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'Tis the season ya know. Posting is gonna be light this week as I have all of my magazines closing by Friday and innumerable meetings every day this week. You have been warned.

Are the Mets about to overpay for an over the hill star AGAIN?

The Good: The C's beat Orlando and snap their 4 game skid. They actually played very well in their loss at Miami one night earlier.
The Bad: Delonte West breaks his hand for the second time this year.

Duke v. Michigan State tonight. Lets hope the Sparty's do better than they did last year.

MozjesussleeveMorrissey to retire? That's the sleeve for what could be his next to last single, I Have Forgiven Jesus.

Idlewild talk about their new album.

The Arcade Fire to play DC in late January. Props to C & T for the scoop.

Have I mentioned my DJ night in January lately? I bought headphones and a DJ bag last night. Over the weekend I broke out my vinyl collection that had been gathering dust in my parents house. I had alot of stuff packed away that I completely forgot about. Now if I can just figure out where my parents stashed all my good seven inches, (including every Archers of Loaf seven inch ever and all the Oasis seven inches through WTSMG), I am officially in business.


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For the first ever appearance of DJ Leafblower!

You've seen the monthly mix cd's, now come hear them in person.

Saturday, January 8th
Backstage at the Black Cat
as part of the bluestate DJ collective with these other fine bloggers.

It's on kids! Who's with me?

Check out the animated version of The Sports Guy at your own risk.

I know this has been coming for a while now, but it is still a sad day.

any more than you do, but I'm swamped today and it's easy material. Grambo has had some excellent coverage of this whole incident direct from Tha D's perspective. It's a good read. The always respectable Bob Cook also weighs in with a view from a Pacer fan.

Last but not least, the mighty Sports Guy breaks down the tape: In a related story, if you scrolled through the lineups of all 30 teams before the season, then asked yourself, "What pair of teammates would be the most likely candidates to start a fight in the stands, eventually leading to the ugliest sequence in NBA history?", the heavy favorites would have been Artest and Jackson in Indiana, with Zach Randolph and Ruben Patterson a distant second in Portland. Those are the facts. That might have been a shocking night, but at no point did anyone who follows the NBA on a regular basis say to themselves, "I can't believe Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson are taking on Row 3 in the Palace right now!" Sketchiest pair of teammates in the league, roughest group of fans in the league. Not a good combo.
He also thankfully calls out the crew of NBA Shootaround for daring to defend the players actions. I know most of the crew is made of up ex players (the rest are just loudmouth dochebags) but you cannot defend what happened here. Sorry. I will not argue this. Yes both sides are to blame but players CANNOT go into the stands and beat up ticket holders. End of story.

TSG also has a follow up column today that will appear in the next ESPN The Magazine: Look, I'm not comfortable with what happened, but I'm a realist. The NBA has been straddling this line for years: crazy players, boozed-up crowds, everyone on top of one another. Throw in a sense of entitlement for some fans -- they take escalating ticket prices and mind-boggling salaries as a free pass to belittle players -- and this was inevitable. If the league truly wants to prevent riots, why does it sell beer after halftime? Why let drunken troublemakers sneak down into premium seats? Why aren't policemen protecting the visitors bench? If they don't change the rules after this, forget $5 lottery tickets; you're better off buying $125 tickets to an NBA game, getting bombed and baiting opposing players into a lawsuit.

TSG makes two excellent points here, both of which I have experienced first hand at the two Wizards games I have thusfar attended this year.
1) The Wiz stop selling beer when halftime ends. This seemed ridiculous to me last week when i was at the arena, but suddenly makes ALOT of sense. When do they stop selling in Detroit?
2) With about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the ushers moved from their posts to their places near the exits to help fans leave the arena. When they did that, I snuck down and sat 4 rows behind the basket for the rest of the 4th and OT. I wonder if that's what happened in Dtown as well.

The fan that threw the beer (Was it even a beer? The cup looked like it had ice in it.) has been identified as John Green of West Bloomfield Township. And guess what? The Detroit Free Press reported late Monday that Green has several criminal convictions, including felony assault with intent to do great bodily harm. Green has three drunken-driving convictions, and Gorcyca said a condition of Green's probation was that he not drink alcohol. Didn't see that one coming, did you?

Shaun Livingston dislocates kneecap. No reason to watch the Clips for a few weeks then.

File this under: No shit sherlock. Thankfully, my health has been pretty good since all of that. *knock wood*

File this under: Woo Hoo!

Johnny Greenwood and Jarvis Cocker set to appear in the next Harry Potter film. I am by no means a huge fan of that series but I have to admit I geeked out a bit when I spotted Ian Brown in the last one.

I'm off tomorrow so updates will be spotty until next Monday. Have a great holiday everyone.

owwquitit.jpg No, I'm not talking about this crazy photo that appears as if Ira Newble is karate kicking Mike Dunleavy Jr., I'm talking about that fight that has everyone talking. Lesson number one: Don't fuck with David Stern. Just a few thoughts on this matter since everyone and their mother will be weighing in on the subject:
- Artest had to be suspended for the season(Eric Cantona anyone?), even if, in my opinion, what Stephen Jackson did was much worse. Artest was provoked, Jackson was not. Atrest fucked up because he went after the wrong guy in the stands (although it appeared he did not punch him). But Jackson came out of nowhere and started trying to kick everyone's ass and really turned the notch up on the whole thing.
- I've always thought Jermaine "JO" O'Neal was a punk ass bitch and him cold cocking a guy half his size while he was down on his knees comfirms my suspicions. What a little bitch. Mike Wilbon is reporting things could get worse for JO, since sources say he punched a cop during the fracass.
- The fans of Dtown are just as much to blame here. Running onto the court is not acceptable.
- I was very surprised that Stern will make Jackson, Artest and JO serve their suspensions at the same time, basically stripping an already injury depleted Pacers team of their top 3 scorers and handing the division to Detroit(who haven't exactly been lighting it up lately). But the league cannot stand for players wandering into the stands and attacking ticket holders, no matter how out of line they may be.
- The Pistons got off easy, only losing Big Ben for 6 games. I would have liked to have seen them stop beer sales for the rest of the year or something to hurt the franchise financially and teach the fans a lesson.

I would love to hear my peeps from Deeeetroit weigh in with their thoughts.

But the best news to come out of all of this? The Celtics play the Pacers on Tuesday!

Waiting for the Sports Guy to weigh in. Last week TSG reviewed the upcoming Red Sox Championship DVD as well as the Celtics Dynasty DVD, both of which will be on my Xmas list. He gave the Red Sox DVD a 33 out of 10.

Liam forced to cough up 35,000 pounds in damages for that fight in Germany when he got his ass handed to him.

Macca to play the Superbowl.

It's official. The Expos are now the Washington Nationals. Me likey.

As requested, her are all 112 bands that received votes for this years Top 40 Bands In America Today list.

