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Feist : Secret Heart (MP3) - Feist is so best. Check out this interview she did with Junkmedia (via Chromewaves, natch). I like her analogy about collaborating with other artists.
Gene : Save Me, I'm Yours (MP3) - Gene take a stab at writing their own version of Well I Wonder and don't do half bad. I was also gonna post WIW for you to download and compare but then I realized that if you don't have a copy of Meat Is Murder, I can't do nothin' for ya man.
The Futureheads : Meantime (MP3) - I am so effing addicted to this record and in particular, this song. Playing the 930 club on Saturday. Full tour dates here. Go see them if you missed them first time around!

Already up for downloading:
Rufus Wainwright : Vibrate (MP3)
Lali Puna : B-Movie (MP3)
Delakota : The Rock (MP3)

Quite the holiday weekend, including a few DC firsts for your truly. Friday night was the houseparty which was alot of fun. We had a very diverse crowd and I got to play alot of the hip hop I've been dying to drop at our regular bluestate gigs. Motherfuckers went nuts when I dropped I Know You Got Soul, and rightly so. The party was alot of fun, but the most buzz belonged to Kanishka who arrived at the party with none other than Jessica Cutler, creating quite the buzz among the blog dorkerati. I was spinning during most of her time there but everyone that talked to her said she was v. cool and not what they expected (in a good way). Since I didn't live here when all that went down, it wasn't such a big deal for me, but I can now say I've DJ'ed for someone that's posed in Playboy.

Saturday consisted of basketball, wine and Season Two of Chapelle's Show on DVD.

Sunday I rounded up a few friends and headed over to Scott's house for Porkfest Oh Five. He cooked a boatload of pork and I drank my share of beers, but not enough for Scott to convince me to sell my car and buy a real hog. I told him motorcycles aren't conducive to trips to IKEA. But don't tell Tyler Durden that. On our way to the party, we saw none other than Donald Rumsfeld in Woodley Park, heading to Baskin Robbins, presumably for some mint chocolate chip action. The "No sir, we are not secret service men, we are simply tourists in khakis that have earpiece's" following him around were too funny.

Monday I was pretty much a bum and stayed in, fixed some stuff on the site and had some QT with Mr. Pink. Expect the rest of the visual record later this week.

I have a packed week this week. Tonight is Nats v. Braves, tomorrow is Chuck Palahniuk's reading at the National Press Club and then the aforementioned Spoon and Futureheads shows this weekend. Luckily I went to the gym three times over the long weekend.

Oh! And I finally got my artwork framed and up on my wall.


Bitchfork give the new Oasis jawn a 4.7 mostly because 1) it's not as good as their first two albums (shocker!) and 2) it's much cooler to hate on Oasis than to like them. Moving on...

Liam sez Bloc Party aren't so bad.

OMG! SUPER FURRY ANIMALS have revealed that their infamous onstage yetis will be replaced this year by something "so new it doesn't even have a name". Quoth Gruff: "There is gonna be something but it's gonna be post-robots. It's very futuristic, whereas the robot is history. The thing is, this thing is so new it doesn't even have a name."

In semi-related news, going to the Isle of Wight Fest in September just lost alot of it's appeal since Moz dropped off the bill. And get this, Moz is fucking pissed about the way this was handled. To wit: I have not ever, at any time, agreed to play the Isle of Wight Festival. The announcement that I would play was made by Sanctuary—and it was their error. However, record companies will never take the blame for their own mistakes and Sanctuary’s press statement today reflects this.

In truth, I am not at all under pressure with the follow-up to You Are The Quarry—everything is in hand, and ready. However, my contract with Sanctuary ended last year and hasn’t been renewed. Hence, no promotional appearances for Live At Earls Court or the accompanying single. Surely somebody noticed?

Secondly, I have NOT parted company with Deano, and I am annoyed that Sanctuary have thrown this in without consulting either Deano or myself. But that’s just the way it goes. Call it anything other than what it is.

Thirdly, I have no connection at all with the site called It is controlled by Sanctuary and I am neither consulted nor involved.

Ok then...

Reni is on board for the Stone Roses reunion.

Lastly, summer is officially here! To celebrate, I have three Louis XIV CD's (one full length and two EP's) to give away. Email me over at leafblowergives at gmail dot com and I'll email the winners on Friday. And if winning free CD's is your thing, make sure you check out the weekly bluestate giveaway.

I have this theory about life and its shortness. I think that in order for us to take in everything there is for us to learn as human beings on this planet, we'd have to be alive for 750 years. Don't ask me how I came up with that number; it simply feels about right. As most of us only make it to 70, we're left with a deficit of 680 years' worth of experience. We can be empathetic, we can read every biography ever written, we can keep the TV locked onto the History Channel, we can swab the sores of the lepers-but there always remain those annoying 680 years we'll never know about. I think that's why we believe in ideas bigger than ourselves: our short lifespan shortchanges us of knowledge of the profound.

- Written by Douglas Coupland, taken from his book Eleanor Rigby.

More Coupland here, here, and here.


More pictures of Mr. Pink here.

A few quick notes before I head to the gym (that's right, I'm going to the gym on my day off):

Stream the new Oasis album over at VH1. Turn Up The Sun is the first track, listen to it and let me know your thoughts.

Updated kasabian tourdates.

If you're hankering for that new White Stripes record, head over to Insound and use the coupon code "orchid15" to get 15% off the album price (offer good until June 7th). The first 100 pre-orders will get a free White Stripes 7 inch. Free vinyl people!

Don't forget to check the Gorillaz fan site to see where they are giving away the free PSP today.

Lookout Records has just added a ton of stuff to their online store, including Ted Leo hoodies.

