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That's Celtic captain Paul Pierce with Shannon Elizabeth for those not in the know.

Just a friendly reminder....Lively discussion = good. Name calling in said discussion = bad.

Yet another shout out from Europe! What language is this? Swedish? Danish? Anyone? Unfortunately, Sherlock can't translate it for me. It did come in handy last week though. Some guy in Germany bought my copy of Boys Don't Cry on eBay for $11 + shipping and I sent him the invoice in German. Hella sweet.

Cheers to Catchdubs for pointing out this article on the history of Rawkus Records. Here today...gone TODAY. I never felt Co Flo, but I was all about Black Star and Soundbombing II. One, two three / Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

So have you heard the one about how Micro$oft's Xbox 2 is going to be powered by Apple G5 chips? Recognize bitches!

This is the best band website I have been to in quite sometime. Seriously.

Say it with me now... Boston Red Sizzle!

Even though not one, not two, but three of my so called peeps failed to get me his autograph last night (I keed, I keed), The Sports Guy represents today with his finest column in quite some time. Highlights:

FACT OR FICTION:You will never hear the phrase "Chess Match" during a playoff series involving Rick Adelman and Don Nelson.

That's a fact. This latest one was like watching Rupert and Big Tom strategizing on "Survivor," multiplied by 100. Have you ever seen two good teams make more mistakes during crunch-time? Do you realize that Dallas squandered not one, not two but three games on their final possession (all off-balance jump shots)? Or that the Kings slowed their offense down for most of the series, running everything through a hobbled C-Webb, when nobody on the Mavs could guard Mike Bibby?
Other than trying to rush through a pick-and-roll in eight seconds at the end of Game 4, my favorite Nellie move happened in Game 2. Looking for a spark, he called on Najera -- only his toughest player and someone who could push the softer Kings around. So what happened? Najera predictably shoves C-Webb around, crashes the boards, keeps about 100 loose balls alive and wills the Mavs back into the game, just like he did in the Spurs series last spring. See, this is what Najera does. You would think he would play 30-to-35 minutes a game. You would think.
So Najera zooms around like the Great Cornholio. He's all over the place. You can't possibly play harder than this. Of course, Nellie never takes him out. Najera plays the whole second half at warp-speed ... by the end of the game, he's not even close to being the same guy.

FACT OR FICTION: Billy Joel is the Celtics GM.

Fiction. It's actually Danny Ainge. Although he did manage to drive the bandwagon into a telephone pole.

FACT OR FICTION: The 2004 Celtics were the worst team that ever made the playoffs.

Fact...Their best player made Frankie from "Real World: San Diego" seem upbeat by comparison.

FACT OR FICTION: Doug Christie has been playing the best hoops of his career in Round One.

Fact. He's been unbelievable. Even as he's seemingly gone off the deep end with those crazy hand signals to his wife. Have you ever taken a step back and thought about how bizarre that ritual is? And you thought Nomar's routine with his batting gloves was strange.
Christie_DallasThen again, the Christies bring us so much joy. Like this e-mail from reader Jason Milletary in Pittsburgh: "You know those NBA playoff commercials where the players are trying to seduce the championship trophy? When do we get the one with Doug Christie trying to talk to it but only to have his wife enter the scene and accuse the trophy of trying to steal her man?"
Or this e-mail that I sent to some friends after Game 4:
"Classic moment from last night's Kings-Mavs game: Star of the game Doug Christie is grabbed by Pam Oliver. Uh-oh. He's not supposed to talk to other women. This is very dramatic. Plus, she made the mistake of touching his arm and smiling at him in the set-up. That's a no-no.
"So he's answering her questions and being careful not to crack a smile or flirt in any way ... she wraps it up, throws it back to the studio. Even as she's wrapping it up, he's fleeing like it's a crime scene; and as he's fleeing, a third party comes into frame -- Mrs. Christie! -- who's grabbing his arm and pulling him away from Pam. So now he's bolting away from Pam AND Mrs. Christie, pulling his arm away from her and running off into the background behind Pam as Mrs. Christie scurries after him. Unbelievable! Highlight of the playoffs!"
See, that's what I love about sports -- when you're hoping that something happens, and then it actually does.

Man, iTunes 4.5 is hella sweet. I've been playing around with the new ability to print jewel case inserts for your mix CD's. How sweet is this? Too bad Apple released this about a week after I spent over $100 for software and labels for the CD's I sent out to everyone. Oh well. However, now I am ready to start sending out my monthly iTunes mixes, so next time I post one and you think you'd like a copy, just drop me a line.

I took a walk with my fame down memory lane
I never did find my way back
You know that I've got to say/ Time is slipping away
And what will it hold for me?
What am I gonna do? / I'm looking at you
You're standing ignoring me


So bueno! My favorite new band, sea ray, just added a gig in Charlotte on their upcoming tour!

Holla at ya bizzle!!

Brooklyn's finest will take over the Queen City on Sunday May 16th. They are playing some venue called The Room, which is apparently new and obvs. has a very scary website.

Unfortunately the gig is not with The Stills and Metric but this news makes me extremely happy nonetheless. Depending on my skrilla level, I might travel down to Hotlanta for the gig the following week.

If you don't have their latest release, Stars At Noon, buy that shit right now!

newcoachdocSo then...Doc Rivers. The former Orlando Magic coach that started out 1 - 10 this year and got the boot. Resident genius Danny Ainge surprised EVERYONE in Celtic Nation by hiring his former adversary for the role of head coach in Boston. Par for the course,Peter May hated it. Last night, unofficial ilb polls show that Celtic Nation was against this move by a 3 to 1 margin and that's being kind. Like many of Danny's moves, this appeared to be idiotic, but if you look under the surface, it actually makes alot of sense.

I'm paraphrasing here, but some of the things Danny wants our team to become are 1) play a more uptempo style, 2) incorporate more passing and screening into our offense, 3) play the rookies more, and 4) have a coach NBA players want to play for (i.e. attract free agents). All of this will hopefully lead to the mythical "# 17" (as in the 17th title for the organization).

So using those criteria, this isn't a bad hire at all. By all accounts, Doc is one charming bastard. He won coach of the year in 2000 when he almost led a team of rag tag, scrappy players to the playoffs, so he obvs. has some modicum of respect. His teams averaged over 100 points during his stay in Orlando. Under his tutelage, Tracy McGrady became one of the Top 5 players in the L. Players such as Chucky Atkins (yes, our current PG), Ben Wallace, Matt Harpring and Darrell Armstrong really came into their own during their time in Orlando. Mike Miller won the Rookie of the Year award under Rivers care. Also, RIvers has already gone on record saying he wants Ricky Davis and PP to move more without the ball and come off screens to get their shots as opposed to running endless isolation plays. In short, we will play like a team and not rely on our All Star as much. Rookie PG Marcus Banks, who really showed flashes of brilliance at the end of the year, figures to improve exponentially.

The biggest knock against Rivers are his player personnel decisons, which may or may not have been made by him or by ex-GM John Gabriel. The players drafted by Orlando in the first round of the last three drafts are Reece Gaines, Ryan Humphrey, Steven Hunter, Jeryl Sasser. Not exactly a list that knocks you out, is it? Still, everyone in Boston knows that Danny Ainge is in charge of personnel decisions and so far, I think he is doing a good job.

Many people thought Ainge acted to quickly in hiring Rivers, (interim head coach John Carrol was only fired three days ago) but I don't buy it. Ainge knew Carroll wasn't coming back and obvs. started the search to permanently replace Jim O'Brien as soon as he stepped down. Rivers was the hottest head coaching candidate out there. Danny knew what he wanted and he went out and got it. Again, it's hard to find fault in that.

The crucial thing now for Rivers and Ainge is to assemble a top notch cadre of assistants that can impart their knowledge on this young Celtic team. I swear I can count on one hand the times we ran a pick and roll last year. This needs to change. Dave Wohl, Paul Pressey, Jeff Hornacek, Dwayne Casey, Dennis Johnson and soon to be fired Golden State head coach Eric Musselman have all been mentioned. With the right assistants, Rivers can leave most of the game management to his staff and focus on motivating his new team to play to the best of their ability. I know our season just ended, but this figures to be a very active off season and I can't wait for it to get underway.


| |

Sometimes I wonder why I bother posting in this space when motherfuckers write posts like this. I think I'm too emotional a person to write as eloquently as that. Your move Coolfer.

Fellow Southerner and sometime ilb reader Largehearted Boy gets some props in the Washington Post today and maintains his rep by posting a link to a recent Pixies gig. Sounds good yo.

That crazy Canuck Chromewaves gets the scoop on the first batch of Lollpalooza tour dates as well as the line ups for each day. Bastards are skipping NC all together! Can you feel the outrage eminating from my keyboard? I guess I'll have to venture down to ATL to check out the Mozzer. At least they get a Saturday and Sunday package. That will be a good chance to warm up my liver as Peabs is in Myrtle Beach the following week.

At least they are lowering ticket prices (I think). For the Shoreline show, tickets are priced at $49.50 per day for reserved seats and $29.50 for general admission. Two-day general admission passes will go for $50.

Day 1
MAIN STAGE: Morrissey, Sonic Youth, Le Tigre, Modest Mouse, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2ND STAGE: Broken Social Scene, The Walkmen, Wolf Eyes, Danger Mouse, Datsuns, Sahara Hotnights
SOLAR STAGE: Bumblebeez, Secret Machines, The Killers

Day 2
MAIN STAGE: String Cheese Incident, Flaming Lips, Gomez, Polyphonic Spree
2ND STAGE: The Thrills, The Coup, Sound Tribe Sector 9, elbow, Wheat
SOLAR STAGE: Dresden Dolls


If they switched The Datsuns, Sahara Hotnights and Le Tigre with The Lips, elbow (pictured) and Wheat, that would save me some cash and a day spent in the sun. Still, that's the best concert to hit these parts in quite some time. Alt Rock nostalgia! Catch it on tour at a town 4 hours from you!

It appears Rakim's baby momma was not Paid In Full, so he was arrested last night as he arrived at Roseland Ballroom in NYC to perform at a concert.

Future MVP KG says "NO" to Athens. Expect the line to start forming behind him. Half Man, Half a Season and Ray Allen have already begged off on their commitments.

Speaking of KG, Nuggets scrub Fransisco Elson did not take kindly to getting popped in the cojones by him during Game 4 of the TWolves / Nugs series.

That's a cheap shot by a low-class type player," Elson said of the contact, which took place in front of the Nuggets' bench late in the first quarter of Minnesota's 84-82 victory, according to Elson and teammates. "You don't do that. That's gay on his part. I told him that he was gay, too, for touching me in my private parts." Classy!

The only NBA first round match-up worth watching resumes tonight.

Still gathering my thoughts on the Doc Rivers hiring, more on that later this afternoon.


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7Sports has learned that the Celtics plan to name Glenn "Doc" Rivers as their new coach. The announcement is scheduled to be made in a news conference tomorrow.

He wasn't even in my Top 5 choices. Hmmmmmmm.....

Congratulations Apple. On this day last year you launched the iTunes Music Store and changed the face of digital music. In typical music industry fashion, it took a computer company to prove that people would actually pay for downloads and now such music luminaries as Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola are trying to get in on the action. Music fans have used the service to drive up iPod sales and also legally download over 70,000 million songs.

In order to celebrate, Apple today rolled out an updated version of iTunes and the Music Store. The iTMS now boasts an online music catalog of over 700,000 songs from all five major music companies and over 450 independent music labels, as well as groundbreaking new features including:

-- "iMix," a new way for users to publish playlists of their favorite songs on the iTunes Music Store for other users to preview, rate and purchase. iMix creates a virtual iTunes community, enabling users to discover new music recommended by fellow music fans and rate the iMixes published by other iTunes users;
-- "Party Shuffle," a new playlist that automatically chooses songs from a user's music library, displays just-played and upcoming songs, and allows users to easily add, delete and rearrange the upcoming songs on the fly. Party Shuffle is the ultimate DJ at any gathering, and a great way for users to get reacquainted with their personal music library;
-- Radio Charts from more than 1,000 radio stations, enabling users to easily find and buy the top songs played on local radio stations in major US markets and buy directly from the charts with just one click;
-- A new Music Video section featuring more music videos than ever, and a new Movie Trailer section with the most popular movie trailers on the Internet and links to buy songs from the soundtrack or audiobooks related to the movie;
-- The rights to play songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store, including songs previously purchased, on up to five personal computers, two more than before;
-- The ability to create and print stunning CD jewel case inserts for albums or compilation discs, combining album art and track lists using professionally designed templates. For compilation CDs, iTunes will automatically generate a mosaic of album covers based on the chosen songs; and
-- Automatic WMA to AAC conversion, enabling Windows users to automatically create iTunes versions of their songs encoded in unprotected WMA. Converting an entire music library into iTunes and syncing it onto iPod(TM) is now a snap.