LCD Soundsystem, Sonic Youth, Wu Tang, REM, Au Revoir Simone, Magik Markers, Luna, Ryan Adams, Metallica, The Mountain Goats, Drive By Truckers, Rilo Kiley, Sufjan Stevens, Joanna Newsom, The Decemberists, Deerhoof, US of Electronica, Scissor Sisters, Maxi Geil & Playcott, The Shins, Loretta Lynn, Sam Phillips, No Doubt/Gwen Stefani, Jill Scott, Gogol Bordello, The Hold Steady, MF Doom, Usher, Tom Waits, Prefuse 73, Beck, The Strokes, Washington Social Club,...Trail of Dead. Green Day, Mirah, Elliot Smith, Death Cab, Sea Ray, Centro-Matic, Steve Earle, Black Keys, Q and not U, West Indian Girl, American Music Club, Yo La Tengo, Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, Bob Dylan, The Animators, Group Sounds, Calexico, Stellastarr*, Jay-Z, Ambulance LTD, Marilyn Manson, Merry Pranksters, The Gossip, Ted Leo, GBV, TV on the Radio, Pixies, Spoon, Brian Wilson, Wilco, Interpol, Ween, Eminem, Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Postal Service, !!!, Outkast, Fiery Furnaces, Brendan Benson, Jimmy Eat World, Walkmen, Flaming Lips, The Killers, Brian Joestown Massacre, Nellie McKay, Secret Machines, Earlimart, Low, American Analog Set, Ida, The New Year, Twilight Singers, Album Leaf, Audio Learning Center, The Sixth Great Lake, Les Savy Fav, Iron & Wine, Ratatat, Diplo, Kanye West, Madlib, Big & Rich, Scott Heron, Matthew Dear, The Carlsonics, Thievery Corporation, Statistics, Mira, DJ Shadow, Jamie Myerson, Dr. Dre, The White Stripes, Fountains of Wayne, Rufus Wainwright

Also, here are some more MP3's for everyone to download, courtesy of
Guided By Voices
The Fiery Furnaces
Sonic Youth
The Mountain Goats
Sufjan Stevens
The Decemberists
I'm sure there are more on there if you click around a little bit.

I would like to send a sincere thank you to everyone that participated in this year's list and helped make it what it was. Cheers. Anyone that wants to participate in nextyear's list can drop me a line and let me know why you think you should be on next year's panel.

This year's list has really taken on a life of it's own. I got my first links from and Kottke, not to mention a shout out on MSNBC(kind of)! If you have seen any other high profile links that I missed, please pass them along.

So what else has been going on in the world while we debate why my indie rock is better than yours?
Bill Gates gets 4 million spam emails a day. Is this how M$ tests their spam blockers? There's a joke in there somewhere.

Republicans call for privitization of next election.

Toronto and Portland discussing a trade that would send VC to the land of Nike in exchange for Shareef. Word on the street is a few other players might be invloved (Van Exel, Jalen Rose, Derek Anderson) and that Portland wants it to happen. Basically, the ball is in T-Dot's court (pun intended). Expect some other teams to try and jump into the picture if a deal is this close to being done.

Speaking of, Phil Knight steps down as CEO and President of Nike effective in late December. He will stay on as Chariman though.

Note to NY'ers, you know those summer games they just had in Athens. They cost the country $15 billion. That's Billion, with a B.

Page 2 shows us some fan submitted logos for the new Expos.

This is why Gary Payton is so important to the Celtics. Just what I wanted to hear. OH, and DJ Wagz is right, Doc says Al Jefferson has a posse!

Manute Bol blocked!

First the Mets, now the Knicks.

Ozzy says no more Osbournes. The world shrugs.

New Tenacious D movie due in December 2006!

In other news, I am on a total Massive Attack kick right now. Anyone pick up the Danny the Dog Soundtrack? How is it?

Well I'm tricky kid / don't deal with sadness
Can't be with the one I love / love the one that I miss
I'm very down to earth / but brain sits on top floor
Don't need another lover / just need, I'm insecure

Wizards 110, Celtics 105 (OT)
Boston Globe
Washington Post

My first chance ot see the C's in person this year and it was a bit bittersweet. Down 17 in the first half, up 12 in the second. This game was very winnable. Unfortunately our offense went south in the 4th quarter as GP kept giving the ball to PP and letting him drive to the rim with abandon. Everyone else just stood around. By the end of the game, PP was too pooped to take it home and the Woz pulled it out. I was really disappointed to only get 6 minutes of Al Jefferson, Boston's sensational 19 year old rookie. He had a great move in the third, when he posted Michael Ruffin on the right block, caught the ball, turned and faced up, took a quick dribble into the lane and threw up a nice little floater. This kid is gonna be a keeper. Here are some pics from last night:





Last year I organized a panel of bloggers in search of The Top 40 Bands In America for the year 2003. Out of the 61 bands that were nominated, The Strokes, fresh off the release of Room On Fire, won handily but the rest of the list hinted of great things to come by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spoon, The Drive By Truckers and The Mountain Goats.

What did last year's list show us? 1) Releasing a record just before the list is compiled gives you a definite edge and 2) bloggers love their indie rock. Obvs. What will this year's list reveal? Well read on.

This year, the list is bigger and better because YOU demanded it. Invites were sent out to 35 hand picked MP3j's/bloggers/industry folk and 19 of them found time in their busy schedules to participate, 20 if you include yours truly. Compiling this year's list was not easy as the panelists nominated a total of 112 bands/artists, which goes to show you how wrong people are when they think, "rock is dead."

THE PROCESS: Each panel member submitted a list of the 10 bands/solo artists/dj''s, etc. they considered "the best in America" right now, as in this very instant. This isn't an award for career longevity. No one from foreign soil is eligible, including foreign artists from abroad living in the US (sorry Moz!), I in turn gave each nomination a corresponding numerical value and then tallied the totals. In case of a tie, the higher slot was awarded to the artist with more votes (i.e. someone with 15 points from one vote was ranked lower than someone with three votes of 5).

THE CRITERIA: Just like last year, this was left up to each of the writers. I only asked for the “best” bands/artists. What that term meant was up to them.

THE PANEL: Nude as The News, DCSOB, Damore Retrobuzz, Largehearted Boy, Fluxblog, Matt 5500, Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again, The Real Janelle, Chromewaves, Connie NYC, Seeking Irony, Kerry Sosaysi, Bradley's Almanac, The Big Ticket, Weirdcurves, Coolfer, Music For Robots, MethodOne from, Uncle Grambo and yours truly.

