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COACH: Jim Calhoun, Won title in 1999 (beat Duke), 1-0 in title games
KEY PLAYER: Ben Gordon. He’s absolutely lighting up teams in this tournament. As close to unstoppable as there is. If he keeps scoring at this clip, UConn is a lock.
KEY INJURY: Emeka Okafor has battled back problems all season and suffered a neck stinger in the Elite Eight. Reports are that he couldn’t even shake hands with reporters after the game. He will not practice until midweek.
ROAD TRAVELLED: Easiest of the four teams left. Beat a 15 seed, a 7 seed, a 6 seed and an 8 seed. They barely broke a sweat, winning by an average of 16+ points.
KEY MATCHUP: Ben Gordon v. Chris Duhon. Look for Coach K to put his best defender on UConn’s best player. If Gordon misses a few early, he could start forcing shots to get his points, to the detriment of the team.
WILDCARD: Rashad Anderson. One of the best three point shooters in the tourney. Duke will have either Daniel Ewing or JJ Redick matched up against him. Whoever it is has to make Anderson put the ball on the floor as his effectiveness is diminished if you make him take a few dribbles.
DON’T FORGET: They haven’t played a close game yet and that may come back and bite them. Shooting a collective 62% from the free throw line. Also, UConn is 2-5 versus ranked teams this year.

TEAM: Duke
COACH: Mike Krzyzewski, Won title in 1991, 1992 and 2001, 3-4 in title games
KEY PLAYER: JJ Redick. If he hits 4 or more three pointers against UConn, Duke will win.
KEY INJURY: Chris Duhon has played all tournament with bruised ribs. His scoring has dipped to next to nothing but he has raised other parts of his game (as eveidenced by a career high 10 rebounds in the Sweet 16) and played 40 minutes in the Elite Eight. Duhon will practice all week.
ROAD TRAVELLED: Beat a 16 seed, an 8 seed, a 5 seed, and a 7 seed. It should be noted that 5 seed Illinois came into their match up with Duke winning 16 of 18 and 7 seed Xavier was on a 9 game winning streak (including a W over #1 seed St. Joe’s) when they matched up with the Blue Devils. They were considered the two hottest teams in the country at that point.
KEY MATCHUP: Sheldon Williams v. Emeka Okafor. Will Okafor be able to play heavy minutes? He’s only averaging 18 minutes a game in the tourney so far. Williams is a beast down low but takes a long time to get his shot off, leaving Okafor plenty of time to try and block the shot. Both have to stay out of foul trouble.
WILDCARD: Shavlik Randolph. Can he provide much needed minutes off the bench and get the Blue Devils some points and rebounds while he is on the court? He fouled out quickly against Xavier, he can’t do that versus the Huskies.
DON’T FORGET: JJ Redick has missed just 7 free throws all year. If it’s a close game and the ball is in hands, add 2 on the Duke score if he gets fouled. Coach K will be looking to avenge his loss to UConn in the 1999 title game.

TEAM: Georgia Tech
COACH: Paul Hewitt, first time to the Final Four. The last coach to win it all on his first trip to the Final Four was....Jim Calhoun.
KEY PLAYER: Jarret Jack. He stepped up big time against Kansas in the round of 8 with 29 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals. That’s a big time performance under the national spotlight. Also, unknown to me until yesterday, Jack is Chris Duhon’s cousin.
KEY INJURY: BJ Elder. Tech’s leader and leading scorer in the regular season suffered a sprained ankle in the round of 16. He tried to go against Kansas but only managed 12 unproductive minutes.
ROAD TRAVELLED: Beat a 14 seed, a 6 seed, a 10 seed, and a 4 seed.
KEY MATCHUP: Jarret Jack versus John Lucas. If Lucas can be stopped, that’s more pressure for Tony Allen to carry the load.
WILDCARD: Luke Schenscher. Chris Bosh’s replacement has been lighting it up in the tournament and is giving Tech a big time post presence to go with their deadly outside attack.
DON’T FORGET: Tech beat UConn in the pre-season NIT, so if they meet again, the Yellow Jackets won’t be scared at all.

TEAM: Oklahoma State
COACH: Eddie Sutton, reached Final Four in 1995
KEY PLAYER: Tony Allen. Could cause match up problems for the other teams in San Antonio with his scoring ability and stocky frame. Shooting over 50% from the field for the season.
KEY INJURY: None that I am aware of.
ROAD TRAVELLED: Beat a 15 seed, a 7 seed, a 3 seed and a 1 seed. The only team left to have beaten a #1 seed.
KEY MATCHUP: Ivan McFarlin versus Isma'il Muhammad. With the deadly backcourts going toe to toe, whoever controls the boards will gain the upper hand. McFarlin is averaging close to 10 boards a game in the tourney.
WILDCARD: Eddie Sutton has the second most career tournament wins without winning the whole thing. OK State is the sentimental pick in San Antonio.
DON’T FORGET: On Jan. 27, 2001, 10 members of the Oklahoma State traveling team were killed in a plane crash returning from a road game at Colorado. For the team to be back in the Final Four so soon is an accomplishment unto itself.

USA TODAY had some interesting info on the potential matchups of former high school teammates that might emerge this weekend:
•Bellaire (Texas): Oklahoma State's John Lucas III and Connecticut's Emeka Okafor.
•Willowridge (Sugar Land, Texas): Oklahoma State's Ivan McFarlin and Duke's Daniel Ewing, who list Missouri City, Texas, as their hometown.
•Crane (Chicago): Oklahoma State's Tony Allen and Georgia Tech's Will Bynum, who will meet in the national semifinals.
•Blair Academy (Blairstown, N.J.): Duke's Luol Deng and Connecticut's Charlie Villanueva, who also will meet in the national semifinals.

Check out DBR's preview of Duke / UConn.

I'm still giddy from the big W yesterday. At the risk of sounding like a total snob, going to the Final Four never gets old. 10 times in 20 seasons is absolutely amazing. It's all because of Coach K.

With all due respect to Christian Laettner and his two famous buzzer beaters, my two favorite wins in the Elite Eight are probably in 1988 when Duke took out a HEAVILY favored Temple team with freshman sensation Mark Macon 63 -53 behind 21 big points from Kevin Strickland and then again in 1989 when Phil Henderson dunked all over Georgetown freshman Alonzo Mourning and Duke took out the Hoyas 85-77. Those were two games I did not expect us to win.

I'll have my full Final Four preview tomorrow.

The C's held the gawd awful Sixers to a near franchise record low of 65 points last night. My eyes hurt after watching that game.

I'm sure Coolfer will be very happy to hear that his favorite Sacramento King player ever in the history of the franchise, Mateen Cleaves, is signing a ten day contract with the Cleveleand Cavs.

Look out Knicks fans Vin Baker, after a fast start, hasn't been as big a low-post factor as hoped. Let me be the first to say "Hahahahaha". PS - Your team is not going to make the playoffs.

The always informative Phil Mushnick has a great take on the new West Side Stadium in NYC. Imagine if all publicly-funded buildings - hospitals, schools, City Hall - had the same shelf-life of big league ballparks, monstrous structures designed to seat 40,000 to 75,000 people. "And so, this morning, we dedicate P.S. 192 in the fond hope that it well-serves our children, our community and our society from this day through the next, oh, 25, 30 years, give or take a few years."

Can you say "Bad Idea Jeans"?

Pitchfork reviews Irish Blood, English Heart but doesn't really say anything. Where I have I heard this before?

Check out the upcoming Teenage Fanclub tribute album. TFC = Best. Band. Ever.

Does anyone else go to lindsayism and wait for the taxi to ride by? Ok...maybe it's just me.

YAY! Kegzies fixed his non-compatible-with-Safari website. Looks awesome my friend.

Below is my updated list of qualities I am looking for in the next city I live in. The more I think about it, the more this sounds like Washington DC. If anyone can help a brother out, drop me a line yo!
1) Be able to make alot of money and not spend it all on rent
2) Have a free weekly paper like the Village Voice
3) Have a Craigslist
4) Be a regular touring destination for indie bands
5) Have a pro basketball team
6) Have an Apple Store
7) Be able to see Duke play at least once a year
8) Have a major airport nearby
9) Cheap beer prices while still having a good selection of imports
10) Have a few decent indie movie theatres
11) Have good snowboarding nearby
12) Be on the East Coast
13) Be a regular stop on the yearly Chuck Palahniuk book tour
14) Have a major daily newspaper
15) Be able to have a car but not worry about parking it every day
16) Have some nice places for brunch

Oh, when you and I / Watch the London sky / Traffic rolling by
Do whatever we like / So we chase the day away
Feel the morning rain / Piss our money down the drain
And do whatever they say
But every Monday morning comes / Every Monday morning, yeah


It was a close game, but Duke sent Xavier home. Next up, UConn.

