Bigmouth Strikes Again!

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Mozredjacket_1 9 PM.
The house lights dim.
A Sinatra song is played. Not familiar with it but he’s singing about “the new charade.”
Then the taped, computer voice intro is played.
The giant MORRISSEY backdrop lights up.
Cue the crowd going nuts as the band and Mozzer stride confidently onto the stage. Moz is in a red (velvet?) blazer and black pants, the band are in black pants and black t-shirts that say “Jobriath”.

Moz: **It’s Wednesday. [pause] It’s Washington.

HOW SOON IS NOW – Although I am not a super fan of this song, I was blown away by their rendition of it. However good you imagine it sounding live, it was better. Big, huge percussive drums, note perfect guitars (most likely a sample but I cannot say for sure) and Moz just killing it. He drops to one knee when he sings “I am human and I need to be loved”.

**Thank You. Thank you. It’s good to be back at the 930 club.

FIRST OF THE GANG TO DIE – Great choice. The crowd is going crazy and eating it up.

**(Taking off coat) Thank you. And cheers to you for thanking me for thanking you. Yes I am afraid this is a pop concert.

NOVEMBER SPAWNED A MONSTER – Three for three. Moz changes the lyric to “Yes I am a freak / but what can make all the good / all the bad that’s been done.” Boz plays an amazing clarinet solo/freak out during the breakdown near the end of the song. So best.

** Julia, how is your knee? Much better? I had to cancel some shows last week. My voice completely went. Well, it completely went. Moz hands the mic to some girl in the front row (Julia?) and she congratulates him on something that happened in the UK.

SUCH A LITTLE THING – The band are on a roll. This show is so much better than the Apollo gig.

** Thank you. You don’t need to clap if you really don’t want to. I know more than I know. Mumbles something else.

BIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN – A complete and total surprise. Boz breaks into this song while Moz is still mumbling and everyone is dead silent until Deano comes in with the drums. It was like they were all in shock and didn’t want to cheer incase it actually wasn’t this song. An unbelievable rendition. Note perfect. I got goosebumps. The best part? Moz changes the lyrics to “The iPod started to melt”.

** Thank you. I’m not a professional yet. Not yet. Another 20 years and I’ll even make it on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. (cheers) You’ll see.


** Can I please introduce you to the American Blood, English Hearts? Here is Boz Boorer. Here is Gary Day. Deano! The incredible Jesse Tobias. And a man apart, Mikey V. Farrell. And this is completely unrelated as a matter of fact. It’s a matter of absolute fact…


** Now of course, politics may be the most unfortunate aspect of American life. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Europe, the Middle East, or Scandanavia? Have you?


** Thank you. Was that song a bit froggy? It was alright? I believe you. I believe you. I have the confidence now.

Subway train sounded different than at the Apollo. They didn’t play as much of it before launching into Sunday. I freaked for a second because I didn’t recognize the song. The entire crowd was singing along at the end. Moz has them eating out of his hand. Moz changes shirts after the song.

** I had to change because you never know. I knew that this was going to be a very nice crowd, which is occasionally a nice thing.


** That was a song from our latest CD called You Are The Quarry. It’s selling quite well considering it’s me and all. I didn’t want to be me. It was thrust upon me.


** Have you seen a TV program called Arrested Development? Do you like it? Is it funny? I’ve not seen it.

RUBBER RING – Again, the crowd goes nuts. And again, this song sounds so much better than it did at the Apollo.

** Thank you. So…I’ve been coughing all my germs on the people in the front row. -COUGHS- So enjoy!

IRISH BLOOD, ENGLISH HEART – The band is in full on rock out mode now. Just killing it. Moz keeps gesturing wildly at the crowd. Incredible.

** Thank you. Thank you. You’re very generous but you make terrible bread. Here is another song from You Are The Quarry.

I LIKE YOU – Moz hits every damn high note at the end of the song. IF he was sick last week, you can’t tell.

I KNOW IT COULDN”T LAST – He loses the crowd a bit here and seems bored with the song half way through. Quite a few people head towards the bathroom. Moz and the band leave the stage after the song is done.

** We’re not the Grateful Dead you know. We wish we were. Thanks for listening.

THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT - The crowd erupts and quite a few cell phones are hoisted into the air. Four different stage invaders make their way to the stage. The last one gets the biggest cheers as he climbs up on the opposite side of the stage as Moz and security grabs him right away. But he will not be denied and Moz comes over to shake his hand as he struggles with security. The crowd goes nuts.

** Good Night! And Thank You!

All in all… What a gig. Incredible. Ten times as good as the Apollo gigs in May. It’s amazing how for the band has come since that time. Jesse, the new guitarist, sounds great. They were tight and on point all night, just killing it. Absolutely cannot wait to go to Philly on Saturday.

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You Are the Quarry

lorin said:

This got me sooo excited for Philly...bring it on.

lorin said:

This got me sooo excited for Philly...bring it on.

melina said:

excellent dialogue bantering! thanks for blogging this. i could *hear* him saying everyword with that accent!

Nummer said:

Great review. Glad to see he has mixed things up a bit more since the Chicago show back in July. I'll let you know how the 10/17 Detroit show is.

Enjoy Philly. Don't forget to visit Jim's Steaks.

melina said:

hi again-just wanted you to know i gave you a shout out on my oct. 15 blog. i'm seeing moz for the first time at his nov 11 show in l.a. your blog inspired me and my friend to make sure we got good tix and a great hotel room to boot. love your site!