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Last nights bluestate was alot of damn fun. We had a huge turnout, much more than usual. And since "Tuesday is the new Thursday", I drank alot more than usual (mostly because of this guy). Thanks to everyone that came out, especially Randi, who brought her whole effing posse, and the kids from Pygmalion In A Blanket. I met them over the weekend and they represented again last night. Not only are they good bloggers people, but they give you links like Cats in Sinks.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I took tomorrow and Friday off, so content will be light until next Tuesday. Actually content will be pretty light today, because I got like three hours of sleep last night. And I drank alot. Have I mentioned that?

I will pass my setlists from last night off as content today. Behold:

9:30 - 10:00
Liz Phair, "6'1""
The Cloud Room, "Waterfall"
Travis, "U-16 Girls"
Stars, "Elevator Love Letter"
Oasis, "Up In The Sky" (acoustic)
Mansun, "Wide Open Space"
Elf Power, "Simon (the girl with the candy bar head)"
Pulp, "Monday Morning"
Superdrag, "Destination Ursa Major"
Editors, "Blood"

10:30 - 11:00
Idlewild, "The Nothing I Know"
The Futureheads, "First Day"
Guided By Voices, "Game of Pricks"
The Beatles, "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window"
Shudder To Think, "Red House"
The Housemartins, "Bow Down"
Ted Leo + Rx, "Parallel or Together?"
The Bees, "Chicken Payback"
Madder Rose, "Drop A Bomb"
Archers of Loaf, "Might"
Soundtrack of Our Lives, "Sister Surround"
Kings of Leon, "Long Night, So Long"

11:30 - 12:00
The Music, "The People"
...Trail of Dead, "The Rest Will Follow"
Queens of the Stone Age, "Do It Again"
Elbow, "Forget Myself"
Echo & the Bunnymen, "Read It In Books" (Peel Session)
Catherine Wheel, "Show Me Mary"
Pixies, "Bird Dream Of the Olympus Mons"
Mylo, "Sunworshipper"

12:30 - Close
Goldie Lookin' Chain, "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do"
Cut Copy, "Twilight"
Public Image Limited, "Rise"
Stereolab, "Monotroller Scalatron"
The Raveonettes, "You Say You Lie"
Morrissey, "Sunny"
Feist, "One Evening"
Mylo, "In My Arms"
Pulp, "Common People"
Lali Puna, "B-Movie"
Spoon, "Two Sides of Monsieur Valentin"
Echo & the Bunnymen, "Ocean Rain" (Peel Session)
Steve Winwood, "Valerie"
The Spinanes, "Reach v. Speed"
Fleetwood Mac, "Rhiannon"

Natalya played some great stuff last night (check out the full set list here) and also has her own recap and pics. My pics will be up tonight.

Also, be warned! Our next gig is Saturday, Sept 10th at the Black Cat. That = throw down! You knows it.

PS - The US Open started. Andy Roddick lost.

PPS - If you're in DC on Sept. 15th, you're coming to this.

Bluestate tonight. 9PM.

So true. Appropriately, Clap You Hands Say Blogger Buzz has announced a DC date.


Dammit people. I don't read Entertainment Weekly. I rely on you for this. So when there is a major article about The La's (!!!!!!), you need to effing tell me. Remember when I called them the best band of my generation?

New versions of Safari are available for Mac users via the software update panel.

Buzz says the iTunes phone will debut next week.

Frank Chromewaves is funny.

Get money!

Like Woah.

Let's be friends. [via Gl*mrocker]

The Cult of the GM. Good stuff. [via Grambo]

Keith Foulke is almost ready.

Shocker! Marky Doodles is now a Yankee.

Last night I watched a preview DVD for the next set of releases from Palm Pictures Directors Label series of DVD's. The next set will feature DVD's on Anton Corbijn, Stephane Sednaui, Jonathan Glazer and Mark Romanek. All four will be released on Sept. 13th and they look to be amazing. I was so enthralled with the preview DVD that I didn't even get pissed off when Bono used the word milieu in one of his interviews. I'm drooling on the Corbijn release, so much Bunnymen and Depeche Mode buzz. The other releases aren't anything to get mad at either. As I was clicking around the website, I realized how quite a few of the videos these four guys have made played large parts in helping form my musical tastes way back in the day (you know, when MTV played videos). I remember coming home trashed one night in college and seeing Sednaui's video for Bjork's "Big Time Sensuality" at like 4 in the morning. I didn't even know who Bjork was at the time but I went and bought the CD the next day and became a fan. The work Glazer did with Radiohead remains some of the best work I've ever seen, and who doesn't love Romanek's video for "Hurt"? In short, this is good stuff. You can preorder the boxset over at Amazon for a mere $56.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that Bluestate is tonight?

I finally got through some of the promo CD's people have been sending me this weekend.

Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love
This CD really surprised me. It sounds (roughly) like a live mix of Mylo and recent New Order stuff. TimeOut NY thinks they are the Postal Service crossed with Daft Punk. Either way, it's dancey, house pop with an 80's vibe. It's already been added to the tracklisting of Podcast #4 (hopefully due later this week) and I'm definitely rocking this at the next few Bluestate's. Recommended. They're opening some upcoming dates for Franz Ferdinand (go here for tour dates), so if you're going, be sure to get there early and let me know how they are live. Unfortunately, the only Washington they are going to is Seattle. Here's some goodies for you:
Future (Chromeo Mix) (MP3)
Video for the track "Saturdays"

Levy - Rotten Love
New release from One Little Indian Records. Sounds like Snow Patrol Jr. If you can't wait for their next release, you could do worse than picking this CD up. Brooklyn Vegan saw them over the weekend and compared them to Coldplay, except, you know, they don't suck.

Nouvelle Vague - Self Titled
Not exactly a novel idea; bossanova versions of alt "classics" by the Cure, The Clash, Depeche Mode and the um, the Dead Kennedys. I liked this CD alot more than i thought I would. It has a fun vibe and great musicianship. The kitsch factor is kinda high but if you can get past that, you'll dig it.

