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Word is leaking out through the interweb that ESPN will not renew the contract of David Aldridge (4th item), their head NBA reporter for the past eight years, when his deal is up in August. Instead, the sports network will promote Stephen A-hole Smith to the position. As someone on the Real GM Celtic Messageboard said "They fired the class and kept the ass."

Three words to start a personal revolution: I'm boycotting ESPN. Somewhere in the past few days, it dawned on me that Bad ESPN had finally gobbled up Good ESPN. ESPN has always had a split personality: Good ESPN, with tremendous reporters, excellent game coverage and a sense of responsibility; and Bad ESPN, which believes that the only way to cut through the clutter is to SHOUT LOUDER AND LOUDER and produce dumber and dumber shows.

I've been meaning to write a post that details all the bad things about ESPN (Budweiser Hot Seat, Coors Light Six Pack of questions, etc.) but have never gotten around to it. Maybe it's time to put those thoughts to paper.

I'm heading home today to grab some more of my stuff. I'll be back in DC on Friday, although I'm not sure if I'll have time to post anything. If not, have a great weekend and I'll let you know all about my new job, which starts Monday.


How funny is this pic? I snapped it this weekend while I was walking around in DC. It seems to be an ad from the "Grandmama" days back when Larry Johnson could sell shoes. But guess what? It appears that Converse is bringing "her" out of retirement (lending credo to Matt Blueroom's guess that the billboard, when completed, would read "She's Back").

Converse is reintroducing its Aero Jam shoe, which Johnson and his Mrs. Doubtfire-like alter ego, Grandmama, promoted in 1993. There won't be any TV commercials this time - mostly just outdoor ads and store displays...Johnson's new involvement with Converse calls for him to appear at stores and basketball clinics. He's not putting the dress back on.

This reminds me that I forgot to list something on my Things I'm Looking For In My New Hometown List:
17) Being able to walk around downtown and take interesting photos.

I think it's a little early for predictions like this, but me likey nonetheless. [via Catchdubs]

I didn't go to the O's / Sox game last night b/c it looked like rain. Good decision on my part.

You are not your fucking Khaki's!

Is another Pepsi/iTunes ad campaign in the works for the 2005 Superbowl?

Spoon has a new website.

Cameron Crowe on Elizabethtown, his new joint.

Until I can turn off / Every word that you’ve spoken
And all of the kind words / I'm married to none but a token
And all the reaction
Will tumble away with the days/ And the nights spent together
We‘re really not together at all
We’re parallel

reggiedrives 11 years ago today, Celtic superstar Reggie Lewis collapsed while playing a pick up game at Brandeis Univeristy. He died shortly after.
This was a staggering blow, not only to the team, but also to the city. Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe tried to put it all in perspective: "This wasn't just a case of a generic Athlete Dying Young. This was case of a Very Special Athlete Dying Young. Reggie Lewis was acclaimed and admired not solely because he was obviously very good at what he did, but because of the way he did it. In an age of frightful hype, Reggie was an unintrusive personality who made people like him because he was straightforward and without guile, both on and off the court."
As a C's fan, I often wonder where the franchise would have gone had he stayed healthy enough to play. I think about how he could have guided young guns like Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce when their careers were starting and his was winding down. Not many people seem to remember his 18 PPG career average or that he averaged an incredible 28 PPG in the 1993 NBA Playoffs. ESPN Classic and NBA TV often show the Bird v. Dominique game from the 1988 Playoffs and every time I see it, I'm compelled to watch a bit of it. Reggie was a rookie that year and played a few scant minutes in that game. And I get sad every time I see him.

Be sure to go and read my big announcement (gimme some comment love yo!) in case you haven't heard.

And before I begin today, let me tell you that I have had a big fucking smile on my face ever since Friday afternoon. Even more so yesterday as I read the Sunday paper and didn't even have to look through the classifieds. So best.

