied it up on a PK after a questionable call. I only caught the second half but it was a good game. Donovan had a few chances to score but just couldn't find the back of the net until that PK. He had one shot hit the post after a great move to fake out the keeper. He was due.

More Morrissey news! He is rumoured to be playing Coachella this year! I know, I this point, who isn't rumoured to be playing Coachella, but hey, I can dream, right? More album news here including some new song titles. Can't wait to hear America Is Not The World.

Argh! So Close! So...very...close...Steve White says he will not join Oasis. Damn!

So who can make up the best caption for this picture?

Seriously, who saw Along Came Polly this weekend? And better yet, why? weighs in on the hPod and M$ and Dell calling the kettle black.

Yo, this is just crazy. I stay away from the Prospect Park Lake in the summer, I have no idea why walking on it during the winter would seem like a good idea.

Finally, major props go out to my friends at Gothamist and Chromewaves for their nominations for this year's Bloggie awards. Good luck to you both.

I've thought of nothing else today
The things I'd love to say / if I got the chance
And oh how grateful I would be
If you could just give me / a second glance

DSCN0548.JPGUgh. Yesterday was spent on the couch recovering from the alcohol induced hangover I got Friday night hanging out with some of the country's blogging elite. Details are still hazy but I am positive that Lindsay, Uncle Grambo and the mytholigical figure only known as TMFTML (not pictured) were involved. Grambo told me why he was in town but I can't seem to remember...I'm guessing Bynes was in the area for a press junket and he was stalking her. Anyways, more details tomorrow as my recovery should be complete by then. what to do on a day when you are completely and utterly dead to the world with a crippling headache? Easy, sit lay on the couch and watch as much sports as possible.

DUKE_WAKE_5-lg.jpgThe big match-up of the day, depending on where your allegiances lie, was in Durham where the storied Blue Devil program was going toe to toe with the young turks from Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons had to feel good about their chances coming into the game but had to feel equally dejected when Duke bitch slapped them all the way back to my old hometown of Winston Salem. Sorry Lorin, maybe next time. Make no mistake, Wake is a great team and I am confident that they will be playing well into March but it was not to be on this day. When your two rising stars, frosh Chris Paul and Soph Eric Williams, are thoroughly and completely outplayed by their counterparts from Durham, it's gonna be tough to walk away with a W. Check the boxscore:

Chris Paul - 7 pts., 7 assists, fouled out
Eric Williams - 6 pts. 5 rebs. 1 block

Chris Duhon - 8 pts, 14 assists (a career high), 5 rbs
Sheldon Williams - 16 pts., 14 rebs., 8 blocks

Definitely not helping things was Wake's reluctance to fight through screens and keep up with JJ Reddick who lit Wake up for a season high 23. JJ was feeling it yesterday. Luol Deng was his usual do-everything self and really helped out down low against Wake's front line. Wake should hold its' collective head high though, there is no shame in losing at Cameron Indoor as Duke has won 36 games in a row there, the second longest streak ever in ACC history. And FYI - Duke holds the top position in that category too.
You really have to give it up to Skip Prosser for returning Wake to it's glory days of the early 90's in such a short time since taking over for Davy Odom. Other than some questionable sportmanship, I have nothing but respect and good things to say about the Wake program.

And today, I have nothing but good things to say about the UNC program as they took down #1 uConn, paving the way for the Blue Devils to take their rightful pace atop the college basketball rankings. Big ups to my peeps from Chapel Thrill. UNC has now tied UCLA with 10 wins over top ranked teams, Duke is also up there with 8. Will Duke be ranked #1 in early February when they tackle the Tarheels? It will be tough but it's not unconcievable. And for those that doubted my proclimation earlier in the season that the North Cackalack bleeds light blue, check out the results of this poll.

Cletics head honcho Danny Ainge was in the bleachers at Cameron Indoor taking in the game and even got on the mic and talked to Dicky V a little. As usual, Vitale was railing against kids bypassing college and going from high school to the pros and was desperately trying to get Danny to agree with him which must have been awkward for Ainge as he selected high schooler Kendrick Perkins at the end of the first round last year. Dicky, do some research buddy.
Anyways, my Celtics take on the San Antonio Spurs in about half an hour. Later in the day, it's the big Panthers v. Eagles match up. I'm confident that the Panthers can get the W as the Eagles D line has been decimated by injuries and you can run on them, something Carolina does very well. Also, head coach John Fox was the NY Giants defensive coordinator when the Giants had some great success against Donovan McNabb. I'm hoping that trend continues this weekend.

Wrap me up in the back of the trunk
Packed with foam, I'm blind drunk
No they won't ever take me alive
'Cause they all drive killer cars

I literally laughed all the way through his new column.

His buddy J-Bug on attending last weeks Pats game in sub-zero temps:
"Wild Turkey was going down like Bud Light. There was no other way. I wore my leather pants and they were a conversation piece for their functionality, not fashion. The crowd was excited and subdued at the same time, if that is at all possible. My friend Bob was drinking Corona; and the beer was freezing inside the neck of the bottle so that by the time you had two sips left, it could barely make it through the ice formation that began at neck and finished at the lip. For smokers, the list of dangers grew by one, because you had to take your mittens off to grip your butt, anything over three minutes exposed ran the risk of frostbite; and yes, I am serious. You don't even want to know about the shrinkage factor in the port-o-john -- I think it actually inverted into my body."

I think this was my favorite story of the weekend: Last Saturday night, my stepmom drove to Beverly (about 40 minutes from home) to have dinner with a friend. Needless to say, my Dad was elated. The Pats game started at 8:15. Her dinner started at eight. According to his math, there was no way she could make it home in time for the end of the game..."No way she makes it home in time," my Dad said definitively. "You're crazy," I countered. "It's the playoffs. She saves her best for the playoffs. Don't count her out -- this is why she's a Hall of Famer. It's situations just like this."

Nothing that happened all weekend could top Alton choosing Coral over Theo for the final Real World/Road Rules gauntlet. Even Gregg Williams wouldn't have done that.

Ben Stiller agreed to this "Curb Your Enthusiasm" run because he wanted to get his wife some work. Nobody can convince me differently.

Is anyone else waiting for Michael Jackson to enter a plea of "Mamasaymamasahcuhsah"?

On Sunday, the ESPN Sunday Countdown guys were talking about McNair's performance, how he moved considerably better than he did against Baltimore (when he was practically crippled). Someone mentioned how McNair finally started limping on that final drive, how that may have derailed the Titans more than anything. So Steve Young casually mentions, "I think the painkillers started wearing off -- they usually don't last for the whole game."

First of all, you have to love any sport that incorporates sentences like "I think the painkillers started wearing off -- they usually don't last for the whole game." Just once, I want to say this at work and have everyone nod knowingly.


| |

I finally caught an episode of The Apprentice last night. Consider me hooked. The girls are catty and the guys are idiots. Should be fun to watch this one play out. I love how all the guys proclaim themselves to be leaders and then when someone takes control and asks them to do simple tasks, they act like it's beneath them. So typical. And how about that product placement? Not too shabby. If you are like me and missed the first episode, fear not. CNBC will start airing reruns later this month. Oh...and uber-bitch Omarosa has a website.