The Washington Post had a decent take on comparing the different online music stores over the weekend. They also lamented the loss of Tuesday as album release day and had a nice comparison on Sirius and XM satellite radio.

So in the interests of synergy, here are my thoughts on eMusic. First the obvious. 50 free downloads for signing up. 40 downloads a month for $10. Downloads are in MP3 format and compatible with pretty much anything that plays an MP3. That's hard to beat.

The selection skews decidedly indie and while I'm not floored by the overall selection, there's enough newer stuff and back catalog to at least keep me subscribing for a few more months. Basically I plan on using this as a source to get all the records the cool kids are talking about that Tower wants $14.99 for.

Now then...the bad. First of all, the navigation is atrocious. Unless you do a direct search for a band, browsing by links is very hit or miss and seemingly completely arbitrary. Available downloads are broken down into categories. For example, the main category of Alternative/Punk is broken down into the following subcategories: Alt/Punk Ska, Alternative, Alternative Experimental, Alternative Hard Rock, Brit Pop, Emo, Garage Rock, Goth, Hardcore, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Industrial, Live Alt/Punk, Math Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk, Psych and Punk. Now if someone can just explain the difference between Alternative, Emo, Garage Rock, Indie Rock, and Math Rock I might be able to make some headway. I don't even know what Psyche is.

Users are labeled on the site with names like "EMUSIC-0082973D". Ooooohkay. Would it have been so hard to let people chose their own log ins or go with something a tad less generic? I can't see me wanting to download something I've never heard of just because EMUSIC-00439277F likes it.

A potentially great search feature is the ability to seek out music by label, but this is hampered by poor organization. When you click through to a label, the homepage lists top songs by that label, not top artists. You can also search for albums by release years, in decades, but again, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the order of the results once you click through. Basically be ready to spend some time clicking around to find something.

That being said, eMusic definitely has merits. I've been pleased with it so far. I spent my 50 free downloads on The Streets Original Pirate Material, Echo & The Bunnymen Live in Liverpool, The Wedding Present's Take Fountain and Fosbury by Tahiti 80. They also have albums by Spoon, Arcade Fire, Nuetral Milk Hotel, The National and others. So I would recommend signing up, if only for the freebies.

Apparently Elbow rocked Reading over the weekend. Setlist here. Drool.

Captain Jack Sparrow to interview the Mozzer for a BBC documentary on James Dean.

Johnny Marr working with Humble Rodent? Marr/Brock doesn't have the same ring to it, now does it?

Samwise joins the cast of 24.

Some people have way too much time on their hands. Others are pissed at Flickr for getting in bed with Yahoo.

Two and a half years after the music business lined up behind the chief executive of Apple, Steven P. Jobs, and hailed him and his iTunes music service for breathing life into music sales, the industry's allegiance to Mr. Jobs has eroded sharply. Because the higher ups at the labels just can't help but bite the hand that feeds them.


| |

Editor's Note: I wrote this entry Wednesday night but forgot to save it (D'oh!), hence no post yesterday.)

I was tagged yesterday by the Upstate Life, so below is my list of 10 songs I'm rocking out to at the moment. Yes, I'm aware there's not much "new" music on it. That's because I currently have 21 23 CD's in my "to listen" pile, hence I'm somewhat behind on that "new" stuff. I'm also in one of those phases I get into where I would rather go back in time and search for music as opposed to troll MP3 blogs for the latest thing. *shrug* Click on the song title to download.

1) ...Trail Of Dead - "Let It Drive"
Trying desperately to like their latest record but it's just not clicking. This song came on the iPod the other day and I was digging it, so it's been in heavy rotation lately.
2) The Ravonettes - "You Say You Lie" (MP3)
Best guitar riff the Bunnymen never wrote.
3) Stevie Nicks - "Stand Back"
The night I got home from seeing Mac Attack, I downloaded a ton of Mac/Nicks. This song has been on repeat ever since. Love it.
4) The Cloud Room - "Waterfall" (MP3)
This is the only one of the NYC blog buzz bands that I've thought was anything special (Yes, I'm looking at you CYHSY). But I've only heard this one song from TCR so take that with a grain of salt.
5) Kaiser Chiefs - "I Predict A Riot"
I finally succumbed to this song. The verses are still complete and utter shite, but when they kick in with the chorus, it goes to 11. Not unlike old Supergrass actually. A great chorus in search of a decent verse. The "la la la's" don't hurt either.
6) Super Furry Animals - "Frequency"
Off of their new record. This track has gotten mentioned exactly once in all the reviews I posted for Love Kraft and that was in passing. It's my favorite song on the record, and for once it's not the most complex to play, so maybe I'll get to hear it played live.
7) Steve Winwood - "Valerie" (MP3)
Gl*mrocker is obsessed with this song and so was I after I downloaded the track and heard that opening synth riff. Fucking classic. "Come and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me." Why hasn't some cooler-than-you indie band co-opted a cover of this as their set closer? It would bring down the house!
8) Spoon - "Was It You" (MP3)
OK, I'll admit I bit at the whole play the Spoon record backward hoax. But when I tried it out (yes, I like it better backwards, I think the album opens with more energy that way), this track really stood out. You have to spend time with Spoon records, otherwise you'll miss gems like these buried in side two. I asked this way back in my first post ever (cringe), but why isn't Spoon the biggest band in the world?
9) Soul Coughing - "City of Motors"
I pulled out Irresistible Bliss earlier this week since I have an upcoming interview with Mike Doughty for DCist. And then yesterday I saw this picture I kept singing "Manuela said she saw the brakes fail" in my head.
10) The Supremes - "You Can't Hurry Love" (MP3)
Straight fucking butta. Obvs.

I'm supposed to pass this on to other bloggers, but since I'm already on the back end of this thing, if anyone else wants to do it, leave me a url in the comments as I'll update this post with links next week.

