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Spent the day with L Boogie and the O-Man at the DC Marine Corps Marathon as we cheered Johnny English (pictured above) to the finish line in just over 4 and a half hours. Nice One sir! The crowds out there were insane. The metro was absolutely packed on the way in this AM, which did not make the O-Man a happy camper. The weather was a very balmy 75 degrees(isn't tomorrow November?, WTF?). Saw Hamal briefly around mile 15 but never got a glimpse of Catherine, hope you both did well and avoided the stretchers at the end. The finish line was one big clusterfuck and was not organized very well, but I guess that's what happens when most of the Marines are across the world liberating Iraq.

I know Saturday's are usually my Bukowski days, but this one is just too good to wait. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

he came to the door one night wet thin beaten and
a white cross-eyed tailless cat
I took him in and fed him and he stayed
grew to trust me until a friend drove up the driveway
and ran him over
I took what was left to a vet who said, "not much
chance...give him these pills...his backbone
is crushed but it was crushed before and somehow
mended, if he lives he'll never walk, look at
these x-rays, he's been shot, look here, the pellets
are still there...also, he once had a tail, somebody
cut it off..."

I took the cat back, it was a hot summer, one of the
hottest in decades, I put him on the bathroom
floor, gave him water and pills, he wouldn't eat, he
wouldn't touch the water, I dipped my finger into it
and wet his mouth and I talked to him, I didn't go any-
where, I put in alot of bathroom time and talked to
him and gently touched him and he looked back at
me with those pale blue crossed eyes and as the days went
by he made his first move
dragging himself forward by his front legs
(the rear ones wouldn't work)
he made it to the litter box
crawled over and in,
it was like the trumpet of possible victory
blowing in that bathroom and into the city, I
related to that cat-I'd had it bad, not that
bad but bad enough...

one morning he got up, stoodup, fell back down and just looked at me.

"you can make it" I said to him.

he kept trying, getting up and falling down, finally
he walked a few steps, he was like a drunk, the
rear legs just didn't want to do it and he fell again, rested,
then got up.

you know the rest: now he's better than ever, cross-eyed,
almost toothless, but the grace is back, and that look in
his eyes never left...

and now sometimes I'm interviewed, they want to hear about
life and literature and I get drunk and hold up my cross-eyed,
shot, runover de-tailed cat and I say, "look, look
at this!"

but they don't understand, they say something like, "you
say you've been influenced by Celine?"

"no," I hold the cat up, "by what happens, by
things like this, by this, by this!"

I shake the cat, hold him up in
the smoky and drunken light, he's relaxed, he knows...

it's then the interviews end
although I am proud sometimes when I see the pictures
later and there I am and there is the cat and we are photo-
graphed together.

he too knows it's bullshit but that somehow it helps.

-- Written by Charles Bukowski
taken from the book War All The Time


Why did I insist on coming into work today? I felt fine when I woke up but am getting progressively worse as the day wears on. Too much champagna last night methinks, but hey, this only happens once a century, right? I'm just walking around in a daze today (part euphoria/part hangover).
Last night, after it was all over, I started to think about my grandmother, who lived into her 80's but didn't get to see all of this. She passed away earlier this summer. When we were up there for the funeral and everything, all of us gathered around my grandafther's nice, new Toshiba big screen and watched the Sox. Everyday. It just seemed like the right thing to do. It was comfortable. The guys on the team were our extended family and we all shared our ups and downs together. The whole notion of "Sox As Family" and "Red Sox Nation" may seem foreign to people outside of New England but I can assure you it's the real deal. I'm so happy for the team and all the rest of The Nation. We were three outs away from going home and then won eight games in a row! And never trailed in the World Series! Unreal. And now...

It's over.

"You know what I'm happiest for? I'm happiest for Bill Buckner, Calvin Schiraldi, Bob Stanley, Johnny Pesky, Ted Williams, all of the Red Sox that played before us will now be remembered for the great players and great people they were instead of all the other crap."-- Curt Schilling

Globe coverage
The Sports Guy
Boston Dirt Dogs
Bradley's Almanac
Matt Blueroom
Lockhart Steele

PS - The Sox will get their World Series rings next year in a series against the Yankees.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Cards have to win a game or two, right? Pedro was anything but dominant last night, but he got 'er done.
Peep this:
Of the 37 pitches Pedro threw in the first two innings, only 19 were strikes.
Of the last 14 hitters he faced, zero reached base. Only four got ahead in the count. Just one hit a ball that had to be run down by an outfielder.
(Pedro) induced more swings and misses (13) in his 98 pitches than the Cardinals' three starting pitchers combined have in this Series (11, in 248 pitches).

How about Manny gunning out Walker at home and Senor Octobre picking off Suppan at third?

27 outs away.

Go Sports Guy go!
Q. What do you call 25 guys watching the World Series?
A. The Yankees.

I totally forgot how much I enjoy the Tony La Russa Era...My favorite La Russa quirk is when something bad happens, then he stares out onto the field like someone who just realized that their car was towed.

"When So Taguchi and his friends go out to a bar, do you think his friends say to him "You're so Taguchi and you don't even know it" (a la Trent in 'Swingers')?"
(Note: My buddy Hench calls him "So-So Taguchi." Now that's comedy.)

Weird fact in case you missed it: The Celtics won their first championship against St. Louis (1957); the Bruins broke a 41-year Stanley Cup drought against St. Louis (1970); and the Patriots won their first Super Bowl against St. Louis (2002). Hey, I'm just the messenger.

Apple debuted new "Photo" iPods along with a ton of other stuff yesterday, including the u2 iPod. The new iPod's have a 15 hour battery life, but I think I'm still gonna "settle" for a new 40 gig'er next week. I just don't see me using that for photo stuff too much and I don't want to drop the extra $100.

I'm totally swamped at work. More tomorrow.

Why didn't any of you guys tell me about this?


Many thanks to Slatch for the heads up. Click through to see the rest of this weeks new releases (although he left out Luna's new one). I think I'll be picking up the Pavement double disc extravaganza and the Futureheads (who come highly recommended by DCSOB). And the best thing is, now that I live in DC, I can actually afford all of these things!

Hewittandhosebag Everyone on these shores couldn't stop talking about the ugly Simpson yesterday but the REAL news across the other side of the world was the surprise split of tennis stars Lleyton Hewitt and Kim Clijsters just four months before their wedding. Rumours are flying that there is someone else in Kim's life and/or that the mothers-in-law to be did not get along.

And they aren't the only one's that are fueding!
Kobe to Ray Allen: If you're talking like a bitch, I'm gonna slap you like a bitch.
Ray Allen to Kobe: Are you gonna bark all day little doggie or are you gonna bite?
PP spits at the Land of Cleve's bench during the third quarter last night!
Words between Kirk Hinirch and Larry Hughes lead to a big ol' scrap during the Wiz and Bulls game.
Fuck yeah! It's only the preseason!

