Moz Is A No Show In LA

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Morrissey Press Release

Morrissey is unable to perform at KROQ's Inland Invasion today as scheduled. He was seen this morning at 11 am by Dr Joe Sugarman who diagnosed him with sinusitis, acute laryngitus and a high fever and advised that he not attempt to speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum. Morrissey is very disappointed and sends his apologies to his LA fans and friends at KROQ. He wants to make this up to everyone asap, plans are already being made and we hope to make an announcement next week on KROQ.

Please hold on to your ticket stubs, they will be your admission to a make up show with Morrissey to be announced in the future. Keep listening to KROQ and check KROQ.Com for details.

Can you buzz? Motherfucker better be ready to go on the 29th.

**UPDATE** Eagle-eyed ilb reader Dominic points out to us that tinymixtapes has new tour dates listed for Nov. after Moz's upcoming tour ends. If these dates are right, Moz could be coming back and doing smaller venues.

Dominic explains: the dates start 11.3 and go through 12.2.  i am not saying are right, but it's not inconceivable. i checked some of the other venues on the list and none of those places have announced shows for those particular dates at which morrissey is supposed to perform.

As with all things Moz related, I will believe it when i see it. Thanks Dominic!

**Afternoon Update**Apparantly those dates are for the JSBX.

the dommer said:

you know has morrissey playing at the 9:30 club on november 13, right? the 9:30 doesn't have a show listed for that date right now.

RJ said:

why no red sox update today?