Some other things of interest:

Moz back in the studio next week!

This might only appeal to the 14% of my readers that live in the UK, but if you visit this site, you can order the Elbow record I keep raving about and get the album (in either MP3 or CD format) up to a week earlier than the 9/12 release date.

Arcade Fire to open for u2 in Montreal.

Brilliant. Why didn't someone come up with that idea earlier? We need to call Ladbrokes and see if we can get some odds down.

The Foo's cover Lyla at their Reading warm up gig. I have an MP3 of it but forgot to upload it. Next week.

Did you know the universe was really created by a flying spaghetti monster?

Get SNL tickets.

Wired on Google Talk. So far, so good for me. But I'm just happy to finally have IM at work.

Things are getting really hectic here in leafblower-land. A few announcements:

1) Bluestate will be returning to the Black Cat on Saturday Sept, 10th. We're working on a special surprise for everyone (and maybe a guest DJ), so stay tuned for news on this as it develops. But don't forget about our gig at Saint Ex next Tuesday in the meantime.

2) I am very happy to announce that I have been asked to sit in as a panelist during the Future Music Policy Summit next month at GWU. To say I'm excited about this opportunity would be an understatement. I'll be part of the How To Podcast and Music Blog panel with the honorable Mike Holden of and none other than my main homey Coolfer. Expect him to toe the corporate line and for me to berate him constantly for it. Hehehehe. Should be fun! :) Now if only I had a laptop so I could live blog the whole thing. *sigh*

My September is shaping up to be seriously busy.
Sept. 09th: Nats v. Braves @ the Bobby
Sept. 10th: Bluestate @ Black Cat
Sept. 11th: Idlewild @ Black Cat
Sept. 12-13: FMC Policy Summit
Sept. 14th: Brett Easton Ellis @ Olsson's Books
Sept. 15th: TBA (but be sure to save the date. For serious)
Sept. 17th: Eric Bachmann (aka Crooked Fingers) @ Black Cat
Sept. 24th: Operation Ceasefire
Sept. 28th: Mark Gardener @ 930
Sept: 28th: Lemonheads @ Black Cat
Sept. 29th: O-motherfucking-Asis @ Merriweather

And this doesn't include the design class I'm taking right now (twice a week) or my upcoming copyediting class, which starts mid-September. I think Across The Narrows is definitely out of the question now.
Unless someone wants to give me free tickets.

Google is starting an IM service, compatible with gmail. I downloaded it and it works! I finally have IM at work. Hooray! Add me to your buddy list. Go here for more info and to download software. Google world domination in 5...4...3...

Hahahahahahahaha. What a load of horse shit. Napster's President thinks Steve Jobs has lured consumers "into a hardware trap" because songs from the iTunes Music Store can only be played on an iPod and the iPod doesn't play songs bought from other online stores. He goes on to rhapsodize, "The dream is that Napster would work on any PC, any player in any territory and work seamlessly." Meanwhile back on planet earth many people are pointing out that:
1) Making people pay a monthly fee for the rest of their life isn't a trap?
2) Napster does not work on Macs. Or Linux boxes. Or many Windows boxes. It only works with Windows XP/2000. I t also only works with IE (not Firefox or any other browser).
3) Many other MP3 players have similar DRM to Apple's iPod, only they are on the Microsoft/WMA side. But I guess this is OK.

Try again douchebag. Funny how all these companies bashing Apple don't have Mac versions of their software. On a related note, I signed up for eMusic last week. It's OK, not great. I'll have a semi-review once I get my thoughts together.

The BBC talks to Martin Carr of the Boo Radleys about Brit Pop. Hear me now, believe me when you buy the record, don't sleep on their final record Kingsize. It's tiggs.

Hear the new Kanye album.

lazynoel.jpgNoel lays down the band's plans for the next album. The short version: "Everyone liked this record, so I'm just going to work on the songs that didn't make this record (Stop The Clocks, anyone?) for the next one and leave all the new songwriting to my brother, Gem and Andy. I'm lazy. We'll take our time on the next record, no rush. I'm lazy. No Greatest Hits until we break up. I'm lazy. Another B-sides compilation with all of our substandard songs from the last few records is on the way. I'm lazy. PS - I'm rich bitch!" In other news, I can't wait to see them next month!

The new Strokes album will be out early next year, and the first single may or may not be entitled "Juicebox". I am VERY interested to hear them mixed by Andy Wallace (one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet) and can already hear the hipster backlash starting now.

Pitchfork hearts the Super Furries and Love Kraft. Yes, I'm completely biased, but this is one of the best things I've ever read on the site. This dude knows his stuff.

The inevitable lightbulb joke.

I prefer vinyl too.

The Wheels of Steel, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Some other photos I found on Flickr that I liked:
- I always like pics of the DC subway Metro system.
- This one is a great shot of DC at night.

This would have beena great idea. Five years ago. on the current administration's views on energy policy.

Joaquin Phoenix says, "Listen dude," I finally watched The Village last Saturday and it was just about the worst movie I've ever seen. Related: I hate Coldplay more than ever now. I will not stand for this shite!

Dave Grohl covers Oasis. Side note: That Elbow cover is so effing best. I have it at home. Maybe I'll remember to post it here tomorrow.

Paul Weller touring the US? But no DC date. Wait, the NYC date is on a Saturday. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

John Peel Day in the UK. Best. Idea. Ever.

Slate on the pleasures of Lunar Park. Related: an old Slate discussion about Glamorama.

DC bands/musicians: Did you know you can attend the Future of Music Policy Summit next month at GWU for free? I wrote a post about it on Dcist today.

Monday, monday, monday. Spent the weekend going to another going away dinner (hehehehehehe), finishing unpacking, hanging stuff on my walls, and finally getting the turntables hooked up. The next podcast is in the incubation stage.

The Super Furry press machine is heating up. Guto tells icWales, "I think we always consider our next album to be a masterpiece," and that the name of the album, Love Kraft, comes from a sex shop of the same name that's located near their home studio in Cardiff.