And speaking of the ugly duckling, Grambo nails it when he says this lip syncing debacle is not in the same league with Elvis Costello and Sinead O'Connor.

What's better than World Series baseball? Free Tacos! Obvs.

Blogga please. It's says it plain as day...There is no Cardinal Nation.

The Sports Guy on the World Series. Also be sure to check out his latest online chat.

Mark (Boston): How do you feel about having the WS broadcast by a play-by-play guy who works for the Cardinals, and a color guy who won 2 WS with the Cardinals??
Bill Simmons: Well, they were totally balanced during the ALCS, so I'm sure it won't be a problem here.

Brian (Mount Vernon): Bird poop shirt status please
Bill Simmons: Still haven't washed it, still hidden from the Sports Gal.

It was a good weekend for Man U. They rebuff Malcolm Glazer and take down Arsenal and end their 49 game unbeaten streak.

Proving that everyone has an online music store these days....I give you the Attack Online Music Store where you can get the latest Moz, Nancy Sinatra and Jobriath singles.

The Delays unveil new material at one of their recent gigs.

Could I love the Stereolab:ABC Sessions double disc set any more? I haven't seen the band play live in many years and I had forgotten what a great live outfit they were. Totally essential.

u2 finally get back a suitcase they lost back in 1981. And believe it or not, it wasn't a publicity stunt back then. The suitcase contained the original lyrics and notes for the October album.

Flaming Lips / Wilco / Sleater-Kinney to play MSG on New Years Eve.

Homer Simpson for President!

Johnpeel It has been confirmed that BBC radio broadcaster John Peel died from a heart attack last night whilst on holiday in Peru. He leaves behind his wife Sheila and four children.

He was BBC Radio 1's longest-serving DJ and in recent years had also presented Home Truths on Radio 4.

Radio 1 controller Andy Parfitt said Peel's contribution to modern music and culture was "immeasurable".

James Dean Bradfield, lead singer of the Manic Street Preachers, paid tribute to Peel. He told BBC News Online: "It was because of him I got to hear some of the most obscure but influential music I ever heard. He was a lifeline to hearing music I would never have heard otherwise. The service he provided was getting to hear music that you couldn't buy in Cardiff. He was a portal to a whole new world."

Gruff Rhys, of the Super Furry Animals, said the band was in "shock". "He was very inclusive of all kinds of music, very open-minded, and introduced a lot of diverse music to the public. He championed Welsh language music and for years was the only DJ on national radio who was willing to embrace it. He was very wary of trends such as Britpop, he was introducing people to drum 'n' bass and techno, things that were going on outside of the media."

After announcing Peel's death on Radio 1, the station played his favourite song, Teenage Kicks, by The Undertones.

Tonight I will put on my favorite Peel Sessions Cd's; Billy Bragg, The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub, New Order, Blur and The Jam.

Full obituary here.

**UPDATE** Coolfer has some good links to check out.


Friday at work, all I could think of was crawling into bed the second I walked in the door of my apartment. I went out every night last week(!!!) except for the night the BoSox sent the Evil Empire crumbling into infamy. Friday seemed to be a good bet for an early night since my company had our annual meetings and we knocked off from work at 1 PM for the occasion. They shuttled us over to Atlantic TV Studios (where they tape PTI!) since we were simulcasting the event to all the satellite offices around the nation.
After the presentation, we went down the street to a nearby hotel for our company reception (read:free booze). Next thing I know, it’s almost midnight and I’m racking up a hefty tab at a downtown bar. So much for a quiet night in.
Saturday I went and caught Dig! with Weirdcurves before we adjourned to the nearest pub for Game One. Dig! was entertaining and worth seeing but not sure what else I can write about it that hasn’t already been said. However, I found it hilarious when the tambourine guy from the BJM was all pissed off when they finally broke up and he said "I've wasted the last four years of my life!" Dude, you play TAMBOURINE and that's it. I'm sure you got your money's worth. But I digress...
I’d rather talk about Game One. Anytime we can get the W and still commit 4(!!!) errors, we’ll take it. An amazing thing I read was the Cards pitcher Woody Williams had thrown over 70 pitches in just over three innings, yet Sox batters only swung and missed at pitches TWICE. Jebus!
Game Two was more of the same. Curt Shilling just wills this team to victory. Oh, and 4 more errors. But how about my man Marky Doodles!
Pedro goes tomorrow night in the warm St. Louey air. Having Senor Octobre at first should be an adventure.
This is for anyone that has ever wondered, What Would Johnny Damon Do?
The C’s are looking good at times during the preseason but the D has been suspect, hence the 5 game losing streak. I’m planning on ponying up for the NBA season package tonight so I can catch Gang Green v. the Land of Cleve.
I am slacking on my Ted Leo pics, I know (hint: they are not that good) but hope to get them up later tonight.
I picked up a ton of new music this weekend (see the list on the right).
More soon...

Ted Leo rules. A somewhat sloppy, but very endearing show at the Ottobar in B'more last night. The band was a little loose, which is understandable give it was the first night of the proper tour. Ted played a majority of Shake The Sheets and it sounded superb. Many thanks to DC SOB for accompanying me. Pictures tomorrow, I didn't get home until 3AM so there was no time to upload them today. My personal CMJ is now over. For those counting at home, that's four shows in the last seven days.

ARod is a little bitch. Literally.

We interrupt this post for Fox's Web MD Update. More from BDD.

He's called 'Melo for a reason. Anthony busted for weed possession. Pulls a Shaggy, says "It wasn't me".

Spree still smoking. How else do you explain him refusing to take a paycut from his $14 million salary. Punk.

Don't believe the hype. Graham not rejoining Blur.

CKelly is going to the World Series! I hate him. No I don't.

Yes I do.

We are having our annual corporate meetings all day today, so I bid you adieu until next time.



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As if I haven't gone out enough or seen enough rawk this week, I'm off to see the one and only Ted Leo rock the hizzy in luvly Baltimore esta noche. Very much looking forward to hearing Shake The Sheets live after the primer I got back in July.
Also, I forgot to mention that I recieved my copy of the record on Monday. Lookout Records turnaround time on my order was umcredible. Highly recommended if you are ordering over the internet. I'm too tired to post links to that shit now, check last week's posts.

Watch This

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Add this to the pantheon of Nike ads.
I got goosebumps.

I am mentally incapable of rational thought right now. I cried after the game last night, cracked open a four pack of Guinness and finally finished it around 3 AM. Woke up refreshed with a smile on my face but kept welling up on the bus ride in this AM. In short, I am an emotiuonal wreck.
Yes I am a dork. GO SOX!

Fuck1918a Fuck1918b

More later if I can manage it.

Boston Dirt Dogs
and finally, The Sports Guy says For once, finally, the Yankees have some baggage. Just like every other baseball team.

