Here We Go Again

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Am I destined to wait until September to see #14? Our kid Liam walked off stage during Chapgne Supernova at a festival in Italy last night. Thanks to the ever vigilant Goldenfiddle for the heads up. Now as the UK press machine works itself into a tizzy about the UK dates the band has in late June and early July, I'm left wondering what will become of the US tour scheduled to start ON FRIDAY. For fuck's sake. Dammit Liam, keep the dream alive!

Here's what I WAS going to post about today. Liam, Gem and a bunch of fellow has-beens effing stoodents.


Most linked story of the day? X3 doesn't look so hot.

How come I have to get my Pixies in DC news from ProductshopNYC? C'mon people.

Mylo to play Reading. There's a reason his CD has been on my iPod list (to the right) for over 4 months now. It's fucking good.

The La's have been added to the V Festival. I just emailed the Super Furries to check on tickets. I think that's too good to pass up. Kinda like in the mid 90's when I went to Reading to see a reformed Verve play one of their first gigs as a reunited band. We'll know after Mavers and Co. play Glasto next weekend. Apparently they played a few dates earlier this month in Ireland but I haven't heard anything about them.


catherine said:

the pygs have a review of the pixies show, including the gold status info:

the g. said:

thanks fer the plug, catherine, I was about to say the same thing.

Mark Hemingway said:

La's reunion review here: