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Fucking hell people.
The last week or so is sure to rank up there in the All Time Durstest category for yours truly.
The hits just keep coming and coming.
Last Friday my grandmother died. My father's mother.
She was 79 years old and smoked for most of her adult life.
She was only my second grandparent to pass away.
My mom and dad and I flew up to Worcester, MA first thing on Saturday to help my dad's sister with the funeral arrangements and whatnot.
My dad's parents have been married for 55 years. It's gonna be hard for my grandfather to function without his wife. Like my dad, he has some sort of muscular disease that severly limits his ability to walk and also use his hands.
My grandmother did everything for him.
We got up here and he was literally grey when I first saw him.
He was wheezing badly everytime he took a breath and was not doing well at all. Saturday evening my dad's sister called a nurse friend of hers to check my grandfather out.
She recommended we take him to the hospital.
I'm glad we did.
It turns out that he had been walking around all day with a case of septic shock(his kidney's had all but shut down), a slight case of pnumonia and a blood clot in his lung.
We were literally about 12 hours away from burying two people instead of one.
We weren't that worried about him because he wasn't even running a fever.
The doctor said he had never seen anything like that before.
My dad was going to spend Saturday night at my grandfather's house with him. If he had died, my dad would have been the one to find him.
My grandfather has been in the hospital ever since and I am glad to say he is recovering quite nicely. The old coot is cussing up a storm and giving the nurses hell(but in a playful way).
He is slowly returning to normal.
He is in the room right beside the room that my grandmother passed away in.
It is the same hospital that I was born in.
Because of his current condition, my grandmother's funeral has been postponed until next Friday.
So we will have to fly up again, but that is a very small price to pay.
I've been spending most of my waking hours at the hospital just hanging with my gramps.
On Saturday we took my grandfather to the city cemetary and he picked out the spots where he wanted to be buried beside my grandmother.
No matter what anyone tells you, nothing can prepare you for that.
It was all I could do to keep it together.
Keep in mind he almost died later that night.
On top of that, it appears I did not get the job in DC that I interviewed for two weeks ago, despite my feelings that I would.
It's a crushing defeat for me, but I'll have to pick myself up and start all over again.
I have no choice.
And then yesterday I was hit with some heavy personal issues that were very unexpected.
I won't go into details about it, but you can probably guess if you think about it.

A very smart man once said "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire."

I try to keep telling myself that.

I'll be back when I pull myself together.

Um...well...not so much.

Nonetheless, we are very proud to serve up the following interview with geetarist extraordinaire Greg Zinman from our new favorite band Sea Ray!!

1) You called Pistons in 5 right?
Actually, Jordan called the Pistons in six. He took a moment on stage in Vancouver to announce that Detroit took the trophy. We were far enough away from both L.A. and the Motor City that absolutely no one cared. We thought the Von Bondies, with whom we were playing that evening, would be fired up, but they're not really the most sports-oriented rock band.

2) How did you find out about information leafblower?
I had started reading on a regular basis, and he was always linking good bits from your site, and I got hooked pretty quickly. The blogosphere makes slow work days move a little faster, y'know?

seayray33) Apparently you guys have been a band for quite some time, like seven years. I just found out about you last winter. Fill me in on everything that I missed.
Jordan, I-Huei, and myself started playing music together after we finished school and moved to New York in 1997. Over the summer we spent a month or so in northern Michigan, at Jordan's folks' house, writing and recording our first LP when we weren't kneeboarding and going to the beach. A slightly different lineup (we went through a number of drummers) made an EP with Tobin Sprout back up in Michigan in 1999. We got Anne, our cellist and good buddy from school, to overdub some stuff on that, and then we convinced her to leave behind the classical music world for a rock 'n' roll life of unbridled hedonism. Jeff was dating a friend of mine and had come to see us play a couple of times—it was obvious that he wanted to hang out with us, so we let him join. Colin we knew through some mutual friends, and he made our lives better by agreeing to play with us. The current lineup coalesced in 2001. It took a long time to get the right people and the right sound together, but I'm glad we've stuck with it, because we're really happy with the music we're making now. Besides, Colin and Jeff attract a lot of girls to our shows.

4) Was anyone in bands prior to sea ray?
Everyone had bands in college, and Anne was in the symphony, but Colin is the only person who had significant professional experience playing in other bands. He's done stints with Skeleton Key, Bic Runga, and a host of other people. He's also in a killer band from his home town of Little Rock, AR, called the Big Cats.

5) Even though you’ve played with a good many of the NYC bands (Interpol,Ted Leo, Elefant, etc.), You don’t really fit into the NYC Scene so much. Is this a good thing or bad thing?
Oh, it's fine. The exciting thing about living in New York is that there's actually plenty of stuff going on that has nothing to do with the perceived "New York Scene." We're lucky enough to have fans and promoters supporting bands like ours, so we've been able to make the kind of music we want to make—without worrying about whether or not other people are doing similar things. We all have friends in bands that sound nothing like us, and very few music fans listen to only one kind of music, so I think the diversity of styles in the city is definitely a good thing. Besides, "fitting in" would mean spending less time working on music, and more time doing "guest DJ sets" and wearing scarves.

6) Jeff was supposed to mail me some concert posters he made for the Super Furry Animals like 9 months ago. Is he always this flaky? Should I take it personal? :)
Look, Jeff's a very busy man, and he has numerous sexual conquests to attend to before trifling with posters and the bloggers who want them.

greggeetarjpg7) You’ve guys have played Charlotte NC numerous times. Umm…Why? Most bands head for indie music heaven aka Chapel Hill.
We love Charlotte! We always have a really good time there--at the end of our last show at the Room, some man demanded that we give his girlfriend a t-shirt, because, he said, "you wanna represent on those titties." I don't think we're going to get that in Chapel Hill.

8) List your dream tour and where you would play on the bill.
Opening for Pink Floyd in Pompeii.

9) In His interview with Damore, Jeff said something very notable:
"We're part of the first generation of bands who are meeting fans at shows that tell us about the blog where they discovered us." Do you think bloggers will one day be in a position to break bands or are we just a bunch of wankers with too much free time?
Well, you guys are actually a lot like musicians—totally self-absorbed navel-gazers who eagerly devour their own press. Really, though, the bloggers have been very, very kind to us, and it seems to be helping so far. I can only imagine that more people will be turning to you guys for info and ideas, so yeah, I'm sure you'll be taking bribes from record companies in no time.