MIA's new single Galang is the free download of the week over at the iTunes Music Store. Click here or the ad on the right for the MIA media player if you want more.

I MIGHT have a new podcast for you next week (i came up with a slamming one last week but might save it for next month) but will definitely have the June playlist up on Wednesday. In the meantime, check out some new (and live) Cartel, fresh off of their recent live performance for WOXY-FM.

Cartel: Mercury (MP3)

, ,

mrpinklooksmean.jpg "Will you PLEASE get that effing camera out of my face for just two seconds? You know, I WAS napping peacefully before you started snapping pictures. Jerk."

Went to bed at 8 PM last night. I feel like a new person. 24 was good but I still think the whole China kidnaps the CTU guy plot thread was a bit wacky.

Sweet, sweet sunlight today after two days of gloomy, rainy, overcast drudgery. I know the doves were just in town, but c'mon. I mention this because my trusty iPod Photo just cued up my second favorite song from Don't Believe The Truth, which shares it's name with the title of this post and was written by Mr. Andy Bell. This song is so agonizingly close to being an instant classic that it pains me. It could have/should have been the backbone of this album. It has perhaps the greatest (and most apropos) opening line of any Oasis tune ever, I carry a madness / everywhere I go which sets the stage for a boot-stomping, barn-burner of a tune. It's Liam at his Lydonesque best. If I see you and I look right through / You shouldn't take it as a reflection on you. Huge guitar, thundering drums, it's ready for Glastonbury. There's just one problem and no, it's not the Love one another coda that Liam sings over and over. It's the sissy guitar intro and outro. This song needed a cracking riff that sets all hell loose, Acquiesce-steez, but instead we get some noodley, unexciting bullshit riff. So close, but still a great tune. I'll post it next week so as to not get sued by Sony today. But I have other treats for you today (see below).

Holla at ya Liverpool! Johnny English and Ian MacCulloch are happy campers today. Liam dedicated Stop Crying Your Heart Out to all the AC Milan fans at their gig last night.

Damon Albarn: still a poof, but encouraging nonetheless.

REM: Still sucking but a pretty good set list last night. Orange Crush and Me In Honey are worth the price of admission alone.

Saving Kylie's Boobs.

Dwyane Wade is a bad, bad man.

Two downloads for you today, since I have the day off tomorrow and hope to not spend it sitting in front of the computer. Both of these were recently aired at bluestate:

Delakota: The Rock (MP3) - The perfect summer song, but don't just take my word for it. Listen to what Stylus has to say on the matter. Sounds like Tim Burgess singing over The Stone Roses. This is the single edit, I just like it better than the album version.

Lali Puna: B-Movie (MP3) - This is a fun, dancey tune that I've had forever but just got around to listening to recently. Me likey. Enjoy.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. I plan on enjoying my four day weekend as much as possible even though I'm not leaving the greater DC area. Count on lots of BBQ's and perhaps even a DC United game, we'll see. Oh, and bluestate are DJing a house party tomorrow night. If anyone wants the details, just email me.

My iPod is totally on a Wu-Tang kick today, which is not a bad thing because I'm nodding off as I type this. It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday.

Thanks very much to all the peeps that came out to bluestate last night. I had a great time and was pretty pleased with our crowd considering Snow Patrol, Athlete, Snowden, Cartel and Andrew Bird were all playing gigs around town. Take that NYC! I finally got to play a Secret Machines song that had been on the last three or so playlists of mine but kept getting cut at the last minute. Full set lists will be up shortly and I'll update here whent that is the case.

I can barely put together coherent thoughts today. So looking forward to going home, finally watching 24 and then passing out at like 8 PM.

Milwaukee gets the #1 pick in the NBA Draft. Paging Marvin Williams. The Bobcats really got screwed here, dropping down to #5.

Can't wait until Saturday when I can finally see my first Phoenix Suns game of the playoffs. Too bad their series with the Spurs is all but over.

Just insane.

Uh...our bad.

agassibackintheday.jpgFor some reason I got so incredibly depressed when I read this. Even though he's been around forever, it's hard for me to think about Andre Agassi as an old man. I vividly remember watching him in the US Open quarters in either '88 or '89 (pre internets so I can't seem to find out which) when he took the first set from Ivan Lendl in amazing fashion before losing in 4 sets. I taped that match (I was a tennis geek in high school and taped every Agassi and McEnroe match on TV) and watched that first set over again and again and again to figure out how he moved his feet and got his shoulders turned so quickly. Back then, how hard Agassi hit the ball was revolutionary. Today it's commonplace and the game is worse off because of it. I'm really looking forward to seeing Agassi at Wimbledon and later this year at the US Open. It will most likely be his last time playing these events. I'll definitely be rooting for him.

Heed item numero cinco por favor.

Set list from Sunday night's Super Furry Animals show:

Slow Life / Rings Around The World / Horn / Ohio Heat / Hello Sunshine / Frequency / Run, Christian Run! / Zoom / Atomik Lust / Cloudberries / Colonise The World / Juxtaposed With U / Laser Beam / Something For The Weekend / Do or Die / Ice Hockey Hair / The Man Don't Give A Fuck

No Calimero(!!!!) here but we still get Run, Christian Run! and the return of Ice Hockey Hair so I will try to keep the nitpicking to myself. Still no Frisbee! Argh. I tried. :)

A little birdie told me to expect them on this side of the pond later this year. Excuse me while I check how many vacation days I have left. Have I mentioned how much I love this band? Festival goers might be interested to know they have been added to the V Fest.

