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Look, just drag your ass to the Black Cat tonight, ok? Catherine and I have put in quite bit of time and effort on behalf of DCist to bring you the rock. Now is when you come out, drink heavily and have a good time. For serious.


Not so long ago, Timberwolves Head of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale laid down his philosophy on how to run a front office in the NBA. "Sometimes," he said, "the best deals are the ones you don't make." Now McHale wasn't the first HoBA or GM to ever utter that phrase, but any time I can drop the name of the single greatest post player in NBA history, I'm gonna take it.

Prior to last night's draft, the internets had been abuzz with a rumoured deal between Portland and Boston that would have sent Nick Van Exel and the #3 overall pick to Portland in exchange for Celtics superstah Paul Pierce (the only NBA player whose jersey I currently own). Supposedly we would have used that pick on HS stud Gerald Green. Danny Ainge is no dummy and decided to stay put. Good thing to, because thanks (again!) to the Toronto Raptors, the Celtics sat back at pick #18 and watched Green drop right into their lap. To say Green, an athletic small forward, has superstar potential is an understatement. Kendrick Perkins, himself a high school pick by the C's two years ago, who played against Green when he grew up in Texas, reportedly started jumping up and down at the C's draft party once it was clear that Green would fall to Boston.

The entire scenario was eerily reminiscent of the 1999 draft in which Paul Pierce (easily the second or third most talented player in the draft) fell all the way to the Celtics at pick #10. Needless to say CelticNation was pleased with our rosy future as we all settled into bed last night. We just drafted a possible conerstone of the franchise (to go along with stud PF Al Jefferson) and his last name is Green! The stars were aligned for us last night.

Even The Sports Guy's dad loved this pick. So sayeth TSG: "Just a satisfying three minutes all around. I get to root for Big Al and G-Money for the next 15 years. What could be better than that?"

Now let's be clear, Danny Ainge is no genius for drafting Gerald Green. He was easily the most talented player on the board at 18. Much like TSG's dad, I was praying New Mexico SF Danny Granger would be our choice, but Larry Bird made sure he didn't drop past #17, one pick before us. Granger is gonna be a player. Book it. He could have helped the C's tremendously next year, instead we have to (get to?) wait a few years and see if Green (aka G-Money) really is the next Tracy McGrady. Hey, I'm a patient man.

Danny does get props for drafting Ryan Gomes at #50 though. Gomes is easily a first round talent. Both Detroit and San Antonio strongly considered drafting him late in the first. I was surprised the Spurs passed on him, Gomes has Spur written all over him. Instead Danny tabbed the big SF his team needs so desperately just 10 picks before the end of the draft. I'll be shocked if Gomes isn't in our regular rotation two months into the season. Ainge took unheralded PG Orien Greene from LaFayette with pick #53. Again with the Greene! I'm not so sure he'll make the squad, but will be watching him in the summer leagues.

Many thanks to Tien for the photo from last night. He took some others too.

aingehasaplan.jpgTonight is my favortist night of the entire year. The NBA Draft! What wonders of front office management will Danny Ainge pull off tonight? Can't wait to find out. The best idea I've heard? Taking Roko Leni Ukic with #18 and then trading him to Atlanta for the first pick int he second round and using that on Ryan Gomes (should he still be available). Failing that, I bet we go for a PF. Coolfer might be interested to hear there is quite a bit of Paul Pierce for Peja trade talk floating around the internets in the last 48 hours.

Hayden and I concocted the first ever DCist NBA Mock Draft, expect half of it to be wrong tomorrow.

Oasis pick the wrong song for their new single. I dunno, maybe it's just me. Everyone else seems to dig it. *shrug*

New Dandy Warhols on the way.

Jimmy Chamberlain is apparently willing to put his own craptastic band on hold to join the reunion no one cares about or even wants.

Insanely great.
Not sure what to make of this.

Karma's a bitch. [via DCist]

Does everyone else enjoy Waiter Rant as much as me? It's sharp, concise and well written. Three things I can't say about this blog.

Say it with me now...FIRST PLACE COMMA BITCHES. A co-worker informs me Curt Schilling will be making his first red Sox start in ages on July 9th in Baltimore. Of course I have tickets for the 8th. Oh well.

Today's post will be semi-short. I have a mega post to get ready for DCist. The NBA Draft is tomorrow which means it's mock draft time. The DCist mock draft will be posted shortly, until then, have you been reading Chris's weekly column on the Nats? It's good stuff.