Not much blogging chatter about my other new favorite reality show, A & E's Airline. Although some reviews have panned the show, I generally dig it. If nothing else, it makes me sympathetic towards people that work at an airline, especially the check in counter. This week's episode featured a clueless mother of two that threatened to sue Southwest Airlines after she showed up at Chicago Midway 20 minutes before her flight to San Diego was to take off. She was taken aback that she wouldn't be able to check in, get through the x-ray machine and make her flight. Then she completely berated the counter staff when there were no other flights available for her to take, as if it was their fault or something. That was almost as good as the guy in a wheel chair that totally laid into the check in lady when she asked to inspect the shotgun he wanted to bring aboard the plane in his carry on luggage. He said (with much conviction): "Nobody touches this gun! I used to work for a Senator, I'm no fucking Arab terrorist!" as if it would be impossible for anyone from a different ethnicity to blow up a plane. At least he didn't pronounce it "Ay-rab". Part 2 of the episode featured how the airline dealt with this summer's Northeast blackout. Good stuff.

Rapper Mystikal (real name Michael Tyler) has been sentenced to 6 years behind bars after forcing his hair stylist to perform oral sex on him after he accused her of stealing $80,000 worth of his checks. This is somewhat of a shock as Mystikal has often encouraged people to "shake their ass", but he was genuinely concerned with their well being and always followed up by encouraging people to "watch yourself", lest they be hurt.

Wacko Jacko pleads not guilty.

The Steve White countdown is on as it's officially announced that his brother Alan has been sacked from Oasis. According to a band spokesperson "The band's scheduled recording sessions remain unaffected.", which means they can do absolutely nothing just as easy with no drummer. Whew.

Pitchfork reviews the new Stereolab jawn. Can Stereolab albums be called jawns? Anyway, I am totally on a Stereolab kick. As we speak (or type/read, whatever) I am importing Emperor Tomato Ketchup and Refried Ectoplasm into iTunes. Oh, and I'm totally jonseing for this compilation of BBC performances.

The author of "The First Wives Club" died after complications during plastic surgery. Take from that what you will.

My plans for the weekend involve Duke v. Wake Forest on Saturday, Celtics v. Spurs on Sunday and of course the big Panthers v. Philadelphia tilt Sunday afternoon. Very exciting, I know.

Down like Nelly / Hype like "Belly"
The rhyme seller! / Kick ass like Jim Kelly!


| |

Squishy Lady: Hey Apu, How's it going?

Apu: know...take a penny, leave a penny.

So I am officially up and running on my new machine. The last two posts have been composed on it. Even though it's not as sexy as some of the other computers I was lusting after, I couldn't be happier with it. First and foremost is my new 16" viewable screen and the 1280 x 960 screen resolution that comes with it. It's almost 40% more than my old trusty iMac. Wow. My new 1 GHz G4 chip is super fast, espically with the 1 gig of memory I had installed. This baby just flies. It may not be the fastest computer in the world, but it is to me. I am very, very happy with the money I invested in this machine.
Moving my files over wasn't that hard and I mostly figured it out, except for a few hiccups. My address book imported 2 of every name so it was a pain to go back and delete them all. My biggest complaint has to be moving my iTunes library and data from one machine to the other. My songs came just fine but none of the data (playlists, play counts, date imported, etc.) did. I called Apple support twice for help and did the entire operation over again but still no luck. The same thing happened to me last January when I upgraded from OS 9 to OSX and it had literally taken me all year to get my iTunes where I wanted it. Now I have to do all of that all over again. I guess it could be worse. At least I will have an accurate count on my most listened to songs at the end of the year.

Speaking of my favorite computer company, Apple posted a net profit of $63 million, or $.17 per diluted share, beating consensus estimates of $.14 per share. These results compare to a net loss of $8 million, or $.02 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Revenue for the quarter reached a four-year high of $2.006 billion, up 36 percent from the year-ago quarter. Computer shipments were up 12% from this time last year, while iPod shipments are up a whopping 235%. Boo Yaa!

I'm a day late on revealing this but The Pixies have been confirmed for this year's Coachella Festival. According to the report, no dates beyond Coachella have been confirmed, though more shows in the US and UK are strongly rumoured to be taking place later in the year.

As if that wasn't news enough, now comes word that Radiohead are back in the studio even though they haven't finished their touring commitments for Hail To The Thief. If only Oasis would follow thier lead and get off their asses.

Speaking of the Battlin' Gallagher Bros. Circus, the Darkness have shown thier first signs of letting the fame rush to their heads by dissing the infamous Manchester group. They say the secret to cracking the States is to not make the same mistakes as Oasis:"I don't know how hard they tried. I'm not really sure how good they are either." Ok, let me get this straight, a group that was sitting at #92 on the US charts last week are dissing a group that sold over 4 million copies of their sophomore record and whose third album debuted at #2 in the US, right behind Puff Daddy. Get real catsuit boy.

As bad as the Superbowl Halftime show is bound to be, just remember that we won't have to sit through a performance by Bono.

Spoon fans will do well to check out this photo slide show by John Vanderslice that features the group recording their forthcoming record. [thanks slatch]

Some good reading over at The Pill's website as the gang from Beantown run down their 2003 year-end lists. Click the Best Of link in the upper right hand corner.

Make sure you peep the Whatevs dot org slang directory Best! Bovs.

Yo, if you need something to do tomorrow night, consider yourself in the loop. information leafblower will be at Bling Kong's performance at Piano's.

Hey! stay young and invincible
Cos we know just what we are
And come what may we're unstoppable
Cos we know just what we are

Hypocrite Opportunist / Don't infect me with your poison
A bully in a china shop
When I turn 'round / you stay frozen to the spot

- Thom Yorke

Does everyone see why I've been bagging on Isiah Thomas this whole time? The man is incredulous. This is the man that berated Larry Bird for not being given a chance to coach the Indiana Pacers after Bird took over as Director of Basketball Operation's this summer. So what does Isiah do? Fires Don Chaney 12 games into his tenure in upper management with the Knicks. Not only that but he traded away half of Chaney's roster during that time. And don't even get me started on how Isiah wasted no time in undermining his coaching staff by working with the players in practice without telling Chaney.
Fine Isiah, you want to change coaches. I'll be the first to admit Chaney isn't exactly the leagues best and brightest. However, you don't go on David Letterman the day before you do the deed and make light of Chaney's situation. That, sir, is like school in the summer. No class. Furthermore, you definitely do not make your lame duck coach coordinate the morning shootaround on gameday why you are ironing out contract details with his potential replacement. That's Management 101.
Isiah, you did Don Chaney wrong. You also made him the victim in the sordid affair. Way to go. So why in the world did he hire 66 year old Lenny Wilkens? It's an odd choice to say the least. ESPN Insider today pointed out that Tim Floyd, the coach with the worst coaching record in the history of the NBA got a new job before Wilkens did. What does that say? Wilkens hasn't mattered as a coach in the NBA since the early 90's when he coached in Cleveland and lost every year in the playoffs to Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

We never thought we could get a Hall of Fame coach to come and coach this team," Isiah said. Hello? This is the New York Knicks, the most prestigious coaching job in the country! Who wouldn't want to coach this team? For the record, Wilkens is the winningest coach in NBA history. However, he is alo the leader in career losses.

Reports yesterday said Mike Fratello would be taking over for Chaney but that was not to be. Apparently his contract demands were too much for Isiah to swallow. Fratello's no dummy, he knows Isiah will be on the bench at some point in the future. Isiah has also hired his former teammate and childhood friend Mark Aguire as an assistant coach which angered Fratello. So Thomas was stuck with Plan B when negotiations broke down.
Isiah, this is why you were left off the Dream Team. Nobody likes you and even less people trust you.