Mike pretty much nailed the Doves show last night. Good but not great. The older stuff sounded superb but as the Pita says concert nirvana was not reached. I heart Doves but I doubt I'll pay $25 to see them again. But they fucking crushed The Cedar Room and Sea Song so colour me happy. The Last Broadcast also sounded superb. The new keyboardist adds alot to the live sound. It seems they don't rely on the DAT machine as much.

Mercury Rev just put me to sleep. They played the same song 8 times. Tinkly piano intro, cue noodley guitar, add crashing drums, gimme total spacerock, sing about stars and dreams, more spacerock, more space, equal amounts rock, big finish, brief coda featuring tinkly piano and singer striking poses on stage. Rinse, repeat. Boooooooring.

More over at Blog Shamblogg. Best blog name ever for those of you that catch the reference.

Stereogum has that new Teenage Fanclub that you've been craving. Frank says they are touring the US later this summer.

More Stone Roses to reform chatter. 10 to 1 no US tour.

Coolfer says Apple hearts podcasts. I'm in the lead by 14 votes for those of you counting at home.

Oh no he didn't!

bluestate is tonight bitches! 9 PM. Come get your Belle & Sebastian / Stephen Malkmus Record Release Party on! Nevermind the five other awesome concerts happening around town tonight. Our shit is free and we will give you free stuff!

I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't totally feeling Gimme Fiction at first. I thought it was good, but it just didn't burrow into my brain and refuse to let go like Britt's tunes usually do. But this weekend, it clicked (just like his records usually do). I'm particularly loving The Delicate Place. I think this record is more of a slow burner that's gonna get better with time. It's not as instantly catchy as Kill The Moonlight, but I bet the new tunes are gonna sound great live.

Finally got the new Gorillaz album on Friday and spent most of the weekend listening to it. I don't think it's as good as the last record, but that doesn't mean this record doesn't have it's own merits. I'm not a huge Dangermouse fan (especially compared to Dan The Automator) and I think alot of the genre-tripping qualities of the first record left when Dan & Del weren't on board for this album, but there's still alot to like. This record is more trip hop focused with lots of lazy beats and slow rhymes. Actually, I think this Pitchfork review nails it quite well. The Dennis Hopper track doesn't bother me half as much as most of the reviews I've read, just FWIW. The album has grown on me alot since the first listen and I imagine it will continue to do so. Has anyone else heard it? What do you think?

I have a bunch of half written album reviews langushing at home on the trusty eMac, I'll try and get them done and posted later this week. That is after the Doves show tonight and of course bluestate tomorrow.

Also, don't anyone say one effing word to me about the ,24 season finale since I won't be able to watch it until possibly Wednesday.

Did you go vote for me today? After hanging around in 5th place for most of Friday, I've pretty much been blown off the map now. I take all this with a grain of salt since by my estimations, I probably have one of the three or four lowest readerships of all the blogs invited to participate. But I do think my kicks are the best looking. Since voting will continue throughout the week, I have refocused my energy on a new goal. Beating Coolfer!! Bragging rights will be mine ours! Help me out people. Related: At least someone recognizes the skillz.


Sin City Two! Hella sweet. Thanking the returned and re-energized Golden Fiddle for that tidbit and also this one.

*sigh* Another day, another reason to hate u2.

With the recent #1 charting of Lyla, Oasis has cemented themselves as the most successful British act of the last decade. In other news, Noel says it's only a matter of time before The Stone Roses reform. I'll believe it when i see it. WIll they ever tour the US if so? What's Reni up to these days?

Gawky Jess, the Gothamist Interview. Nice headshot. I guess the lighting wasn't good enough in this photo. Maybe next time.

Bring back Gabe Kapler!!

I have a chalkboard hanging on the wall in my room that I use to write lists and other random stuff on so I don't forget it. I also use it to jot down random quotes and things like that when the mood strikes me. To wit:


OK people, I don't ask much from you, but today I need your help.

logo_nikeid.gifI was chosen, along with 20 or so other bloggers, to participate in a competiton put on by where we all get to design our own signature pair of Nike kicks. Needless to say I jumped at the chance. Now all the designs are displayed online and the public can vote for the best design.

Go here and vote! For me! Once a day until June 3rd.

Whoever wins gets a large amount of Nike coupons to distribute to their readers. See? There is something in it for you as well. Pretty sweet, no?

And don't even start about my lame ass shoe name or description. I had like 4 whole hours to write it. At work. Nike gets to spend months researching and developing their marketing campaigns, I had like 240 minutes. Sheesh. :)


Tour dates! Come to DC dammit!

June 28 New York Hiro Ballroom
June 29 New York Scenic
June 30 Chicago Sonotheque
July 1 San Francisco Mighty
July 2 Los Angeles tbc
July 3 Los Angeles Standard Downtown Rooftop
July 5 Los Angeles Cinespace

The live show will consist of Annie singing with Timo Kaukolampi on
turntables and electronics.

Check out the first single, Heartbeat:


OK. That tears it. I held my tongue as long as I could, but u2 are just a bunch of douchebags. I hate them even more than I did yesterday (if that's at all possible). They played Vertigo dos times during their show in the Meadowlands! Two fucking times!! The height of pretentiousness if you ask me. Are they trying to sell more iPods or something? All my u2 CD's are going on eBay stat. But I will be keeping my vinyl copy of The Unforgettable Fire. I wanna rock Indian Summer Sky at a gig this summer. Bono, you're dead to me! Fuck right off!

Why am I so mad about that?

Waiting (im)patiently for Redboy's thoughts on Revenge of the Sith. What say you?