10) Is downloading good or bad for the music industry?
I'm fine with it. It's a great way to find out about new music. I don't condone someone downloading an entire album simply because he doesn't feel like paying for it, but if I'm only buying a couple of new records a month, downloading is an good tool for figuring out where my hard-earned dollar is going to go.

11) You guys have a few scattered shows coming up when the tour is over. Is there more touring in the works or more recording? How many new songs do you have already written?
We've got about four or five songs ready to go, and we've started a bunch more. We'll be demo'ing stuff when we're back home. We love working in the studio, and we're just trying to sort out the details of the next album. We'll be touring in the fall, too.

Annecello12) Tell me about how Anne joined the band. Were you all like “Hell yeah, a cello, that’s so indie rock!” or were you like “What the fuck do we need a cello for?”
You know how on the Who's "A Quick One, While He's Away," the band is chanting "cello cello cello cello" because they couldn't find anyone to play the part? We'll, we weren't going out like that. Jordan, I-Huei, and myself are all big fans of 60s psych and orch-pop, and we had been talking about incorporating strings into the Sea Ray sound for a while. Like I said earlier, Anne is an old friend, and we all knew that she was a formidable talent. When she moved to New York, it was a pretty natural thing to ask her to join the group.

13) Do you guys do any covers? What is a song you want to cover but can’t convince the band to learn?
We've never played a cover live. At nearly every rehearsal, however, someone mentions a song he or she wants the group to cover. Personally, I'd love to hear us do Eno's "On Some Faraway Beach" or the Buffalo Springfield's "Expecting to Fly." Probably won't happen, though.

14) Who came up with the iPod that streams the music on your website? That thing is cool as shit and earned you guys extra cool points in my book.
That's Jeff's genius, right there. He does all of our graphic design stuff--posters, button, t-shirts, CDs, our website, etc., and we're lucky to have him. Wish he would ease up on the Manishevitz, though.

15) Ultimately what is the plan for the band? Do you want to be on a major label and try and conquor the world or be on an indie and have your own little piece of it?
We just want to keep making music we enjoy and then share it with as many people as possible. We're not sure at the moment what the best way to do that is--maybe blog-exclusive tracks? [Ed's note: That was my idea! Don't tell anyone yet!]

16) Which do you prefer and why?
The Bends / OK Computer OK Computer--I like the prog.
Fuzzy Logic / Radiator I'm more of a Guerilla man, myself, and tune-wise, Phantom Power is probably the best thing they've done.
100 Broken Windows / The Remote Part Jeff likes 100 Broken Windows. I don't really listen to those guys.
The Holy Bible / Everything Must Go Jeff likes Everything Must Go--it's got "Design for Life". Again, I haven't really listened to those guys.
Nowhere / Going Blank Again Gotta give the nod to their Smile EP. "Like a Daydream"--soooo best. Isn't that what you people say?
Different Class / This Is Hardcore Different Class--my girlfriend turned me on to that record, so it has a lot of sentimental value for me.
Spooky / Split I remember buying the "Nothing Natural" EP in high school. Loved it, but that was enough for me.
The Masterplan / Be Here Now I don't really fancy Oasis, though Jeff gives big ups to "Talk Tonight"--I like the odd song here and there, but I've always been a huge Blur fan. By the way, why are you only asking me about Britpop stuff from the nineties?
A Northern Soul / Urban Hymns A Storm in Heaven is more psychedelicious than either of those.
Hope and Adams / Per Second Every Second Ah, no.
Darko / Carmelo Joe D. has already answered the shoulda-drafted Carmelo critics. Just the same, Darko will rule the league by 2008.

So wait, there are other genre's of music besides Brit-Pop? I'll have to form a committee and look into this. information leafblower would like to thank Greg for taking time out his busy touring schedule to answer my questions. Good on ya man!

All images from the Sea Ray Photo Album. Be sure to check out the band on tour.

Hello all. I'm a bit subdued and distracted today as late last night my family got word that my dad's mother had fallen into a coma and the word is it's not looking good. I'm flying up to MA with my mom and dad tomorrow to be with the rest of my dad's family. Right now, we are scheduled to return on Wednesday. So forgive me if I don't go about this with my usual gusto.

NBA DRAFT: I knew the C's wouldn't get Robert Swift, although apparently we wanted him pretty bad. I am happier with Big Al Jefferson, who looks like he'll be the bruising power forward we so badly need. Dude averaged 42 points per game in high school. Ainge will get crucified for taking Delonte West of St. Joe's and Tony Allen of OK St. with our latter two picks, but I like it. We just drafted an honorable mention All American and the Big 12 Player of the Year and some people are fucking complaining! Yo, West is lights out. Dude can shoot the rock. Me likey. Also, let me throw this at you. Two shooting guards, both 6'3"

Gentleman A....18.5...4.7.....4.5....2.8......1.4......434....829....433
Gentleman B....18.9...5.4.....4.7....2.6......1.7......510....892....412

One of these guys was drafted #3 overall last night and the other was drafted at #24.

Rusty LaRue is the new head basketball coach at Greensboro University.

Fucking England lose again. Nice goal by Owen in the third minute. Beauty.

RE: the Lakers...Wha' Happened?

Just as no self-respecting fan would desert their team if they were relegated, so Oasis's lacklustre musical output over the past eight years has had little effect on the band's popularity. Pretty good set from the lads at their Glasto warm up.

Eff Bush and Kerry, I'm voting for Tyler Durden!

Fight Club: The Video Game

I just can't write a meaningful post today. I'm gently rocking back and forth in the corner of my room praying that this isn't true. Paul Pierce a Bull? I shudder to think. The Patron Saint of this site, Danny Ainge, denied it today, saying "The teams with the top few picks are calling everyone to see what they might be able to get. They mention a bunch of names and then you read them in the paper. That's disappointing. There's nothing going on here from our standpoint. This is not going to happen.''

I wish the draft would hurry up and get here.

In the meantime, go read my Mock Draft, Version 2, on Gothamist.



