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Apr 1 2005

Everything Is Everything


I was so tempted to stay in last night but I'm very happy that I didn't. Coolfer laid down the directive to me last week: "Thou must go seeeth Phoenix!" Coolfer doesn't gush about bands very often, and he lavished a heaping of praise on Phoenix's live show, so I took his advce and went.

Openers Long-view were better than a band named after a Green Day song should be but they sound like the Manchester version of Switchfoot (who's radio singles, for the record, I don't hate). They had good (albeit s l o w) tunes and a decent stage presence and I can totally see them blowing up, but does the world need another Snow Patrol/Coldplay clone? Travis have been doing it longer and better. And no, I'm not bitter. Next.

Hot Dogs Die In Autos Without AC are just as bad as their name suggests. They are a peppy junior college version of the Talking Heads. I didn't like them at all but much of the audience did. Next.


Nobody else in the group I was with had ever even heard of Phoenix before, much less heard any of their music. But I made them all stay for the show and everyone was enthralled. Before their set I described them as an Islands In The Sun type Weezer band, only French and with drum loops behind them. But no one ever told me they have the French version of ?uestlove drumming for them. That dude was kickin' like chicken all night long. From now on I will describe them as "If the Boo Radleys had tweaked their sound like this, they'd have been HUGE!" On record Phoenix sound very French and kinda robotic; very polished with a bright sheen. But their live show was just a revelation. It was funky at times, poppy at others and entertaining throughout. I'm not sure how long they've been together but their show was very polished, with lots of theatrics and stop/start moments added for emphasis. And they opened with their "hit", that song from the Lost In Translation Soundtrack. Respect. The venue was only about 3/4 of the way full, but everyone in that place was dancing before the end of the night. If this tour is coming to your town, be sure to hit it up. You won't be disappointed (with Phoenix anyways).

This old man has been out past my bedtime three nights this week. Very much looking forward to crashing on the couch tonight, doing some laundry (down to my last clean pair of Calvins) and spending some QT with Mr. Pink, who incidentally gave me the evil eye when I headed out last night. He's got something planned, I know it. I haven't seen my beloved Celtics play in two weeks! They get the Hawks tonight.

Wow Noel, you've only said this four other times. Methinks you'll do better if you quit comparing all of your current output to your past glories.

Woo Hoo! Come to DC dude!

Pitchfork to the Mozzer: I Like You.

I'll have this month's playlist and a whole bunch of new downloads for everyone on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone. Go Spartans!

Posted by Kyle in Permalink


omg, phoenix's drummer was absolutely amazing. i was completely enthralled with his style the whole time. i have to say that (aside from the amazing jazzy drummer and all the keyboards) phoenix remind me of maroon 5, and that's totally not cool, but i actually sort of like maroon 5.

Posted by: nm at April 1, 2005 12:13 PM

phoenix IS amazing and they DO remind me of maroon5. except better. i'm seeing them next week at MT&R. should be great.

Posted by: sunny at April 1, 2005 2:37 PM

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