Now my life has turned another corner
I think it's only fair that I should warn you
Maybe someday I'll make you understand

We just shocked the United States of America! We just shocked the world! - Kevin Millar to Peter Gammons

All Empire's eventually come to an end. - Larry Luchino to FOX


Methinks I'll be a little late to work tomorrow.

Losing last year helped us win this year. Oh, and we have Curt Schilling.

Did I hear Enter Sandman when Rivera came in in the 9th? LAME!

I definitely heard a "let's Go Red Sox!" chant on TV in the 4th.

But it's not over. We have four W's to go.

I am so tempted to book a flight to Boston on Saturday.

PS - Today would have been Mickey Mantle's 73rd birthday.

Coherent thoughts are understandbly few and far between right now so let's go to the visual evidence from last night:

libertines4.jpg The Libertines. I know Kegzies swears that these guys are the real deal so for that reason alone I went to see them last night. Our crew was rolling mad deep and I did have alot of fun overall but the gig was very, very oridnary. I think with this band you either get it or you don't. I obviously don't. A big reason why is the inordinate amount of press this band has recieved across the pond. It seems like they are on the cover of NME every damn week, and honestly I have no idea why. I liked this better when it was called The Jam. Their tunes are incredibly same-y (I joked that by touring with Radio 4, who are stricken with the same affliction, they could have called this the "All Our Songs Sound The Same Tour") and just ran together. I think this bugged me most of all. This band hasn't written a Live Forever, Common People, Parklife, Connection or anything near as good. Hell, they haven't even written Good Enough or Brimful of Asha, yet the press slobbers all over them. They were a tight live act and my toe was tapping throughout but those aren't exactly traits of the rock elite now are they? The 930 Club was close to capacity though and I do have to say that I'd much rather people listen to The Libertines than Good Charlotte. But I digress...

Yo, when I say Ted Leo effing rules, this is what I really mean. An incredibly well written article and a must read for Ted fans. [Thanks Catherine]

Noel joins King Monkey Ian Brown onstage in Manchester.

QOTSA news

Brett + Bernard = The Tears.

UNC pretty boy Rashad McCants opens his big fat mouth again. Didn't homeboy learn his lesson from last time? Apparently not.

I don't know either man.

I bought a CD last weekend! Been a while since I've done that. I picked up Stereloab's ABC Sessions and it's just brilliant. I'm really liking the cover design too. Turns out the guy who did it also did XTRMNTR.

Will a Yank soon be in control of Man U?

Don't even get me started about tonight. I'm still recovering from last night. This I know:
Joe Buck is a douchebag
So is A Rod (see the video)
So is Tim McCarver
Curt Shilling pitched his ass off
Marky Doodles was due for a big hit
Manny is due for one tonight, and
ALL the pressure is on the Yankees right now.

OK, it's official, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead have achieved "Do Not Miss" status when they come through town again. They put on a fantastic show to a half full 930 club last night. I'll have a full review on DCist later today but if you really want to know how good the show was consider this:
1) I left to catch the gig at about 10:05 which was right about when the 13th inning started. All the radio stations were playing the effing MNF game and the only baseball coverage I could get was on AM radio and the signal would cut out in downtown DC everytime I drove by a tall building. The signal was completely gone by the time I got to the 930 Club, so I walked inside cursing the Yankees under my breath.
2) I bought a t-shirt. I never do that anymore, but they earned it.
**UPDATE** Here is my DCist review




Tod5jpglink Tod6jpglink

Just when I think I'm out, they fucking pull me back in.

I think Ckelly spoke for all of us when he said: I just called for an ambulance. God damn...

**UPDATE** If I had a baby, I'd name him walk-off.


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Tonight I’ll be going to see one of my favorite bands on the planet, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Any band with an ellipsis in their name is A-OK with me since we all know how much I love my ellipsis’s…Somehow I only saw them once on their last tour (I’m still kicking myself for not ponying up the cash to see them open for the Queens of the Stone Age) so it’s been a good 18 months or so since I’ve seen them last. Somehow I always manage to run into Conrad Keely after their gigs (at least I have on each of the three previous times I have seen the band) and he generally chats with me for a few seconds and then grabs the nearest girl and starts chatting her up. And for the record, I’m not knocking him, if I was in a shit hot band, I’d much rather talk to cute females after the gig than dorky old me any day.

Jen Daily Refill has two songs from their upcoming record, entitled Worlds Apart, available for download. They are…different to say the least. Whenever I listen to “Track 4”, I can’t decide if I’m like “Piano?” or if I’m like “Piano!”, so we’ll see. Unfortunately my friends are a bunch of punk ass bitches (I’m kidding, that’s not true) so I’ll be flying solo tonight. Expect a full report with pics tomorrow.

Here was the setlist from two nights ago in Connecticut:
Overture / Will You Smile Again / It Was There That I Saw You / Another Morning Stoner / Homage / Rest Will Follow / Caterwaul / Mistakes and Regrets / Aged Dolls / A Perfect Teenhood / Gargoyle Waiting / Richter Scale Madness / Totally Natural

Last weekend when I was unpacking some of my CD’s, I ran across Madonna and put that on for the first time in ages. For some reason, I didn’t have that loaded into my iTunes. Mistakes and Regrets is easily one of my top 20 songs of all time (and probably should have been on The Best Mix CD Ever, Volume Two) and I hope they play it tonight. I want to rock out and get really sweaty. And dammit, I want some destruction at the end of the set!!

If you forget how to feel
Reach inside your chest
Is there a heart beating?
Or just emptiness?

The good news? I have another exclusive interview to drop on everyone today. The bad news? I'm almost done milking what's left of my dwindling industry connections. Ugh. Oh well. Enjoy!

Quick, name all the people that have worked on records by Public Enemy, Ween, Bob Dylan, The Super Furry Animals, and...ummmm...Soul Asylum. *taps foot* C'mon, I'm waiting. OK, honestly I'm not really sure how many people have, but one person I am sure that's done it is producer/mixer/engineer extraordinaire Chris Shaw. As you'll soon see, Chris worked on many of the records that shaped my musical tastes in high school and college and still continues to be on top of his game these days, as evidenced by his amazing work on Ted Leo's forthcoming album,Shake The Sheets, due in stores tomorrow.

In addition to all of this, Mr. Shaw also provided yours truly with an experience that I will take with me to the grave, namely being able to sit in with the Super Furry Animals while they were recording Rings Around The World in Woodstock NY in the summer of 2000 (visual evidence below). The band invited me up to the sessions and Chris graciously agreed to let me come up, hang out, and just generally be a fly on the wall. It is hard to put into words the experience of watching your favorite band in the world go through the creative process as they make music. I was there as Cian created the drum loop that would become All The Shit You Do and also watched him record the piano backdrop for Patience (both of these songs wound up as B-Sides). During playback of the songs, the band would ask me things like "What do you think?" and "Should the guitars be louder?", which was just mind-blowing to me. I'm not sure if I ever conveyed my eternal thanks to Chris at the time, so consider it done. Thank you sir! OK, enough about me, here we go:

1) Since I don’t think many people know, can you explain exactly what it is a producer does to a record? Is it the same for every band?

