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It's Here!

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At home sick today. Still recovering from my trip to NYC, which was a blast. It felt a little weird to be back but it's nice to know I can still find my way around. I got everything done I wanted to do:
- Saw The Gates (pic 1)
- Ate at Bonnie's (pic 2)
- Drank my face off (pic 3)
- Went record shopping (not pictured)
Full recap and name dropping tomorrow.


ipodphoto.gif No fewer than 5 people have emailed me the El Wapo article on iPod night at Saint Ex. Both Natalya and Melissa (two of my cohorts in bluestate) were interviewed for it, so good for them (and us). However, everyone keeps asking me "Why aren't there any quotes from DJ Leafblower?" That's easy. I was at home watching Duke kick the crap out of UNC that night. Bovs. Priorities kids, priorities.

In other exciting iPod news. Mine is out for deliver today. Woot!

That means I can take it with me this weekend to NYC! Yup, I'm traveling back to the hood this weekend for a super secret mission - to grab some grub at Bonnie's and drink as much as possible. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. Now I'll be able to bring all my pics of Mr. Pink with me. If any of my NYC peeps are in town tomorrow, drop me a line and let's get up. I will go ahead and warn you that there probably will be a picture of The Gates here next week.

Bob Ryan does not heart Antoine Walker. But this we already knew. Danny still won't comment on Gary coming back but a few other new outlets have picked up on it. Ainge said today on a conference call with season ticket holders that most likely Blount will be moved to the bench, Raef will move to C and Toine will be the PF.

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Lawyer tries to rename Fleet Center as "the Derek Jeter Center".

Twisted. Hunter S. Tommy Boy was talking to his wife on the phone when he blew his brains out.

Lots of new music for you today.

Stream the Futureheads track Decent Days and Nights. I loved these guys when I saw them on Monday. Also check out the video. This will be featured on the new OC mix (Jeezy Creezy, did I just plug that?) which features, among others; Sufjan Stevens, Beck, Modest Mouse and Matt Pond PA. It's out on April 5th.

Justina pointed me out to some stuff by Aqualung, another in a long line of Coldplay-ish UK bands. Check out a stream of their track Brighter Than Sunshine (in Windoze Media). If you're going to SXSW, you can peep them there.

Calvin sent along this LouisXIV mp3. They are getting some crazy press of late and I think were one of the first signings to Ultragrrl's record label. You can see them on Hot Hot Heat's upcoming tour or come hear them at bluestate.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wowee Zowee

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5_11_walker_5.jpg We got out of work at 3 today and I knew there would be some news by the time I got home, but THIS? Ahem...OMFG! Say whatever you want about Danny Ainge, but you can't say the man doesn't have balls. Today he completed a trade to bring back none other than Fatoine Walker to Beantown. Details are still sketchy so this deal may still be in the negotiation stages. ESPN is reporting Toine to the Celtics for Gary Payton, Tom Gugliotta and Michael Stewart, BUT rumblings on the internets are saying the C's are sending the Cleveland pick they acquired from the Jiri Welsch deal earlier today instead of Payton. Either that or Payton was involved in the deal along with the Cleveland pick but the hawks are going to release Payton and he will resign with the C's. Got that? As I write this, there is nothing on about this deal which leads me to believe that it's not completely done yet.
Assuming we get to keep GP, this could be a great deal for Boston. Our biggest weakness has been rebounding and Toine can definitely do that. The big question is will he play within the offense and take good shots or will he camp out at the three point line and keep up his old habits?
Pros: PP had his best years playing with Toine and now we can bring back our high/low set between those two that was good for a few easy buckets each night for PP.
Cons: IF Payton is gone and doesn't return, the C's are without an experienced PG which didn't exactly work for them a few years ago (JR Bremmer anyone?).
For the sake of argument, let's assume Payton comes back(I have a hard time believing Danny would ship him to Atlanta like this), look at out line up:

PG: Payton/Banks/West
SG: Allen / Davis
SF: PP/ Reed
PF: Walker/Jefferson
C: LaFrentz/Blount/Perkins

That's a pretty solid. Davis and Walker can also play the SF and West can play SG. Could be interesting. Tomorrow's game against Utah sure will be.
I'm withholding judgment until the details of the deal are worked out. But this might be a good move for the C's. If Walker doesn't work, we let him walk over the summer. If he does, we will be a tough out in the Playoffs (especially if we have GP).
Word out of Boston is that Toine will get #8 back and Al Jefferson will now wear #44. Hopefully Walker won;t eat into Al's minutes too badly.
One thing is for sure, Walker will put butts in seats in Beantown.

Other deadline deals:
B Diddy to the Warriors and Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis to NBA Siberia New Orleans. Great deal for the Warriors since they didn't give up any of their young players. But will B Diddy stay healthy? Playing near home could be a distraction for him.

The Mavs added Keith Van Horn for Alan Henderson, Calvin Booth and cash. Probably my favorite deal of the day. KVH will back up Dirk and will fit right in with the Mavs system. Dirk has needed a proper back up for a long time. KVH can come in, just be a role player and do his thing, a situation where he usually thrives. Expect his numbers to go up. The Bucks get two ending contracts that will give them extra flexibility to resign Mike Redd and maybe grab another free agent this summer. Their not making the playoffs anyway.

It wouldn't be a trade deadline without the Knicks taking on more salary, but at least they got some picks this time. They made two deals today. One sent Nazr Mohammed and Jamison Brewer to the Spurs for Malik Rose and a first-round pick. They Knicks also traded Vin Baker and Moochie Norris to the Rockets for Maurice Taylor and a first-round pick. Taylor is a nice player with a huge contract and Rose is basically a smaller Kurt Thomas with an even bigger deal. Not sure how this helps New York. They have like 6 power forwards on their roster now. But at least they got some picks in the future without giving up too much. But who plays center now? Thomas? And for the record, these deals added $32 million to the Knicks payroll in the next few seasons. Yikes.

And just for the heck of it, here's a shot of Mr. Pink on my lap while I wrote all of this.

PS - My iPod shipped today!

