Give The Po' Man A Break

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I was all set to write about how awesome my new commute is (I can sleep in until 7:50 in the AM!), especially my new bus route, but then I got to the Pentagon and waited 25 minutes for a subway Metro train (DC'ers get all ornery if you refer to the train as a SUBWAY, because it's like, so NOT a subway, it's "THE METRO") and was forced to travel to work packt like a sardine in a crushd tin box.

People on crowded trains absolutely kill me. They usually break down into one of these groups
1) People that push their way on a train when there obviously isn't any room, saying "sorry, sorry, sorry" the whole time, crushing the people unfortunate enough to be in front of the door.
2) People that still insist on leaning on one of the poles and claiming it as their own as opposed to, you know, using one hand to give them a point to steady themselves and letting everyone else use it too.
3) People that INSIST on reading the newspaper even though everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder. People that do this while reading the Express are twice as bad.
4) People with huge backpacks that won't take them off and place them between their feet like sensible human beings. Instead, they batter the people around them everytime they turn around.
5) The tourists that complain how effing crowded the train is when they have Mom, Dad, little Suzy, young Bobby, Gramma and Grampa and a baby in an oversized stroller taking up approximately nine seats in the car.

Umm...what are you doing on Friday? *coughcough* WSC_blackcat_8_5_05.jpg

Is Green Day killing Lookout Records?

I hate The Real Janelle. That's not true, I'm just jealous. I heard Ted ripped shit up at CBGB's last night.

Leave it to to REALLY break down the whole Raffi/steroids brouhaha. To me, the big issue here is how this actually gives Jose Canseco's book a whole new whiff of credibility. What does this mean for Jason Giambi and Mark McGwire? Nothing good I'm sure.

Whatever you do, DO NOT tell a cute girl, walking along minding her own business, to "smile" if she looks unhappy. That is if you don't want to get punched in the face.

Be still my heart.

New features for Flickr.

I owe you people some downloads! I haven't posted any in quite a while. I'm blaming it (like everything else) on the move. I had originally planned to work on the August playlist last night but I got sidetracked by...unpacking (are you tired of me talking about the move yet?). So I'll try and get it up on Thursday.


satellite said:

That breakdown of subway riders is spot on. I just spent the last year riding the Metro and the #2's killed me.

Dan said:

There are so many stupid statements in that post about Lookout Records, I don't even know where to begin.

Dan said:

Dude, can you explain the Walker deal? Doesn't make sense to me from the C's perspective, seems like Miami makes out like bandits though.

gl*mrocker said:

yeah that whole telling me to smile shit happens aLL the time -- glad i'm not the only one. it's also why i made the shirt, "this IS my happy face" ;)

and don't forget that some of those backpack people on the train are the same people who wear those same backpacks at packed, sold-out shows and then insist on dancing (flailing) around and violently smacking you with said backpack.