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Jun 3 2005

The Infinite Pet

Originally uploaded by leafblower.

More new Mr. Pink here and here.

Playlist Mag: Audioblogs are cool.

So spot on.

Super Furry UK tour in September, which will hopefully put them over here in October, just slightly behind their usual August/April schedule.

New Paul Weller!

Did anyone drool over this setlist as much as I did?

File under: Obvs.

Big ups to Shaq. Most times when things like this happen, it's for publicity's sake. I don't get that feeling from Shaq. Respect.

Don't expect X3 anytime soon.

Spoon tonight (Play Metal Detektor PLEASE) and The Futureheads tomorrow. I have an extra ticket for The Futureheads, anyone want to come with?

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i wish, so wish, i could go with to see the futureheads! just a little over two weeks for my fix. it will be interesting to see if (or how) they've changed their line-up, etc.

golly, mr. pink sure likes his baby! isn't it funny how cats kind of have a fave toy? i know i say it all the time, but verily mr. pink is one of the cutest cats ev.

Posted by: melina at June 3, 2005 1:21 PM

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