A few things I'd like to point out:

JJ Redick has missed 7 free throws. All season.
Coach K is now 10 - 1 in the Elite Eight
If Duke wins the title, Coach K will overtake Dean Smith for most tourney wins all time.

Go on and marinate on that for a minute.

Get ready for a Morrissey press blitz. He's gonna be everywhere for the next few months.

Lollapalooza has been confirmed by

The KROQ interview is available for streaming on the radio station's website. Go to "Kevin and Bean" and then click "Sight & Sound".

Also, NME has a run down of the interview.

Is this the cover for the Irish Blood, English Heart single?

But I imagine it went like this:

Luol Deng (#2): I know it was close in the first half, but we kicked Illinois' ass tonight.
Sheldon Williams (wristbands): I played 35 minutes and only had 2 fouls! That's a record.
LD: Yo, Chris Duhon is one gutty MF'er. Brusied ribs and all and led the team in rebounds.
SW: You realize that IF we beat Xavier, we're gonna be in a good spot to take on UConn, right?
LD: Hellz yeah. ALL the pressure is on them. They have like five players that will be first round picks in the NBA draft.
SW: No one is really talking about us right now. Sure, there will be plenty of hype next week before the game, but Coach K will have a whole week to gameplan for the Huskies.
LD: You know he wants to beat that ass since he lost to them back in the 1999 title game.
SW: Totally, you know, this situation is kinda similar to the whole scenario in 1999, except the roles are reversed.
LD: I like our chances. Especially if you can hang with Emeka Okafor.
SW: Yo, don't forget about how well Shav is playing. He's peaking at the right time. Also, JJ's been shooting the ball well as of late. Shit, we'll let Sean Dockery D that punk ass Ben Gordon up. He's money on D.
LD: Man, I can't wait! We should check out Romain Sato's website and spam him or something before the game tomorrow. If we get him off his game, Xavier has no chance.
SW: Yeah, I'm sure one of the scrubs on our bench is an internet geek. Let's Doomsday Worm his ass!
LD: Hahahahahaha
SW: Yo, did you see my future girlfriend Maria Menounos at the Celtics game in Boston last night? Did you know she's from Boston and a huge Celtics fan? I hope Danny Ainge draft's me when I turn pro.
LD: Totally. Have you ever seen her on ET in that skimpy Larry Bird jersey? Dayum! And you'll have to get in line because Danny Boy is gonna trade up this year to get me! Ha! Go Green!


Look for information leafblower to make his (triumphant?) return to NYC in early May. That's when Morrissey will be doing a five night stand at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

The dates are May 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 and tickets are on sale April 3 at noon.

Also, the Mighty Mozzer made his appearance on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ in LA today. information leafblower correspondent and resident Moz expert Emily D. reports that He loves "Roseanne", talks about his stalkers, and how American Idol contestants should be "put in a cage and sent to Thailand." He's as witty and wonderful as ever.

Waiting impatiently for the MP3's to pop up on the interweb.

Also, a very special shout out to the one and only Molly Wizzle on the occasion of her getting accepted into the graduate program at the University of New Mexico! Hurrah! Congratulations!

Chromewaves went to see Ted Leo last night and loved it. Of course he would, it's TED FUCKING LEO! I heart Ted. Check out the great pics that Frank took. Nice one sir! I am so bummed I missed Ted when he passed through this neck of the woods. This article from the Globe & Mail almost makes up for it though. Ted was an English major at Notre Dame! That would explain his amazing vocabulary. "It's not the time to ossify" indeed.

House of Hotsauce went to see The Delays and a solo Billy Bragg gig. I want to go to a good gig like that! I hate NC.

MOZ NEWS: He bans all burger vendors from his Manchester gig. Also, there's a new tour date in Anaheim.

There will be a new Verve compilation released later this year. They should put all their B-Sides on a double disc and release that.

The lovely and talented Rebecca Gates is doing a small tour of the Northeast starting today.

Duke v. Illinois tonight in the Sweet Sixteen. For all the hating on Duke for being so good, their season has eneded here for the past two seasons and it could very well happen again this year. Full linkage here. Something to watch that may only interest me...Dukie Sean Dockery and Illini Dee Brown are good friends, having played ball against each other since they were eight years old. Dockery also has played against most of the eight in state recruits that Illinois has on their roster. Duke has a very strong presence in Illinois. Coach K grew up in Chicago, as did former shooting guard and current assistant coach Chris Collins. Assuming he doesn't declare for the NBA draft, Duke has another Illinois native, 6"7' PG Shaun Livingston, coming to Durham next year.

Check out this Paul Pierce highlight reel. Woot!

Is it just me, or has Gothamist been laying it on heavy with the sports reporting lately? Just asking...

Hmmmm. This scares me a bit. Atlanta is just now figuring out how cool iPods are. Bovs.

Chucky P. answers questions from his fans in the UK over at The Independent. Funny enough, it seems Chuck is a staunch Republican. Or not.

How will you vote in the Presidential election later this year?
Rob Palmer, Kelso

I'll vote the way I voted in the last election: For George W Bush. Hey? Do you hear all my friends moaning? Well, they are. It's just my personal theory that change is sudden and fast, not slow and compromising. Our steady parade of meek, liberal candidates (Al Gore, groan!) makes me determined to vote for the devil again and again, until we get a real candidate with a unified vision, not just a smiling, compromising robot who's trying to please every special interest. My second choice would be Ralph Nader.

Lindsay Lindsayism got a facelift and now looks better than ever. I love the clouds and the taxi in her logo. Awesome.

Has anyone else seen this infomercial with the "little people" selling real estate? These guys are coming through the area soon and are bombarding the late night airwaves around here.

This makes me feel a little better about my job hunting.
But not much.

I'm on a total Superdrag kick lately. Very underrated band.

Wrapped around me like a smoke ring
Had me set up like a coke sting
I'm still doing five-to-seven / Wishing liars got to heaven
You ring up my line / I'm expanding my mind
I see two-thousand-five / I can't tell who's alive

I'd love to chat, really I would. It's just that it's 77 degrees and sunny outside. I've been outside on the porch most of the day, reading (Bukowski, natch), and now it is time to go to the gym.

So I will leave you with my Summertime iTunes Playlist. Following are all the songs in my 13.60 gigs of MP3's with the world "Summer" in the title. Enjoy.


The tourney starts up tonight. Here are the standings in the First Annual information leafblower NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool as they currently stand.


I think we can all agree that the cream is rising to the top here. Coolfer and I have pretty much the same picks the rest of the way except he has OK State going to the Final Four and I have Pitt, so the whole enchilada likely rests on that game tonight. True Coolfer has Duke winning it all and I have UConn, but if I lose because of that, I will be one happy camper. I only picked UConn to jinx them anyways.

ESPN lists the greatest games ever from the Regional round of the Tourney.

Memo to Christian Laettner: I was insanely jealous of you when I was in high school because Beth Lindsey wanted you and not me, but then you won two titles for Coach K and I forgave you. Since then you've had a decent pro career but are now basically a shell of your former self and it looks like you're just going through the motions to collect a paycheck and hitting the occasional J. matter what, we'll always have the East Regionals.


A rhyme for the summertime
Straight up / Ragmop blue
Digging the scene from / The streetside view
So when I’m cooling on the block / Looking for some action
I can’t rest / Till I find satisfaction

The Moz news keeps coming fast and furious! First comes word that his appearance on the Kevin and Bean show is rumoured to be tomorrow AM. Here's hoping Foxy Jazz or someone can tape / MP3 the whole thing but I am sure it will be on the interweb posthaste after it's completion.

Anyone want to buy me an early present to celebrate information leafblower's one year birthday in April can just get me the 5 Show Morrissey Package from TicketBastard. Tell you what, if you buy me that, I'll cover the additional Ticketbastard charges. Deal?