No, that's not Beetlejuice shaking hands with NBA Commissar David Stern, that's current Memphis Grizzly Bonzi Wells when he got drafted by the Pistons in 1998. For this and more be sure to check out the amazing retrospective of past draft fashion over at I've been to the draft twice, and they always show a video montage similar to the one I linked to, and Karl Malone ALWAYS gets the biggest laughs.

findtixIf everyone in the freaking Bloggerverse knows that Lollapalooza was officially cancelled yesterday, then why the fuck is Ticketmaster still selling tickets? It's not like this is secret information. Could they just be trying to milk some non-refundable service charges out of any uninformed people out there? Fuckers.

The Sports Guy during his annual "Trade Value Index" column:

38. Carlos Boozer -- Quality banger. Always plays hard. Owns the best chest hair in the league. Yet another shining example of "Guys Who Produced in College Who Were Inexplicably Screwed by the NBA Draft Process." With that said, when I saw the headline "Boozer named to Olympic Hoops Team," I thought Vin Baker was headed to Athens

Having trouble telling the high school kids apart prior to draft night? Fear not, here is a breakdown.

No, I haven't forgotten TMac for Francis and baggage. But the deal's not done yet so I will refrain from commenting. Except that if this goes through, Orlando is getting sca-rewed royally.

Derek Jeter turned 30 on Saturday.

Regarding To The 5 Boroughs, let me be the first to say if this is true, it's fucked up on so many levels.

It seems that Capitol Records has some sort of new copy protection system, that automatically, silently, installs "helpful" copy protection software on MacOS and Windows as soon as you insert the CD into default systems.

Way to go people. As if the fucking FBI warning on the back of CD's isn't over the top enough. Who comes up with this shit? People, listen to me. If you don't want kids to upload your tracks onto the p2p services, then just make a copy protected CD, put a big fucking label on it saying what it is, and sell it for $4.99. Case closed. [link via Hyperkinetic]

Lollaison This image was taken from the Ticketmaster website just before I logged in to make this post. See, this is funny because this morning Lollapalooza was cancelled, but you can still buy tickets at Ticketbastard as of now.

The spin doctors are in motion: Marc Geiger, co-founder of the tour stated, "I am in utter disbelief that a concert of this stature, with the most exciting line-up I've seen in years did not galvanize ticket sales. I'm surprised that given the great bands and the reduced ticket prices that we didn't have enough sales to sustain the tour. Concert promoters across the country are facing similar problems. Many summer tours are experiencing weak ticket sales."

Funny you say that, because from what I'm hearing, the Curiousa Festival is selling tickets just fine.

Geiger said Lollapalooza's plight is indicative of a summer touring season on the slide.

"Lollapalooza is not alone in this," he said. "Everyone from the Dead to Dave Matthews to Norah Jones is suffering. There's not one explanation for this. It might be that ticket prices are too high, which doesn't account for Lollapalooza, because our tickets were priced between $15 and $25. Maybe it's the sundry add-ons [like service charges] that up the cost? Maybe gas prices are too high? Just like the record industry is suffering, the concert business is not exempt. "

ticketpricesUm...No shit sherlock. Anyone see a $15 ticket in those prices (taken from the first show in Auburn, WA)? And those are just one day tickets. More than one blogger has wondered aloud if they will be refunded those pesky service charges, but we all know the answer. I bet they'll still have to pay Ticketbastard their ticket prinitng charges even though many tickets were never printed.

Does anyone else see the high comedy in Geiger blaming gas prices on his poor ticket sales? It's Dubya's fault I tell you!

Much like Dubya, promoters aren't willing to look at the mirror and admit their mistakes. First of all, while the bill was pretty damn nice, there was no slam dunk on it. We all know how much I love Morrissey, but he does not have the draw to fill up an amphitheater by himself. Sonic Youth were never really a big draw, same for PJ Harvey, and the rest of the bill on day one play clubs when they cross America. The String Cheese Incident was obvs. supposed to pull in big numbers on day two, but I imagine their fans have seen them many times in the last 12 months for much less that $70. The Pixies, Basement Jaxx and Wilco were only playing select dates and other than me, who hasn't seen the Flaming Lips in the last 12 months?

But the biggest mistake they made was making this a two day festival aimed at the 30 something crowd. Most of that crowd (myself obvs. not included) have jobs so they have to take days off from work to attend anything during the week. Ferrell and co. would have been better off making a one day festival with Moz, PJ, The Flaming Lips, Wilco, Sonic Youth and a few bands to round out the bottom of the bill and maybe with a rotating headliner. This would mean less overhead for promoters and lower ticket prices.

But I digress...


So that makes me feel better. Not that I'm freaking out or anything, but that's been my mantra for the last year or so.

So now that I'm 30, do I have to go and buy this book? Maybe Lockhart will just send me one. But I digress...

I kept everything pretty low key, but I did get an airport extreme card from my parents and Brad just gave me a gmail invite, so...Score!

It was weird celebrating my bday without Molly. She is the best gift giver ever and always made a point of making a big deal about my bday even though I never wanted to. For my bday in 1999, she made a surprise visit to NYC (she was living in New Hampshire at the time) and scored us tickets to the Women's World Cup at Giants Stadium (so best evs), and more recently she organized a surprise party for me at the sake bar on Fifth Ave. in Park Slope. I'm so bleedin' thick that I didn't realize it was a surprise party until the 4th person showed up unannounced! Argh! Keeping to form, I got shitfaced at the sake bar and was forced to go home early and pass out while everyone else stayed out and went bar hopping.

I am so loving the fallout in Lakerland. Rumours are flying that Shaq might be on his way to Dallas for Dirk and Fatoine Walker. That's a high price to pay but imagine a starting five of Shaq, Nash, Antawn Jamison, Mike Finley and Josh Howard. Ouch!

The latest TMac rumour is The Clips sending Corey Maggette, Chris Wilcox and the No. 2 to Orlando for McGrady. This would let Orlando take Okafor and Dwight Howard with the first two picks in the draft. Wowee.

The NBA has sent a memo to teams asking them not to use the term "war room." The NBA prefers the room where officials congregate to be called the "draft center".

The US advances in World Cup Qualifying.

