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Jul 5 2005

Top Five of Oh-Five

Everybody else is doing it, yada yada yada. Although for the record, I wrote this entry on Friday. Here are the five albums I've been digging the most this year.

1) Mylo - Destroy Rock N' Roll
Record of the year, no doubt (keep in mind I'm saying this with a Super Furry release on the horizon). Dance music for people that don't really like dance music. I listen to exactly two "dance records" on a semi-regular basis (Exit Planet Dust and Everything, Everything), this will be the third. I got this record back in February and I haven't stopped listening to it since. They need to hurry up and release this domestically before I've made copies for all my friends and they have no reason to go out and buy it.
Download: Mylo v. Tegan & Sara - Walking With a Ghost In Paris (mp3)

2) Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
I absolutely hated this record the first two times I listened to it. The singer's pronounced Southern accent really turned me off, but their fantastic guitar playing kept drawing me back in. These guys out-stroke The Strokes in that department. Their axes don't exactly shred, but they fit together perfectly and they have some killer riffage, dude. Part of me wishes I was still in NC, because this is probably one band I could turn all of my DMB listening college friends on to no problem. I can't recommend this record enough. I also like that the longest song on the entire CD is exactly four minutes long.
Download:King Of The Rodeo (mp3)

3) Spoon - Gimme Fiction
Not as immediately attention grabbing (at least to me) as their last two records, but Gimme Fiction still wormed it's way into my brain after a few listens. This is the sound of Spoon going for it, but Britt never strays far from his tried and true "less is more" formula. The record has a bigger sound than any of his past work, but that's mostly because of the production. There are some killer songs on here, and best of all, it's good entry point for anyone wanting to give the band a try.
Download: The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentin (mp3)

4) Feist - Let It Die
Yes, there's alot of covers on here, but when I first listened to this record, I had no idea they were other people songs. Feist steps in and out of genre's like she owns them. This is another record I've turned alot of people on to since I heard it. And every one of them has liked it.
Download: Secret Heart (mp3)

5) Futureheads - self titled
Technically this record came out in October of last year, but I didn't hear it until this year. When I saw them earlier in the year, I described them as "Teenage Fanclub if they started a Jam cover band and dressed in business casual wear from J Crew," and I'm sticking to it. The four part harmonies on this record are great, but what really gets you is the energy in the songs. It's really infectious. I can't listen to this CD on the metro because I start playing air guitar and dancing around and everyone starts inching away from me.
Download: First Day (mp3)

Some media links I've been meaning to run for a while now:
The Fader is running a contest for some MIA vinyl.

Watch the new Kasabian video for "L.S.F." in Real Media or Quicktime.

Watch the new video for Louis XIV's "God Killed The Queen" in Windoze Media.

Stream the new Jonathan Rice track "So Sweet" in Quicktime.

New Doves video for Snowden in Quicktime or Real Media.

Win you some Ren & Stimpy DVD's, all free like.

w00t! Billy Bragg reissues on Yep Roc.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was v. relaxing. I watched a bunch of movies (again with the movies!), went to Kanishka and Martin's cookout on Sunday, started preparing my setlist for this Saturday and then watched the (quite underwhelming) DC fireworks display last night. I got home too late to post any pics, but I did snap this one yesterday during my practice time on the 1's and 2's:

Best Picture Ever?, originally uploaded by leafblower.

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i've never seen a cat sleep in that position before. awwwwww....

Posted by: seeking irony at July 5, 2005 10:48 PM

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