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My review of the Graham Coxon show. No Coffee and TV - :( - but it was still good.

Phoenix / Hot Dogs Perish In Autos Without AC / Longview tonight (as per Coolfer's glowing recommendation).

DCist had a kegger last night (yes, you read that right) to celebrate spring the the onset of short skirts everywhere in the District. However, after I left for the show, some hooligans stole the keg! Fear not, we're hot on their trail! Funny stuff.

Ultragrrl is more loathsome than Pedro and Purple Lips.

Woot! LCD Soundsystem in June! And more Futureheads! Did you get your Spoon tickets today? They are on sale for the 930 club.

So focused right now.

An apropos headline.

murmurrem.jpgI was playing around with my record collection last night while trying to come up with a loose tracklisting for my next mixtape/podcast and I pulled out Murmur, a record I hadn't listened to in ages. It was a staple of my listening diet in college but I probably hadn't listened to the whole thing all the way through in at least 5 years. So this morning before commuting in, I popped the CD into my eMac and uploaded it into my iTunes and my iPod.

I had honestly forgotten what a great record this is. I was scaring people on the Metro as I was bopping my head along to Laughing and Sitting Still. The whole album sounds so fresh and so clean. If nothing else, this record, along with Reckoning, reminded me why I used to love REM so much ("used to" being the operative phrase here). And it drove home why their last few records have sucked; little or no backing vocals from Mike Mills. That and the tepid musicianship and uninspired songwriting, but I digress...

I have a rather large treasure trove of old REM bootlegs at home, I'll have to delve into them this weekend and post some of the highlights here for downloading next week.

Anyone got an old album they just listened to for the first time in a long while?

Is there a third Gorillaz album in the pipeline? While we wait to find out, watch the video for Feel Good, Inc. (Windoze MP)

Idlewild to tour the UK. Actually I just used that tidbit to say - If you have the new Idlewild record - get at me.

I heart Teenage Fanclub and the set list they played at their comeback gig last night.

Graham Coxon at the Black Cat tonight.

Stereogum has an MP3 of the new Oasis track,"Lyla". Since it doesn't figure to be up very long, go get it and drop it like it's hot.

Not the worst thing they've done, but this is no "Hindu Times", which I think is one of the best songs they've ever written. But I digress...

Swamped at work today along with the 34 other projects I have going on right now. All will be revealed soon, stay tuned.

Echo+Bunnymen.jpgYo, the HFSestival line up does not suck that majorly. ECHO AND THE EFFING BUNNYMEN!

Beth and I ventured to Gaitherburg, MD last night (hometown of my first girlfriend in college, Kristen Johns if you're out there - get at me!) for the Who Put The M in Manchester in theatre screening, or as the ticket itself said "Who Put The M in Man". It was cool seeing a 30 foot tall Mozzer and I cannot lie...I got goosebumps when they broke into Everyday Is Like Sunday after the brief Subway Train intro. The DVD itself is great, although the version of Jack The Ripper is kinda substandard (for my tastes anyways) and he didn't use the "This song is from the 80's...The 1880's" intro. *Shakes Fist*
But it's def. worth your money in this Moz fan's opinion. Best part? HFS was there giving away various freebies and I scored a copy of the DVD! Now I just need to go cop the CD tonight.

Ree Dick You Luss. Pre sales can suck it IMHO.

DCeiver keeps the 24/Go-Betweens train rolling right along. But we'll have to wait for Stereogum to pick this tidbit up before anyone else notices. :)

Productshop NYC has that new, new Radiohead that you're looking for, complete with lyrics.

Hello Kettle? This is the Pot. You're black. Listen to this shite from the Killers:
"Look at a band like The Bravery. They're signed because we're a band," Flowers declared. "I've heard rumours about [members of] that band being in a different kind of band, and how do you defend that? If you say, 'My heart really belongs to what I'm doing now,' but you used to be in a ska band. I can see The Strokes play or Franz Ferdinand play and it's real, and I haven't gotten that from The Bravery. I think people will see through them."
Puh-lease. He should have just said "Uh-Oh. We are no longer the hot shit at Island. Some other band does our sound better than us and now the label is gonna sell lots of their records. And we're out of singles. Fuck. Where's my makeup?"
Central Village righly wonders what Duran Duran thinks of the Killers "original" sound. Anti Meat Eater Lab has a Mylo remix of the Killers. I call dibs for bluestate. At this rate, my next set will be 40% Mylo stuff.

PS - Might I also add that Somebody Told Me was a straight up hijacking of Blur's Girls & Boys, and a weak one at that.

I'm all into my music 'cause that's how I make papes
Try to make hits by kickin' remix tapes


New Feature! New Feature! On Friday I figured out how to make a mix, load it onto my eMac and transform the file to an MP3 (yay technology!) so here is the first official DJ Leafblower Mixtape (download MP3) [let me know if the link doesn't work]

1) Air - Alpha Beta Gaga
2) A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got)
3) Pharcyde - Runnin'
4) Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
5) Luscious Jackson - City Song
6) Beastie Boys - Shadrach
7) Sly and the Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay
8) Ian Brown - Love Like A Fountain
9) Morrissey - The Last of the Famous International Playboys

Keep in mind this is a BIG File (a little over 33 MB's) so it's gonna take a while to download.

