The Importance of Being Idle

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Still on the fence about the Across The Narrows Festival. I figured out the one band that would make my attendance mandatory. Echo & The Bunnymen. Sign them up and I'm there. I mention this because a little birdie told me that they will be in the DC area before the year is out and not playing the venue you'd think they'd be playing.

Back to the festival, I think it would be more appealing if everyone on the bill wasn't already in the middle of a tour or finishing one up. Coolfer and I were going back and forth about this today over email, but as far as I can tell, other than Belle & Sebastian (and maybe Built To Spill), every other band worth mentioning has played NYC (or other parts of the East Coast) in the last few months. The lineup would be better served as a chance to bring over some UK acts that don't get props on these shores (Teenage Fanclub, Paul Weller, The Coral, GLC, etc.) and put them all in one place for everyone to see.

Sanctuary Music in deep doo doo money-wise. And what's this about a big Morrissey announcement? Out with it already!

Seymour Stein's first impressions of The Smiths.

The new Warchild album sounds fantastic. I really enjoyed the first one. I still listen to it occasionally.

Hottest site on the web right now? It has to be Stuff On My Cat. I've seen four or five blogs mention it lately. This one is my fave. Yes, I'm creepy cat guy.

Cheers to Catchdubs for pointing our

How to get Google Maps on your iPod Photo. And by that, I mean MY iPod photo.

Sox make a trade for some lefty bullpen help. Holla at ya Tony G.

I don't know what's funnier, this whole thing or the fact that the girl they quoted was named Kimmie. Apropos, no?


Glenn said:

Across the Narrows should get a second renaming. How about the We've All Been To Your Town -- Some Of Us Four or Five Times -- In The Last Twelve Months Tour? Or the Come See Us In A Worse Venue Than Where You Saw Us Three Months Ago Tour?

Built to Spill played multiple dates here just a few months ago.

jeffro said:

kimmie? ooooh, is this a Full House reunion?

Dan said:

Fuck Morrissey. He cancelled Austin a day or so before he was supposed to play this last tour. I've still never seen him.

frank said:

just for you Kyle - Echo & The Bunnymen, November 18 at the Black Cat in DC.