These Days

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Last night was alot of fun. Saint Ex is a great venue. We had a medium sized crowd for most of the night, around 40 people or so. No complaints here. i think the threat of snow kept alot of people in. But the bartender and manager were happy with us, so maybe they will have us back. Here was my all vinyl, beat-matched set in all it's glory:

Gorillaz, "M1 A1"
Primal Scream, "Swastika Eyes"
Idlewild, "You Held The World In Your Arms Tonight"
Morrissey, "First Of The Gang To Die"
Madonna, "Angel"
The Clash, "Death or Glory"
Oasis, "Rock N Roll Star"
The Cure, "Lovesong"
The Smiths, "The Queen Is Dead"
The Jam, "Move On Up"
Bloc Party, "Banquet" (Phones Disco Edit) [download here]
Postal Service, "We Will Become Silhouettes"
Ted Leo, "Better Dead Than Lead"
The Streets, "Fit But You Know It"
The Bravery, "Out Of Line"

I played some other songs right before closing, we'll have the entire set list up on the website soon.

Actually, The Bravery song was from a CD. My set was 5 minutes shorter at the club compared to when I practiced it at home. I had a small corinary when one of my needles went kaput during Angel, but luckily I had an extra and got it attached and the next record cued up before the song ended. Still, shit was hott. Over the course of my set, I got a thumbs up for Lovesong, a "Hellz Yeah" for Bloc Party and a "Right On" for something else, so it seems it went over pretty well. Thanks to everyone that came out! Respect.

I didn't get home until after 2:30 and then, because I'm certifiably insane, I checked my email and the C's score (they lost, badly) and saw the news about the Chris Webber trade. I started to call Coolfer, but then remembered the time. On paper this seems like a bad deal, but remember this: Geoff Petrie (GM of the Kings) rarely is on the wrong end of a trade. And by rarely, I mean never. It's surprising that he didn't get one of the Sixers young studs in return, but I'll wager that Kenny Thomas fits is right where CWebb left off. Plus the Kings add more depth, which they were sorely lacking. Hopefully now Peja will snap out of his season long funk and return to form.

The Sixers weren't done either. They had been rumoured to be looking into Ray Allen, but instead they dealt Glenn Robinson to New Orleans for Rodney Rogers and the decomposing corpse of Jamal Mashburn. Rogers will give Philly another big body off the bench while Mashburn will never play again and have most of his salary covered by insurance.

In response, Trader Danny made his big move! Jiri Welsch (Nooooooo!!!!) to the Land of Cleve for...a first round draft pick in 2007? OK Danny, I'll trust you on this because reports out of Boston say this is part of a bigger deal that WON'T (and I repeat WON'T) involve Paul Pierce. I would have liked to have gotten Luke Jackson in return, but let's see how this plays out. There were rumours of a Ray Allen/Robert Swift swap for PP, but let's hope that's just speculation.

Also, former Celtic Mike James was sent to Houston for a sack of potatoes.

The trade deadline is 3 PM Eastern. More then?

The Sports Guy gives us his All Star Game recap. Good stuff here, click through!

The Boom Bip song featuring Super Furry Gruff to be released as a single.

QOTSA's Josh Homme pukes up blood, calls off UK tour.

elbow in Hollywood with Tom Rothrock mixing their upcoming record.

That's all for now. Stay tuned!

I've been telling myself I'd spring for a new iPod in June, when my bday comes around, but with the new iPods announced today, the last generation of iPod Photo models just went on uber-sale. I couldn't resist the 40 GB iPod Photo for only $379. So compared to the new 30 GB model, that's an extra $30 for an extra 10 GB of storage. Sweet! And, unlike the new models, the one I just bought comes with a dock and firewire cable.

Now I can carry around photos of Mr. Pink everywhere!

Thus, I have a very trusty 2nd gen 20 GB iPod for sale. I have all the original packaging, the remote, the Apple headphones, the old case, the new case I bought for it (which I love and highly recommend) and a Griffin iTrip, which can all be yours for the low, low price of...say...$225. It's Apple compatible, not PC (although I think there is a hack for that).

if you're interested, leave a comment or drop me a line. I'd like to give any interested reader a shot at it before I throw it on Craigslist or eBay.


Come Dancing

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Yo! Tonight is the big night. Be there! I'll have an orange zip up sweater on. Come say hi.

Shit gets going at 10PM and I'm on at 11:30.

The Sport Guy takes on Shaq in a game of P-I-G.

The C's looked like poop last night against the Lakers.

Sports dork alert: Reggie Roby died yesterday. He was my favorite punter ever. Seriously. Stop laughing!

The guitarist from KoRn left the band because he "found God." Oooooookay. [via Glamourpuss]


That's nice and all, but has been absolutely en fuego lately. That should be a daily read for everyone.

New iPods! Man, I need want a new one badly.

More from Lifehacker: Make a poster sized photo collage from iPhoto.

There's a new Chucky P short story in the latest issue of Playboy.

Amazon has begun pre-orders for Lunar Park, the upcoming novel from Brett Easton Ellis. Sources have described it thusly:

“...Ellis confronts his own legend, and the legacy of his work, with electrifying intensity”. We are promised “humour, terror and pathos” in this tale of “one man’s journey towards a kind of redemption”.

He (BEE) is the main character and the first 30 pages or so is nothing but biographical information on him, and then the actual story begins where the bio leaves off. The story takes us on a supernatural haunted house joyride with a disconnected upper class family and a little girl's extremely creepy stuffed animal. Bateman makes a return, and Bret the narrator speaks in a post-Fight Club narration of an unsolved mystery. This feels very different than his other novels and is much more mature, even bittersweet by the touching end.

Can't wait!

Not really, but I just had to use that title today.

Back from the long weekend. It was nice having yesterday off.