This will give you a taste of some of the stuff I play at bluestate. Locals can come down and hear the real thing at the next gig, and everyone else can get a vibe for what we're doing even if they aren't near the 202. I'm gonna try and do one of these a month, maybe more depending on my time.

I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

So then...the weekend. I've already been over Friday. Saturday was full of basketball. That 'Zona and Illinois game was just binoculars. Still wondering why all of the Illinois three pointers seemed to be wide open. And why not feed Channing Frye more at the end? Still, a fun game to watch. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't take some pleasure in watching the "greatest shooter in college basketball" go 3-37 (or whatever it was) from the field. Suck it Salim.

Saturday night I took in The Fatales and despite the piss poor stage lighting (meaning no photos) and some technical problems, they played a really great set. Very upbeat and urgent with lots of energy. There were quite a few people grooving right along to the band. They are heading up to NYC v. soon, so my peeps up North are encouraged to check them out.

Sunday was more great basketball (Go Michigan State!) and more music. Before I get to the show, let me go on record saying MSU can totally beat UNC. They have the horses needed to get 'er done. Count me on the Spartans bandwagon (although I'd kinda like to see Illinois beat the shit out of UNC in the title game). MSU will D those Heels up.

qotsa930.jpgFor some reason, I thought the Queens of the Stone Age show was Tuesday, not last night. As such, I had to eat the two extra tickets I had for the show. Mental note to self, pay attention next time. This was my first time seeing QOTSA and I was impressed, although I had been led to believe their live show was so good that it would melt my face off or something. And make no mistake, it was good, but not face melting good. I hate to admit it, but the older material kicks the shit out of the newer stuff. But Josh Homme is one cool hombre and looks so at home playing his guitar on stage. He has some great guitar moves too, especially when he jerks his head around every which way. The best song of the night was easily the set closer, Regular John. That song is so much awesome. Total rock. There were these three guys standing behing Miss Glamourpuss and I and before the show one of them said "You guys are totally gonna love this show!" all drunkenly to us, as if we didn't pay money to see this band with the expectations that they would kick our asses musically. So then this douchebag and his two friends proceed to stand behind us (we were up in the balcony) and bump into us, shove us around, talk loudly and drunkenly throughout the set and generally make our night fairly miserable. Yeah buddy, loved the show. But I digress...

Peep the new Gorillaz video.
Windoze High Speed
Windoze Low Speed

Will the US ever beat Mexico in an away game?

Ouch. Check out this unfortunate corporate logo from the local DC area. [via Grayson]

Get me Gothamist on the phone! The Jets have been sold to Pakistan! Oh wait, nevermind.

The drummer from Crowded House killed himself yesterday. Sad.

theendforlee.jpg Duke lost. Peabs is probably still drinking, and if he is, good for him. Respect to Tom Izzo and his MSU boys, they deserve all the credit for taking Duke out of their offense and playing tough all game. It was alot of fun to watch.
Usually when Duke loses I am a nervous wreck, yelling at the TV and throwing know, the usual. But last night I was eerily calm. Before the season (when all the "experts" were picking the Devils to finish fourth of fifth in the conference) I told myself that I wanted a Sweet Sixteen birth out of this team. That's it. Anything else would be gravy. As talented as this team is, this seemed like a fitting end to this season. No one expected them to win the ACC Tournament or earn a #1 seed in the tourney. It feels like two years ago when Duke lost to Kansas in the same round. They were a better team and deserved to move on. Same thing here.
I'm sad to see Daniel Ewing go. Believe it or not, but he is the winningest college basketball player ever (115-23). Think about that for a second. Wow. Good luck at the next level (wherever that may be) Daniel.
My favorite part of the end of the season is Coach K's post game press conference. It's almost if I can't be Ok with them losing until he says he is OK with it. And that's what he said last night. So I'm cool with it too. "You either want the season to end in jubilation or crying," Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "That emotion will actually show if you've had a great season. There's a lot of crying in our locker room. Not just because we lost, but because it's over. I'm proud of that and I love my team."

Fucking UNC got lucky.

Wow, other than those pesky bomb threats, apparently those Pistons fans are pretty cool.

Landon Donovan back to MLS?

Apparently Mylo rocked Rothko.

Best band name ever? The Smiths, obvs.

Make sure you read this. The New Yorker on Charles Bukowski. Good stuff.


Mr. Pink has the right idea.

No worky for yours truly today so I'm going to devote my time to running errands and working on some of the super secret projects that are currently incubating in the leafblower lab.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and gets your fill of NCAA basketball. OK State lost last night and with that the last of my Final Four picks bit the dust so it appears that my last place finish in the company office pool is assured. But I digress...

GO DEVILS! Maybe if MSU loses Peabs will start returning my emails. Or not.

PS - If you're going to see The Fatales at Iota on Saturday, I'll see you there.


Cheetah cubs finally get names. Hey, don't look at me...just giving the people what they come here for.

Goodies for everyone:

The Bravery:Unconditional (MP3) - My favorite track from their upcoming album. By request from Melina. I think Tuning Fork nailed the Bravery a few weeks ago when they said: The Bravery are a great band. Maybe they'll be this decade's Gay Dad and will sound dated six months after the album was released. Why worry? Right now, they sound great. Just enjoy the music...if your indie cred will allow it.