The Super Furries drink Pepsi, but wouldn't say no to Red Stripe if they came a callin'.

The Guardian UK calls the Furries "grandiose pop engineers", "Welsh-language obfuscators", "paranoid polemicists" and " in blue bear suits playing techno." And that's just in the first paragraph. They go on to call Love Kraft "a modern-day psychedelic soul record."

Gruff tells The Independent Online about the alien abduction themed song "Psyclone!"; "The ultimate moral of the song is that when you are crossing the road, you should look right and left, but you should also look up, because you never know what's going to hit you. It's kind of an update on the Green Cross Code for the new millennium."

Did the GLC and SFA team up at the V Festival this weekend? I cant seem to find out. If you know, get at me.

The Chief talks to Billboard UK. Liam still hates Pete Doherty, but The Streets heart Oasis (and Kaiser Chiefs). Noel says Liam will go solo before he does; "He's got more songs, and he's a lot more driven in that department, because although he's 30-odd, he's only just started writing songs, so he's kind of where I was when I was 21."

Depeche Mode is not worth getting arrested over. Obvs.

Radiohead (all of them) have a blog. I think this wins for the most linked story of the day.

I have no idea what this is all about, but it's effing awesome.

Toine's creaky knees cost him two years of guarenteed money, while the C's sign Will Bynum and close in on locking up Dan Dickau. If we sign Double D, then we'll have 18 players under contract (for a 15 man roster) and 5 point guards on the team. Are these two signings the prefix to a deal coming down the pike? Will that deal include Paul Pierce or Mark Blount and Marcus Banks? But if we do sign Dan, that means more of Heather Dickau at all the C's games, and that's not a bad thing.

I totally spaced on Bukowski's birthday on Tuesday. Here's a poem he wrote on his 43rd birthday in 1963.

To end up alone
in a tomb of a room
without cigarettes
or wine--
just a lightbulb
and a potbelly,
and glad to have
the room. the morning
they're out there
making money:
judges, carpenters,
plumbers, doctors,
newsboys, policemen,
barbers, carwashers,
dentists, florists,
waitresses, cooks,

and you turn over
to your left side
to get the sun
on your back
and out
of your eyes.

-- Charles Bukowski

Welcome to the internets.

And this is different for people that listen to CD players because...?

A birthday worth celebrating. Back in college a friend of mine philosophized that the Waffle House was the coffee house of the South. That was, until all the coffee houses opened up. But Starbucks don't serve no hashbrowns, mang. [via Goldenfiddle]

New live album(EP?) from The Delays. Sweet.

Music Bloggers get their due! [via Coolfer]

Stellastarrrr**** tour dates revealed. Stream one of their new tracks, called "The Diver", right here.

Hahahahahahahahaha. *giggle*

Agreed. I'm a tad nervous about this.

Quick, what's the one thing that could make me even more excited than a DC tour date from Echo & The Bunnymen?

Bret Easton Ellis.jpg A DC tour date by Brett Easton Ellis! So neccessary. DC was originally left off the itinerary for his Lunar Park (out now!, I'm getting my copy tonight) book tour, but now it's on at Olsson's books (7th Street location) on September 14th. Holy Fuck!

I guess I have to take back the sentiments I expressed to NYC yesterday, since BEE is at the 17th St Barnes & Noble tonight as well as Coliseum Books and Half King next week. Of course there's the obligatory Hamptons appearance as well.

But wait, there's more. Check out this great interview BEE did with The Cult, Chuck Palahniuk's official site. Good stuff. Glad to hear that Roger Avary is still on the case with the movie adaptation of Glamorama. My love for that book is widely known. You can also check out for the latest in the world of BEE.

Radiohead: going back into the studio and not enamored with resigning with EMI.

Today's Brit Pop memories. Some trivia for you: One of the members of Menswe@r is selling cell phones. Another is managing Bloc Party. Can you guess who is who?

Things are gearing up in the world of the Super Furries. (Yay!) You can stream their upcoming album over at Xfm. On the subject of "Laser Beam", their new single (out next week in the UK), Gruff says, "It's a protest song - protesting about other protest songs. I got sick of people moaning about the state of the world. They don't give any answers - all they do is moan. "Laser Beam" gives salvation. We've got a laser we plan to zap audiences with. It's got an 86 per cent success rate. It will make you feel great and remove all the ills of the world."

Go here to pay for a download of the Dangermouse remix of Laser Beam. It should run you a little under $2 in the US. Lastly, check out this interview with Gruff and Bunf where they discuss, among other things, the tank!

“After the tank, we did have pretensions of buying an aircraft carrier,” says Rhys, “but we’re still waiting for that one big royalty cheque. We’ve scaled down our ambitions to a submarine. The tank paid its way — retained its value..."

"I think the tank worked out cheaper than a poster campaign,” adds Bunford. “There must be some cheap submarines knocking about. We’ll get our top men on it.”

Extras will air on HBO beginning September 25th. The Beeb just ordered season number two.

Mark Cuban on the business of the NBA, the mistakes he's made as owner of the Mavs and cutting Mike Finley.

Unless I scam some free tickets (c'mon promo people, hook a blogga up!), I'm not going to Across The Narrows. Why? The Lemonheads are at the Black Cat on September 27th! w00t!

That's quite the week.
Tues, Sept 27 - White Stripes & The Shins
Tues, Sept 27 - Sufjan Stevens
Wed, Sept 28 - The Lemonheads
Wed, Sept 28 - BRMC & Mark Gardener
Thur, Sept 29 - Brendan Benson & The Greenehornes
Thur, Sept 29 - O-motherfucking-Asis

I respectfully ask you to suck it New York.

Normally I'd be really bummed if two bands I really wanted to see were playing on the same night (see Sept 11th: Idlewild @ Black Cat, Feist @ Birchmere) but I think I can go see Mark Gardener early on the 28th and still have plenty of time to jet over to the Black Cat to catch The Lemonheads. Hott.