Finally we have the GQ interview with Stephen Patrick himself, thus saving everyone the $4.50 for the print version. Some Highlights:

Do you get sick of people being obsessed with the cult of the Smiths?

...I get tired of being asked about re-formations, because there's really only one way to answer on a given question, and I feel I gave the answer 112 years ago, but people every day still ask me, and I can't understand why. Let lying dogs sleep is something I always say in reference to the Smiths.

In some ways the breakup was what should have happened, because you're fundamentally a solitary person.

Well, everything happens for a reason. I never imagined I'd be a solo artist. And now I couldn't imagine being part of a group.

Are you any less miserable now?

Yes. Absolutely. Yes, I am. But then, I think that really is because of age. When you're younger, you see the people who are in power and think they must have that position because of some degree of skill. And as you get older, you realize it's not true, that most people in those positions are absolutely inept. And this naturally makes you feel better about yourself.

Do you have a Nokia phone? If so, go get some Morrissey ringtones!

Coolfer will be happy to hear that, unlike the Kings, his boys The Darkness are blowing up! Also note the new address for Coolfer. Update those bookmarks people.

Dammit, Limp Bizkit almost blew up, literally. So close!

Side Note: I got the chance to actually meet the Mozzer in person during a brief ten second encounter when he was doing a DVD signing at the Union Square Virgin MegaStore. When I got up to the table, I asked him if he learned everything he knew from Limp Bizkit (something he was fond of saying during the tour he had just completed). He laughed and said "I'm still learning!" Awesome.

Josh Homme says the new QOTSA stuff he's written is "the best shit I’ve ever written". I hope so.

Today, in our "Don't We All Think The Money Used Here Could Be Put To Better Use (Especially Since The Jets Suck)" segment, we have a report that the Jets may get a sweetheart deal for their West Side stadium after all. The New York Jets are close to a deal for a $1.4 billion stadium on Manhattan's West Side. A source close to the negotiations, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday the deal, which faces opposition from many neighborhood residents, could be announced within a week. A source told's Len Pasquarelli that the announcement could come as early as Thursday. The proposal also would expand the nearby Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The Jets would spend $800 million on the stadium. The city and state would spend $600 million on a deck over the existing rail yards and a roof that would allow the stadium to be used as convention space. The plan would be partly financed by an increase in the city's hotel tax.
Just think New Yorkers, soon you might be paying for new stadiums for the Jets AND the Nets. How many titles have they won?

Isiah, Ainge: the path back to glory This just in, Isiah is delusional.

I don't believe for one second that Kobe is going to the Knicks this summer.

I was called a racist yesterday for my comments about Spike Lee. None of the major media outlets have picked up on this story yet (the comments, not me being a racist) PS - He's backpedaling on the whole thing.

As I am a racist, I will not comment on the proposed study to find out why there are so few african americans playing professional baseball.

Is Duke the favorite for the NCAA title now? Good news from Durham, Daniel Ewing and Shavlik Randolph are 100% healthy for the first time this season.

Coach K to Josh Howard: Dude, who are you kidding, go pro.

Who will win the battle for your living room? The PC or the gaming console?

Don't miss the NYC screening of the Chuck Palahniuk documentary Postcards From The Future.
Saturday, March 27th
NYU Palladium Residence Hall
140 East 14th Street
New York
3rd Floor
You must present a valid form of picture ID to enter. The screening is FREE. First come first serve. There will be Q&A with at least one of the filmmakers afterwards. DVDs will be on sale.

Day or night, / There is no difference
You're gonna need someone soon
And here I am / And here I am
Well, you don't need / To look so pleased

And I thought I wouldn't have anything to write about today!

Eff Coachella! Maybe I will be making my first ever trip to LA this April. Morrissey has been confirmed for a FIVE NIGHT RESIDENCY at the Wiltern Theatre on April 22, 23, 24, 26 and 27. Book it Danno! Tickets are on sale March 27th and range from $50 to $65.

Also, yesterday the Kevin and Bean show featured the world premier of the new moz track Irish Blood, English Heart. I found a download of it on the web and all I can say is Holy Shitcakes! I can tell you, with full confidence, that this track IS TOTAL FUCKING RAWK GODHEAD. The Mozzer is back bitches! Bandwidth is a bitch so I won't post a link to it here. If you want to hear it, you know here to find me.

It's giving me goosebumps right now listening to it.
And yes, I AM A BIG DORK.

One caveat, Mozzer made a slight slight lyric change that I don't really care for. He changed the line:
To be standing by the flag not feeling shameful, racial or RACIAL
To be standing by the flag not feeling shameful, racial or PARTIAL
Dammit Moz, you rule, go for it man!

My fine Furry friends, the Super Furry Animals, are going right back into the studio after their upcoming UK tour in order to start work on album number seven. The band, who release an collection of remixes from their 'Phantom Power' album on April 12, have been touring the world over the last year - but they aim to go straight to work as soon as their live commitments come to a halt.

Drummer Dafydd Ieuan told the Salisbury Journal: "On the last album we had about 44 songs in various stages of completion, so we had to choose 14 to record that we thought would work together as an album.
"There's surplus from that album and even more have come along. We have our own studio in Cardiff so it's a bit easier to take your time when you know that time is not money. You can go back and change things, or scrap a week's worth of work without thinking that you are wasting a fortune."

Irish blood, English heart
This I'm made of
There is no one on earth I'm afraid of
And no regime can buy or sell me

I've been dreaming of a time when
to be English is not to be baneful
to be standing by the flag, not feeling shameful
racist or partial

Irish blood, English heart
this I'm made of
There is no one on earth I'm afraid of
And I will die with both of my hands untied

I've been dreaming of a time when
the English are sick to death
of Labour, and Tories
and spit upon the name Oliver Cromwell
and denounce this royal line that still salute him
and will salute him

Allow me to go all up in this piece for a moment.

Gotta love the double standards floating around in this country. Especially when that little DB Spike "I'm Not Related To That TV Network, Although I Still Got Paid Because Of It" Lee is concerned. Yesterday, during ABC's pre game telecast of the New Jersey Nets and Dallas Mavericks game, Spike was given the airwaves for one minute to voice his opinion on something that really mattered to him. So what did that little, no talent runt come up with?

"Listen to the white media and it is like nobody has ever played basketball before Larry Bird."

Spike went on to say "Here you got people like Magic and Garnett dunking out of the womb and here you have people paying $12 to watch Bird shoot 20,000 free throws", and that Basketball Jesus was the most overrated player in the history of basketball! Read that last sentence again.

But wait, it gets better! Byron Scott, a former rival of Bird when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers, added (and I'm paraphrasing) that the people that played against Larry Bird were lucky that he was white. If he would have been black, he would have been able to jump "alot higher" and we'd all be talking about who's better, Jordan or Bird. Gimme a fucking break!

Hello? Isn't this the same thing that got Rush Limbaugh fired from ESPN? I realize that ABC can't fire Spike as he is not an employee of the network, but surely they can reprimand Scott for his remarks. However, I imagine nothing will happen here because these two black gentlemen were simply speaking their mind but when Rush Limbaugh says something similar he's racist.

Someone form the Real GM Celtics messageboard put it best when they said:

Larry Bird overrated because of race: 100% false

Spike Lee overrated because of race: 100% true

I'm hungover and hyperventilating!

Only one thing could top our NCAA coverage in this space and that, of course, is some very interesting news from the world of Stephen Patrick Morrissey.
First and foremost, the Lollapalooza rumours are picking up steam. According to a report over at Morrissey Solo dot com, the Mozzer will be headling Lollapalooza. It goes on to say that this year's festival will be a two day event, with Day One featuring the usual "alternative" fare and Day Two reserved for a bunch of jam bands for all you hippies out there. The rumoured confirmed line up thusfar:

Morrissey (headlining)
Sonic Youth
Flaming Lips
Black Rebel Motorcyle Club

String Cheese Incident (headlining)
Polyphonic Spree

Holy Moley!

If that wasn't enough, now it appears that You Are The Quarry will come with a bonus DVD and that Moz will appear on the Kevin and Bean show next week! Cue me digging through my boxes of CD's to pull out the Morrissey at KROQ EP.