Ash: Clones (MP3) - This song is so rockin' my world right now. Love the big drums. For anyone that was wondering, yes I'm still in love with Charlotte Hatherly.

Bloc Party: This Modern Love (MP3) - Love the rolling guitars in this track. It's is a nice change of pace from all the uber-dancey stuff I've heard from them thus far. Their album, Silent Alarm, came out on Tuesday. I need to go pick it up. If you didn't get tickets to their gig at the Black Cat, you are SOL because it is now sold out.

Postal Service: Against All Odds (Windoze Media audio stream) - I think Stereogum posted this a while ago, but then again, I posted the whole 24/McLennan-Forster thing weeks before he did and no one seemed to notice.

Gorillaz: The Interview - It's too bad Damon finished the album before Nick Catchdubs got his mitts on him and took him to see Devin the Dude. But fret not my pretties, Damon was keeping it real!

Gorillaz: The new single Feel Good, Inc. (Windoze Media audio stream) - More planet rock goodness. So when they tour, are the gonna play old stuff? ProductShop has the band giving their own rundown of the upcoming album.

Lastly, peep the online Gorillaz comic book!

New Turin Brakes on the way!

The Black Crowes are touring with TP! Tom Petty rules! [thanks goldenfiddle]


So then...Cartel @ DC9 last night. Before I get to the music, what's up with the upstairs at DC9? It was about 45 degrees outside yet it was a good 50 degrees hotter in the upstairs of the club. Open an effing window people! It's gonna take one hell of a show to get me to go up those stairs this summer.
Now then, the band. Get this my friends. There is a new band out there with geetars and keyboards that sounds nothing like The Strokes, The Killers, or Interpol. I know it sounds hard to believe, but work with me here. I was impressed with their show (despite the catatonic crowd), as was Catherine. I'm not going to waste any bandwidth trying to come up with the perfect two sentence description of their "sound", but think atmospheric space rock, the kind that shouldn't sound so good coming out of the DC9 soundsystem. Think Catherine Wheel, Doves, Velvet Teen and even Shudder To Think in their less art rock moments. I would go as far as to say you must go check them out next time they play, but they have some stiff competition that night and I know which one you'll be representing at, right? RIGHT?

Peep the new Morrissey single.

Here are some Ian Brown bootlegs.

Cali and Mass peeps be sure to check out these Ash in-stores.

Apparently people only come here for cat pictures.

Remember the 2003 NBA Draft? Check this out:
First Pick: Lebron James - Ranks 4th in NBA in Points Per Game (26.3), Ranks 3rd in NBA in Steals Per Game (2.21), Ranks 6th in NBA in Assists Per Game (7.3), Ranks 4th in NBA in Minutes Per Game (41.7), Won Rookie of the Year
Third Pick: Carmelo Anthony - Averaging 19+ points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists per game. Led team to playoffs last year and has then poised to make it back this year.
Fourth Pick: Chris Bosh - Ranks 20th in NBA in Rebounds Per Game (8.6), Scoring 16 points per game and blocking one shot per game. Toronto decided to build their franchise around him and traded Vince Carter. Big things are expected of him next year.
Fifth Pick: Dwyane Wade - Beside keeping my fanatasy basketball team afloat, Ranks 8th in NBA in Points Per Game (23.9), Ranks T-7th in NBA in Assists Per Game (6.9), team has best record in the NBA

So who did I leave out? Oh yeah! Darko! What's he up to these days?


PS - Mylo(!!!) is DJing in NYC tonight with Melody Nelson. Go check that shit out!

Yo, Coolfer is right, you can't fuck with NYC for amazing live music all around town on a nightly basis. And I don't want to feed into that whole NYC-envy thing that DC seems to suffer from, but DC is holding it down just fine on our own:

Tuesday, March 22nd - Cartel @ DC9 - Holy Shit, that's tonight. I guess I'll be missing The Amazing Race then. Check out their DCist interview.

Thursday, March 24th - Crooked Fingers @ The Black Cat - Longtime readers know how I feel about the Big E and his former band, the indomitable Archers of Loaf (my first true musical love). I really want to go to this show (even more so now that I just found out that I have Friday off!) but there's that pesky basketball tournament going on too.

Saturday, March 26th - The Fatales @ Iota - Heard nothing but good things about this local group. Their 6 song EP, Pretty in Pixels, has had my toe tapping for the last week or so (maybe I'll even post a review of that soon). And they are playing with The Twinemen (ex-Morphine)!

graham.jpg Monday, March 28th - The Morrissey Movie!

Tuesday, March 29th - Queens of the Stone Age @ 930 - Hell fuck yeah! I'm ashamed to say I've never seen them before.

Wednesday, March 30th - Graham Coxon @ Black Cat - I'm on the fence about this show. I really wanna go but I'm gonna fucking bottle him if he doesn't play You're So Great and Coffee & TV, neither of which are listed on this set list. *hmph* C'mon dude! It's not like Blur ever toured these shores relentlessly. Throw us a frickin' bone man!

