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May 24 2005

Here It Comes

Heed item numero cinco por favor.

Set list from Sunday night's Super Furry Animals show:

Slow Life / Rings Around The World / Horn / Ohio Heat / Hello Sunshine / Frequency / Run, Christian Run! / Zoom / Atomik Lust / Cloudberries / Colonise The World / Juxtaposed With U / Laser Beam / Something For The Weekend / Do or Die / Ice Hockey Hair / The Man Don't Give A Fuck

No Calimero(!!!!) here but we still get Run, Christian Run! and the return of Ice Hockey Hair so I will try to keep the nitpicking to myself. Still no Frisbee! Argh. I tried. :)

A little birdie told me to expect them on this side of the pond later this year. Excuse me while I check how many vacation days I have left. Have I mentioned how much I love this band? Festival goers might be interested to know they have been added to the V Fest.

Mike pretty much nailed the Doves show last night. Good but not great. The older stuff sounded superb but as the Pita says concert nirvana was not reached. I heart Doves but I doubt I'll pay $25 to see them again. But they fucking crushed The Cedar Room and Sea Song so colour me happy. The Last Broadcast also sounded superb. The new keyboardist adds alot to the live sound. It seems they don't rely on the DAT machine as much.

Mercury Rev just put me to sleep. They played the same song 8 times. Tinkly piano intro, cue noodley guitar, add crashing drums, gimme total spacerock, sing about stars and dreams, more spacerock, more space, equal amounts rock, big finish, brief coda featuring tinkly piano and singer striking poses on stage. Rinse, repeat. Boooooooring.

More over at Blog Shamblogg. Best blog name ever for those of you that catch the reference.

Stereogum has that new Teenage Fanclub that you've been craving. Frank says they are touring the US later this summer.

More Stone Roses to reform chatter. 10 to 1 no US tour.

Coolfer says Apple hearts podcasts. I'm in the lead by 14 votes for those of you counting at home.

Oh no he didn't!

bluestate is tonight bitches! 9 PM. Come get your Belle & Sebastian / Stephen Malkmus Record Release Party on! Nevermind the five other awesome concerts happening around town tonight. Our shit is free and we will give you free stuff!

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please tell me that blog name is a God Shammgod reference

Posted by: shmedd at May 24, 2005 4:28 PM

It is!

Posted by: information leafblower at May 24, 2005 4:31 PM

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