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Less than that actually. Friday, Goldenfiddle made me go out and buy the expanded DVD edition of American Psycho. So I stayed in and watched that. Saturday I rented The Aviator, despite the fact that I don't like Leo that much and have pretty much given up on Scorcese. It was actually really good, if only a little too long. And I wanted more wacky Howard Hughes. They glossed over that pretty quickly, but otherwise the best thing ol' Marty has done in years. Sunday I finally got to see Batman Begins and it was jawesome. So, so good. Great cast, great plot, great writing. Just loved it. My only two complaints: 1) the cowl looked really bad, and 2) Christian Bale's "Batman voice" was kinda laughable. But other than that, count on me seeing that sucker again. Ras Al Ghul rules. Robvs. Miss Gl*mrocker couldn't get past the Katie Holmes crooked mouth. I told her not to worry, I'm sure Scientology would straighten it right out.

Sorry I missed this over the weekend. Looks like it was a fun time.

This is why I'll never go to Glasto. Related: Bobby G's still a rock star and I still heart Liam.

This seems a bit weird, but the upside is we won't have to listen to him announce any games on TNT in the future. Worth it if you ask me.

NBA Draft tomorrow. It's my favorite day of the year!


Not to beat a dead horse into the ground, but I was so tired last night that I went to bed at halftime. And Ted Leo was in town AND I DIDN'T GO. That should put it in perspective for you.

I fully expected to wake up this morning hearing how the Pistons just won back to back titles. Honestly neither team was impressing me in the first half. So now I guess we should get ready for the deluge of is Larry Brown quitting articles. Ho hum. Respect to the Pistons though, repeating is no easy task and neither is winning one Game 7 on the road, much less two in succession. I actually respect my hated (former) rivals more than ever this year. They almost turned two with Lindsey Hunter as their seventh man. Now just imagine if the first guard off their bench was Dwyane Wade. But don't worry, Darko's gonna be good someday! At what, I have no idea.

Stupid exterminators didn't bother to show up yesterday so poor Mr. Pink had to make a return trip to the vet's office today. He wasn't very happy with his temporary surroundings yesterday. They said he sat in the corner of his cage all day and didn't eat anything. But on the bright side, they didn't charge me for the "catnasium". Oh, and he's a healthy boy. He got a rabies shot and he weighs in at 10.6 pounds.

Here's the birthday setlist:

9:30 - 10:00 (Beers 2 and 3)
Gorillaz , "M1 A1"
Paul Weller, "The Changingman"
Cracker, "Happy Birthday To Me"
Super Furry Animals, "Smokin'"
Faith No More, "Midlife Crisis"
Pulp, "Party Hard"
Morrissey, "Disappointed"
Echo & The Bunnymen, "Ocean Rain" [Peel Session]

11:00 - 11:30 (Beers 4 and 5)
The Smiths, "Unhappy Birthday"
Oasis, "Fade Away" (live)
Stone Roses, "Bye Bye Badman"
James, "Sit Down"
Billy Bragg, "A New England"
PJ Harvey, "A Place Called Home"
Mylo, "In My Arms"
Ride, "Time Machine"
REM, "Romance"

12:30 - 1:00 (Beers 7 and 8)
Morrissey, "Jack The Ripper" (live)
Radiohead, "Black Star"
Turin Brakes, "Underdog(Save Me)"
Gene, "Still Can't Find The Phone"
The Smiths, "Rusholme Ruffians" [Peel Session]
James, "Sometimes(Lester Piggot)"
Super Furry Animals, "Citizens Band"
Buffalo Tom, "Porchlight"

This is how drunk I was: I was severly pissed off yesterday that I forgot to play my singlemost favoritist song of all time on Tuesday, that being "Sometimes(Lester Piggot)" by James. Then I looked at my setlist last night as I typed it up, and apparently, I played it. *shrug*

Sorry for those select few that actually came to dance. I had a backlog of my fave songs that I was dead set on playing. I know it's very hard to get your groove on to Billy Bragg, but it was my birthday after all. I'll make it up to you on July 9th. :)

Called in sick yesterday. My weeklong birthday celebration drinkathon finally came to a close on Tuesday night so let us never speak of it again. I seriously can't remember ever being more tired than I am right now. After two concerts, four nights of massive drinking displays, one DJ gig, a truly regretable quote and not enough sleep, I'm seriously hurting.