In other NBA news, Paul Pierce scores 4 points in a home loss to the Rockets. Ruh-Roh, PP is having x-rays on his left hand today. He injured the hand, which is bruised and swollen, diving after a loose ball in Milwaukee Tuesday.

"Hopefully, it's just bruised and nothing inside it is anything major," said Pierce. "Hopefully, I'll be ready [for Orlando tomorrow]. It's just unfortunate because you hate to have little nagging injuries like this because definitely it has an effect."

Also, the Brooklyn Nets are one step closer to being a reality.

Be sure to check out coolfer today as I am taking over the website while it's owner is on hoilday in sunny and warm Belize.

Faithful you know, my new computer finally arrived yesterday. Much of last night was spent moving files from my old machine to my new one, with a quick break from 9 to 10 PM of course. That process is now in it's final stages. I'm now at the point where I have to call Apple support every five minutes so I can figure out how to move over my Safari bookmarks and cookies, my address book info and my valuable iTunes info. So unfortunately i won't be able to tell you that Don Chaney is reportedly getting sacked after tonight's game with Orlando and Isiah will hire Mike Fratello or that tennis god John McEnroe has admitted to (unknowingly) using steroids in the past. I simply don't have time to go into details about Kobe Bryant's shoulder injury or Christian Laettner's five game drug suspension.

I'd like nothing more to tell you about the breakout game Ricky Davis had by scoring 33 in a C's loss to Milwaukee or that Vin Baker was in uniform but did not see action, but I just can't.

Instead I will just leave you with these tidbits from TMQB:

Stephen Davis of Carolina, waived in the offseason by the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons[Washington Redskins], has run for 1,634 yards, including the playoffs. The entire Persons[Redskins] team ran for 1,653 yards.


The nine first-half possessions by the Colts in the playoffs have resulted in seven touchdowns, one field goal and a deliberate kneel-down.

Even when you're coming down / You are standing for the world
And I can see you now / And I'm being there, to come down

You follow me around / You follow me around
You follow me around / You follow me around

PS - My new eMac is hella sweet. Sooooo fast I can barely keep up.


*sigh* A Blogger's work is never done.

t_paz.gifJust announced, former Zwan member David Pajo will take his new outfit Papa M out on tour with the Super Furry Animals. Also in the band with Pajo is fellow ex-Zwan member Paz Lencantin (pictured). How you doin? Papa M has an album dropping on February 24 via Drag City.

I'll be in music stores on February 24th, but most likely not to pick up that set from Papa M. That's because on the same day information leafblower fave Ted Leo will be dropping a live DVD brought to you by the same people that did Pavement's Slow Century and Wilco's I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. How best is that? People, this news is so new, their website isn't even updated! Check it:

Plexifilm is proud to announce the release of DIRTY OLD TOWN (2004), the first in a series of concert films/artist profiles originally produced by Plexifilm. DIRTY OLD TOWN is a day in the life of Ted Leo and his band, the Pharmacists, as they descend on Coney Island, New York, for the 3rd Annual Siren Music Festival on July 19th, 2003.

Mixing a powerful live set with personal interviews and images of one of the most unique places in New York, Justin Mitchell--director of SONGS FOR CASSAVETES, the acclaimed portrait of the west coast punk underground--takes a deeper look at the man behind the critically praised albums TYRANNY OF DISTANCE and HEARTS OF OAK (Lookout!) which was recently named SPIN magazine's #14 Album of the Year for 2003. Also in SPIN, writer Chris Ryan decrees "Blue collars, white collars, bookworms and barflies - he's got a song for every one of you," and in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Jon Caramanica writes "Ted Leo turns gasping, insistent vocals into narratives that are political and pop, never compromising one for the other."

The DVD contains over 25 minutes of extras including a performance at South Street Seaport, NYC during the Blackout of 2003, outtake footage from a Ted Leo solo performance at Tinkle, a comedy night hosted by David Cross and Jon Benjamin at Pianos in NYC's Lower East Side, a slide show of Justin's images of Coney Island and a trailer.

Songs featured: Dirty Old Town / 2nd Ave., 11am / Timorous Me / Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? / Biomusicology / The Ballad of the Sin Eater / The High Party / The Crane Takes Flight / Parallel or Together?

DVD Extras: "Stove by a Whale" performed at South Street Seaport, NYC during the Blackout of 2003 / Coney Island Slide Show / Outtake footage from Ted Leo solo performance at Tinkle, a comedy night hosted by David Cross and Jon Benjamin at Pianos in NYC's Lower East Side. Songs: "Dirty Old Town, Part 2", "The High Party", & "The Sword in the Stone"


According to UPS, my new eMac is "out for delivery". I'm trying not to look out the window every 5 minutes.
It's not working.

Has it been 3 games already? Is there a coincidence that the Celtics won all 3 games without Vin Baker the rehab faker? Well, Vin returns tonight in Milwaukee but Coach OB has already gone on record saying it's highly unlikely that Vin will see any PT in this game or the immediate future. In the long run what happens next is up to Vin. If Vin fails miserably, think he'll get another shot like Eddie Griffin?

The Celtics are 20-19 this year, the Dallas Mavs are 21-16. Keep in mind Raef Lafrentz hasn't been a factor due to injury. Jiri Welsch is averaging 12 points per game as a starter. True, Antoine Walker has been playing well for the Mavs, but how's that trade looking now? The C's got a draft pick from Dallas in the deal as well. Looks like that pick won't be as bad as the experts thought.

Good ol' Page 2. Just when I declare last weekend's Panthers v. Rams tilt as best evs, the come up with a list of the Top 10 Playoff Games ever. OK, I agree with their list but last weekend's game was the wackiest I've ever seen.

So can anyone answer me why the biggest question of next weekend's conference championship games is a mere afterthought on most media outlets? I'm talking about the fact that Stephen Davis and his strained left quadricep are listed as questionable. ESPN Insider has already predicted a Panthers W whether Davis plays or not. They are also picking the Colts in the AFC.

Isiah Thomas goes on record saying he will not coach the Knicks this season. I think the most important words in the last sentence are "this season". So I will modify my prediction thusly: Thomas will can Chaney soon (by the All Star break?), install assistant Brendan Malone as interim head coach (Malone was Thomas's hire as head man in Toronto when he was GM there) and will then hire himself as coach over the summer after he has traded away a few more players and molded the team even further to his liking. Two things about the change are certain 1) Thomas isn't done dealing and 2) he will wait to take over so he doesn't have to take any unneccesary lumps in the press as head man.

grandroyallogo.jpgIn this week's bid for "Most Emailed Story" I give you the aucton to buy Grand Royal Records. I am truly astonished and even more disappointed at how fast Mike D, Yauch and Ad Rock ditched their former empire. I'm not ashamed to say when i was in college all I wanted in the world was to work for Grand Royal. I actually lined up an internship there but ended up coming to NYC to intern at Epic Records (home of my favorite band, Oasis) as I had a free place to stay for the summer. The rest, as they say, is history.

This year's nominations for the Brit Awards have been announced. British Album nominees are Blur - ‘Think Tank’, The Coral - ‘Magic And Medicine’, Daniel Bedingfield - ‘Gotta Get Thru This’, The Darkness - ‘Permission To Land’ and Dido - ‘Life For Rent’

Coachella 2004 - it's on! Radiohead is confirmed. Rumours are saying the Pixies and Nine Inch Nails will also be performing. I haven't been to a Coachella so maybe I'll head out there this year. I gotta find out if the Super Furries are playing.