Friday night, I did what any newly employed person with a week of joblessness left would do. I bought a bottle of wine, rented the Britpop documentary Live Forever as well as the first season of The Office and came home, got drunk and laughed my ass off. Live Forver is very hot or miss but I enjoyed the hell out of it if only for Noel and Liam. Noel, predictably, spends much of his time bashing Blur to high levels of hilarity and Liam sits stonefaced throughout his interview explaining how he's more worried about his haircut than he is Blur or politics. Liam is so fucking thick that he's a genius. He see's things in very black and white terms and quite often has surprisingly intelligent things to say because of this(does that makes any sense? Didn't think so). Damon proves once and for all that he's just a posh wanker with an over inflated sense of worth and won't even go near Oasis v. Blur. "It's all been said before..." Not quite boyo. Parts of the movie are quite substandard (why did they interview Massive Attack but not Elastica?), but I'd still recommend it for enthusiasts of the genre. Surprisingly, Sleeper's incredibly hot frontwoman Louise Wener adds alot to the festivities.

mattespnSaturday, I met Matt Blueroom (pictured) at the ESPN Zone in DC to take in the Sox v. Yanks. For some reason, they sat us in these leather recliners right in front of their big screen TV. Shit was crazy. We had like 18 TV's in front of us, but were solely concentrating on beating the Evil Empire. Unfortunately, a combination of Curt Liskanick, a 9-4 Yanks lead and crappy service drove us from our plush seats around the 6th inning (before the comeback but after the fight). We ventured over to Georgetown so we could drool at all the beautiful babies and try and catch The Bourne Supremacy which, predictably, was very sold out, so we saw Anchorman instead. I didn't have high hopes for the film, but it was surprisingly good. Unlike other comedies of this type that generally suffer when they get to the actual plot of the movie, Anchorman was very funny throughout. Again, highly recommended. Steve Carell almost steals the movie.

The Sox won again last night, but I want a sweep of the O's this week before I declare that we have a pulse. A group of us are going to make the trip to Baltimore tomorrow to catch the game. I haven't been to Camden Yards since 1995!

Dayum. A South African soccer referee pulled a gun and shot dead a coach who questioned one of his rulings, police said on Sunday.

Former Celtic and current(?) alcoholic Vin Baker is being sued by his personal trainer.

Dolphin running back Ricky Williams decided he'd rather smoke ganja than make millions in the NFL, so he's retiring at the ripe old age of 27. He really screwed the Fins on this one. If he had done this last week, the team could have jumped in the Eddie George signing derby, as it is, they will be picking someone off the career scrap heap.

The Sports Guy answers reader mail, but only from females.

Doug Christie dot com

Morrsissey dance dot com. Genius! [via Brad]

You have bad taste in music dot com [via redboy]

Wow! That geezer Ian Brown hired a Stone Roses cover band and sang a bunch of Roses songs at a gig last night! Look at this set list:
I Wanna Be Adored / Sally Cinnamon / Song For My (Sugar Spun Sister) / Waterfall / Mersey Paradise / Made Of Stone / She Bangs The Drums / Where Angels Play / Elizabeth My Dear / I Am The Resurrection / Fools Gold / My Star / If Dolphins Were Monkeys / Golden Gaze / F.E.A.R. / Time Is My Everything

The Super Furries plan out some Reading warm up gigs.

So what would you say / if I said to you
It's not in what you say / it's in what you do
You point the finger at me / but I don't believe

What a long (emphasis on long), frustrating trip it's been.

But it's over.

I got a job.

I start August 2nd.

They offered me a very generous package.

I'm actually going to be making more money here than I was in NYC.

This almost makes everything that I've been through worth it.


But it's still a huge weight off my shoulders.

I've waited a long time to write this post.

I'm on a roll,
I'm on a roll this time
I feel my luck could change

It's official. Ted Leo is the new Archers of Loaf. And by that I mean I always thought that the Archers (RIP) were the greatest band in the world, despite all my wussy Britpop musical leanings, and now I think Ted has replaced them in my book. God Damn this man puts on one fine rawk show. I am hard pressed to name any band/performer that I would rather see in a live setting. Seeing him on my first ever trip to DC's legendary Black Cat was ultra cool. The gig was a homecoming of sorts for Ted (he's a DC native) so you know he was going all out, and it showed.

After Radio 4 finished their high energy (love those bongos!), slightly same-y set, Ted and his band walked on stage, set up their own gear, tuned their own guitars and we ready to go in like 10 minutes. He finished tuning his guitar and just launched into My Vien Illin and it was ON. The almost capacity crowd was hanging on his every move and geetar lick. It was beautiful to see. Accompanying Ted on stage were the bassist with the afro and the drummer that hasn't shaved in quite a while. The female keyboardist was not in attendance and certain songs (mega anthem Hearts of Oak for one) suffered a bit due to lack of backing vocals but many times Ted just sang them himself.