Fan mistakes Noel Gallagher for Damon Albarn. [via Thighs Wide Shut]

The 100 Greatest British Albums Ever. How the fuck is Parklife in the 70's? And for the record, A Northern Soul and The Bends are miles and miles better than Urban Hymns and OK Computer. I will not argue this. [via Coolfer]

Morrissey at the Silver Clef awards. He opened with Shakespeare's Sister at the Hultsfred Festival.

I'm the difference between indo and oregano
Imagine how fresh I am now
I made these lyrics up a year ago


information leafblower is 30 years old today.

Phil Jackson: gone (Is Rudy T or Hank Bibby next?)

Kobe Bryant: opted out

Shaquille O'Neal: trade me

TMac: trade me too (but maybe not if Shaq wants to come home)

Danny Ainge did not force Jim O'Brien out of town, it was the owners. And now we know Ainge's master plan. Fire Carroll, hire Carril, as in Hall Of Famer, former Princeton coach and current Kings assistant Pete. His contract with the Kings runs out on June 30. What say ye Coolfer?

And on a completely separate note, Barry Bonds can go fuck himself. I wouldn't want that steroid using egomaniac ruining my favorite baseball team anyways.


I just bought Walk Idiot Walk from the iTunes Music Store. Killer geetar riff. I was thinking that The Hives long layoff would kill any momentum they started with Hate To Say I Told You So but it sounds like they picked up right where they left off. I had the pleasure of touring with them for a few of the Canadian dates on their last tour and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Here they were, totally blowing up everywhere and they were total gentlemen. Pele and Nicolas Arson went out of their way to make sure my band (the one I was helping manage, I wasn't playing any instruments) had whatever they needed. Respect. And for the record, they do always wear those white pants and black shirts with their names on them during their downtime. But I digress...

All hail the exquisitely named Hyperkinetic dot org for providing yours truly with the HOLY GRAIL, that being a copy of (I Heart) Ted Leo doing his infamous Dancing In The Dark cover. So fucking BEST. If you can't wait for the next installment of information leafblower's monthly MP3 mix, holla atcha boy for a copy.

Is there anything better than anonymous, disgruntled Laker fans? So fucking best. Hey pal, your team got their asses handed to them, get over it.

The Sports Guy pulls a Grambo on Danny Ainge, contemplates the Rasheed enigma, tells a touching Isiah Thomas story (!!!) and says "Let's end the Kobe v. MJ talks" after he shot 29 for 86 in the Lakers four Finals losses.

Listen to the Morrissey selected bonus disc that comes with this week's NME. [via Jen Dailyrefill]

Morrissey's set at the Hultsfred Festival this weekend will be broadcast on the internet.

Now we know why iTunes Europe took so long. Quoth Steve Jobs, It’s still very, very tiny. In the UK, the numbers are only about 50,000 songs being sold here a week. We sell 2.5m songs a week in the US.

Speaking of, quit fucking around Steve. You know iTunes Euro needs that Fierce Panda shit.

Half of Potential Mac Customers Choose Apple.

Fight Club: The Musical? David Fincher loves it, "Can you imagine people in New Jersey paying $120 to drive to the city and watch a musical about anarchy?" Hmmmm...

But I cannot deny the fact that I indeed am dead. While it isn't an excuse, I do offer it up as the reason I'm so late to the blog game. [via Peabs]

I spent the morning at the DMV, renewing my drivers license. The fine folks over at My Primary News Source will be happy to know that I registered to vote while I was there, so John Kerry is getting at least one vote come November. If you aren't currently registered to vote, all it takes is 5 minutes at your local DMV so stop making excuses and go do it!

You sit around getting older / there’s a joke here somewhere and it’s on me
I’ll shake this world off my shoulders / come on baby this laughs on me
Stay on the streets of this town / and they’ll be carving you up alright
They say you got to stay hungry / hey baby I’m just about starving tonight
I’m dying for some action / I’m sick of sitting ’round here trying to write this book
I need a love reaction / come on now baby give me just one look

Make sure you go peruse my NBA Mock Draft over at Gothamist. Three days in the making! Not to be missed...

Lost in the euphoria of the Pistons win the other night was Donnie Darko broke his right hand. Taking a jump shot. Hehehehe. Oh, and for the record, Chauncey Billups outscored Gary Payton 105 - 21 in the Finals. Read that last sentence again and try and guess which of those two is going to the Hall Of Fame.

Karl Malone opted out yesterday. It has begun.

The Sports Guy on the Pistons and Isiah Thomas.

I had no idea that TMFTML was a Celtics fan until yesterday. Grambo, your pot shot at the Patron Saint Of This Site will not be forgotten! *shakes fist*

You can thank my newfound fellow Celtic fan for The Illustrated Smiths.

Great story from Bradley's Almanac yesterday about Toronto Blue Jays radio broadcaster Tom Cheek. I enjoyed his recap of a recent trip to NYC as well, so don't sleep on his site.

Ted Leo tracklisting and tour dates. That July show in DC with Radio 4 looks HOTT. New album drops in October.

For some reason, I thought this was really funny.

She is so faking.

Here's a list of compatible printers with Apple's new Airport Express.


I was watching Blow Out on Bravo last night (don't ask) and the building inspector that came to inspect the new salon they were opening rolled up in a black H2. Ridunculous.

I am still undecided on To The 5 Boroughs. Not as horrible as I was led to believe but after 5 listens it's easily their weakest album. The beats are all OK, but the lyrics lose me alot.

Now push the pause button then start ducking
Shhhhh you heard me like I'm E.F. Hutton

Before I begin, let me give props to Grambo, Peabs, Damore, The Grizz and the rest of the crew from Tha D. What your team did the last 10 days or so was truly historic. As a Celtics fan that bleeds green let me give you my sincere thanks for dismantling the hated Lakers as we know them and bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy back East where it belongs. Respect. Phil Jackson did not win his 10th title and now the Lakers are now stuck at 14, two behind the good guys in green.

Now let me tell you that the Celtics are coming after you. Don't sleep. Danny Ainge hasn't. He's working the phones like a motherfucker to come get what is now yours. My eyes lit up today after reading two reports (which may or may not be true, this is now the silly season after all), but ch-check it out:

Will the Boston Celtics select Sebastian Telfair with their 15th pick in the draft and immediately trade him to the Memphis Grizzlies with Yogi Stewart for Stromile Swift? I'm drooling over the prospect at the Stro Show in Beantown. His numbers aren't great, but if you've seen him play, you know the talent is there.