Apple is marking the first anniversary of its iTunes Music Store by thanking its customers with a free song of the day for the next eight days from artists who have helped make iTunes a runaway success, including Foo Fighters, Avril Lavigne, Courtney Love, Annie Lennox, Jane's Addiction, Counting Crows, Renee Fleming and Nelly Furtado. Following the anniversary celebration, the iTunes Music Store will continue to offer a "Free Single of the Week" from up-and-coming bands, spotlighting emerging artists and offering iTunes customers a risk-free way to discover new music.

The iTunes Music Store continues to lead the industry with exclusive tracks from more than 150 artists, and starting today, offers dozens of out-of-print recordings from Motown Records, including the first 45 singles and 45 hard-to-find albums from the Motown archive -- available digitally for the first time.

In addition, The Beastie Boys have made their entire catalog available online spanning seven albums and over 122 tracks. Their upcoming album will also be available digitally upon it's release this summer.

Go tech cult go!

More on this and other developments later as I'm taking yet another Powerpoint class today and we're learning how to "Set A Motion Path". The instructor is looking at me with an evil eye. Cheers!


A recap from his last night at the Wiltern:

The curtains were down during the intermission. When the show was about to start, the curtains lifted up. But for about 2 minutes after, nothing. Then the intro song plays.

The band walks onto stage, and everyone is cheering and clapping.

1. The First Of The Gang To Die

** at end of song: "You look more beautiful than anything last night..." (crowd yells and screams) "I was talking about myself."

2. Hairdresser On Fire

** during song, a girl manages to get on stage. she apparently tries to dance with morrissey, but gets dragged away before anything happens.

** Morrissey says "Thank you friends" at end of song. Then says, "Hello? Julia? Are you there?"

3. The Headmaster Ritual
4. Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

** Tells audience song is called "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice."

5. Jack The Ripper

** mentions that he will have a new album out soon. says that it's called "You and Idaho are the Quarry."

6. How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?

** says "Thank you to those of you who bought tickets to every night. You're insane, but.... Thank you."

** "I will be on American television next week. On Elimi-date.... Which just goes to prove the world is full of crashing bores."

7. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

** at end of song, says "The world is indeed full of crashing bores. Have you noticed?"

8. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

** during song, someone manages to get on stage again. crowd goes crazy, yelling and screaming.

** at end of song: "Thank you for your kindness."

9. Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference

** at end of song, morrissey says: "It's hard to believe when I first met them, they were all exotic dancers. But now, they are:

Boz (screams, yells, clapping hands),
Gary (screams, yells, clapping hands),
Deano (screams, yells, clapping hands),
Alain (screams, yells, clapping hands),
and Mikey (screams, yells, clapping hands)."

** after introducing band, says: "And who would have believed they were all born female."

10. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

** introduces song from the '80s

11. No One Can Hold A Candle To You
12. I'm Not Sorry
13. Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday

** during song, some guy gets onto the stage and almost tackles morrissey. But the bouncers manage to drag him away before he gets close to morrissey.

** "This song is about you."

14. All The Lazy Dykes
15. Irish Blood, English Heart

** at end of song, crowd goes wild again. Morrissey walks off stage. Comes back, but it doesn't look like he changed shirts this time.

** Says: "(couldn't hear beginning part. crowd was going crazy again).... Don't forget the importance of being... Ernesto."

** Thanks the crowd for the memories. says something else, but couldn't hear over the roaring crowd.

ENCORE: Shoplifters Of The World Unite

** the crowd goes f@ckin' crazy. everyone is yelling and screaming. and a lot of people try to get on stage. but the morrissey bouncers are more than prepared. the bouncers wait on both sides of the stage, near the edge of stage. as soon as anyone gets close enough to tough the stage, the bouncers nab them and pull them up and off the stage.

** during encore, someone throws a big bra onto the stage near morrissey.

** at the end of the encore, morrissey walks to the front of the stage, near the center, and takes off his shirt and then throws it up into the air and into the audience. And of course, the audience goes crazy again. almost everyone tries to get a piece of the shirt. with shirt off, morrissey stands for a few seconds while the crowd goes screaming mad, then he walks off stage.

** after morrissey exits from stage, the band lines up together in front of the stage, puts arms around each other, and take a giant bow together.

** the audience is lit up by the stage lights. almost everyones arms are up in the air clapping. the band stays there on stage for what seemed like 2 minutes as the crowd continued to yell, clap, scream, and whistle.

** Gary and Deano walk closer to the edge of the stage and try to get the crowd even more excited.

** everyone walks off stage.


I see a pattern emerging here.

Rising Duke Soph Luol Deng will enter the NBA draft, but will not hire an agent and retain his college eligibility. This is obvs. a blow to the Durham program. Diaper dandy PG Shaun Livingston should make his decision in the next 14 days. Hopefully the remarks made by his father Reggie are a sign of things to come. "I don't care about any $20 million," Reggie Livingston told the Journal Star. "It's not about money. I'm tired of the rumors that I want my kid to go pro, that I want his money. I don't need Shaun to make the NBA. I love my son. I'm happy. I've been offered money, houses, cars. I was offered a million dollars (by a man who wanted) to be his agent. I won't say who. But what would I do that? Why would I sell my soul and my kid to the devil? I've always wanted my kid to go to college. He needs to go to Duke to get his education and so Coach K can teach him how to be a leader." Word life.

Right now, I would put the odds that Paul Westphal will be the next head coach of the Boston Celtics at about 3 to 1.

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald grades each Celtic on their efforts this season and is right on the money for the most part.

The Mighty Mozzer reveals the Meltdown lineup.

Same old set for the April 26th Wiltern gig.
The First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / The Headmaster Ritual / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Jack The Ripper / How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / I'm Not Sorry / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / All The Lazy Dykes / Irish Blood, English Heart // Hand In Glove
Admittedly I would like to see a few more recognizable hits sprinkled in there, but if I get to hear Jack The Ripper, Hand in Glove and The Headmaster Ritual while I am in the 212, I will not complain at all.

Speaking of, I bought my Cardigans tickets for the Sunday gig at Southpaw, so if anyone else is going, let me know. Right now I think the plan is to meet up with Matt 5500 and Coolfer but as always, the more the merrier.

Not to freak anyone out, but Thom Yorke canceling a gig in Australia just days before Coachella can't be a good sign. Promoter Michael Chugg told radio station Triple J that Yorke has been put on antibiotics to assist with his recovery in time for the band’s appearance at the Coachella festival in California this coming weekend.

I can't decide if this is genius or idiocy. I leaning towards the latter.

You have to do it on your own / I can't aid you any more
You must learn to breath alone / Then all this is yours.
Your shoulders are strong / So lengthen your stride
When you're alone / There is light outside.

The beach was nice. I was actually in Carolina Beach, which the locals refer to as "The Redneck Riviera". Cool, no? Played a lot of tennis (my first time back on the court in over two years), drank lots of beer ($2 Yuengling's, holla!), watched a few movies and in typical information leafblower fashion, did not step foot on the beach once. Extremely sunburnt on my forearms, but I'll live. A good trip then.

Figures, The Shins are opening the Friday NYC Morrissey show. That's the one I don't have tickets for. Argh.

The Morrissey set lists in LA have been pretty much the is the set from April 23rd
The First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / I'm Not Sorry / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Now My Heart Is Full / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Jack The Ripper / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Little Man, What Now? / All The Lazy Dykes / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / No One Can Hold A Candle To You/ I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday // Irish Blood, English Heart

Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package ! Re-evaluate the songs. Double-pack with a photograph Extra Track (and a tacky badge) !

You Are The Quarry review from Observer Music Monthly.

Phew! Not nearly as good as last year's version. And by that, I mean it simply looks great, as opposed to stellar. Still, that's one trip up North I don't have to make.

I'm just going to go ahead and start laughing now, OK? That's gonna be some funny shit when it finally airs. Booyakasha!

This is definitely something worth bidding on.

The Sports Guy tries to get back in my good graces with a new column that talks up Jet Blue and Bynes while dissing the Knicks.

They felt differerently after Isiah hired Lenny Wilkens -- apparently Red Holzman was the second choice -- then gave Van Horn away for Thomas and Mohammed, a classic "I'll give you a quarter for two dimes" trade. This had evolved into a soft, rudderless team built around a shoot-first point guard, flanked by mediocre defenders and guys who couldn't rebound or contend shots. I'm not even sure they run any plays. When Lenny holds up one finger, I think he's signalling that he needs to pee.

Buzz Alert! Apparently Xtina and Carmelo Anthony are an item (scroll down). Like Woah.

Did you hear the one about the college football player knocking up the NY Giants head coach's daughter and then getting drafted by said father in law? You can't make this stuff up.

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but Peter Gammons weekly column is a must read.

OK People, step forward if you play professional sports and don't use steroids. Not so fast Romo, Barry, Giambi and Sheff. I would just like to go on record now as saying I believe 100% that Barry Bonds used steroids to help him break the MLB home run record which was set by a guy that was admittedly using a performance enhancing drug, but everyone liked him more than the new guy, so it wasn't as much of an issue.

Sorry for the brevity of recent posts, but my internet connection has been very hit or miss lately and computer classes are taking up more time than I thought, which is actually a good thing. By the end of the month, I should be Micro$oft certified in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook, which will make me a MOUS. I'm also learning HTML, Cold Fusion and XML.

And if I can't get a job then, well...I'll be forced to start robbing banks or something, won't I? I tried to go get a crappy job at the local newspaper and even applied at Best Buy but they all say I'm overqualified. It's so bad right now it looks like Gothamist won't even bring me on as a sportswriter! I guess all that Isiah bashing came back to haunt me. :)

Honestly though, this stuff is not getting me down. I am more motivated than ever to get myself a good job and to continue to keep learning and pushing myself. These computer classes are definitely a step in the right direction and I finally feel like I'm being proactive instead of reactive.


In times like these, I think of three things

War, The Number One, The Roll Forward

Deal with it!
- Henry Rollins

And thus ends the Rick Pitino era in Boston.

carrollsuxInterim coach John Carroll was sacked by the Boston Celtics on Monday after the team was swept in the first round of the playoffs.

The Celtics went 14-22 under Carroll to finish the regular season 10 games below .500, but they made the playoffs as the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference and were quickly shown to be the frauds they were once the Indiana Pacers got their hands on them. JO's ginormous forehead could not be reached for comment. Yes, I'm reduced to taking pot shots at them even though Bob Cook wouldn't stoop that low. Colour me frustrated.

According to the Boston Herald, the following is the short list of possible new head coaches for the C's: Lionel Hollins, Doc Rivers, Paul Westphal, Dwane Casey, Jeff Hornacek and Avery Johnson. Also, Atlanta head coach Terry Stotts would be on the Celtics' radar if he is not retained by the Hawks.


| |

The Good:
Red Sizzle take all three from the Evil Empire. Good times!

The Bad & The Ugly:
The C's look absolutely pathetic against the Pacers, losing 4 straight games by an average of 16+ points, an NBA record. Celtic Nation is in an uproar, and the naysayers are out in full force. Mark Blount will opt out this summer and become a free agent, which makes this offseason even harder for Danny Ainge.

I'm in yet another computer class today, more updates when I have the time.

Just a quick post before I head down the road to sunny Wilmington, NC. MC Bennish Brown invited me to make the trip with him to go see some college buddies I haven't laid eyes on in over seven years.

Road trip + beach + old friends + beer = lots of pictures for Monday's post.

The "big" news that is flooding the airwaves today is the death of Pat Tillman, an Army Ranger serving in Afghanistan. This is news because Tillman used to play in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals, but enlisted in the Army in the wake of 9/11. This, in turn, is news because he left over $3.6 million on the table in order to serve his country.