Sweetness! An idea who's time has come. Way to go guys! [link via Coolfer]

leckie.jpgThis is kinda old news, but I forgot to mention it at the time. Former Sea Ray keyboardist Jeff Sheinkopf has been added to the Longwave lineup. Congrats buddy! And if that's not enough buzz for you, any album that has the seven magical words "Produced by John Mother-Fucking Leckie, Bitches" on it has my attention.

Interesting. Not sure if I would want one but that would be alot less shit to carry from gig to gig.

MTV Cribs, Joe Pernice steez. [thanks Glamourpuss]

Shout Out Louds on tour very soon. I got an EP of theirs recently and it's good stuff. For some reason I thought they were punky and shouty (don't know where I got that from), but the EP I got was very Old 97's. Me likey.

Albums to Listen to While Reading Overwrought Pitchfork Reviews.

29 thoughts on the apparent sexiness of the iPod. Good stuff. Thanks Aubrey! My fave's:
2. But it is true that iPod culture is getting a little ridiculous. The other day my cat started nagging me about my Sufjan Stevens albums. "Dude," my cat said, "I just got an iPod mini! Hook me up, beeatch!" (Mr. Pink hearts INXS and The Smiths along with Mylo and Bloc Party, obvs.)
7. I'm annoyed at those artists like Madonna who don't put their music on the Apple Music Store because they're holding out for a better deal. Not good enough for the Apple Music Store, Madonna? Well I just burned my friend's copy of "Like a Virgin" for free. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, toots.
11. I don't mind the celebrity playlists on the Apple Music Store. But let's take it easy on whom we call a "celebrity," Apple. Danny Masterson? That's a "semi-recognizable television personality."

The writer also goes on to discuss the merits of using The Garden State Soundtrack for a booty call, which is kinda like Damore's latest entry for the Det News. Only different.

Can you say welcome back if you never really went away?

Funny. Dude, Holly is getting huge!

Woo Hoo! New Super Furry Animals record on August 15th! Let's hope the US see's it the following day. As previously reported, the album will be titled Love Kraft and will be preceded by a single entitled Laser Beam on August 1st. Sweet. For the full tracklisting click here. The band starts a short UK tour this weekend (!!!!) before hitting up the festival circuit this summer. information leafblower is seriously considering a trip to the Isle of Wight Festival in September. Moz, Supergrass, Idlewild, REM and Goldie Lookin' Chain are also on the bill. Safe as fuck!

I haven't waxed poetic about my Divo/Tivo in a few days so prepare to hear me gush. I have it set up to tape all the epidoes of Later...With Jools Holland, which might be my favorite show on TV. I love that it's all set in one big studio and the artists on the show have to stare at each other in between and during their performances. It's a very cool set up.

rufus.jpgI've seen some great bands play the show (Travis, Moz, Franzia, Radiohead, Oasis, etc.) but the one that really fucking blew me away was Rufus Wainwright. I was a huge fan of his first record and copped a copy of Poses but just never got into it like I did his previous work. Consequently I have pretty much ignored his output since then but that's about to change. In what was obviously an old episode (I think BBC America is one season behind the UK show) Rufus came on and played Vibrate, just him and his piano, and it was breathtaking. I must have rewound his performance five times. It was incredible. Really reminded me why I liked him so much to begin with. So best. In case you haven't heard the song, here it is:

  • Rufus Wainwright - Vibrate (mp3)
  • Best song ever. For today anyways. The recorded version isn't as powerful as the one he did on the show. I'll have to see if I can figure out a way to make it into an MP3.

    The Gorillaz are doing all sorts of giveaways (read:PSP's) leading up to the release of their new record on May 24th. Check here to keep on top of everything.

    Go here to pre order those Gorillaz action figures.

    Stream the new Foo Fighters single.

    That's all I got today. Slow news day.


    Be there. Cheers to fellow Sox fan William Bragg for the original photo.

    Anyone else getting bombarded with German spam?

    Too cute. I'm quickly turning into crazy cat guy. Speaking of, is this Mr. Pink's long lost brother?

    I want this record. And this one too. And this one (second item) when it finally comes out. Got that?

    Anyone go and see Goldie Lookin' Chain in NYC last night?

    Best Wishes Kylie.

    So I got my federal tax return in the mail two weeks ago. Most of the money went straight to my credit card but I put a little aside to play with. I wanted to buy something I normally wouldn't go out of my way to purchase but I was having a hard time figuring out what that would be. Then it hit me! Art. I have all this wall space in my apartment but not much on the walls. So after looking around a bit (and determining I couldn't afford anything from John Squire or Jamie Hewlett) I found something I liked. So I bought it. It arrived yesterday so I'm going to see if I can get a frame for it tonight. V. exciting!

    Oh, and last night I went to my first Nationals game. The trek to and from RFK wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. It was kinda dead b/c it was a Monday night and we were playing the Brewers, but the game was fun and we won! I was very impressed with Brad Wilkerson in center field. He tracked down two balls I thought he had no chance to get. Respect. The best part of RFK? The Blue Moon beer stand on the top level. Sweet!

    The Feist show on Thursday night was great. A very Billy Bragg like performance. It was just her and a guitar on stage bathed in red light. Her voice was amazing and the stripped down set up added a new dimension to some of the songs but she'd definitely do better with a full band behind her (something that I'd imagine is in store for her on future tours), no matter what Central Village says. What the fuck does he know anyway? :)

    She was incredibly engaging, very chatty and commanded the audience to sing along or help out on the chorus of some songs. This performance did nothing to change my mind that the world is hers if she is marketed and promoted correctly. The show she performed, that had a crowd of indie hipsters (including She's Bitter, Andrew Squidpants, Skunkeye and L Boogie) eating out of her hand, would work just as well on Norah Jones fans or even my Mom.