Also today, the Washington Post reported that PF Etan Thomas will be the Celtics #1 target for their $5.1 million Mid Level Exception salary slot. Let's look at Etan's numbers from march shall we?
18 games: 26.1 mpg, 12 ppg, 57.4 FG%, 7.7 rpg, 2 bpg
Not amazing, but head and shoulders above Waltah McCarty

Now assuming Mark Blount signs elsewhere as a free agent, and assuming we take G Dorell Wright and C Robert Swift in the draft at 24 and 25, our rotation looks like this:
Raef Lafrentz / Chris Mihm / Kendrick Perkins
Etan Thomas / Stromile Swift / Waltah MCCarty
Paul Pierce / Jiri Welsh / Jumaine Jones
Ricky Davis / Jiri Welsh / Dorell Wright
Marcus Banks / Chucky Atkins

That may not jump out at you, but in 2 years we could be right there with the elite teams in the league. Jiri Welsh might be 6th Man of the Year. Then again, maybe not, but it's nice to know Danny is on the case. I'm sad to see basketball season over, but the offseason is my favorite time of year. Can't wait for the draft!

The Lakers are in trouble. Phil Jackson has all but said he won't be back. And he won't because Kobe doesn't want him back. Kobe has until June 30th to decide if he wants to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. Karl Malone is expected to opt of his contract as early as today. If he needs knee surgery to heal his knee, he may retire. Derek Fisher will opt out as early as Friday. Gary Payton will be back however as he has a $5.5 million option and there is no way he'll get that anywhere else after his putrid play in the playoffs. The Western Conference will be up for grabs next season. That's good news for Coolfer.

Be sure to check out Gothamist Sports for my Pistons recap. Tomorrow I'll be posting my mock draft.


Without Danny Ainge there is no trade for Rasheed Wallace and the Pistons have Scoreless Williamson starting at PF in the Finals. What Pistons fans don't know is that Ainge really made that trade so that Phil Jackson would not be able to win his 10th title and surpass Celtic legend Red Auerbach. Danny Ainge is one smaht cookie!

Stolen from In The Congo:

1. Your favorite song with the name of a city in the title or text.

I will refrain from naming the 23 or so songs with London in the title by Moz & The Smiths and go with 23 Minutes In Brussells by Luna. Essential.

2. A song you've listened to repeatedly when you were depressed at some point in your life.

Cast No Shadow by Oasis. Bovs.

3. Ever bought an entire album just for one song and wound up disliking everything but that song? Gimme that song.

747 (We Ran Out of Time) by Kent. The rest of the album is meh.

4. A great song in a language other than English.

I'll give you a whole album! Mwng by the Super Furry Animals. Some say it's their best work. My favorite tune would probably be Gwreiddiau Dwfn / Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion

5. Your least favorite song on one of your favorite albums of all time.

Is It Really So Strange from Louder Than Bombs

6. A song you like by someone you find physically unattractive or otherwise repellent.

Brooklyn Zoo by the ODB

7. Your favorite song that has expletives in it that's not by Liz Phair.

A Perfect Teenhood by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

8. A song that sounds as if it's by someone British but isn't.

Dandy Warhols TV Theme Song by the Dandy Warhols

9. A song you like (possibly from your past) that took you forever to finally locate a copy of.

Straight To Hell by Drivin N' Cryin

10. A song that reminds you of spring but doesn't mention spring at all.

This Time Around by Luna

11. A song that sounds to you like being happy feels.

Coffee & TV by Blur. Am I insane or is this the best pop song in the history of the universe? Wait, don't answer that...

12. Your favorite song from a non-soundtrack compilation album.

Let Me In by the Chemical Brothers from The Trip Hop Test, Vol. 2

13. A song that reminds you of high school.

Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet

14. A song that reminds you of college.

A New England by Billy Bragg

15. A song you actually like by an artist you otherwise dislike.

In My Hands by Fuel. I keep thinking about how amazing that song would sound if Liam sung it.

16. A song by a band that features three or more female members.

Waking Up by Elastica

17. One of the earliest songs that you can remember listening to.

Celebration by Kool and The Gang

18. A song you've been mocked by friends for liking.

In college, Half A Person by The Smiths. This while my friends were rocking out to Hootie & The Blowfish

19. A really good cover version you think no one else has heard.

The Killers version of Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself fucking rules

20. A song that has helped cheer you up (or empowered you somehow) after a breakup or otherwise difficult situation.

Cast No Shadow by Oasis. A song repeat buttons were made for.

That was fun!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Many thanks to Thighs Wide Shut for this Ali G (The Professor of Erbology) gives commencement speech at Harvard goodness.

Before his mock detainment, Ali—who, despite his sometimes dim-witted persona, is the Cambridge University-educated Sacha Baron Cohen off stage—was eager to display his own depth of knowledge. “Fings like ‘apple’ and ‘orange’ don’t start with a capital letter unless they start a sentence,” he informed the audience of hundreds. “You is the most cleverest students in America,” he said, noting later that he considers this country to be among the greatest in the world, behind Jamaica and Thailand. Waving his hands in mock-gangsta motions, the comedian enthusiastically lauded the wide variety of academic specialties at Harvard—from students who are “good at counting,” to historians who can tell “what did Lincoln give America, except for the towncar,” to English concentrators who have “memorized the entire alphabet from A to X.”

Mr. Wide Shut also points out this free Ted Leo show in DC on July 1st. Cheers.

Two people died at Bonnaroo.

wallace004Want to know why The Celtics have been hugging the bottom of the Eastern Conference for so long? Well part of it can be traced to dubious player development and horrible, horrible personnel decisions (I am looking at you Rick Pitino). Take for instance the story of Ben Wallace who tried out for the Celtics three times but never made the team. Certified basketball genius ML Carr dutifully broke the news to Wallace that if he was going to stick in the L, he would most likely have to learn some new skills and become a small forward or shooting guard(!!!!!!!). The next season the C's had a tentative contract worked out with Big Ben but then coach and GM Rick Pitino and then assistant Jim O'Brien decided that they only wanted big men that could shoot three pointers. So they kept Dwayne Schintzius and Eric Riley instead. Read those last two sentences again. Now, if you take a look at the recent list of players left unprotected for the expansion draft, you will find a number of former Celtics there like JR Bremer, Omar Cook, Tony Delk, Erick Strickland, David Wesley, Adrian Griffin, Rick Fox, Antoine Walker, Danny Fortson, Rodney Rogers and Vitaly Potapenko. Cripes!

