I Heart DC

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Come out and drink with me and the rest of the DCist staff tonight! Do it!

Some DC Bloggers that I have been reading lately:

Weird Curves
Why I Hate DC
Unrequited Narcissism
Simply Becca
Grammar Police
Outside The Beltway
UPDATE: Seeking Irony
UPDATE: Vividblurry
UPDATE: Ms Lauren
If you have a blog in DC that I didn't list, leave me a comment below.

Check out all of these upcoming shows!
09/18 - The Thrills @ Black Cat
09/24 - The Fiery Furnaces @ Black Cat
09/26 - Old 97's @ 930 Club
09/29 - Morrissey @ Dar Constitution Hall
09/29 - Supergrass @ 930 Club
09/29 - Hollertronix @ Black Cat
10/01 - Morrissey in Philly
10/02 - Morrissey in Philly
10/10 - Rilo Kiley @ Black Cat
10/13 - PJ Harvey @ 930 Club
10/16 - Living Colour and Public Enemy @ 930 Club
10/18 - ...trail of dead @ 930 Club
10/19 - Libertines @ 930 Club
10/21 - Ted Leo in Baltimore
10/22 - De La Soul @ 930 Club
10/23 - Death Cab For Cutie @ 930 Club
11/09 - Interpol @ 930 Club
11/14 - Delgados/Crooked Fingers @ Black Cat
12/01 - Ted Leo @ Black Cat
12/02 - Ted Leo @ Black Cat
12/10 - Ted Leo in Philly

I'm holding tickets for the shows in bold. If you are in DC and attending any of these shows, holla at your boy.

First, their songs sucked, now they have too many! Which is it Noel? My suggestion would be to get rid of any song that mentions Meg. The new album sessions are with Dave Sardy (the Thrils).

Lastly, Johnny Ramone, RIP.

PS - How did I get to the #2 google ranking for "kroq inland invasion"?

nm said:

hey, i'm one of the dc bloggers(www.seeking_irony.blogspot.com) linked from DCist. see you at the happy hour tonight. oh, and i'm reading rules of attraction right now also.

Toby said:

My D.C. blog rules. Vividblurry.com.

shannon said:

hi i don't know you. i found your blog through coolfer, who i also don't know in real life actually. but i was wondering...do you know of any baltimore bloggers? or dc bloggers that give a shit about what's cool/happening in b-more?

ps. you should put yourself in bold, ticket-holding status for the libertines at 930. they're still putting on a sloshy fun show.

MG said:

Thanks for the shout out. See ya at the Reef tonight.

megadork said:

Hi - why don't you read my blog. Sorry I missed the event last nite.