And without further ado, here is this years list. The numbers in parenthesis show where the bands landed on last years list:
- Our generation's Billy Bragg - ILB
- Smart. Literate. Politically charged. Catchy as fuckall. - Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again
- He's been rocking at a higher level than most for three albums now, but with Shake The Sheets, he's taken it to yet another echelon: politically and lyrically he's synchronized with about half of America right now, the power trio lineup is as tight as hell and he's currently jamming econo around the country, rocking the clubs like any top band should. - Nude as The News
- You said that last year, and it's even more true today after the release of the highly political (yet, more on a human-level) Shake The Sheets LP during this contentious election year. It may not be as "good" an album as his earlier albums, but it's the right album for the time (and may be the album to fall back on over the next four years of W). And as per usual, it's full of pop-punk licks & heady lyrics that make up great songs. Ted's shows are a blast, as he is an explosive ball of energy & clever quips throughout.
Thank god for Ted Leo. - The Big Ticket
Download: Shake The Sheets, Little Dawn, and a live cover of Lauren Hill's Ex-Factor
2) WILCO (7)
- "A Ghost is Born" wasn't quite the breakthrough that "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" was, but Wilco still show that innovation and a non-conformist streak matter in American music. -
3) INTERPOL (18)
- Ironically shrugging off the sophomore slump while looking dashing in a Valentino suit. - Kerry Sosaysi
- Yeah, they're overrated. Yeah, they get more attention for their haircuts than should be allowed. But when it comes down to it, Interpol are one of those bands whose albums seem to be greater than the sum of its respective parts. They aren't afraid to experiment with their arrangements and they have a killer rhythm section that most bands would sell their souls for. -
- "We are the kings of indie rock -- when we die, indie rock will die." Thus spoke Pollard in February at the Bowery Ballroom. A little over the top, surely, but isn't that the way we like our GBV? Yes. Yes, it is. Once people have time to digest their full output, they should rank as one of the top rock bands in history -- not the death of indie rock, but quite possibly its crowning achievement. - Nude as The News
- The unique and infectious New York duo's sophomore effort, Blueberry Boat, is quirky and fun-filled. This brother-sister duo is ambitious musically and unafraid to take chances in the studio or live. - Largehearted Boy
-Just go see Eleanor & Matt Friedberger's live show - a non-stop rawk-fest that spirals in-&-out of songs left & right, intensity spewing out their respective ying-yangs - and you'll know why the Furnaces deserve the praise & the buzz & a place on this list. - The Big Ticket
Download: My Dog (SBN Sesion)
- One of the greatest bands of all time, reunited before it was too late. And it feels so good. They sound probably better than they did back in the day (Frank's certainly honed his front man act over years of touring) and are more deserving of the fat tour paychecks they're reaping than most. - Nude as The News
Download: Debaser (live)
- And just this year, he's done the unthinkable: resuscitated his long-lost classic "SMiLE." The album is classic, one of pop music's touchstones despite its heretofore unreleased status. And not only were Wilson and his band able to finally put it to tape in a finished, coherent, revealing manner, they're out there performing the damn thing LIVE. - Nude as The News
- The man re-recorded an album after more than 30 years of distance and didn't fuck it up. Absolutely unbelievable. - Music For Robots
8) LUNA - It's a shame that the band had to call it quits to get their due, but Dean and Co.'s legacy is a strong one. - ILB
- Rest in peace, yo. - Uncle Grambo
- The crazy kids brought up a gaggle of hippies with maraccas on their SNL performance. Teetering on the edge of insanity is a wonderful place for a rock band to be. - Music For Robots
- Their success by the KRock, Frat-guy, OC-Loving crowd got a bit annoying to their long time fans, but you can’t begrudge people for paying their bills and being rewarded for writing anthems. As Damore would say, Float On. - Kerry Sosaysi
10) SPOON (8)
- Britt is the indie rock Buddy Holly. - ILB
- The production, the arrangements, everything serves the songs. And what songs they are ... a true American classic. - Nude as The News
Download: The Two Sides of Msr. Velentine (live)
- The man puts his heart on the line every nite, and his shows go on forever. He's a legend, and he's still willing to put his neck on the line for what he believes. In 2004, he headlined the Vote For Change swing state tour, and he appeared in-person with candidate John Kerry at several massive rallies during the final days of the now-failed campaign. Despite the unfortunate election results, it was inspiring. Much respect, Bruce. - The Big Ticket
- Could "Sonic Nurse" be the comeback album of the year? As far as American artists are concerned, probably. Leave it to the veterans to show all these hipster glamour bands how it should be done. -
Download: Stones
- America's premier songwriter John Darnielle keeps getting better, as evidenced by the 2004 release, We Shall All Be Healed. - Largehearted Boy
- John Darnielle is, quite simply, the best working American songwriter. - Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again
- Thanks to the raw power of Jenny Lewis’ voice, they’re just one great song away from breaking out of the indie rock ghetto and into the Top 10. - Uncle Grambo
- So many acts right now, from The Walkmen to Franz Ferdinand, borrow liberally from Byrne & Co.'s playbook. - DCSOB
- Casablancas is a first-rate songwriter (another REAL "american idol" IMO), creating pop-rock gems while maintaining an indie aesthetic/gritty edge that's easy-to-fake yet hard-to-capture - & the Strokes do it all so effortlessly (which makes them such an easy target to scoff at). - The Big Ticket
- Continually barnstorming through the country (and the world) with their three hour three-guitar attack, they are the hardest working band in rock and roll. The south may be dirty, but it sure is fun. - Largehearted Boy
- The Decemberists only released an EP this year (The Tain), but it was a wonderful proggy and ambitious interpretation of an 8th century celtic poem, easily my favorite EP of the year. - Largehearted Boy
They aren't Neutral Milk Hotel, but noone ever will be. They carry the torch like none other though, and thats more than enough. - Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again
- Bar none, the most relevant and influential musician of the last ten years - Uncle Grambo
- The only band I can say that grew up with me and never let me down. -Kerry Sosaysi
- My teen years have returned from the grave with a political vengance. Who'd've thought Green Day had it in them to return from a decade of mediocrity with the most powerful and anthemic protest album in decades? If President Bush is what it takes to make Punk rock relevant again, than maybe 4 more years is just what the doctor ordered... - Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again
- There are about a million producers out there doing downtempo dubby stuff, but Thievery Corperation have an uncanny ability to deliver every single time. Their new "Babylon Rewound" remixes collection is about as close to perfection as you can get in this genre. -
Download: Until the Morning
28) JAY Z
- Get...that...dirt of your shoulder - ILB
- They deliver for me. - DCSOB
- far Superior To theiR One-tricK pony town-matES - Damore
31) THE SHINS (9)
32) OUTKAST (6)
- The Beatles of hip-hop. The Big Ticket
- What other band could play only 5 songs in a headlining slot at a major festival & have every fan walk away completely content? - Damore
- Joanna Newsom burst into the national spotlight this year with The Milk-Eyed Mender, a collection of songs as captivating on plastic as they are performed live. Armed on stage only with her harp and voice, she is a mesmerizing talent as both performer and songwriter. - Largehearted Boy
- I love it when i ask people if they've ever heard of Sea Ray and they say "No", because I know it's not gonna be that way for long. These guys have FUCKING HUGE written all over them. - ILB
- Unlike their post-millenial New York indie-rock colleagues, these guys sound like no one else out there. The traditional sounds of rock are shattered, only to be fused back together in new ways with a heavy dub-like production, and lovingly layered with soulful multi-tracked vocals. Quite possibly groundbreaking. - Nude as The News
- These guys are bringing a unique& dense sound to the "indie" rock scene, and it's f**king intense - especially in-concert. - The Big Ticket
Download: Ambulance (live)
- Gogol Bordello are the most essentially American band out there - a hodgepodge of Immigrants from all over, brought together in NY by gypsy punk rock, and good alcohol, this sounds like nothing else on this earth. Take the mantra to heart: Drink locally -Fuck Globally. - Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again
39) LOW (37)
- What other band in america plotted for years to put out 7" singles on varying labels in order to release a retrospective cd 7 years later that included their absolute best material? Plus their insane live antics are legendary. - Music For Robots