Thursday, March 31st - Phoenix @ 930 - Coolfer sez: You must see this band live. Good enough for me. *shrug*

I think I should ask for next Friday off instead.

In future touring news, Weezer is skipping DC (fuckers!), but the mighty Spoon is not. Cheers to Britt fornot forsaking us! You will be rewarded with a massive display of merchandise purchasing by yours truly.

Oasis to return to the States in September and October, thereby saving me from buying outrageously overpriced, scalped tickets to their June show in Philly? Kasabian and Jet to open.

Line ups for the annual Reading/Leeds festival are up. Friday is looking tight, but alas, no Furries! :(

News from Radiohead. Remember them? I think they had a hit in the mid-90's. Something about being special.

So close to being out of March work hell. So close!

Before I go any futher with this post, let me just say:

thelasrule.jpgBEST. NEWS. EVER. from the Best. Band. Ever. (I've since come down off my high horse, but I digress...)
Only Lee Mavers propensity to book gigs and then flake out at the last minute is keeping me from seriously thinking about making a trip to Tokyo. How hott would that be?

You can't argue with those results, yo.

More Gorillaz news.

LCD Soundsystem for T In The Park. Good lineup there. Still no Furry fesitval sightings. *sigh*

This "Freebird!" article has been passed around the bloggersphere a few times already, but I just found out there is a Bill Hicks audio file with it, so once I get behind a machine with a sound card, I'll have to check it out. [via The Pita]

I am so buying thistomorrow.

Flickr was bought by Yahoo.


I've said it many, many times, but it's worth saying again. That is so hott right now.

Paul Silas out in the Land of Cleve. Very strange timing here.

It goes without saying that my brackets are in disaray (and that's putting it mildly). Only six teams in the Sweet 16 and three of my Final Four teams have already bitten the dust.

The worst part about Gonzaga losing? Having to hear Bobby Knight run his yap for the next week. Coach K's mentor is just like school in the summer (no class). Listen to this crap:

"The guy that's coaching there [Mike Davis] is a guy that I told Pat [Knight, his son and assistant coach] we were going to replace at the end of the season. There's no way that I would have kept the guy any longer than that. [But] That's their [Indiana] problem."

Nevermind that Davis will most likely get sacked next week. Just remember that Davis took the Hoosiers to the Finals a few years ago (beating Duke along the way) while this is the first time Knight has been in the Sweet 16 since 1994(!!). PS - Coach K (now the winningest coach in NCAA Tournament history) has been there eight straight times, the third longest such streak ever behind Dean Smith (13) and John Wooden (9). Guess who's in fourth with seven straight years? Coach K from 1986-1992. Duke haters can bite me. We rule! Go Devils!

**Update** - So best. Out of 217 people in our office pool, I am in a three way tie for LAST PLACE.

Aaaaaaaand just like that, two of my Final Four picks have fallen by the wayside. Time to put the bracket away and not look at it EVER AGAIN. Sheesh. That's what I get for picking against the ACC. Thanks Gonzaga. Eff you Syracuse. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the Cuse. Hakim Warrick had 10 turnovers last night. Gerry Macnamara shot something like 2 for 142 from the field. Gonzaga just blew it. They had a 13 point lead in the first half but in the second half everyone just stood around and watched Adam Morrison do his thing. They just quit hustling. I wanted to ring the neck of their stupid point guard, the one who would come down and just fire up a three pointer every few possessions. I learned my lesson today, stay away from the Zags when they are the higher seed. They pulled the same crap last year.

As much as I love March, it's all I can do to listen to Billy Packer prattle on and on like he is a better coach than either of the guys who's game he is announcing. Oh for the days of Al McGuire, who would just coach the game from the booth but was imminently more listenable. I was ready to let Mr. Pink scratch my ears off if I had to hear Packer tell Coach K what strategy he should use on D one more time in the first half last night. Hey Billy, remind me again who just tied Dean Smith's all time record for NCAA Tourney wins? Was it you? Delaware State was picking up fouls on every defensive possesion and Packer was acting like they were in control of the game. Yes, Delaware State was playing a scrappy game and giving Duke problems, but JJ Redick and Daniel Ewing both only took a few shots in the first half. There was no way they were going to continue to play like that. And they didn't.

koubek.gifSide Note: I am probably the only person on the planet that gets a kick out of seeing that Greg Koubek basketball camp commercial by Amex. Koubek has long been a favorite Dookie in the leafblower household. He was the original Shavlik Randolph. Came to Durham highly recruited with a rep of a lights out shooter (a la JJ Redick) and left as a senior as a bit player that did all the little things for teammates by the name of Hurley, Hill (x2) and Laettner. It was his D on Larry Johnson that went a long way in helping the then upstart Blue Devils knock off heavily favored UNLV and their merry band of 37 year olds in the 1991 Final Four. Lee Melchioni reminds me of him alot.

One good thing to come from all of this...Duke's road to Saint Louis just got alot easier. But God help me if they make it to the final and lose to UNC. Wake I can take, just not UNC. That would be the first sign of the apocalypse.

Go Devils!

PS - Let's not talk about one of my "upset specials" from yesterday scoring just 11 points in the first half or both of them losing. OK? I'm crawling back under my rock now.