A producer to an album is very much what a director is to a movie. He shapes the overall feel and tone of a record by telling a band how to approach the songs on the record. This includes editing a song that's just too long, suggesting lyric changes, changing the key of a song to better suit the vocalist, cutting out the dreaded drum and bass solos, and establishing good tempos. Sometimes you even have to make the band write additional material, like bridges to songs that don't have one. I'm a sucker for a great b-section or bridge. My favorite example believe it or not is Def Leppard. Like the band or not, the b-sections of their songs or just as good if not better than their choruses. My favorite example is "Animal" off of Hysteria.

Bands in general look to their producer a guidance to make sure that they don't take too many detours while making the record. (Honestly will people not buy the record because there's no cowbell in the outro of this song?) He's in charge of the budget, chooses the studios that are used, picks the songs that will be recorded, hires the engineers that will record and mix the record (if he's not also an engineer), and tries to stave off record company politics and in-band fighting.

Chris Shaw in the producer's booth at Bearsville Studios A producer can dramatically change the sound, style, and direction of a band. A good example is how U2 became a completely different band after working with Brian Eno. Obviously, U2 was ready to make this change and had the confidence and talent to do so successfully. Very few bands and producers can accomplish this easily.

Some producers can be dictators while working with a band but many, like myself, work in conjunction with the band to achieve what they ultimately want for the record. A lot of bands don't need too much from their producer except to just keep an overall eye on things. When I worked with the Super Furry Animals on Rings Around The World in addition to all the other things that I mentioned, my main job was to tell the band "Stop, you cannot possibly fit anymore ideas into this song. Let's move on to something else." There was never a lack of creativity there. With other bands getting creativity flowin is not unlike pulling teeth. 'Nuff said.

2) Why do you record drum sounds first? Is it better to record a band in separate rooms or all together in one room?

This is actually a bit of a misconception. If you're lucky enough to worked with a really good band you can record everybody and once and get the whole song done in a few takes. However we don't live in a perfect world. A good rhythm track/drum take is the foundation of a song. If the drum track sucks then there's nothing you can overdub that will make it sound god. If Hendrix had a crappy drummer you'd never know he was a great guitar player - period. So a good drum performance is essential.

Some of the gear at Bearsville Concentrating on drums first follows a certain logical progression. You can't start by recording the singer first because he has no music to stay in tune, a guitar player can't play first because he has no rhythm to play to, and bass player can't record unless he has some drums to lock to. Drums come first. There a many horror stories of albums taking forever to make because the drummer couldn't hold a tempo or play to a click track to keep things steady. Happily this doesn't happen too often.

When recording basic tracks, the band performs in the same room as the drummer but their amps (and the singer) are usually isolated in separate rooms. This prevents, for example, the guitar sound from being pick up by the drum mics and vice cersa. If a mistake is made by the guitar player during basic tracks he can rerecord his part again later. If the band records all in one room, then one player's mistake will ruin an otherwise perfect take. This is not to say it can't be done. I recorded Dylan's Love and Theft with everyone in the same room. In this case the leakage between instruments was a good thing.

3) You started your career by engineering hip hop records. How did you make the jump to producing indie rock?

That's an interesting story. After doing a lot of hip hop records I really started feeling the urge to produce but hip-hop was obviously not what I was cut out for. I was a middle-class white kid that grew up listening to metal and prog rock. I couldn't front; I wasn't from the streets. I loved working for Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad, (their production team) but I couldn't see myself getting any further in the world of hip hop. Fortunately in the early 90's everybody in the rock world was listening to hip hop and there was a lot of interest in how those records were being made – especially Public Enemy. At that time not many people in the rock world knew about sampling, scratching and drum programming. And fewer still knew how PE mangled their samples.

Being on staff at Greene Street Recording also gave me the opportunity to engineer a lot of rock records as well. The owner of GSR had a band he produced in-house called Riot (big in Japan). So I wound up engineering on a bunch on those records. Sonic Youth recorded Daydream Nation and Goo at GSR often at the same time PE was there recording It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Fear Of A Black Planet. I didn't work with Sonic Youth but I hung around a lot of those sessions. As a result there was a lot of interest in the engineers that worked at Greene Street. Eric Sadler from the Bomb Squad convinced me to break out as an indie engineer and even hooked me up with my first manager. To cut a long story short Michael Beinhorn got a copy of my discography (resume) and had me engineer Soul Asylum's Grave Dancer's Union - which he produced - because of my work with Public Enemy. This led me to Ric Ocasek and eventually Weezer.

4) (Former ilb co-worker) Heather once told me a story about how someone mugged you and almost stole the master tapes for a Public Enemy record. Care to share that story?

Long before Napster, the biggest threat to the music industry was cassette bootlegs. Hip hop records would be on the street weeks before the were officially released. PE decided to take matters into their own hands by keeping close tabs on who got copies of the record. On the day we mastered Fear Of A Black Planet, they gave me the only DAT copy to keep safe at home. When they needed them, they would call me and I would bring it to the studio to make copies.

One night while walking home I got mugged at gunpoint. I had no money so they told me to give them my leather jacket. Realizing that I had the only DAT in my pocket I clumsily took it off upside down so that it would fall out of the inside pocket. "What's that?" "An answering machine tape, you want that too?" Fuck it." - and they ran off. Leaving a potential fortune in bootlegs on the sidewalk.

I went back to the studio to call the police. Chuck D. and the rest of the crew were there. When I told them I got mugged they got really upset until I pulled the DAT out of my back pocket.

Luna's Dean Wareham on keeping up a website: I don't know, I could write my memoirs, because I used to, you know. I was writing them for the website for a while, for the tour diary, and putting a lot of work into them. And finally it occurred to me no one's paying me for this, this is hard work.

I just ordered Shake The Sheets from the Lookout Records website for a total of $12.06 shipped. This also includes a free Ted Leo poster. And since this will be your next question, no I am not above putting a Ted Leo poster on my wall.
**UPDATE** I placed my order at 3:37 PM today. I got an email at 4:02 saying my order had shipped. That's service, people.

Did you know I am a world record holder?

Be sure to check back Monday for one of the big surprises I've been talking about.

10/15/91 12:55 AM

Bukbeer There is nothing that teaches you more than regrouping after failure and moving on. Yet most people are stricken with fear. The fear failure so much that they fail. They are too conditioned, too used to being told what to do. It begins with the family, runs through school and goes into the business world.

There is a door open into the night and I am sitting here freezing but I won't get up and close the door because these words are running away with me and I like that too much to stop. But damn it, I will. I will get up and close the door and take a piss.

There I did it. Both of these things. I even put on a sweater. Old writer puts on sweater, sits down, leers into the computer screen and writes about life. How holy can we get?

