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The Day After

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Great show last night. I got a nice little buzz on and enjoyed myself quite a bit. My DCist review will be up shortly. The set from Detroit in June was actually better. They took out "Songbird", "Love Like A Bomb" and "Little By Little" and added "Guess God Thinks I'm Abel" and "Acquiesce". Liam screwed up the lyrics to "Acquiesce" just like he always does. But that's not a bad thing. "Abel" was awesome. I love the loud outro right at the end. The show was just awesome. Best part?

Dude next to me: "You seem like a big fan, have you seen them before?"
Me: Yup. 14 times.
Dude next to me: "Really? No shit."

Liam actually jumped down into the crowd and mingled with the first few rows at the end of the set. I have never ever seen or heard of him doing anything like that before. Fucking Ace.
Liam Gallagher is electricity.
He IS rock n roll.
And, most impressively, he IS rock n roll when he's just standing there with his hands in his pockets.
And yes, I have a man crush on him.
No pics, sorry. Instead, check out these shots from their San Diego gig. Wowzer.

**UPDATE** Here's my DCist review.

I got into a fucking traffic jam on my back from the gig, at like 12:30 in the morning. They were putting up an overhead road sign on the highway and traffic was backed up for 45 minutes. Lovely. I escaped the parking lot quagmire at the gig only to get stuck in that. Worst.

Obviously, I missed the Sox game last night. But we're one back with three to go. Go Papi Go!

Despite not sleeping much last night, I remembered about "Forgotten Favorite" today. This is a track from a fan club show in 1994. Enjoy!

Oasis: Up In The Sky (acoustic)


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Last Night!

To be honest, last night kind of sucked. The Sox lost and then after arriving at the Black Cat, it turned out that, contrary to what I was told earlier, I was not on The Lemonheads guest list, so Sommer and I decided not to pay $20 to see them play. This Echo & the Bunnymen gig in November has really skewed my concert ticket value system. Those tickets only cost $20, so I keep comparing everything to that total. $20 for The Lemonheads? Not hardly. I'm thinking like $15. $25 for Death Cab? As if.

When I got up this morning, there was an email from the tour mamanger, sent at 2:17 a.m., explaining that he didn't check his email until AFTER the gig. Right, because why in the world would even think about doing it BEFORE the gig? So I didn't get to hear "My Drug Buddy" or "Hannah and Gabi" or anything like that. Did anyone go? How was it? And I also missed Lost, so do not breathe a fucking word of it over here until I spend some quality time with my DVR. I guess no visits to the land of Zunta for me today.

Thankfully Mark Gardener fucking ruled during his short set at the 930 Club. He played about eight songs and had a small but vocal crowd of grizzled shoegazer fans down in front of the stage. He played two Ride songs, "Vapour Trail", which was lovelier than words, and also "In A Different Place". I had seen him once before, playing solo at the Knitting Factory, when I lived in NYC (before I started blogging, if you can believe it), but this time he was backed by another guitar player and a female keyboard/tambourine player that also did backing vocals. Oh, and she sang a song too. The other people on stage really added alot to the songs, filling in all the little flourishes that you rememeber from the records. The keyboardist did the string parts in "Vapour Trail" while the other guitarist filled in the secondary guitar parts, and it was tiggs. Mark Gardener: worth $15! He says he'll be back in December with a full band! w00t! Peep my photos here.

What's causing all the traffic in Houston?

You knows it! Peep the Jackie Christie Collection!

Deadspin crashes the Sports Guy book signing in NYC, which was at...The Riviera Cafe? WTF?

El WaPo disses Dcist yet again. Also under discussion today, isn't the term "web blogger" redundant?

Related: A survey of British taxi drivers, pub landlords and hairdressers -- often seen as barometers of popular trends -- found that nearly 90 percent had no idea what a podcast is and more than 70 percent had never heard of blogging. [via Becca] Silly rabbit, Blogs are for dogs. And pictures of Mr. Pink.

Did Moz re-sign with Sanctuary?

Damon Albarn: We will continue soldiering on (and sucking) without Graham.