Feeling a bit better today (especially after Gonzaga pulled one out last night) and back at work today.

I went an awful 10-6 yesterday and had two of my Sweet 16 teams lose (thanks 'Bama and LSU! *shakes fist*)Remind me to never, ever, ever pick an SEC team other than Florida or Kentucky to make the Sweet 16 ever again. I got a few emails and one frantic phone call from Coolfer asking about the basketball pool this year and the truth is...I was too busy and too sick to put it together. I know, excuses suck, but what can I say? Just for fun, leave your Final 4 picks in the comments and we'll come back here for reference in two weeks. Sorry everyone.

Anyone do anything exciting for St. Patty's Day? I'm kinda anti-St. Patty's Day since I spend most of my drinking time in pubs and the last thing I need to do is frequent one on the official Irish holiday, but I was in no shape to go out yesterday, so it was basketball and some QT with Mr. Pink for me.

One thing of note (that probably only interests me) was that yesterday was Danny Ainge's birthday. Keep up the good work Danny!


Check out The Sports Guy's running diary of Day One of the Tourney.

Raise you hand if you think Mark McGwire used steroids. Truly pathetic.

Oasis tracklisting for Don't Believe the Hype Truth.

Is there anyone more annoying than Pete Doherty? He's like that ex-girlfriend that insists on coming to your Happy Hour and DJ nights even though she's not really welcome there.

Super Furry Animal reissue info! In completely unsurprising news, I have all of those B-Sides already. For those prospective buyers out there the Fuzzy Logic and Guerilla sets are the strongest, even though, for my money, Radiator is probably my favorite record.

Here it is! Annie's LP to be released on these shores in May. Woot!

Amy Hempel has a new book out. In other news (and this can be good or bad depending on you POV) the guy who pooped all over Constantine has decided not to make my favorite Palahniuk book, Survivor, his next project. The things I heard about Constantine lead me to believe that this is not a bad thing.

My upset specials for today: St. Mary's and New Mexico

I'm at home sick today. Here, look at another picture of my cat (because I haven't posted enough pictures of him this week).


Had quite a few technical problems at bluestate last night, but it was still alot of fun. Thanks to everyone that came out. Setlists here.

The Tournament is underway. Alabama just lost. For the record my Final Four picks are:
Gonzaga, Oklahoma State, Syracuse and UConn with Oklahoma State winning it all.

Come back tomorrow.

But I'm not well either. Left work early yesterday due to a general malaise (bad food I think) and went to bed last night around 8PM. Feeling a bit better today so hopefully that will carry through to tonight.

Oh crap, I just violated one of the biggest blogging cliches. Hell, I violate 75% of them on a daily basis. Whatever, my cat is cooler than yours.

I heart Annie. I read somewhere that her album is coming out here soon. [via Natalya]

Doves tour dates! Mercury Rev is opening. I'm still kicking myself for not going to see the Doves/elbow tour a few years ago. They played NYC on my birthday, but I had to go see stupid Mooney Suzuki. Work, bah.

Speaking of Doves, we are giving away lots of Some Cities goodies tonight at bluesate.

Snow Patrol loses a member. The world yawns.

Ian Brown arrested in San Fran. I saw the video for his song with Noel on VH1 Classic of all places and it's pretty cool. Not loving the track so much but the video is kinda cool, that is if you consider Ian singing the song into the camera and Noel standing behind him playing guitar and looking disinterested cool. Heh, my iPod just cued up Wonderwall.

Speaking of, Oasis to play the Hollywood Bowl. Pre sale tickets are already on sale. Get at 'em!

That is so hott right now.

The Cube is back! Kinda. Still, it's better than the alternatives.

The Sports Guy thinks JJ Redick will make it in the L.

Catchdubs has yet another redesign.

Whatever you do, don't click on today's entry from Golden Fiddle!

Holla at your Duke Blue Devils! Tech, thanks for playing, we have some nice consolation prizes for you. DBB keenly notes that poor UNC cut down the nets after they won the regular season championship last weekend. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

"Yeah, I heard about that," Shelden Williams said. "I guess that was a big time win for them. They won the regular season. For us, winning the ACC Tournament is the big thing."

Keep channeling all that hate towards JJ Redick. 61 points v. State and Tech after a poor performance against UVA. For those counting at home, that's eight straight ACC Championship games and six out of the last seven titles. Dayum.

Holla at your Boston Celtics! Beating the Wiz last night in a close one (our bench outscored theirs 50-16) that was a joy to watch. CKelly and I took it in at the ESPNZone in downtown DC (for the record: do not ever ever ever go there to watch a game, ever). And as if that wasn't good enough, on Friday night, after the DCist Happy Hour, I arrived home a drunken mess and flipped on the TV and...The C's and Pistons were in OT! Delonte West made a huge play in double-OT and we pulled out the W! How good are things looking in Beantown right now? Even Peter May wants on the bandwagon.

mrpinkshouse.jpg Party at Mr. Pink's house!

The Sports Guy does another mailbag column. Good stuff. Glad to see we are on the same page about Scoop Jackson.