- Taken from the book The Captain Is Out to Lunch & the Sailors Have Taken over the Ship

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Polly Jean was a bit subdued last night at the 930, but she still put on a great show and looked sexy as hell doing so. My DCist review is right here.

For those that don't want to click through, here was my set at iPod DJ night. Eight songs in 12 minutes!

Beastie Boys – 12 Piece Chicken Dinner
Gene – Left Handed
Blur – We’ve Got A File On You
Spoon – Car Radio
Elastica – Annie
The La’s – Feelin’
Super Furry Animals – Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir
The Smiths – William, It Was Really Nothing


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Early show @ 7 PM.

And then...
Presented by Cricklewood Massive. You get to DJ for 12 minutes using your iPod. I have my playlist ready. It's a whopping 8 songs! Check back tomorrow for a full report.

Also, I completely spaced on setting my VCR to tape the Bill Hicks Comedy Special on HBO tonight. Can some kind soul out there PLEASE tape it for me. Pretty please?

So much for lucky bird poop. Mussina rolled in the first 6 innings last night before the Sox rallied to make it interesting. Curt may be done for the series, we'll know more today.

FIle under must read: The Sports Guy's Game One Diary.

5:16 -- Our announcers tonight: Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and Al Leiter. Buck mentions that Boone's home run happened a year ago tonight -- great news -- then adds, "For some reason, it seemed predetermined that we'd be right back here later for a rematch of sorts."
(Hey, I can think of a reason. What about the combined $330 million payrolls? Could that have been it?)

5:33 -- When it comes right down to it, watching your team pitch to Sheffield is like watching President Bush speak extemporaneously -- you can't breathe and you just want it to be over as fast as possible. I'm Bill Simmons and I approved that sentence.

6:48 -- But seriously, can you imagine telling your boss, "I need to leave work early today if that's OK, I have to go home and make my giant 10-by-5 'MOOSE GOT THE JUICE' sign for tonight's game"?

It gets better from there....

I'm pissed I'm missing the Bravery's show tonight at Iota. I've never been to the venue and I wanted to check it out but I just have too much stuff going on tonight, not to mention Game One. Next time then. Here are the gigs I'm hoping to check out in the near future:

10/13 - PJ Harvey @ 930
10/18 - ...Trail of Dead @ 930
10/19 - Libertines/Radio 4 @ 930
10/21 - Ted Leo @ Ottobar in B'more
10/23 - Death Cab @ 930 - SOLD OUT
10/27 - Sea Ray in Baltimore
11/08 - Muse @ 930
11/09 - Interpol @ 930 - SOLD OUT
11/13 - Matthew Sweet @ 930
11/14 - Crooked Fingers/Delgados @ Black Cat

Am I missing anything?
So...Anyone want to come with to see Ted Leo and/or Sea Ray in Baltimore? It'll be fun, I promise. My "concert buddy" cancelled on me. Hmph! :)
Also, if any faithfull readers have extra tix to Death Cab and Interpol, I will gladly take them off of your hands.
If you are going to any of these shows and want to get a beer beforehand, just leave a comment below or use the email link to your right to holla.

Damon10122004 I fucking heart Curt Schilling. "I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up." It is fucking on tonight bitches! That's almost as good as his quote from 2001 when his Dbacks were getting ready to take on the Evil Empire. Back then he said the Diamondbacks weren't intimidated by the Yankees because "mystique and aura, those are dancers in a nightclub, those are not things we concern ourselves with on the ball field."

This series will have it all. Memories of last year. Mariano Rivera's deaths in the family. Stupid T shirts by MLB. Can't wait for 8:17 PM. I think the Sox take this game in a close one. Mike Mussina will give his usual performance, pitching a great game except for 2 or 3 at bats when he'll leave a meatball in someone's wheelhouse and that will lose the game for him. But then again, I was screaming for Francona to pinch run for Big Papi in the 8th inning of Game 3 last Friday, so what the hell do I know?

Just as exciting (if not moreso for me personally), The Celtics open the preseason against the baby Bulls. Jiri Havliczech's wrist is A-OK. The C's are much improved from last year, but guess who Danny Ainge's biggest off season signing was? Curt Schilling.

Stick a fork in the Panthers. DeShaun Foster is out 6 to 10 weeks with a broken collarbone. Crazy thing is, they still could have beaten the Broncos. That was a game they would have won last year. Of course, they had a healthy squad last year.

Gothamist interviews Ted Leo. Nice job ladies.

Anyone else see the Largehearted Boy plug in Q Magazine?

Is a new iPod on the way? I was gonna buy a new one later in the month, but maybe now I will wait. Then again, not sure how many photos I'll be looking at on a 2 x 2 screen. I'd rather save my battery for the music. PS - The iPod has 82 percent of the MP3 player market.

Still swamped at work. I'll try and get some more stuff up later today.

How was everyone's weekend? I spent mine driving back and forth from DC to NC, but now I have winter clothes, some of my CD's and my snowboard! Just in time too, it was in the low 40's this morning at the bus stop.

Half day today leading to a long weekend. Saturday I'm driving home to get the rest of my stuff (i.e. winter clothes + CD's) in my parents garage. I'll be back Tuesday, have a great holiday weekend everyone. Until I leave you with this:

Below is an excerpt from a Bukowski book I'm reading. It's amazing how topical it is.

10/3/91 11:56 PM

Bush might get reelected because he won an easy war. But he didn't do crap for the economy. You never even know if your bank will open in the morning. I don't mean to sing the blues. But you know, in the 1930's at least everybody knew where they were. Now, it's a game of mirrors. And nobody is quite sure what is holding it together. Or who they are really working for. If they are working.


That was taken from the book The Captain Is Out to Lunch & the Sailors Have Taken over the Ship which is basically Bukowski writing his way through an incredible time in his life. He was 71 in 1991 and just got his first computer, a Macinatosh IIsi and when he's not marveling at his new toy, he spends his time reminiscing on his life (he didn't start writing poetry until he was 51) as he approaches death. he knows the end is near, but in a way he is looking forward to it. The writing is incredibly clear and concise. It's an amazing peek into a 71 year old's mind. This book is a must read if you can find a copy for cheap. I don't think there's a need to pay the $75 Amazon is asking for. Check eBay.

The book is basically a sporadic diary from August 1991 to September 1992. I'll try and post things from this book on the corresponding date and we can all see what Buk was thinking on these days just 13 years ago. Trust me, it'll be fun.

I laughed out loud at this:

If you're a Red Sox fan, there was a ton of stuff to love. Including ...

The thought of the Angels taking a potential "Dead Man Walking" cross-country flight.

The thought of a potential clincher on Friday afternoon in Boston, in a St. Patrick's Day-level atmosphere (since just about every office downtown is closing early that day).

The thought of Schilling only having to pitch once this series, meaning he could go 1-4-7 against the Yanks or Twins (pumping my fist).