Big ups to everyone that came to bluestate on Tuesday. I'm trying not to take the fact that it was one of our more sparsely attended events ever personally. Actually it was better to have more friends than randoms in the room when it was all said and done. Special shout out to Catherine for the cupcakes (a big hit with everyone, obvs.) and L Boogie and Johnny English for the Cakelove and the presents.

In my sleep deprived state I forgot to bring in my birthday set list, so it will be revealed tomorrow. Until then, peep the photos.

As if that wasn't enough stuff filling up my schedule, we have exterminators coming to our apaprtment sometime this week (hopefully today) so I've had to find new homes for Mr. Pink. Miss Gl*mrocker was kind enough to take him from Monday until last night, but of course the bug people never showed up. So today I had to take him to the local vets and board him for the day. I spent the extra $4 and upgraded him from the "mid size cage" to the "junior suite" and also paid $8 so he could get half an hour of playtime in the "catnasium". All this and he's still going to be majorly pissed at me when I go pick him up this afternoon. *sigh* Kids.

Big Game 7 tonight. Who's gonna step up? Are the Spurs gonna choke? No team has ever won two Game 7's on the road in one year, so while momentum is on the Piston's side, history is not. Too bad I'll be asleep before the final buzzer. These 9:20ish tip off times = no buzz.

I won't bore you with all the Celtics related players playing in this series. Like how we cut Ben Wallace (ML Carr wanted to make him a shooting guard) three times as well as Bruce Bowen (actually, that's a good thing). And how we had the worst record in the L the year Tim Duncan was the top overall pick. The Celtics had two lottery picks that year and could have walked away with Duncan and someone like Keith Van Horn or Tracy McGrady, but instead got stuck with the third and sixth pick and Chauncey Billups and Ron Mercer respectively. Rick Pitino traded Billups in his rookie year saying he'd never be able to run a team. He was 2004 Playoff MVP. Idiot. Lastly, Chris Wallace wanted to draft Tony Parker with the last of the team's three draft picks in 2001, but Celtics matriarch Red Auerbach over-ruled him and took Joe effing Forte. We won't discuss how Chris Wallace decided to take the Nuggets pick that year (from a previous trade) when could have rolled it over until the next year (we could have drafted Amare Stoudamire with that pick) or the following year when the Nuggets took Carmelo Anthony with their pick, third overall.
PS - We took Kedrick Brown with that 2001 pick. But I'm not bitter. Not at all.

But I think the big question about Game 7 is will Peabs pull another Michael Stipe?


Download or stream it here.

1) Annie - Chewing Gum
2) Daft Punk - Da Funk
3) Wham - Somebody Told Me
4) Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday
5) INXS - What You Need
6) Jesus & Mary Chain - Far Gone And Out (Just For Fun Mix)
7) Depeche Mode - Someone To Take The Wheel (7" Mix)
8) The Clash - Train In Vain

And as if you need another reminder:

Jeezy Creezy. What a weekend. I turn 31 today. If I have many more weekends like the one I just had, 32 is no guarantee. So instead of the exhaustive report, you get the exhausted report.

I landed in Detroit around 6 PM, turned on my cell phone upon departing the plane and had a message from Peabs waiting for me. "I have a blue shirt on, I'm tall and I'm gorgeous." Like I wouldn't remember what he looked like or something. :) We made our way downtown to my fave bar in The D*, the Town Pump. The plan was to have a beer while we wait for JP McKrengles and then head over to the game when he got there. Five beers later we finally made it over to the game (with JP in tow) during the 6th inning. Once we got inside, we met up with Grambo and Kerry SoSaysBest. And had more beers. We finally made it up to our seats in the 8th or 9th (by this point I wasn't really paying attention, I was craving hot dogs) and watched the fireworks after the game. Once that was done, we went back to Grambo's pad and drank 'til the early morn. As you do.

Saturday we slept in (glorious shut eye!), got some brunch, picked up Damore and went record shopping. I got three records by INXS so I'm sure we all can agree that the road trip was almost worth it right there. Now that Kick on vinyl had been revealed, we went over to the Grizz's house and began the pregame for the main event. CFriggs and LesCal joined us and around 5:30 we headed to the venue and started tailgaiting. Big Matt from MotorCityRocks and his crew joined us there, as did Peabs and Dr. Em, Medicine Woman. While we were tailgating, the Oasis Ice Cream truck kept driving around the parking lot and playing the Definitely Maybe DVD. It was a weird site. You can only imagine the sheer number of "I'll have a Champagne Supernova pop" and the "So, is that their new tourbus?" jokes that were flying about.