Most of the material that was played came from Ted's two fine solo albums. He did, however, play three new songs that ratcheted my interest in his upcoming record to the nth degree. Me and Mia was just incredible. I shudder to think what the Chris Shaw produced version of this song (definitely in the running for tune of the year) will sound like. It just might be Ted's finest moment. And then, a few songs later, he launched into this 8 minute epic that sounded like, I crap you negative, the title track from The Queen Is Dead played by AC/DC. Shit was fierce. He also played one other new song and I think he played an old Chisel song at the very end.


The only drawbacks from last night were all the backs of people's heads in my photos and that Ted played Dirty Old Town instead of Dancing In The Dark but far be it from me to complain about little things like that.

The club itself is totally awesome. It's like Mercury Lounge except it's twice as big and half as crowded. Also, the stage is waist high so you can actually see the band from anywhere in the club. Much appreciated by short people like yours truly.

Before the gig, myself, Lorin and Matt Blueroom met up with some new internet friends of mine and we all had a blast. Matt was regaling us with stories of his day. He spent it in a Senate Judicial Hearing where they were discussing that "iPod killer" law. Interesting stuff.

I think DC is going to work out just fine as soon as I get this pesky employment thing sorted.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Had another job interview this morning. It went pretty well and that's all I'm gonna say for fear of jinxing myself. But I do feel positive about it. OK, done.

Ted Leo; Photo:Stephen Voss, www.stephenvoss.comHave I mentioned lately that I heart Ted Leo? Can't wait to see him tonight. If you are going to the Black Cat, I'll be the one in the corner drunkenly shouting Dancing In The Dark all night long. I'm also hoping he plays the Nomah song. Radio 4 are opening. Beyond Hott. I'm even meeting some new friends there, it's all v. exciting.

Gothamist Arts bites my steez and interviews Sea Ray. Wonderful job ladies. I advise those in the greater NYC area to be sure an catch their free show this weekend with none other than the mighty Ted Leo! Here's the schedule:

Sat July 24
East River Music Park
2:00 - Tigers and Monkeys
3:00 - SEA RAY
4:00 - The Natural History
5:00 - Ted Leo / Pharmacists

I was seriously on the fence about driving up to Gotham to see my two fave bands in America (with all respect to Spoon), but I think it best if I stay in DC this weekend. I'm determined to finally catch that Bukowski movie.

On a more somber note, Neil the bassist for indie rock sledgehammers ...Trail of Dead has taken leave of the band due to health problems. Sincere wishes for a speedy recovery.

Normally I'd be mocking the hell out of this but this pic of Maggie Gyllenbest keeps everyone in the clear.

Apple's red-hot iPod digital music player is the latest rival to batter the radio business.

Dunst vetos 'gigantic' boobs.

Movie Poop Shoot interviews Chucky P.

The Sports Guy at the Espy's.

The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part


via of course.

Ooh ooh, this is a good one. The Sports Guy unleashes his Vengance Scale. My fave's:

5.2 -- Isiah dropping 44 on John Stockton after "Dream Team 1" was announced.
5.3 -- Karl Malone dropping a 50-stitch elbow on Isiah's head the next time they played.

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Are you looking at my bum you cheeky monkey? You bum watcher. [link via Grambo]

Speaking of the Nation of Whatevs, sincere apologies are due to the mighty Gorilla after yours truly unintentionally left him out of the Last Tourist buzz yesterday. It was not intended (unless it was my subconscious getting back at you for our epic "Is Larry Bird Overrated" arguement).

In other news, Yay me! Washington DC fits everything I was looking for in my new hometown (except maybe for #9 - beer is still $5 a pop here).

Franzia Ferdinand leads the Mercury Soft Drink Music Prize noms. However, let me go on record saying my money is on The Streets yo. Fit like you know it or whatever he says.

Imagine paying over 400 pounds on tickets and a flight to see your first Morrissey concert and the getting knocked out the moment he walked onstage and miss the entire gig.

Freedom of Speech, just watch what you say.

Fucksticks. At least the Cubs suck too.

The media is allowed to watch the last half-hour of Celtics practices during the season, but I've already offered cash money to be in the gym the first time Tony Allen bodies up Ricky Davis on defense. Cheers Mr. Bulpett.

Will Doc Rivers bring out the best in Marcus Banks?

It's gettin' hott in Cherrlotte. Nelly is a now a part owner of the Bobcats.

The free agent signing that no one is talking about.