How do I love all the Brit Pop reminiscing on the internets? Let me count the ways:
Blur v. Oasis timeline
Brit Pop highlights of 1995
How America started Brit Pop

Ian McCulloch, how do you feel about the new Bunnymen record? "It's a masterpiece! It's not supposed to happen to a band at this point, but it's the most complete album we've ever made. Ummm...I know he's going to say that about whatever they release, but I'm still drooling. You can listen to samples of the new record over at the band's website.

Here is the new White Stripes video in glorious Quicktime.

Also, here is the video for Longwave's "There's a Fire", which was featured in this months playlist. They are back on tour, opening for the Doves, starting next month. Unfortunately, no DC date.

Even though some people hate Safari (haven't upgraded my OS yet so it doesn't affect me), Apple still leads in customer service. Related: iTunes + Google?

What's a splog?

CDR's v. p2p.

Episodes af Ricky Gervias's new sitcom Extras were leaked online. If you didn't get them, don't fret. The show will be HBO in the fall.

Brits steal carloads of Fucking Austrian roadsigns.

Turning to the NBA, here are your amnesty rule casualties. Don't feel bad for these players. If they latch on with another team next year, they'll be getting two paychecks.

My home internet connection went kaput over the weekend and all I got for my troubles was 47 lousy trackback spams. But other than that, I had a fun filled weekend. Coolfer came down to DC for the weekend to enjoy suffer in the heat. Good lord it was hot this weekend. But we didn't let that stop us from trekking all over the city. Friday we went bar-hopping on U Street with Senor Grass, Natalya and Gl*mrocker. Quite a few beers were consumed and after closing down DC9 we made our way over to the world famous Ben's Chili Bowl. This was my first ever trip to the Chili Bowl, and seeing as I'm not a big fan of chili, I stuck with a cheeseburger and cheese fries. The verdict? Mmmmmmm...yummy.

Saturday we slept in, ate a very late lunch and stayed inside and watched a movie, lest we melt outside. later that evening, we headed to the latest in a long line of going away dinners for Johnny English and L Boogie. This one was in Crystal City at Jaleo, and it was super yummy. I stuck to mostly safe meat products, but did get some shark. Randi dragged us to a party in Cleveland Park when we were done. We didn't get there until it was technically over, but they had COLD beer so it wasn't so bad. After sucking down two Corona's, we went barhopping in CP and ended up at the 4P's, a cool Irish Pub. Again, we got crunked (although I look strangely sober here) closed that place down and took the subway Metro home.

Sunday was Ethiopian brunch followed by some power sight-seeing before Coolfer's bus home. We checked out the Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean, World War II and Jefferson Memorials along with the Reflecting Pool. It was hella hot out (the heat index was in the triple digits) but we managed to get all that done in a little under 3 hours. We ended up walking about six miles in that time. Strangely, I left my camera at home the entire weekend. internet goes out and I sleep until noon all weekend and I miss the Clips/TWolves trade. I like this move alot for the TWolves. Not so much for the Clips.

Big ups to workaholic Grambo for his props in this Chris Handyside article. But let me go on record saying that yours truly came up with "She mars on your Joe Dumars." Obvs. As for Grambo's recent dearth of posting, I fail the see the big deal. He'll post when he can.

Lots of stuff happening involving Morrissey, but still no word on that "big announcement". *shrug* But in the meantime, he's moved out of his house in LA and put it on the market for just under $2 mils. Apparently Moz is in Rome working with Alain Whyte on new material! Yay! And this new material may or may not be a collaboration with Madness.

There's a Best Of The Beta Band set on the way. Sweet.

Oh...almost forgot! Ha ha!

Hope you don't have plans for the last Tuesday in August.
Also, peep the latest bluestate giveaway.


Echo & The Bunnymen @ Black Cat
Friday November 18th

Holy Fucking Shit.
First night of the tour.

Thanks Frank.

File this under "Most Brilliant Idea Ever". Banksy, the infamous UK artist, travelled to Israel's West Bank border and painted, among other things, "satirical" pictures of what life is like on the other side of the wall. Fucking Brilliant. More pics here. So Best. Banksy is getting mad press lately, including this profile in the recent issue of Wired. I love his take on paparazzi. Make sure you click around on his website, there's some brilliant work on there.

Staying with Wired; Fed Ex furniture causes fits.

Blur V oasis.jpg OK, I feel really old now. Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the "Country House" v. "Roll With It" chart battle. Seems like everyone's been celebrating Brit Pop's 10 year anniversary for a few years now, but I'm not complaining. That movement obviously shaped my musical tastes back then and still does today. Remember when I said 1995 was the best year for music EVER. I stand by it. Make sure you click through on the article though. Good stuff. It talks about how Brit Pop ate it's own underbelly and Blur really launched Oasis into the stratosphere(thanks Damon!). And most importantly, how Noel and "Wonderwall" are not responsible for Coldplay.

Ah, the all important tracklisting press release. This time from Depeche Mode.

w00t! New Paul Weller. He's the keeper, Of the lantern. Stone believer, It’s a passion. And he knows it.
Has any artist out there aged as well as the Modfather?

Oooh, ooh. Me want!

My favoritist Radiohead songs? Glad you asked:
I Might Be Wrong | True Love Waits | Black Star | How Can You Be Sure | Meeting In The Aisle | Knives Out | No Surprises | Thinking About You | Talk Show Host | Big ideas
And yes, I win because my list has more b-sides and unreleased songs. Try as I might, I simply cannot get into Belle & Sebastian.


| |

This is the single greatest website on the internet. I will not argue this. [Thx Gl*mrocker]

Via Gawker, here is some Peter Jennings from 9/11 and the days after. Good stuff.

Wait, Britpop lives? Sweet![via Coolfer]

CBGB gets legal reprieve, but hey, who cares?