And what a day of basketball yesterday!
Duke absolutely crushed Seton Hall. JJ Redick, how you doin'? Ouscoring the entire Seton Hall team 10-9 at one point, 17 first half points and a game high 21. Welcome back. Duke played their best game in over a month yesterday. I humbly submit the 3 keys to the Blue Devils run to the title:
1) The health of Chris Duhon - Even though he's not 100%, he hasn't really shown any ill affects from his brusied ribs and had a solid game yesterday against the quicker Andre Barrett. This will have to continue. Five straight days of rest will definitely help him this week.
2) JJ Redick's shooting percentage - JJ did the smart thing and hit a few jumpers inside the 3 point arc before taking it outside yesterday. When he is on, it opens up the lane for Sheldon Williams and the rest of the low post players.
3) Shavlik Randolph's improved play - Duke's depth down low is definitely their achilles heel. However, Shav has played two very solid games so far in the big dance. If he keeps this up, Emeka Okafor and Charlie Villanueva won't be as intimidating.

As if that wasn't good enough, Go To Hell Carolina! And enjoy your off season. It was very enjoyable to be in a bar full of Tarheels and listening to all the swearing as the Heels blew it down the stretch.

For the record, Carolina had:
The leading scorer in the ACC
The leading rebounder in the ACC (offensive, defensive, and total)
The assist leader in the ACC
3 guys who, if they declared, would be NBA first rounders
And they finished 5th in the ACC and couldn't even make it to the Sweet 16.

Life is good my friends. Now if I could just solve that pesky employment problem.



As if you needed another reason to vote Obvs In '04, Peabs is threatening to run away with the First Annual information leafblower NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool. Note to self: never listen to that hack Andy Katz again. His "upset specials" were Western Michigan, Michigan State, Dayton and UTEP. They all lost. Argh. Thankfully I was the only one that went with UAB and Xavier and I had a late surge from next to last into third place.

As a Dukie, I'm very scared of Seton Hall, but not as scared as I would be if I was a Heel preparing to go against Texas.

Day two of the Madness. Life is good. All the ACC teams won yesterday.

*cough* Florida lost *cough*

Pretty Boy Peabs has the early lead in the First Annual information leafblower NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool with Damore Retrobuzz close on his heels. I'm tied for third after Andy freakin' Katz convinced me to switch my Maryland and DePaul picks before the brackets were locked. Shmears.

The C's travel to Big D tonight to renew acquaintances with the struggling Mavs.

There are reports out of New York that the (Vin) Baker case could settle before the arbitration hearing begins April 12. Joy! In other news information leafblower fave Danny Ainge celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday. Cheers!

Stylus magazine reimagines Teenage Fanclub's album, Thirteen.

Best. Article. Ever. Just for the naysayers, it the Official Apple Death Knell Counter. How tiggs is this? Apple has been declared dead 39 times since the author started keeping track in 1995. Boo Yaa! Everyone in these types of articles focuses too much on market share. Another thing they overlook is that Apple's machines tend to last longer and users don't have to buy a new machine every two years. My last iMac ran like a champ for 5 years before I got a new machine. It's still going strong for a new owner now.

Don't look now but here comes Micro$oft's "iPod killer". Someone on an Apple messageboard put it best yesterday when they said "The only way this thing can kill an iPod is if you drop it on one." Amen.
The Creative player weighs in at 330 grams (11.5 ounces) -- roughly three times as thick as an iPod and roughly twice as long to accommodate its television-quality color screen. It has a USB port and comes with audio and video outputs cable to play media on a television or stereo hi-fi.
So basically it is a small laptop without a keyboard. Idiots! Amatuers! But wait, it gets better!
Microsoft said the Creative devices will be available in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Denmark first, retailing for between 550 euros and 599 euros ($678.50-$738.90) and 399 pounds and 449 pounds ($724-$814.70). everyone that thinks the iPod is overpriced, I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, SUGGIT! What say you now?

Also, keep an eye out for Micro$oft's new hands free device for cell phones!

Buy my shit on eBay! Cheap CD's from Robert Pollard, Buffalo Tom, Catherine Wheel, Cibo Matto, Crowded House, Ween and more!

The Guardian on the death of Elliott Smith.

More Guardian goodness as they sit down with the one and only Chucky P. in Las Vegas. They, of course, want to talk to Chuck about his short story Guts.
"Guts is a short story from a book of linked short stories. And it's not even the most extreme one; but it's the one that makes people pass out," Palahniuk says. "I want to have the story that makes people weep uncontrollably ... a whole series of very extreme short stories, all linked together with a unifying narrative. I think that will be the book that erases Fight Club."

Last, but certainly not least, I bring you an interview with the original information leafblower, Mr. Douglas Coupland, done via email with Dennis, the webmaster of, my source for all things Chucky P. Here is part one, part two, and part three. To say that Coupland's work has been a huge influence on me would be a bit of an understatement. I still remember vividly reading Generation X in the halls of the general classroom building at ECU in between classes my freshman year. It was unlike any book I had ever read. I liked his follow up, Shampoo Planet, even more. His third book, Microserfs, serves as the general inspiration for this site, especially the design of it. One of the characters in the book, named Bug, listed his occupation on his business card as information leafblower. I distinctly remember reading that book on my 21st birthday as I took the train from North Carolina to Albany, NY with my girlfriend to see R.E.M., my favorite band at the time, play live for the very first time. When I finished it, the subject matter seemed very foreign to me, even though I very much liked the book. It was only when I went back and read the book a year or so after I moved to NYC that I really got it. The technology he discussed so thoroughly in the book had finally caught on (or maybe I had just finally caught up) and it gave the book a whole new meaning to me. Even more so now as I use computers more and more every day. Coupland has some interesting things to say in the interview, including noting that he dislikes Shampoo Planet now. Other goodies:

Coupland: One thing I've noticed is how antique the book world is. In art school we were taught that everything is an art supply. In English programs they tell you that nothing is an art supply.  People come out of English programs terrified to write about the world as they live it, for fear of pissing off some invisible 300-level English teacher that follows them everywhere they go. It's depressing. Imagine  having a bitter fucked up ghost trailing you for fifty years.

Dennis: You mentioned that in hindsight you no longer like Shampoo Planet.  Is there a book of yours since then that has become your favorite over time, and if so, why?

Coupland: Probably Life After God.  It came out back before people realized what I was doing with books (and to be fair, I'd put myself somewhat in that category back then.)  I think if someone else had written it, it'd be a beloved cult classic. Because [when] I did it at first it became something else. There are a few things I'd change here and there, but it holds up beautifully. It comes from a dark, fucked up part of my life, and is probably the better for it. Some sort of weird writing law.

But the most exciting thing I culled from all of this is the following:

Coupland: At the moment I'm doing the sequel to Microserfs, which I'd best not overly discuss. It involves people in tech, but that's now about 87-percent of my friends, so... it's simply my life. That's the only way to do it. Nothing's worse than a book where the author sought out a trend and milked it. You can always tell, and they only sell 17 copies anyway. Books are good because they're cynicism-proof. I have this expression: the only things you can't fake is competence, creativity and sexual arousal.  To this I might add cynically conceived books.

Woo Hoo!

Have a great weekend folks!


Ask and you shall receive.

Brief update today. I have like 10 hours of bball to watch. UTEP and Maryland are going at it right now.

Here's what happened at the C-Lo gig last night, complete with pics! Kinda.

This is the funniest shit I've read in a while. Genius.

Blogs have officially jumped the shark. My proof? Mark Cuban has one. Wanker. [via coolfer]

Why the iPod can't save Apple.

PJ Harvey to play Glastonbury.

The Mighty Mozzer in GQ. Other Moz news says he is playing Glasto and Reading as well as Roskilde. He may or may not be confirmed for Lollapalooza and will be on the cover of Spin in May. Waiting for Ultragrrrrrrl to confirm. Also, Franz Ferdinand interviewed Moz for an upcoming NME article.

Don't believe the hype. Chris Duhon is playing tonight.

Grambo was a late entry into the First Annual information leafblower NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool but I can almost guarentee that he won't win it as he inexplicably picked Florida to go to the Finals. Everyone knows they are gonna go down to mighty Manhattan today. Book it.

Buy my shit on eBay.

Damn, leafblower you got fat!
Yeah, I know it looks pathetic
Ali Shaheed Muhammad got me doing calisthenics
Needless to say, boy I'm bad to the bone
Making love to my mic like Jarobi on the phone

[link via Catchdubs]

Well, I'm back from sunny Hotlanta. Overall, nothing new to report, although I was glad I got to hang with my good friend Melissa. I went on two interviews down there, one proper one that didn't go to well, but that's not a bad thing (long story) and another with a staffing agency that was actually pretty productive.