Can we start a petition to stop Coldplay from playing "Ring of Fire" ever again? Or is this another sign of the impending apocalypse?

Will you bite the hand that feeds? / Will you chew until it bleeds? What if this whole crusade's a charade? And behind it all there's a price to be paid. For the blood on which we dine, justified in the name of the holy and the divine.

Some links I've been meaning to pass alomg:

Music sampler for The Magic Numbers. I've heard good things about this UK group. Can anyone fill me in?

Watch 10 minutes of footage from the upcoming movie, Dandelion. The soundtrack has Doves, Cat Power and Creeper Lagoon(?!?) on it.

Download the Living Things track Bom Bom Bom. Watch the video.

Go here for that NPR brodcast of the White Stripes/Shins/M Ward gig a few nights back.

Stream the new track from The Subways, the lead track from the new OC Compilation.

Download some MIA Remixes:
"Galang" remixed by that ugly System of a Down dude
"Galang" remixed by Dave Kelly

Head over to Myspace to stream the Elizabethtown soundtrack.

Oasis! Tonight!

Here is my interview with the Robbers on High Street.

In the battle of Oasis v. Coldplay, the North Texas Daily declares Oasis the victor! Obvs. Fookin' Students.

Oasis in B'More tomorrow!! I'm very excited although a bit bummed that apparently they've taken "Love Like A Bomb" out of the set in favor of "Acquiesce". Blowing my mind...I have sent numerous emails around asking for a photo pass but I'm not sure of it will come to fruition. Keep your fingers crossed (or better yet place a call to Sony) for me. The boys have a night off tonight so I'm hoping they'll be refreshed tomorrow evening.

Apple says any flaws in the iPod nano are "limited". So there.

This is a great idea.

Is the whole Suicide Girls thing a sham?

Stupid Cubs.

After taking the day game, the Sox screwed the pooch last night, but didn't lose ground as the Yanks and Tribe also lost. Some people are already jumping out of windows about all of this, but my view is, we're not going to win out, so if we lose, just do it on a night when the Yanks lose too. So far we are 2-1 in the playoffs. And yes, the playoffs have already started.

Mark Gardener + The Lemonheads tonight.

Does anyone else watch Weeds?

Limp Bizkit to cover "Bittersweet Symphony". Apparently it's not enough for Fred Durst to have a Kurt Cobain tattoo on his chest or be seen wearing his Hatful of Hollow t shirt everywhere. Quoth the Sports Guy: I just threw up in my mouth.

Do or Die

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(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Last night I flipped through to Animal Planet (which I find myself watching more amd more with each passing day) and they had an hour long special devoted to documenting the animal rescues going on in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina and it was some powerful stuff. So much so that I came into work today and wrote a check to the ASPCA as soon as I got to my desk. If you haven't given any money to Hurricane relief yet, I encourage you to do the same. If you don't think this work is important, check out some pictures, like this , this, this, and this.

The ASPCA is also working with Petfinder to do all sorts of stuff to help families find and keep track of their pets as well as encourage others to adopt orphaned animals from the storm. You can click here to donate online or send a check here:

ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund
P.O. Box 96116
Washington, DC, 20090-6116

Ok, stepping off my soapbox now. We now return you to the usual blabbering about SFA and Mylo.

Mylo might make a new record next year but it doesn't sound like he's coming to the US any time soon: "Next year I’m disappearing," [Mylo] confides. "I might take a residency and just DJ once a month, and then I’ll either make a new record or go away and do something else instead. But next year will be a year off, so I’m going to enjoy the madness for now."

SFA have added a new tour date! They will be at Norva in Norfolk, VA on Thursday, Nov 10th. This might screw up my whole SFA road trip, so now I have to go back to the drawing board. Let's just hope that gas is cheaper in November (for more than one reason).

Local faves Cartel have been forced to change their name because of this group. They will now be known as Cedars, a name I like alot, but as many people have pointed out, is unfortunately already taken. Developing...

It just occurred to me last night that I'll be seeing two members of Ride playing seperately this week.