Mark Gardener (he used to be in this band) is opening for BRMC at the 930 Club on Sept. 28th. Only $15 too! So when I leave during the headliners, I won't feel so bad.

Eric Bachmann of Crooked Fingers (and formerly of the single greatest band ever from the planet earth) is opening for Rasputina at the Black Cat on Sept. 17th.

The Dandy Warhols are back.

Speaking of back on the scene, friends of information leafblower Harvey Danger will have a new record out soon, and I for one, cannot wait. Jeff Lin, who I interviewed a while back(part one and part two), lays out the band's record release strategy on his blog. One suggestion: Send a track out to some bloggers before the street date to build up some buzz. The internets are here for you to use.

A little overdue, but here are my photos from last Friday's show.
Washington Social Club

Cartel, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Calling iTunes.

Micro$oft teams up with THREE other companies to try YET AGAIN to make that elusive iPod Killer.

NYT reviews the new Brett Easton Ellis novel. Like I care what they think. Prediction: I'll read it in 2 days or less, hate it, pick it up 4 years from now and it will blow my mind.

My iPod has cued up the Sonic Youth track "Stones" more than once today. Not a huge fan of SY, but this track is awesome. It's from their last record, Sonic Nurse.

Nothing like a jolt of poppy goodness from the Boo Radleys to get me out of my post burrito-for-lunch daze. Thanks iPod.

ESPN caves. Sort of. [via DCist]

I just like the headline. I'm sick of Kevin Millar.

Like Woah. Riddle me this Rod Thorn: You won't sign SAR to a deal because you are concerned about a POTENTIAL condition in his knee that MIGHT flare up before the end of the contract you are about to offer him, BUT you had no problem whatsoever throwing obscene money at Alonzo Mourning who missed an entire season after getting a kidney replacement and who's condition was such that a relapse would definitely cause him to miss extended amounts of time if not retire altogether?
Strange things are afoot at the Meadowlands.

No sympathy. [via M&M]

Killer Features vs. Pseudo Features.

Hilarious, although maybe only to NY'ers, or former NY'ers - like me.

So I recently started using Bloglines (thanks Catherine!) and one of the sites on my feed is Quotes of the Day, which I'm digging quite bit. Everyone knows what a big fan I am of good quotes(or song lyrics). Today's was pretty good:

To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.
- Gustave Flaubert

Boredom Numbs The Work Place. [via Martin]

Panda cub update; cuter by the day. [via C&T]

So, incredibly, insanely jealous, and I mean that in a good way. BEE listens to Ash and Turin Brakes!

Operation Ceasefire = free music! And by free music, I mean FREE TED LEO!

Wind Up Records v. The Wrens.

DCFC tourdates. [via Upstate Life through DCeiver]

Rufus Wainwright, back in DC on Halloween?

I can't believe I'm not going to see Brain Wilson tonight. Shame on me.

Still on the fence about the Across The Narrows Festival. I figured out the one band that would make my attendance mandatory. Echo & The Bunnymen. Sign them up and I'm there. I mention this because a little birdie told me that they will be in the DC area before the year is out and not playing the venue you'd think they'd be playing.

Back to the festival, I think it would be more appealing if everyone on the bill wasn't already in the middle of a tour or finishing one up. Coolfer and I were going back and forth about this today over email, but as far as I can tell, other than Belle & Sebastian (and maybe Built To Spill), every other band worth mentioning has played NYC (or other parts of the East Coast) in the last few months. The lineup would be better served as a chance to bring over some UK acts that don't get props on these shores (Teenage Fanclub, Paul Weller, The Coral, GLC, etc.) and put them all in one place for everyone to see.

Sanctuary Music in deep doo doo money-wise. And what's this about a big Morrissey announcement? Out with it already!

Seymour Stein's first impressions of The Smiths.

The new Warchild album sounds fantastic. I really enjoyed the first one. I still listen to it occasionally.

Hottest site on the web right now? It has to be Stuff On My Cat. I've seen four or five blogs mention it lately. This one is my fave. Yes, I'm creepy cat guy.

Cheers to Catchdubs for pointing our

How to get Google Maps on your iPod Photo. And by that, I mean MY iPod photo.

Sox make a trade for some lefty bullpen help. Holla at ya Tony G.

I don't know what's funnier, this whole thing or the fact that the girl they quoted was named Kimmie. Apropos, no?

I know I say this over and over and over again, but the interweb is a weird place. Earlier today I read about a recent comeback show in the UK by The Lemonheads and started drooling over the setlist, which was comprised of mostly songs from their It's a Shame About Ray era work. That record incidentally was the soundtrack to my freshman year at college and I heart it the mostest.

Then I read about how Oasis are suddenly VERY big Kasabian fans (the feeling is mutual), going as far to switch set times at two recent festivals so Noel can watch them play. Strange. Anyways, I start thinking too bad I won't be seeing Kasabian in September when they open for Oasis because there is no way in hell I'm sitting through Jet, who are the middle band.

Then a little bit later, via Coolfer, I read that the Across The Pond Festival in NYC has been renamed the Across the Narrows and the line up has been announced.

Saturday, Oct 1
Brooklyn: The Pixies, Gang Of Four, Built To Spill, Rilo Kiley, Death From Above 1979, Mando Diao and Nine Black Alps
Staten Island: Killers, Interpol, The New York Dolls, British Sea Power, Lake Trout, Tegan & Sara and the Ordinary Boys

Sunday, Oct 2
Brooklyn: Beck, Belle & Sebastian, The Polyphonic Spree, The Raveonettes, Gang Gang Dance, and Whirlwind Heat
Staten Island: Oasis, Jet, Doves, The Lemonheads, Kasabian, Jesse Malin, and The Redwalls

oasistongue.jpg Lookee there. Kasabian, Oasis and The Lemonheads on one bill! Plus Doves. Overall not too shabby, but not enough to make me go buy a ticket immediately (presale Thursday, on sale Friday BTW). I'm kinda torn. I'll be seeing Oasis the Thursday prior here in DC (Maryland actually) and it's basically the same bill in NYC plus Lemonheads and Doves for $15 extra. Also worth noting is that there is a band to be named for each gig on Sunday. They need to quit fucking around and book Mylo or Elbow but I doubt that would happen. Or the Super Furries. Obvs.

