It's Official (Part II)

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Unless I scam some free tickets (c'mon promo people, hook a blogga up!), I'm not going to Across The Narrows. Why? The Lemonheads are at the Black Cat on September 27th! w00t!

That's quite the week.
Tues, Sept 27 - White Stripes & The Shins
Tues, Sept 27 - Sufjan Stevens
Wed, Sept 28 - The Lemonheads
Wed, Sept 28 - BRMC & Mark Gardener
Thur, Sept 29 - Brendan Benson & The Greenehornes
Thur, Sept 29 - O-motherfucking-Asis

I respectfully ask you to suck it New York.

Normally I'd be really bummed if two bands I really wanted to see were playing on the same night (see Sept 11th: Idlewild @ Black Cat, Feist @ Birchmere) but I think I can go see Mark Gardener early on the 28th and still have plenty of time to jet over to the Black Cat to catch The Lemonheads. Hott.

How do I love all the Brit Pop reminiscing on the internets? Let me count the ways:
Blur v. Oasis timeline
Brit Pop highlights of 1995
How America started Brit Pop

Ian McCulloch, how do you feel about the new Bunnymen record? "It's a masterpiece! It's not supposed to happen to a band at this point, but it's the most complete album we've ever made. Ummm...I know he's going to say that about whatever they release, but I'm still drooling. You can listen to samples of the new record over at the band's website.

Here is the new White Stripes video in glorious Quicktime.

Also, here is the video for Longwave's "There's a Fire", which was featured in this months playlist. They are back on tour, opening for the Doves, starting next month. Unfortunately, no DC date.

Even though some people hate Safari (haven't upgraded my OS yet so it doesn't affect me), Apple still leads in customer service. Related: iTunes + Google?

What's a splog?

CDR's v. p2p.

Episodes af Ricky Gervias's new sitcom Extras were leaked online. If you didn't get them, don't fret. The show will be HBO in the fall.

Brits steal carloads of Fucking Austrian roadsigns.

Turning to the NBA, here are your amnesty rule casualties. Don't feel bad for these players. If they latch on with another team next year, they'll be getting two paychecks.


catherine said:

i think i read somewhere that longwave are opening for doves...

colleen said:

the asthmatic kitty website says sufjan is playing sunday the 25th, not tuesday the 27th. but the 9:30 website says sufjan on the 27th. weird.