Friday Afternoon Roundup

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Um...Hello? Why didn't any of you fuckers tell me about this? I am so going to Best Buy after work. I love me some Continental and champagna.

Ha! This is pretty genius if I do say so myself.

While disussing Coupling last night, I wondered what happened to Jeff in the new season. He's been replaced by Oliver. Well, apparently Jeff just didn't show up when the new season began taping. That's a bit depressing when you see this:

JEFF MURDOCH. The craziest of the bunch, you have a
tendency to embarrass the hell out of yourself
while making no relevant sense whatsoever. But
that's what makes you interesting, right? When
you're not talking about Captain Subtext, Melty
Man, or the giggle loop, you're probably making
a horribly bad attempt at picking up a girl.
Let's just hope in the future, you won't say
anything as bad as that time with the Israeli
girl and her interpreter in the pub...

Which 'Coupling' character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Although if you believe series creator Steve Moffat, I'm actually a bit more like Oliver. He's just at an awkward stage - at the end of a long relationship, out of practice with women, no longer young enough for that to be endearing. And full of the misplaced anger of The Dumped Man, which just makes him look ridiculous. When he's not trying to make a point, or impress someone, he's actually quite a clued-up, witty guy.

I have 6 4 more gmail invites to give out. Leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Lastly, did a plane really fly into the Pentagon on 9/11? Maybe not.
I love shit like this.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Mark Krugman said:

can i have a gmail invite?

yvonne said:

i was very sad to see jeff leave coupling. the whole season was really disappointing, actually.

ps - i'd love a gmail invite.

oceandub said:

Hey, stumbled onto this blog last week; love the reference to Microserfs - I just finished it a couple of weeks ago, 'twas passed to my by a friend who was sick of me complaining about working for IBM....
anyway, I'd love one of those gmail invites if you have any left. thanks.

If this is a competition to seduce you with my love and knowledge for and of D.C., stop the contest, cause I win.

I'm said fan (above) who spread the sweet gospel for a fellow cubicle-dweller workin for the Man.

I also have D.C's passport photocopied to use as a bookmark. Gotta love the Canadian Privacy Act....

So yeah, gimme a gmail and I'll be your best friend.

Or I'll send you a photo copy of a photo copy....

brewdog said:

I saw a Pentagon/No Plane conspiracy thing on the web a while ago that was very compelling in its presentation. I happened to mention it to someone who said "I was there, I saw the plane burning." End of discussion, no fun. The video in the link was removed, but the one I saw before had tons of pictures and diagrams.