The setlist:
Fuckin’ In The Bushes / Turn Up The Sun / Lyla / Love Like A Bomb / Bring It On Down / Morning Glory / Cigarettes And Alcohol / The Importance Of Being Idle / Little By Little / A Bell Will Ring / Live Forever / The Meaning Of Soul / Mucky Fingers / Champagne Supernova / Rock And Roll Star / Encore:Songbird / Wonderwall / Don’t Look Back In Anger / My Generation

The show itself was great. Insanely so. Just like the last time I saw them, the new stuff sounded just as good as some of the older stuff in the Oasis catalog. In fact, Lyla, Love Like A Bomb and Songbird were the highlights for me. Shit, even Mucky Fingers sounded great. It was fucking mega and I had a great time. My throat is still sore from screaming like a little girl through the entire show. That and my calves are killing me. We watched he first few songs from a weird space on the lawn that has on a steep incline so I go quite the workout. After that we made our way down to the very front and had a great view of Liam, Gem and Andy, which kind of saddened me because of the venues "no camera" policy. Here are some pics from the Toronto show that I did not take, obvs.


The band was on their best behavior. The worst (best?) we got from them was Noel saying "This is from the record no one bought" before playing Little By Little. This review in the Freep really nails it.


With all the shit talking out there about Oasis (some of it deserved), I think many critics forget (or just gloss over) what a shit hot live act they are. You don't become the biggest band in the world for nothing. When Liam is focused on playing a great show, they can still reach those heights. When the band played Champagne Supernova on Saturday, Liam balanced his tambourine on his head, spread his arms out in a jesus christ pose and slowly crouched down and stood back up. The crowd went ape shit. When you can do something like that and the crowd goes mental, then you are doing something right. Andy Bell and Gem have really added a new dimension to the band's live sound (not to mention song writing). And while Zak Starkey is no Steve White, he's no Alan White either, which is a good thing. I was skeptical when he signed on for drumming duties, but he played a great show as well.

As great as the gig was, it got even more mental after the show. While we were waiting for the traffic to clear out, Grizz was walking around handing out potato chips to the cars waiting in line to leave. In between, he was running around shouting "INFORMATION LEAF BLOWER DOT COM SLASH BLOG" at the top of his lungs. It was quite literally the funniest effing thing I have ever seen in my life. He also came up with the best idea evs. Mister pink dot blogspot dot com. Mr. Pink will review albums on his blog. For everyone he likes, he will say PURR. For each one he doesn't like, he will say RAWR. Mars! Nobody beats the Grizz.

The weirdest moment of the night came as we were deciding what our post game actions would be and where they would be taking place when some random girl in a shiny union jack top came up and just started eating out of the other bag of chips we were passing around. We tried to talk to her but she was waaaaaaay too wasted to even communicate with us. The girls in our group took umbrage on her and after a good bit of coaxing we found out her boyfriend had left her and she lost her wallet, cell phone and keys during the show. Being the awesome people we are, we took her to her hotel (her boyfriend wasn't there either) and once we got the OK, left her in the hotel's care until he showed back up.

And just when I thought the night couldn't get any weirder, one of the people in our group got a call on their cell phone. On the other end of the call was none other than Chuck Klosterman. It's kind of a long story but it was fucking best.

After that we went back to the Grizz's house, started a fire and drank all his beer, tequila and champagne (obvs). I felt like ass on Sunday AM but I made my flight and returned to the DC in one piece.

Just as I did last time, I had a fucking blast in The D. The people there really know how to make someone feel at home and like one of their own. All you have to do is run around like a wildman and say "Best", "Worst" or "Dude, mars" alot. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I fucking heart The D. Big ups to everyone there for a great weekend and an even better early birthday present. I haven't drank, laughed and lost that much sleep in way too long. Mars She. And thanks to Peabs for playing taxi and Grambo and The Grizz for being gracious enough to let me crash on their couches.

Don't forget, the birthday may be today, but the party is tomorrow. Come by and buy me a beer!

Here are all the photos from my trip. I got some really good ones of Detroit itself.

*I've been to like three bars in The D.