Andre Agassi pulls out of Wimbledon.

Oasis will play two new songs at Glastonbury.

iTunes Music Store Europe will launch today but Apple is still working out the kinks with the indie labels. Prices are from 79 pence to 99 pence per song.

Hmmmmm....perhaps I will not be buying the new Beastie Boys album tomorrow. At least if I do, it will require a little more research. is reporting that you can't rip it onto your computer/MP3 player. How fucking ridunculous is that shit? It seems very counter productive (and out of touch) to me, especially since the B Boys recently made their entire catalog available for download via the iTunes Music Store. Fellas, are you in or are you out? I had actually talked myself into thinking the album would be good too. Byron Crawford doesn't think so much of it.

Cheers to Productshop NYC to pointing us over to Ambitious Outsiders and their Morrissey downloads from his recent tour.

Oh those crazy Joo's.

**UPDATE** Apparently the copyrighted CD's in question will NOT be distributed in the US or the UK, so thankfully this is a moot point. Brewdog kindly pointed us back to the original article about this from Boing Boing.

I should have saved the IM, but Peabs boldly proclaimed Pistons in 5 before the series began. Nice one.

Don't get me wrong, I am loving Pistons dismantling of the Lakers, but the best game match I saw this weekend was England v. France in Euro 2004. I ventured into Charlotte to watch the game at Jackalope Jack's and even though I was by myself, had a great time. England scored in the 37th minute off a free kick by David Beckham and the controlled play for a majority of the match, but Beckham missed a PK late in the match and that gave the French all the space they needed. Zinedine Zidane led the late French attack and scored twice (!!) - once on a PK and once on a free kick - in stoppage time (!!!) to stun England. The 150 strong crowd at the bar, almost all British, were shocked and completely silent. What a game! I doubt I'll watch any other matches in EURO 2004 because I don't think I'll see a better match.
Also, a brief aside...How can ESPN be called The Worldwide Leader In Sports when they can't even a) devote more than 20 seconds of Sportscenter time to this game and b) pronounce the names of the players correctly? Veteran anchor Linda Cohn mispronounced Thierry Henry's name (it's pronounced On-ree) repeatedly on Sunday night. Just embarrassing.

In other fitba news, the US won their first World Cup qualifier.

It looks like Rip Hamilton and Lamar Odom will get the final two spots on the Olympic roster.

Here is a guesstimate of who was left unprotected for the upcoming expansion draft. Stay tuned to information leafblower for full coverage of the Expansion Draft on June 22nd as well as the NBA Draft on June 24th. Speaking of, Duke recruit Shaun Livingston is staying in the draft. Not that I'm dwelling on this or anything, But Livingston, Luol Deng and Kris Humphries (who committed to Duke but later decided to attend Minnesota) will all be in the draft this year. Damn.

The Sports Guy on the OJ Trial. Also, the 10 biggest sports trials ever. Rae Carruth is only #8?


All hail the mighty Chromewaves dot net for pointing us to the two new Spoon demos! They are touring in June and July. Don't sleep.

Next up for the RIAA, digital radio [via Hyperkinetic]

I tried to mail the mix CD's I promised to everyone on Friday but the freakin' post office was closed for Ronald Reagan's funeral. So Durst. But I will put them in the mail today.

Take a step outside yourself / And you turn around
Take a look at who you are / It's pretty scary

My Gothamist bio! Hehehehe

Here's video of a teenage Vin Deisel breakdancing. Go Vin D, go Vin D go!

The NY Times on Charles Bukowski. [thanks Matt]

The new G5 will be the first Apple computer to have the new "System Migration" feature. [via OOAT]

Are new displays next from Apple?

And while we are on the subject, why didn't anyone tell me about this? Fucking hott.

Damore and his amazing vocabulary make me laugh. Crestfallen indeed.

Peabs take note! Remember when Duke beat Michigan State by like 347 points last year in East Lansing? Well we get to do it in Cameron this year.

The Boston Herald says Chucky Atkins, Brandon Hunter and Jumaine Jones will be left unprotected in the expansion draft. Also of note is that Danny Ainge is trying to trade up with Orlando to get the #1 pick in the draft. One possible scenario is a trade where Boston sends the 15th, 24th, and 41st pick plus a future 1st, Yogi Stewart, Chris Mihm and Chucky Atkins for the #1 and the rotting corpse of former Dukie Grant Hill. If (and granted that's a huge IF) this went down, would Danny take Emeka Okafor or Dwight Howard?

Sanctuary Records is shipping 600,000 copies of You Are The Quarry.

Moz guitarist Boz Boorer spilled the beans about the DVD of Moz's recent Manchester show on his own site. Check out the Tour Diary section.

Have you seen The Hives website? V. cool.

Even grandma's know who Lil' Jon is. [via Slatch] Be sure to peep the Chapelle's Show mixing board. It's the stickiest of the icky.

God Bless America. And Charisma Carpenter.


I rock on the mic from here to Bombay
I'll give it my best and say "Come what may"
'Cause everybody's got their dues to pay
I'm lookin' sideways like my man Pele


ITEM 1: information leafblower exclusive: Ted Leo will finish recording his new LP this Saturday. The record, which will be produced, recorded, & mixed by friend of information leafblower Chris Shaw will be mastered by Howie Weinberg on June 15th. After hearing the new demos and by having Mr. Shaw at the helm I will go ahead and declare this record the odds on favorite to land at the top of my 2004 Best Of list (yes, ahead of Morrissey and PJ Harvey). Chris has done amazing things in the past for everyone from the Super Furry Animals to Bob Dylan to Public Enemy so you know he's gonna bring the noise on Ted's upcoming jernt. Respect.

