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File this under "Most Brilliant Idea Ever". Banksy, the infamous UK artist, travelled to Israel's West Bank border and painted, among other things, "satirical" pictures of what life is like on the other side of the wall. Fucking Brilliant. More pics here. So Best. Banksy is getting mad press lately, including this profile in the recent issue of Wired. I love his take on paparazzi. Make sure you click around on his website, there's some brilliant work on there.

Staying with Wired; Fed Ex furniture causes fits.

Blur V oasis.jpg OK, I feel really old now. Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the "Country House" v. "Roll With It" chart battle. Seems like everyone's been celebrating Brit Pop's 10 year anniversary for a few years now, but I'm not complaining. That movement obviously shaped my musical tastes back then and still does today. Remember when I said 1995 was the best year for music EVER. I stand by it. Make sure you click through on the article though. Good stuff. It talks about how Brit Pop ate it's own underbelly and Blur really launched Oasis into the stratosphere(thanks Damon!). And most importantly, how Noel and "Wonderwall" are not responsible for Coldplay.

Ah, the all important tracklisting press release. This time from Depeche Mode.

w00t! New Paul Weller. He's the keeper, Of the lantern. Stone believer, It’s a passion. And he knows it.
Has any artist out there aged as well as the Modfather?

Oooh, ooh. Me want!

My favoritist Radiohead songs? Glad you asked:
I Might Be Wrong | True Love Waits | Black Star | How Can You Be Sure | Meeting In The Aisle | Knives Out | No Surprises | Thinking About You | Talk Show Host | Big ideas
And yes, I win because my list has more b-sides and unreleased songs. Try as I might, I simply cannot get into Belle & Sebastian.


gorilla said:

Paranoid Android
Everything in It's Right Place
Polyethelene 1&2
Fake Plastic Trees (Best Song of the '90s?)
Morning Bell
You and Who's Army?

Reminds me, I haven't been on a radiohead kick in a while, need to get all albums out for a spin.

Ian said:

As far as releases in 1995...can't forget about Spiritualized's PurePhase.

as overplayed as it may be, "wonderwall" will go down in history as one of the greatest songs of all time. by the way, my radiohead list is better than yours:

life in a glasshouse
how i made my millions
polyethelene (parts one and two)
talk show host
fog (again)
i will
street spirit
big ideas
true love waits (the live version with the keyboards)
you never wash up after yourself

kosmo vinyl said:

There is a stream of Weller's new single on his website, reminds a bit of The Detroit Cobras with the bouncy beat and edgy vocals and guitars. Hopefully, the rest of the album has the same energy...