These could be the best days of our lives
But I don't think we'd be living very wise

newiPod Yesterday Apple announced the details of the 4G iPod. The new version does away wit the old scroll wheel and uses the Apple Click Wheel that was first introduced on iPod mini. Battery life has been improved to a very respectable 12 hours and it weighs just 5.6 ounces. Hott.
Despite rumours of a 60 gig iPod earlier this summer, the new models will only come in 20 gig ($299) and 40 gig ($399) capacities. Both models are $100 cheaper than previous models, however, the 20 gig model will be packaged without a dock. Greg Joswiak, vice president of hardware product marketing at Apple said of 60-gigabyte iPod rumours: "We have no plans in regard to announcing 60-gigabyte models. We are trying to create a much more compelling lineup with two models for 20 and 40 gigabytes at extremely compelling prices."
In other iPod news, Apple's popular digital music player is making substantial changes in the way CDs are digitally locked, changes that could ultimately be a setback to recent Microsoft strides into the music business.
And lastly, I give you yet another reason to love (or hate) Duke. The university will give each incoming freshman an iPod preloaded with "Duke-related content and will allow students to download supplementary university material in addition to being able to play music." Some say Best Evs.

My bedroom is SOOOO bright in the AM. I've been waking up around 7 or 7:30 AM every day since I moved into my new place. More than one person has assured me that this will be a good thing when I finally get a gig, but right now it blows. My sleep patterns are all off.

live-29Well, I am happy to report that I had a pretty tiggs weekend. On Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting fellow DC transplant Matt Blueroom and together we had the pleasure of seeing The Delays and in my humble opinion, they were shit hot. The lead singer has an absolutely incredible voice and he was hitting all the notes. They opened with Wanderlust and just kept right on rolling from there. They played all the hits too, Long Time Coming, Hey Girl and Nearer Than Heaven. Although there weren't many people at the club, they still rocked out and a good time was had by all. My only complaint was the keyboardist. He apparently felt like he didn't have enough to do onstage and kept wandering around with no rhyme or reason. Displays like this make me appreciate Liam all the more. Otherwise, they were incredibly satisfying. Highly recommended if they come to your neck of the woods.

You all know what happened on Saturday. Saturday night I went over to Lorin and Steve's place to watch a little Copa America and drank some wine. Very chill and relaxing. Just what I needed.

Sunday morning (after getting up with the sun) I ran all my errands early in the day and then Matt and I caught Fahrenheit 9/11 and it was everything I hoped for. The footage of the Iraqi people dragging burnt American corpses through town behind their cars was extremely powerful. I'm not sure what I can say about this film that hasn't already been said but I urge you to go see it. Republican, Democrat, Naderlover, whatever. Pay your money and watch it. BTW, they have matinee prices in DC! How hott is that? We went to the 5 PM show (on Sunday) and it was only $6. I can't remember the last time I went to the movies and didn't spend $10 on a ticket. So best.

Also I would like to mention how much of the info in F 9/11 I already knew because it was old hat over at Cheers to you guys and keep up the good work.

FOW Nummer has a particularly tiggs review of the mighty Mozzer in Chitown. Cheers.

Chromewaves provides linkage about REM's new drummer.

Will they be showing this in the US too?

Be sure to check out Last Tourist (aka Peabs and Kegzies) in action! For the record, Kegzies turned me onto The Delays.

Not much buzz from Siren this year, but this is so best.


The point is, no one, no matter how wealthy he may be, simply forfeits $30 million.

DaMarcus Beasely will soon be a member of the Dutch club PSV Eindhoven as soon as the pony up the $2.5 million transfer fee.

Say it ain't so!

The new iPod makes the cover of Newsweek. Me + employment when the new version is released = new iPod for me. Anyone want an old, but fully functional 20 gig iPod when that time comes?

Raise your hand if you knew Lars Ulrich was dating Skylaaah of Matt Damon / Good Will Hunting fame. Eeeewwwwww.

I am totally addicted to Travis right now.


But this life is so confusing
Feels like I'm always losing

And this'll turn into something else, something else
But when it does, I'll be somewhere else, somewhere else

aka "The Power Of Craigslist", aka "Trading Spaces"

So today my parents came up with a car load of stuff to help flesh out my new furniture-less apartment (i.e.futon, TV, lamps, etc.) in DC. While we were unloading everything from our car, the guy who used to live in my apartment pulled up in a rental car to load it up and take some of his stuff to NYC, where he now lives. My TV is really heavy so I asked him to help me take it into the house, he agreed and in turn, I helped him move some of his stuff down to his car.