As I stated before, there were 112 bands/artists nominated for the list this year, which means that 72 other bands/artists recieved votes. Just incredible. I would like to thank everyone involved for contributing to the list this year. Respect.

Personally, I feel this list is pretty solid and a very good representation of what is happening in music RIGHT NOW. Lists like this are made to generate arguments over placement and who was or was not left off, but I for one think this is pretty spot on. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

If any MP3 blogs out there want to offer some other downloads for some of the artists on this list, let me know and I'll update it here.

**UDATE** Click here for the complete list of nominations and more MP3 downloads.

Vince Carter scolded by NBA league officials for listening to his iPod during pre game warmups. David Stern says "Cut that shit out Dr. Funk!" It seems the iPod "violates the league's rules on proper attire."

Brief post today, sorry. Swamped at work and TONS of other things going on. Be sure to check back tomorrow when all will be revealed.


The Battlin' Gallagher Bruvas will release their entire back catalog for the first time via UK download services. They have also launched their own digital download shop at their official website. I cannot say if this stuff is available on this side of the pond as I do not have access to iTunes at work.

TIVO alert! Moz on Letterman tonight!

If you live in LA, go to this.

TV On The Radio took home the Shortlist Prize.

**UPDATE** The Sports Guy on the first two weeks of the NBA season.

Right now, the Clippers are leading the Lakers by a half-game in the standings. There's a Russian guy, a German guy, a teenager and a ghost who looks suspiciously like Grant Hill all throwing their hats into the MVP race. New Jersey's second-best player is playing with one kidney ... and it isn't even his. The two teams who played in the Finals last season have a combined 7-7 record. Damon Jones, Mo Williams, Howard Eisley and Luke Ridnour are the crunch-time points for teams that are a combined 19-6. And late last night, Isiah Thomas strangled Lenny Wilkens with a telephone cord and named himself head coach of the Knicks. All right, I made that last one up. But you get the idea.

Did I mention I'm going to the Wiz/Celtics game tomorrow night??!!!??

Time Capsule

| |

Here ya go...the weekend in pictures. Friday = Celtics over the Bobcats in an ugly, ugly game. Did I mention I plunked down the money for NBA League Pass?
Saturday was the Matthew Sweet show at the 930 Club. He played an awesome set, very heavy on Girlfriend and Altered Beast goodness with a decent smattering of his new stuff thrown in. The Velvet Crush was a capable backing band but weren't so good on their own. The schedule for the night was a bit unique as Matthew opened the festivites (with the VC as his backing band) and played 5 or 6 songs (including a ridonkulous version of "I Wanted To Tell You") before letting the VC play their "opening band" set while stepping in on rythym geetar and backing vocal duties before finishing the show with 10 or so more solo type tunes. All in all, a great show. I hadn't seen him since the Altered Beast tour waaaay back in the day so it was fun. My only complaint was the lighting in the venue was very low so I didn't get a single decent picture.
I was accompanied to the show by Randi, Dara and their friend Karen (pictured below) and we all went to Local 16 afterwards. That place is a bit stuffy but was OK until the overwhelming gaggle of yuppies showed up and took over.
Today is Dara's (on the right) twentysomethingth birthday, so Happy Happy! After fleeing the yuppie scene I ventured over to the Black Cat and met up with a group of unstoppable motherfucking bloggers and had a few more beers there. It was packed in the Red Room, but we managed to find a table after a little while. Strangely, our table was covered in porn when we sat down (apparently it was wrapping for someone's gift) as evidenced by Catherine and Susan's startled looks below.
It should be noted that Catherine is a drinking and smoking machine now that she no longer has to train for the marathon. As she should be. :) Around 12;30 or so, I decided I had had enough and cabbed it down to McPherson Square to catch the Blue Line home.
Sunday night I took in the Crooked Fingers show at the Black Cat. Loyal readers know my undying love for the mighty Archers of Loaf (North Cackalack represent!) so I was very excited about seeing the Big E perform some solo joints. This was my third or fourth time seeing CF and was easily my favorite. The Delgados came out and did a few songs with him as he played a set that jumped around between all three of his full length releases.

Near the end of the set, E asked for requests and he (and a few audience members) chuckled when I yelled Lowest Part Is Free!!!! but he said he doesn't remember how to play any of the old Archers stuff. I felt bad for bringing it up but I couldn't help it.
The evening took an unexpected turn after CF's set when who else do I bump into at the merch table (I forked out some cash for a copy of Red Devil Dawn), none other than the one and only Ed Bellafiore! Ed and I went to school together at ECU and we used to do a radio show on WZMB (the college station) called Across The Pond, which was predictably all English stuff. I had alot of fun doing that show with Ed. He turned me on to so many bands (The Verve, The Housemartins and Billy Bragg just to name three) so it was good to see him. He is living in B'more with his lovely wife and working on HBO's The Wire. We made plans to get together soon. So best! it's OK for University officials to get free shit, but not the students/athletes?

Death Cab signs with Atlantic. Not a huge DCFC fan so this doesn't bother me at all. Especially since they already told Elektra to fuck off for what they did to Spoon. Respect.

Speaking of, Spoon are doing a (ver very) brief December tour.

New Moz DVD in the pipeline.

Rest In Peace Dirty

ODB, dead at 35, two days before he was to turn 36.

I come with that ol' loco / Style from my vocal
Couldn't peep it with a pair of bi-focals
I'm no joker! / Play me as a joker
Be on you like a house on fire! / Smoke ya!
Crews be actin like they gangs, anyway
Be like, "Warriors! Come out and play!"
Burn me, I get into shit, I let it out like diarrhea
Got burnt once, but that was only gonorrhea
Dirty, I keep shit stinks in my drawers
So I can get fzza-funky for yah
Murder, taste the flame of the Wu-Tang RAHH!
Here comes the Tiger verse Crane!
Ow, be like wild with my style
Punk! You playing me, chump, you get DUMPED
WU! Is comin THROUGH! At a theatre near YOU!
And get funk like a SHOE!