Pedro pulling the old Hulk Hogan routine in Game 2, lifting his arm and waving his index finger just as the referee (in this case, just about every Boston fan) was counting him out. Not a virtuoso performance, but an effective one: Seven innings, three earned, no extra base hits. Just like I requested in Wednesday's column (even within two hits and a strikeout). I didn't think it was the biggest start of Pedro's career or anything, but it was one of the most satisfying -- the greatest Sox pitcher of my lifetime proving that his back remained fork-free, even consistently hitting 94 and 95 on the gun. Maybe that seven days of rest did him good.

(Of course, when he left the game after the dramatic seventh -- when Eckstein and Figgins fouled off a combined 75 pitches -- players were hugging him and congratulating him outside of the dugout. My buddy Hench thought that the players were trying to make it clear to Francona that Pedro was done for the night, leading to a series of "Just to be safe, Ortiz and Millar are stripping off Pedro's clothes in the dugout" and "They're sneaking him out of the stadium in a cab before Francona reconsiders" jokes. All warranted, obviously.)

A fumbling politeness / The difference saved me


Mucho special Happy Birthday wishes are going out today to the uber-wonderful L Boogie. Senorita Boogie, although she is loathe to admit it, played a small but critical role in helping me become a taxpayer again and ultimately make the big move to our nation's capitol. And if you've spoken with me recently, you know how happy I am with that decision. I met L Boogie online (it's not nearly as saucy as it sounds you perverts!) sometime last year through the Super Furry Animals internet mailing list. She recognized the skillz and started reading my blog and eventually we traded a few emails. She always told me to stay positive despite all the shit I was going through and it was something I really appreciated.
After I moved back to NC, she happened to mention that she would be happy to pass my resume along to her better half, Mr. Johnny English, and see if his company had any openings. Not thinking much of it, I did and lo and behold, I got a call and an interview. A few weeks and three interviews later, I was employed again. All because someone that was a total stranger to me a few months earlier took the time to do something thoughtful for a new friend. That my friends is the definition of BUZZ.
I can feel her blushing from here so I will stop. Happy Bday L Boogie! Check your inbox for your present!
(I hope you didn't cancel your old email address yet)

It wasn't pretty, but Pedro got 'er done. Two down, nine to go. I wanted to fucking kill Mark Bellhorn last night. BTW, good call.

Effing Yankees.

Raef LaFrentz, looking good at camp while Ricky and Jiri battle it out. Doc on Jiri: "I'm really trying to find where to put him," said Rivers. "Today, we put him on the second unit and we had Ricky on the first unit. Jiri played most of the day at point guard and he was phenomenal. Now, he really has me confused because I don't know where to play him. He's a better shooter than I ever thought." Don't sleep on Jiri Havliczech!

Where will I be on Saturday afternoon? Watching England v. Wales and wearing the Welsh National Team Jersey that L Boogie bought me. Goldie Lookin' Chain predict a Welsh win. Make it so!

The Soft Bulletin in five point one.

Are you down with B to the E? Me either.

DC has the nation's fifth best abs. Well, I have spent alot of time in the gym recently.

The architect looks on as HIS team takes the floor. Gary Payton is the new team leader and everyone is excited.

``I automatically think of those highlight dunks he used to throw to Shawn Kemp when he was back in Seattle,'' Celtics forward Ricky Davis said. ``I could see myself on the end of some of those.''

``I just came out here and tried to help the young guys,'' Payton said. ``You can't leave everything on Paul. He also needs a veteran like me to make the young guys better. Now, it's the same thing as when I was in Seattle, when I taught a lot of young guys, and I love that. I think back to when I had the Eddie Johnsons and Rickey Pierces teaching me, and how good that was for me. I can do that now for these guys.''

In other camp news, four out of the five starters are already set. Looks like MC Ricky D, Jiri Havliczech and Tony Allen will fight to the death for the nod. I predict Jiri starts and Ricky finishes the game. Allen will get spot minutes for the time being until one of the other two is dealt.

And what's up with this teams can only practice three hours a day rule from the NBA?

One down, 10 to go. Schilling methodically dispensed of the Angels like he was loading a dishwasher. Ok, whatever you say.

Finally, RIP big guy. Respect.

That's all I got today. I'm swamped at work. More tomorrow.

REM is soooo topical today. Anyone wanna take Coolfer up on this wager? To top it off, the WaPo takes a look at how REM is using to promote their new record. The print edition showed the group's album sales since Automatic For The People (i.e pre-suckiness) and...well, let's just say that it's been a downward trend.

Steve Jobs returns to work.

Buy a Mac if you want a secure computer.

Wonderful, my alma mater is currently the fourth worst team in the country according to Go Pirates. And everyone was wondering why I'm skipping homecoming this weekend...

It's never too early to start the NBA power rankings. It's also never too early to start bitching about your team's ranking. How the fuck are the Warriors ranked ahead of the C's?

Jason Giambi, no soup for you!

OK, NOW I'm ready for the playoffs. I got my column from The Sports Guy. Oh, and thanks ESPN for making us the favorites this postseason. No pressure or anything.

I Can't Stand It


Click the image for a larger, more legible version. Today I'd also like to unveil a new feature here on our Monthly Playlist series and that is...MP3's available for downloading! My sources tell me all the cool kids are doing it. So today, I offer you these two choice cuts from the mix above:

REM - Cuyahoga (live) - An absolutely gorgeous rendition recorded during their semi-recent MTV 2 UNplugged gig. To me, this song makes me kinda sad because this REM is gone forever. They will never write another song like this again. Instead Stipe now sings about hanging out with Q Tip at uber hip clubs in Manhattan. Fuck REM and their $75 concert tickets. They lost me after Up. I couldn't be less excited about their new record if I tried.

Unbelievable Truth - I Wanna Be Adored (Live) As I said when I unveiled the Greatest MixTape Ever: Volume Two, this was a great band that never got the attention and kudos they deserved, so now is your chance. I get a kick out of hearing Thom Yorke's little brother sing a Stone Roses classic.

I'm sure a few of you are wondering why there is no Ted Leo love on this current mix. Well, that's because I've had to stop myself from listening to the new record because I don't want to get burned out on it. It doesn't even come out for another two weeks. I had contemplated posting a track for download here, but decided not to for reasons that will be explained at a later date. However, proving the old adage that "unemployed and recently unemployed minds think alike", The Big Ticket does the damn thing, complete with lyrics. Go peep the title track from Shake The Sheets and play it real, real loud. And GO BUY THE RECORD WHEN IT DROPS IN TWO WEEKS. You will not be disappointed. BTW, Go Twins!

Peter Gammons hands out his MLB awards.

Am I a bad person because I am more excited about Celtics media day than I am about first pitch at 4:09 PM? Don't answer that. I'm sure my attitude will change later in the day but peep this: Gary Payton saying all the right things and Air Jordan taking C's rook Tony Allen under his wing this summer. But then again, everyone is optimistic about their team in October. I think with GP on board, we can do some damage this year. Winning our division is not out of the question IF things go right.