And if I didn't already have plans for Thursday, I'd contemplate the trip to Baltimore to see Peter Hook DJ.

ProductshopNYC also has the new Oasis track for download. I've had that and the new Strokes track on my computer here at work for a week and haven't listened to either of them (no sound card).

Thank the lord Frank has returned and is back on track. I was going through withdrawl there for a while. Just imagine all the Sufjan Stevens press that didn't get linked to for like a whole week!

Stylus hearts Elbow. Suck it Pitchfork.

Read this.

This looks interesting for any of you West Coasters.

Holler at your first ever DCist Podcast.

Is the Nano a clunker? I don't know, but it makes the President of Motorola say bad things.

Celticsblog interviews Wyc Grousbeck.

Or more appropriately, Vodka, Friends and DJing. Spinning tunes during brunch at Asylum might soon become my favorite pasttime. We were repping hard in there(Jeff, Miss Remain Fabulous, Mike, Kanishka, Wendy and her crew, etc.) and having some fun. And drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. I was going to post my entire set (we ended up DJing until like 5:30) but I can't be arsed. I will tell you I got props for playing Brendan Benson, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Paul Weller and Supergrass, inquiries when I played the new Harvey Danger and a genuine spazz out when I played "Lucid Anne" by Self. Oh, and I played Fleetwood Mac too! And Mylo, obvs. If/when we get our next gig there, it is not to be missed. Especially since I'll probably need someone to drive me home afterwards.

After we were finally done, Jeff and Miss Remain Fabulous and I headed down to Operation Ceasefire. It was OK. But I got a quick fix of Ted Leo so I was happy.

Vote for Miss Indie Rock 2005. Guess who I voted for? [via T-Muffle]

Finally got around to listening to some music this weekend. Here are some quick thoughts:

Living Things: Ahead of the Lions - Glammed up garage rock that will appeal to Velvet Revolver fans. Riding a wave of press hype but not sure if it will work.

Metric : Live It Out- Known of the band for a long time but this is the first time I've ever heard any of their stuff. Female fronted rock with a kick. I liked it but didn't love it. I want to give this a few more spins.

The Joggers: With A Cape and A Cane - At this point, I'm starting to get sick of new bands from New York bands from Portland lamely trying to reinvent Pavement (thanks for the correction shmedd). Didn't like this disc at all. They sound like a reformed jam band trying to go inide.

Grandaddy: Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla - More of the same from this California crew. If you liked their first two, you'll dig the new one. Here's the Pitchfork review.

Bloc Party Remix Album - Not many of these remixes change the song around very much much. All they do is change the backing track, the vocals are the same. I got bored with this pretty quickly. For Bloc Party die hards only.

The Like: Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? - Fuzzy female fronted indie rock (although they're on a major label - wait, is Geffen still considered a major?). I liked a few different tracks on this disc, but it wasn't really attention grabbing.

Giant Drag: Hearts & Unicorns - More female fronted indie rock, but this outfit sounds straight outta 1997. They're like the band Alternative Nation forgot. Love the track "Pretty Little Neighbor".

Greg Dulli:Amber Headlights - Downloaded this from eMusic on recommendation from Chris. I need to give it a few more spins, but so far it sounds like Afghan Whigs-lite. Kinda like Steve Malkmus' solo stuff is watered down Pavement, only this is less lame and depressing. Much like Richard Ashcroft, rock needs Greg Dulli.

Echo & the Bunnymen:Siberia - Given it a solid five spins all the way through and while it's not as good as 1997's Evergreen, I'm liking it. The guitars on this record are burrowing into my brain, and I mean that in a good way. I won't complain when they play this stuff in November, these songs will sound right at home with their older material. Not sure of this is the record to take the Bunnymen to a You Are The Quarry level comeback, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pick this record up (especially if you're on eMusic). No matter what Pitchfork says.

I have a full week this week. Mark Gardener + Lemonheads on Wednesday and O-motherfucking-Asis on Thursday. Safe as fuck!