Gruff As A Yeti

Super Furry Gruff on his impending solo record:
"It came together quite accidentally. I didn't initially plan to make a record. We're in a luxurious position as a band (Super Furry Animals) where we always have far too many songs anyway. Since we did 'Mwng' (SFA's 2000 Welsh language album) I've been collecting ideas for lyrics, and it took this long to get together."

Gruff added: "I'm considering splitting up after this record. I'm not sure exactly where, horizontally, or vertically."

Quite a turnout for John Peel's funeral.

If you don't feel like going to their website and downloading all of their songs for free, you can buy the new Brian Jonestown Massacre Greatest Hits double disc set.

Moz played a Patti Smith cover as well as three encores last night in LA.

NY'ers, go see Eddie Izzard for free! [via PSNYC]

Zach Braff talks to the Guardian about his movie and his blog. [via LHB, who incidentally has a link where you can download REM's demos for GREEN]

Pretty girls don't ride the subway.

Peter Gammons on Scott Boras.

Spotted: Joe Pantoliano
on the corner of 15th and K streets
Ralph Cifaretto lives!

Ppisatoughmofo Last night, Celtics v. Blazers...DMiles is going binoculars, bringing them back from 18 down (oh no!, not again) and then PP gets crunked in the mouf. Cue lump in throat. Shit was sketchy for a minute or two (apparently he got poked in the eye too). But my dawg is one tough mofo and comes back into the game.
13 seconds left, Zach Randolph on the line shooting two, Blazers are down one. Clang, swish. C's inbound, no timeout (good!), rush upcourt, give the ball to PP. PP calls for a screen, Mark Blount doesn't come fast enough. Six seconds left. PP waves him off. Rueben Patterson closes in and D's him up. PP makes his move. He's driving to the hole! Two seconds, one second...wait, PP pulls up for a fade away. He shoots. Buzzer goes off.
That is my motherfookin' DAWG.

Someone please check on Peter May. He's writing positive material on the Celtics. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Ron Artest asked for a month off to go promote his upcoming rap record. Read that last sentence again. Since this is your next question, Ron Artest is getting paid $5,850,000 this year to play basketball. But he needs a month away from the Pacers to tend to his burgeoning rap career. Unreal. He also says he doesn't know the meaning of the word "integrity".

The Red Sizzle claimed LHP Billy Traber off waivers yesterday.

Morrissey likes to drink White Russians.

First we get a positive Peter May, and now Pitchfork is actually breaking a story! My beloved Super Furries are putting out their own compilation mix CD, with each band member choosing a few different tracks. Hott. We'll be treated to selections from the Beach Boys (natch), Meic Stevens, ELO, Underworld and Sly & The Family Stone.

New idlewild record in March '05!

Does this mean you fuckers will quit writing about them then?

Mucho props go out to blogger extraordinare Martin Van Buren for his mention in the Boston Herald. Yes, you could say I'm jealous. [via Grambo]

I went to iPod DJ night again last night but am unsure if I'll ever go back. It was such a downer. I got there late and it was uber-crowded. Then the douchebag bartender was a complete assclown to me for the second month in a row. I'm going to go back to the bar at some point and take his picture and post it so everyone can make fun of him. This guy gives a new meaning to the word "disgruntled". I'll save the details until that post. Maybe if I do go back I'll just order tons of beer and never tip him. All I do know is I will have my revenge! Everyone else left early but I wanted to wait around and play my set, then one of the DJ's decided that they needed to cut line and play their own tunes, thus bumping me down another notch on the list. At that point I said "fuck it" and went home. Maybe next time.

Swamped again at work today, so I'm afraid I don't have a whole lot for you. What I do have:

Micro$oft to unveil their new search engine tomorrow. Google-killers are the new iPod-killers.

Typepad teams with Kanoodle to allow users to place ads on their blogs. [link via the ubiquitous LHB]

Chromewaves on the recent Matthew Sweet show and the flood of REM reissues.

Fluxblog on why REM doesn't suck.

Woo Hoo! New Wedding Present LP and tour on the way!

VH1 tried to reunite The Smiths. Hmmm...I wonder why they said no?

Lastly, I've had a few emails asking who was on my fantasy basketball team, so for all the biters out there, here it is:
T. Duncan (SA - FC)
B. Jackson (Sac - PG)
J. Johnson (Pho - GF,SG)
D. Wade (Mia - G,PG)
J. Terry (Dal - PG)
J. Howard (Dal - GF)
W. Green (Phi - SG)
J. Jeffries (Was - SF)
A. Davis (Chi - FC)
F. Elson (Den - C,FC)
R. Patterson (Por - SF)
Z. Planinic (NJ - PG)
G. Robinson (Phi - SF)

Currently I'm sitting in 10th (but really tied for 3rd) in a 20 team league. My backcourt is stacked but my frontline is pretty weak, but that's how the draft shaked out. Big Dog is killing me right now. He was my 4th highest rated player going into the season. Hopefully the Bobcats will pick him up after the Sixers buy him out and he'll put up 20 ppg for me.

D'oh! People trying to buy Charlotte Bobcats tickets by telephone are getting a response they're not expecting (You can say that two times). A local phone book lists a number that's supposed to provide callers with information on buying Bobcats tickets. Instead, callers are referred to an adult chat line.

I know the NBA season is only 3 games old and the Celtics are just 1-2, but peep this. The Celtics were one of only five teams shooting better than 50 percent, and they had the fifth-best scoring differential, the best assist differential, and the third-best turnover differential.

PS - Not that I'm counting or anything, but through three:
Kobe: 28.8ppg, 4.5rpg 4.5 apg .75spg .406 fg% MPG: 43
Pierce: 26.0ppg, 9.0rbg 7.7apg 1.67spg .455 fg% MPG: 38

Dr. Evil would be proud. The NFL signed a contract extension for their TV deal that's worth $8 BILLION dollars in American money. Day-um. Also included in the deal is a "flex-scheduling" provision that makes sure we won't get any 'Fins/Panthers matchups on MNF in week 16.

No surprise here. Can you say dead man walking?

Don't sleep people. Last time you had the Dookie's ranked this low we finished the year at numero uno. That was Williams, Boozer and Dunleavy's freshman campaign. Let everyone write us off this year, Coach K loves that shit. No one talks about it, but we are putting a veteran team out on the floor this year. It's gonna be fun to watch. In other news, how ridonkulous will the ACC be this year?

Ack! Sea Ray's recent Atlanta gig is available for download in flac format! Does anyone else have this? Can you please make me a copy! Pretty Please?
Must have it! Sea Ray = So Best.