So then...the weekend. Friday night L Boogie accompanied yours truly to the half nine club to see Kasabian open for The Music, thus I missed the Rookie Game (but apparently TA and Al J ruled). The show was good but not great. Kasabian put on a very tight show that started slowly and gradually worked it's way up to speed. Their show was just like their CD. It rocked in some places, was dancey in others and it kept my toe tapping the whole time. And by God was it LOUD. Their sound man deserves a raise because their set went straight to 12, fuck 11. My only complaints about them was their sound was way too slick for the live arena. There were obviosuly some backing tracks being played (and I'm cool with that) but their songs generally sounded exactly like they do on the CD. Note perfect renditions in some cases. I would have liked to see them loosen up a bit and go with the flow. Oh, and their lead singer needs dance lessons. His stage moves made me appreciate Liam and his refusal to "dance around like a monkey."

themusic930.jpg I had been waiting to see The Music since their first record came out what seems like ages ago. I love that CD, but was less than impressed with their sophomore effort, despite having Brendan O'Brien behind the producer's desk. I thought that would have been a home run, but the band's live show really showcased the band's strengths and weaknesses.
Musically, the band is tight. Monster riffs that go on for days. And their drummer is the new Reni. He's that good. They are about as close to bridging the rock/dance gap as any band I know.
On the other hand, The Music are much like Supergrass. They are a great chorus in search of a decent verse. Lead singer Robert Harvey has an amazing set of pipes, but he's not a very gifted songwriter. Also, their set was about half as loud as Kasabian's. The difference was very notable. Their first two songs sounded like they were playing under water and the sound only improved marginally from there. I'm also sorry to say that Harvey was an even worse dancer than the Kasabian guy. Lastly, the crowd for that show was WEIRD. It was like all the Vines fans in the area descended on the venue because they had nothing better to do. L Boogie and I decided to leave early to beat the rush.

However, last night The Futureheads put both of those bands to shame. They were just amazing. I'm not a huge "punk rock" fan, but to me, The Futureheads were simply shit hot. Imagine Teenage Fanclub forming a cover band of The Jam and dressing in business casual attire on stage. They rifled through song after song that had the crowd going nuts. Their cover of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love was just amazing (and I've never even heard the original). I still haven't bought their CD but that will change very soon.
Last night was the first night of their US tour and I cannot recommend this band enough if they are coming through your town. That was the best $12 I spent since I picked up Screamadelica on vinyl from the Tower cut out bin on Sunday. Natalya got some great pictures last night and DCSOB also weighs in. The Upstate Life was also in attendance and he introduced himself while I was outside handing out flyers. Cheers.

Spring training photos of your WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX. Holla. Related: Peter Gammons on the rotation.

Daily Jen has new tracks from Spoon and doves, both of which I have downloaded but not yet listened to. And she got a new cat! I would have gone with Chairman Meow, but that's me.

Dave Chappelle rules. [via Catchdubs]

Owwie. The new look over at Aint It Cool hurts my peepers.

I was sad when I read this sentence. With the release of Dignity and Shame, former Archers of Loaf frontman Eric Bachmann has now issued as many albums under the Crooked Fingers moniker as with his celebrated indie rock band. I miss the Archers of Loaf. *sniff*

QOTSA to "reform" like Voltron?

Oasis album news.

Ian Brown gets his own line of adidas shoes. (second item) Faithful ilb reader James Z alerted me way back on the 9th of this month that Noelly G would be joining king monkey Ian Brown on Conan tomorrow night, but I spaced on posting the info until now. Thanks dude! Unfortunately, all the other faithful ilb readers will have to miss Ian's performance because you'll all be at bluestate, RIGHT?

My favorite part of every Tuesday? Chromewaves 24 recap.


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Mr. Pink was very interested in the outcome of the Wake / Duke game. Let the result confirm that Duke can beat any team in the country on any given night. All it takes is 38 points from JJ. Too bad L Boogie.

information leafblower is enjoying his holiday today by watching Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster, doing laundry, getting the oil in my car changed and figuring out my set for bluestate on Wednesday, which figures to be an all vinyl affair. I picked up some choice records in the cut out bin at Tower yesterday.

Futureheads at 930 tonight. I'll have my report on the Kasabian / The Music show tomorrow.

Cheers all.

PS - Felling very sad upon hearing the news that Hunter S. Thompson took his own life yesterday.


Could I be more excited about the upcoming Gorillaz record? In short, NO. Check out this Gorillaz ecard. I've spent alot of time on their website in the last few days. And while it's still not official, there is a good chance I'm opening my set at bluestate next week with M1 A1. I just picked up their debut album on wax and I'm itching to play it.

Also, i finally got a decent copy of their new track to share with everyone. Peep it:

  • Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (mp3)
  • I was lucky enough to grab an advanced copy of the Kasabian album to listen to before I go see them open for The Music tonight at the 930 club and I'm really liking it. The baggy revival, if it wasn't already on, is picking up full steam now. While their sound isn't necessarily groundbreaking, "band plays loud rawk music over beats and loops", it's fun to listen to and is much closer to Primal Scream as opposed to say...Lo Fidelity All Stars. Think Second Coming era Stone Roses mixed with the Idlewild of 100 Broken Windows with just enough New Order thrown in to keep your hips shaking. This is a good thing.
    The thirteen tracks on the record provide the listener with a good range of tunes, with groovey, dance based tracks like Club Foot (think Burning Wheel on steroids), Processed Beats and the big UK single L.S.F. coupled with all out rockers Reason is Treason and Test Transmission as well as the dubbed out, downtempo chill of ID and Running Battle. In short, there is something for everyone here and I definitely recommend giving this album a shot when it's released on March 8th. Until then, it's the free download of the week at the iTMS (see sidebar) and you can download some great live MP3's and watch some videos from their US website.
    I'm interested to see how these tracks play out in the live arena. Headliners The Music have a similar sound, albeit on a much grander scale, but Kasabian have better tunes so it'll be interesting to see which wins out tonight.

    Related: This British Accents show sounds pretty cool. I'll have to remember to give it a listen on Sunday. I did a similar show on my college radio station back in the day with my friend Ed Bellafiore, only we called it Across The Pond.

    Ummm...I've seen them, so take my word for it, don't bother. Total snoozefest.

    There is a wealth of great live performances over that the Janice Long sessions archive.

    Bradley's Almanac has a video from those pesky Arcade Fire kids. He's gonna be in DC next week for the whole Teenbeat shindig.