I've been going on more and more of these staffing agency "interviews" which usually consist of me filling out endless amounts of paperwork, taking about two hours worth of computer tests on Microsoft software (funny enough, I ALWAYS test highest of Powerpoint, a program I completely taught myself on my trusty eMac) and then an all too brief interview with one of the recruiters. I usually only talk to a human being for like 5 minutes and the questions consist of "What do you want to do?" and "How much do you want to make?" Couldn't I answer those questions by email or over the phone? Can't we sit down and talk about my experiences and expertise and whom I have dealt with in my previous line of work or if my resume is geared towards the kind of gigs I want? Won't this info be helpful to you while you try and find me a job? Aparrantly not. Perhaps the bigger question here is that if all the people with jobs are freakin' idiots (present readership excluded), why the hell is it so hard for me to find work?

This time was a bit different and I actually talked to the recruiter for over half an hour and she was very upfront about what she thought about my resume (excellent but not superior) and my prospects for landing a paying gig(better than most). So that is a good thing. But then again I always walk out of those things with a + attitude and then never hear back from those wankers. So we'll see.

Oh, the boring life of the unemployed. Also, for the record, I am afraid to list this site on my resume (although I would if I was going for some sort of sportswriter action) as I think it could come back and haunt me if I'm caught working on the hottness at work.

At the beginning of my job search those many moons ago, I contemplated keeping stats of resume's sent out and things like that, but looking back even now, I am thankful I did not. I'm depressed enough thankyouverymuch. Speaking of depressing...

Argh! I was scooped! I could point out the technicality of the fact that I was interviewing / traveling yesterday and could not reveal the new Moz Buzz, but instead will do the gentlemanly thing and *tip my cap* as TRJ has been smokin' of late, unlike this space.

On a serious note (and speaking of smoking hott sites), do yourself a favor and read this. F'real.

Once again let us all hail Largehearted Boy for unlocking this treasure trove of Spoon audio & video (!!!) goodness. Wowzer. In glorious Quicktime no less. Hail Hail.

Bucks guard TJ Ford's house was raided by the jake yesterday in a drug sting.

Say It Ain't So!! Orioles legend Jim Palmer implies he believes that Brady Anderson, aka information leafblower's favorite. baseball. player. ever. was under the roid influence in 1996 when he hit a club record 50 home runs. Noooooo! Brady was my fucking man! No homo.

I've got to agree with Ultragrrrrrrl on the hideousness of watching MTV'S I Want A Famous Face last night. Some random thoughts I had during the show:
- Is it unethical for these two dopes to go to the plastic surgeons office and inqure about surgery when all the doctor has to say is "Boys, maybe the reason that you aren't getting any girls is 1) you're obviously the real life version of the Ambiguously Gay Duo and 2) first things durst, clean up that acne yo! The hot chicks may dig yer Mercedes, but they aren't into the pizza face!" Bovs.
- The brother with the combed forward hair was already fairly good looking. No homo.
- How scary was their dentist? OMG.
- Their mouths are still to big for their face
- Who the fuck gets cheek implants?
- Their parents must be loaded, the price tag for this is over 20 grand.
- Has anyone told them they look more like Steven Cojocaru than Brad Pitt?
- What happens when one of the locals decides to kick their gay faces in? Do they have to go back for more surgery?
- This show is such a train wreck. I can't wait for the next episode.
- I can't wait for MTV freak Grambo to chip in with his thoughts.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm unemployed and broke? Well, since I have an abundance of CD's packed away here at my 'rents house (4 big boxes left over from my days as music director at college), I have decided to ebay the lot of them, one week at a time. Take a look at this week's selections. If you win the auction and mention that you are a faithful information leafblower reader, I will give you $1 off shipping!

The play in game was last night, leaving less than 48 hours until the Madness of March is upon us. Perhaps now is not the worst time to be unemployed. (Did I just say that?) The field for the First Annual information leafblower NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool is almost set. The following esteemed colleagues have thus far decided to cowboy up and accept the challenge:

Coolfer (How 'bout them Kings?)
Barry No Pepper
Solo Views
Damore Retrobuzz
Matthew J. Peabody. Obvs.

I think we can accept new entries until the games kick off Thursday since I opted for the 64 team pick 'em, as opposed to the 65. So if you want to get in on the hott action, you know where to find a brother.

Don't get any big ideas
They're not gonna happen
You paint your house white and feel the noise
But there'll be something missing
And now that you found it, it's gone
Now that you feel it, you don't

What was the question you ask?

Why was Allen Iverson benched against the Pistons this last weekend? And more importantly, why didn't he start?

Well, The Answer gives us the answer.

"Why wouldn't I start? I'm the franchise player here.
I don't know any franchise players that come off the bench.
I don't know any Olympian that comes off the bench.
I don't know any All-Star that comes off the bench.
I don't know any former MVP that comes off the bench.
I don't know any 3 time scoring champion that comes off the bench.
I don't know any 1st team All-NBA (player) that comes off the bench.
Why Allen Iverson? Why should I come off the bench?"

Classic. This is even better than his practice rant.

I think it's pretty obvious that AI was "gently" reminding everyone of his resume in hopes that there will be a taker for his services this summer that will get him out of Philly. He was almost traded to Detroit four years ago in a multi-team/multi-player deal that would have netted Philly Jerry Stackhouse, Glen Rice and Jerome Williams. However, the deal never happened and the Sixers went to the Finals the following year.

I am bloody exhausted but there is sooooo much stuff to go over. Argh.

Let's start with the important stuff. Maryland snapped Duke's 17 game winning streak in the ACC Tournament and took today's championship game in OT. I was going to use this space to complain about the numerous phantom fouls against the blue and white and the amazing non calls that went the Terps way, but thought better of it. You know, we've won 5 in a row and that's pretty amazing. Losing today isn't the end of the world (although it was almost the end of my TV, it was all I could do not to throw something at it) and the Terps should be congratulated. They beat Wake, NC State and Duke in a three day span. That is impressive to say the least.

For all the idiotic calls that went against Duke, if they would have hit their free throws, they would have won the game. I think it's funny that John Gilcrest did something that Joe Smith, Steve Francis, Juan Dixon and Steve Blake couldn't do, that being give Gary Williams an ACC Tourney title. JJ redick had a subpar tournament and missed a shot to win the game at the buzzer (he was 1-8 from three today) and Daniel Ewing had a look at an open three to tie the game in OT but it was not to be. Duke's lack of passing and reliance on one on one play really hurt them today. Lets hope they get it together before it's too late.

Still, Duke got the #1 seed in the South region, which at first glance looks muy tough. The Big Dance start this week. Duke and UNC are in the same bracket and could meet up in the Elite Eight. I shudder at the thought of that happening. I'm going to put together a bracket pool on ESPN for everyone to join just for shits and giggles. If there are any readers out there that want to participate, leave a comment below and I'll send you the info. Go here for a printable bracket.

**UPDATE** Invites to join my online ESPN bracket have been sent out so check your inbox. If I omitted you and you'd like to participate, then all you have to do is email me before the Tuesday play-in game.**

Vin Baker won his arbitration hearing and signed with the Knicks for the rest of the season. Some think that even though they lost the hearing, the Celtics are looking good overall as this ruling make it more likely that the C's will NOT be on the hook to pay Vin for the remainder of his contract with the team. So maybe this is a case of losing the battle but winning the war. The case goes to trial in April.

Allen Iverson takes no shit.

So about that Strokes gig...First of all, I'm an idiot, it was Saturday, not Friday. Luckily I checked the date before I made the drive into Charlotte. I was very excited to see the Strokes outside of the NYC hype/hate bubble and watch the gig in a nuetral state and judge the show on it's merits or lack thereof. I had seen Julian & Co. once before at Roseland in NYC, but I was working that night (it was the night I met John McEnroe) so I didn't really get to "see" the show per se. And now I can honestly say that while I am not ready to proclaim that they are "better than the Beatles", I can say I was very impressed with the show and walked away with a smile on my face. All the songs were super tight and sounded absolutely great. The tunes from Room On Fire sounded much better live than on CD. Fab's drumming was incredibly tiggs and the guitar interplay was brilliant. My toe was tapping throughout. My only complaint was Julian's Liam Gallagher/Dean Martin drunken between song ramblings, i.e."Is Charlotte a college town? What school do you go to? Shitnballs University?" and "This is a great venue? What is it, the Charlotte Opera House?"