Breaking news, Jason Kidd doesn't think the Nets will win the title this year. O ye of little faith.

Macca + Brian Wilson = collabo full length?

Cheeky Buskers.

The Real Janelle has been mucho silent on the Cubs and their fall from grace. Not gloating, just saying.

Vote for Lindsay (on the left, circa age 10)!

My fellow Virginians; so very retarded.

This is where we walked / this is where we swam
Take a picture here / take a souvenir
Cuyahoga is gone
Cuyahoga is gone

Think I'm washed up? Here I am bitches. Come and get it.


We're all Phantom Planet up in this bitch. Playoffs start tomorrow. Full schedule here. Notice how the Evil Empire got all their games in primetime?

Derek Lowe was banished to the bullpen but said all the right things in the media. The last roster spot will come down to three pitchers in the bullpen; Curtis Leskanic, Ramiro Mendoza, or Scott Williamson. I'm voting for Williamson, although Leskanic has done well at times this year.

PS - Sucks for the Twins.

Gary Payton will report to training camp today! Today is media day and camp begins in earnest tomorrow! The first pre-season game is Oct 12th! Yay basketball.

In other news, Waltah tells us how many minutes he's gonna get per game:

Stop the presses! I agree with something Peter May wrote. the Chicago Bulls were/are not a dynasty.

Fatty McFattpants, otherwise known as Greg Ostertagg, fell down, went boom. The result? A broken hand.

Get a load of this shite. Micro$oft is trying to label Apple as evil. Bill's mouthpiece, and M$ chief exec, Steve Ballmer opens his mouth and labels iPod users as "thieves"; "We’ve had DRM in Windows for years. The most common format of music on an iPod is 'stolen'." Oh, and music on other MP3 players isn't? Hey fucktard, what OS does Soulseek run on again? I forget. And who was the first company to offer music for legal downloading? If Apple is so "evil", why are they offering the recent Presidential debate at the iTunes Music Store?

The Globe on Morrissey.

"I was at the keg and someone was like, this is Freddy Adu's cup, get out of the way," said Fitzgerald, a freshman letters and sciences major. Freddy Adu, 15 year old party animal.

VA residents, today is your last day to register to vote. Get 'er done!

Did anyone else see this and think it said "NY Times to PEABS; Shut the eff up!"?

Check out Super Furry Guto's iTunes playlist.

The Guardian on Eddie Izzard, my favorite transvestite comedian ever. 'I'm all boy, plus extra girl - not even half and half. I've worked out: I'm all boy, mentally, plus girl-stuff.'


Upper Darby PA – Oct 2nd 2004

The band comes out after the Sinatra song and taped intro to rapturous applause. Moz is again in his red blazer. The band all have kilts on.

** Moz: (Stepping up to the mic/singing) You’re the one for me, Philly

FIRST OF THE GANG TO DIE – The crowd goes nuts, especially on the guitar breakdown near the end of the song.

** Thank you. Welcome to the second night of the Bar Mitzvah.

BIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN – Moz plays tambourine near the end of the song! Lots of mic cord flailing. He’s very energetic tonight.

** Thank you. Thank you. – someone from the crowd gives him gift.

NOVEMBER SPAWNED A MONSTER – Sounds strange. The band is playing it a 3/4 speed. Sounds much different than DC.

** Thank you. Thank you. And on the subject of…Yes, my ears are still ringing. I’m bit jet lagged. Julia, they won’t let me say anything. [pause] And on the subject of Lollapalooza, just let me say…Jesus, what a relief! Bigmouth strikes again, eh?


** That was a song from our new album, which is called “Guess Who’s Coming To Throw Up Dinner?” Sorry Julia. Sorry everyone. Sorry me. This is another track from…-makes snoring sounds-.

THE WORLD IS FULL OF CRASHING BORES – Again, this sounds slow. Is the band tired or something?

** I should have been a postman, it would have been easier. What do you call them? Mailmen? Can I introduce you to my band, Kilt Uncle? My partner for 20 plus years, Boz Boorer. Gary Day! On drumkit, Deano! Yes, I have gas as well. The absolutely sensational Jess Tobias. And a man of two and a half parts, Mikey V. Farrell. Me? Believe me, you wouldn’t want to know.

DON”T MAKE FUN OF DADDY”S VOICE – Not a huge fan of this song but it sounds amazing. Total rock, much more so than anything else played tonight. Boz is playing his Flying V. Best song of the night? We have our first stage invader of the night.

(Piano intro into) LAST NIGHT I DREAMT SOMEBODY LOVED ME – His voice is in fine form tonight. Everyone is mesmerized. As always, he changes shirts at the end of the song.

NOW MY HEART IS FULL – very Vegas. This song sounds slightly off too. The arrangement is different from the one played in DC. He flubs some of the words at the beginning of the song.

** I didn’t forget the words. Willie made me laugh. Willie, Willie. – He then starts talking about Michael Moore and saying nice things about him, like he's “very hip”, I couldn't keep up with him – But did you know Moore is anti-vegetarian? He hates vegetables, because, well he is one….Well…


** If you don’t mind me asking, do you know of an American woman called Ellen Degenerate? – crowd boos- Ellen Degenerate is not funny, is that what you’re saying to me? – someone in the crowd yells, “Lazy Dyke” and everyone, including Moz, laughs – I haven’t finished yet. There was a question about Ellen Degenerate. She’s extended a slight invitation…No? Yes? Does anyone hate the show? – talking to someone in the front row- You don’t have a TV? What’s you’re favorite film? – looks up to the rest of the crowd- Am I being Annoying? Yes? Sorry Boz.


** So how can Upper Darby possibly know how I feel?


** Thank you. By the way, I’m sorry (opening act Damien)Dempsey mentioned Philly Cheese steaks. I’ll make him a vegetarian if it kills me.

THE NEVER PLAYED SYMPHONIES – I got all excited because I thought this was “Munich Air Disaster 1958” but when he started singing I realized it was not. This is one of my favorite Moz songs but it sounded very uneven live. The keyboards were too low and the drums were way too high. They overpowered everything and it just sounded weird. Probably because it was the first time they have ever played that song live. Score! Everyone who didn’t buy the single this was on (i.e. almost everyone) goes to the bathroom. Me, yelling loudly after it was done, "Yay B-sides!" After the end of this song Moz is just standing there and during a lull, a guy near us yells “Play something good!”

THE MORE YOU IGNORE ME THE CLOSER I GET – How's this then? Another newbie for this tour and a complete surprise. Sounded pretty good considering the last time they played it live was at the Beacon show in 2000 (yes, I was there). Moz unbuttons his shirt halfway down and plays with his nipple to great applause. He changes his shirt at the end of the song.