While we were doing this, we got to talking…

Him: So where did you live in NYC?
Me: Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Him: Really, that’s where we (he and his girlfriend, who was helping him load his car up) are moving to next month.
Me: It’s an awesome neighborhood, you’ll love it.
Him: Yeah, we found this awesome ground floor one bedroom with a small backyard. Where abouts in Park Slope did you live?
Me: 1st Street, between 5th and 6th Ave.’s.
Him: Wow, that’s right near us.
Me: Yeah my ex-girlfriend lives there now.
Him: Wait, does she make clay pots?
Me: *looking at him very strange* ….Yes…
Him: Dude, we are moving into your old place!

We just kinda stared at each other in disbelief for a few minutes and tried to think of the odds of this happening. Both of us found our new places through Craigslist and took the first apartment we looked at.

See, I don’t win the lottery or anything like that, instead shit like this happens to me.

I made my third trip into DC today and forgot my camera AGAIN! Argh. Public transport here is much more expensive than in NYC. There is no bus to subway (and vice versa) transfer (although you do get a reduced rate) so it adds up fast. Also, the bus by my new place is on the express route so instead of the usual $1.35 rate, it's a whopping $3.00. Ouch. Hopefully as time goes on I can figure out cheaper ways of getting around.

One godsend in my continuing effort to master public transport in our nations capitol is The Washington Metro Homepage. You can plug in the addresses of your starting point and your destination and it will tell you how to get there using a variety of methods. V. cool.

Due to the late hour, I don't have much for you today.

Jack Black to play the Green Lantern?

I'm sure there's a joke using their last album title in here somewhere.

bruvas4I finally got around to listening to the two new songs Oasis played at this year's Glastonbury festival. The Meaning of the Soul is not so good, but I am totally digging A Bell Will Ring. Go here to download them both. The live version is a little wobbly but I imagine that it will come out fine when it's gets the proper treatment in the recording studio. The song itself isn't really anything's a melange of The Hindu Times and Some Might Say (which means it was probably left over form the last album). It's basically Oasis by the numbers-stadium rock, but to me, that's not a bad thing at all. Noel recently said they were scrapping the album and starting over, but I hope this track sees the light of day. It's a keeper.

a little space / a little time
see what it can do

a little faith / some piece of mind
see what it can do

the sun will shine on you again
a bell will ring inside your head
and i will be by you

Crazy day yesterday. There was a major storm that came through right as I was checking out at the grocery store. The stupid check out lady kept looking at the clouds roll in while she was scanning my groceries. "Wow, it looks like it's gonna rain real hard." Really, ya think? Maybe you could speed this up so I can get to my car before the sky opens up? Nope, I got drenched as I loaded everything into my car. The grocery store lost power for a minute or two and the stoplights in my area quit working as I was driving home. It was POURING. Some tree's in my apartment complex didn't make it:

storm1 storm2

Also last night, my new roomie Aaron and I watched the PBS documentary 9/11 - Clear The Skies. I'm a sucker for anything 9/11 related on TV, but this is definitely recommended. It retraces the day and how the air traffic controllers got like 4,500 planes in the air down on the ground in 4 hours after the attacks and followed the President's movements that day. Very enlightening. I'm sure they'll run it again, check your local listings.

The NY Times interviews Sacha Baron Cohen. "Oh shorty, it's your Earth Day. We're going to party like it's your Earth Day."

As if you couldn't tell by yesterday, I am totally feeling Largehearted Boy lately, especially after he unearthed this treasure trove of Bukowski goodness.

Apple: $61 million in profit for this quarter and new G5 iMacs soon. Oh, new, sleeker iPods in August.

Arthur "Killer" Kane = R.I.P.

The very definition of NO BUZZ: Local residents have launched a petition in a bid to stop SUPER FURRY ANIMALS playing next month's Brecon Jazz Festival. Seems like those crazy guys play something called "rock music" and that attracts rowdy young people to their shows. The horror!

According to Pollstar, the price of an average ticket for the top 50 concert attractions has risen from $38.56 to $58.71 in the last five years—not counting ever rising fees charged by agencies like Ticketmaster.

Eternal thanks to Lindsay for pointing to to what is literally the funniest thing I have ever read. I laughed 10x more than I do when I read The Sports Guy.

I'm going to see The Delays tomorrow with Matt Blue Room. V. exciting!