People Talk Too Loud - a NC based music site? Can it be? - make a font from your own chicken scratch.

Continuing Hewlett Packard's big "Eff You" to Micro$oft, the hPod will not support WMA files. Woo Hoo! Also, the NY Times takes a look at the Apple / HP alliance.

We've been doing things / the same way for so long
that it took me aback / and I don't think
I'll ever hear that sad song again

Don't tell me I've lost you / advance cassette
I just can't believe it

No don't say that I've lost you / advance cassette
I just can't believe it


Click on the image and you'll actually be able to read it.

I know it's hard to believe but I was actually so busy this weekend, I didn't have time to blog about what I did. Well, that's not entirely true as I watched a ton of football and basketball, but I did have some social engagements for what seemed like the first time in many moons.
On Friday night I braved the seemigly sub-zero temps and made the short journey from the crib down to Southpaw to catch the Hollertronix show and, more importantly, to meet the tru playa for real, the one and only Nick Catchdubs. And meet up we did, which was alot of fun. We kicked it for an hour or two before Nick had to head back to Jersey. I hung around for a little bit after that to check out the DJ's and was presently surprised at what I head. OutKast, EPMD, etc. I was in old-school hip hop heaven. The Hollertronix boys have a few more gigs in Manhattan this month so be sure to check them out.
DSCN0529.JPGOh to be the owner of a video rental or liquor store on Saturday night. Both were doing major business with the extreme cold front that took over the greater NYC area. I think everyone had the same idea..."Let's rent a movie, get liquored up and chill inside tonight." There was nothing left at the video store around 5 PM so we went with our 34th choice, Blue Crush. It seemed like the right thing to do, rent a movie about (chick) surfers when it's below zero out. Believe it or not, the movie was a pleasant surprise and alot of fun to watch. Kate Bosworth, while not a total hottie, is still easy on the eyes and all the surfing footage was amazing. So if you need a good laugh and aren't looking for a movie that will re-write cinematic history, you can do worse than Blue Crush.

To the football then. Although I have given up on regular season football, I am still a fan come playoff time. Like De La said, Stakes is high. The Panthers v. Rams match up on Saturday afternoon was just off the hook, the Panthers had the game won three seperate times but still didn't get the W until the first play of the second OT. What a game. If I've seen a better one, I can't remember it. The Rams lost the same way they have ever since Dick Vermeil left town, they were out coached. How many more bad losses can the team suffer before the owners sack Mike Martz. For an "offensive genius" he doesn't seem to realize that not many people can stop Marshall Faulk. He never seems to get the ball until the Rams are trailing. Yes I am a Panthers fan (gots ta represent the North Cackalack yo) but I will go ahead an pronouce that IF Stephen Davis is healthy the next two weeks, the Panthers are gonna win the Superbowl. They should have beat the Eagles the last time they played, a game I attended, and will do so next weekend. Also, I think they have the best pass rush of anyone left playing.

Is Alan White leaving Oasis? While his drumming was vastly superior to that of Tony McCarroll, I was never a huge fan. I caught the Brothers Gallagher two years ago when they played Radio City Music Hall with The Black Crowes and they had Alan's brother Steve behind the kit. Steve usually plays in Paul Weller's touring band but did the tour because Alan was laid up with his tendonitis. Big brother made Oasis sound like a brand new band. Columbia was one of the most amazing things I had ever heard on that night (and yes, it may have been the 14 gin and tonics I had prior to the show). Let's all hope Noel does the prudent thing and hire Steve for the full time gig. The man is a dynamo. I wrote a review of the other gig I caught on that tour in Connecticut, I'll see if I can find that and post it. It's one of the best things I've ever written.

The BBC names 2004's next big thing. Franz Ferdinand is getting all sorts of press lately. They are playing Northsix soon, I might have to check them out.

I missed the Darkness on Letterman on Friday night as I got home late from da club and I watched the End of the Kings / Suns game. Still, the band has jumped up the Billboard album chart from 173 to 92.

Spice Girl Mel C has been dropped from Virgin even though her last single carted at 27. Seeing as she was the only chica in the group that could actually sing and thus, the last one on contract to Virgin, can we consider this the proverbial final nail in the coffin of Girl Power?

Staying with news from 1997 has-beens, Liam Howlett drops science on the forthcoming Prodigy record. "The schedule is for the album to come out in June-July 2004. And it really is ****** coming out this time, it's no joke. I'll believe it when i see it.

See Elliott Smith's autopsy report.

Although I've already downloaded 4 or 5 songs from it, I'm dying to hear the rest of the new elbow record, Cast of Thousands.

Big Fish won the weekend box office race. Or did it?

The Year In Review: OS war stylee.

Tony Blair finally admits that WMD may never be found in Iraq.

The fine folks at have endorsed Gen. Wesely Clark for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Like everything over at their site, they provide very rational and compelling reasons for doing so. A must read.

bwgapad.jpgCheck out the website traffic rankings provided by sitemeter. I don't think this is entirely accurate as 1) whatevs dot org isn't on there anywhere and 2) neither am I. My traffic fluctuates but right now I'd be right around #375, right below my neighbor to the north information leafblower, Top 400 and climbing!

Speaking of, a special shout out for the Belly download provided this week which caused me to dig up my old copies of Star and King and give them a listen. Belly and Tanya Donnelly, so so under-rated. Gepetto or Slow Dog anyone? Oh for the glory days of 1993 when "alternative" music still meant something and was actually the alternative to the usual dreck. Along with being the woman of my dreams, Tanya had one of the best guitar moves ever when she used to do that side leg kick. Anyone remember the video for now They'll Sleep when she played the roadie? How about the time they made it on the cover of Rolling Stone. Good times.

Covered in honey / Showered in beer
Now when you spin on your head like a monkey
I won't see you

The Sports Guy is back with his picks for round two of the NFL playoffs!

On Seattle Seahwks fans:
You have to feel for them. Even as Vanilli was running down the sidelines with that game-winning overtime TD, I was thinking of my poor friend KJ, a die-hard Seattle fan and author of the upcoming book, "If We Killed Jim McIllvane, Would That Get Him off The Cap?"

On Steve McNair:
Speaking of McNair, he can't move from side to side, he looks like Verbal Kint when he tries to scramble, and the ball is sailing all over the place on him.

On The Panthers v. Rams Coaching Match-Up
John Fox versus Mike Martz. I'll take Fox. You can have Martz. Which one of us feels better right now?
(I'll give you a hint: It's not you.)

Let's also give a well deserved round of applause for TMFTML for the mad props from's Page 2. Nice one!

What would a day at information leafblower be without a sports reset? Let's not answer that question and instead, get right to it.

Tonight, it's on! Ricky Davis / Chris Mihm / Yogi Stewart v. Eric Williams / Tony Battie / Kedrick Brown. The last time the C's matched up with the King James Cavs, it was the last game before the trade involving the players listed above. Emotions are sure to run high. Especially after Ricky Davis started running his mouth last night about his former club.
I'm glad to be out of that black hole,'' Davis said after practice. ``It's terrible. (There's) no system. The organization is bad, the town (is bad), the GM (is bad), everything (is bad). It is good to be in a winning organization with a system that knows what's going on.''
Ricky, stop beating around the bush! Tell us how you really feel. He did say some positive things about the organization later in that conversation but that won't end up on the Cavs bulletin board so it certainly won't end up here.