    This looks interesting. [from LHB]

    Also stolen from LHB, check out this Ted Leo quote and cower in fear! "My wife and I are both going to be 35 this year. If we're going to have a family, the window is closing. Things are amazing right now, and I can justify keeping things going. But there's just so many bands out there. And since I've decided not to go the route of a bigger label and radio hits and all that, (quitting) is something I'm going to have to face." Hard to argue with but not exactly what I wanted to hear.

    mrpink2.jpgThis just in: Mr. Pink hearts Boston Market but is not so fond of the flash on my digicam.

    Phil Spector murder trial to start in September.


    Amen brother.

    Agreed. Smoking=no buzz.

    Kid Rock charged with punching strip club DJ. Stay Classy.

    Day three of DC Blog-gate. The DCeiver and Rob Goodspeed weigh in. Good thoughts both. I've said my piece on the subject (and I don't think they were explicitly calling out DCist) but their continued denials and lame excuses just confirm what we're all saying. If nothing else, hopefully it's showing these people that creating and maintaining a good blog is not as easy as it might seem.

    Lastly, here are some new MP3's I added in the last few days:

  • Billy Bragg - Valentine's Day Is Over (live) (mp3)

  • Bloc Party - Banquet (Phones Disco Edit) (mp3)
  • Have a great weekend!

    best.gifLost your love of life? Too much apple pie?

    Fucking hell. The Wedding Present are coming to DC! They are at the Black Cat on May 1st. Full tour dates here. Check out a recent setlist. Kennedy is so best.

    Bradley has some "vintage" live mp3's for your downloading.

    But the new album from iTunes here

    I added a bunch of upcoming shows in the right column, be sure to take a peek.

    Going Out

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    I spent a good deal of time looking at this site last night. Lots of cool photos sent in from around the world. I like their tagline: The wall is the weapon of choice for the unarmed civilian. If I had 100 bucks to blow right now I would totally buy this. I'm in desperate need of artwork for my walls.

    Prepare yourself for Uncle Grambo: the interview.

    Prepare yourself for Johnny Damon: the book!

    Glamourpuss will like this headline: Celtics bear down to down to beat Grizzlies. MC Ricky D hit a jumper as time expired to give the C's a winning record and sole possesion of first place in the Atlantic Division as we head into the All Star break. What the fork am i gonna do with no Celtics games for a whole week? Ack!

    Semi speaking of, did you hear about the auction for a 24 hour window to naming rights on the Fleet Center? Apparently Fark placed a bid and tried to name it "The Duke Sucks Center". Unfortunately for all you Twerp fans (way to go BTW) Fleet said nyet.

    New NBA guidelines for beer sales in arenas leaguewide.

    The Tears make their debut. They should tour with The Dears.

    You could never capture the iPod's stature
    For rhyme and for rapture, got niggaz resigning,
    to master my style? Never!
    I put the fucking buck in the wild kid, I'm terror
    Razor sharp, I sever the head from the shoulders, I'm better
    than my compeda, you mean competitor, whateva!

    PS - Tiger style! Damn I'm good.

    El WaPo Going Out Guru's...backpedaling like crazy. Guys, if you get called on something like this, just come clean about it.

    If you want to go out,
    If you want to go out,
    Read it in the papers,
    Tell me what it's all about!

    Say My Name!

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    So I know I said I would hold off on naming new cat until I got him checked out (sometime next week hopefully) but on Monday night his name just hit me and made perfect sense. And unless new cat also has a terminal disease, I'm definitely keeping him, so I might as well get on with it.

    Before I got new cat, I had planned to name him PJ, because he would be my cat Post Jarvis and i thought it would be cool to always have a little tribute to Jarvis. Unfortunately after getting new cat, it just didn't fit him. He's not really a PJ at all. I had a few other names in mind (Fenway, Cousy, etc.) but a comment Kate left about what she named her fish got me thinking. And when new cat got right up in my face on Monday night and sneezed all over me (snot and all), the lightbulb went off.
    New cat's name is going to be Mister Pink!

    It's so obnoxious! I love it. And EVERYONE else hates it, so I know it's good. Something about having the word "Mister" in my cat's name just appeals to me. And yes, I know he's black and white, but look at his cute little pink nose! New cat talks ALL THE TIME and it kinda reminds me of Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs, always yapping. And guess which version of the DVD I have? The Mr. Pink one, obvs. So it's settled. Mr. Pink it is! Thanks to everyone that emailed and left comments with your suggestions.

    ilb: And you are Mr. Pink.
    Mr. Pink: Why am I Mr. Pink?
    ilb: Cause you're a faggot, ok?
    Mr. Pink: How about if I'm Mr. Purple? That sounds good to me, I'll be Mr. Purple.
    ilb: You're not Mr. Purple. Some cat in some other house is Mr. Purple. You're Mr. Pink!

    The best part of living in the iTunes Music Store era? Deciding, upon waking up this morning, that I needed some new music for my commute and logging in and buying three albums in less time than it takes to get in and out of the shower. So hott. I picked up

    ...Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart
    Secret Machines - Now here Is Nowhereicon
    Tahiti 80 - Wallpaper For The Soul

    More Cowbell drops the Trail of Dead tour dates. Looks like the lads will play the Black Cat this time around. Shame, I quite enjoyed their show last time through town at the 930 club. Mostly because it was half full and I got some amazing photos.

    Anti Meat Eater Lad points us to a streaming copy of the new doves album. I listened to the single last night and loved it.

    Gorillaz speak!

    The Dceiver weighs in on those darn Terp fans. Hard to argue here. I mean look at the aftermath of the riots. Yikes! Although I must state, for the record, that this is pretty damn funny.

    Shameless plug. You bitches better be in attendance. Looks like I'm on around 11:30.

    SO loving Lifehacker. Check out Gmail as a journal and free ringtones.

    Here's an interesting look at how Sebastian Telfair ended up getting drafted by the Trailblazers at #13 last summer. Good stuff. It all but conforms that there was a deal in place with adidas that made it happen. It also includes a glimpse into how Danny Ainge approaches the draft that I, the basketball dork I am, found v. interesting.

    That Pinot Noir is so hot right now. I have to admit I am a Merlot lover, but I know nothing about wines and I did just name my cat Mr. Pink. But I am loving the Bonny Doon they serve over at Iota. That's good wine.

