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Who else is with me?

I'll be on hand with some of the DCist crew selling DCist merch and generally wandering about. Come up and say "Hi"!

You knew it was inevitable. Mr. Pink has his own Catster page. Holler at him if you want to be his friend. I created the page yesterday and I already have close to 10 people wanting to be his "friend". *sigh* What's a parent to do? This is why I never joined Friendster. I'm no good with peer pressure. I think I will continue down the long road to becoming "creepy cat guy" and make a page for Jarvis too.

The O's, from first to fourth. Lee Mazilli got the short stick here. Did they even have one decent pitcher the two years he was manager?

This is old news to their loyal readers (of which you should be one) but the fine folk at are taking Dubya to task again over his vacation time. He's taking a five week break this year, the longest by a President in 36 years. Read that last sentence again. When he's done, he will have taken more holiday time in five years than Reagan did in eight.

Speaking of Ronnie, it looks like DCist broke the news about Ronnie Reagan Avenue, even if the WaPo would only attribute it to "neighborhood Web logs".

Liam to Pete Doherty, You're dead to me. That makes two of us!

Kings of Leon have seven or eight songs ready for their next album.

Graham Coxon has finished his new record. Let's all collectively hope that Damon apologizes to him and reunites Blur. I know, I don't see him doing that either, but we can hope.

Windows Vista (Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans and Adware) is enjoying it's first virus and it's not even out yet.

PSX3 to support Mac OSX?

Lastly, let's ad Rae to the list of "leaving or have already left" friends fleeing from DC this month. She's taking her stuff and her blog to NYC, which is too bad because I just got to know her and she's good company if you go to a baseball game and it has a three hour rain delay. Best wishes in NYC!


matt said:

No way! Damon's already said he wants Graham back. Coxon's the one who's being stubborn.

rae said:

thanks! likewise, and i owe you a rain-free baseball game.

also, i've been meaning to apologize for missing the cartel/bicycle thieves show. i know, i know, i'm a total flake.