Chris Mihm, how does it feel to be wearing the green and white?
"I'm loving it here," said Mihm, who added he finally was able to move out of the hotel he has called home and into a house. "I love the organization, the team, the mentality. There's a lot of pride around this organization and a determination and a will to win. And that's something I'm glad to be a part of."

Eric Williams and Tony Battie, the savvy verterans that they are, wouldn't take the bait.
"It's just another game. I play for the Cavs now so I really don't talk about the Celtics,'' said Tony Battie.
"I'm just going to go try and get the win. I'm not a flashy guy like that,'' Williams said.
Also, no one in the media wants to give MC Ricky D any props for his impressive defense on Tracy McGrady on Wednesday night so I will be glad to step forward and be the first.

Now, as everyone is the bloggerverse knows, any day that you get a link from Gothamist, and one involving sports no less, is a good day. And they are right, the Knicks have played horribly in the two games since the Stephon Marbury trade went down. The blame for this lies with coach Don Chaney. Sooner or later he will take the fall for it. Isiah will be coaching the Knicks before the end of the year. And while many people in the media have been quick to label Thomas' short reign as the new GM of the Knicks a smashing success, it's not surprising that more outlets didn't pick up on some of the events that went down at the World's Most Famous Arena last night.
Late in the game, when a fan wearing a Charlie Ward jersey loudly criticized Thomas for trading Ward in the Marbury deal on Monday, Thomas said to the fan, "You talking to me?" according to two witnesses. The fan was then taken away by security through the tunnel, but he kept taunting Thomas. Thomas then rushed toward him and had to be restrained by security, the witnesses said. Who knew there were Charlie Ward fans running about?
Isiah Thomas, a Matt Millen in the making?

More Moz news! Yesterday NME executed the age old journalistic technique known as "the follow up" and spoke to Morrissey guitarist Alan Whyte about the Mozzer's upcoming album. Moz97.jpg
"It's going to be a great album. Think the fans will be really, really excited. I personally think it's the best Morrissey album to date. It's kind of like a cross between Your Arsenal and Vauxhall & I musically - there's real variety there. There are some slow songs, some uptempo ones and a few real tough-sounding tracks." It goes without saying that Your Arsenal is the grestest Moz solo record (with Vauxhall a close second) so this is clearly good news.
The report goes on to say there have been 30 songs recorded during the session, not the 21 that was reported yesterday. Hopefully this means lots and lots of b-sides. Also, new song titles have been reported with names like My Life Is A Series Of People Saying Goodbye, Teenage Dad On His Estate and Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice.
Strange that #1 Moz fan Emily has not weighed in on this news...

NME is full of good stories today, which has been rare for them lately. For instance, former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire is putting on an exhibition of his paintings in London to coincide with his new album. How best is that? I met John Squire once, back in the days of the Seahorses, and I can say with authority that he was the biggest egotistical douchebag rockstar that I have ever had the displeasure of talking to. I was gutted with disappointment as like every Brit-head, I thought the Roses were the bee's knees. Well, his artwork did turn me on to Jackson Pollack so it's not all bad.

Woo Hoo! Stereolab are back with a new album and a tour of the UK. It's their first on both fronts since the unfortunate death of founding member Mary Hansen in 2002.

REM to release a live DVD of their tour from last year. Sweet. I was busy seeing the Super Furries when they came to the area so this will make up for it. The tracklisting is pretty decent (Begin The Begin, Orange Crush, Electrolite, Country Feedback, etc.) so consider this added to my Amazon wishlist.

Buscemi.jpgLast but certainly not least, with only 8 weeks (ugh) to go before the new episodes of The Sopranos hits the airwaves, it has been announcd that none other than Mr. Pink has been added to the cast. That's right, Steve Buscemi, who has directed episodes of the show in the past, will play Tony Soprano's cousin Tony Blundetto. The new season debuts March 7th at 9 PM. The season's 13 episodes will focus on Tony Soprano's separation from his wife, Carmela, as well as the new challenges he faces at home and work, from within his immediate family, other mob families and law enforcement. So more of the same then. Newsday also reports that Peter Bogdanovich will be directing an episode this season.

Yesterday I forgot to give props to Method1 of fame for turning me on to a little program called iChat Status which displays the songs I am listening to in iTunes directly under my iChat buddy icon. Basically if you have it and are running iTunes, anyone else with iChat can see what you are listening to and vice versa. It's hella sweet. Nice one.

Crash into my arms / I want you
You don’t agree / But you don’t refuse
I know you

Oh no they didn't! Today Apple announced a strategic alliance to deliver an HP-branded digital music player based on Apple's iPod. As part of the alliance, HP consumer PCs and notebooks will come preinstalled with Apple's iTunes jukebox software and an easy-reference desktop icon to point consumers directly to the iTunes Music Store. This should do away with any percieved advantage Micro$oft had in the digital music wars as now Apple software will come bundled on HP products. I think this falls into the "you're an enemy of my enemy so that makes you my friend" category. Apple will obviously be getting a cut of each hPod sold and it will further the brand so this is a good thing. This is such a non-Apple move!

Now Apple has AOL, Pepsi and HP on its side. Microsoft has Wal-Mart and everyone else that wants crappy WMA files. It's on!

I order to celebrate this already monumental day, I did what any good mac cultist would do. I purchased a new computer! Should be here on Wednesday. Know anyone that wants a used iMac DVSE G3 400 Mhz with lots of ram and 6o gb hard drive?

Too much hotness to speak of today. Dayum. Let's jump right into it, shall we?

morrissey2.JPGFirst and foremost my friends is the monumental announcement from the Stephen Patrick Morrissey camp. NME is reporting that the new album will be called...(drumroll please)...You Are The Quarry. Personally, information leafblower was hoping for the old title Irish Blood, English Heart but who am I to quibble with the Mighty Moz. Of course, NME got their info from the definitive on-line Moz source,, so let's give credit where credit is due.
Moz-solo is reporting song titles from the album might include I Have Forgiven Jesus, Come Back To Camden, How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? and Im Not Sorry. Let's all hope the highly bootlegged tracks from his last tour make the cut as well. I'm talking about The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores, I Like You, The First Of The Gang To Die, Mexico and, of course, Irish Blood, English Heart . Moz performed some of those songs on The Craig Kilborn show in the US and the Janice Long show in the UK. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Soulseek.

Wait! Read the rest of the hotness first! A total of 21 tracks have already been recorded and the Pope of Mope is back in the studio for the next month or so to finish the album. After that there will be a three month tour to coincide with the release of the album. This will all (hopefully) come our way in April.
*fingers crossed*
Props to Kegzies for leading us to the early morning buzz!


As if that wasn't enough for ya, now comes news that Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler were seen out on the town having a pint. Why is this news? Because the pair haven't spoken since 1994. That's like before Brit Pop and shizz! Dammit, where is my copy of DogManStar?

Congrats go out information leafblower fave/homey Uncle Grambo for his props from none other than Jeffrey Wells. If you're out of the loop, let's just say this would be like me getting a shout out from The Sports Guy. And there is more! Yesterday, everyone was locked in mortal combat trying to decide THE GREATEST SINGLE OF THE 90'S after Peabs declared it to be Blue by the Jayhawks. Grambo retorted with the Pulp classic Common People. I raised the stakes by nominating the Underworld anthem Born Slippy. Go to either of the above links to weigh in or submit your thoughts below.