It should definitely be noted that with servicemen seemingly dying every day, Tillman deserves no more ink than any of the others. I just wanted to bring your attention to it because it's an issue that has been floating around all week and it really puts in perspective how hollow professional athletes sound when they whine to the common man about being underpaid and under-appreciated by their team/fans/coach, etc.

*Brace for uncomfortable transistion*

Sunburn here I come.

Sorry for not posting last night but I went to dinner at Morton's Steak House with the 'Rents and was in a food coma when I got back.

Here is a bunch of stuff you already read yesterday...

It's my birthday too, yeah! Peabs and my blog have the same birthday

Stereogum interviewed the Beta Band. Sweet. Also, peep the new Moz video. Effing Real Player only shows me a frame every 30 seconds so I haven't seen the full thing but I get the drift. grumblegrumblegrumble

Here's a Moz review from Las Vegas. [via Productshop NYC]

Shout outs from Italy. So Best.

LeBron wins Rookie of the Year. Does this make anyone else mad? I thought Amare Stoudamire won the award last year over Yao Ming because his club made the Playoffs and Yao's did not. So shouldn't 'Melo win that shit this year? Hello?
Don't even get me started on the complete and utter travesty that was Hubie Brown winning Coach of the Year over Jerry Sloan. Sloan had one of the worst rosters in the league and took them to within two games of the Playoffs. It takes more than one hand to count all the lottery picks on the Grizzlies. They SHOULD HAVE made the Playoffs. What gives?

pierceplaybetter.jpgGod help us all. Peter May turns his ever critical eye towards the C's el foldo the other night, and for once, he's so money.

Paul Pierce lamented that the Celtics' "true colors as a young team" showed in that fourth quarter, the one in which Indiana outscored the Celtics, 38-21, outrebounded them, 13-5, outshot them, 61 percent to 33 percent, and had no turnovers to Boston's two. "We lost our composure," he said.
Here's who was on the floor for Boston when, as Pierce noted, the Celtics' "true colors" showed as a young team: Pierce, Chucky Atkins, Walter McCarty, Ricky Davis, and Mark Blount. That's four-fifths of the starting five. That's not a particularly young team and it's not a particularly inexperienced team. Four of those five have been to the conference finals.
But it was a unit that certainly did lose its composure, no question, in the face of an onslaught led by Fred Jones, Jonathan Bender, Croshere, Anthony Johnson, and Al Harrington. That's one-fifth of the Indy starting five -- and only because Harrington got the starting nod last night over the suspended Ron Artest. Croshere didn't even play in Game 1.

That L is squarely on my favorite basketball player on the Earth's shoulders. C'mon PP. Get it together.

Coach K's quandry: Try and get Luol Deng to stay in school or try or get Shaun Livingston to enroll in school. At best, he can have only one. Most likely he'll lose them both.


Did Bill have an unfair advantage on The Apprentice? Page Six thinks so:
Meanwhile, "The Apprentice" winner Bill Rancic may have had an unfair advantage over his competition courtesy of Trump-eteer Carolyn Kepcher's "raging crush" on him, a source claims.
Though the Trump lieutenant is married with two kids, she has been spotted fawning over Rancic all over town. Last Tuesday, the duo shared a lingering hug at the entrance of the dining room at Fresco.
Later, at a party hosted by "Apprentice" contestant David Gould, curvy Carolyn was acting up with Rancic again. "She could not stop hugging him all night - she drools over the guy," our spy reported. "It was a reunion, but they had only seen each other the day before." The two moved on together to Meatpacking District hotspot P.M.

Frank is back! Donnie Darko to be re-released in theatres as a Director's Cut featuring an extra 21 minutes of footage and new visual effects and music. Score! Jake & Maggie Gyllenbest = Best. Movie. Ever. Peep the trailer here.

I'm taking an Excel class today, so try and keep any breaking news from happening until I get home. Thanks.

This is a film about the future / it is the future of your life
You think it's certain / but nothing is certain
No nothing is certain / no nothing is certain, no!

Friends of information leafblower, new readers, search engine users and internet wanderers…

Today is information leafblower’s first birthday, and I couldn't be happier. One year ago on this day (the seeds of which were sewn on 4/20) I signed up on Blogger and started sharing my opinions and interests with the world.

This space was almost called the Paper Street Soap Company, after Tyler Durden’s soap making venture in Fight Club, but that URL was already taken, so I went my second choice and I’m actually very happy I did. I think it just fits better.

Starting this blog and meeting all of my new interent friends has definitely been one of the highlights I’ve enjoyed during the last 12 months. For that, I am very thankful.

Here is my first ever post. I think that’s a pretty good mission statement and I’ve stuck to my guns.

I plan to keep this space current for a long time. I hope you’ll stick around as well.


I'm spending my day taking a Powerpoint class, so I'll check in again later tonight.



For every word that you write
They won’t mean much as barricades
They hold me down

This Just In....Reggie Miller is a punk ass bitch. Oh wait, we already knew that. The C's blew it tonight. Thankfully, only two more games in the John Carroll era. I will explain further when I sober up.

Also tonight, Philly native Jim O'Brien was hired as the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Expect free agent Eric Williams to sign there this summer. Can't wait to see how Obie deals with AI.

Mark Cuban calls out The Donald.

True basketball fans will appreciate the satisfaction I got from this. Not quite graveside bukkake but I'll take it.


Book my Lollapalooza tickets. PJ Harvey has just been added to the bill. The Lips, Mozzer and PJ all on one bill? Sounds like heaven to me. In the past Lollapalooza has played 2 dates in NC, one in Raleigh and one here in Charlotte. I hope that trend continues because I will be at both. Polly Jean has a new record coming out in Europe in May of this year. Us Yanks have to wait until June 8th. Entitled Uh Huh Her, the album was written, performed, recorded, mixed & produced by Harvey.
harvey-pj.jpgI'm a late comer to this bandwagon, but Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea is easily one of the best 10 records released in the last five years. I can listen to that CD for days at a time, and often do. Listen to The Letter, the new album's first single, right here.

I can't remember if I've posted this before or not, but here is the synopsis for Douglas Coupland's new book, entitled Elanor Rigby. It drops in August 2004.

The RIAA has dropped their offer of amnesty for file traders.

Napster is facing the same troubles as Apple in their quest to open a downloadable music store in Europe.

You knew this was inevitable. get ready for the Apprentice spinoff as we follow Bill around on his new gig.

On a side note, I watched the new episode of The Restaurant last night. Does anyone else think that Jeffrey Chodorow's intern is in the early running for DOUCHEBAG OF THE YEAR? Seriously, what's with him? "If I see someone doing something wrong, can I correct them?" "I already know I won't like Rocco," etc. Just who does he think he is? He's a fucking intern!

Vote for the Greatest Opening Song Lines In Rock History.

Uh oh. Bobby Jax is out of the NBA playoffs due to his lingering abdominal strain. This is a serious blow to the Kings fading title hopes.

Game Two of the Pacers v. Celts series is also tonight.

I can't believe / that life's so complex
When I just want to sit here / and watch you undress
This is love, this is love / That I'm feeling

Well, it's nice to know that Grambo still comes by once and a while (just kidding). He is right in asking for my already promised NBA Playoff Preview. I had planned to do it this weekend, but instead, I actually ventured out of the house and interected with other members of society. Friday night I caught some of the Sox / Yanks game and then went to see a late screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And yes, it's as good as everyone says it is. Saturday I had my first taste of the Charlotte nightlife when I hit the town with Eddie and Eakes. We had a blast even though I drank a few too many Jaegerbombs (Jaeger + Red Bull = yummy). So excuses aside, here we go:


Indiana v. Boston These teams have faced each other in the playoffs three times, with the Celtics winning all three. That's about to come to a crashing halt. Waltah McCarty v. Jermaine O'Neal. 'Nuff said. The C's have nobody to match up with JO. Ron Artest has been suspended for Game Two so the C's might steal a W, but that's all they're gonna get. I'm already focusing on the upcoming draft and free agency.

New Jersey v. New York The Nets have definitely fallen off this year (despite the improved play of big eared Dick Jefferson) but I can't see the Knicks doing much damage here. The Knicks are at their best when they play up tempo and that plays right into JKidd's hands. Allan Houston won't be playing in this series and that leaves Shandon Anderson, another extremely overpaid shooting guard to take his place. Ouch. The Knicks may win a game or two but by losing the series, Isiah will have his excuse to take over coaching duties next year.

Detroit v. Milwaukee This is another series that will get ugly in a hurry. The Bucks perimeter game will have to be flawless for them to hang with the Pistons intimidating front line. The lack of quality back up guards on Detroit's roster (ex-Pistons Bobby Sura and Chucky Atkins have been playing great for their new teams) will come back to haunt them down the road in the playoffs but not here. The Bucks have been in a slow and steady spiral ever since rookie PG T.J. Ford got hurt and ended his season. The Bucks needed just one win in their last three games of the season to avoid the Pistons and they lost all three. That's all you need to know. Oh yeah... Joe Smith v. Rasheed Wallace. Ouch.

Miami v. New Orleans This should be the best series in the East for the first round. This matchup looks alot like last year's Boston v. Indiana matchup where the scrappy team with heart takes out the more talented but under coached higher seed. Tim Floyd's club floundered late in the season and as usual, injuries are hurting them now. Hard to imagine the Heat in the second round of the Playoffs but one of these teams has to advance. If the Hornets lose like I expect them to, look for a roster shakeup during the offseason.


Minnesota v. Denver Denver is happy just to be here. Forget just getting out of the first round, anything less than the Western Conference Finals will be a disaster for the TWolves. You do the math.

Los Angeles v. Houston No one wants to listen to me, but when the Lakers won the Pacific Division on Kobe's two buzzer beaters, that was their worst case scenario coming true. Instead of facing the Mavs and then the TWolves, now they have to take on Yao Ming and the Rockets and then TD and the Spurs. Shaq Daddy is gonne be one tired cat as these playoffs wear on. Despite their myriad of injuries, the Lakers will win this series but it will be much tougher than they expect, as evidenced in Game One. Look for Steve Francis to be shipped out of Houston this summer for a PG that will feed the ball into Yao in the post.

San Antonio v. Memphis Out of all the teams in the West, the Spurs are the most well equipped to handle the surging Grizz, who have no one to handle Tim Duncan. The Grizz have a very bright future ahead of them and will use this series to get some experience under their collective belts. They may win a game or two like the Suns did last year, but the Spurs are moving on.

Dallas v. Sacramento I had to resist the urge to list the Mavs as "allas" since there is no D in Big D. However, the Kings aren't exactly locking teams down either. This will be a good, old fashioned track meet and the team with the most points at the end of the game will win. It's that easy. If Doug Christie and Mike Bibby hit from the outside, advantage Kings. Tha Mavs can score at will but don't have the personnel to take advantage of the Kings down low. Vlade, Brad Miller and CWebb are all gimpy but if all they have to do is rebound and outlet the ball, they will be OK. The Mavs are still testing out new lineups, not a good sign this late in the season. After they lose, look for Antoine Walker to be traded for much less than the Boston Celtics got for him, thereby making Danny Ainge look good in the process. Chicago is his most likely destination, probably for Tyson Chandler. One thing is for sure, the losing coach of this series will lose his job.

I'll deal with round two once this round is completed.

Argentinean hero Diego "Hand of God" Maradonna is currently in critical condition with a lung infection. Read more about the life and times of Diego Maradona.

The Red Sizzle do what they needed to do this weekend. Take 3 of 4 from the Yankees. ARod got his first hit of the series in the 9th inning, finishing the 4 game road trip at an robust 1 - 17. For everyone that says this series doesn't matter because it's in April, peep this. Monday's attendance of 35,027 brought the total for the four-game series to 140,224. That's the second highest for such a series at Fenway Park since 1967.

Are Coldplay and Echo & The Bunnymen going to tour? That would actually be kinda hot.

Not wanting to be left out of the current trend of "Alt Rock Icon Reunion/Comeback Fever" the Lemonheads are to reform. Must have been my incessant resets of It's A Shame About Ray that drove them to do it.

Foxy Jazz continues to impress by dropping science that Dave Chapelle is not a happy camper at Comedy Central. Apparantly Chapelle is upset that Mr. Hankey makes more than me. Call me crazy, but the Southpark / Chapelle's Show block is currently the hottest hour on TV. Both are running shit right now.

