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I know I say this over and over and over again, but the interweb is a weird place. Earlier today I read about a recent comeback show in the UK by The Lemonheads and started drooling over the setlist, which was comprised of mostly songs from their It's a Shame About Ray era work. That record incidentally was the soundtrack to my freshman year at college and I heart it the mostest.

Then I read about how Oasis are suddenly VERY big Kasabian fans (the feeling is mutual), going as far to switch set times at two recent festivals so Noel can watch them play. Strange. Anyways, I start thinking too bad I won't be seeing Kasabian in September when they open for Oasis because there is no way in hell I'm sitting through Jet, who are the middle band.

Then a little bit later, via Coolfer, I read that the Across The Pond Festival in NYC has been renamed the Across the Narrows and the line up has been announced.

Saturday, Oct 1
Brooklyn: The Pixies, Gang Of Four, Built To Spill, Rilo Kiley, Death From Above 1979, Mando Diao and Nine Black Alps
Staten Island: Killers, Interpol, The New York Dolls, British Sea Power, Lake Trout, Tegan & Sara and the Ordinary Boys

Sunday, Oct 2
Brooklyn: Beck, Belle & Sebastian, The Polyphonic Spree, The Raveonettes, Gang Gang Dance, and Whirlwind Heat
Staten Island: Oasis, Jet, Doves, The Lemonheads, Kasabian, Jesse Malin, and The Redwalls

oasistongue.jpg Lookee there. Kasabian, Oasis and The Lemonheads on one bill! Plus Doves. Overall not too shabby, but not enough to make me go buy a ticket immediately (presale Thursday, on sale Friday BTW). I'm kinda torn. I'll be seeing Oasis the Thursday prior here in DC (Maryland actually) and it's basically the same bill in NYC plus Lemonheads and Doves for $15 extra. Also worth noting is that there is a band to be named for each gig on Sunday. They need to quit fucking around and book Mylo or Elbow but I doubt that would happen. Or the Super Furries. Obvs.

So I don't know. Should I go? Anyone else up for a roadtrip? Can I scam free tix and passes? Is my Oasis buddy considering going? Will there be gin and tonics on sale at the gig? Will the Oasis ice cream truck be there? What are the odds Noel and Evan Dando would sing Purple Parallelogram together? There's nothing I'm dying to see on Saturday so I might just skip that and go Sunday.

Goldie Lookin' Chain's new record, titled Safe As Fuck, will be out in the UK on Sept 19th.

The Secret Machines / Kings of Leon show on Thursday will be webcast on NPR. I was thinking of going to that gig, anyone wanna come with?

Annie on tour with Royskopp, and skipping DC. Fuckers.

Jen has a DCFC MP3 for your listening and or downloading pleasure.

One Louder has the haps on the On The Road movie.

iTunes prices to go up in 2006? Only if the music industry is as stupid as we think they are.

Also worth mentioning today is the passing of Ibriham Ferrer who I know mostly because he played on the first Gorillaz record, as well as anchorman Peter Jennings. Not to sound like a complete dork, but when September 11th was going down, I was sitting at home, four blocks from the WTC, and watching Jennings on ESPN since all of the local NYC channels were running local anchors. Jennings composed on air manner really helped me stay calm while buildings with their own zip codes were collpasing right outside, enough so that it's something I distinctly remember from that day. Sitting in front of my old computer, emailing everyone while I was watching him on the TV. I kept on watching him later that night after I decamped uptown to Molly's cousin's place. I was shocked to hear he passed this morning. He was only 67. One thing about him I never knew, he was married four times.

In case you haven't seen them, here are my pictures from September 11th.


DCeiver said:

Hmmm. Gives me a lot to think about. Wifey thinks it would make an excellent birthday present for her. Weird, considering she's an Oasis-hater (whereas I am more, "Oasis? Meh."). I say Brooklyn Day One and Staten Isle on Day 2. Sorry, Interpol and Tegan and Sara, but the Killers are like, two steps away from interlocking dance moves and the new British Sea Power is hella suck. Also, I don't do Sprees of any variety and have never been convinced the Raveonettes can get it done live. Besides: Doves, bitches. Doves.

Wow, can't believe this is the first I am hearing about the festival. Just got back from traveling to Chicago for Lollapalooza, so its nice something even better is happening in my backyard for once!

Glenn said:

Unless tixx are dirt cheap I'm gonna pass on that festival. My couch is open if you want to stay with me.

catherine said:

kyle - i might go to that show with you. do you think tix will sell out?

Dan said:

Personally, I prefer Saturday rather than the Sunday, but my question is if and when I return back to the NYC, do I go to the BK to see the Pixies or Strong Island to see the Killers and Interpol (and can I get any of my wack friends from home to come with me)? Decisions decisions... and if you need someone for the Secret Machines/Killers of Leon gig, give me a holla, cuz I'm loving the Machines, and kinda sorta diggin' the Kings bout now...

oasis buddy said:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i might wabbit, i mightttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt (depends on how far out on the island it is...) might be cool if the venue is good... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets talk :) regardless.. if you come into town...lager, lager, lager!

ps i broke my blog in a MT upgrade...DOH!


Kevin V. said:

I've seen Echo & The Bunnymen and it wasn't as good as I expected. Anyways, the website for the festival is up now:

Wish it was going to be in parks, instead of in baseball stadiums.

Dan...don't bother with The Killers. They sucked at Lollapalooza a few weeks ago. Very boring!

BillyBritPop said:

Let's see, The killers probably do suck, but the NY Dolls will put on a great oldies show and BSP is fun, no matter if their new album didn't match their first. Belle and Sebastian and Polyphonic have to be a bit boring.