**Update** Check out unionjack24's photos from the gig on Saturday night. Great stuff. Thanks dude.

One round trip airfare to Detroit: $160.00
One ticket to see Oasis: $25.50
Facility surcharge: $3.00
"Convenience" surcharge: $8.40(!!!)
Order processing charge: 3.90
Total: $200.80

Seeing these two fuckers for the first time since 2002?
Well, let's just hope they show up first. Expect an exhaustive recap on Monday.

Busy night last night, so I was unable to upload the entire Oasis acoustic set like I wanted to. Howver, I do have some Wonderwall goodness for you to peruse. Remember yesterday when i said Noel has basically copied Ryan Adams cover and now sings his signature song in a very similar way? Here's your proof:

Noel Gallagher - Wonderwall (MP3) - This is from the infamous August 23rd, 1996 Oasis MTV Unplugged gig when Liam decided at the last minute to not sing because of "his sore throat". Instead he sat in the audience and smoked and drank. As you do.

Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (MP3) - This is the Ryan Adams cover he released on his Love Is Hell EP. Upon hearing this version, Noel went as far to say "he(Adams) owns the songs now". As if Ryan Adams needs a bigger head.

Noel Gallagher - Wonderwall (MP3) This was recorded on June 3rd of this year. Notice any similarities?

How to write an Oasis song. [via Matt]

So about last night...Rushed home and finally finished Podcast #3, which will be uploaded for your downloading pleasure on Tuesday. All that made me late for pre game drinks at DC9, with most of DCist and Natalya. We headed over to the 930 around 9:30 to catch some of The Engineers. They were pretty good, in a we're like Luna in that we play kinda slow but it totally effing rocks kinda way. Very jammy, but not in a DMB kinda way, more in a classic Pink Floyd kinda way. One complaint: the bass was turned up to about 14 and was overpowering EVERYTHING. Yes, you rock, but tone it down a bit so we can, you know, hear it and shit.

Bloc Party had many of the same sound problems(at least from our vantage point downstairs). We were way up on the right and all I could hear was the bass and the bass drum, so after five songs, I tried the back of the venue by the soundboard. I could faintly make out the guitar riffs from here, but I finally gave up and went upstairs, where everything sounded wonderful. Bloc Party are great in concert, totally energetic and super tight, but I just wasn't as into it as I should have been. Kinda like when i saw them at the Black Cat. I doubt I'll go see them again. But The Price of Gas was amazing. The band looked like they had fun during the show, so more power to them.

If you missed the gig, you can peep it over on NPR.

Depeche Mode to tour next year. Filter says there will be US dates too, including DC. I've never seen Depeche Mode, maybe now is the time.

Woo Hoo! Primal Scream have given me my first birthday present. On Monday they are entering the studio to begin work on the follow up to Evil Heat. Sweet.

Cartel play Southpaw tonight for all of those in my (beloved) old hood of the 718.

Just got word from Peabs that we'll be taking in the Tiggers/Giants game tonight. Yay, hot dogs!


I Have Pink Fingers
Originally uploaded by leafblower.

Oasis (all of them) are in Canada. They played a short, Liam-less set for The Edge yesterday before their proper gig sponsored by Molson Canadian later that night.

The Edge set list(all Noel, all acoustic):
Live Forever / Wonderwall / One Way Road / Talk Tonight(!!!!) / The Importance of Being Idle

Worth noting was this exchange from Noel,"Does anyone know a song called 'Rockin Chair'(to which there were some cheers)?" Noel then said "Well we're not playin' that. Does anyone know a song called 'One Way Road'(to which there were not as many cheers)? Noel then said "I guess we chose the wrong song then hahaha". It's worth noting that 'Rockin Chair' is one of my favortist Oasis songs ever and I've never heard them play it live. If by chance they drop that one in D-town, I advise you to clear the area immediately because I might spontaneously combust. You think I'm kidding.

Hunting for the MP3's right now. If you have them, hit me up. I found an MP3 of a similar radio gig that the full Oasis lineup did in Europe (which I will post tomorrow) and it's worth noting that Noel is playing Wonderwall very similarly to how Ryan Adams does his cover, right down to the phrasing and everything. Copycat!