I mostly took in the show at the back of the venue on the upper level (Grady Cole Center is basically a rather large basketball gym) and I couldn't help but think about how much The Strokes reminded me of a pre-Wonderwall Oasis. Neither band really moves around alot on stage and have a similar overall feel to their shows. Anyways, I came into the show a jaded hipster and left a very happy camper. I had heard that they only played a 45 minute set, but it took them over 90 minutes to play every song from each of their albums plus a Clash cover that wasn't half bad.

There were over 2,000 people at the gig which made me feel greatly relieved as prior to the gig, I pictured Charlotte as a town of bankers that only listened to country music. I was very glad to see that while those people may be a majority, there are some people with good taste in the hizz.

information leafblower will be off for a few days starting tomorrow as I travel down to Hotlanta for another job interview.
*fingers crossed*
I should be back by Wednesday so I'll see you all then.

10:00 AM - The Apple Store at South Park Mall Opens

12:00 PM - Lunch with Ben while watching Duke v. Virginia, in the ACC Tournament. Perhaps we will watch the game at the Uptown Cabaret Club. Wait, who am I kidding? I'm broke.

8:00 PM - The Stroakes perform at the Grady Cole Center.

Seeing as it's probably going to be all sports all the time around here for the next month or so, I'll go easy on the athletic news today.

Celtics lose to the Lakers. Kobe came back early from his shoulder injury. Karl Malone likes the direction Danny Ainge has the C's pointed in. The C's owners recently bought each player an iPod. The team promptly won 6 straight.

Rusty was scoreless in 4 minutes last night.

Starbucks is jumping into the digital music store business. And don't look now, but so is Virgin. Where were all these companies 5 years ago? Oh yeah, that's right, they had to let Apple prove it could be done. Typical.

Speaking of my favorite tech cult, they are getting hip to using good ol' rawk un roll to sell some units. I will be in full on geek mode when I attend the opening of the Charlotte Apple Store tomorrow morning.

Time now to shift our gaze to everyone's favorite Pope of Mope (the Mozzer is an Apple user BTW, he has/had a blue iMac). Rumours are swirling that Stephen P. has agreed to play this year's Lollpalooza festival, although I won't believe that until I see it. To me, it doesn't make much sense for him to do it. Lolla, much like heroin, is so passe. I remember when James played Lolla the year with KoRn and Tool and the KoRn mooks kept yelling "KoRn! KoRn! KoRn!" throughout James' set. Totally lame. I know the rumoured line up this year would be different, but I can see a similar situation developing. I'd rather him do his own tour. And come to the southeast.

Whatever you do, be sure to click through to peep the Morrissey colouring book, entitled Morrissey Gets A Job. All due credit to Mystery and Misery for pointing out the hottness.

And finally we get news of the Nancy Sinatra and Morrissey collaboration that will appear on Nancy's next album. Rolling Stone is reporting that the track, entitled Let me Kiss You, is likely to be a single in the UK.

What would you say if I humbly told you that none other than yours truly played a part in putting those two musical titans together? It's true. I'm not usually one to toot my own horn but this is something that I am very proud of. Eons ago, when i was still employed, we were helping Nancy shop her album to the labels and I was told that she wanted Morrissey to be on the record. I sent an email to David T, the webmaster of Morrissey-solo and he passed along the message to the Morrissey camp. Or so he said. A few weeks went by without word and I thought no more of it. Then at work, one random day when they day was winding down, the phone rang. I picked it up. A voice on the other side said:
Voice: "Hello, can I speak to Kyle."
KG: "This is Kyle."
Voice: *deep breath* "Hello Kyle, this is MMMMMorrrrrrisseyyyy"
The words just rolled off of his tongue. I'll never forget it. I can tell you with 100% seriousness that I almost had a heart attack. My heart instantly fell into my stomach. It was all I could do to keep it together and talk in coherent, complete sentences.
KG: "Morrissey? REALLY?" *trying to not sound too impressed*
SPM: "Yes. Everyday. I'm calling you regarding the note I recieved from you about Nancy. I'd love to. I already have the song written."
Holy fucking shit! We went on to have a 20 minute conversation about Nancy's album and the her upcoming schedule. When he asked what label Nancy's record would be on, I replied, "Much like yourself, she is still looking for a label." I got no response at all from that comment, and wasn't sure if I offended him or not. We kept on talking for a short while and I asked him if he could send a copy of the song to our office so we could forward it to Nancy. He replied that he had Nancy's address but would send one to us as well. I gave him our office address and instantly began thinking about how I was going to have an envelope addressed to me by fucking Morrissey. H-O-T-T. IOUSLY. We finished up the conversation and said our goodbye's. As if that wasn't enough, then I had to pull it together and call Nancy and tell her about what just happened. She was thrilled. After my boss came back to the office, I filled her in on what happened and she told me Nancy's last manager had been trying for over a year to contact Morrissey. I made it happen in a few weeks.

As you might expect, Morrissey was beyond polite on the phone. I kept myself from acting like the huge fan I am as I was at work and this was an important matter. I did alot of cool things during my time in the music industry, but that was easily the toppermost of the poppermost.

And I never got that package. Bastard.

Reader, meet Author / With the hope of hearing sense
But you may be feeling let down / By the words of defence

So we have some good news and some bad news.

The good? The Celtics are now riding a season high six game win streak after beating the "lowly" Knicks last night in MSG. Isiah and his Knicks are in complete chaos right now. Things are so bad, the media is pining for Vin freakin' Baker, like right now! What happened NY? I thought Isiah was a genius and all his moves were golden? Not so apparantly.

Knicks fans have another thing coming if they think Vin Baker is going to solve the team's problems. Why would Isiah take the chance on this drunk you ask? Well, it's simple logic, duh. Just listen:

"When you talk about Vin Baker, this is a person who's battling a disease," Thomas said. "You're not talking about — quote — a bad person. If you're going to take a risk on anyone, this is the kind of guy you take a risk on. There's nothing in his family or background that would say he's a bad risk in terms of his person."

I'm glad you cleared that up Zeke. If a person is a minister's son and isn't a "bad person", even though he has been showing up to work drunk and basically stealing around $30 million for the last 3 or so years, if he's not a "bad person", then he's not a risk. Glad you cleared that up for me. I do have to wonder, what constitutes a "bad person"?

Over in the Boston media, they are actually focusing on the positives in Beantown. Yes, even Peter May. Surely that is a sign of the apocolypse. Guess what? Danny Ainge is a freakin' genius. Remember that Chucky Atkins trade (which I may or may not have been in favor of, don't remember), well the C's are 6 - 1 since Chucky took over running the team. Many of the players Danny brought in this season made important contributions to the W last night. Jiri Welsh deflected a pass during NY's last possesion and threw off the timing on the Knicks final play, and Ricky Davis scored 12 points in the second quarter. This has to be killing Peter Vescey, Steven A-hole Smith and the rest of the ESPN crew who have seemingly gone on the air with glee in the last few weeks only to skewer Danny Boy.

And Danny still can't seem to win. When the team was in the midst of losing 13 of 14, he said "Maybe missing the playoffs isn't a bad thing. We could get a higher draft pick." And that was the truth. The C's weren't exactly looking for the second season at that point anyway. But now that we have won 6 in a row, the media spin it like we are winning against Danny's wishes because he wants a higher draft pick. Look, he wouldn't have made the move for Chucky if he didn't want to win, so just STFU right now, OK?

And congrats to interim coach John Carroll, who after starting 1 - 12 has put together the C's longest winning streak of the season. The play of the night last night was Paul Pierce burying a jumper in the corner over Shandon Anderson with about 20 seconds left on the game clock and only one second on the shot clock with the C's clinging to a one point lead. The Knicks promptly called timeout and PP rubbed Spike Lee's head on his way back to the C's bench. Proper! The Knicks and C's are now tied for the 6th playoff spot in the East.

But wait, I'm not done bashing Isiah yet. Before the game, Knicks PF Kurt Thomas signed a new 4-year, $30 million contract extension and promptly went out and scored 2 points. Nice one sir. This might have been a bad move for Thomas because now it's more likely that Isiah will trade him. Sucker.

