I Survived My First Night In Adams Morgan...

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...and all I got was lost on my way to the bar.

Last night's DCist Happy Hour was tons o' fun. I met quite a few people, drank quite a few beers, and best of all, my roomie was in attendance so I got a ride home (thanks Kristina)! All in all, a rousing success I must say.

And let me state now for the record I am much more in line with the DC mentality of Let's-go-out-and-get-shitfaced-right-after-work-so-we-can-take-advantage-of-Happy-Hour-prices-and-still-be-in-home-and-in-bed-by-11PM-as-to-avoid-a-raging-hangover-the-next-day than NYC's We-don't-start-drinking-here-until-10PM-so-you-have-to-stay-out-until-4AM-on-a-weeknight mantra. Me likey.



Sadly, I spent so much time drinking I forgot to snap many photos. Fear not, Rob Goodspeed was on the case and we should have some more photos up on Dcist later in the day.

Curt Schilling won numero twenty last night. Everyone knows what this weekend's Sox/Yanks tilt in the Bronx means. Yep, another Dan Shaughnessy column.

My plans for the weekend include watching all three games, drinking beer and maybe catching the Zutons/Thrills show Saturday at the Black Cat.

Coolfer said:

By all means, go see the Zutons. I saw that show last night and they are one of the better live bands I've seen in quite a while. Total fun.

Kanishka said:

Kyle-- Great to meet you last night, and also great to meet someone who prefers DC to NYC (though, let's be honest man, you live in Virginia). Hopefully we'll get to do it again some time.

Jeff said:

Reef was a blast, and I finally purchased the PJ ticket this afternoon. Pocketbook be damned, I want to hear 'Kamikaze' live (crosses fingers).

I hope this isn't too gauche, but how do I get in on some mix CD action?

thomas465 said:

I don't get it. I scrolled down to the apple links and . . . no As The Apple Turns! What gives?