Gimme Three Steps

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Can you say Boston Red Sizzle? Ten in a row bitches!

And I quote:
The Red Sox, who have won 16 of 17 and 22 of 26, has not been this close to first place since before games of June 12. The Yankees lost to Baltimore 3-1.

And that dumbass Kevin Brown broke his non pitching hand punching a wall!!! Are the Yanks conceding the division?


Tony said:

This is the year, i can feel, really...
Thats right yankees...punch the wall, throw something, get mad because we are closing in...start liking it bitches!
In my opinion...all red sox logo gear, hats , jerseys...etc...should officially no longer be offerd for sale...if you didnt own a hat before, you dont deserve to wear one now that the real fans cheered the team to 2.5 back and closing, just like we did last year , and the year before, and the year before....

Rob said:

that last comment is the exact, word for word statement that yankee fans love and wait to hear spoken by the ignorant and naive red sox fans. everytime they get the chance they inevitably put their foot into their mouth. they will never learn. and never win. ever.

Shaun said:

And that last comment is the exact, word for word statement that makes everyone hate Yankee fans. Arrogant much? Even if the Yankees make it to the World Series, they'll just lose to the Wild Card from the National League. Again.

Tony said:

Whoa...i wasnt referring to yankee fans there, i was talking about wanna be boston fans...what about that is ignorant or naive? bandwagon fans bother me, i got nothing against yankee fans...

Rob said:

Tony: i was referring to the first 3 lines of your post. Shaun: my post is not so much about the yankees but about how boston fans set themselves up for the pain they end up going through every year. they can never just sit back and hope for the best, they always go and open their mouths. besides, who said i'm a yankee fan?

Tony said:

what about those 3 lines is ignorant or naive? your going to have to back that up because I know the sox track record and have been a fan all my life and have no delusions about having any better chance this year than any other, but I'm a FAN, thats what being a fan means, cheering for your what makes me ignorant and naive? c'mon, sit back and hope for the best? have you ever been to Fenway? not a group of people who know how to just sit back, but they all have hope.