    Lastly, this has been reported widely in the DC area, but it's worth repeating. The "Going Out Guru's" over at el WaPo have taken great pride in attempting to downgrade the local blog scene here in DC when it comes to our music tastes and reporting. Last week during their weekly online chat thingy they threw down the gauntlet:

    Joe: The one problem I have with many of the local music blogs I've read (I won't name names) is the obsession with indie rock...and only indie rock. Gets boring pretty quickly

    So what did they do? They started a blog. And what was one of the first posts they put on said blog? Something about going to see Neko Case in Baltimore. Hello kettle, this is the pot, you're black. They must have gotten hip to the game though (or are incredibly embarrassed) because apparently they have since taken the post down.
    Busted! Thanks for playing, try again.


    information leafblower hearts Heather Mitts. Soccer playing hotties are so best. More pics here.

    Although she's no Julie Foudy.

    I spent mine with Jack Bauer and new cat. New cat was on my lap most of the night so I didn't get a chance to upload any new photos of the furball. So you get a one day reprieve. Instead I give you the artwork for the upcoming Morrissey Live DVD!

    6SAM0001DVD.jpg Details and tracklisting here. Unbeknownst to me, this DVD is a US only release, so for once the rest of the world gets screwed and not us! Yay! Let's enjoy this while we can.

    Live CD info and tracklisting here. Not liking this artwork as much.

    Moz on his "comeback":
    "Yes, the profile has been a little higher than of late but I shudder when I hear the word 'come back'. I don't like to think that I'm back. I've always been here. It implies something about revisiting the past. There's nothing in the past I'd go back for. No reason ever to. As far as I'm aware only Doctor Who can go back in time."

    Field Day 2005 is off. Was it ever on? I went to Field Day in 2003 two days before my knee surgery.

    Oasis - still popular. How is it that it took the Pixies a week to sell out two shows in DC but tickets for Oasis in Philly sold out immediately? I totally spaced on getting them too. Ditto NYC. Of course there are plenty of NYC tix on Craigslist but there are none in Philly. In fact, there are more listings for monster truck pull tickets than Oasis tickets. What up Illadelph?

    Bloc Party album review. I'm loving that Banquet EP that I bought.

    Stream some new stuff by doves!
    Windoze Media
    Black and White Town (56k)
    Black and White Town (100k)

    Real Playa
    Black and White Town (56k)
    Black and White Town (100k)
    Their new album, Some Cities is out on March 1st. Read their blog!

    Kasabian are the free iTunes download this week! Go grab it! They are at the 930 on Friday.

    New Wu-Tang?

    Becca tried out for The Apprentice.

    10 reasons I'm not testifying for Wacko Jacko.

    Now Get Busy

    | |

    I watched alot of basketball this weekend. The C's went 1-1 (at least we beat the Knicks) but Duke lost to Maryland. I spent alot of time on my couch, and when I was there, so was my new cat.
    He's so adorable. I'm thinking he's a keeper. The only drawbacks so far is that he has a nasty reoccuring sneeze that I'll have to get checked out and he comes downstairs and wakes me up every morning at 6:30 AM. It's like clockwork. He pops his head up from the couch upstairs and starts meowing like crazy. Then he'll come downstairs and tap me on the face a few times to let me know that he is awake and ready for me to pet him. If I can just adjust his internal clock by about an hour, it'll be perfect.
    I did venture out to run some errands on Sunday, including a trip to Crooked Beat Records in Adams Morgan. They didn't have as much stuff in stock as my last trip there, but I picked up this, this, this and this on wax so it was worth it. Can't wait to rock Train In Vain on vinyl. So hott.
    So when I got back from the record store, I began the task of BPM'ing my record collection and also practicing my mixing skillz. My game is getting tight and I'm so gonna drop it like it's hot at the next bluestate. New cat likes to help me out while I practice by laying on my stereo and playing with all the wires for my headphones and such. That's when he's not constantly jumping into my lap.
    I'm gonna hold off on officially naming him until I get this sneeze checked out and recieve a clean bill of health so there is still time to get your nominations in. I took a ton of pics of him this weekend, so be prepapred to be inundated with them for the rest of the week. Yes I am turning into crazy cat guy, but if you had a cat as adorable as mine, you would too.

    eleanor_us.jpg I wish modern science would invent a drug that causes time to feel much longer, the way it felt when you were a child. What a great drug. A year would feel like a year, not ten minutes. Your adulthood would feel long and full instead of like some out of control carnival ride. Who would want a drug like this? Older people, I guess - people whose sense of passing time has hit the acceleration pedal.
    And I guess they ought to also invent a drug capable of the opposite effect. Again, there'd be no immediate sensation, but after a year of the drug, you'd say, Wow! Has it been a year already? It feels like yesterday. Who'd take this drug? Me, when I'm lonely. And prisoners with life sentences.
    Here's a third notion: what if you had to choose just one of these drugs. And what if taking one would instantly and forever cancel out any effect you might get from the other? I imagine most of us, myself included, would take the one that makes life feel longer. Which means that a lonely life is better than no life at all.
    I guess alcohol is the closest thing we have to a drug that makes time fly. Cocaine, perhaps? I wouldn't know about that. Maybe that's why I'm so mistrustful of booze. It makes time fly in the short term, and in the long term it obliterates memory - which is, of course, a way of erasing time.

    - Written by Douglas Coupland, taken from his book Eleanor Rigby.

    This Time

    | |

    I was on the escalator that leads from the Pentagon Metro station up onto surface level yesterday when it hit me. Yesterday was my one year anniversary of moving from NYC. That's kinda scary in and of itself. It seems like a lifetime ago. Needless to say, I'm liking my current situation very much and am very happy to be living in the DC metro area.

    So how did I celebrate you ask? I got a new cat! Obvs.
    I know I said I'd let all of you choose a name for him, and I kinda have a name picked out for him, but I will hereby open the floor for nominations. Leave a comment and if someone comes up with a name better than the one I've thought of, I'll use it. Maybe I'll even give you some sort of prize or something. The cat's current name is Fred (everyone in his litter was named after a character on Scooby Doo), so he's male and he's about 6 months old. I have him on a trial basis but we had alot of fun together last night and if I make it through the weekend incident free, I'll most likely keep him.