The peeps over at need a drummer for their band. Only those interested in world domination need apply.

homeland-thumb.jpgOh no! The iPod terror alert has been raised to yellow! Thanks to Off On A Tangent for the goodies.

Oh...ok...I'm glad that clears everything up. I feel much better now. back when I was employed, I went through that station twice a day.

I know what you are saying..."What news of Vin Baker the alcohol taker?" Well, it seems that a third strike could result in the termination of his contract, which, after this season, still has two years and $30.375 million to go." I know alcohol is an addiction and that 9 out of 10 alcoholics relapse in their first year of recovery so I do not take this lightly. But imagine you couldn't drink anything for two years, but if you didn't, you would recieve over $30 million. Could you do it? I sure as hell could. I'd hire some hookers on call for 24/7 and watch them drink or do something like that! Other bad news for Vin during his suspension. ...Once the indefinite suspension reaches 10 games, the Celtics take control of the situation -- and one of their options would be to terminate. They also could reach a buyout, continue the suspension, but, after everything that's transpired, they would want a quick resolution.

In somewhat cheerier news, Chris Mihm recorded his first double-double in green and white and Paul Pierce was 1 assist and 1 turnover away from a quadruple double in a win against the lowly Magic last night.

Also last night, Kobe played his first game in Denver since Kobegate blew up and the Lakers took the L. Don't look now, but the Lake show has lost 4 in a row and 7 of their last 10. So will Kobe be playing somewhere else next year?

information leafblower, the only place on the web where you can get the latest on the NBA and Morrissey!

I cry foul that there isn't a sports category in the 2004 Bloggie awards. Seriously, what's the difference between talking sports and politics? Everyone thinks they know it all anyways.

Nonetheless, I think it's easy to pick some nominations for the Canadian, American, Photography, Music, Politics, Humourous and Topical categories. If nothing else, it gives me the chance to give some shout outs to some very deserving bloggers/writers out there, of which there are many. Even more than I can vote for, so get out there and vote people!

Pass the bone / kid pass the bone
Let's get on this mission like Indiana Jones / the GZA
One who just represent the Wu-Tang click
With the game and soul / of an old school flick

5:12 PM - The Knicks website at is missing a few names, specifically Kurt Thomas, Keith Van Horn, Frank Williams and Mike Sweetney. Rumours are flying fast and furious that Rasheed Wallace and Rueben Patterson are on their way from Portland to the Big Apple. The deal works on Real GM tradechecker.

Also Portland released two players from their roster, theoretically to create roster room for the incoming Knicks.

If this goes down, you heard it on information leafblower first!

Na Na Na Na Na Na
They say it's your birthday / We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday / Happy birthday to you.

Don't tell me I scooped Foxy Jess on this. We'll chalk it up to the time difference or to that sticky issue of job security. OC fans, prepare for a Rooney blitz tonight. The shows writers decided to set most of the episode around the indie rock band Rooney. "I actually think the word 'Rooney' is said, in the course of the episode, about 500 times," says "The O.C." creator and writer Josh Schwartz. "It felt like if we were going to go for it, we should really go for it and let the band have their spotlight on the show." Coolfer, watch those soudscan numbers for us.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

And in the early lead for "Most Blogged About Non Britney Spears Story Of 2004" is....(drum roll please)...Ryan Adams v. Jim Derogatis. Congratulations are in order for you both!

"Although I am on the road to recovery, I have taken a step back," said Vin Baker. "I am very disappointed in myself. I am redoubling my efforts to stick with my recovery. It is a lifelong process that I take very seriously and one day at a time."

Poor Vin Baker. I know, I're all saying "Why should I feel sorry for some punk ass alcoholic that is being paid over $13 million a year for the next two years just to play basketball when my homey information leafblower can't find a damn job?" and honestly, you would be right. It's just that to me, this is a very sad story, much more so than say fat ass, 12 baby having Shawn Kemp.
It's obvious that with this latest relapse that the Celtics cannot rely on Vin Baker on the court. Like many alcoholics, he cannot be counted on to tell the truth. Asked 2 days ago how his treatment was coming, he replied "just fine." IF he returns and contributes this year, anything he does will be a bonus. Teamwise, I'm going to look at this in a positive light and 1)hope this earns more playing time for our unused rookies and 2) less playing time for Waltah McWorthless (although the latter is very unlikely). We of the Celtic messageboards have taken to calling Waltah by the nickname McBinky because he seems to be the one player Coach O'Brien can't live without, no matter how detrimental his play is to the team. Also, I'm going to pretend Coach OB never said the following (which was uttered after their stinker against Detroit) "We are a team that lacks a low-post scoring punch right now and we will take every open three that we get." Argh.

In regards to Vin, a league source said Baker failed at least two recent tests. Some in the media are already lobbying for the C's to terminate his contract. If Vin Baker tests positive for alcohol again this season, the Celtics can suspend him and fine him up to half his remaining wage for the season. They have already withheld some of Baker's pay from this season.

Want to know how the NY media is feelin' Isiah. Check this out:
Team president Isiah Thomas is not finished dealing, and there is a possibility that he will package Williams with another player, perhaps Michael Doleac or Othella Harrington. One source said the package could possibly be for Cleveland's Darius Miles. The way Thomas is going, he could probably convince the Lakers to take the package and give the Knicks Shaquille O'Neal. Please. Oh, and the whole local boy coming home might not be such a feel good story afterall. The Nets didn't have much fun dealing with Stephon's pushy parents. According to a Nets executive, the battles Nets staff members and Continental Airlines Arena security guards had with Marbury's family are legend in East Rutherford. Stephon's fater, Donald Sr., insisted on being able to park his car in the player's valet area underneath the building, often throwing his keys at the attendant there.

Duke almost doubled up Fairfield last night behind a very strong showing from Chris Duhon. Expect the Blue Devil coverage in this space to rise exponentially once we get to the conference schedule and it's actually worth my time to watch a game.

I'm becoming less and less of a fan of the NFL but I was still surprised to see this. Very interesting.

I was also very surprised to read that Wimbledon has announced a new retractable roof stadium over famed Centre Court that will be complete by 2009. To me, a tennis traditionalist, this is sad news. Why are they doing this, you ask? To keep the TV money flowing in. TV and the money it is able to throw around gets more powerful every day.

In case you were wondering, Apple reached an agreement last year with over the use of the name "GarageBand." The two will share use of the name. Be sure an check out the original 1984 Newsweek ad announcing the arrival of the Mac. Look! It has a built in clock!

Have I mentioned lately that I fucking heart Perhaps they can shed some light on this. It's funny to me that we are easing the illegal immigrant laws in the country when we are trying to keep the terrorists out.

If you are looking for those Rebecca Gayheart topless photos, all you need to see is here, here and here. It goes without saying that Uncle Grambo was on top of this first.

Rowan Atkinson to play Lord Voldermort?

Robert Duvall says money was the reason he elected not to appear in Godfather 3. "If they paid (Al) Pacino twice what they paid me, that's fine, but not three or four times, which is what they did," said Duvall.

While you make pretty speeches / I'm being cut to shreds
You feed me to the lions / A delicate balance

In a fact that might interest only me, the studio version of Like Spinning Plates was built over the backing track of I Will played backward. This and more on atease.web

WEEI in Boston and ESPN are reporting that the Celtics have fined and suspended forward Vin Baker for 3 games after the team was told he didn't comply with his treatment program. Baker sat out most of last season due to his entering rehab to combat alcoholism.
This is sad news indeed but not completely surprising. Baker's play had deteriorated rapidly in the last month or so. More to follow tomorrow.

