3.5 Games, Bitches

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Last night the sellout crowd in the Bronx got to witness the worst loss in Yankee history which also tied the record for the worst shutout in major-league history since 1900. Is the sky falling in NYC?

The Red Sizzle won 21 games last month, including last nights game. We are as close as we've been since I was still 29. I don't want to turn into Dan Shaughnessy, but do you believe?

What say ye Sports Guy?

**UPDATE** - Ask, and ye shall recieve. This column's worth a click through:

I wasn't shocked when the Good Guys made up seven games in less than three weeks, coming together faster than the Bad News Bears in Houston after Kelly Leak's father took over.

Imagine if the roles were reversed, if the Yankees were the ones making a late charge? Would Yankee fans be complaining about things like "We can't catch them, their schedule is too easy in September," as my Dad and others were saying as recently as last weekend? Of course not. Yankee fans would expect to catch the Red Sox and act accordingly -- sending taunting e-mails, giving co-workers crap, calling "Mike and the Mad Dog" and making brash predictions, even springing for expensive Paula Jones-style haircuts for their girlfriends. They would be LOVING this. And nobody in New England would be breathing.

The mystifying thing about Yankee fans? Their improbable sense of superiority, as if they're better people because they root for a baseball team only because A.) they grew up within two hours of Yankee Stadium; B.) they jumped on the bandwagon as a kid because they wanted to be associated with a winner; or C.) they have no soul. As one of my readers wrote last year, it's like rooting for the house in blackjack.

After Boone's climactic home run, they reacted with a level of emotion that had only been reached in those post-9/11 games against Arizona -- I can still see Rivera slumped by the first base line, completely spent, like he had just escaped from the Nakatomi tower in "Die Hard."

Paz said:

This was So. Fucking. Awesome.

I got a free ticket to the game (thanks, expensive business school). I can't stand the Yankees, but I wanted to get inside the belly of the beast just to see it.

And then this game happens. Wow.

So. Fucking. Awesome.

gorilla said:

Even Casio has more buzz than armitron. No buzz.