    I didn;t get any usable pictures from the performance (stupid Black Cat lighting), but She's Bitter has some at the link above as well as some short video clips. Oh, and British Sea Power SUUUUUUUUUUCKED.

    But as good as Feist was, the Echo & The Bunnymen show on Friday was even better. Ten times so in fact. The Bunnymen were doing a (very) short East Coast tour leading up to their performance at this week's HFStival. I had seen them just once before, at Roseland in 1997 in support of their criminally underrated album Evergreen. I was still a new fan back then, not really familiar with their back catalog or anything other than Lips Like Sugar and Bring On The Dancing Horses.

    I won't say I had low expectations for this show, (since I didn't remember much about their 1997 show); I really didn't have any expectations at all. Especially since they were playing Lancaster, PA of all places. But I've been in a serious Bunnymen phase lately and there was no way I would pass up this gig, so off I went with Miss Gl*mrocker in tow.

    The Chameleon Club was much nicer than you would expect for a town in the middle of Amish country. And unbeknownst to me, Lancaster must be a nice little tour stop because bands like Hot Hot Heat and a few others are coming through town very soon. The room was long and thing, with a nice stage and a few risers in the back so people in the rear of the room can still see. The crowd was strange (as it always is at shows like this). It's always weird when I am one of the youngest poeple at a show.

    We went up to the bar and got a Yuengling and vodka/cran. The total for our round? $6. Not too shabby. Then we copped a spot on the front part of the rear riser and marveled at our insanely great vantage point. We had a straight, eye level view of the stage.

    Soon after the band came out and launched into two older, upbeat songs that I wasn't familiar with before absolutely tearing into Rescue and Seven Seas. Those last two just knocked me on my ass. The band was in top form and were absolutely killing it. The rest of the set was heavy on the hits and the night was all the better because of it. Ian MacCulloch was in fine form. It occurred to me during the show that he is the prototypical Liam. Attitude to spare, cool as fuck, great hair, tall and takes no shit. He also does the mumbley in between songs thing as well as anyone. Guitarist Will Sergeant is so, so underrated. His licks don't blow you away or overpower the songs, but they do an amazing job of filling in the crevices and sparkling exactly when and where they should. They played a beefed up version of The Cutter (not one of my favorite Bunnymen tunes mind you) that was easily ready for Giants Stadium and followed with a stripped down version of The Killing Moon that convinced me Richard Kelly is an idiot for opting to go with INXS instead. It's all I can do to not go to Tower Records right now and buy The Bunnymen boxset. There were a few songs I wanted to hear that got left out of the set (it wouldn't be an ILB concert review if I didn't complain about the set) like Read It In Books and Over The Wall, but we were treated to amazing versions of Nothing Lasts Forever, Zimbo and Ocean Rain.

    As tinny and small as they sometimes sound on record, they sounded big and full of bollocks live. Almost exact opposites. Seeing this show clued me in on why The Bunnymen were once toe to toe with U2 for biggest band in the world bragging rights. It was that good and so were they. There are some amazing shows coming through town in the next month or so but any of those bands are going to have a hard time topping this show, which is the current front runner for best show of the year. Oh, and no photos from that show either as the club had a no camera policy.

    New Mr. Pink photos for those of you that can't get enough. Sundays are always a good days for cat pictures because I'm usually around when it's nap time. Yes, I'm a dork.

    V. exciting!

    Boo! Oasis took out Headshrinker and added (gag) Little By Little in Edinborough. Seriously Noel, get a clue.

    Peep the Gorillaz toys that will be released at the same time as the new record:


    Why does David Stern insist on starting the best playoff game of the weekend at 9:30 PM on an fucking Sunday?

    **Update** Apparently they had to cut short the HFstival set because of Mac's voice. Glad I stayed away on Saturday!

    No Bukowski today, but I've got something just as good for ya! The wise words uttered by the Brothers Gallagher in their recent Mojo Magazine interview:

    Liam: "I take time to wonder what makes us do what we do. Call me weird. I don't smoke pot. I don't take mind-bending drugs. I just drink lager and have a cigarette and talk a load of crap."

    Liam on Noel: "But love is the same kind of thing. If you love someone you respect someone, you respect someone you love someone. It all comes in the same...sandwich."

    More Liam on Noel: "I don't like him. He's a fucking smug cunt. And he don't like me because I'm a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I embarrass him because I don't take things quite as serious as he does."


    Noel on a meeting with an Epic rep from the USA: "We go to a posh restaurant. He's asking 'Why can we not get this record done?' And I'm telling him how it doesn't sound right, and how I'm going to write more songs, and he says 'You know who you sound like? Right now, just sitting there? Do you know who you sound like?' Well, I'm scrolling through the Sony acts thinking, Is he going to say Dylan? I'll go as low as Bruce Springsteen...Anyway, I go Who? He says 'Anastacia!'
    "It didn't compute for a minute. Again, I went WHO?, and there it was again,'Anastacia.' So I poured another glass of wine, necked it in one, looked at him and said, I've got to fucking go now, 'cos I've just broken out in a rash. As I was looking at him, I thought, You will never see my face again, and I will never lay eyes on you. Whoever you fucking are, and whatever your fucking name is this is where it finishes for me and you. I walk off, down Knightsbridge, collar up, pissing down with fucking rain. Just when it can't get worse, a black cab pulls up and goes 'All right, Liam!"

    Noel on Don't Believe The Truth producer Dave Sardy: "Plus, he kind of explained a few things to me about my songwriting that I had forgotten about. He said 'The thing about your songs is, why write another verse when three choruses will do?' I was going (taken aback) That's correct man. Who listens to verses anyway? Verses are shit. He was also better at massaging Liam's ego, getting the right performance. Every time I say to Liam, You might want to try and back off on that, the words he hears in his head are, "Your two sons are lesbian Nazis.'"

