Saturday = Easton Ellis

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GlamcoverMTV: "How old are you?"
ME: "Twentysomething."
MTV: "No, really. Exact."
ME: "Twen-ty-something."
MTV: "What really pisses Victor Ward off?"
ME: "The fact that David Byrne named his new album after a 'tea from Sri Lanka that's sold in Britain.' I swear to God I heard that somewhere and it drove me nuts."
MTV (after politely laughing): "No. What really makes you mad? What really gets you angry?"
ME (long pause, thinking): "Well, recently, missing DJ's, badly behaved bartenders, certain gossipy male models, the media's treatment of"
MTV: "We were thinking more along the lines of the war in Bosnia or the AIDS epidemic or domestic terrorism. How about the current political situation?"
ME (long pause, tiny voice): "Sloppy Rollerbladers?...The words 'dot com'?..."
MTV (long pause): "Anything else?"
ME (realizing something, relieved): "A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido."
MTV (long pause): "Did you understand the question?"
ME: "What do you mean by that?"
MTV: "Aren't there things going on-"
ME (pissed): "Maybe you misunderstood my answers."
MTV: "Okay, forget it, um-"
ME: "Just move on to the next question."
MTV: "Oh, okay-"
ME: "Shoot."
MTV (really long pause, then): "Have you ever wished that you could disappear from all of this?"

- Taken from the book Glamorama, written by Brett Easton Ellis

Kate said:

Excellent reading.

"Victor, shouldn't we have a cause? What about global warming or the Amazon? Something. Anything."
"Passé. Passé. Passé."

megadork said:

This is my favortite book ever. I am on the fence about the film. avery did not do the best job adapting the Rules of Attraction. I think he is going to fuck Glamorama up.

sacha said:

Oh yes, an absolute fave read! The lists and lists of people and designer clothes are fantastic.
Next read Cosmopolis by DeLillo and 25th Hour by Benioff.