The (unconfirmed) set from the full show (which Liam participated in):
F*ckin' in the Bushes / Turn up the Sun / Lyla / Bring it on Down (Yay!) / Morning Glory (w00t!) / Mucky Fingers / The Importance of Being Idle / A Bell Will Ring / Cigarettes and Alcohol / Little by Little (worst. song. ever.) / Champagne Supernova / Rock n Roll Star / ENCORE: Songbird (Yay!) / Wonderwall / Don't Look Back in Anger / My Generation

I think this is missing a few songs. Still no 'Hindu Times'. Apparently Dave Grohl was in attendance. I have no idea why I felt compelled to mention that.

If you think this is bad, you better be glad I didn't have a blog back in 1996. For serious.

I haven't plugged a column by the Sports Guy in quite a while, but his new one is good stuff. It mentions Chris Corchiani, Mr. Peepers and the contains following sentence:
By the way, every time they show that Dockers commercial with The The's "This Is the Day" playing in the background, a little piece of my soul dies.
Anyone remember when Corchiani was at NC State and his shorts said "Corch" on the front in little white letters? Hilarious.


Too Funny. I'm not that bad. Yet.

Bloc Party tonight. Reviews from NYC were somewhat mixed, but were mostly complaining about the crowd and the venue.

Pre Game drinks at DC9 around 8:15 if you're up fer it.

All quiet on the Oasis front today. Hopefully the boys are on a plane to the land of Chromewaves and preparing to bring the rock to Detroit on Saturday. Oh wait, Noel had to get the last shot in: "I don't talk to Liam any more. I can't. It always ends in a fight. He screams like some juvenile to get attention. It's so sad. He's so defiant all the time. Lately, it's been like he's lost interest. I mean, he's wearing shorts on stage. Who the hell wears shorts on stage? It's a scandal. He's also got this ridiculous hat I can't even tell you how foolish it looks."

Watch the video for Spoon's I Turn My Camera On.

Paging Damore! Kanye calls Franzia "white crunk".

Foofies and the Weez to head out on tour together. Check out the online teaser for the Foo's record in Quicktime.

Coldplay number one in 22 countries.

Feist will be on the World Cafe on June 23rd.

Listened to the new Longwave disc last night and it's pretty good. It has your standard, clear and crisp John Leckie guitar sound, of which I am a sucker for. This new disc sounds a bit more focused than their earlier efforts, which seemed to wander aimlessly at times (at least to me). It's worth mentioning that I would have gone with Tell Me I'm Wrong as the first single. Make sure you peep friend of information leafblower (I'm a name dropper!) and newest Longwaver Jeff Sheinkopf's behind the scenes video. And check them on tour in a town near you. *trying hard not to mention how much I still heart Sea Ray* Crap.

agassiwimbledon.jpgFile under: sad, sad sad! Breakfast at Wimbledon will be a bit bittersweet this year. Andre Agassi pulled out of of the tournament yesterday with an undisclosed injury. This was probably Andre's last chance to play Wimbledon, which is incredibly depressing. I hope he can get it together for the US Open in the fall. *sniff*

It must be the water down in Tallahassee.

Terp fans: Still deluded (see comments section) after all these years.

The most important story in the country.

Dubya hates Big Bird!

A little late on this but Matt, loving your new site design. Less is more!

VHS is dead.

*cough* Where's my postcard? *cough* :)

Am I destined to wait until September to see #14? Our kid Liam walked off stage during Chapgne Supernova at a festival in Italy last night. Thanks to the ever vigilant Goldenfiddle for the heads up. Now as the UK press machine works itself into a tizzy about the UK dates the band has in late June and early July, I'm left wondering what will become of the US tour scheduled to start ON FRIDAY. For fuck's sake. Dammit Liam, keep the dream alive!

Here's what I WAS going to post about today. Liam, Gem and a bunch of fellow has-beens effing stoodents.


Most linked story of the day? X3 doesn't look so hot.

How come I have to get my Pixies in DC news from ProductshopNYC? C'mon people.

Mylo to play Reading. There's a reason his CD has been on my iPod list (to the right) for over 4 months now. It's fucking good.

The La's have been added to the V Festival. I just emailed the Super Furries to check on tickets. I think that's too good to pass up. Kinda like in the mid 90's when I went to Reading to see a reformed Verve play one of their first gigs as a reunited band. We'll know after Mavers and Co. play Glasto next weekend. Apparently they played a few dates earlier this month in Ireland but I haven't heard anything about them.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty laid back (as usual). My parents were in town for the day on Saturday, so I got some QT with them. We went and saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith and it honestly wasn't too bad for a big budget, big studio summer movie. Sunday I spent some time working on Podcast #3, hopefully I'll get that up by Friday.