Photo stolen from the wonderful Jenny K site.

Colin Farrell says no to James Bond.

Jim Belushi sues Julie Newmar. Dude, she-mars!

Don't fuck with the Gorilla, or pledge allegiance to the Humble Rodent.

Some niceness on the new KCRW Sounds Eclectic CD. Interpol, Franz Ferdistan, My Morning Jacket, Radiohead and the motherfucking Modfather.

Speaking of, the citizens of Franz Ferdistan will be bringing This Fire back to tha' D later this year. Damore is in line for tix as we speak!

I cannot fucking wait for those Lullabies To Paralyze! March '05 y'all.

Go DC go!


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John Henry, Theo and Co. want you to pay $5 to prove you are a member of Red Sox Nation. Those ponying up the dough will recieve an official ID card enabling you to literally be a card carrying member of The Nation.

Boston Dirt Dogs cry foul and I'm inclined to agree.

I went to the Wiz/Heat game on Saturday night (37 points for Dwayne Wade, who is on my fantasy team BTW) and who came out to perform at halftime? Fucking New Edition (minus Bobby of course)! It was total hottness. They sang a new song(new record out Tuesday, natch), broke into the chous of BBD's Poison and then brought the house down with an awesome version of If It Isn't Love, complete with the original dance moves from the '80's. Needless to say, the crowd, including yours truly, luved it.


Everyone should go and read Ted Leo's journal entry from Nov 3rd. Shit is tough on the road. Also, be sure and check out the new fansite timorous me dot org. Good stuff.

Apparently releasing one pretty good record that stands the test of time and one commercial failure that later became total cult obsession and unfortunately kick starts the whole emo thing makes you the most important band of the 90's. Hoooooookay, whatever you say dude. And The La's are the most important band of our generation. Whatever!

How much would you pay for John Peel's record collection?

The threat posed by a critical flaw in Internet Explorer has been ratcheted up by the release of a program designed to exploit the vulnerability, security researchers warned on Thursday. I switched to Mozilla Firefox at work last week at the behest of the Thigh Master. IT said they don't "support it" (whatever that means) but I just can't deal with IE. Some say worst web browser ever.

A transmission error in the battleground state of Ohio gave President George W. Bush almost 4,000 phantom votes in the preliminary results posted online, the Secretary of State's office in Ohio acknowledged on Friday.

I defragged my iPod over the weekend and my battery life has almost doubled. Looks like I'll be able to eek a few more months of service out of my current model before I upgrade to a 40 gb model for Xmas. Highly recommended for anyone out there with an older iPod model. Just wipe it clean and then reload all of your songs, and voila! (almost) good as new.



you've got to burn
straight up and down
and then maybe sideways
for a while
and have your guts
scrambled by a bully
and the demonic
you've got to run
along the edge of
you've got to drink a river of booze
you've got to starve
like a winter
you've got to live
with the imbecility
of at least a dozen
then maybe
you might know
where you are
for a tiny
blinking moment

- written by Charles Bukowski, taken from his book Bone Palace Ballet

I welcomed my 100,000th visitor to this site today. Also, according to Amazon, I've enticed people to buy two Bukowski books, one Bob Dylan CD, one David Cross DVD and two copies of the Bill Hicks DVD (which I spent the day watching). Are you people happy with your purchases? Speak up!

PS - All I want for Xmas is this. Hint hint.

OK, I disabled the new WYSIWYG interface and went back and edited everything. Nothing like an extra 20 minutes of editing to put you in a good mood on a Friday afternoon. The original post:

I know I keep harping on this but it bears repeating.

Players in the NBA are so far removed from reality it's scary.


The latest culprit is the New Jersey Nets Alonzo Mourning. Today he came out and said "I want to play for a contender real bad so buy out my contract. Bitches." Notice that he didn't say "I want to play for a contender real bad so don't worry about paying me the remaining $17 million you owe me. Just tear up my contract. In fact, keep the $5 million you paid me last year since I only played in 12 games".

Imagine earning a year's salary and only working 12 days.

It gets better. From the NY Daily News:

"We (signed) with the intentions of trying to win," says Alonzo Mourning, who agreed to a four-year, $22.6 million deal with the Nets at the same time Kidd opted to stay. "Unfortunately, we didn't get the same response from the organization."

"I have always said this" Mourning says. "We are pawns in this game"

'Zo, you may be right about being pawns in the game, but you're getting paid millions of dollars a year to play a kids game so please, for your own sake, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

In other NBA news, Latrell Spreewell, you know, the one that can't feed his family for $14 million a year? He drives a Rolls to his home games.

But it's not all bad. Damon Stoudamire won the NBA's Community Assist Award for the month of October.

My company had cheap seats to the Wiz/Heat game on Saturday, so I'm going.  I didn't pay this but guess how much upper level nosebleed seats are in Washington?  $48!

Maybe they don't have an HR department or something, but the Arizona Diamondbacks fired new manager Wally Backamn today, just four days after hiring him. Seems like they didn't know about his shady past:

- Arrested in 2001 after an altercation at his home involving his wife and her friend in Prineville, Ore. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment, sentenced to 12 months' probation, ordered to undergo an anger management evaluation and donate $1,000 to the local Boys and Girls Club.

- Arrested on a driving under the influence charge in Kennewick, Wash., in 2000.

- Filed for bankruptcy several years ago.

It's called a background check people. It's very basic. This franchise has a HUGE amount of egg on it's face right now.

According to Linux Insider; "Compare Apple's dual G5 to the top of the line Dell dual Xeon Precision workstation and the PC has most of the features but costs a thousand bucks more than the Mac." He also says, "[I] discovered that not only are Macs cheaper than PCs once you upgrade the PCs to rough comparability, but the PC line is narrower than Apple's."

Is the new Typepad interface throwing anyone else off? Weird.

**UPDATE** The one and only Thighmaster reviews the Star Wars III trailer.

Typepad decided to go and completely change their interface and now everything is all effed up.  Work is busy so I don't have time to learn the new interface from scratch.  Thanks typepad!

I'll try and have it up later tonight.

Ppmissesatthebuzzer C's v. Sixers. Sixers jump out to a 14 point lead in the second. C's take 18 point lead in the third. Philly goes back up by 4 in the last 2 minutes. Mark Blount misses two gimme layups. GP misses two wide open three's (not that I expected him to make them - out of his range), then PP misses right at the buzzer (pictured) and we got the loss. It's not like the C's were under any pressue or anything. They only had the WORLD CHAMPION RED SOX come out and show everyone the WORLD SERIES TROPHY before the game.
So...disappointed with the L, but lots to like. PP went off, 35 pts, 13 boards and 8 assists. We won't mention the 5 turnovers. PP is now tied for 1st in the league in scoring, thankyouverymuch. GP looked good (8 assists) and Tony Allen had a ridunkulous put back off a Raef jumper. It was Dominique-esque. TA is gonna be fun to watch. Overall, the offense looked pretty good. Unfortunately, we still like shooting jumpers too much and our rebounding is still atrocious. But hey, it's only the first game. 81 more baby!