And finally, not to be confused with any bustas out there, recent birthday girl The Real Janelle busts out some Ted Leo scoopage. Nice one.

From every dingy basement / on every dingy street
Every dragging handclap / over every dragging beat
That's just the beat of time / the beat that must go on
If you’ve been trying for years / we already heard your song
Death or glory becomes just another story

Morrissey's set list from what has been reported as a fairly listless Anaheim show (no pun intended). Apparently the crowd was a little too laid back for some people's tastes.

The First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Subway [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Little Man, What Now? / I'm Not Sorry / The Headmaster Ritual / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / All The Lazy Dykes / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out // Irish Blood, English Heart

Pretty much the same except for I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday. For and readers out on the West Coast, if you are attending / attended one of the Moz shows and feel like writing a review of the gig, I'll happily post it here and give you a byline and everything.

We also have the set list Radiohead played on their last night in Japan, which bodes well for everyone headed out to Coachella.

There There / 2+2=5 / Myxomatosis / Kid A / Morning Bell / Where I End And You Begin / Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was) / Backdrifts / My Iron Lung / Sail To The Moon / Go To Sleep / The National Anthem / Scatterbrain / Sit Down, Stand Up / Paranoid Android / Exit Music (For A Film) / Idioteque / I Might Be Wrong / Pyramid Song / Wolf At The Door / Street Spirit (Fade Out) // Planet Telex / Everything In Its Right Place

I think Planet Telex is my favorite Radiohead song ever.

The Yanks finally beat the Red Sizzle yesterday, but that's OK because ARod is still hitless for the series.

In NBA playoff news, Coolfer is a happy camper, and I am not.

Now is the time to buy a new laptop from Apple. They released new iBooks and Powerbooks today.

Red tape, not Apple, is holding up the European iTunes Music Store. It's all about the royalties.

FOil (Friend Of information leafblower), and fellow Queen City resident Chris M. sent along an email informing me that Trio will be re-airing their excellent Bill Hicks documentary a few times at the end of May. I'll try and remember to post show times when the date gets closer. That's Must See TV if there ever was such a thing. Set your Tivo now!

Check out this gallery of Fight Club promo posters.

fc_poster11.jpg fc_poster09.jpg

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Look at this set list from the Vegas show:


The First Of The Gang To Die
Hairdresser On Fire
America Is Not The World
I Like You
The Headmaster Ritual
Subway [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday
I Have Forgiven Jesus
How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
Little Man, What Now?
I'm Not Sorry
A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
All The Lazy Dykes
[not played]
No One Can Hold A Candle To You
Jack The Ripper
Hand In Glove
Irish Blood, English Heart

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Strange that nothing from Your Arsenal or Vauxhall & I made the cut but the addition of those Smiths classics more than makes up for it. It's still early, I'm sure the set will change quite a bit. Keeping my fingers crossed for Jack The Ripper in NYC.

Pictures here.


thissawx.jpgHow now cash cow? This just in, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield, Kenny Lofton and Javier Vazquez - who combine to make more than nine teams' payrolls - wilted in their introduction to Yankees-Red Sox. ARod in particular had a rough game. Personally, I don't understand why all of Boston hates him. It's not his fault that he's not in Boston this year, it's the Union's. He repeatedly said he'd take less money to play in Boston but the Union said 'No'. For that, I don't fault him going to the Yankees. I still believe it's gonna end up hurting them more than it helps them.

Buried under the mountain of baseball hype in Boston yesterday was the announcement that Vin Baker agreed to a buyout of his contract, reportedly somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 to $17 million dollars. According to the Boston Globe Under NBA regulations, a salary for Baker will be on the Boston books for the next three years, with the settlement figure divided equally among the years. The Celtics should enjoy significant savings and a drop in the overall payroll, but not to the point where they can become a major player in the free agent market this summer. The C's have already saved quite a bit of money on his contract due to Vin not playing more than 40 games for the last two years. You gotta love pro sports, especially their unions. Where else can a guy be a certified alcoholic, show up to work drunk, get fired and still collect a multi-million dollar payday? Yeesh.

Pete Vescey on the Western Conference Playoffs.

This is just too strange.

Friday is upon us and thus ends Bill Hicks Week here at information leafblower. I hope you have enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. Today I'm not going to focus on one specific topic. Instead I will give you a sampling of some of Bill's other routines on everything from non smokers to childbirth to people in marketing.

I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your fuckin' mouth.

I'm not really a heavy smoker any more. I only get through two lighters a day now.

The worst kind of non-smokers are the ones that come up to you and cough. That's pretty fucking cruel isn't it? Do you go up to cripples and dance too?

Obnoxious , self-righteous, whining little fucks. My biggest fear is that if I quit smoking, I'll become on of you...Don't take that wrong. I have something to tell you non-smokers that I know for a fact that you don't know, and I feel it's my duty to pass on information at all times. Ready?.......Non-smokers die every day...Enjoy your evening. See, I know that you entertain this eternal life fantasy because you've chosen not to smoke, but let me be the 1st to POP that bubble and bring you hurtling back to reality....You're dead too.

But I'll tell you this. Where's this idea that childbirth is a miracle came from. Ha, I missed that fucking meeting, okay?
"It's a miracle, childbirth is a miracle."
No it's not. No more than a miracle than eating food and a turd coming out of your ass. It's a chemical reaction, that's all it fucking is. If, you you wanna know what a miracle is. Raisin' a kid that doesn't talk in a movie theatre. Okay, there, there, there is a goddam miracle. It's not a miracle if every nine months any yin yang in the world can drop a litter of mewling cabbages on our planet.

I have wiped entire civilizations off of my chest with a grey gym sock. THAT is special! Entire nations have flaked and crusted around the hair in my navel. Maybe even Gidea. THAT is special. I've tossed universes in my underpants, while napping! BOOM! A Milky Way shoots into my jockey shorts. Ooooohh, what's for fucking breakfast?

And just in case you haven't seen the single mom statistics lately, the miracle is spreading like wild-fire. "Hallelujah!" Trailer parks and council flats all over the world just filling up with little miracles. Thunk, thunk, thunk, like frogs laying eggs.

Now get this, I've been travelling all over the country on British Air. No smoking on British Air. Now let me get this straight, no smoking right but they allow children. Little fairness, huh?
"Well smoking bothers me."
Well guess what?
I was on this one flight right, I'm flying, I'm sleeping on the plane, I'm fucking "knackered". Very tired right and I feel this tapping on my head. And I look up and there's this little kid - loose! on the fucking plane, he's just loose. It's his playground in the sky. And he has decided that his job is to repetitively tap me on the top of the head.
I look across the aisle at his mom. she's just smiling, you know.
Guy next to the mom goes, "They're so cure when they're that small."
Isn't that amazing, letting your kid run loose on a fucking plane. And then the kid runs over to the emergency exit and he starts flipping that handle to the door. And the guy next to the mom starts to get up, and I go, "Wait a minute... we're about to learn an important lesson right here."
Why you're right, the smaller he gets, the cuter he is.
God, I wish I had a camera right now.
With a telescopic lens.
Like to get a picture of his face when his pudgy little legs hit that farmhouse down there.
Aah, aah, kids. Ha hha.
Stewardess, since we got a breeze in here can we smoke now? Fairly well circulated at this point. Woosh. True story. But, you know.

screens_tveye-1.jpgChildren are smarter than any of us. Know how I know that? I don't know one child with a full time job and children.

We gotta come to some new ideas about life folks ok? I'm not being blase about abortion, it might be a real issue, it might not, doesn't matter to me. What matters is that if you believe in the sanctity of life then you believe it for life of all ages. That's what I hate about this child-worship syndrome going on. "Save the children! They're killing children! How many children were at Waco? They're killing children!" What does that mean? They reach a certain age and they're off your fucking love-list? Fuck your children, if that's the way you think then fuck you too. You either love all people of all ages or you shut the fuck up.

If you do a commercial you're off the artistic rolecall; everything you say is suspect; you're a corporate whore; end of story.

By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. Thank you, thank you. Just a little thought. I'm just trying to plant seeds. Maybe one day they'll take root. I don't know. You try. You do what you can. Kill yourselves. Seriously though, if you are, do. No really, there's no rationalisation for what you do, and you are Satan's little helpers, OK? Kill yourselves, seriously. You're the ruiner of all things good. Seriously, no, this is not a joke. "There's gonna be a joke coming..." There's no fucking joke coming, you are Satan's spawn, filling the world with bile and garbage, you are fucked and you are fucking us, kill yourselves, it's the only way to save your fucking soul. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Now, back to the show."You know what Bill's doing now, he's going for the righteous indignation dollar, that's a big dollar, a lot of people are feeling that indignation, we've done research, huge market. He's doing a good thing." Godammit, I'm not doing that, you scumbags, quit putting a godamn dollar sign on every fucking thing on this planet!

Unfortunately, one of the things that Bill was best known for was being cut from an episode of the David Letterman Show on CBS after the network's Standards and Practice's Division found his material too racy. Bill was quick to point out that Letterman had been laughing throughout his set and when he came over to greet Dave after it was done, Letterman remarked "Good set, Bill! Always nice to have you drop by with an uplifting message!" and signed off saying, "Bill, enjoy answering your mail for the next few weeks." Hicks was in his hotel room later that night when he got the call saying the censors had found his material offensive and his entire act was being cut from the show. Hicks had already been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at this time and knew this would be his last chance to appear on Letterman. He would succumb to the cancer just five months later.

Witty as ever, Hicks had the following to say about the situation.

See we just had a misunderstanding. I thought we lived in the U.S. of A., the United States of America. But actually we live in the U.S. of A., the United States of Advertising. Freedom of expression is guaranteed? If you've got the money!

Taking matters into his own hands, Hicks wrote a 39 page letter to John Lahr of The New Yorker explaining what happened on that night.

...this is what America now fears - one man with a point of view, speaking out, unafraid of our vaunted institutions, or the loathsome superstitions the CBS hierarchy feels the masses (the herd) use as their religion. I'm feeling good. The set I've prepared has been approved and reapproved by Mary Connelly, the segment producer of the show. It is exactly the same set that was approved for the previous Friday, the night where I was "bumped" due to lack of time. It is the material that I am excited about performing, for it best reflects - out of all the other appearances I've made on the show - myself.

Here is the first part of the routine, unedited.

Bill: Good evening! I'm very excited to be here tonight, and I'm very excited because I got some great news today. I've finally got my own TV show coming out as a replacement show this fall!

The audience applauds.

Bill: Don't worry, it's not a talk show.

The audience laughs.

Bill: Thank God! It's a half-hour weekly show that I will be hosting, entitled "Let's Hunt and Kill Billy Ray Cyrus".

Audience bursts into laughter and applause.

Bill: I think it's fairly self-explanatory. Each week we let the Hounds of Hell loose and chase the jar-head, no talent, cracker-idiot all over the globe till I finally catch that fruity little ponytail of his, pull him to his chippendale's knees, put a shotgun in his mouth and "pow".

Audience continues to applaud and laugh.

Bill: Then we'll be back in '94 with "Let's Hunt and Kill Michael Bolton".

Audience laughs and applauds.

Bill: Yeah, so you can see that, with guests like this, our run will be fairly limitless.

Audience laughs.

Bill: And we're kicking the whole series off with our MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Markie Mark Christmas special ...

Audience laughs and applauds.

Bill: And I don't want to give any surprises away, but the first one we hunt and kill on that show is Markie Mark, because his pants keep falling around his ankles and he can't run away ... Bill mimes a hobbling Markie Mark.

The audience laughs.

Bill: Yeah, I get to cross-bow him right in the abs. Itís a beautiful thing. Bring the family. Tape it. It's definitely a show for the nineties ...

Audience applauds.

Read the rest of the routine here.
Read what some other people had to say about Bill Hicks here.
Flak Magazine on Bill Hicks.

So....The Apprentice finale...Did anyone else see the irony when respective teams were talking to Trump about their team leaders? Kwame's team wanted their boss to show his emotions and micromanage them, whereas Bill's team wanted a laid back leader that trusted them to fulfill the tasks he gave them. Unfortunately Kwame lost for that exact reason. It's a shame too because he obviously had the easier task. All he had to do was get Jessica Simpson from the airport to the hotel, set up a breakfast the following day, arrange a meet and greet and get Jessica to the show. I did shit like that every day at my old job! Those things take 2 or 3 phone calls to set up. That's it. Especially when you doing them all at the same hotel. Kwame's team lost it for him.
Apparently Kwame is from Charlotte, NC. The local NBC news station devoted the first 10 minutes of their broadcast to him last night. They had live reports from his families house after the show ended. Obviously disappointed, one of his friends went on the air with this gem, "He would have won if it wasn't for that chick Amaretta." And you know what, he was right.

**UPDATE** Check out Daily Refill Dot Com for some extra Apprentice scoopage about Bill.

The baseball season isn't even a month old but that doesn't stop the hype machine from talking up the first Sox. v. Yanks series.

Pistol Pete Vescey on the Eastern Conference Playoffs.


Fucking hell! Two days until the Mighty Mozzer gets his ass back on stage and brings it to the adoring masses. I can't wait to get out of bed on Sunday AM and check out what the setlist was. How about a brief run down of the latest Morrissey buzz?

morrisseyyatq.jpg SpinCoverMay04_tn.jpg

First we have the official album artwork, as given to us in this Sanctuary Records newsbrief. Next is the cover of the upcoming issue of Spin, due to hit newsstands next week in NYC and most likely a week later for all of us losers outside the Big Apple. Noice. Me likey pinstripes.

On Monday April 26th, the Uk's Video C will have a free download of the Irish Blood, English Heart video. Sweet!

And finally, we have the news that the city council in Manchester is mulling over the suggestion of renaming the cities airport to Manchester Morrissey Airport. Book my ticket now yo! Morrissey is one of the many famous Mancunians under consideration for this honor. Expect a pretty big write in vote in his favor.

So back to the set list. Here is what I would consider a perfect setlist. I asked unoffical information leafblower correspondent Emily Dee to submit hers as well because she is the only person I know whose Morrissey knowledge far outweighs my own. She submitted 19 songs but I had to go with 20. I couldn't bare to cut any more songs and I didn't bother trying to figure out which, if any, songs by the Smiths might appear, so here goes. The last two songs would be the encore.


Unoffical information leafblower correspondent Emily Dee's perfect setlist was:
Sing your life
Sister I’m a poet
Tony the Pony
Irish Blood, English Heart
I Can Have Both
Driving your girlfriend home
Seasick, yet still docked
Used to be a sweet boy
Well I wonder
Angel Angel
These things take time
Alma Matters
The First of the Gang to Die
Found found found
I started something I couldn’t finish
Why don’t you find out for yourself


Barbarism Begins At Home (if Gary Day could possibly master the bassline)
November Spawned a Monster

Let me just go on record saying you don't want to be standing beside me if Moz and the band bust into Barbarism Begins At Home because I will literally shit my pants if they play that.

A crack on the head / Is what you get for not asking
And a crack on the head / Is what you get for asking

Today we look at a subject that Bill was never afraid to tackle head on. RELIGION.

What do atheists scream when they come?

A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. Do you think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fuckin' cross? It's kind of like going up to Jackie Onassis with a rifle pendant on.

We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be free.

arts_feature-1.jpgChristianity has a built-in defense system: anything that questions a belief, no matter how logical the argument is, is the work of Satan by the very fact that it makes you question a belief. It's a very interesting defense mechanism and the only way to get by it -- and believe me, I was raised Southern Baptist -- is to take massive amounts of mushrooms, sit in a field, and just go, "Show me."

I love the Pope, I love seeing him in his Pope-Mobile, his three feet of bullet proof plexi-glass. That's faith in action folks! You know he's got God on his side.

Fundamentalist Christianity - fascinating. These people actually believe that the the world is 12,000 years old. Swear to God. Based on what? I asked them.
"Well we looked at all the people in the Bible and we added 'em up all the way back to Adam and Eve, their ages: 12,000 years."
Well how fucking scientific, okay. I didn't know that you'd gone to so much trouble. That's good. You believe the world's 12,000 years old?
"That's right."
Okay, I got one word to ask you, a one word question, ready?
BillHicks02.jpgYou know the world is 12,000 years old and dinosaurs existed, they existed in that time, you'd think it would have been mentioned in the fucking Bible at some point.
"And lo Jesus and the disciples walked to Nazareth. But the trail was blocked by a giant brontosaurus... with a splinter in his paw. And O the disciples did run a shriekin': 'What a big fucking lizard, Lord!' But Jesus was unafraid and he took the splinter from the brontosaurus's paw and the big lizard became his friend.
"And Jesus sent him to Scotland where he lived in a loch for O so many years inviting thousands of American tourists to bring their fat fucking families and their fat dollar bills.
"And oh Scotland did praise the Lord. Thank you Lord, thank you Lord. Thank you Lord."

Fundamentalist Christians believe the world is 12 thousand years old... I asked this guy, I said: "Come on, man, dinosaur fossils. What's the deal?" He goes, "God put those here to test our faith." "I think God put you here to test my faith, dude." Does that bother anyone, the idea that GOD might be fucking with our heads?! Anyone having trouble sleeping restfully with that thought in their head? God's running around burying fossils. "Ho, ho.. we'll see who believes in me now! Ho, ho, I'm a prankster God! I am killing me!" You know -- you die, you go to St. Peter. "Did you believe in dinosaurs?" "Well, yeah, there was fossils everywhere!"--*gunshot*--"Aaahhhh!" "What are you, and idiot? God was FUCKING with you!! Giant, flying, lizards -- you moron! That's one of God's EASIEST jokes!" "It seemed do plausible. AAAAHHHHHH!" Bound for the lake of fire."

Next we have a bible out called 'The New Living Bible', it's the bible in updated and modern English. I guess to make it more palatable for people to read. But its really weird, when you listen to it.
"And Jesus walked on water. And Peter said, 'Awesome!'"
Suddenly we got Jesus hanging ten across the Sea of Galilee. Christ's Bogus Adventure, you know. Deuteronomy 90210.

Also, as an added treat for you, here are some audio files of Bill in action. Right click, save as, etc.
Me & Saddam (AAC File)
Beer vs. Pot (MP3 file)


You may want to check in on Coolfer today, just to make sure he is OK. His beloved Kings needed just one win in their last two games to secure the Pacific Division crown (and #2 seed in the Playoffs) but lost to the Nuggets on Monday night and then mailed it in against the Warriors last night. That coupled with Kobe Bryant's three pointer at the buzzer of double OT, which lead to a Lakers win in Portland, dropped the Kings from the #2 seed to the #4 seed. So now instead of facing the Houston Rockets, they get to take on the Dallas Mavericks, the team that sent them home last year. Ouch.

It's so bad that none other tan the esteemed Hunter S. Thompson called them out by saying "The Sacramento Kings lost more than a basketball game on Monday night. They lost their soul and their future, along with the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs and much of their already-wavering self-esteem. Anybody who can't beat the Denver Nuggets in a money game at the end of the season is a silly bet to go anywhere in the grueling NBA playoffs." The Kings have lost 8 or 12 heading into the second season. The Minnesota Timberwolves are the West's top seed.

In the East, the Bucks lost to the lowly Raptors sent them from the #4 seed to the #6 seed where they will now face the Detrizzle Pistons in the first round. The Bucks are missing injured PG T.J. Ford in a bad way. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat, which started the season 0-7, moved into the fourth seed.

The Celtics finally won a game last night by beating the Atlanta Hawks. Unfortunately, by losing 5 of their last 6, they seem to have forgotten how to play defense. Paul Pierce sat out the second game in a row, but will be back on the court to face Indiana on Saturday at 2 PM.

More on the Playoff matchups here. Schedule here. Expect a playoff preview either Friday or Saturday.

The finale of The Apprentice is tonight. See the lovely ladies of the show in their FHM spread.

From today's Page Six, are Rebecca Romijn and John Cusack an item?

BRMC have left Virgin.

The Super Furries are headlining the SUMMER SUNDAE WEEKENDER festival in Leicester on Saturday, August 14th.

Apple announced a $46 million profit in the second quarter of 2004, easily beating Wall Street expectations. That's up 29% from a year ago. Apple said it shipped 749,000 Macintosh units and 807,000 iPods during the quarter, representing a 5 percent increase in CPU units and a 909 percent increase in iPods over the year-ago quarter. Those "overpriced" iPods are still flying off the shelves. Analysts had expected a seasonal decline of 20 percent instead of the 10 percent surge from the December quarter.

Today we will take a look at Bill's thoughts on one of his favorite subjects. DRUGS. It's nothing new for a comedian to talk about drugs and their own personal drug use, but Hicks took a different tact on this subject. And rather than me trying to explain it to you, I'll let Bill do it himself. Here are some of my favorite Bill Hicks quotes on the subject:

I believe that God left certain drugs growing naturally upon our planet to help speed up and facilitate our evolution. OK, not the most popular idea ever expressed. Either that or you're all real high and agreeing with me in the only way you can right now. (Starts blinking)

1.jpgHow about a positive LSD story, that would be newsworthy. Don't you think? Anybody think that? Just once, to hear a positive LSD story. Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed through a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, life is only a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather.

Yeah I've had good times on drugs. I've had bad times on drugs too. I mean shit, look at this haircut. There are dangers.

I don't do drugs anymore... than say, the average touring funk band.

George Bush says 'we are losing the war on drugs'. Well you know what that implies? There's a war going on, and people on drugs are winning it! Well what does that tell you about drugs? Some smart, creative motherfuckers on that side.

The war on drugs to me is absolutely phoney, its so obviously phoney, ok? It's a war against our civil rights, that's all it is. They're using it to make us afraid to go out at night, afraid of each other, so that we lock ourselves in our homes and they get suspending our rights one by one.

They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do, just as well. You just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.

I have never seen two people on pot get in a fight because it is fucking IMPOSSIBLE. "Hey, buddy!" "Hey, what?" "Ummmmmmm...." End of argument.

Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn't the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit... unnatural? You know what I mean? It's nature. How do you make nature against the fucking law?"

Do you think magic mushrooms growing atop cow shit was an accident? Where do you think the phrase, 'that's good shit' came from? Why do you think Hindus think cows are holy? Holy shit! Why do I think MacDonalds is the Anti-Christ?

See I think drugs have done some good things for us. If you don't think drugs have done good things for us then do me a favor. Go home tonight and take all of your records,tapes and all your CD's and burn them. Because, you know all those musicians who made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreal fucking high on drugs, man. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few songs.

bill8.jpgBecause you know if you play New Kids on the Block albums backwards they sound better. "Oh come on, Bill, they're the New Kids, don't pick on them, they're so good and they're so clean cut and they're such a good image for the children." Fuck that! When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children? I want my children to listen to people who fucking ROCKED! I don't care if they died in puddles of their own vomit! I want someone who plays from his fucking HEART!

And these other musicians today who don't do drugs and in fact speak out against them? Boy, do they suck! What a coincidence! Ball-less, souless, spiritless corporate little bitches, suckers of Satan's cock, each and every one of them. "We're rock stars against drugs cos that's what the President wants." Aw, suck Satan's cock. That's what we want isn't it, government approved rock n roll? Whooh, we're partying now! "We're rock stars who do Pepsi Cola commercials."

No, I don't do drugs anymore, either. But I'll tell you something about drugs. I used to do drugs, but I'll tell you something honestly about drugs, honestly, and I know it's not a very popular idea, you don't hear it very often anymore, but it is the truth: I had a great time doing drugs. Sorry. Never murdered anyone, never robbed anyone, never raped anyone, never beat anyone, never lost a job, a car, a house, a wife or kids, laughed my ass off, and went about my day.

Buy some Bill Hicks CD's on Amazon.
Read about Bill Hicks over at his official site.

And now on to our regularly scheduled programming...

So I guess were are staying the course. Did anyone else get that from last night?

index_footprint041804.jpgApple released new eMacs yesterday.

Danny Ainge strikes again! The C's signed assistant coach (and former Celtic) Dana Barros to a 10 day contract yesterday for their playoff run, which should last all of four games against the Pacers. Barros is eligible for the playoffs but is not assured of making the playoff roster. The C's also signed 7 footer Ernest Brown to a 10 day contract, thus assuring them of having first dibs of signing him to a long term deal next season.