Also, I wanted to clear the record as this post seems to have confused everyone. My birthday is actually a week from today. We're gonna party like it's my birthday the next night at bluestate, hence the cupcake on the flyer. I also spent a sizable chunk of time over the weekend figuring out what my birthday set would be. Gl*mrocker talked me out of doing an all Oasis set, but there will be plenty of music from Manchester that night, don't you worry. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

My Birthday festivities get started on Thursday at the Bloc Party show before I fly out to Motown on Friday to see Oasis on Saturday at Meadowbrook with the Whatevs-nation. Yes, I'm a name dropper, how the hell else do you think this waste of bandwidth stays in the Creme de la Creme? All that should lead in quite well with next week's activities here in The District.

How to buy a proper pint.

Understatement of the year: This type of shit doesn't happen in Bethesda Ya think?

The Gigocracy [via The Pita]

This is way cool. Band To Band dot com. Like Six Degrees of Seperation for the music world. Go from Ride to Queens of the Stone Age in 10 easy steps. Thanks Glamourpuss!

Destiny's Child, RIP.

I concur.

Hella sweet! Thanks Apple. You should get sued more often.

Memo to Larry Brown and your busted-ass team: If Bruce Bowen is matching the output of your team's leading scorer, you is in deep doo doo.

Random thought: Karma Police came on the iPod today and I went and listened to OK Computer for the first time in eons and it fucking gave me chills. I also broke out Urban Hymns over the weekend for the first time in ages. I still think it's way overproduced, but it hits all the right notes. Weeping focused.

Originally uploaded by leafblower.

More Mr. Pink here.

Dammit, life is not fair! This morning I got some news that made me want to put a stainless steel pot on my head, grab a large wooden spoon and start banging the two together as I run around shouting "Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!" like Rupert the Monkey Boy.

The Super Furries are opening for Oasis!!! Normally that would be a good thing, but here's the kicker.

I can't go.

I have a gig that day, so I'll be there instead. And so should you!


Long live Sea Ray! [via Chromewaves]

Damon Albarn does his best David Brent impersonation. He is so down with the black peoples.

Hasslebombs, indeed.

Been promising this forever, but here are some quick reviews (75 Words or Less steez) of some of the CD's that people have been sending me over the last month or so. And yes, I'm aware I'm way late on some of these.

Annie / Anniemal: Love it, obvs. Surprisingly, this is a pretty solid album. Some quality songs even after you get past the singles. A bluestate fave. We all fight over which song we want to play.

Hot Hot Heat / Elevator: I loved Bandages but their schitck got old with me really quick. This album is solid and doesn't show signs of wearing out as quickly. Less yelpy than it's predecessor and that's a good thing.

Matisyahu / Live At Stubb's: Hasidic reggae. 'Nuff said. Much better than you think it would be. Someone over at Epic Records must agree, they signed him to a deal not long ago.

Maximo Park / A Certain Trigger: Riding a decent wave of hype from overseas. I wanted to like this record but if that's going to be the case, it'll have to grow on me. Some good tunes on here but lots of filler too. Just didn't grab me like I hoped it would.

Engineers / Self Titled: Wow, it's like Slowdive never left. Hazy dreampop goodness. This would be a great record to listen to at 4 AM, if I ever stayed up that late. Maybe Sunday morning instead?

Brazilian Girls / Self Titled: A Spanish version of Portishead, only they sing in French and other languages too. if I ever hosted dinner parties (not quite there yet thankyouverymuch) this is the type of shit I would put on the stereo. Starbucks needs to jump on this, they'd sell millions.

Fischerspooner / Odyssey: Not a fan at all but this record didn't suck. But I won't listen to it again. If you want my copy, email me at leafblowergives at gmail dot com and it's yours.

Diamond Nights / Once We Were Diamonds: I wanted to hate this but really can't. This is Coolfer's new favorite band. They should be paying Billy Idol royalties on The Girl's Attractive. If you like The Darkness, you'll dig this EP.

Coldplay / X & Y: Download Speed Of Sound, Talk and Square One and forget the rest. Pitchfork hates it too. Speaking of, the answer no one's been waiting for.


More reasons to hate u2. Or Liam, depending on your POV.

Moz does not heart Tori Amos. And at this point, no one knows what the fuck happened with the Isle of Wight date.