    PS - be sure to check out The Upstate Life (who somehow got erased from my blog roll on the right) for news on an upcoming Trail of Dead show and the official Interpol after party. I tried to get Interpol tickets but I kept getting kicked out of the ticketing system and, honestly, I don't want to pay $25 to see them play the 930 club. So I bought me some Queens of the Stone Age tickets instead. Rock!


    | |

    p1_duke.jpg Duke beat UNC. Again. No biggie, that's just what Duke does.
    Say what you want about the Dookies, go ahead. Yes they have no bench. Yes they live and die with the three(all of their field goals in the second half, save one, were from three). Yes it's very easy to hate them. Whatever. All I know is that they have three of the best players in the ACC and the entire team will D your ass up real quick like. Carolina looked flustered all night. UNC dropped 109 points on Maryland in College Park, yet Duke held them to 70 in Cameron.
    And let me continue to express my hatred of UNC prima donna Rashad McCants. What a punk ass little bitch. Moping around on the court all night because his shot wasn't falling. Remember this beauty from last year? "I don't find J.J. too much of a threat besides shooting 3s, if he's off, he's off. If he's not making any shots, then I don't think he's going to be too much of a factor." So what happened after that? JJ stole the ball from him and got Duke the W then. And last night JJ was on McCants in the final seconds and kept him from getting the ball, ensuring the W yet again. Hate on Redick all you want.
    He owns McCants.
    Just like Duke owns UNC and
    Coach K owns Roy Williams.
    And how about newbie DeMarcus Nelson?

    If that wasn't good enough, earlier in the night the C's came back from a 20 point deficit to beat the LA Paper Clips. Who spearheaded their comeback you ask? Gary Payton? Nope. Paul Pierce? Well he played a part, only one assist shy of a triple double. Raef LaFrentz? He hit a big three to give them the lead, but the catatlyst for their comeback was my boy Delonte West. 0 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists don't begin to tell you the poise this youngster played with last night. It was a sight to behold. Methinks he just signed Marcus Banks walking papers.

    Side note: I clicked through to watch a bit of Lost last night and they had a flashback to Dominic Monaghan's character's past life in London. He was chatting up some rich bird in a pub and when they went back to her place afterwards he asked where her father (whom she lived with) was. She replied, "Oh, he traveled up to Slough to buy some paper company." Nice touch.

    Just shut the fuck up already.

    The Philly Inquirer on sports bloggers. [via LHB]

    Also from LHB, when I saw something about someone starting a blog about "that Pespi girl", I knew exactly who they meant. She's a total hottie.

    Was The Dream funding terrorists? My Blog Is Poop thinks the Post should run with the headline Hakeem Ola-jihad.

    New Elliot Smith iTunes EP.

    Crooked Fingers tour dates.

    Ooh! Ooh! New Gorillaz! More here. I hate not having a sound card at work. :(

    More new Beck. Check out the "E-Pro" Paza Remix of Bad Cartridge.

    Microsoft Maps, still some bugs to be worked out.

    This is why I moved from NYC. No way am I cool enough to attend things like this.

    Chinese New Year that is.

    Meet the new Minky.

    It's corny, I know, but I enjoyed reading this. Not enough things like this make the news anywhere.

    Owwie! $50 for Oasis in Philly. Not much better for NYC.

    In other news, Liam is a pimp.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm...Famke Jansen (how you doin?) as Lora, Daniel Day Lewis as Jor-El and Jude Law as General Zod? If you're making a movie on Hollywood in 2005, are you under martial law to cast Jude Law? Just curious. Jude Law is the new Ben Stiller.

    Anyone find a lost iPod?

    Top 10 overpaid players in the NBA.

    And just in case you forgot...Duke effing rules! So what if they have NO BENCH? Duke has won 14 of the last 16 games against North Carolina (seven of eight in Cameron) and three straight overall. That's not to mention that Duke is 115-22 in the ACC from 1997 to 2005 -- 25 games better than Maryland, which is second-best over that time frame.

    Fun with the iTunes Music Store!






    | |

    Waltah is heading to Phoenix for a 2nd round draft pick Phoenix recieved from Golden State in the Zarko Cabarkapa deal.
    The lead in to tonight's Bucks game should be interesting. I wonder if Tommy will cry or something.
    Wave goodbye Waltah.

    Good boy.

    All Super Furries, all the time. I've posted this before but peep the tracklisting for the Under The Influence CD. It gets a US release in March.

    noelgezzer.jpgOasis date for Philly! And it's on a Saturday!! I'm so there. There is room for a DC date as well. *fingers crossed* Noel, what say you to putting Listen Up in the set this time around? Or maybe bringing back your short acoustic sets during the show? Pretty Please? Oh, and play more of your newer stuff. It sounded great live last time around. Seriously.

    More useless lists from Bithfork. Colour me shocked that this, this and this were not included. Seriously, WTF?

    But at least they got this right.

    Thankfully no DC date for the u2 tour.

    Anti Meat Eater Lad has the details on the Bloc Party album. And speaking of, you HAVE to read this chat between Bloc Party and Peter Hook. [via Nick C]

    So Best. I still don't have this record. Tower and Beast Buy were sold out and Borders wants 20 clams for the edition with the extra DVD. I think not.

    Go download you some Stone Roses demo's. The Sun Still Shines might be my favorite Roses track ever, go get it. It's a crying shame it was never released. Ian Brown should redo it solo steez.

    ProductshopNYC drops the lowdown on this year's Glastonbury lineup. Suck it Coachella. And for the record, I think Coachella would have been 20x better if they took out Coldplay and replaced them with Echo & The Bunnymen. That would have at least had me considering buying tickets before deciding to wait and see how Reading/Leeds looks and going to that instead.

    Voshon Lenard to defend his NBA 3 Point Shootout title despite his ruptured achilles tendon.

    Holla at ya bizzle. PP was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week and was just voted to his 4th All Star game! Damn straight. PP started off the year slowly but has been playing some of the best ball in the Eatern Conference in the last 6 weeks or so. C's @ Bucks tonight.