Pitchfork and NME on the new Interpol album.

The first Pixies reunion gig was last night. and of course, NME was there. The set looks pretty damn good. What's the over/under for the amount of blog mentions that gig will get today?
'Wave Of Mutilation' / 'U-Mass' / 'Levitate Me' / 'Broken Face' / 'Monkey Gone To Heaven' / 'The Holiday Song' / 'Winterlong' / 'Nimrod's Son' / 'La La Love You' / 'Ed Is Dead' / 'Here Comes Your Man' / 'Vamos' / 'Debaser' / 'Dead' / '#13 Baby' / 'Tame' / 'Gigantic' / 'Gouge Away' / 'Caribou' / 'Isla de Encanta' / 'Velouria' / 'Wave Of Mutilation (Surf)' / 'Where Is My Mind?' / 'Into The White'

Thanks to Blueroom for pointing me in the direction of Boston Dirt Dogs dot com


Unknown to me, this past February 26th marked the 10 anniversary of Bill Hicks death. Bill died of pancreatic cancer at the ripe old age of 32. So we lost Kurt and Bill in a matter of months.

Much like Kurt, I wonder what Bill would be up to today. Last night I was thinking that he would have a show much like Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn where he would gather with other comedians and all give their take on what was going on with the world. Given Bills propensity for telling the truth and the manner in which he did it, the show would most likely be on HBO. Picture that, a Dennis Miller worth listening to.

I bet he'd also have a blog much like (who incidentally have a great post today that tries to rationalize why GWB has taken over 500(!!!) vacation days since taking office, the most ever by a sitting President) where he would continually try and expose the government for the collection of liars and murderers that he believed them to be. One thing is for sure, he wouldn't like what GWB was doing to our country.

Today we'll take a look at what Bill had to say about the elder Bush and the media during his time in office. It's eerie how much of what he said over 10 years ago is still relevant today.

People ask me where I stood politically you know. It's not that I disagree with Bush's economic policy or his foreign policy. But that I believe he was a child of Satan here to destroy the planet Earth.

cd-BillHicks.jpgBush tried to buy votes towards the end of the election. Goes around, you know, selling weapons to everyone, getting that military industrial complex vote happening for him. Sold 160 fighter jets to Korea and then 240 tanks to Kuwait and then goes around making speeches why he should be Commander-in-Chief because, "We still live in a dangerous world." Thanks to you, you fucker! What are you doing? Last week Kuwaitis had nothing but rocks!

Watch the fucking news man, it's frightening. What could be worse. You watch the news these days you know, it's unbelievable. You think you you just walk out your door, you're immediately going to be raped by some crack-addicted, Aids-infected, pit-bull, you know. Horrible news stories, you know. The news is just apocalyptic. Didn't you think with the Cold War being over, things should have gotten better. How many of y'all were as stupid as I was in believing that? Wow it's over - 40 years of threat of nuclear weapons - it's over, cool, cool... Wrong! Now 12 different countries have nuclear weapons - it just got 12 times as bad, fuck you! Life is harder now. Work hard - oops jobs are scarce, fuck you, ha ha ha.

People say "Iraq had the fourth largest army in the world". Yeah, maybe, but you know what, after the first 3 largest armies, there's a REAL big fucking drop-off. The Hare Krishnas are the 5th largest army in the world, and they've already got all our airports.

That's another good thing about Bush being gone, man, cos for the last 12 years with Reagan and Bush, we have had fundamentalist Christians in the White House. Fundamentalist Christians who believe the Bible is the exact word of God, including that wacky fire and brimstone Revelations ending, have had their finger on the fucking button for 12 years. [Eyes roll back in head] "Tell me when Lord, tell me when. Let me be your servant Lord."

relentc.jpgI love talking about the Kennedy assasination. The reason I do is because I'm fascinated by it. I'm fascinated that our government could lie to us so blatantly, so obviously for so long, and we do absolutely nothing about it. I think that's interesting in what is ostensibly a democracy. Sarcasm - come on in. People say "Bill, quit talking about Kennedy man. It was a long time ago, just let it go, alright? It's a long time ago, just forget it." I'm like, alright, then don't bring up Jesus to me. As long as we're talking shelf life here...

If the FBI's motivating factor for busting down the Koresh compound was child abuse, how come we never see Bradley tanks smashing into Catholic churches?

Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed America, your goverment is in control. Here, here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up, go back to bed America, here is American Gladiators, here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on the living in the land of freedom. Here you go America - you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!

I hereby proclaim this week Bill Hicks Week! During my trip to Northern VA last week, I dug out some of the CD's still boxed up in my garage and found my Bill Hicks CD's. I gave them a listen on my long drive because all of a sudden I'd rather listen to audiobooks and spoken word on long trips, rather than music.
Anyways, all this week, I'll be posting some quotes from Bill Hicks, a groundbreaking comedian that rose to infamy in the 90's. Bill was pro drugs and anti government, describing himself as Chomsky with dick jokes and has been a major influence on quite a few bands, such as Tool and the Super Furry Animals.

For more info on Bill, check out his official website. Now on to the good stuff.

Today we'll look at Bill's views on our government.

And on the seventh day, god stepped back and said "There is my creation, perfect in every way... oh, dammit I left pot all over the place. Now they'll think I want them to smoke it... Now I have to create Republicans.

Hicks often talked about forming his own political party and wanted to call it PEOPLE WHO HATE PEOPLE.

Hicks2.jpg "There's a new party being born, the people who hate people party.
'People who hate people! Come together!' ''No!'' We're kinda having trouble getting off the boards. 'Come to our meeting!' ''Are you gonna be there?'' 'Yeah' ''Then I ain't fucking coming.'' 'But you're our strongest member!' ''FUCK YOU'' 'That's what I'm talking about you asshole!! FUCK off!' Damn! We almost had a meeting going. It's so hard to get my people together."

"You know we armed Iraq. I wondered about that too, you know during the Persian Gulf war those intelligence reports would come out: "Iraq: incredible weapons - incredible weapons." How do you know that? "Uh, well...we looked at the receipts."

I'm so sick of arming the world and then sending troops over to destroy the fucking arms, you know what I mean? We keep arming these little countries then we go and blow the shit out of 'em. We're like the bullies of the world, you know. We're like Jack Palance in the movie Shane...Throwing the pistol at the sheep herder's feet: "Pick it up." "I don't wanna pick it up mister, you'll shoot me." "Pick up the gun". "Mister, I don't want no trouble huh. I just came down town here to get some hard rock candy for my kids, some gingham for my wife. I don't even know what gingham is, but she goes through about 10 rolls a week of that stuff. I ain't looking for no trouble mister." "Pick up the gun." Boom, boom. "You all saw him. He had a gun."

hicks3.jpgBut we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. Jesus murdered; Martin Luther King mudered; Malcolm X murdered; Gandhi murdered; John Lennon murdered; Reagan.... wounded. But it doesn't matter because: It's just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money. A choice, right now, between fear and love.
The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defences each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.

All governments are liars and murderers. Go back to bed America, your government is in control again. Here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up! Here's 56 channels of it. Watch these retards bang their f*cking skulls together....

More tomorrow!

The rain is falling hard on this humdrum town.
And being unemployed is bringing me down.

I woke up this morning and applied to five jobs over the internet. I’ve pretty much lost faith on applying to jobs over the internet since I’ve easily sent out over 1000 applications via this method and I’ve gotten exactly two interviews this way. Not a good ratio. Granted, I’ve gotten plenty of staffing agency interviews, but they are always looking for people. Since moving to NC, I’ve applied at seven staffing agencies (one in Atlanta, one in Baltimore, one in Northern VA and four in Charlotte) and I’ve gotten only two interviews out of those agencies, both in the last 2 weeks in the DC area.
The staffing agencies really drive me crazy because I go there, fill out their applications and tax forms, give them my social security number, banking info, references and permission for them to administer background and credit checks on me, take around two hours of Micro$oft testing and then go home, never to hear from them again. Sometimes someone from the agency will talk to me for all of five minutes about my goals and what I am looking for in my next job, but that is not always the case. At the last agency I went to in Charlotte, they didn’t even tell me my test scores. Then I try and follow up with them after the fact and the never return my calls or emails. Thanks guys. Whenever I go through this process, it just makes me feel like a piece of meat with absolutely no dignity.
And these tests are complete bullshit. All they measure is if you know how to bold text and plug in Excel formulas. It's basically a test to see how good a robot you are. There is nothing in those tests to measure your professionalism, problem solving abilities, phone manner or work ethic. You can have of those things, but if you can't do a mail merge in Word, you are seen as worthless.
I am really shocked that I haven’t been able to find a job down here in the two months (!!!!!) I’ve been in the South. I think the fact that all my experience is in NYC is scaring off employers down here. They probably think they will have to pay through the nose for me. That’s why I’ve started focusing on the DC area. I think hope that I will be more well received in that area.
I know there are some other bloggers out there looking for work just like me. If you are, drop me a line and maybe we can all get a discussion going on what is and is not working for each of us individually. Maybe we can help each other out?

Best headline I've seen is quite some time When Bryant Doesn't Shoot First, Questions Asked Later. Seems like Kobe is pouting because his teammates haven't been happy with his recent shot selection or the rate at which he hoists them up, so he decided not to shot much in their game yesterday at Sacramento. That coupled with foul trouble for Shaq = a Lakers loss. So it wasn't Doug Christie's defense then. FYI - Kobe has averaged 34 points a game against the Kings this year. Oh, and Shaq still has a potty mouth. How long until NBA games are on a seven second delay. Hey maybe that's a career path I can look into. Curse word bleeper!

In case you are counting at home, a record 76 American troops have died in hostile action this month in Iraq, with 26 of those casualties coming in the last 3 days.

John McCain will not be John Kerry's VP.

Proof that Perry Farrell has lost his marbles, he thinks the whole jam band culture is cool. Yo PF, I grew up in that scene and it's not cool at all. Trust Me.

Did you know that you can order prints of John Squire's artwork form the man himself? Most of the prints are the artwork that came with some of the Stone Roses releases. Coolness. Unfortunately it will totally break your bank. A little under $500 to buy a print and have it delivered to the US.

OK, just so I am not a total downer today (I'm bringing you down, I know, I'm sorry) here are some pictures I found on my hard drive of the Morrissey DVD signing at the Union Square Mega Store in NYC in October of 2000. If you can't tell, I'm the guy with the large melon and shaved head. This is when I asked Morrissey if he indeed learned everything he knew from Limp Bizkit (it was something he kept saying onstage during his last East Coast tour) and he laughed and said "I'm still learning". Big ups to David T. at Morrissey-Solo dot com for hooking everyone up with the pics.


If there's something inside that you wanna say
Say it out loud it'll be okay
I will be your light / I will be your light
I will be your light / I will be your light
I Need Love, yeah / I Need Love

Happy Easter everyone. Lets start out today with a few quotes from my favorite comedians regarding this festive holiday.

hickssmoking.jpg"I was over in Australia during Easter. Interesting to note they celebrate Easter the same way we do: commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus by telling our children a giant bunny rabbit left chocolate eggs in the night "That's the story of Jesus!"
Who comes up with this shit? I've read the Bible, I can't find the word 'bunny' or 'chocolate' anywhere in that fuckin' book. It's no wonder we're fucked up as a race! I mean, why not "A goldfish left Lincoln Logs in your sock drawer!" I mean, at least a fish, jumping out of its bowl, and crawling across your bedroom floor with Lincoln Logs on its back has a supernatural connotation! 'Look mummy, there's a Lincoln Log in me sock drawer!' 'That's the story of Jesus!'" -- Bill Hicks from Rant In E Minor

eizzard.jpg"Well, you tell me! It’s got nothing to do with it, has it! You know, people going, uhh, “Remember kids,” the kids who’re eating the chocolate eggs, uhh, “Jesus died for your sins.” “Yeah, I know, it’s great! No, no no, it’s bad, it’s bad! No, it’s bad! It’s very bad. It’s terrible! Whatever you want, I mean – just keep giving me these eggs.”
And the bunny rabbits! Where do they come into the crucifixion? There were no bunny rabbits up on the hill going, “Hey – you – what, are you going to put those crosses in our – bur – warrens? We live below this hill, all right?” Bunny rabbits are for shagging, eggs are for fertility. It’s a festival – it’s the spring festival!"-- Eddie Izzard from Dress To KIll

Both are obviously funnier in their respective original contexts.

