There Is No Justice

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Sometime life is just not fair.

Limp Bizkit? Determined to make new music
Maroon 5? Selling like hotcakes
Hoobastank? Released yet another single

Luna? Last tour ever
Beta Band? Broke up
Sea Ray? Just Broke up!!!

(photo by Jasper)

Yes true believers, I speak the truth. The band sent out an email to some of their friends today letting everyone in on their decision. A formal email to their mailing list will go out shortly. One of the members of the band was nice enough to email me on Friday and clue me in, and, needless to say, the news put a big damper on my weekend. And yes I am aware this type of news should not affect me so, but I am a big dork so piss off. It seems like only last week I was asked who I thought "the next big thing" was going to be and I answered with this very Brooklyn group with their intriguing sound and tons of potential. Oh wait, that did happen last week.

I only got turned on to this band in January, thanks to Coolfer. I was majorly jaded on music in general, having just lost my job in the industry, and seeing this band live was nothing less than a revelation. They literally saved music for me. I only got to see them one other time. I am kicking myself for not going to see them in Baltimore last month, but so be it.

The band cited financial strain as one of the major factors in their decision, and as a former manager of a band, it's something I can understand completely. Buzz does not put money directly into your pockets.

Mark your calendars, because the band will be giving us all a proper send off at the (ugh) Mercury Lounge on Friday, January 21st. And I'm happy to say that I plan on attending. I have been looking for an excuse to go back to the Big Apple since I got settled here in DC and it looks like this is it.

And in honor of the next big thing that never was, I'll be offering some live tracks that were recorded in Atlanta earlier this year here for everyone to download, including an unreleased track or two. The first one's will be posted tomorrow.

Oleg said:

This fucking sucks! I, in turn, heard of them through your site and Coolfer. Saw them once as an opener for a half hour. Damn.