    Yes it has the worst name ever, but I'm really liking LifeHacker. I've used this and this to great effect. Cheers.

    boarding1.jpg Well, I finally went snowboarding this weekend. Whitetail is just a quick 90 minute drove from the crib and I made it to the mountains with no problems. Obviously it can't compare to the mountains in Vermont that I used to frequent when I lived in the 718 but it's better than nothing. Some of the trails on the back side were fairly challenging and my legs were sore by the time I left that afternoon.
    Unfortunately the weather didn't really cooperate. It was a balmy 52 degrees when I left around 2:30 and the trails were getting really slushy and dangerous. The diamond trails on the back side of the mountains were the worst. I'd be flying down the slope and hit a patch of slush and literally come to a complete stop. After I made it back to the front side and experienced the same things on trails that were OK an hour beofre, I packed it in.
    Still, mission accomplished. It felt great to be pointing downhill on my trusty Burton Custom and feel the wind in my face. No problems at all with my knee. The mountain was OK, I'll go back if it cools down again. Next year I'll have to plan a proper trip out West or up North.

    Not much else out there today. Blame the inevitable Superbowl hangover. The Metro was empty this AM. My commute was lovely.

    Macca was OK, but kinda boring. Why did he keep saying "Thank you Superbowl" as if it were a person or something?

    The Sports Guy on the Pats win.

    Coach K collapsed during a timeout during the Ga Tech game on Saturday (which I missed). That was scary. But all reports said he got up and continued yelling at the refs and that's when everyone knew he was OK. Duke v. UNC on Wednesday.

    Read some Stone Roses interviews.

    Super Furry tour in May?
    Commence drooling. But wait, before I recap the event I didn't go to last night, let's peep what I did instead.

    Hersh.jpg Instead of road tripping to my former hood, I accompanied Glamourpuss to see Kristin Hersh, her favoritist artist ever, perform a solo acoustic show at the Iota. Going to the Iota means dinner beforehand and I had the seared ahi tuna and wasabi mashed potatoes again and they were fab. I took a few pics of the meal but they didn't come out to well. After dinner we went next door into their concert space and I was pleased at how unaggrivating that place is when there aren't 200 hipsters crammed in there. Hersh drew a sizable audience and put on a good show, although I must state (at the risk of losing all of my indie rock coolpoints) that I am not that familiar with her work or that of the Throwing Muses, which is weird because I was totally into that whole Boston scene. I always meant to get around to checking them out in college but always came back to my Buffalo Tom CD's instead. She had her hair cut short and dyed blonde and looked like Tanya Donnelly's aunt or something. But she put on a great show and told alot of amusing stories in between songs invloving her eight year old, how to kill time while the tour bus is getting repaired and her fear of snakes. Good stuff.

    Unofficial information leafblower correspondant (and expert on all things SFA) L Boogie ventured up to the Big Snapple to check out Gruff's solo show. She files the following report:

    NYC Missed ILB!!

    Pros (So Best)
    1. Gruff came onstage to the sounds of Billy Joel Muzak. He had some odd multi-colored light device in his mouth - think plastic lips that light up like a flashing rainbow. A grand entrance indeed.
    2. Sported a fetching navy blazer/jacket and Barcelona Football Club scarf. A nice change from the standard red shirt - wait, the red shirt was below.
    3. He began the evening with, "I'm Gruff Rhys. I'm here to sing you some songs you've never heard in a language you don't understand."
    4. The man, once again, proved his inherent musical genius. This time it was by taking what looked to be the most crap instruments (read: 50p keyboard, plastic singing parakee/bird, what looked to be a box of altoids, electric bagpipe device) and making excellent sounding beats. He played my favs tracks off YAG (tracks 3, 4, 5). They sounded lovely.
    5. He was very chatty and free flowing with the odd fact. For instance, we learned that Pwdin Wy /Egg Puddin
    is a Welsh term of endearment and is a cake much like flan. Also, he explained the whole right handed on a left handed guitar playing, which he attributed to his brother's influence. But this time he explained how his brother has a piece of bone missing in his arm and can't turn it in such a way so that's why he played like that (?). On that note, he had a detachable piece of wood that he put over the cut out on the guitar to make it look like he was playing it properly.
    6. He played a song called "Colonize the Moon" to what sounded like the tune of "No Sympathy". It had the brillant line of "I vomited throughout your saxophone solo".
    7. Audience participation was encouraged. We were asked to make "rural" noises, which he recorded and looped over songs. And we were asked to make "urban" noises, which he also looped and incorporated into the songs.
    8. He ended with playing the original version of the cover found on YAG via cassette player. Gruff described the orginal singer as the Welsh version of Celine Dion and then did his own version.
    8. The Tonic port-a-loo was the cleanest I've ever experienced.
    9. It cost me a mere $7.50 to park in Manhattan.
    10. Gruff Rhys is seriously funny. Like Seinfeld funny.

    grufffez.jpg Cons (Somewhat Durst)
    1. The humorless NYC crowd
    2. No Bunf to salivate over
    3. Cold Roy Rogers Fries at 2am
    4. Somewhat short set with no requests (requests were taken in Dublin and the Euro gigs)
    5. Gruff's current hair mullet is not long or short enough to work. It's merely looks like a helmet. (I'm a girl, I report these sorts of things.)

    As you can see, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. Definitely a different sort of show. The whole thing had a caberet vibe to it. Very fun. Granted, not the Furries, ya know? He left promptly after the set to record a radio set for WFMU. I did get to shake the man's hand and say well done on a most entertaining gig.

    I couldn't agree more. No Bunf = durst. Who else are you going to smoke some draw with after the gig?

    Acoustic Furry shows are generally very loose affairs and always worth going to (if you live within driving distance) since you never know what might happen. Last time I went to one (in Dublin) I got my favortist ever Super Furry song dedicated to me. That was the definition of tiggs.

    Oasis to play MSG in June. Two effing days after my bday. Hello roadtrip! And in case I wasn't clear enough on this let me lay it out for you. All I want for my bday is a pair of tickets to see Oasis @ MSG. There, I feel better.


    NBA All Star starters announced. Take a bow G Hill, and welcome back. Mark Stein breaks down how the rest of the rosters should fill out. No arguments here.