The setlist (and future iTunes playlist) from last night's Super Furry show in Lively London:

The International Language Of Screaming / Hello Sunshine / Zoom! / Atomic Lust / The Horn / Ohio Heat / Run, Christian, Run! / Cloudberries / Ice Hockey Hair / Receptacle For The Respectable / Slow Life / Juxtapozed With U / Lazer Beam / (Drawing) Rings Around The World / Do Or Die / Something For The Weekend / Calimero / Motherfokker / The Man Don't Give A Fuck

Wow. Although they've conveniently left out my favorite track from the new record, "Frequency", (which they always seem to do) there isn't much left out here. Maybe "Piccolo Snare" or "Liberty Belle" but honestly, I'm pretty psyched about hearing how the new material translates live. If that's the set for the US tour, colour me happy. Of course, I've been asking begging the guys to play "Frisbee" for going on five years now and they have yet to relent. But they finally gave in and played "Herman <3's Pauline" for me last tour, so maybe I'm close? I always ask the band to switch around the set and add stuff, it's amazing that they still talk to me. OK, I'll stop. Can you tell that I'm excited for the US tour?

Dandy Warhols US Tour dates. They are in DC on Nov 27th. Who is working this record and why don't I have a copy?

"New" Nirvana album tracklisting.

You have a point.

The Silence of the Leaf Blowers. [via Wendy who says she is coming to this]

I appreciate what you did last year, but buh bye.

Just like school in the summer, no class.

Official Sports Guy book tour info. The ESPN Zone? So much for hoping this wouldn't be a circus...

Not that this is breaking news or anything, but I am a sucker for a cat resuce story.

Ever wonder how planes dump fuel?

No Forgotten Favorite this week. I spent most of the week listening to Mylo, so my iPod didn't serve up an oldie but a goodie. Tune in next week!


We have just lost cabin pressure.
Doing battle with gravity.
Is this the start of a breakdown?
Flip flop at the Trop puts Sox out of playoffs for now.
Assume the position.

What can I say? The Sox are banged up, their pitching is a mess, the bullpen is in shambles and our manager is, at times, a complete idiot (and that's putting it nicely). They finally have a day off today. I'm not in full on panic mode yet. I think the Yanks are due for a rough patch and I'm not sure how much they have left. The next 11 games will be interesting though.

DC is going to be hopping on Saturday, so you're going to need nourishment for all the fun you're going to have, right? Right. So come to Asylum, get your brunch on and let the soothing sounds of bluestate envelop you at Champagne Socialism from 11 a.m. - 4p.m. Safe as fuck!

Wait, you can actually make money blogging? Oh wait, you have to have content that other people will link to. Nevermind. All I talk about is this, this and lately, this. Speaking of, more on that below.

Did you know there is a blog created every second? Maybe they all need this book.

Broadband growth is slowing. Does this mean lower prices are on the way? last night's Lost premiere was just the third or fourth episode I'd ever watched, but it was pretty good. Catherine is frustrated as usual, but at least she no longer wants to kill J.J. Abrams. Only smash his glasses.

Great post.

The new Moz record..."It's apparently the most full-on rock record Morrissey's ever done. It's a balls-to-the-wall rock record, not a slow one like the last one." OK...whatEVER. I'll believe it when I see hear it. Didn't they say similar things about the last one. Why yes, yes they did.

Hurricane Rita causes cancellations in Houston of upcoming gigs by Coldplay, Oasis(stay safe boys!)and...Journey.

The Flaming Lips on their upcoming record.

Get ready for some Mac Mini updates. Also, .Mac bumps up storage (finally).

OK, so back to one of the three things I seemingly write about every day. Mylo! I simply cannot get enough of this dude. I have all but named him official information leafblower Artist of the Year for 2005. And since I'm all about spreading the love, here are some goodies for you.

Mylo & Starsailor: Four To The Floor(Thin White Duke Remix) (MP3)- Holy fuck. I'm not sure who did what on this track (Mylo v. TWD) but they manage to make Starsailor sound shit hot(something Phil Spector couldn't even do). This is a very layered, housey mix with (suprise!) a big 4/4 beat that kicks in around the 3:11 mark and the coup de gras, the cowbell at 5:01, right after the preceding breakdown. So best. So getting spun at bluestate. Try not to shake your ass to this.