I want so badly to believe that "there is truth, that love is real"
And i want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd

Kobe to the Clippers? Are you serious? Last night the Paper Clips quietly agreed to a deal sending Melvin Ely and Eddie House to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for two future 2nd round picks. The move gives them enough cap space to give Kobe a max contract (although not as much money as the Lakers can give him). Would Kobe really go to the Clips? Will they actually bend to his demand of playing 12 home games a year in Anaheim since it's closer to Kobe's pad? Developing...

This sounds like a great deal for the Raptors. Vince Carter to the Mavericks, Antoine Walker to New York and (drum roll please) Dikembe Mutombo and Kurt Thomas to Toronto. If this goes down, the Raps will have trouble getting 9,000 people to attend home games. There was speculation earlier that VC was going to Philly for AI, how did Vinsanity's trade level dip all the way down to Mutombo and Thomas? Yikes.

I spent last night drinking a bottle of wine (by myself) and watching some NBA summer league action. The C's took on the Nuggets and each of our three first round picks looked incredibly tiggs, especially high schooler Al Jefferson. Dude is silky smoove, much like a young Antawn Jamison. However, unlike Jamsion, he already has a very fluid stroke from outside. He needs to bulk up and concentrate on D, but dude is gonna be a player. PP agrees.

In other C's news, the Hawks and suddenly size-less Lakers are looking into signing Chris Mihm. Regarding the Shaq to Miami trade. I think it sucks for both teams. The Lakers just turned themselves into the Heat (assuming Kobe stays, which is not a given) and the Heat won't have enough players to play with Shaq to make much difference. And Shaq HATES Eddie Jones. I'll go out on a limb and predict that neither of these teams will win the title next year. Miami signed Mike Doleac yesterday and are looking to add Karl Malone and maybe Tony Kukoc and/or Eric Williams. But all those players are over the hill and will break down before the season is over. And given the recent moves the Utah Jazz made, it wouldn't surprise me if they have a better record than the Lakers next year.

iTunes Music Store Europe will soon have indie tunes to sell.

Microsoft finds more 'critical' flaws in Windows.

It's finally happened. Fox is setting up a new channel specifically for reality TV. The Fox Reality Channel is due to debut on US television screens in the first three months of 2005.

Lastly, I'd like to send a shout out to the venerable Largehearted Boy for listing this Catherine Wheel concert from a 2001 gig at the Bowery Ballroom (click "Listen"), featuring a particularly moving rendition of Ma Solituda featuring Andrew from the UK band Geneva (another fave of mine).

In college, the Catherine Wheel were one of my favorite bands on the planet. Ferment is about as close as you can get to making the perfect record. It's soaring harmonies, amazing melodies, crunchy guitars and la la la's made for many a late night listen. Chrome, their second release, used even more guitars and started their journey into their "metal phase" that continued with Happy Days. Still Chrome was a great record and had some jaw dropping moments on it.

After Happy Days and Cats & Dogs (basically and album of b-sides and retreads) I lost interest in the band as I felt they lost the plot of what made them great. Then a friend of mine that worked at Mercury gave me an advanced copy of Adam & Eve and told me to listen to it. "They are sooo over" I told him. "Shut up and listen to it!" he told me. What I heard was completely unexpected. The soaring melodies were still there, but now with acoustic guitars backing some incredibly emotional songs. Yes that album is basically a Pink Floyd rip off (detractors of the band very fond of saying they were turning into "The Machine", the Pink Floyd cover band), but I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that record. I remember listening to it over and over and over again in my shitty apartment in Astoria Queens. It was a period of my life when I was very lonely and didn't feel like I had a friend in the world (kind of like now). That record helped me through alot. I must have lost my copy because it's not in my collection anymore. I'll have to troll around on eBay and see if I can find another one.

Sleep don't weep / Throw your arms together
Slide don't lie / We always stick together
Start the day / In a cold December way
End this day / In a stream of celebration
Ma Solituda / Sinks confusion
Ma Solituda / Sinks confusion
And I fell down

Early update today as I have to go to yet another temp agency interview around lunchtime. Yesterday I did a bit of exploring. I successfully found the Target on Route 1 South and stocked up on stuff for my bathroom and some hangers for my closet. Terribly exciting, I know.

With Damore recently calling it quits and all the talk of Blogger burnout (link from Grambo) I have been wondering what this space will be like when I finally DO get a job. Luckily, I have a somewhat devoted readership and since my site isn't wildly popular I don't feel pressured into posting everyday (although I try to if I have anything interesting to say). I'm sure that will continue when I finally find employment, although perhaps less frequently. We'll all cross that bridge when I get there.