The Sports Guy drops Part Two of his NBA preview and invokes the name of the Mozzer while discussing the Jail Blazers.

Speaking of the mighty Mozzer, catch him on the David Letterman show on Nov. 16th.

Apple and Macca take note! The Postal Service and the USPS have agreed to an out of court settlement on their copyright infringment case. All the band has to do is play the annual corporate Xmas party. Seriously.

Your underwear goes on the inside of your pants.

Shocker! CNN is reporting that 51% of Americans are happy with the election results.


Beyonce, how you doin?


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Escapism in full effect tonight. PP take me away!


Celtics v. Sixers @ 7:30.

The Sports Guy previews the Eastern Conference.


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At the election results. At Chris Mihm putting up 23 and 12…I could go on...

Obviously I am supremely disappointed with last night's results. It’s hard for me to imagine that people want for more years of Bush.

A few random thoughts:
- Why did people in Ohio have to stand in line for 9 hours in order to cast their vote? What century is this again?
- It saddens me that “moral values” was the major issue for the Republican voters out there. We are at war you know. Not to mention the deficit, economy, rising healthcare costs, the environment, Haliburton and unemployment.
- Maybe now candidates will take a stand on something instead of reacting to each and every poll and trying to be all things to everyone.
- How funny was Tim Russert and his tablet PC? That thing was like a $5,000 dry erase board.

After the last election, it seems to me that the gov't would have done everything it could to make sure everything ran smoothly last night. When I was at the gym, Peter Jennings was on TV telling everyone how ABC (or whatever network he works for) spent millions and millions of dollars to upgrade their facilites and means in order to make sure they get it right this time. I never heard anything like that coming from the government. But then again, one party in this election wanted everyone to vote. The other did not.

The moral victory in all this is now the spotlight is squarely on Bush. He controls the White House. His party controls the House and Senate. No more blaming the Dems for the country’s ills. Someone else pointed out that generally President's don't do as well in their second terms and usually have to fight through all sorts of scandals and controversies (see:Clinton, Bill [Monicagate] and Reagan, Ron [Iran/Contra]) However, right now that’s not making me feel any better.

The conspiracy theorists out there are pointing out that exit polls matched everywhere except FL and OH.

Vote or Diebold.

Four More Wars.

OK people, first things first. The single most important thing you can do today is GO VOTE. Regular readers of this site know who I filled out my absentee ballot for but that matters very little. What matters more is you going down to your polling place and pulling that lever (or hitting that touch screen or whatever) no matter how long it takes standing in line. This only happens once every four years and the future of the country is at stake. Make it happen.

Now, to the matter at hand. The second most important thing you can do today is read my NBA preview, which, by the time I get everything uploaded, will span across three different websites! Very exciting, no? Once again we are bringing you each team's respective previews in 50 words or less:


Atlanta Hawks: Hawks continue their rebuilding plan that started in the 90's. Jason Terry and Stephen Jackson became Antoine Walker and Al Harrington. Walker will fire at will, gunning for a new contract next year. Hawks have seven small forwards on their roster. Josh Childress has bust written all over him.

Sayhellototonyallen_1 Boston Celtics: Gary Payton will get Pierce the ball in position to score. PP will be a happy camper. Can Raef and Blount man the middle? Team D has been a problem in the preseason, but not when rookie Tony Allen plays. Fantasy league owners should tab Jiri Welsch now. Ainge will trade Banks soon.

Charlotte Bobcats: Will be lucky to win 10 games. Roster full of Okafor and a bunch of nobodies. Gerald Wallace always looked good in garbage time with the Kings, now he'll get to show us what's up. Team needs help all over but will play hard. Wait, Steve Smith is alive?

Cleveland Cavaliers: Loss of Boozer will hurt. He was happy to do dirty work for LeBron. Can Drew Gooden fill that role? If not, Cavs are sunk. Don't expect much scoring from backcourt of Snow and McInnis. Additon of Luscious Harris will help. Rookie Anderson Varejao has looked good in pre-season.

Chicago Bulls: Another rebuilding year for Bulls. Didn't extend Curry or Chandler, action at trade deadline? They will continue to struggle this year, but young 'uns will get plenty of PT. Kirk Hinrich was a complete surprise last year. He's a keeper. Tabbed 3 good rookies in draft: Gordon, Deng and Duhon.

Detroit Pistons: NBA's best gets better with addition of McDyess and Delfino. Coach Brown has plenty to prove after Olympic meltdown. What will a whole year of Rasheed be like? Deep bench means Darko will continue to have the best seat in the house. Won't sneak up on anyone this year.

Indiana Pacers: Would Pacers have played for title if not for injuries to JO and Tinsely? Traded for Jackson and now have solid back up for aging Miller. Who is go to guy at crunch time? Injury bug to entire front line means a slow start. JO has a big forehead.

Miami Heat: Will supporting cast be enough for Shaq, Wade and Jones? Heat must win now. Shaq for MVP or scoring crown? Wade has plenty to prove after Olympics. Can he hit a jump shot? Shaq will enjoy having a backup center for once (Doleac). Loss of Samaki Walker will hurt greatly. Not.

Reddforthree_1 Milwaukee Bucks: Faded after rookie Ford went down. He's still out so Mike James gets the nod. He's solid but unspectacular. Redd might be league's best shooter. Kukoc still getting it done after all these years. Loss of Skinner depletes already thin front line. Van Horn enjoying life out of the spolight.

New Jersey Nets: Dealt Martin and Kittles and didn't get a single body in return. Kidd is hurt and out until December. Can Jefferson carry team until then? He's exposed without Kidd. If 'Zo plays 10 games this year, Nets must pay the rest of his ridunculous salary. Ron Mercer starting at SG? Hahahahaha.

New York Knicks: Allan Houston $17.5 million + Stephon Marbury $14.6 M + Penny Hardaway $14.6 M + Tim Thomas $12.9 M + Shandon Anderson $7.5 M + Jamal Crawford $5.8 M = a .500 record. NY press has them trading for Vince, 'Toine AND Webber any day now. Go Isiah go!

Orlando Magic: Not enamored with Stevie Franchise. He and Mobley will get all the shots they want. Dwight Howard is soft and has Danny Manning written all over him. Having G Hill back on the court would be nice. Turkoglu got the big bucks, now can he produce consistently?

Coachobrien Philadelphia 76ers: Dalembert came on nicely at the end of last year. Coach OB will move AI to PG, freeing up minutes for Willie Green and John Salmons. Tough but undersized front line with Taylor, Skinner and Scoreless. Like all the other teams in division, could win it or finish under .500.