Mylo: Essential Mix (April 2005) (MP3)- As previously discussed. Tracklisting here. This is a huuuuuge file (90MB), so it isn't going to be up very long. Get it while it's hott.

Siberia is finally on eMusic. I will partake when I get home tonight.

It's on bitches! Super Furry tour dates for the US!


Nov 01 - Montreal, QUE - Club Soda
Nov 02 - Toronto, ONT - Phoenix Concert Theatre
Nov 05 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
Nov 06 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
Nov 07 - Boston, MA - The Roxy
Nov 08 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
Nov 09 - Philadelphia, PA - TLA
Nov 11 - Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
Nov 12 - Atlanta, GA - The Loft
Nov 15 - Houston, TX - Meridian Red Room
Nov 16 - Austin, TX - La Zona Rosa
Nov 17 - Dallas, TX - Gypsy Tea room
Nov 19 - Lawrence, KS - Granada
Nov 20 - Chicago, IL - Metro
Nov 21 - Minneapolisa, MN - Fine Line Music
Nov 24 - Vancouver, BC - Richard's on Ricahrd
Nov 25 - Seattle, WA - Neumos
Nov 26 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
Nov 28 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
Nov 29 - Hollywood, CA - Avalon
Nov 30 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
Dec 01 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
w/ Caribou on all dates

Information leafblower will be in full effect for the dates listed in bold.

Anyone know anything about the openers, Caribou?

Much respect to L Boogie for keeping me in the loop.

*sigh* Emusic, why hath thou forsaken me? I woke up this morning ready, willing and able (or so I thought) to download the new Echo & the Bunnymen album from you, you do have the new single already up for download after all, but alas the new album hasn't been posted yet. In fact, they don't have any info on it, expect for a very nondescript "Coming Soon" sidebar on the main page that lists the band, but no date or any other info. Poop. Too bad too, because from what I've read, the album is awesome. Quoth Ian McCulloch: "I was listening to Siberia the other day with a friend who hadn't heard it in the studio and it occurred to us that our sound now is totally unique."

Best. Elbow. Record. Review. Ever. "Where Franz Ferdinand conspired to make girls dance, Elbow are the best in the business at making grown men cry."

I don't even know what to make of this.

Oasis rules the Q Award nominations this year. Mylo snubbed!

Speaking of...I make fun of people with u2 iPod's constantly. Without fail in fact. But how jealous am I that people in the UK will soon be able to buy a pink Mylo edition iPod? I would buy one of those in about .003 seconds.

iPod Nano; The Story.

If you are running Windoze and haven't downloaded iTunes 5.0 yet, don't.

Ummmm...ruh roh.

Thanks to everyone that sent in get well wishes for Mr. Pink. He is doing very well and recovering nicely. I was reading about cat neutering yesterday and I found out that in seven years, an unspayed female and unneutered male cat can produce up to 781,250 kittens. Yikes!

Last, but most importantly, it has begun. Super Furries at the Cats Cradle on November 11th. Hmmm...Nothing announced at the Black Cat or 9:30 for the 10th. Stay tuned.

Related: Feist is touring with Broken Social Scene. They are at the 9:30 on Oct 26th.

Sleeper, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Everyone think good thoughts for my little guy today. He's at the vet getting nuetered. I held off on it as long as I could, but he was starting to spray things in our den and it was smelling not so good. The good news is he doesn't have to stay at the vet's overnight. I can (and will) pick him up after work. Although this means another trip in the evil, evil car, something Mr. Pink does not care for. If anyone else out there (in the greater DC/VA/MD area) has a pet they need to get nuetered or spayed, I highly recommend spay dot org. Once you sign up, they assign you to a local vet and charge you just $75 for the procedure. Anesthesia and pain meds are a bit extra, but it cost me about half of what my old vet wanted to charge me.