So then...does this omen mean the Red Sox will finally win the Series this year?

Shhhhhhhhh! Listen....that sound you hear? It's either Coolfer whooping it up or it's the Celtics backing into the playoffs, depending on where your loyalties lie. The Kings were about the only team in the league playing as bad as the C's, who have lost 4 straight while needing just one win to get into the second season. Argh.

Actually that sound might be the collective sigh of relief from Duke fans everywhere as Coach K sez, "I ain't goin' no where"! Blue Devil for life yo!

Pavement + Jay Z = The Slack album! My faves are Zurich Your Shoulder and 99 Problems Here [via 5500 via Stereogum]

Moz tells the Guardian 'Somebody has to be me'. Good thing it's not me, huh? Also check out NME's rundown of the upcoming record FYI - the first Lollapalooza date is July 14 at Seattle's White River Amphitheatre. [NME link also from 5500]

In today's section of downloading is not hurting the music industry...

A look at Apple vs. Apple.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 isn't even out yet and QT is blabbing about Vol. 3.

Yo, pour out a little of your 40 oz. tonight for Weird Al Yankovic. His parents died over the weekend of carbon monoxide poisoning. Damn. That was front page news at CNN all day today.

Don't sleep (no pun intended), Kurt Cobain wasn't the only Seattle musician to have an unfortunate anniversary this month.

Guinness = good for you. I am a former Guinness junkie but the beer was ruined for me after I went overboard on my trip to Dublin in 2001. I went over to catch the Super Furries play and proceeded to drink 33 pints in 4 days. My guts were brown after that. I have only had 2 pints of stout since then. But it was worth it. [link via Largehearted Boy]

Idiots! The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club!

$180 gone

lost my ass at the races
now sitting with the flu
listening to Wagner on the radio
I've got this small heater humming.

I'm not dead yet
yet not dead
I want to see more kneecaps under
tight nylon hose.

I'm re-grouping,
I'm dreaming up the counter-attack.

lost my ass at the races
the Sierra Madre smiling at me
lost my ass at the races
walked through a wall of defeat.

I saw a dead cat this morning
both front legs sheared off
he was lying by the garbage can
as I walked by.

this is the hardest game
defeat grows like flowers
the whores sit in chairs before their doorways
Attila the Hun sleeps in a rubber mask at night.

Wagner dies, Rimbaud quit writing, Christ spit it out.

I lost my ass at the races today
and was reminded of history
of waste and error
and of strangled dreams.

we want it too easy
and this is the hardest game.

the small heater hums
as I smoke
looking at the walls.

- Charles Bukowski, from his book
What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through the Fire

As if the Kurt Coabin tattoo on his chest wasn't enough...

Won't this alienate his macho, beer swilling, backwards baseball cap wearing fanbase? Oh my bad, he has no fanbase anymore.
[via Productshop NYC]

Seriously. I had another job interview in the DC area this morning and then drove 6 traffic filled hours home, and what's the first thing I do when I get home? Update the site. No wonder I have no friends. The job I interviewed for isn't exactly what I want, but if I get offered enough money (assuming they offer me anything at all), I'll most likely take it just to get off the fucking dole. More on this as it develops.

Cheers to Emily D. for pointing out this bombshell. The Super Furries killed off their yeti's at their gig in London last night!!! And I wasn't even in attendance....How dare they!! The nerve! They even played their new track Motherfokker! Sounds like I missed a momentous gig.
NME reports that The yetis have become a fixture on the dates that have supported the Welsh eccentrics' current album 'Phantom Power'.
Yet at last night's show at London Hammersmith Apollo, the band came onstage in the yeti suits at the end of the closing 'The Man Don't Give A Fuck'.
Then suddenly, gunshots were heard and the yetis fell to the floor and were stretchered off the stage.
After the show, singer Gruff Rhys told NME.COM: "The yetis are no more, although seeing as it was Easter weekend, maybe they should have been crucified."
However, he denied that they would be resurrected on Sunday.

Brilliant! Click through on the link to check out their set list from the gig.

Cheers to Lorin for pointing out that The Chief appeared onstage with the Stands earlier in the week. Noelly G added guitar to the track 'Some Weekend Night'. Now go finish your fookin' record!

Coolfer sends rumoured news of Micro$ofts "ipod killer".

In return, I send this out to him...(drum roll please)...The Cult of Mac Blog. [link via Off On A Tangent]

There is more to say but I haven't eaten since noon and the Celtics have an important game v. The Hornets in 45 minutes. To the bar!

Oh man, this is not what I wanted to hear.

Guys, just give us the good time party grooves that we can shake our rumps to. Personally, I'm not really interested in your political views (although I really think Alive is one of your best tracks). On that track you sprinkle in some commentary on issues that you want to tackle, and I can respect that, but when you devote whole songs to those subjects, you end up with really shitty protest songs that make you look like fools.

How is the fight to free Tibet going? Wait, you mean you've just dropped that like a bad habit? Kind of like what you did to your old record label? All the effort you and your former employees put into it, and then you go and auction it off. And the thing is, you only got $65,000 for it. Fucking LAME. No Buzz for you.

If you want Bush out of office, then get off your ass, go on tour (please practice before you head out, your performance at last year's Field Day was downright embarrassing. I know all the words to Paul's Boutique. How come you don't?) and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Taking potshots at him on your records don't count. It's like me doing the same thing to you on my blog. Kinda pointless. Call up MTV and do a Rock The Vote show or something.

Guys, I used to look up to you like no one else. I fucking worshipped you when I was in college. You were creative, groundbreaking (your DVD Anthology is probably the finest DVD I own) and the epitome of cool. Now I just think you are confused. I sincerely hope you prove me wrong.

Page Six was off the heazy today!

GET ready for a new rock rivalry: Robert Smith (above), singer for new wave heroes The Cure, sounds ready to pull fellow '80s icon Morrissey's pompadoured hair out. "He was constantly saying horrible things about [The Cure]," Smith sniffs to Entertainment Weekly. "In the end, I kind of snapped and started retaliating. And it turned into some kind of petty feud. I've never liked anything he's done musically, but I don't have any kind of strong feelings of animosity towards him as a person because I've never met him."

QUEENS of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme canceled a concert in Philadelphia after he was injured in an East Village bar brawl early Tuesday. Homme and girlfriend Brody Dalle of the Distillers hit Niagara on Avenue A after Homme's side project, Eagles of Death Metal, played Mercury Lounge. At about 2:30 a.m., Homme had words with a guy at the bar and ended up taking several punches. "Josh is injured," Eagles publicist Trevor Jones confirmed. Though Tuesday's Philly gig was canceled, Homme and his band taped a performance for "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" yesterday and were scheduled to play last night's "top secret" Visionaire magazine bash at Canal Room.

Damon Albarn is currently working on three separate projects: a solo effort with the members of Fela Kuti's band, a new Gorillaz joint and (gasp) a new Blur Ep. Possibly With Graham! "Blur's like a family with one brother no-one talks to," he told 6 Music, adding: "It is a realistic prospect - the only reason he's not in the band is because he didn't feel he was getting enough say. We're totally capable of making music together. I can forget about all the other things." I'm sure it was all Graham's fault. Wanker.

Heads up! The new sea ray tour dates are up. information leafblower friend and correspondent Emily D. rightly points out that the my new favorite band's NYC gig is a mere three days after my return engagement to see Moz at Harlem's Apollo Theatre. However, I will most likely catch them either the Washington DC or Atlanta shows later in the week.

Rock my adidas! / Never rock Fila
I do not sniff the coke / I only smoke the sensimilla


Download the acoustic set done by information leafblower's good friend Mr. Gruff Rhys, better known as the lead singer of the Super Furry Animals, performed at Mondo Kims in NYC on October 5th, 2003. Be sure to check out track 14, the (incorrectly spelled) Meic Stevens Song. It's an old Welsh folk song with a great "la la la" hook that will be stuck in your head for hours if not days.

Well, March Madness is officially over, everyone has talked shit about Duke for days and it's time to move on. So what does that really mean? Obvs, it's never to early to start looking forward to next year's Top 25. Trying to rank the teams right now is a bit pointless as we don't know which kids will turn pro and which will stay, but that's never stopped anyone before.

Personally, I'm going to commit hari kiri if I ever hear the name "Diana Taurasi" ever again. I should be able to watch Sportscenter without vomiting all over myself from all the UConn hype in the next day or two. Hopefully. Bring on the NBA Playoffs!

No recent post in this space is complete without some mega Morrissey news, so how about a complete, track by track rundown of You Are The Quarry. If you don't have time to peruse the complete article, read the following and take heed. It really is his best album since 'Vauxhall And I'. At least. Hooray! So we get no weakly-thought-out ten-minute odysseys and, better still, no songs about window cleaners.

Lastly, here is a less than stellar review of the new Delays album, Faded Seaside Glamour. Take it with a grain of salt though, as the author wines in anticipation of a "Brit Pop revival" (please tell me how that can be a bad thing) and compares The Delays to Geneva, a band I quite like. Kegzies hooked me up with the album in question, which I received yesterday thankyouverymuch, so I'll weigh in soon enough. If you can't wait until then, you can always check out his review.

The word "freedom" can make you
want to lock yourself in a deep dark dungeon
But I know everybody follows pleasure
everybody gets somewhere
I swear, I wish I could be less aware...
now it's absolutely clear to me
that solitude is not the same as singularity,
but that's not why I'm lonely

UConn won. I didn't even watch the game because I knew that it would be a blowout and that The Sports Guy would have a running commentary on the game.

6:38 -- Our second horrible call of the game -- Salami just blocked a three, got all ball, and they called it a foul. Only 35 more inexplicable calls to go before we approach Saturday night's Duke-UConn game.

6:51 -- I guess the question is this: How would you feel if you were a college basketball announcer and you DIDN'T have a pizza commercial?

7:13 -- Tech clangs two free throws, then allows a long two at the buzzer. UConn heads into the half leading by 15. They're running the floor, hitting threes and forcing G-Tech to take bad shots. There's absolutely nothing else you need to know about this game. Nothing.

7:41 -- During a montage of Okafor-Salami highlights, Nantz actually says, "Some have said (it's) the best battle of big men in a championship game since Ewing and Olajuwon." Somehow he doesn't get hit by a lightning bolt.

8:02 -- Nantz tells us that Ben Gordon was born on the same day N.C. State beat Houston in 1983. We're officially on Page 9 of CBS's "Garbage Time Notes" pamphlet.

And speaking of garbage time notes, let me roll out some of mine ...

A. Fourteen kids for Calvin Murphy? Fourteen? By nine women? All in the Houston area? Can we start keeping track of this stuff? More importantly, was this why they called him "The Pocket Rocket"?

B. If the Sox lose out on another World Series with Christ playing center field, it's clearly not happening in my lifetime.

For the record, the game ended at 11:56 EST.

And without further are the results for First Annual information leafblower NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool


Congrats to Peabs! Much like UConn, he started off in #1, experienced a mid season slump and then bounced back to take the title.

Peep the B-Sides for Moz's Irish Blood, English Heart single. One of them is a song about the Munich Air Disaster of 1958.
The disaster was the darkest moment in the history of Manchester United who were returning from a match in Belgrade when their plane stopped at Munich for refuelling. The plane crashed in a blizzard on its third attempt to take off from Munich airport, killing 23 of the 43 people onboard. Among the dead were eight of United's most promising young players - the Busby Babes - including Duncan Edwards considered the greatest young British player of his generation.

I thought the Mozzer was a West Ham supporter?

Don't / tell me what I wanna hear / Afraid of never knowing fear
Experience anything you need / I'll keep fighting jealousy
Until it's fucking gone


Click here to listen to the first single, The Letter. Me likey. Sounds a little more hard edged than her last album, but still has the pop sensibilities that made Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea so stunning.


| |

I didn't get the job at AOL that I interviewed for last week.

I had a sinking feeling that I wasn't going to get it. Things like that just don't happen to me.

I know what you’re thinking, “Great, just what the world needs, another douchebag trying to wax poetic about Kurt Cobain offing himself”. And, you know, I’d be inclined to agree with you. But here it comes anyways.