This review of REM's recently re-released Warner Bros catalog is notable if only because I've finally found someone that agrees that New Adventures In Hi-Fi is their best WB album and that it was a crime that Leave wasn't on the recent Best Of comp. I picked up New Adventures on vinyl for $8 this weekend. Score.

More Gorillaz album news.

Lockhart Steele: The Interview. [via The Pita]

I haven't really looked at the brackets yet, although I'm pretty sure I'm going with Syracuse over Duke in the Sweet 16 (Warrick and McNamara are gonna destroy us). Leave a comment or send me an email if you want to be in the Second Annual information leafblower NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool, won by Peabs last year.


braverybc1 copy.jpg



There was no winner last night. I declared it a draw. Ash were very good, but concert nirvana was not reached. Mostly because those fuckers only played two (two!!) songs from Free All Angels and stuck mostly to their old standards. Don't get me wrong, it was tiggs to hear Kung Fu and Goldfinger but as my concert buddy L Boogie correctly pointed out, their new stuff just sounds better. It's more rawk and less...dare I say it...Brit pop.

I can't believe I just said that!

But it's true. New single Clones rocked hard and Tim had the flying V in rare form. Oh, and I'm officially head over heels in love with Charlotte Hatherly (who unfortunately was too far away from me to get a good pic of). She looked luminous in a jeans/white turtleneck/silver sparkly spaghetti strap dress combo.

The Bravery were pretty damn tight themselves. They opened with their two best songs Unconditional and Out Of Line and never really looked back. Say what you want about this band, but they have the goods and a sound that will carry them into much bigger venues. All in all a great show.

Merge Records to release the new Teenage Fanclub album and *gasp* they're gonna tour the US behind it! I saw them a few years ago at the Bowery Ballroom (pre blog days) and it was most definitely concert nirvana. I screamed Star Siiiiign at the top of my lungs for most of the concert and then they dropped it as the last song. Oh baby do you know what that's worth? Some say heaven is a place on earth. I loves me some TFC. Thanks Chromewaves for the info.

Work hell figures to continue until the middle of next week. Bare with me people.

PS - Anyone know of a good way to fight trackback spam? I'm getting hammered by people that want you to play poker. Thanks ESPN.

Don;t forget the DCist Happy Hour tonight! Come and drink with me!

shadowme.jpg V. v. busy. Real content soon. Me promise. Maybe.

March madness starts today. Huzzah!

Just how binoculars is this move by Caron Butler? Sit down Wally! (that would be much cooler if I had some Catchdubs style lingo to throw after that link, but oh well. Nick if you read this, please advise.)

But this is still the shizzle.

Mark Cuban does not heart Jim Gray. Me either, he's a total douchenozzle.

Stream Ted Leo covering Kelly Clarkson [via Chromewaves + the entire bloggasphere] or download it at Stereogum.

Handsome Boy Modeling School at the 930 Club in April!

Oasis has sold out three of their five US dates. I didn't get tickets for Philly (yet), but I did get tickets for Deetroit Rock City. My D-Town crew (and Damore) better be ready to roll deep, feeling-supersonic-give-me-gin-and-tonic steez.

The world shrugs.

Remember last summer when gas prices went up alot? And then they never came back down? And then they went back up AGAIN. Good times.

Oh. My. Gawd. [via Golden Fiddle]

Ash and The Bravery tonight at the Black Cat. Let me go on record predicting Ash will totally kick The Bravery's ass on stage tonight. I downloaded Clones a few days ago (peep the video, yo)and it's in heavy roation on the new iPod. Good stuff. Still no word on the interview, but let's not give up hope yet. I'll have a full report on DCist tomorrow.


File this under "Ways To Not Start Your Day": When my bus pulled up to the Pentagon this AM, they had the upper half of the bus depot closed off with police tape and a whole lotta Hazmat and police type people were springing into action. Turns out it was Suspicious package and nothing more. And in typical DC/Pentagon fashion, as they herded about eight buses worth of people to the one open entrance/exit to the Metro station, they had two of the three escalators going up and all the bus riders formed the most giganticist bottleneck of all time in trying to get underground to the train. Yeesh. The brightside? The Metro station and train were virtually empty.

Argh! I believe that ESPN is sinking further and further into the quagmire.

Hey, the Boston media remembers there is a basketball team in town. Oh, and Tony Allen will return to the lineup tonight.

R'uh R'oh. Now you know why Superbowl tickets are so expensive.

So let me get this straight. The federal government is going to subpeona players like Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, Rafael Palmeiro and Curt Schilling (??), but not barry Bonds, to get to the bottom of this steroid issue in MLB. Why bother?

You know when you stick a CD into your computer and iTunes accesses the Gracenote CD database to get the track names and info? Well that info is recorded and tracked by Gracenote.

Ben Lee has a blog! I loves me some Noise Addict. [via Stereogum]

Scenestars have the new Coldplay track for your downloading pleasure [via the entire blogoshpere]

Oh no they didn't! Pretty neat trick, but not as good as when they turned it into a giant Rubix Cube. That shit was tight. [via Catchdubs]

Want to see the next big thing in gadgets? Check out The Hipster PDA. This is gonna revolutionize the PDA market. Here's another version being test marketed now.

DC type people might find The DCeiver's Mercury Panic Pictorial Threat Index. This after he already completed the blogger trifecta.