I'm a bit late on this, but it's still worth posting. Foxy Jess is back.

The iTMS reaches 100 million downloads. Unsurprisingly, Coolfer is unimpressed. This just in, more people buy CD's than legal downloads.

The UK Military bans iPods, but not because more people buy CD's than legal downloads.

Office Depot to sell Apple Products.

I'm blogging this. [link via Waist High]

Hoop Dreams - 10 years later.

fotg_150New Moz single out today. The "First Of The Gang To Die" single includes the b-sides "My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye", "Teenage Dad On His Estate" and "Mexico". To get all the b-sides, you have to buy one expensive import single or two slightly cheaper ones, take your pick. I do want to go on record and say I'm not really feeling the artwork for the singles he's released from this record.

From the "Can't Wait To Hear How This Sounds" department, I give you the new album by The Music, produced by none other than Brendan O'Brien. Excellent choice lads. Expect a meaty, guitar driven record. Welcome To The North is out on September 20th. Can't wait.

Lastly I give you the US cover to Douglas Coupland's forthcoming book, Elanor Rigby. Read a brief synopsis here. Look for it next month! As if it couldn't get more exciting, according to his web site, the sequel (of sorts) for Microserfs (aka the inspiration for this very site) will be titled J-Pod and will be released in December of 2005. *insert big smiley face here*


And I'll never get into your heart
Though I don't even want to start
I'll never get into your heart
I'm just happy to hang around

Well folks, I'm back. My whirlwind weekend mercifully came to an end last night and now I can focus on getting my life started again in my new locale. Although I haven't exactly been here very long, I really like DC so far and I have a good, positive vibe about the place. I have a few friends in the area, both old and new, and they should be able to keep me entertained and go to a concert or two with me.

My grandmother's funeral was very nice and it was somewhat of a relief to finally get it over with. My grandfather is doing as well as you can when you almost die and bury your wife in the same week. The Red Sox five game winning streak definitely helped matters. Last Xmas, my dad and his sister and brother bought my grandfather a 42 inch Toshiba HDTV so every night we would gather in the living room and watch the game. It was alot of fun.

Then Saturday night, while we were cooking lobsters on the grill, an older gentlemen drove up to my grandfather's place in his boat (he lives on a lake) and my dad went down to talk to him. He told my dad that when he was in high school, he was a misfit and his parents threw him out of his house because he never went to class. My grandmother saw him walking down the road with all his stuff, invited him into their house and talked with him a bit. She convinced him that he needed to go back to school and get back in his parents good graces. So he stayed with my grandparents for a week or so and then my grandmother called his parents and they all came over and had a big talk. His parents took him back and he returned to school and graduated. He basically told my dad that if it wasn't for my grandmother, he didn't know where he would be today. It was a nice story.

Yesterday I got up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 AM for my flight back to DC. Then I went drove to Winchester to pick up my computer and a few other things and finished moving in. I tried to convince myself I could do without a computer desk, but after I set everything up on the floor, I said "Eff this" and drove to Ikea and got a new computer desk that I almost bought on the name alone. I picked up a few other things and then drove home and started to put it together. Needless to say, by the end of the night, I was pooped.

As for my new apartment, it's the fucking bee's knee's. One bedroom with walk in closet plus attached loft plus private bathroom. Eat your heart out New Yorkers! It's in a 3 bedroom townhouse in Alexandria and my roomies seem very nice. One has even offered to send my resume around to see if she can help me get a job. Here are some pics:

apt1 apt2

This is the bedroom. I have two windows that overlook the apartment complex and the walk in closet came complete with some tiggs California Closet shelving.

apt7 apt3

Here is the view up to the loft from the bedroom (notice the skylights, of which there are three). The door in the second picture leads to a storage space that runs the length of the attic. In NYC, it would be another bedroom. It's that big.

apt4 apt5

Here is the rest of the loft. I put my new computer desk on the wall opposite the white shelves. The second picture is the view from the loft down onto my bedroom. Pretty sweet, no? The apartment also has central AC, a dishwasher, a nice deck with a grill and a washer and dryer which is right outside my room. I used to have to walk three blocks to the laundromat! Now all I have to do is walk about 5 steps. We also have wireless cable internet so my new Airport card is coming in handy.