Anyone else sick of bloggers talking about CMJ? Fuck David Bowie and the Arcade Fire. The only show at CMJ worth seeing was Tom Vek + Mylo. Last night I downloaded Mylo's essential mix from April and I'm listening to it now. Anyone got a tracklisting for this thing? Shit is ON FIRE. **Update** Here is the tracklisting. Thanks Daniel.

On the other hand, I totally want to go see New Order + The Super Furries in the UK. How tiggs would that be? Drool.

A little birdie told me the Furries will be in DC the second week of November. Last night I decided the perfect tour would be a co-headlining tour with the Furries and Echo & The Bunnymen with Mylo DJing in between sets and after everything was done. And maybe have The La's open a few dates. I would seriously go see that show like 15 times. Yes, I'm a huge dork and I think about things like this.

Gorillaz to play Manchetster.

Oasis is firing on all cylinders as they head back East.

The Mighty Mozzer: "I am aging gracefully. There are plenty of people my age who don't have hair or teeth - journalists mostly."

I can never recall the name of Brooklyn's hip new band. [via Daily Refill]

Matt went and saw BEE too.

Me want.

Say what?

Awesome pic. [via Tien and his ever increasing shoe collection]

I think my uber-busy social schedule finally caught up with me last night. Around 11:15 or so I just completely hit the wall. The DCist party was alot of fun but I was really out of it for much of the night. I even forgot the memory card for my digicam so I have no visual evidence. Bad blogger. I'm very much looking forward to doing absolutely nothing tonight. But enough bitching, on to the goodies.

REM - Orange Crush (MP3) - My favourite REM song ever. Green was the first REM album that I had ever heard and this (along with "Stand") was the tune that really stood out. I can't decide what I like more, the ratatat drums at the beginning our Peter Buck's non-solo at the break. Oh wait, now I know. It's the same for pretty much every REM song. Mike Mills backing vocals.

I have an MP3 of the blogging panel from Tuesday but have to upload it first (it's a huge file), so I'll post that next week. So if there are downloads on my site that you want, get 'em while they are up.

Dovetailing nicely with my content from the last few days, today on his "blog", The Sports Guy announced that he will be in DC on Oct. 4th. He says he will sign breasts, but will he hold up a sign?

Fuck Ben Stiller!, originally uploaded by leafblower.

The reading last night was brilliant. BEE came out promptly at 7 p.m., said a few words and the started reading from Lunar Park. He read an early chapter where the BEE character in the book meets Clay. And then, responding to a bet a friend made him, he read the description of Teenage Pussy, the novel that the BEE character in Lunar Park was about to start writing. Anyone that has read LP will know how hilarious those few pages were. BEE said it was the first, and most likely last, time he had read that in public. He probably says that at every tour stop.

After he was done, we got to the Q&A session and near the end, I worked up enough bravado to ask him a question.
ilb: "Were you mad when Ben Stiller more or less appropriated the plot from Glamorama to make Zoolander?"
BEE: "Of course I was. I sued Ben Stiller."
ilb: "Really? You did?"
BEE: "Yep." Pause. "No, really I didn't." Another pause. "But I wanted to. Calls were made, but in the end there wasn't a whole lot I could do."

So best. Afterwards he started signing books and I almost didn't ask him to hold up my sign, because he was very confrontational and agitated during the reading (and he was a strange shade of pink, methinks he was a little tipsy), but I mustered up the courage by the time I got up to him and broke the ice by asking him to sign my Glamorama paperback to "Fuck Ben Stiller." He was extremely friendly and gracious to all the fans and did not hesitate to let me take his picture holding my sign. Respect.


Peep the video for the new Supergrass track, "St. Petersburg" in glorious Quicktime.

information leafblower is a knife that hasn't gone on any murderous rampages yet, removes stubborn stains and looks bigger than it really is. What do you get?