The C's try and roll lucky 7's tonight in Boston when they take up their storied rivalry with the Lakers. Be there! Or be like me and watch it at the bar!

Rusty scored 3 points in 2 minutes in a Warriors loss last night.

Now for the bad news. With a heavy heart I report that Oasis have sacked producers Death In Vegas from the recording sessions for their new album. Not good news for anyone hoping for a break from the norm in the group's upcoming sound. Noel was his usual self saying:

"We’ve done a bunch of really fucking good demos and we put together a running order of what we thought the album was gonna be and we whittled it down to ten tracks. But we’ve had that for a few months now."

So you've basically been sitting on your fat, rich ass for the last few months then, right? Argh. I will just leave this alone and only say that I HAD high hopes for this record but now fear it's just going to be another collection of under produced songs about how much Noel hates Meg. Heathen Chemistry was not as bad of an album as people think, it's just that after hearing the songs played live, it's obvious that Noel made a mistake in letting the band produce the tracks themselves. They were incredibly flat and lifeless on the CD, unlike their live versions. Better Man for instance, was absolutely amazing live, a sort of cousin to Columbia, but you'd never have known it listening to the album version. *sigh*

Jack White only got a slap on the wrist.

Josh Homme on the QOTSA break up.

Franz Ferdinand sign on to let Epic Records mismanage their career. What was the band thinking? When has Epic ever done good with an indie band outside of the metal genre? Name one.

Some people work very hard / But still they never get it right
Well I'm beginning to see the light.
There are problems in these times / but none of them are mine
Baby, I'm beginning to see the light.

Next time I tell you what a cool city Charlotte is, remind me of this.

The marquee, as it reads out front of the Grady Cole Center in downtown Charlotte:


I'm gonna go back there later this week and try and get a picture before they change it.

YAY!!! This made my week. The Golden State Warriors placed Nick Van Exel on the injured list Monday with left knee inflammation. Why is this great news? Because they signed my boy Rusty LaRue to a 10 day contract! Awwww yeah.

Rusty has been tearing up the NBDL for the Asheville Altitude to the tune of 10.6 points, 2.2 rebounds and 1.9 assists in 17 games prior to his call up to the L. OK, so that is not exactly tearing it up, but give the po' man a break. This is the second time he's been called up from the NBDL. Two years ago he finished the season with the Utah Jazz after getting promoted. This year he was the last person cut by the Celtics in training camp. So close! If he would have made the C's squad, I would have moved to Boston immediately.

Check out Rusty's NBDL profile or better yet, go to his personal webpage. Also, check out Rusty owning Mike Bibby in some playoff action with the Jazz.

For those wondering why I am so damn excited about this, check this recap. Rusty and I grew up across the street from each other.

Look at the form on that jumper. JJ should take some notes.

Move over Uncle Grambo, someone else is driving the traffic at my site now. Take a look at the search engine queries for the last 100 hits on my site:

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Unfortunately, none of my results are as good as this.

Coolfer has The Strokes, I have the Virginian Rifle.

You would think I would have more to write about today, especially after the Celtics beat the mighty T-Wolves last night. That's five W's in a row for those counting at home. Next up, Isiah's Knicks on Tuesday.

Oh the irony of it all. As reported yesterday here on information leafblower UNC shooting guard Rashad McCants ran his mouth before the epic Duke v. UNC rivalry was renewed by stating his opinion that JJ Redick was of no use to his team if his 3 point shot was not falling. So what happened on the biggest play of the game? McCants lost the ball while trying to launch a three and JJ pounced on it and called a quick time out. Duke ball with 4 seconds left. Ballgame. Rashad, thanks for playing, we have some lovely consolation gifts for you. Wanker.

I bet people outside of this part of the country get tired of hearing about THE RIVALRY and all it's overhyped glory, but damn, these teams put on two great games this year. Last nights game was close throughout and kept everyone rivited to the screen. Here's a nice little tidbit for you. Either Duke or UNC has been nationally ranked for every one of their meetings since 1955. Think about that for a second. It's amazing.
Luol Deng bounced back from his worst performance of the season to score 25 big points and keep the Tarheels at bay. Quite simply, the Heels had no one to guard Luol and he killed them time and time again with his medium range J and ability to get to the basket. And as usual Chris Duhon was his spectacular self and helped the Devils beat the Heels for the 14th time in the last 16 games. WOW. Carolina knew they were in trouble when Duke lost to Georgia Tech earlier in the week for the first time since 1995. Standout UNC PG Raymond Felton suffered a minor hip injury in the first half and that certainly didn't help the Heels cause. Lets all keep our fingers crossed these teams will meet again in the ACC tourney. Also, it was nice to be in a room of Tarheel fans and hear the crickets chirping in the room as the Blue Devils clinched the W. I forgot how good a feeling that was.

Oh, I almost forgot, you know the game is big when The Donald is in attendance, and with Melania in tow no less. Buzz for days! During an impromptu interview in the second half, The Donald said he was impressed with Deng's play. I can see the headline now...
"Trump to Deng: You're Hired!"

In other non sports news, with Apple's stock at a 52 week high, rumours are flying hot and heavy that Sony may make a takeover bid for the "tech cult". Can they do it before Steve Jobs is named CEO of Disney? Perhaps now is a good time to look back on the history of Apple's operating systems.

Best sign seen in Kryzewskiville during ESPN's noon edition of College Gamenight:


Amen brother, amen.

Check out the full preview from DBR.

Today is one day when it's better to be in NC than in NYC.

the dog jumps up on the bed
crawls over me.
"are you the Word?" I ask him
he doesn't answer.
"are you the Word?" I'm looking for the Word."
he has brown and solemn eyes.
"I'm waiting for the Word," I tell him,
"I'm walking around like a man
in a large hot
frying pan."
he wags his tail and tries to
lick my face.

"listen," she says from the bedroom,
"why don't you get out of bed
and stop talking to that dog?"

my parents didn't understand me

- Charles Bukowski, from his book
what matters most is how well you walk through the fire

Apple is opening a new retail store in Charlotte next week! SO BEST! Unfortunately I probably won't be able to work there as I recently read the odds are greater of getting accepted to Stanford than getting hired at an Apple Store. Seriously. There must be alot of unemployed IT guys out there.

This makes Charlotte slightly more appealing using my list of things I am looking for in the next city I settle down in(my surrent situation is temporary). They are (in no particualr order):

1) Be able to make alot of money and not spend it all on rent
2) Have a free weekly paper like the Village Voice
3) Have a Craigslist
4) Be a touring destination for indie bands, particularly from Wales
5) Have a pro basketball team
6) Have an Apple Store
7) Be able to see Duke play at least once a year
8) Have a major airport nearby
9) Cheap beer prices while still having a good selection of imports
10)Have a few decent indie movie theatres
11) Have good snowboarding nearby

I'll add more as I think of them.

Song / Artist / Album



More Morrissey Meltdown news, including an interview with the Mighty Mozzer from Time Out London.

MORRISSEY: I was very nicely asked. I was second choice to a smallish Japanese woman whose name I can't mention, but she has atrocious taste in eye furniture. Can you guess who I mean? She had a Red Setter called John.

MORRISSEY: Only seals 'perform'. So, yes, I'm ready to oik.

MORRISSEY: Not remotely. The line-up consists of drag, skiffle, and political debate.

MORRISSEY: This year's Meltdown will be the best - very loud, very entertaining and very funny. Princess Anne is not invited.

MORRISSEY: It's as likely as Amelia Earhart being discovered working at Boots in Croydon.

As if that wasn't enough buzz for your Thursday, check out this YOU ARE THE QUARRY IM icon. There's also another one over at Ambitious Outsiders Hott.

Mucho props go out to the one and only Real Janelle for the Ted Leo scoopage. Sweet. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I heart Ted Leo.

Beyonce's band foils carjack bid.

This is so awesome. The organizers of the SXSW are providing this year's library of music for free through an iTunes shared music playlist via free wireless Internet access points in nearly 30 restaurants and coffee shops in and around Austin.

I've had enough! I'm totally getting a new agent. My current one is so fired.