I have no idea what's going on in this photo, but me likey. Checkout these glowing reviews on the SFA Reissues from Bitchfork.

How to appear in a hispter photoblog.

Lastly, but certainly not least, my 31st Birthday party, REVEALED!

Be there bitches.

Totally swamped at work so excuse the brevity of this post. But fear not, big things are afoot! More soon.

What's the one thing that can make me happier than new Teenage Fanclub tourdates for the USA? How about this?


From what I have read (Warning: Spoilers!) this book sounds deliciously twisted.

What? Not good enough for you? Fine then. How about some Brett Easton Ellis tourdates? Holla at ya DC! I already have a 1st edition hardcover copy of Glamorama(quite possibly my fave book ever) with his John Hancock, so maybe he'll agree to hold up an ILB sign. I'm going to the Nick Hornby reading tomorrow so maybe I'll try and get him to do it to. Blog Whore revealed!

More later?

Summer is officially here in the DC.

Spoon @ 930
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Spoon and The Futureheads were both fantastic this weekend. Catherine wasn't blown away by Britt and Co. on Friday, but I sure was. I was a bit aprehensive about the show since the 930 would be the biggest venue I have ever seen them play, but their sound filled the room admirably. Every time I see Spoon I think to myself "These guys are 10x better than Coldplay" and things of that nature. And I'm right, so fuck off.

Seriously, why isn't this band huge? Or at least huger? Hopefully this will be the album that sends them into the stratosphere. My favorite thing about Spoon gigs? They always play the songs I want to hear. I never leave the venue saying "Man, I wish they would have played blahblahblah" because they always do. And anyone that knows me is aware that this is no small feat. In addition to all the stuff from their last two records, they threw down rollicking versions of 30 Gallon Tank, Car Radio, Fitted Shirt and yes, even Metal Detektor. Can we go ahead and agree that Spoon writes the best songs about inanimate objects EVER? I submit to you the previous four songs as evidence. A few pictures from the show here.

The Futureheads were crunchy, kinetic goodness on Saturday, despite the midnight stage time. I don't know what to say except that I fucking love this band. Sharp dressers, biting wit, snappy stage banter, delicious songs...I'm hooked. I wonder if people felt the same way when they saw The Jam for the first time back in the day. Not saying that the Futureheads are as good as Weller/Foxton/Buckler, but jeezy creezy, just imagine the posibilities! I got some great pictures here. There also a few on Dcist.

Fucking hell. Right on cue, my iPod plays In The City. Scary.

Truer words were never spoken.

Get your free shit from bluestate.

Ha! I know one of these guys!

Sad sad sad.

The Super Furries try and get me to come to Wales over the July 4th holiday. I actually spent a July 4th with the Furries a few years ago in NYC. They came down for the day from Bearsville, where they were recording what would become Rings Around The World, and producer/mixer/engineer Chris Shaw had a big shinding at his apartment where we all got nice and toasty before retreating to a friend's rooftop to watch the fireworks in all their glory. Taking in the most American of holidays with a large group of Welshmen was a bit surreal to say the least. But alot of fun. Coincidentally, it was at that party where I was introduced in earnest to the works of Bill Hicks. A good day all around then.

Oasis enters the UK album charts at #1.

Got the new Coldplay over the weekend and I'm sorry to report it's a total snoozer. I count three good tracks overall but that's it. I think they tried to make this record too big. Every song doesn't need to be an anthem. I've heard that guy that writes things on his hand called this album their Joshua Tree, but I think it's much more Be Here Now.

Download the Ratatat remix of the Shout Out Louds.

Doves video for Snowden. Quicktime and Real.

Download There's A Fire, the new track from Longwave.

Foo Fighters eCard.

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More new Mr. Pink here and here.

Playlist Mag: Audioblogs are cool.

So spot on.

Super Furry UK tour in September, which will hopefully put them over here in October, just slightly behind their usual August/April schedule.

New Paul Weller!

Did anyone drool over this setlist as much as I did?

File under: Obvs.

Big ups to Shaq. Most times when things like this happen, it's for publicity's sake. I don't get that feeling from Shaq. Respect.

Don't expect X3 anytime soon.

Spoon tonight (Play Metal Detektor PLEASE) and The Futureheads tomorrow. I have an extra ticket for The Futureheads, anyone want to come with?


Now you know what Chuck Palahniuk does when he's not working on his latest well as what he thinks of my promotional tactics. More pictures here.