Anyone heading to SXSW might want to check out the Gorillaz listening party on March 17th at 3 PM. Email me if you want/need more details.

Continuing in my long line of overstating the awesome...I think I just pooped my pants!

437-Music-Morrissey.jpgSee the world premiere of Morrissey's Who Put The "M" In Manchester? in HI DEFINITION and 5.1 Dolby Surround sound in select theatres in the U.S.

Get there early to catch a never-before-seen performance of The Smiths' classic "How Soon Is Now" ONLY in theatres and not available on the DVD or anywhere else. Experience the first time Morrissey performed the song on the 2004 tour at the Reading Festival in the UK.

Is DC on the short list? Hellz yeah!
Washington DC
Loews Cineplex Rio 18, 9811 Washingtonian Blvd.
Monday, March 28 at 8:30 pm. / $10

Who's in?

PS - The live version of There Is A Light will be the first single from his live record.

NME to wed Babyshambles! hehehehehe [via Chromewaves]

Oasis to headline V Festival.

Raekwon to drop the sequel to Only Built For Cuban Linx, which is, for my money, the best solo Wu Tang joint.

The Fiery Furnaces are at the 930 Club on Friday, April 8th.

Super Furry Gruff's Amazon wish list. Actually it's more like his "these things are cool, you should buy them" list.

This sounds cool. And useful.

Make your own Peeps!

So effing best. [via the DCeiver]

Drool. Apple is selling refurbished G4 iBooks for as little as $650.


Oi. Back to the grind after a seemingly short weekend. Sorry for the lack of content lately but I'm stuck in the middle of alot of things going on at work and between that and the other website I write for, time is scarce. And all this with March Madness approaching!

bdayshoes.jpg First and foremost, big ups to this past weekend's birthday girl, Miss Glamourpuss (birthday shoes pictured, as requested). We celebrated her bday with some friends at the Cactus Cantina on Saturday before heading over to Dr. Dremo's to finish the night off. I had never been to Dremo's before, but it's cool in that kind of "hole in the wall, but they have couches" kind of way. Awesome digital jukebox too. I put in $2 and got five selections and didn't even make it past "G". Respect.

Sunday, after waking early and cleaning my room and bathroom (fun fun!) I settled in on the couch for some serious basketball watching. Mr. Pink was kind enough to join me (when he wasn't napping). I missed the Illinois game, but saw the ending of Kentucky / Florida. But let's not waste our time on those losers, you all are here to discuss the grandaddy of them all, non?

First of all, let me say I am shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, at the actions of the Deandome crowd. Storming the court after a home win against a lower ranked team you were favored over? Tsk, tsk, tsk kiddies. You all act like you haven't won the ACC regular season crown in 12 years. Oh wait, my bad. Let's try that again. You guys act like you 've only beaten Duke three out of the last 16 times you've played. Shit. Again, my bad. Sorry.

Was anyone else watching this game saying "I can't belive UNC's not up 20?" Seriously, JJ didn't score in the second half (Jackie Manual - respect) and we were riding Lee effing Melchionni (who I love BTW) to the finish line. And now that UNC finally beat Duke, everyone is lining up to suck their dicks (I bet Pat Forde couldn't wait to write that article). I don't get it. Yes, Sean May played great, but Sheldon Williams put up numbers that were just as good considering he was playing one on three down low. I knew our fate was sealed after they called two off the ball fouls on Shav to send him to the bench for good. Hey UNC, enjoy it. Lord knows I've talked plenty of smack about you on this blog. And Congrats to Roy Williams, you've made it fun to hate Carolina Blue again. Cheers.

Let me say right now that UNC will not win the NCAA title. Raymod Felton turns the ball over way too much and they'll have to integrate McCants back into the rotation. He'll start demanding shots and taking them away from May and they'll go downhill from there. As for Duke, could they miss Sean Dockery any more? Our lack of quality ballhandlers was revealed big time yesterday. It's going to be that, not our lack of depth, that will send us packing later this month. Moving Daniel Ewing to the PG slot has completely taken away his offense.

As if I wasn't already in a good mood after that game, the C's lost in the last second to the TWolves. Argh. So be it.

Have I mentioned that we will have lots of doves giveaways at the next bluestate? That's March 16th on your Outlook calendars. If you haven't picked up Some Cities yet, come by next Wednesday and maybe you'll get one for free.

The Oasis record has a name and a single!

Ditto Weezer.

Did I point out this Golide Lookin'Chain video?

Check out these Annie remixes.



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borfwhite.jpg Borf strikes again.

Don't sleep on the next DCist Happy Hour on March 11th.

That should give you enough time to rest up for bluestate on the following Wednesday. Mark those Outlook calendars for March 16th.

Check out the video for Goldie Lookin' Chain's Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do. Looks like their LP is getting released in the States after all. Woot!

Here's the video for the new Ash single, entitled Clones (in Quicktime). Their new album will be out next Tuesday. They will be at the Black Cat next Thursday (with The Bravery!). And, PR people willing, they will be interviewed by yours truly at some point next week. Developing!

New Teenage Fanclub album on the way!