So I don't know. Should I go? Anyone else up for a roadtrip? Can I scam free tix and passes? Is my Oasis buddy considering going? Will there be gin and tonics on sale at the gig? Will the Oasis ice cream truck be there? What are the odds Noel and Evan Dando would sing Purple Parallelogram together? There's nothing I'm dying to see on Saturday so I might just skip that and go Sunday.

Goldie Lookin' Chain's new record, titled Safe As Fuck, will be out in the UK on Sept 19th.

The Secret Machines / Kings of Leon show on Thursday will be webcast on NPR. I was thinking of going to that gig, anyone wanna come with?

Annie on tour with Royskopp, and skipping DC. Fuckers.

Jen has a DCFC MP3 for your listening and or downloading pleasure.

One Louder has the haps on the On The Road movie.

iTunes prices to go up in 2006? Only if the music industry is as stupid as we think they are.

Also worth mentioning today is the passing of Ibriham Ferrer who I know mostly because he played on the first Gorillaz record, as well as anchorman Peter Jennings. Not to sound like a complete dork, but when September 11th was going down, I was sitting at home, four blocks from the WTC, and watching Jennings on ESPN since all of the local NYC channels were running local anchors. Jennings composed on air manner really helped me stay calm while buildings with their own zip codes were collpasing right outside, enough so that it's something I distinctly remember from that day. Sitting in front of my old computer, emailing everyone while I was watching him on the TV. I kept on watching him later that night after I decamped uptown to Molly's cousin's place. I was shocked to hear he passed this morning. He was only 67. One thing about him I never knew, he was married four times.

In case you haven't seen them, here are my pictures from September 11th.

, , ,

I braved IKEA today and bought one of these. Unsurprisingly, it was a bitch to put together. But once it was assembled, I was finally able to unpack a few boxes with some very important contents.

Unpacking #1, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Unpacking #2, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Unpacking #3, originally uploaded by leafblower.

My old "bookcase" is now housing my vinyl collection. Once I get everything set up to my satisfaction, I'll take some pictures of the DJ room. It's pretty sweet.

Who else is with me?

I'll be on hand with some of the DCist crew selling DCist merch and generally wandering about. Come up and say "Hi"!

You knew it was inevitable. Mr. Pink has his own Catster page. Holler at him if you want to be his friend. I created the page yesterday and I already have close to 10 people wanting to be his "friend". *sigh* What's a parent to do? This is why I never joined Friendster. I'm no good with peer pressure. I think I will continue down the long road to becoming "creepy cat guy" and make a page for Jarvis too.

The O's, from first to fourth. Lee Mazilli got the short stick here. Did they even have one decent pitcher the two years he was manager?

This is old news to their loyal readers (of which you should be one) but the fine folk at are taking Dubya to task again over his vacation time. He's taking a five week break this year, the longest by a President in 36 years. Read that last sentence again. When he's done, he will have taken more holiday time in five years than Reagan did in eight.

Speaking of Ronnie, it looks like DCist broke the news about Ronnie Reagan Avenue, even if the WaPo would only attribute it to "neighborhood Web logs".

Liam to Pete Doherty, You're dead to me. That makes two of us!

Kings of Leon have seven or eight songs ready for their next album.

Graham Coxon has finished his new record. Let's all collectively hope that Damon apologizes to him and reunites Blur. I know, I don't see him doing that either, but we can hope.

Windows Vista (Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans and Adware) is enjoying it's first virus and it's not even out yet.

PSX3 to support Mac OSX?

Lastly, let's ad Rae to the list of "leaving or have already left" friends fleeing from DC this month. She's taking her stuff and her blog to NYC, which is too bad because I just got to know her and she's good company if you go to a baseball game and it has a three hour rain delay. Best wishes in NYC!

Keep What Ya Got


Sorry for the delay on this, I know it's been a long time coming. However, the good news is I have downloads for everyone!

Elbow: Leaders of the Free World (MP3) - The title track from their upcoming record. Make sure you're sitting down when you give it a listen. The drums remind me of Blur's Tender.

Editors: Blood (MP3) - The English Interpol, only judging by this track, a tad more upbeat. Very similar sounds. I love the lyrics here, Blood runs through our veins / That's where our similarities end. Looking forward to hearing their full length.

The Charlatans: I Don't Want to See the Sights (MP3) - This was the last cut from the battle royale playlist of last month's bluestate. I love the guitar riff in this song, even if it does sound very 1992.

Longwave: Tell Me I'm Wrong (MP3) - My favorite song from their new record, which was produced by John Leckie.

Shout Out Louds: Very Loud (MP3) - This song doesn't really sound like anything else on their record, but I like the Old 97's vibe of this song.

Mike Doughty: Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well (MP3) - I was a huge fan of Soul Coughing (their first two records anyways) but I quit paying attention to Doughty after he went solo. I found this track on a compilation and am really digging it. He actually learned how to sing.

A quick aside about Soul Coughing. I saw them at Irving Plaza in the summer of 1996 or 1997 and near the end of the show, Doughty went around and introduced everyone in the band to the crowd and when he got around to himself, he said, "And human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does."

Following up my thoughts yesterday about how the Lookout! v. Green Day situation might effect Ted Leo, on his website, Ted says he will have an official statement soon. Ted is playing live on the internets at the World Cafe in Philly today at 2 PM EST. Go here for more info.

New live DVD from The Police is on the way. I was never really a fan but I've been on a big kick lately, mostly buying all of their vinyl.

New Goldie Lookin' Chain!

Like woah. A multi button Apple mouse. New Apple store in Pentagon City opens on Saturday.

Adidas to buy Reebok.