    Noel on Liam's attitude: "We were at this awards ceremony and our table was kind of in the middle of the room, so everyone had to circumnavigate our table. So a lot of these people tap me on the shoulder and say hi. And out of the corner of your ear you hear...'Fucking cunt...fucking cunt.' I think he gets himself into a shamanic mantra of the word 'cunt'. That's his mantra: 'He's a cunt and they''re shit." He's not into other people getting nine out of 10 for album reviews, let's put it like that."


    Liam on his legacy: "But I don't sit and dwell about it. I tell you for fucking why. I'd rather look back on my career - or whatever the fucking hell it is - in 20 years time and sit next to Bono and Coldplay geezer and all these other fucking lightweights and go, Well you didn't save the world, so you can fuck off...and you-you! - you can wash your hand. I'll be sitting there and I'll know I HAD IT. And maybe you didn't balls it up ever. You might still be fucking Sting or you may be fucking Batman, but I'll be fucking Liam G, man. And I AM STILL HAVING IT."

    Owen Morris on Wonderwall: "Wonderwall took about six hours to record. Noel had a more complicated arrangement which we agreed wasn't right. Alan probably took one take to do the drums. I'm convinced we got where the drums come in wrong - it should have been on the word "backbeat" - but there we were. I wrote the cello part, Bonehead insisted on playing it on the Mellotron, Liam sang it in four goes. I did the repeat echo part. It was mixed on MDMA in Rockfield after seeing The Bluetones in Hereford. We did a mx and Liam came in and said turn down the vocal. That was the master mix."

    Good stuff! Be sure to pick up the new issue of Mojo with Oasis on the cover. Well worth my $8.99. I downloaded Don't Believe The Truth on Friday, and you know what? It's pretty damn good. One thing about it that has shaken me to my very core is that Noel's three songs are the worst on the record. Scary. I'm interested to hear the b-sides, as that is how I judge every Oasis record. How did the songs that didn't make the record sound?

    I'll have more on the new record next week. And if you're a Wonderwall fan, pick up a copy of the version Ryan Adams did. So much awesome.

    Trying to get shit done so I can go to the rescheduled Feist in store.

    In the meantime (no pun intended) all I have to say is I fucking love this record:


    Feist in store tomorrow at 12:30 3 PM (grumblegrumblegrumble) at the Tower on Penn Ave!

    Thanking She's More Informative Than She Is Bitter for the info.

    Who's with me?

    I just realized I have a slight man crush on Britt Daniel. Dude is one cool fucker. How did last night's NYC in store go? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    I still haven't copped Gimme Fiction, but I'm hitting up Best Buy for that $9.99 goodness before I head into the city for iPod Jukebox.

    My iPod just cued up You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side and I'm fighting the urge to stand up and start dancing. Best. Moz. Song. Ever.

    Oasis played six new songs at their first tour date of the year last night. That in itself is pretty damn exciting. Also of note in the setlist: Bring It On Down, Headshrinker and Songbird. Looking at the entire setlist I was pretty happy with it, but then it hit me; no Hindu Times! WTF? But mad props for an old B-side. That used to be one of the best things about seeing Oasis on their first few tours. They would break out a gem like (It's Good) To Be Free or Fade Away and it would fit in perfectly with the rest of the set. Still no Be Here Now songs though. C'mon Noel, throw me a It's Getting Better Man when I see you in D-Town!

    What is wrong with the British music industry when, arguably, the greatest band to ever come out of Scotland don’t have a record deal?

    Video of The Futureheads @ Spin via Brooklyn Vegan.

    I want to hear this Tom Vek record everyone is talking about.

    Oh Five summer festival guide.

    Damore would love this.

    Speaking of Damizz, he's back on the internets where he belongs! Yay! Viva la No Buzz List!

    Today is the last day to enter my Kasabian contest. Don't sleep on our weekly bluestate contest either.

    I finally bought an iPod case. So far, so good.

    Chucky P in the NY Times, The Guardian and interviewed by Amazon.

    Now my iPod just cued up Champagne Supernova. Nice one.

    Cue Nelson: Ha Ha!

    John Sencio 4 eva.

    Song titles, before editing for language effeciency and clarity . [via Matt and his cool Dad]

    Try as I might, I cannot seem to wake up today. Frustrating.
    Especially when you look at the week I have coming up:

    Wed: iPod Jukebox
    Thurs: Feist(!!!!)/British Sea Power @ Black Cat
    Fri: Echo & The Bunnymen in Lancaster, PA
    Sat: Possibly driving home to NC to see my folks.

    Hmmmmmmm...Guess I'm not on Tofu Hut's radar. Anyhoo, lots of links to lots of MP3 blogs.

    Yet another show I have to go to.
    Secret Machines / Kings Of Leon @ 930 Club on Aug 11th

    Wow, Bitchfork gets it right, not once but twice. I'm just glad someone finally called Weezer out for sucking so hard. The Green Album was meh, but the follow up was just horrible. To me Islands In The Sun is the only decent thing they've done post-Pinkerton. Meanwhile, Spoon effing rule.

    Time is running out to enter my Kasabian contest.

    Everyone at work keeps asking me "What's wrong with the Sox?" I don't get it. The O's are unconscious and only 2.5 games ahead of us. We've used eight different starting pitchers and are still 8-2 in our last 10 games. Kevin Millar finally homered. We're doing just fine. Now then, the Yanks...that's a different story altogether.

    I still don't want to talk about the Celtics.