Torch Singer


Some downloadable goodies for everyone:
Echo & The Bunnymen: Ocean Rain (1983 Peel Session) - This is a lighthearted acoutic take on the title track from Echo's 1990 album of the same name. Dare I say, bluestate worthy.

Goldie Lookin' Chain: Soap Bar - Soapbars cheap and so's my clothes / they've gotta be because of all the fucking holes. It tastes like shit and it makes you cough / and it's the fucking rubber in it that gets you off.

The Futureheads: The City Is Here For You To Use (Peel Session)- If you haven't checked this band out, you're missing out. This is the Peel Session version of one of the standout tracks from their show last month. Are you ready for the city? Is the city ready for you?

Chisel: On Warmer Music - Chisel is Ted Leo's band pre-solo era awesomeness. This is the first track of their last record and you can hear the roots of his solo work sprout right here. Great stuff. In fact, this wouldn;t sound out of place on Shake The Sheets. I get chills when I listen to it. But then again, I'm a big dork.

Lots of other downloads in the MP3 section to the right.

Speaking of Mr. Leo...did you see the NEW Ted Leo EP on iTunes

New Moz live single on April 4th?

The new Moz live DVD will be screened on HDNET beginning on March 6th. It's in stores and my DVD collection April 4th.

Was Moz paid two million pounds for his memoirs?

The New Gorrilaz website is up and running.

Stream the new Doves album if, like me, you haven't made that trip to the record store(be it virtual or brick and mortar).

Toine dropped 16 and 13 in a C's win last night. We are 3-0 since the big guy returned. Check out why Al Jefferson gave Toine his old number back. "I said, 'Take me under your wing. It's not all about the money'." Like woah. You're a professional athlete and it's not all about the money? This kid's gonna go far.

In case you missed it the first time:

I know what I said way back when. But that was then.
All is forgiven. Welcome home Toine.
C's v. Lakers in Boston at 7:30 in the PM tonight.


It's Toine's first game in Boston since returning to the team. Expect a big ovation in the pre-game introduction's and the ensuing goosebumps.

The Sports Guy on the trade with Atlanta.

The Sports Guy welcomes Toine home. Amazing, amazing stuff. His best work in quite some time.

The Hawks released Gary Payton yesterday. He is free to sign with whatever team he wants to.

Who would have thunk that on the eve of spring training, the C's would be the one's making headlines in Beantown?

Also, big apologies and shout outs to the lovely and talented Karen Cinecultist who was also part of the hott blog on blog action this past weekend in NYC. She was the one that did the Gothamist interview with Wes Anderson a while back that was so much awesome. Hopefully Karen will forgive our glaring omission of not including her in our post yesterday.

I'm swamped at work today folks. See you tomorrow.

At work that is. Things really piled up while I was out yesterday. Thus, here is a mucho condensed version of my NYC trip this past weekend.

Got up at 6:30 AM. Ouch. Mr. Pink finally sleeps in one morning and I have to get up early anyway. Sheesh. Anyway, 15 minutes late getting to Mike's house as I forgot to budget time for scraping the 3 inch layer of ice off of my car (still new to this whole automobile thing) so we cab it to Chinatown for the bus. The bus is packed but we grab seats right before we take off. So we settle in for out trip and the bus people start the movie. Which is Jeepers Creepers. With dubbed Chinese subtitles. I can't even express how effing weird that was.
After the inevitable traffic jam, we hit NYC around 1ish. I went up to the park to check out The Gates, which were just amazing. They might not look cool in pictures, but the energy they gave Central Park was palpable. Everyone had a huge smile on their face. It was really cool. I wish I could have spent more time there but I had things to do. After stopping in to see my friend Anna, I hopped the subway downtown to the old hood, Park Slope, to the casa de Coolfer. And since I hadn't eaten all day, we made a bee line to Bonnie's for some grub. And yes, it was just as good as I remembered. After digesting our food, we headed in to Manhattan for some record shopping and I got some choice LP's from Tower of all places, including a Sly and Family Stone LP that is so getting played on March 16th.
Later in the night we made it to a v. crowded Double Happiness (or as I was calling it, Double The Capacity) for Gawker's bday party(name dropping to commence here). Daily Refill, Greg The Boyfriend and Stereogum were in the house and there were rumours of a Lockhart Steele sighting but that was still unconfirmed as of press time. After consuming what seemed like 24 Bass Ale's, we absconded over to the Lolita Bar to hear Redboy spin at the unoffical Johnny Cash Memorial Birthday Party and enjoy some uncrowded couch action. Our "massive display of drinking" continued here which resulted in the hot blog on blog action that is Gawker v. ILB:
Jess (and Jen and everyone else for that matter) was super cool and it was great to meet them after knowing each other over email for the last year or so. Redboy did his part ont he decks, dropping Johnny Cash's Johnny Uma like it was hott. And it was.
We finally made it home after 3AM, roughly 21 hours after getting up earlier in the day. Woot. Coolfer and I had brunch on Sunday and then I took Greyhound home so I could make sure Mr. Pink didn't destroy my room before I got home. Done and done.
Oh, I almost forgot drinks on Friday night with Ckelly, Megan, Bradley and his friend Colin. Pictures of that should be floating around the internets soon.
Yep, last weekend was blogf*cking at it's best!