Top 50 basslines ever according to Stylus Magazine, part one. All I have to say is there will be hell to pay if either "Rusholme Ruffians" or "Barbarism Begins At Home" (or both) aren't in part two. [via Largehearted Best]

I hate it when Mark Cuban is right. But he is on point when he says it wasn't just the government that dropped theball in the Katrina aftermath. The communication from the Red Cross and FEMA could be much better too.

Don't forget the DCist birthday party tonight! See you at 7 p.m.!


| |

“Don’t do this Victor.”
“Do What?”
“I’m happy for you, Victor,” she says, strained, just standing there in front of me, exhausted. “I’m really happy for you about tonight.”
“You look faux-orgasmic, baby, and nibbling on that giant mint really doesn’t help matters much.” I brush past her again.
“Is this about Baxter?” she asks.
“That twerp? Spare Me. It’s freezing in this apartment.”
“Hey Victor, look at me.”
I stop, sigh, turn around.
“I don’t want to apologize about how good my boyfriend is at irritating people, okay?”
I’m just staring at nothing or what I imagine is nothing until I’m finally moved to say, “As a general rule you shouldn’t expect too much from people, darling,” and then I kiss her on the cheek.
“I just had my makeup done, so you can’t make me cry.”

More here and here.


Bret Easton Ellis at Olsonn's books. 7 p.m.
I'm going to try and do this again.

Panel Recap

| |

originally uploaded by leafblower.

And we're done. The panel was alot of fun, although I was somewhat surprised to see how little people know about blogging in general and how it relates to podcasting. But I think the people that attended walked out of the room with a better understanding of everything we discussed. We stayed away from the legal aspects of podcasting and the legalities of not using "podsafe" material in them other than to point out that 1) none of us were lawyers and 2) technically, it's illegal to use music in a podcast that you don't have rights or permission to use.

Podcasting is such a buzz term here that everyone is trying to learn as much as they can about it. We tried to point out that a podcast is basically just a big MP3 file with numerous things contained on it, whether it's just talk, music or both. The advantage of podcasting is that by use of an aggregator, it is delivered to your computer, ready for you to listen to. This is in contrast to MP3 Blogs and the extra steps involved with manually downloading the MP3 files they offer. We also explained the difference between music blogs and MP3 blogs is and the technology each of us used to make their own podcasts. Not exactly breaking news to the readers here, but remember, this is the music industry we are talking about. All in all, alot of fun. Any time I get to sit behind a microphone and spout off about something that I'd like to think I know alot about, it's all good. Many thanks to Wendy Harmon and the FMC for inviting me to participate.

FMC Audience, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Here are all the fellow laptop users at the FMC Conference. Quite a few of us multi-taskers. Yesterday's panels were mostly filled with legal mumbo jumbo, but the opening panel, which featured Napster creator Shaun Fanning, Mitch Bainwol, Chairman and CEO of the RIAA and Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association was action packed. Bainwol and Shapiro, both representing the opposite ends of the industry, spent most of the panel taking shots at each other, mostly to hilarious effect. Jim Griffin, CEO of Cherry Lane Digital, did a great job as moderator (best of the conference so far) and was quick and witty and kept the topics and conversation flowing. Good stuff. Check out Coolfer for the official recap.

Yesterday also saw the first "blogging" panel of the conference, but the panelists weren't exactly bloggers and the conversation mostly got bogged down with licensing and the legal side of podcasting. Here's Coolfer's recap.

Coolfer and I have our panel this afternoon at 12:45. We'll be speaking about "How To Podcast and Music Blog" along with Mike Holden and Eric Olsen from Blogcritics. I'll have a recap this afternoon. Obvs.

If I had my shit together, I would have had my new podcast up for download today, but I just haven't had time to do it. So next week then.

Here's my DCist interview with Mike Doughty as well as my DCist review of Sunday's Idlewild show.

NME got a makeover, but the news page is loading all funny for me.

Again, pilfering Coolfer for content, but there are a ton of new records being released today that are worth your hard earned money, but there are two in particular that I encourage you to buy. One, obvs. is Love Kraft by my favourite band in the world, the Super Furry Animals. The second release is Little By Little, the latest offering from a rejuvenated Harvey Danger. I've had the record for a few weeks (thanks Jeff) and it's good stuff. Classic Harvey Danger, if there is such a thing. "Wine, Women and Song" and "Cream and Bastards" have been in heavy rotation on my iTunes. Pitchfork has details of the band's interesting distribution scheme.

