C'mon Jackie Chan!

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shadowme.jpg V. v. busy. Real content soon. Me promise. Maybe.

March madness starts today. Huzzah!

Just how binoculars is this move by Caron Butler? Sit down Wally! (that would be much cooler if I had some Catchdubs style lingo to throw after that link, but oh well. Nick if you read this, please advise.)

But this is still the shizzle.

Mark Cuban does not heart Jim Gray. Me either, he's a total douchenozzle.

Stream Ted Leo covering Kelly Clarkson [via Chromewaves + the entire bloggasphere] or download it at Stereogum.

Handsome Boy Modeling School at the 930 Club in April!

Oasis has sold out three of their five US dates. I didn't get tickets for Philly (yet), but I did get tickets for Deetroit Rock City. My D-Town crew (and Damore) better be ready to roll deep, feeling-supersonic-give-me-gin-and-tonic steez.

The world shrugs.

Remember last summer when gas prices went up alot? And then they never came back down? And then they went back up AGAIN. Good times.

Oh. My. Gawd. [via Golden Fiddle]

Ash and The Bravery tonight at the Black Cat. Let me go on record predicting Ash will totally kick The Bravery's ass on stage tonight. I downloaded Clones a few days ago (peep the video, yo)and it's in heavy roation on the new iPod. Good stuff. Still no word on the interview, but let's not give up hope yet. I'll have a full report on DCist tomorrow.