I Got The Fever

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More genius stuff from BostonDirtDogs.


Welcome back Trot! Is Scott Williamson close to returning?

I'm sure there is plenty of buzz going on in the world right now, but I am swamped at work so you'll have to wait.

PS - I'm doing something special for August's September's Monthly Mix CD. The hottness will be revealed on Monday Tuesday.

Bryan said:

We're just letting you get close so it hurts that much more when we sweep you in the middle and end of september and go on to win the division. The Yanks like to toy with Red Sox Fan's emotions. BTW, way to get excited about making up ground against such juggernauts as the Tigers, D-Rays and Blue Jays (last two angels games notwithstanding) while we're playing the streaking Twins and always dangerous Indians.