Now all I have to do is find a job to pay for it all. My interview last Thursday didn't go too well, but I'm not bummed because the position wasn't exactly what I wanted. Which means they'll probably be offering me the job any day now. Still, I'm excited to be here, anxious to transport the rest of my stuff up from NC and finally get on with my life.

I always expected
That you should see me through
I never believed in much
But I believed in you.

coachkCoach Mike Krzyzewski has decided to remain at Duke, turning down the Los Angeles Lakers' lucrative contract offer. Krzyzewski's teams have held a No. 1 ranking during 12 different seasons, including the last seven. In 24 years, he has compiled a 621-179 record. The Blue Devils have made the Final Four 10 times, have won three NCAA championships (1991, '92 and '01), and have won eight Atlantic Coast Conference tournaments championships and 10 regular-season conference titles.

Hectic week for yours truly and just in time. Here's the rough schedule:

MONDAY: Finish packing and load up the car. If I have time, I'm going to try and catch Fahrenheit 9/11.
TUESDAY: Drive to DC and start looking for apartments
WEDNESDAY: Look for apartments
THURSDAY: Job interview in the afternoon and flight to Boston later that night
FRIDAY: My grandmother's funeral

Then it's back to DC to hopefully commence moving or keep searching for habitation. Also, The Bukowski flick Born Into This opens in DC on Friday! I'll definitely be seeing that the following week when I am back in town.

Speaking of documentaries, the rock documentary is making a comeback.

Can you say Boston Red Fizzle? One thing EVERYONE I talked to in New England can agree on, Derek Lowe sucks. The Sports Guy says trade Nomah. He's not the only one. I'd be happier if they got a first baseman that can play defense.

The latest links on Coach K to the Lakers. Reasons he might be leaving and what Duke can do to keep him. Oh, and Pat Forde writes the most condescending Duke article ever.

Greece shocks Portugal for the Euro 2004 crown.

Just what is the problem with Chuck Palahniuk?

The Shining in 30 seconds, acted by bunnies. Not to be confused with The Shinning.

Biff! Bang! Pow!, the story of Creation Records.

Apple delays the new iMac. It may have been "flat-out cool"--as Time proclaimed on its 2002 arrival--but "flat" had also begun to describe sales of the just-discontinued second-generation iMac. I wanted an iMac badly, but when I started shopping around, it was clear that I could get more for my money if I bought an eMac.

I had a very laid back weekend of the 4th. Saw Spiderman 2 and was underwhelmed. Too much yapping and not enough action. Chromewaves disagreed.

And everybody's got to live their life
And God knows I've got to live mine
God knows I've got to live mine.

Friday, July 16th / The Delays / 9:30 Club
Tuesday, July 20th / The Hives / 9:30 club
Thursday July 22nd / Ted Leo + Pharmacists & Radio 4

Full tour dates for The Delays here. Sorry Detroit.

Of course, this gives me an excuse to put up another Ted picture. I have literally had Dancing In The Dark on constant repeat since I got my hands on it. It's so apropos for what I'm going through right now.

You sit around getting older There’s a joke / I'm aware that it’s on me I’ll shake this world off my shoulders Come on baby / this laughs on me


Photo via bigorangecrayon.


"The Bitter End"

I'll be mailing these out today or tomorrow. Email me (link to the right) if you'd like a copy.

So I'm briefly back in NC. My grandfather is doing much better. He was transfered to a physical therapy center yesterday and should finally be ready for the funeral a week from today. We all knew he was back to normal when he resumed bitching about the Red Sox and, specifically, how much he hates Derek Lowe 24/7.

And that wasn't the only good news. During some of the never ending downtime I had while I was in MA, I submitted my resume to a staffing agency in DC and they called me back the next day and pretty much said "We can only put you to work if you live in DC". It was food for thought.

Then, yesterday while I was at the airport waiting to board my flight, the company in DC that I interviewed with finally called me back and said I was still under consideration and they also want me to interview for another position for a gig that sounds like a lot of fun.

My friend MC Bennish Brown told me on Tuesday that I was due for some good news since I've been absolutely bombarded with nothing but grim tidings lately. And he was right. So all of this kinda clinched something for me that I have been thinking about for the last week or so.

I'm moving to Washington DC next week.

Oh, shelve your Western plans
And understand
That life is hard enough when you belong here

Not to trivialize what I've been through in the last week, but remember when i wondered how this could possibly get worse?

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has been offered the Los Angeles Lakers' head coaching job, ESPN's Jim Gray reported Thursday evening.

Don't do it Coach K!