Below is an exclusive picture of Chris Shaw taken by yours truly at Bearsville Studios in upstate NY as he was hard at work perfecting the opus that is the Super Furry Animals album Rings Around The World:


ITEM 2: News from the world of Chucky P regarding the various stages of development regarding turning his books into films:
Survivor: Chuck says that it now WILL be made into a film! It sounds like the Paltrow screenplay is out, since he said the "hot duo" behind the upcoming CONSTANTINE want Survivor to be their next project.
Invisible Monsters: Is supposed to begin production THIS YEAR with Jessica Biel starring in dual roles! Val Kilmer or Billy Crudup have been mentioned as the male lead.
Also, he has "several, big projects" cooking with David Fincher. He sounded confident that one of them will begin production soon, but he said he is unable to talk about any of them at the present moment.

ITEM 3: The brand new G5 from Apple with liquid cooling system.

ITEM 4: Nooommmmaaahhh makes his return tonight!

ITEM 5: Goalwatcher for Mac OSX. This little program will bring you up-to-date with the results of the Euro 2004, which starts on June 12th in Portugal.

I know some things that I would rather not
Like the time ahead is all the time you've got

From today's chat on

Before I forget, Grady Little would like to come into the chat and say a few words of congratulations to Larry Brown for not fouling Shaq with 10 seconds left. Grady?

GRADY: Thanks Bill. On behalf of myself, Greg Popovich and all the other coaches who have done dumb things over the past year, thank you for the way you coached those last 11 seconds - you're an inspiration to everyone.

Further down in the chat:

Sorry, we had a chat room accident. It was like Freaky Friday. In fact, like Lindsay Lohan, I just inexplicably grew a pair of 36D's.

One year ago today yours truly was sprawled out on a very cold table in OR 1 at New York Presbyterian in Harlem getting his ACL replaced via surgery. I remember being very nervous before the surgery and having to take a purple marker and put a big X on my right knee to let the doctors know which knee they were supposed to cut open. The anesthesiologist then came and got me from the pre-surgery area and walked me back to the OR. I got up on the table, they stuck a bunch of needles in me and then I passed out in mid sentence.

I awoke much later in the recovery room and had to wait until after 6 PM to go home because I had to wiggle my toes for the nurse. I finally got home around 8 PM and ordered a pizza from Domino's because I hadn't eaten anything since dinner the night before. The next two weeks were spent in a vicodin induced daze and I had problems sleeping at night but ended up enjoying my new 4 AM playtimes with Kitty.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Molly Wizzle for being there with me on that day. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She totally took care of me.

We had a grande thunderstorm come through the area last night and it knocked out the cable and thus, my high speed internet connection. Comcast is supposed to have it fixed by the end of the day, so expect more buzz if and when that happens. Dial up has no buzz.

Until then, I'll leave you with this:
Manchester music legend Morrissey sparked controversy when he announced Ronald Reagan's death live on stage during a concert - and then declared he wished it was George Bush who had died instead.

Congrats, but don't get too excited. Philly won Game One in 2001 when Larry Brown was coaching there and they promptly lost the next four games. Still, using the old adage "A playoff series doesn't start until someone wins on the road", it's on! It'll be interesting to see how Phil adjusts in Game Two. Remember when I said Chauncey Billups would be the key to this series? 8 of 14 for 22 points. Still, I wonder what it'd be like if Carmelo was a Piston...

Mike Bibby says "No Thanks" to Athens. Dwyane Wade is mentioned as a replacement. Remember when we lost the World Championships (actually the US finished in 6th place!!) and the media went crazy talking about how this would motivate the top stars in the league to play for our country in the next Olympics? Take a look at the list of players that have pulled out of the Games or declined invitations altogether: Bibby, Tracy McGrady, Jermaine O'Neal, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd, Ray Allen, Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Garnett, Vince Carter, Kenyon Martin and Elton Brand.


Did ya hear the one about the Pacers' assistant coach arrested for indecent exposure?

Go Junior go.

Here are the Meltdown Festival details as well as the names of the b-sides for Moz's next single. Same old set in Dublin, except no Jack The Ripper!!

Lars doesn't feel so good.

The new Hives single sounds hott.

Not content to simply milk their past just in their concert set lists, Oasis have announced details of the Definitely Maybe DVD. Of course I'm buying it.

Warner Bros. drops Stereolab from it's roster but decides to keep Jason Mraz. I could go on and say this is, in a nutshell, exactly what's wrong with the music indurstry, but I won't.

PJHarvey dot net has a new and improved look. Her new album is out tomorrow, Best Buy is selling it for $9.99!

This lady has a problem. Seriously.

Man Sues Over $129,626 Strip Joint Tab at Scores. Scores fights back on the Stern Show.

Ever wonder about the inner working of Apple's retail stores, salaries and all?

Hotmail incinerates customer files.

Shatnerian puts Ronald Reagan's passing in terms I can relate to. Well done sir.

Photo to Typepad is an iPhoto plugin that enables posting of photos directly to TypePad photo albums. Manage your photos with iPhoto, then when you are ready, easily upload them to your TypePad photo album.

And that's why I persist
Where others can resist temptation
To be with you
I'm going to keep the cosmic trigger-happy
Keep the cosmic trigger-happy
Keep it real

Alright Stop. Collaborate and Listen. Epiphanies were reached on the internet last night thanks to this week's Jeffrey Wells column over at Movie Poop Shoot. Click through to get the full scoop on the soon to be released (and absolute must see) film Bukowski:Born Into This, directed by John Dullaghan.

Wells, an obvious fan, does a great job of breaking down who Bukowski was, the characteristics of his writing, why he still matters and most importantly why you should go see this film.

Oh, yeah...the movie. Dullaghan gets Bukowksi as right as I can imagine anyone getting him. He tells you all about the life of this gnarly gentle brute, and passes along a good understanding of what his writing was about, and the sum of it just lifts you right up and over, I swear.

You'll probably come away from it liking Bukowski enormously, or respecting the shit out of him at least, particularly the devotion that he brought to pounding his stuff out, day in and day out. The guy wrote and wrote. I've read there's enough unpublished poetry to supply at least another couple of volumes to come.

Dullaghan talks to Bukowski's widow, Linda Lee, some other ex-lovers, some old pals and colleagues, and four or five celebrity fans (Sean Penn, Bono, Tom Waits, Taylor Hackford), but the movie is mainly Bukowski talking about himself.