    Snowboarding tomorrow!

    thisweekendyo.jpg This will be me on Saturday. Think I'm heading to Whitetail.

    Even though I did sneak a quick trip to the gym in last night, I spent most of the evening peeping some hott bball action. The C's crushed the Nets but the best news was PP messed around and got a triple double before the end of the third quarter! As Nets fan Nick C might say, he was focused.

    Duke, however, was not so lucky. They lost a tough one to Wake. It was a tough one because the Devils played about as well as they could but couldn't take Wake down. Daniel Ewing fouling out with over 5 minutes left didn't help. The Devils are about to pay for their hereto easy ACC schedule. Listen to this: Georgia Tech, North Carolina, at Maryland, at Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, at Georgia Tech, at St. John's, Miami, at North Carolina. Jeezy Creezy! Gimme 4-5 in that span and I am a happy camper.

    Stop the presses! That Vegan guy from the 718 is reporting (via Central Village) that none other than the mighty Goldie Lookin' Chain crew are invading the Mercury Lounge on March 14th. That might very well be road trip worthy. Safe as fuck!

    You would never know it by their badly outdated web site, but Washington Social Club is opening for Hot Hot Heat at the 930 club.

    Chromewaves has the scoop on new music and new tourdates by the Wedding Present and Crooked Fingers. Check out the snazzy new Crooked Fingers website.

    Use your iTunes to make your own online radio station. My playlist would be Morrissey, Spoon, SFA, Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Morrissey, Blur, Teenage Fanclub, The Smiths, Pulp, The Sundays, Morrissey, Oasis, Rialto, SFA, Morrissey, etc. etc. etc. Oh yeah, and some INXS!

    Did anyone else catch the article this past weekend in the WaPo magazine about the guy from West Va. that won the lottery a few years back? Quite a heartbreaking tale and worth 20 minutes of your time to read. Well, Glamourpuss asked me what I would do if I won the lottery and, off the top of my head, this is what I came up with:

    I would buy apartments in DC, NYC, London, Dublin and Cardiff and travel Europe extensively, becoming a jet-setting/snowboarding hermit, following winter around the globe, popping up occasionally whenever there was a Super Furry Animals tour to see or whenever I could book a DJ gig. Basically, I would become Hansel from Zoolander, minus the modeling.
    I would offer Ride, The Sundays and Mazzy Star insane amounts of money to reform and tour together (sponsored by, obvs). I would start a magazine called “Obvs” and hire all my blogger friends to write for it so they could quit their jobs. Oh, and I would buy a Powerbook and new iPod.

    Of course I would take care of the family, but that doesn't make for exciting blog material now does it? What would you do with $100 million?

    Don't Change


    Yes, I'm aware this is the third INXS song I've put in my playlists since last June. But we've already been over that. So suck it.

    Download some goodies!
    Mylo:In My Arms (mp3) - Go ahead, try and resist nodding your head along to this Bette Davis Eyes sample. I can't stop listening to this song. I tend to only buy and/or pay attention to one dancey record a year so it looks like this will be it. Does anyone have this full length? Hook a brother up.
    Harvey Danger:Pike St./Park Slope (demo) (mp3) - This track took on new significance after I moved to Brooklyn and has been really helpful lately in getting me through some tough times. Sean is a great lyricist (love those Morrissey references) and Jeff's sparse piano adds just the right amount of background. A maudlin tune that makes me feel better every time I listen to it.

    Some others that I had already posted:
    Annie:Me Plus One (mp3)
    The Go Betweens:Streets Of Your Town (AAC)
    Kasabian:Reason Is Treason (live) (mp3)
    Gruff Rhys:Rhagluniaeth Ysgafn (mp3) - According to Rough Trade's website, Gruff's record has been moved up and will be released on Feb 22nd. SO best. And I'm trying not to think about the show tomorrow at Tonic that I'm missing. For those that are going, Gruff is on at 8 PM. I expect a full report. With pics.

    Rudy T to step down? And Kobe has nothing to do with it? Seriously?

    Hey Coachella, take yer Bauhaus and shove it. Reading's got Iron Maiden and the Pixies plus the Foo Fighters AND crappy weather. Beat that, I dare ya! Now just add some Super Furries and I'll consider booking my ticket.

    Bloc Party tour dates.

    Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Richey Edward's disappearance. It's also the eight year anniversary of the last good song the Manics wrote.

    Matthew J. Peabody. True Playa For Real.

    I did not click through, as my Firefix doesn't seem to like multimedia, but Lindsay has a link to the first episode of the US version of The Office. She says not to get your hopes up.

    So best. Lifehacker? Aren't they opening for Switchfoot? Funny shit. Although I did find this useful.

    Did you notice I finally figured out how to update my iPod and Bookshelf listings? Did ya?

    bluestate web.jpg

    Oh yeah, it's on! Mark those calendars, yo. Thanks to The Best Janelle for the original photo!

    Stay classy College Park.

    The Knicks finished January 2-13, their worst month ever. Maybe that led to this reported exchange between Starbury and Kurt Thomas after KT took umbrage with the Knicks captain for an ill advised shot:
    Steph: Fuck you man.
    Kurt: Fuck YOU. Everyone in this organization is afraid of you, but I'm not, and I will beat your ass.
    Go team!

    How television killed the sports column as we know it. Good stuff.

    Better stuff. Phil Mushnick calls out Stephen A. Smith. Just amazing. Mushnick is my hero. Click through so you can see him rip Smith for saying "But I regress" as opposed to "But I digress". Hey, that's my cue...

    Sports Guy Superbowl blog. Anyone catch TSG name Suedehead as the number two song of the 80's?

    Speaking of the Mighty Mozzer, checkout the tracklist for his upcoming live disc.

    Stop the presses! Bitchfork gets it right for once. Yes, I'm biased.

    Here are the tour dates for Ash and The Bravery.

    As if I didn't have enough concert tickets to buy, now Interpol is coming back through town.

    "I've been standing at the station, in need of education in the rain." Discuss. [via Matt 5500]


    Ben Gibbard just earned himself quite a few cool points in my book. He covered the Archers of Loaf classic Web In Front at the recent Tsunami Benefit gig. Respect. [via Stereogum]

    9 Billion dollars? Dayum.