**UPDATE**This was not the first strike against Vin, it was his second. A third will result in an indefinite suspension.

Well, I just spent over 2 hours staring into a small Quicktime window watching Steve Jobs keynote speech from Macworld San Francisco. I have the beginnings of a headache coming on so here the dilly:
- (Unfortunately) No new hardware announcements.
- 60,000 viewers watched the keynote via QuickTime, in over 100 different countries.
- Jobs introduced iLife '04 which he calls "Microsoft Office for the rest of your life", it includes new versions of all the past iLife apps as well as introducing the (unfortunately named) Garageband app which is a new pro-quality music tool.
- Last quarter Apple sold 730,000 iPods, surpassing the 2 million mark since it was introduced 2 years ago. Market share data shows a 31% share in units and 55% share in revenue for last October/November, making the iPod the No. 1 MP3 player in the world.
- Apple updates the low-end iPod with a new 15GB drive (for the same $299 price). Apple also debuts new headphones available today for $39.
- Apple introduces iPod Mini with 4GB of storage (1000 songs) for $249. It is about 2/3 the size of the original iPod, basically the size of a business card(!!!!). Half-an-inch thick. Same interface/LCD. Buttons located on solid-state scroll week. Uses the same iPod connector. Supports FireWire and USB 2.0. Due in February in the US and April worldwide.

Check the Apple website for more info.

In other news, The Celtics are playing thir worst ball of the year. Their loss to the Detrizzle Piston's was quite possibly their worst L of the season, yes, even worse than the loss to Phoenix. 34 3-point attempts, 29% shooting and 68 total points, by far their worst output of the season. Perhaps the most depressing thing of all is Waltah McWorthless is our starting PF (after being out of the rotation completely at the start of the season) and he is taking more shots per game than Ricky Davis. Vin Baker did not start and played a meaningless 7 minutes without scoring. Ugh. One bright spot was Chris Mihm pulling down 11 rebounds.

I came down with phat tracks that combine and interlock
Like getting smashed by a cinder block
Blaow! Now it's all over
Nephewz seeing pink hearts, yellow moons
orange stars and green clovers

At first glance, the trade bringing Stephon Marbury home to Broadway seems to be like a slam dunk for the Knicks. They get an All Star point guard whom many believe to be the 2nd best point guard in the league (with the best in the biz just right across the river, creating a nice rivalry that will sell newspapers), as well as a much needed veteran back up shooting guard to rest Allan Houston at times throughout the season. Houston has become a bit injury prone so I'm sure this was a big concern for New York GM Isiah Thomas. The Knicks didn't seem to give up much...Antonio McDyess is coming of knee surgery and has been inconsistent, Charlie Ward and Howard Eisley are both servicable back ups but neither is going to step in and be the next Marbury in Phoenix and Maciej Lampe was a second round pick from last year's draft. Lampe is a tall European with a nice outside game and tons of potential. Also included in the deal were the rights to former Knick first round pick Milos Vujanic, considered to be the best young PG in Europe, as well as two future first round picks from the Knicks. On paper, the Knicks made out like bandits. However a closer look will reveal the facts.

This deal isn't as lopsided as you might think.

Marbury recently signed a max contract with Phoenix which pays him major money through the 2008 season. Hardaway still has three years at well over $13 million+ per season. Combine those salaries with Keith Van Horn's and Allan Houston's and the Knicks have four max contracts on their roster, with three of them in the starting lineup. None of these players are exactly young bucks either. Look at the following salary breakdown:

(age) player… 03/04… 04/05… 05/06… 06/07… 07/08… 08/09

(32) Allan Houston… 15.9… 17.5… 19.1… 20.7
(28) Keith Van Horn… 13.3… 14.5… 15.7
(30) Shandon Anderson… 6.7… 7.3… 7.9… 8.5
(30) Moochie Norris… 3.5… 3.9… 4.2… 4.6
(32) Penny Hardaway… 13.5… 14.7… 15.8
(26) Stephon Marbury… 13.5… 14.6… 16.5… 18.3… 20.1… 21.9

So between these 6 players, they will be paying $66.4 million in 2003/04, $72.5 million in 2004/05 and $79.2 million in 2005/06. Then they will be paying Marbury and Houston a combined $39 million for the 2006/07 season. Keep in mind these figures are for 2 point guards, 3 shooting guards, and a small forward. Not good.

It seems that Isiah Thomas has just done exactly what the Knicks fired Scott Layden for, trading away the future so the team can win NOW. And now that they have Marbury, they should do just that. However, the years to come in Madison Square Garden could be pretty scary. There were some rumours going around that the reason Thomas was hired as the new GM was that Isiah has promised Knick owner James Dolan some playoff revenues. Other rumours have Isiah shipping Keith Van Horn to Portland for Rasheed Wallace. We'll have to wait and see.

The Suns however, have a bright future ahead although the rest of the year will be rough. Phoenix might be the worst team in the league now. Still, they just traded away their only two long term contracts (but took one back in Howard Eisley) and have a young nucleus of promising talent signed with cheap contracts. Amare Stoudamire, (former Celtic) Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, Zarko Cabarkaba along with Vujanic and Lampe make a nice nucleus. None of their major players are much older than 24. Add in a top 7 pick in the upcoming draft plus the Knicks pick as well and the future is very bright indeed. Furthermore, with one or two more minor moves, they can be far enough under the cap to make a run at a major free agent next year. Someone like, say, Kobe Bryant.

Western Conference teams have been more willing to take chances on foreign talent than their Eastern counterparts and for the most part it's paid off in big dividends. That trend continues with this trade. The reaction from the NY press tomorrow will be interesting, but I'll wager that Isiah will be hailed as a savior. Only time will tell if that is true.

The Suns just traded Stephon Marbury to the New York Knicks. Why, I have no idea. The full deal breaks down thusly; Starbury and Penny Hardaway to the Knicks for Antonio McDyess, Howard Eisley, Charlie Ward, the rights to Milos Vujanic, two first-round draft picks, and cash.
At fist glance this imprves the Knicks greatly. Phoenix will get cap relief this summer when McDyess' $13+ million contract comes off the books as well as another $6 million with Ward's ending deal. Eisley will be on the books for the next few years and the draft picks aren't likely to be that bad. Phoenix is obviously looking toward the future and decided to blow up their current roster. They might be the worst team in the Western Conference after this deal. Suns fans can't be happy about this.
On paper, Marbury and Penny should greatly improve the Knicks. By all accounts they should reach the playoffs considering they didn't really give up anyone of importance from their roster. That is bad news for the Celtics.
One bright spot in this trade is another All Star caliber player coming from the West to the East as opposed to the other way around.
The guard competition for the All Star game next year is going to be fierce.

More on this later...

**UPDATE** CNNSI is reporting that Maciej Lampe is part of the deal and that the Knicks would not relinquish any draft picks. No word on which report is right at this point. Check back for more this afternoon. Also, the deal is still pending league approval so it is not consumated yet.

