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Jun 16 2005

Gimme Five Four!

I Have Pink Fingers
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Oasis (all of them) are in Canada. They played a short, Liam-less set for The Edge yesterday before their proper gig sponsored by Molson Canadian later that night.

The Edge set list(all Noel, all acoustic):
Live Forever / Wonderwall / One Way Road / Talk Tonight(!!!!) / The Importance of Being Idle

Worth noting was this exchange from Noel,"Does anyone know a song called 'Rockin Chair'(to which there were some cheers)?" Noel then said "Well we're not playin' that. Does anyone know a song called 'One Way Road'(to which there were not as many cheers)? Noel then said "I guess we chose the wrong song then hahaha". It's worth noting that 'Rockin Chair' is one of my favortist Oasis songs ever and I've never heard them play it live. If by chance they drop that one in D-town, I advise you to clear the area immediately because I might spontaneously combust. You think I'm kidding.

Hunting for the MP3's right now. If you have them, hit me up. I found an MP3 of a similar radio gig that the full Oasis lineup did in Europe (which I will post tomorrow) and it's worth noting that Noel is playing Wonderwall very similarly to how Ryan Adams does his cover, right down to the phrasing and everything. Copycat!

The (unconfirmed) set from the full show (which Liam participated in):
F*ckin' in the Bushes / Turn up the Sun / Lyla / Bring it on Down (Yay!) / Morning Glory (w00t!) / Mucky Fingers / The Importance of Being Idle / A Bell Will Ring / Cigarettes and Alcohol / Little by Little (worst. song. ever.) / Champagne Supernova / Rock n Roll Star / ENCORE: Songbird (Yay!) / Wonderwall / Don't Look Back in Anger / My Generation

I think this is missing a few songs. Still no 'Hindu Times'. Apparently Dave Grohl was in attendance. I have no idea why I felt compelled to mention that.

If you think this is bad, you better be glad I didn't have a blog back in 1996. For serious.

I haven't plugged a column by the Sports Guy in quite a while, but his new one is good stuff. It mentions Chris Corchiani, Mr. Peepers and the contains following sentence:
By the way, every time they show that Dockers commercial with The The's "This Is the Day" playing in the background, a little piece of my soul dies.
Anyone remember when Corchiani was at NC State and his shorts said "Corch" on the front in little white letters? Hilarious.


Too Funny. I'm not that bad. Yet.

Bloc Party tonight. Reviews from NYC were somewhat mixed, but were mostly complaining about the crowd and the venue.

Pre Game drinks at DC9 around 8:15 if you're up fer it.

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