Dullaghan shot a lot of footage, but also uses slices of other docu taped by Hackford in the early '70s, another by some Dutch or Belgian journalist who talked to Bukowski in the '80s....bits and pieces here and there.

The film shows us less of the snarly, impudent, beer-swilling Bukowski from the poetry readings he used to give, and more of the reflective, quiet, vulnerable guy. Mostly. It's got an alarming piece of footage in which Bukowski loses his temper with Linda and kicks her (booze is never a good thing to have in you during an argument). It's obvious from this that he had ugliness in him. But there is so much else of him in the film that is penetrating, moving, graceful.

What really got me about Wells column was that he said his favorite Buk poem was Genius Of The Crowd which is also my favorite (as you can see) and is one of the single best things I have ever read. I found it on MP3 via Soulseek a few years ago and I must have walked around for a week straight with it on repeat in my iPod. It really affected me. It's just brilliant. What I love most about Buk, besides his total honesty, is his innate ability to say so much by putting so little down on paper (something I obvs. cannot do). Anyways, when you are done here, be sure and click through, it's def. worth it.

I know there are quite a few Wells fans out in the Blogosphere and that he is a sometimes reader of Whatevs (but then again, who isn't?), but now he is gonna be a weekly stop for me on the internet. Mucho props to the always informative Scott Writes for pointing yours truly to the linkage.

News has leaked that there will be 60 gig iPods later this summer and Apple is not happy about it.

An openletter to Apple, Ogg for us please.

The music indurstry is working on technology that would prevent consumers from making copies of burned CD's.

Get your Segway insurance here.

Brett and Bernard, together again for the first time.

Outkast to release two albums and a film in the next 12 months.

Props to Chromewaves for the link to Donald Rumsfeld's Wu-Tang fighting styles.

Shaolin Shadowboxing and the Wu-Tang sword style
If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous.
Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?

Sorry for the lack of content lately. I'm trying to balance writing for two blogs as well as taking 2 or 3 computer classes a week and also looking for a job. To compound things, I'm still recovering from last weekend. My friends Joey and Courtney got married down at the beach in Charleston, SC and we all celebrated a little too hard. I think I'm still hungover.

The NBA Draft buzz has kicked into high gear. The latest news I hear is that Kirk Snyder of Nevada is a lock to go to the Blazers at 13. The C's are rumoured to be looking at 3 high school kids should they keep their picks. We'll have to wait and see on that. One rumour that's been picking up steam lately is a three way trade with Chicago and Minnesota that would break down as follows:

Minnesota trades: SG Wally Szczerbiak, 2nd round pick
Minnesota receives: SF Ricky Davis , PF Chris Mihm # 24th pick

Chicago trades: PF Tyson Chandler, PF Marcus Fizer
Chicago receives: SG Wally Szczerbiak

Boston trades: SF Ricky Davis , PF Chris Mihm , # 24th pick
Boston receives: PF Tyson Chandler , PF Marcus Fizer #59 pick

That would be pretty interesting should it go down. I think it makes sense for all three teams but keep in mind this is completely unsubstantiated.

Red Auerbach to Phil Jackson "You sir, have no buzz".

Luol Deng is interviewing agents and will stay in the draft. Is it too early for me to start wondering how good Duke would have been next year with Deng and Shaun Livingston?

Fun with Rasheed in Photoshop. [via Coolfer]

Athens Latest: Shaq is out, 'Melo's a definite maybe but that doesn't make the Nugs very happy, Big Ben is almost confirmed and names floating about as potential teammates are Ron Artest (I think that elbow last night killed his chances and rightfully so, punk ass bitch), Michael Redd (obvs, he was on my team), Richard Hamilton (Obvs, he's been lights out lately but is also a punk ass bitch), Eddie Jones (Can you say Durst Family Medicine?), and Reggie Miller (I guess averaging 9 points per game and shooting 38% gets you on the squad these days). Hey Team USA, whatever you do, don't fucking call Paul Pierce OK? Douchebags.

Craigslist Charlotte is finally up and running. Woo Hoo! Currently there are 12 job listings and 29 things for sale in the classifieds.

Blur attempt to sell more copies of Damon's solo record.

Sea Ray reviews from The Big Ticket and Damore Retrobuzz.

Pretty lively discussion over at Gothamist regarding "the iPod dissenter".

Goodies from Gizmodo:
UK to get a ringtones chart.
Sony retreats from US PDA market.
The toilet of tomorrow.

The Army will prevent soldiers in units set to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan from leaving the service at the end of their terms, a top general said Wednesday.

well we're travelin' light / gonna speed through the night
only now you recall / it means nothing at all

"Don't Fight It, Feel It"


I say this every month, but I think this is my best mix ever. Check out the hotness! Ted Leo demo, Morrissey cover, Last Tourist & Sea Ray buzz, new PJ Harvey single and a Tom Waits cover! Drop me a line if you want to be be added to the mailing list and receive a copy of this and all future mixes complete with artwork and everything.

More buzz this afternoon. See you then.

Why do you think I let you get away / With the things you say to me?
Could it be I like you / It's so shameful of me, I like you

Gothamist Sports is a go. Check out the big announcement. Speaking of...

Effing Lakers! Yes I am biased but 4 titles in 5 years=no buzz from me. With JO, his forehead and Jamaal Tinsley all hurt, Bob Cook must be sweating bullets right now. It kills me to say this but I am hoping for the Pistons to finish the job tonight and rest up before the Finals start on Sunday. Although I hate them more than eating vegetables, I think it's obvs. that they match up with LA better from top to bottom than Indy would. Indy's front line is too damn skinny to hang with Shaq. They'd be the three pigs to Shaq's Big Bad Deisel. Also, I think they key to beating the Lakers is having a scoring point guard and (again, it pains me to say this as he is a former Celtic) Chauncey Billups can def. light it up. Rasheed has plenty of experience playing Shaq and Big Ben is the best help defender in the game down low. Rip can make Kobe work on D and hopefully Tayshaun can bother Kobe enough to keep him under 25 ppg. However, I am curious to know how the 'Stons would be looking right now if they had 'Melo at SF or even Dwyane Wade at the two. Will they be able to score enough to hang with the Lakers?

I'm in Dreamweaver class all day today so no more buzz until later tonight.