** I’m sorry that the tickets were so expensive, but you might have noticed that the price of Nyquil went up. Heh.

IRISH BLOOD, ENGLISH HEART – This sounds slow too, but more tambourine playing by Moz!

** Thank you. Thank you.

I KNOW IT COULDN”T LAST – I hate this song more and more but the crowd really dug it. They let out big cheers every time it built up and then slowed back down. A stage invader makes it to the stage, touches Moz’s hand and then almost gets his neck broken by the security. They pounded that guy. Moz tosses his shirt into the crowd.

HOW SOON IS NOW – A sea of hands goes in the air and everyone sings along. Thankfully, this song still sounds ace tonight. Just amazing, it sounds like a big tank moving slowly down a city street.

** Now Philly friends, life is a very serious thing and we may never pass this way again. (crowd boos) Thanks for many good nights over the best part of these last 20 years, and…god bless you.

THERE IS A NIGHT THAT NEVE GOES OUT – Moz finishes off a so-so gig with a lethal 1, 2 punch. Again, everyone goes nuts. A stream of fans gets to the stage one by one. I counted a total of at least 12 people. It was a mad house. The last one is a female that can’t get to Moz before he bolts offstage, so she goes and kisses Gary Day. Boz, thinking he’s next, runs away while playing the outro. Very nimble for such a big guy.

My tenth Moz show was a good one, but not as good as DC. I think, upon reflection, that DC was the second best show I’ve ever seen Moz do behind the first show at the Beacon in Boston on the 2000 tour (he played an utterly magical “Break Up The Family” that night). This, however, was the absolute chattiest I have ever seen Moz. He was rambling on and on in places. The two new additions to the set were worth the ticket price, but I did miss “Rubber Ring” and “Everyday is Like Sunday” which were absent. His remarks at the end were a bit cryptic, but I guess that’s Morrissey for you. Cheers to L Boogie and Johnny English for coming with.

GlamcoverA long pause. She stares disconcertingly at my near-empty martini glass. "How many of those have you had?" Another pause. "Boy-I think you need to get off the Klonopin, guy."
"Forget it. I knew it was a crazy question. Forget it," I say, trying to smile, shaking my head. "So who's been sleeping in your bed?"
"I'm enjoying the art of being semi-single," she sighs.
"I'm seeing your face in a new light," I say, resting my chin in the palm of my hand, staring straight at her. "And your lying."
"About what?" she asks hesitantly.
"About being single."
"How would you know?"
"Because girls who look like you are never single," I say faux-confidently. "Plus, I know you, Jamie. You like guys too much."
She just stares at me, mouth open, and then starts laughing hysterically and doesn't stop cracking up until I ask, "Did you have cheekbones like that at Camden?"
She takes a couple of deep breaths, reaches over to finish my martini, and, flushed, panting, asks, "Victor, what do you expect me to say to that?"
"You dropped a bomb on me, baby," I murmur, staring at her.
Startled, pretending not to be, she asks, "I did what?"
"You dropped a bomb on me," I say. "You, like, affected me."
"When did this happen?"
"When we first met?"
"And now I'm in the same state."
"Well, get over it," she says. "Get over yourself as well."
"You're thinking something, though," I say, refusing to break eye contact, not even blinking.
"Yes, I am," she says finally, smiling.
"What are you thinking, Jamie?"
After a pause and looking directly back at me, she says, "I'm thinking you're a potentially interesting person who I might want to get reacquainted with."
"You've always been one of the fifty most inspiring women in the world to me."
"Would you like to get reacquainted Victor?" she asks, daring me, lowering her eyes, then raising them up, widening them.
Suddenly, the way she says this and the look on her face - total sex - flusters me, and with my face burning, I try and complete a sentence, but only "I, um, don't know..." comes out. I end up staring down at the table.
"Don't be shocked," she says. "I'm not saying let's fuck. I'm just saying maybe we can get reacquainted."
"Hey, nothing shocks me anymore, baby."
"That's good," she says after a while, studying me. "that's very good, Victor."
After the table has been cleared and we've had desert, she asks, "What are you thinking about?"
After a long pause, debating which way to go, I say, "I'm thinking does she still do drugs?"
"And?" she asks teasingly.
"And...does she have any on her right now?"
Smiling, getting into the spirit, Jamie says. "No." A sllght pause. "But I know where we can get some."
"Waiter?" I lift my hand. "Check please?"

- Taken from the book Glamorama, written by Brett Easton Ellis

PpisapimpBut call a doubleteam / 'cause you can't guard me

I'll talk some shit / pull up and bust a three

'Cause I'm The Truth / but you can call me PP

Holla at ya bizzle.

Isiah Thomas, already in the running for GM of the Year. He desperately wants to trade Kurt Thomas, who he signed to a 4 year extension, complete with trade kicker, just four months ago and is contemplating paying Shandon Anderson $24 million NOT to play for the Knicks for the next few years. Read the last part of that sentence again.

Suddenly, Garciaparra was having a Boston flashback. The media were badgering him. Did it ever occur to him that he's The Curse, the link between the Red Sox and Cubs?

If Apple can boost its global market share in PCs by just a half-percentage point, to 2.5% by 2006, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, it could boost revenues over current estimates by 24%, to $12 billion, and earnings by 23%, to $491 million.

OK, let me get this straight...The Music are playing KC, Tulsa, Fort Wayne, St. Cloud, De Kalb, Grand Forks and Loveland, but NOT our nation's capitol. Argh.

Ted Leo will be on FNX on Sunday. Perhaps a loyal Bostonian can record said appearance for me? Pretty Please?

I'd hate to be like / Certain people I know
They break their necks
And can't afford / To get them fixed

The blogoshpere is abuzz today with recollections of last night's debate. Ted Leo thinks Kerry blew it, but the general consensus says he did pretty well. And I have to agree. All I heard Bush say was "You forgot Poland!" and try and attempt to bash Kerry for his "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" rhetoric ad naseum. I didn't really pay that close attention to this debate as I know where I stand on foreign policy. I want to see B & K go head to head on what's going on at home. And what's with Rudy Guliani going on all the postgame shows and repeating the same crap as Bush? What a robot. He can suck it. Before 9/11 everyone in NYC thought he was a douchebag for openly cheating on his wife. Now he's "America's Mayor". Please. Go back to your cameo's in Adam Sandler movies.

And no matter how good everyone's coverage of the debate is, it won't beat Shatnerian's post from Tuesday recalling this Bush v. Dukakis SNL skit . Nice one.

Diane Sawyer: You still have a minute-twenty, Mr. Vice-President.

George Bush: Well, more has to be done, sure. But the programs we have in place are doing the job, so let's keep on track and stay the course.

Diane Sawyer: You have fifty seconds left, Mr. Vice-President.

George Bush: Let me sum up. On track, stay the course. Thousand points of light.

Diane Sawyer: Governor Dukakis. Rebuttal?

Michael Dukakis: I can't believe I'm losing to this guy!