    The Price Of Gas


    Some more treats:

    Brassneck:The Wedding Present (MP3) - My favorite Wedding Present song ever. For some reason this is a HUGE file, so be patient with the download.

    Feist: Inside And Out (MP3) - I love the shivery little sequencer high notes during the chorus. They drew me right in the first time I heard this track. The string and horn accents give this song some nice flourishes. I can't quit listening to this record. It's so good. She's playing the Black Cat this week!

    Spoon:The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine (MP3) - Fucking hell, I love this band. Waaaay back in my first ever post (which becomes more cringeworthy every time I read it) I hoped to explain why Spoon isn't the biggest band in the world, something I have failed at miserably. I think this song is just as poppy and catchy as Coldplay's new one(listen to those cello's!). And unlike that bunch of stoodents, Spoon are constantly evolving their sound.

    Head on over to She's Bitter and download yet another Feist song. She also has details on how you can get that Stars album I like for very cheap.

    I would post that Oasis song but I don't want to get prosecuted.

    Did you download the two tracks from yesterday?

    Hellz yeah! Mark your calendars people.
    June 1st.
    National Press Club.
    You, me and this guy!
    Full tour dates here.
    Maybe now I can finally get a decent picture with him.
    Get you fill of Chucky P media drooling right here.

    How was your weekend? I bought a new pair of jeans and went to Kriston's for a kick ass BBQ. People from Texas can cook some mean brisket. Dayum. Thanks for the invite!


    Here are some treats:
    Stars:Elevator Love Letter (MP3) - Could I listen to this record any more? In retrospect I think the drummer in their live show leaves a lot to be desired. Live, their sound just wasn't crisp and tight, which is what these songs need. This is a perfect sunny Sunday tune.

    The Wedding Present: It's A Gas (MP3) - This is the one I played on Thursday. I love it when they whisper "C'mon, C'mon, C'mon" and start laughing right before they kick it back in. Pure pop goodness.

    Reminder: This is the last week to enter my Kasabian contest.

    You deserve to lose when you let Fred Jones and Jeff Foster beat you.
    Here's to the draft.
    This one's for you Bob. Good luck with D-town.


    Last night was insanely fun. Just binoculars. Well, as binoculars as it can be sans DCeiver and his better half. It was our biggest DCist Happy Hour and our best bluestate yet. They both just keep getting bigger and better. I'm struggling to put it all into words. I think last night was the most fun I've had since I moved to DC. It was that good.


    Here is the visual record of what happened. Not pictured but rumoured to have also happened; the guy out in front of the venue throwing up in a trashcan, the fight that broke out when some guy bit (yep, with his teeth) some girl and she started bleeding everywhere and the drunk girl that knocked over the toilet in the ladies room. Again, all of these are unconfirmed at press time.

    On the DJ tip, the night was great. There wasn't much of a crowd for my 7PM set so I got to play a bunch of stuff I've been wanting to play but haven't found time for. By 9PM the joint was a-jumpin' and people started to get their groove on, mostly thanks to JeffC130, bluestate's unoffical Bez (and I mean that in a good way). I thought the Clash/Killers mash up I played was gonna be song of the night (everyone started looking at the booth when the Killers lyrics started over Rock The Casbah) but then stupid Natalya had to go and play Since You Been Gone and that shit brought the house down! :) By the time my 11 PM set came around I was ad libbing everything and just trying to keep everyone dancing. I almost lost them when I insisted on playing Craig David AND Jamiroquai (I know, I know...), but other than that it was all good.

    We even started to get a flood or requests. This one really cute girl came up to me and said "We come here every Saturday and they play hip hop all night and it's alot of fun." To which I said, "Awesome! But you do know tonight is Thursday, right?" She didn't quite seem to comprehend what I was getting at.

    Full setlist after the jump.

    Big thanks to everyone that came out last night and made everything such a success. I met some fellow bloggers, some local bands and a bunch of readers (Cheers Fletcher). Our next bluestate gig is May 24th at Saint Ex. Details very soon.

    I can't believe I missed the C's game last night! Jeezy Creezy. Sounds like shit got out of hand real fast. Saturday's Game 7 will be the first ever in the Fleet Center, the first for the C's since Larry Legend's last game in 1992 and the first Game 7 at home in 1998's so much awesome Bird v. 'Nique game. Lots to live up to, no?

    Tonight bitches!


    Should our rotations hold up, I'm on at 7PM, 9PM, and 11PM. This will be the throwdown to end all throwdowns. But don't take MY pretentious word for it. Just read what noted journalistic institution El Wapo has to say on the matter:

    Fresh off another stellar performance at the Black Cat, bloggers-cum-DJs Bluestate provides the indie-rock and '80s love at DCist's Cinco de Mayo party.

    Robvs. Thing is, that wasn't the only mention DCist got in El Wapo today. To wit.

    Deadlines are tight and I have MILES to go before I sleep tonight so unfortunately content will be light today (and most likely tomorrow) but I did find these treats for you:

    Ruh roh. If this is going to be an ongoing thing, can you just go ahead and release the DVD of Season 2? I'm dying for that shit.

    Crazy eBay mom! [via The Pita]

    What do you think about women in the military?

    German Apple users got a sneak preview of the new Oasis album yesterday. Related: The Bruvvers Gallagher to play the Austin City Limits fest. In Austin. Duh.

    Since I was totally preoccupied compiling, arranging and rearranging my sets for tonight, I totally forgot to set the effing Divo for tonight's crucial Game 6 between the C's and Pacers! I pray they have it on at the bar. But no matter what happens, Mark Blount is ready!

    I need to go through my CD collection more often. Over the weekend, I found a copy of Ivy's first EP which I had no idea I even had(it's awesome BTW). And then last night, I found a copy of the Stars album Heart. I listened to it when I drove to work this morning and it's pretty damn good. Maybe I'll have to revisit my position on them...