Wow. What a day yesterday! The sports world was on fire. Of course I didn't get to see any of it, but just take a look at all this action:
- The mighty Carolina Panthers take down the lowly Dallas Cowboys in one half of the NFC's wild card weekend. Stephen Davis rushes for over 100 yards and wide recievers Steve Smith and Mushin Muhammad both get over 100 yards through the air. Carolina dominated the game, period. I'm starting to believe.
- In something of a shocker (and in a sport I generally don't report on) the fourth ranked women Blue Devils traveled up to Connecticut to take on the top-ranked Husky Ladies (hehehe) and used a big second half comeback to pull off the upset. It's your loss if you didn't see the highlights on how this game played out. Duke spotted UConn a 20 point lead in the first half before outscoring the home team 18-3 in the final four minutes. UConn All-Everything Diana Taurasi gave the Husky Ladies the lead with 4.7 seconds left with an amazing, off balanced drive in the lane but Duke inbounded the ball right away and before UConn could set up their defense, stormed down court and found Jessica Foley for a 3-pointer at the buzzer. Man, I stayed up late so I could watch the highlights a second time on ESPNEWS last night. It gave me goose bumps. The loss snapped the Huskies' 69-game home winning streak, their last home loss was to Tennessee in February of 2000.
- Not to be outdone by the ladies, Coach K's squad took Clemson to school and got Coach K his 600th win at Duke. He is the 13th coach in NCAA Division I to reach that milestone at one school and the fourth fastest all-time behind Adolph Rupp of Kentucky, John Wooden of UCLA and Dean Smith of North Carolina. Sweet. In other college bball news, UNC lost to Kentucky, Oklahoma's Kelvin Sampson won his 400th career game and Arizona's Lute Olson notched his 700th overall win. For the record, Coach K has 673 career wins so we will be celebrating his 700th career win at some point this season.
- NBA news now, as the Pacers and Hornets got into a fight in their game last night. Funny thing, Ron Artest wasn't even involved. The jump off was between former Tar Heel George Lynch and new jack Al Harrington. Harrington has been vocal about his lack of PT lately and was rumoured to be on the trading block. The Pacers already have a head case in Artest so this can't help Harrington's cause any.
- Regarding the only team that really matters, the Celtics, by all accounts, played like poop last night in Chi-town but used a second half rally to beat the Baby Bulls. That was the good news. The bad news is that Vin Baker was deleted from the starting lineup in favor of Waltah McWorthless. Not good, not good at all. The C's host Detrizzle on Monday. In other news, here's a look back at Danny Ainge's personnel moves to date.
Whew. As if that wasn't enough, things actually happened outside of the sports world yesterday.
- Did Brit Brit get hitched? Do I care?
- Films to look forward to in 2004. I want to see the upcoming Wes Anderson joint like tomorrow. Also, there are rumours that Kill Bill Volume 2 might be pushed back to April. No buzz.
- Macworld San Fransisco kicks off tomorrow and might play a part in what new Mac I get, pending any new hardware announcements. I am kinda lusting after a new iBook and craving it's portability, but the eMac is a much cheaper and more powerful machine and I can get a superdrive if I go that route. A maxed out 12 inch iBook is over $1300, while a maxed out eMac is only a shade over $1100. Thoughts?
Oh, plenty of Macworld rumours floating around, including new mini iPods.

On a side note, here is brief aside on why I hate Manhattan (at times). Molly, Anna and I decided to catch a movie last night. We decided on Mystic River as we'd all heard good things and were intrigued. So we decided on the 8 PM showing at a East 57th street theatre as it was close to Anna's place of employment and she got out of work sometime after 7 PM. So we got there and it was sold out. I guess it's understandable as even though the movie has been out for months, the Academy Awards are coming up and people want to check it out. So we decided to go down to Times Square to see if we can catch an 8:15 showing there. If not, our 2nd choice, 21 Grams, is playing at the same theatre and we can catch it at 8:45. So we hop in a cab and try and make the 8:15. While in the cab, the driver informs us that he can't turn down 7th Ave due to the new through street rules enacted by Bloomberg so we have to travel 3 avenues out of our way to get to the theatre. Ugh. So once we get near Times Square, the traffic is insane and we get out one avenue away and hoof it. We get there at ten after and try to figure out if the the movies we want to see are at the gigantic AMC theatre on one side of the street or the Lowes megaplex across the street. After a few minutes of confusion, we see it's the AMC. The ticket line is already out the door, so we go up to one of the ticket ATM's and try and go that route. Once we finally get access to one, we find out Mystic River is sold out. So is 21 Grams. Fuck. So we settle for the 9PM showing of Big Fish as there is nothing the other two want to see and they won't give in to my urging to go see Elf. Once we have our tickets ($10 each, for some reason I thought movie tickets were already $10.50 in the city), we have to fight the crowd (probably 300-400 strong in the lobby) to one of the two escalators that lead upstairs. Another escalator leads us to the floor our theatre is on. Once we get our overpriced popcorn and candy we see the line that is waiting to see our movie. It wraps around 3 walls of the lobby. So we get in line and wait. It finally starts moving and we go inside and grab some decent seats. I go all the way to the middle of the row and sit down next to the guy that is sitting there, much to his displeasure, because I know if I sit one seat away, 1 minute before showtime, some douchebag is gonna come in there and ask everyone to move down one so he and his friend can sit together. Happens every damn time! So we are there 20 minutes before the movie starts and eat all of our food before the movie starts. Once it finally does (not a single good preview in the 14 they showed us), apparently they cut off the AC in the theatre and the temprature rises 15 degrees. The movie was decent and had it's moments (Ewan Macgregor is great as always but I'd advise you to wait for the DVD) but it was hard to enjoy when everyone around you is sweating profusely. Once it was over, we waited for the crowd to leave ahead of us and then went and stood in line for the bathroom. @ urinals and two toilets on a floor that had 4 theatres. 15 minutes later, we try and exit the theatre, only there are easily 300 people waiting to get on the one escalator that leads down so we try the tiny fire escape exit and are forced to walk down 6 cramped flights of stairs and are deposited on 42nd street. Let's just say I would hate to be in that building if there was a fire because there is no way everyone would get out.
Yes, I know, big surprise, there were lots of pople in a theatre in Times Sqaure. It's just that it's hard to go see a first run movie (especially on a Saturday night) in New York without hours of pre planning. It's not a spur of the moment thing. I really hate the new magaplexes that are springing up all over the place. Yes stadium seating is nice, but so were $8 tickets and less movies at a theatre. These days it's increasingly cheaper to buy a DVD and watch it at home than go out and fight the crowds. Increasingly that is what I'll be doing. I wonder how long it will be before cheap DVD prices and rising theatre prices will drive a large number of consumers to do the same? One thing is for sure, I will never go see another movie in Times Square again.

End of rant. Thanks for listening.

PS - Don't forget to take a peep at my pics from New Years.

Well, I'm back. Before I begin I'd like to say how much I love the Apple platform and especially the Safari web browser. Being at home on my dad's Compaq running Windoze '98 and Internet Explorer almost drove me crazy. Do you Windoze people actually use IE or have you installed a different web browser? Everything on IE looks so UGLY. Typefaces, page layouts, you name it and it looks like poop. Yay Apple! and Yay DSL! But I digress...
During the two weeks I was gone, I got spammed over 350 times, not counting the 4 or so comment spams I have started to recieve per day. I'm doing some research on how to combat this and will report my findings soon. What I'd like to know is if any of you out there that are running your comments off a thrid party system (like Haloscan and the like) are getting attacked as well. Is this just a Movable Type thing?
New Years was fun. It pretty much consisted of a pig pickin' (That's BBQ for you not familiar with the lingo), a six pack of Red Stripe, 4 bottles of low quality Champanga and lots and lots of fireworks. Pictures are here, be sure to check them out.

Talk soon.