Toronto Raptors: Bosh is the real deal and now has some protection in Araujo. Why did they resign MoPete? VC is a girlyman and wants a trade, but no one wants him. Rose exposed as me first gunner last season. Signing Alston as the PG was a step in the right direction.

Washington Wizards: Team in turmoil before season even starts. Jamison will be All Star in East, due to no comp and all the shots he'll get. Wiz now Warriors East with Jamison, Hughes and Arenas reunited. Team has potential, but those three didn't get along the first time around.


Dallas Mavericks: Mavs lost out letting Steve Nash walk. Rookie Devin Harris and J Terry won't fill that void. Traded Jamison for Stackhouse but can Stack put the team first? Dirk can't be considered an elite player until he plays D and rebounds. Is Dampier the answer in the middle?

Denver Nuggets: Kenyon Martin and Nene are already fighting, literally. Still no SG to speak of. This is 'Melo's team, is that a good thing? Traded away all their picks for Martin, so must sign free agent next year to improve. Can Boykins do it again? Lack of backcourt depth could be a problem.

Jrich Golden State Warriors: Paid big bucks for Adonal Foyle, D Fish, J Rich and Troy Murphy? Typical Warriors. Expectations are high, but starting 5 doesn't scare anyone. Ex-Stanford coach Montgomery figures to join ranks of overmatched college coaches. Dunleavy keeps progressing but can't (won't?) play D. Coach K shaking head in disgust.

Houston Rockets: Made big move for T-Mac, will he pass to Yao and play D? Yao improves every year but has played 3 years straight due to national team commitments. PG's are a complete joke. Juwan Howard happy to be fourth wheel again. Still wondering why Kings let Jimmy Jackson go.

LA Clippers: Lost Q Rich to Phoenix. Replace him with…Kerry Kittles? Maggette will put up All Star type numbers again. Can Brand ever stay healthy? Will Chris Wilcox ever see the light of day? Kaman has been nice surprise, team has fingers crossed for Shaun Livingston. Should have gone to Durham! Argh!

LA Lakers: Congrats Kobe, it's your team now. Say hello to Mr. Tripleteam. Will Odom revert to old ways in LA? His dealer's number probably hasn't changed. Chris Mihm has no clue but will tantalize every few games. Can Divac play 20 minutes a game? Rookie Vujacic could surprise people.

Powgasol Memphis Grizzlies: Rest of conference elite improved greatly, Grizz added Brian Cardinal. It'll be tough to improve upon last year. James Posey was a revelation, should have been All Star. Gasol was best player at Olympics. Hoping Hubie can last the season. Stacked roster primed for a trade (w/ Chicago for Curry?)

Minnesota T’wolves: Spree needs money to feed his fam, Cassell wants the love too. Waaaaah! Not the best start in Minny. Trade rumours dog Wally, can KG keep it together or will he just punch someone? Get your gat! Big hole in middle since Rasho left for Texas. Will NJ send Kidd this way?

New Orleans Hornets: Same story in the Big Easy. Team showed B Diddy the money, now he wants out. Magloire too. Playoffs are a long shot without injured Mashburn combined with move to Western Conference. Is Byron Scott a better coach than Tim Floyd? Not so sure but we'll soon find out.

Phoenix Suns: Rebuilding club on the fly by adding Nash. Stoudamire primed for good campaign. Joe Johnson finally stepped up when Marbury left town, will he keep it up? Cabarkapa and Lampe are good; too bad they are the same player. Q Rich will help greatly on the boards. Big hole in middle.

Portland Trailblazers: Hard to tell team's future until they trade Shareef. Roster figures to be much different at the end of the season. Extended Randolph with big bucks, can he stay out of the pokey? Blazers fans looking forward to last year of Stoudamire. Ratliff continues to patrol the paint with ferocity. Why add Van Exel?

Isaid_youre_a_loser_webber Sacramento Kings: Starters are another year older and team lost more depth during off season. Kings becoming broken record. Which regular will get injured in stretch run this year? Peja wants out. Webber calling out teammates but still playing on one leg. Last chance in cow town. Rookie Martin looks good.

San Antonio Spurs: Will Brent Barry bring the title back to San Antone? Play of PG Parker more likely to determine course. Team needs an enforcer to play along with Duncan. Manu is the man, you can only contain him. Bowen is league's dirtiest player; wear a cup when he's near.

Seattle Supersonics: No joy in Seattle, team is in shambles. Needs to trade Vlad Rad for a big, but Allen changing addresses is more likely. Looking forward to seeing what Collison can do. Team should blow everything up and start over. Best players all play the same position.

Utah Jazz: Made huge splash this off season with Boozer and Okur. Frontline now one of the league's best. Backcourt not too shabby either with Arroyo and Lopez. Harpring is a warrior. Rookies Snyder and Humphries will have hard time seeing the court. This team is loaded and I haven't even mentioned AK-47 yet. Yikes!

Let the games begin!!

Life Is Sweet


Here are two downloads from this month's playlist that I have had on repeat for the last week or so. Please note that both of these files are in Apple's AAC file fromat so I am not sure if all MP3 players will be able to play these files. However, if you have iTunes, you should be all set.

Stereloab - Cybele's Reverie, from the amazing ABC Sessions double disc set. The track is originally from Emporer Tomato Ketchup and this version is much more loose and funky. And I love vocals sung in French.

...Trail of Dead's Mark David Chapman, from their Madonna album is sort of a departure for the group, in that it doesn't hit you over the head with their usual guitar/drums attack, but instead is much more moody and mellow. This is always a live favorite of mine whenever I see the group.

The Undertones decide not to re-release Teenage Kicks.

Nirvana box set tracklisting (sort of, it doesn't tell you what versions of the songs will be on there)

The Horror! Justin Hawkins from the Darkness punched a window and might not be able to play guitar for a while.

Just in time for my NBA preview (which will be revealed tomorrow), Latrell Spreewell offers up this gem regarding the TWolves not offering him a contract extension and raise from the $14 million he's due this year:

"If they don't want to pay me, why would I want to stay here and risk injury and sit there and be with nothing, no contract? If something happens to me, who is going to look out for Spree then? Nobody. Why would I want to help them win a title? They're not doing anything for me. I've got a lot at risk here. I've got my family to feed."

People, I will be setting up a Paypal account and accepting donations for Mr. Spreewell (information leafblower loves it when people talk about themselves in third person) since he can't live on FOURTEEN FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! Spree is tied for the 8th highest salary in the league this year. Think he's the 8th best player? Neither do the TWolves. For their part, the team offered him a three year, $27 million dollar contract, but apparently food is fucking expensive in Minnesota.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press also points out that Spree makes more than Ron Artest and Rip Hamilton, combined. This sounds like a candidate for's Shut The Fuck Up feature.