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Okay, okay....the trade. I'm sure Celtic haters will accuse me of drinking more of Danny Ainge's Kool Aid, and I know it looks like we got hosed in this deal but let's get a few things straight. Antoine was not coming back to Boston. No way Danny signs him for 6 years, $52 million. That's insane. He could have just signed with Miami for the Mid Level Exception and we would have gotten zilch in return. Instead we got 3 prospects, two 2nd round draft picks and a huge trade exception. This gives the C's flexibility in deals down the road, so that's a good thing. Also, this increases Danny's rep around the league as being player friendly. He helped 'Toine get as much money as he could. Remember when 'Toine called Danny "a snake" when he traded him the first time. You didn't hear any of that crap this time around, did you? It never hurts to be thought of as player friendly when you're an NBA GM.

And let's be clear, Ainge did not just hand the Heat the NBA title next year. If anyone did, it's Jerry West and Memphis. James Posey and Jason Williams for Eddie Jones? That's just robbery. If Posey returns to his 2004 form, he's better than Jones straight up.

I think Danny has another deal lined up, hopefully for Mark Blount. We'll see. Overall this offseason has been unspectacular and the C's will be relying heavily on their young players next year but I think some of them (Tony Allen and Ryan Gomes to name two) are headed for a breakout year. Al Jefferson will start at PF in 'Toine's absence.

I would love to hear what Paul Pierce thought of this deal. He can't be happy. Stay tuned...

Dude, you are so busted.

Watch the video for the new Elbow track I'm slobbering all over, Forget Myself.

The other side of the Green Day v. Lookout! argument.

Anyone have any info on this?

Last night we went out to celebrate Johnny English's last day at work. He and L Boogie are moving to Raleigh at the end of the month. I'm sad for me but happy for them. At least we got nice and crunked last night. Between them and Catherine leaving, that's three of the first six people I met in DC leaving town all at once! I know DCeiver always says "Drink whenever someone calls DC a 'transient city'" but this is a little ridiculous. Oh well, I guess it's time to go make some new friends.


catherine said:

chin up! i plan on being back. and you are always one thousand percent welcome to visit me in the windy city.

Dan said:

This sentence is exactly what I was thinking while reading that other post:

"Lookout! has been failing to pay Green Day (and other bands) for years now, and apparently using the money instead to put out a series of terrible records that very few people wanted to buy."

I have to agree there, although I hope the Ted Leo records brought them (and Ted) some cash.

I wonder how this affects Ted, or are they paying artists like him at the expense of other artists on the roster?

m said:

Here's some info on the Ultimate Live DVD. Looks pretty good to me, I should be ordering it soon.

Torr said:

hey man, aren't you a big Bunnymen fan? I just posted directions to hear the new single. Enjoy!

ckelly said:

Me? I'm sad to see 'Toine go. But then again, I've always been a 'Toine guy. I know there's no way it could've worked to re-sign him...his presence probably doesn't help the young guys either. Oh well. Gotta disagree with you on Gomes having a breakout year. He had a really bad habit at Providence of completely disappearing in big games. At best, he's got potential, but he needs a lot of work.

Jerad said:

I've seen both of those Pulp shows on some dubbed VHS tapes that a friend in college had. It'll be great to finally be able to pick them up on DVD, though. They were both, of course, great shows. I'm really curious to see the Finsbury Park show again now that I know their tour guitarist was Richard Hawley. Both of his albums have been great, and I hear that he's going to tour the US later this year.