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Oct 19 2004

Mach Schau! Mach Schau! Mach Schau!

OK, it's official, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead have achieved "Do Not Miss" status when they come through town again. They put on a fantastic show to a half full 930 club last night. I'll have a full review on DCist later today but if you really want to know how good the show was consider this:
1) I left to catch the gig at about 10:05 which was right about when the 13th inning started. All the radio stations were playing the effing MNF game and the only baseball coverage I could get was on AM radio and the signal would cut out in downtown DC everytime I drove by a tall building. The signal was completely gone by the time I got to the 930 Club, so I walked inside cursing the Yankees under my breath.
2) I bought a t-shirt. I never do that anymore, but they earned it.
**UPDATE** Here is my DCist review




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