    Random thought: is it me or is Within Your Reach by The Replacements the most perfect song ever?

    See you tonight. Come up and say HI!

    Hello all,

    Pretentious blogger here (see last comment) offering up some Coachella recaps from some of my favoUrite bloggers, most of which are finally hitting the internerd today:

    Whatevs (kinda. More tomorrow?)

    Central Village (scroll down)


    El WaPo


    Rolling Stone

    Sounds boring. But at least these people have content today, something that can't be said for me.

    Don't forget to get your margarita on tomorrow!

    More here.

    watusi.jpg Still on a high from The Wedding Present show on Sunday night. I forgot to mention yesterday that my fave Weddoes album (besides Bizarro obvs.) is Watusi their major label release on Island Records. I'm assuming this is like me saying my favorite GBV record is Do The Collapse, but so be it. If you need a Weddoes album to pick up for starters, check this one out. The sound is much cleaner than usual (full disclosure: I'm friends with Steve Fisk and John Goodmanson so I'm def. a little biased) but the tunes are really incredible. They are tight,lean, sung in a delightful British accent and pack a punch. Good stuff if you can pick up a copy. Much cheaper than the $22 they want for Bizarro on Amazon(although I'm def. picking up one of the 4 copies of vinyl they have for sale on eBay). OK, so they want like $40 of it on Amazon(!!!!). Shop your local mom and pop for a used copy.

    Moz hearts Steve Jones.

    Safe As Fuck! The Goldie Lookin' Chain album will be unleashed on these shores next Tuesday! You heard that shit here first!

    Game 5 tonight bitches. My shit talking grace period is over Bob Cook! We are dropping the hammer tonight, Days of Thunder steez! Inept Anthony Johnson is hurt! What line up will we start with? Will we win by 30+ points again? Seriously, could the Pacers be a bigger bunch of walking wounded? The C's are in a no-win situation here. When they win the series, everyone will say "Ha! They were hurt and Artest was suspended, obvs." but if they lose it will be a huge upset. I'll take the former. Fuck Ron Artest.

    Today is a good day not to be Jeff Van Gundy. Dude is in some deep shit with Commisar Stern, someone you absolutely don't want to eff with.

    Did Theo fuck things up? Honestly I don't care. We're World Champs!

    Strange things are afoot in the Circle K Bronx.

    Weekend recap time. Now...I have heard nothing but good things about Stars, so much that I had contemplated buying their record, but in concert, they SUCKED. I can't convey how bored I was during their show. Their first few songs sounded like Arcade Fire, Jr., but they got progressively worse from there. I think it had to do with their lead singer, who had this gay, white, Sammy Davis Jr. vibe going on. He just bugged me and I couldn't get past it. Not my thing. Oh well.

    Ivy, however, were just great. Very Nico-esque with lots and lots of la la la's, so of course I loved them. I really enjoyed their set and even worked my way up towards the front of the crowd (something I rarely do lately), but the crowd cleared out after Stars finished their set. Miss Gl*mrocker, who accompanied me, informed me that Ivy did a mean cover of the Go-Betweens Streets Of Your Town which I downloaded from iTunes after I got home later that night. Not mind blowing, but pretty damn good nonetheless. Look for it on the monthly mix, which will be relvealed later in the week. sum up; Ivy=good, Stars=bad.

    Saturday I watched the C's roll over the Pacers (worst. Pacers. playoff. loss. ever., PP had 30, 7 boards, 8 dimes and 5 blocks!) and then headed out to the Black Cat for Razzmatazz. Some other bluestaters were in attendance and we all hung out (i.e. they danced, I was clinging to the wall) until I called it a night around half twelve.

    On Sunday, I was exhausted for most of the day. I went down to IKEA shopping for some picture frames (which they didn't have in stock) and that took all damn day. It was hard for me to muster up the energy to go see David Gedge and The Wedding Present, but I sure am glad I did. I headed in to DC at 10, which put me at the club around 10:30, just as the Weddoes were about to go on. The place wasn't very crowded so I grabbed a Bud and went up near the stage. Soon after Gedge and Co. came out and ripped shit up.

    weddingpresent_270.jpgThey played a good portion of Take Fountain but peppered the set with some Weddoes classics like My Favourite Dress, Once More and Kennedy(!!!!!!) before the triple threat ending of Dalliance, Dare and What Have I Said Now. Simply the very definition of so much awesome. I was expecting more guitar shredding (Gedge plays a wicked axe) and was a tad disappointed with that aspect of the show until Kennedy and What Have I Said Now saved the day. I can't believe I almost didn't go.

    Sadly, this was the first time I had ever seen one of my favourite bands. I saw half a Weddoes show in the mid 90's at CMJ, but that really didn't count since two of my best friends at the time (both females) got into a fight at the gig (sadly, not over me) and I had to leave to go referee. Predictably, they broke into my fave Weddoes track, Brassneck, shortly after I bailed. Needless to say, the two females in question were never forgiven for this terrible offense which has scarred me for life. Until now, yay!

    Oh, and in the ultimate act of fanboy validation, I scored a setlist.

    For those of you unfamiliar with The Wedding Present, head right over to Bradley's Almanac and download their set from Boston (and some covers! can't wait to listen to them). Thanks Brad! The Pita saw the NYC gig and offers up her fave Weddoes song for download. I'll have some tracks tomorrow, as well as photos, but I got home too late to upload shit last night.

    Also, I just realized this morning that I don't have my copy of Bizarro any more. This was a staple of my college music listening diet. I wonder what happened to it.