If you like baseball, go read Peter Gammons' latest column. It has the details of the Manny trade that never was.

Derek Lowe has been a bad, bad man. He left his wife of seven years and two kids for Carolyn Hughes, the Fox Sports reporter that covers the Dodgers. Hello conflict of interest! And she's scary looking to boot!

The Sports Guy on The Trade.

Jon Sencio and the Pooper, BFF!


The State of the Blogosphere.

I left DCSOB out of my "people are moving soon" pitty party yesterday because he's already packed up and moved to Chicago. And since he can't rightly be DCSOB in Chi-Town, he's started a new blog titled Thrown For A Loop. Eat some deep dish for me, yo.

Okay, okay....the trade. I'm sure Celtic haters will accuse me of drinking more of Danny Ainge's Kool Aid, and I know it looks like we got hosed in this deal but let's get a few things straight. Antoine was not coming back to Boston. No way Danny signs him for 6 years, $52 million. That's insane. He could have just signed with Miami for the Mid Level Exception and we would have gotten zilch in return. Instead we got 3 prospects, two 2nd round draft picks and a huge trade exception. This gives the C's flexibility in deals down the road, so that's a good thing. Also, this increases Danny's rep around the league as being player friendly. He helped 'Toine get as much money as he could. Remember when 'Toine called Danny "a snake" when he traded him the first time. You didn't hear any of that crap this time around, did you? It never hurts to be thought of as player friendly when you're an NBA GM.

And let's be clear, Ainge did not just hand the Heat the NBA title next year. If anyone did, it's Jerry West and Memphis. James Posey and Jason Williams for Eddie Jones? That's just robbery. If Posey returns to his 2004 form, he's better than Jones straight up.

I think Danny has another deal lined up, hopefully for Mark Blount. We'll see. Overall this offseason has been unspectacular and the C's will be relying heavily on their young players next year but I think some of them (Tony Allen and Ryan Gomes to name two) are headed for a breakout year. Al Jefferson will start at PF in 'Toine's absence.

I would love to hear what Paul Pierce thought of this deal. He can't be happy. Stay tuned...

Dude, you are so busted.

Watch the video for the new Elbow track I'm slobbering all over, Forget Myself.

The other side of the Green Day v. Lookout! argument.

Anyone have any info on this?

Last night we went out to celebrate Johnny English's last day at work. He and L Boogie are moving to Raleigh at the end of the month. I'm sad for me but happy for them. At least we got nice and crunked last night. Between them and Catherine leaving, that's three of the first six people I met in DC leaving town all at once! I know DCeiver always says "Drink whenever someone calls DC a 'transient city'" but this is a little ridiculous. Oh well, I guess it's time to go make some new friends.

I was all set to write about how awesome my new commute is (I can sleep in until 7:50 in the AM!), especially my new bus route, but then I got to the Pentagon and waited 25 minutes for a subway Metro train (DC'ers get all ornery if you refer to the train as a SUBWAY, because it's like, so NOT a subway, it's "THE METRO") and was forced to travel to work packt like a sardine in a crushd tin box.

People on crowded trains absolutely kill me. They usually break down into one of these groups
1) People that push their way on a train when there obviously isn't any room, saying "sorry, sorry, sorry" the whole time, crushing the people unfortunate enough to be in front of the door.
2) People that still insist on leaning on one of the poles and claiming it as their own as opposed to, you know, using one hand to give them a point to steady themselves and letting everyone else use it too.
3) People that INSIST on reading the newspaper even though everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder. People that do this while reading the Express are twice as bad.
4) People with huge backpacks that won't take them off and place them between their feet like sensible human beings. Instead, they batter the people around them everytime they turn around.
5) The tourists that complain how effing crowded the train is when they have Mom, Dad, little Suzy, young Bobby, Gramma and Grampa and a baby in an oversized stroller taking up approximately nine seats in the car.

Umm...what are you doing on Friday? *coughcough* WSC_blackcat_8_5_05.jpg

Is Green Day killing Lookout Records?

I hate The Real Janelle. That's not true, I'm just jealous. I heard Ted ripped shit up at CBGB's last night.

Leave it to to REALLY break down the whole Raffi/steroids brouhaha. To me, the big issue here is how this actually gives Jose Canseco's book a whole new whiff of credibility. What does this mean for Jason Giambi and Mark McGwire? Nothing good I'm sure.

Whatever you do, DO NOT tell a cute girl, walking along minding her own business, to "smile" if she looks unhappy. That is if you don't want to get punched in the face.

Be still my heart.

New features for Flickr.

I owe you people some downloads! I haven't posted any in quite a while. I'm blaming it (like everything else) on the move. I had originally planned to work on the August playlist last night but I got sidetracked by...unpacking (are you tired of me talking about the move yet?). So I'll try and get it up on Thursday.

For some reason, after taking two and a half days to move all of my crap to my new place, I didn't get sore until yesterday. Weird, but it kept me from doing any further unpacking and organizing. However, my room is up and functional. Once that was set up, I rested. Just like Mr. Pink:

Time To Rest, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Look at his little feet! :)
Today we get our cable and internet hooked up so I won't be forced to steal our neighbors weak wi fi signal any longer.

I have a ton of things to do today, so here is everything in bullet point steez:

- Ha ha! Catherine is dating the belt retard (her words, not mine)!

- Guess I'm going to Brooklyn (or Staten Island) at the beginning of October. Oasis is headlining something called the Across the Pond festival. Full line up to be revealed soon(pleasepleaseElbowpleaseplease). Coolfer, prepare the guest room! And by that, I mean the couch in your den.

- Mark Cuban talks about the music industry and the definition of insanity.

- Rafael Palmeiro suspended for steroids. Ha ha! Told you. Remember when he told Congress he never used steroids?

- Manny "I'm a Gangster" Ramirez stays in Boston after a wild weekend of trade speculation.

- Jason Williams to the Celtics? Toine to the Heat?

- I call bullshit. Where is Bonnies?