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This is the single greatest website on the internet. I will not argue this. [Thx Gl*mrocker]

Via Gawker, here is some Peter Jennings from 9/11 and the days after. Good stuff.

Wait, Britpop lives? Sweet![via Coolfer]

CBGB gets legal reprieve, but hey, who cares?

Mark Gardener (he used to be in this band) is opening for BRMC at the 930 Club on Sept. 28th. Only $15 too! So when I leave during the headliners, I won't feel so bad.

Eric Bachmann of Crooked Fingers (and formerly of the single greatest band ever from the planet earth) is opening for Rasputina at the Black Cat on Sept. 17th.

The Dandy Warhols are back.

Speaking of back on the scene, friends of information leafblower Harvey Danger will have a new record out soon, and I for one, cannot wait. Jeff Lin, who I interviewed a while back(part one and part two), lays out the band's record release strategy on his blog. One suggestion: Send a track out to some bloggers before the street date to build up some buzz. The internets are here for you to use.

A little overdue, but here are my photos from last Friday's show.
Washington Social Club

Cartel, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Calling iTunes.

Micro$oft teams up with THREE other companies to try YET AGAIN to make that elusive iPod Killer.

NYT reviews the new Brett Easton Ellis novel. Like I care what they think. Prediction: I'll read it in 2 days or less, hate it, pick it up 4 years from now and it will blow my mind.

My iPod has cued up the Sonic Youth track "Stones" more than once today. Not a huge fan of SY, but this track is awesome. It's from their last record, Sonic Nurse.


mattS said:

"They'll perform lead single "Smoke It" on Live with Regis and Kelly on the album's street date." That oughta be interesting.

kat said:

wow, looks like you were a lot closer to the stage than i was. which would probably explain why i couldn't find you to say hi.