It’s no secret that today is the 10 anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news, at the Elbow Room, a place I used to DJ in college, on my night off, drinking it up. A friend came up to me and said, “You heard about Kurt Cobain, right?” “…..No……” I replied, eyebrow raised. “He killed himself,” my friend informed me. I didn’t believe him at first. I asked around a few other people hard heard this, but nothing definite. So I went home and turned on MTV and sure enough, there was Kurt Loder informing the world. It’s so antiquated to think about how we got our news before the internet.

nirvana.gifTo tell you the truth, I don’t listen to Nirvana very much anymore. I think the last time I listened to Nevermind all the way through was September 13th, 2001. Molly and I fled the flaming wreckage of downtown New York City to spend the weekend in Massachusetts and I needed something old and familiar to take my mind off of what had just happened. Our rental car only had a tape player and somehow I had found an old cassette of the album. Obviously, it’s hard to think of the band like I used to when Kurt was alive. Last week I picked up Spin’s commemorative issue on Kurt’s death and it really got me thinking of how much I miss what used to be my favorite band, and more important, how much we need them around right now.

We all know how Nirvana changed the landscape of MTV, radio and the music world in general, but the thing I will remember about Kurt is all the tireless promotion he did on behalf of the bands he liked. I think that more than anything else really drew me to his band. It was easy to tell that he was, above everything else, a music lover. It was something I really connected to as my musical tastes were changing from rap to what would become “alternative music”. Rap was going through a pretty stagnant phase around then and some friends had gotten me into R.E.M., Buffalo Tom and Matthew Sweet, and I was hooked.

I remember hearing Nevermind for the first time riding around in a friends car. I was always on the hunt for new music and I could tell from the first time I heard it that the album was really something special. I had just gotten a CD player a few months earlier and that album was one of the first additions to my collection.

Naturally, I started to read everything about the band that I could find, which basically consisted of every music mag in the local newsstand. In every article I read, Kurt would name drop bands that he liked, and more often than not, I would go check them out. He got me into Teenage Fanclub, The Pixies, The Vaselines / Eugenius, and Shonen Knife, (among others) along with all the other Seattle bands that were always mentioned in every Nirvana article (whether Kurt liked them or not). I really think the seeds of my Brit Pop loving self were sewn here. I’m a sucker for poppy guitar songs with “la la la’s” in them, and I think Kurt was too.

nirvana01.jpgI also think about how many bands owe Kurt for opening up the floodgates and proving to the music industry that people wanted to listen to bands other than Van Halen and Whitesnake. With Nirvana, 120 Minutes took on new importance and significance (incidentally, that was where a young information leafblower saw his first Morrissey video) and we wouldn’t have had “The Buzz Bin” or “Alternative Nation”. Of course, we could debate whether that was actually a good or bad thing, but the point is that literally thousands of bands got rich just because of Nirvana. Do you think The Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr., Belly, The Flaming Lips, Beck, Elastica, Pavement, Bjork, PJ Harvey, or a young Radiohead would have ever even sniffed the airwaves without Nirvana, much less sold thousands of records and toured the world? Look at MTV now; it’s a fucking wasteland.

In that issue of Spin, Chuck Klosterman takes a stab at predicting what Kurt would be doing today, often with hilarious results. I’m sure Kurt wouldn’t be very happy with the crass commercialization of his legacy, the state of the industry or the current FCC indecency crusade, and I can’t help but think that it would be great to have Kurt around to rail against this stuff and provide a few choice sound bites. Maybe, for the first time, the “Voice Of A Generation” title he was handed could have come in handy.

I haven't decided if I'm watching the NCAA title game tonight. The game doesn't even start until 9:21 PM. It should end around freaking midnight.

That "meaningless" three pointer Chris Duhon hit at the buzzer of the Uconn game could be worth $100 million.

Everyone chill out, including last night the BoSox have dropped the last four season openers.

UConn 79 Duke 78

THE RATIONAL RESPONSE: Every college basketball fan knows that when your season starts up in November, only one team will end the season without a loss. To get to the Final Four is an accomplishment in itself. And like most people say, when you're talking about Duke, they expect to get to the Final Four every year (which is bunk, but that's not why I am here).

Last night, Duke took the floor against a heavily hyped UConn team and this heavyweight bout lived up to the top billing. After holding the lead for the majority of the game, UConn erased an eight point deficit in the last 3 minutes and took control of a key rebound down the stretch to seal the W. Duke followed a pattern they set forth in the ACC Title game losing a late lead to a scrappy Maryland team. Bad decisions, bad shots, and bad calls decided this game. Shooting 14 of 23 from the free throw line certainly doesn't help either.

The tone was set in the first half when UConn's Emeka Okafor picked up two quick fouls in the first four minutes of the game. Unfortunately, we couldn't capitalize as our big men got into foul trouble of their own with Okafor on the bench. So the seeds of Duke's "collapse" were actually sewn in the first half, not the final three minutes. Shavlik Randolph picked up 2 fouls in a 13 second span, giving him 3 in the first half. And with 3:04 left in the first, Sheldon Williams picked up his third foul. I kept wondering out loud what Williams was doing in the game at that point with two fouls. Unfortunately, I was right.

The second half was also very tight but as the game came down the stretch, Duke started taking some uncharacteristic bad shots very early in the shot clock. It was the same sort of thing they did in the ACC Title game. Sheldon fouled out with a little over five minutes left on a questionable call. Shav fouled out two minutes later on an even more questionable call. It's no coincidence that UConn closed the gap with those two on the bench.

Okafor only missed one shot in the second half and he ended up with the loose ball off that miss and put it in to effectively seal the game with 25 seconds left. Josh Boone was able to reach over Luol Deng and tip the ball to Okafor, who threw Nick Horvath around like a rag doll, collected the ball and put it in the hoop. I have to wonder if he could have done that to Sheldon or Shav.

After a no call on a drive to the lane on the previous possesion, JJ Redick missed an open look at a three to tie the game with six seconds left. I'm sure any Duke fan can live with the shot he took. It missed and Duke lost. End of story. It's always hard to lose once you've come this far, but the silver lining here is that hopefully Luol Deng will stay at school one more year and then team with an improved Sheldon Williams, Shavlik Randolph and Daniel Ewing to take on the tough competition that the ACC will offer next year.

Looking at my Final Four preview, I was right on about a lot of things:
WILDCARD: Rashad Anderson. One of the best three point shooters in the tourney. Anderson hit a wide open three with 3 minutes left that started UConn's climb back. It was one of the biggest shots in the game.
KEY PLAYER: JJ Redick. If he hits 4 or more three pointers against UConn, Duke will win.
JJ hit three and missed a good look with six seconds left.
WILDCARD: Shavlik Randolph. Can he provide much needed minutes off the bench and get the Blue Devils some points and rebounds while he is on the court? Shav played his best game of the season and should be commended. 13 points (6-6 from the field) and 6 rebounds. That's coming up big in a big game. I can't wait to see him next year. I'm calling at least 2nd team All CC for Shav next year.

Mike Lupica called this the most amazing comeback in recent Final Four memory. How soon they forget. Duke was down 21(!!!) in the second half to Maryland in 2001 before coming back to seal the W. UConn did a great job to come from behind and win this game, but let's not get too carried away.

UConn will face Georgia Tech in the Final.

THE GUT REACTION BULLSHIT!! BULLSHIT!! BULLSHIT!! Now I know how NC State feels. We were fucking jobbed in a bad way last night. Yes, the two quick fouls on Okafor were bullshit and not all the bad calls went Duke's way, but to have the refs decide a great game like that in unconscionable. The fifth fouls on Sheldon and Shav were complete bullshit. Okafor lowered his shoulder into Shav and they called the foul on him! Ridiculous. Then, with the game on the line, JJ drives the lane and has four people hack him and we get no call. Gimme a fucking break. Obviously, if JJ goes to the line, that's two for Duke. Call it both ways please. I'm not surprised that CBS decided not to run multiple replays of JJ's drive into the lane. The showed one replay, but it was from a bad angle. Funny how they let a big play like that fall by the wayside in their coverage.

Coach K knew the game was lost right there. He blamed this time on the refs, lambasting them at the end of the game: "You killed us. You killed us."

And this is not a bitter Duke fan talking here. Digger Phelps, Dick Vitale, Bob Ryan, Michael Wilbon and Mike Lupica have all said that this was one of the worst officiated games they have ever seen in a Final Four. When you get this far, let the players decide the game, not the refs. I'm sure both sides have plenty of complaints about the calls last night. It should be noted that different crews worked the first and second games.

And finally, Chris Duhon, you will be missed.
Go luck at the next level.

Props to Grambo, Peabs and Kegzies for checking in on the kid and seeing how I was doing after the game. Cheers guys.

Bach, I said, he had 20 children.
he played the horses during the day.
he fucked at night
and drank in the mornings.
he wrote music in between.

at least that's what I told her
when she asked me,
when do you do your writing?

artisitic slefishness

what's genius?
I don't know
but I do know that
the difference between a madman and a
professional is
a pro does as well as he can within what
he has set out to do
and a madman
does exceptionally well at what
he can't help

now I am looking
into this unshaded lightbulb
at 11:37 p.m. on a Monday night
tiny names
Van Gogh


both selections written by Charles Bukowski and taken from his book
What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through the Fire

Just back from watching the C's beat the Warriors and solidify their playoff hopes by tying the Knicks for the 7th spot.

While I was at the bar, no fewer than three people dropped their beers, which were all in 23 oz. glasses, and each time, someone started clapping and whooping it up. Why does this always happen whenever someone drops and breaks a glass?

Mucho props to Stereogum for posting the new Slow Life EP from the Super Furry Animals which will be included with their upcoming remix album, entitled Phantom Phorce. He totally beat me to it! If his site is slow, you can also get the tracks here.

My favorite band on the planet is currently in the middle of their UK tour. Check out some great pics from their gig in Dublin here .Be sure to check them out if you are across the pond. My fingers are still crossed that they will be playing Reading so I can head over to the UK and see them as well as the one and only Stephen Patrick Morrissey.


Go BoSox!

And look out for the Cubs.

Not really in the blogging mood today. Let me explain.

Yesterday I was in the DC area interviewing for a position in a MAJOR tech company's Creative / Advertising department. It’s a dream job for me, absolutely everything I am looking for. I may even get to work on a Mac every day.

I met with three different people and was there for about 90 minutes. I never know what to expect in these interviews, as they are all different. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of “Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a co-worker and what you did to resolve the situation” questions, whereas yesterday was more of “We need someone who can do such and such” and I would give them an example of a time I had done what they were asking about. Those types of interviews drive me nuts because no matter how much I keep the conversation going, I never feel like I say enough or give them the answer they were looking for.

When you’re interviewing for a job that you want very badly, it’s tough to find that balance between exuding confidence without reeking of desperation. Especially when you have been out of work as long as I have. I don’t have much experience doing specifically what the position entails, but I was able to spin some of my past experience into that ballpark. Hopefully that will be enough to land me the gig.

microserfscover.jpgI walked out of the interview very positive, but that faded quickly and now I am in extreme stress mode as I haven’t heard anything from them today and upon further review, maybe the interview didn’t go as well as I thought it did. I’m probably overanalyzing the whole situation, as it’s pretty much all I thought about on the whole seven hour drive home last night. It probably didn’t help that I listened to my new eBay purchase of Microserfs on audio book on the way there and kept thinking of what kind of life I would have moving to Northern VA and working at a major tech company.

Regular updates will resume when I stop feeling like offing myself. I’m kidding about that last part. Kinda.

I have another interview today for a part time gig at the local paper, so hopefully I can pull myself out of this self-imposed funk I am mired in before then.

The only thing that is keeping me sane right now is the quick action Emily D. took yesterday ensuring yours truly tickets to see Stephen Patrick Morrissey at the Apollo Theatre on Thursday, May 6th and Saturday, May 8th. Big ups indeed. Mark your calendars, information leafblower will be back in the Big Apple then. Perhaps we need to arrange a blogger function before or after one of the gigs that week? It seems like everyone will be going.

And if at times it seems insane / all the tears in searching
Turning all your joy to pain / in pursuit of learning
Buy a dream and hideaway / can't escape the sorrow
Your mojo will have no effect / as we head into tomorrow