Although he is still my brother from another mother, I have to disagree with Grambo when he says he's not feeling the buzz around the upcoming Batman film, which, fyi, is now titled BATMAN BEGINS. Gary Oldman has just been cast as Sgt Jim Gordon! Take a look at this cast, which will be directed by Chris Nolan. I say BUZZ.
Christian Bale as Batman
Michael Caine as Alfred
Katie Holmes as Rachel Dodson
Liam Neeson as Ducard
Ken Watanabe as Ra's al Ghul
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane
Larry Holden as D.A. Fisk

Outkast are not breaking up. I think.

I was almost in tears last night (not really) as Georgia Tech snapped Duke's 41 game home winning streak with a big W at Cameron Indoor. Duke's streak had been longets in the nation. I look at this as a good news / bad news sort of thing. The Dookies have now lost 3 of 6, but all were ACC games and let's be honest, it's easily the toughest conference in the nation (although I don't think for one second a team with a 6-10 conference record deserves to go to the Big Dance). We lost the contest last night because Sheldon Williams was limited to 21 minutes due to foul trouble, Luol Deng had his worst game of the year and we simply could not defend the pick and roll. All credit should be pointed towards the Yellow Jackets though. They def. deserved that W.

That was the bad news. The good news is that UNC comes to Durham for a primetime matchup on Saturday and I seriously, seriously doubt we are going to lose two in a row at home. Also, NC State screwed the pooch last night losing to Maryland and giving up any chance they had of sharing the regular season ACC title. That now belongs to the good folks in Durham. Joy! That's 6 of the last 8 years we've held that title. Unreal.

Special props go out to that Chris Webber loving - Apple hater Coolfer for hooking your boy up with all sorts of musical goodies lately including CD's from Franz Ferdinand, The Caesars, The Postal Service, Air and Death Cab for Cutie. Respect.

My next CD purchase will either be The Stills album or the new elbow joint. Any thoughts? I can't decide.

Sink my hands into the sea / Reach your fingers up to me
Trust me one more time / I can only try
Throw yourself to me / And I'll try to pull you free

A thousand apologies to the four people that still come by this site on a daily basis for the late update today. But you see, I have good reasons and even better intentions.

The day for me began at the ungodly hour of 7 AM. I can hear everyone now muttering "Jesus, what a wimp!" but you have no idea how early 7 AM is when you've been unemployed for longer than you care to admit and usually stay up until around 2 AM and wake after 9. But you see, I HAD to get up that early today. I had a job interview! Actually it was a psuedo-interview at yet another staffing agency but the guy I spoke with didn't seem like a scumbag (unlike every singly agency person I interviewed with in NYC, fuckers) and was very positive about my future and said he'd be in touch in about a week after he checked all my references. Hey, maybe the south isn't so bad? with me.

On the way there I was stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes and thought to myself "This is gonna get old real fast." I guess I'll have to look for a place near my work, when and if I ever secure gainful employment.

Anyhoo, I got back to the house around 1 PM and started waiting for the cable guy to come and install my shiny new cable interweb modem. He didn't show up until after 5 PM so most of the day I sat around watching NBA Finals reruns. Of course they were all of the Bulls, but I got to see some footage of Danny Ainge when he played with Portland. They totally should have won that series, but I digress...

The cable guy doesn't show up until after 5PM, promptly spends 15 minutes hooking up my shiny new cable interweb modem and digital cable box and then collects his money and leaves without even showing me how this shit works. WTF? And the cable companies wonder why people are switching to satelite....Oh well, my new connection is fucking FAST.

So I know you've probably read all this on other sites but here's today's roundup all the same.

Productshop NYC wonders alound if The La's will be appearing at Coachella. If so, I have no choice but to attend. But only if it's announced that they are playing. None of this "Surprise Guest" bullshit. No way am I flying all the way out there for Lee Mavers to flake out and not show up.

HeheheheheGothamist fills us in on what Jayson Williams and his crew drank on the night that he allegedly killed his limo driver with a shotgun blast to the chest.

Did you catch what Mr. Williams allegedly said after the gun was fired and the victim slumped lifelessly to the floor? "Oh, my God. ... My life is over." Classy, real classy.

I never, ever thought i would say this (unless he rigs the draft lottery in the Celtics favor) but YAY DAVID STERN! The NBA sent a memo around to all it's teams yesterday telling them they cannot sign Vin Baker until his arbitration case against the Celtics is settled.

I've been waiting for The Sports Guy to write this column all year but unfortunately, it's subpar.

Say it with me now....Primetime! Primetime! Primetime!

Are the Mets trying to land Alfonso Soriano? Wowzer.

Supersize - RIP. Seriously, does anyone really need the 72 ounce big gulp of syrupy sugar water that you get when you supersize your meal? I'm sure the world's auotmakers all released a collective sigh of relief today. It seems like every time they get the size of their cup holders to fit the cups at Mickey D's, the food chain goes and makes them even bigger.

Does anyone else watch my new favorite TV show? That would be Animal Planet's Emergency Vets.

The world is spinning too fast / I'm buying lead Nike shoes
To keep myself tethered / To the days I try to lose

- The Mighty Mozzer has been selected to curate the 2004 Meltdown Festival in London June 11-27. Witty to a fault, Stephen Patrick declares:

"This is a privilege and I will rise to it. Curating Meltdown is a great opportunity for me to acknowledge some of the music and words that have excited me over the years. Some of you have iPods, I have Meltdown."

- The Pixies will be playing new material on their upcoming reunion tour. Personally, I'm more excited about the old stuff they'll be playing. But it's not like their swinging through Charlotte on this jaunt.

- REM are almost done with their upcoming record, which was partly recorded in the Bahamas. Oh, the life of the tortured artist. The band are also planning a world tour to accompany the release of the new material. Unlike Black Francis & Co., they will most likely be playing the Cackalack.

- Spoon, my favorite American band not named Ted Leo, will be playing some local gigs in Austin around the time of SXSW and be playing some new material. Britt, quit fucking around and get the record done!

- Run and hide! Kate Moss is taking acting lessons...from Gyneth Paltrow.

- Eric Clapton is releasing his new four song EP through the iTunes Music Store. Look for more artists to do this in the future. And yes, that is a good thing.

- Apple was named the #2 global brand for 2003, behind Google. Not bad for a tech cult, huh? Car maker MINI finished third. Apple, however, finished in the top spot in America followed by Target. Unsurprisingly, Napster didn't make the cut.

- The suddenly impressive Celtics trounced the hapless Magic last night behind Mark Blount's out of nowhere 28 points and 21 rebounds. That was the first 20 - 20 game from someone in green and white since basketball luminary "Easy" Ed Pickney did the deed in 1994.

To show you how wacky the playoff picture in the East is, their three game winning streak currently puts the C's in the eight place for the playoffs. They are only half a game out of 6th place, yet only one game out of 11th place. So the question becomes "Is it better to make the playoffs or miss them and improve your draft position?" If they end up as an eighth seed in the East, they'll likely have the 14th pick in the draft. If they slip to the ninth position and barely miss the playoffs, they'll likely pick eighth. If they let the Cavs, Heat and Sixers pass them in the standings, even by one game, they'd be looking at the sixth pick in the draft.
PS - The new look Knicks have lost 6 in a row. Way to go Isiah.

- On a somewhat serious note...which is less surprising? Barry Bonds taking steroids or Chris Webber taking money from boosters back in high school?

Today is my last day on dial up! Tomorrow my new cable modem gets installed. Woo Hoo!

Love, peace and harmony ?
Love, peace and harmony ?
Oh, very nice / Very nice
Very nice / Very nice
...But maybe in the next world


The good news is that Sofia won, unfortunately Bill Murray lost.

All in all the Oscars were mucho boring. It was bad enough I actually watched Dream Job for a while, and that show is horrible! Stuart Scott, shut up already! You and your "goofy patios" are just embarassing. The judges should critique him while he attempts to "be down" with all the contestants.

Naomi Watts and Liv Tyler looked absolutely stunning tonight and Adrain Brody is one smooth motherfucker. Did you hear the way "Charlize Theron" rolled off his lips? Dayum.

I think alot of the drama was taken out of the show by LOTR:ROTK winning so much. A sweep by one movie doesn't exactly make for an interesting awards show.

Also, it seemed that, while everyone was happy for (the very smug) Sean Penn, they were more disappointed for Bill Murray.
I know I was.

This concludes our broadcast night. Thanks for tuning in.