Friendship Update

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My home internet connection went kaput over the weekend and all I got for my troubles was 47 lousy trackback spams. But other than that, I had a fun filled weekend. Coolfer came down to DC for the weekend to enjoy suffer in the heat. Good lord it was hot this weekend. But we didn't let that stop us from trekking all over the city. Friday we went bar-hopping on U Street with Senor Grass, Natalya and Gl*mrocker. Quite a few beers were consumed and after closing down DC9 we made our way over to the world famous Ben's Chili Bowl. This was my first ever trip to the Chili Bowl, and seeing as I'm not a big fan of chili, I stuck with a cheeseburger and cheese fries. The verdict? Mmmmmmm...yummy.

Saturday we slept in, ate a very late lunch and stayed inside and watched a movie, lest we melt outside. later that evening, we headed to the latest in a long line of going away dinners for Johnny English and L Boogie. This one was in Crystal City at Jaleo, and it was super yummy. I stuck to mostly safe meat products, but did get some shark. Randi dragged us to a party in Cleveland Park when we were done. We didn't get there until it was technically over, but they had COLD beer so it wasn't so bad. After sucking down two Corona's, we went barhopping in CP and ended up at the 4P's, a cool Irish Pub. Again, we got crunked (although I look strangely sober here) closed that place down and took the subway Metro home.

Sunday was Ethiopian brunch followed by some power sight-seeing before Coolfer's bus home. We checked out the Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean, World War II and Jefferson Memorials along with the Reflecting Pool. It was hella hot out (the heat index was in the triple digits) but we managed to get all that done in a little under 3 hours. We ended up walking about six miles in that time. Strangely, I left my camera at home the entire weekend. internet goes out and I sleep until noon all weekend and I miss the Clips/TWolves trade. I like this move alot for the TWolves. Not so much for the Clips.

Big ups to workaholic Grambo for his props in this Chris Handyside article. But let me go on record saying that yours truly came up with "She mars on your Joe Dumars." Obvs. As for Grambo's recent dearth of posting, I fail the see the big deal. He'll post when he can.

Lots of stuff happening involving Morrissey, but still no word on that "big announcement". *shrug* But in the meantime, he's moved out of his house in LA and put it on the market for just under $2 mils. Apparently Moz is in Rome working with Alain Whyte on new material! Yay! And this new material may or may not be a collaboration with Madness.

There's a Best Of The Beta Band set on the way. Sweet.

Oh...almost forgot! Ha ha!

Hope you don't have plans for the last Tuesday in August.
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chris said:

the Beta Band are one of the most underrated, under-appreciated bands in history.

Glenn said:

Thanks for a fun weekend, Leafblower and various DC-ites. Next time I visit I'll wait until the temperature is better for going out and about town. Let me know how the musicians are are Lalibela if you ever make it there on a weekend evening.

tom said:

cheeseburger, huh? I'll have to try that -- but you've got to get the half-smoke next time.