Inetresting stuff so far the FMC Conference. The first panel yesterday featured Bertis Downs, manager advisor to REM, and Peter Jenner, Billy Bragg's mananger, and Chrles Bissel, the lead singer of the Wrens(who seriously needs to lighten up). There was a lively discussion on the shelf life of the CD(Not going away anytime soon), artist relations with Indie Media(the power of Pitchfork), and how copyright law needs to be changed for the digital age. Pretty broad topics but interesting nonetheless.

Second panel featured Jerry Harrison (Garageband, ex-Talking Heads), Sam Jenning, who runs Prince's NRG Club and some other people that have started new record label business models to combat the "evil" major label system. Everyone talked about how outdated soundscan is and it's funny to hear these musicians talk about Prince (who isn't here) and speak with such reverence. And they appreciate his efforts on trying out new ways to sell CD's and concert tickets and outsmarting the system. On his last tour, Prince began the practice of including CD's in the price of a concert ticket for his fans. So whenever someone bought a ticket to see him live, they got a CD as well. These CD's were included in Soundscan charts and kept him in the Top 10 during much of his tour. However, after the tour, Soundscan disallowed this practice in the future. But as Jenning said, "Who cares when a million and a half people have a copy of your CD?" There was also discussion about changing the label model and artists taking control of their careers. Jerry Harrison struck me as very clued in to what is going on. Coolfer made a good point when the panel was done about how so far we've only heard from disgruntled artists that have been burned by the system. There hasn't been any voice for bands that have used the system to their advantage. Quoth Coolfer "Do you think the Killers would have sold 2.5 million units on Magnatune?" Indeed.

After the second panel, Coolfer and I went over to the GW Foodcourt to grab some food. While we were there, some sort of sorority rush event let out and a large group of about 200 coeds came through the lunch room (each dressed in their own distinct outfit, one group wore white shirts and jeans, another black shirts and skirts with pink belts, etc.). It goes without saying that this was the highlight of the day.

I should also mention how awesome it is to have a latptop at this thing. I am wrote up my setlists from last night's bluestate, my Doughty interview for DCist, was checking the football scores at and writing this while the panels were going on. Hott. I am a multi tasking tornado.

The third panel dealt with licensing and radio and how it needs to change to cope with changes in the industry. Payola was also on the bill. Mike Mills of REM was very eloquent talking about how radio has gone downhill, how it should be deruglated and then reregulated to allow companies to own no more than 10 stations nationwide. "The system is flawed but it can work," he said. Check out Coolfer for an exhaustive recap of the day.

Saturday's bluestate was yet another Black Cat success. We had some sound problems during my last set, but we got those straightened out and had the place absolutely jumping by the end of the night. The Cricklewood Massive played a great early set and Natalya slapped everyone upside the head with her increasingly patented Hillary Duff-Madonna-Kelly Clarkson triple shot. People went nuts. I finally got to play "Dancing In The Dark" and "Come See About Me" and had a Mylo mega-mix early so I was a happy camper. Hell, I even dropped some U2 and some guy came up to me and practically drooled on the mixer while telling me that "Lemon" was the greatest. song. ever. I also got a Brazilian Girls request from a cute girl. I'll have to remember to bring that next time, but all in all, a great night. Check the full set lists here, and the pictures here.

Coolfer brought down a great mashup CD that mixes Notorious B.I.G. and Frank Sinatra called Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy and it's on fire. We've been listening to it all weekend and I have to share some of it with you. It's insane, check it:
Juicy / New York, New York (MP3)
Nasty Boy / For Every Man There's A Woman (MP3)

You can buy the mix CD here, just scroll down.

42579914_3198dbd933_m.jpg Coolfer and I also took in the Idlewild show at the Black Cat last night. They were shit hot. I'll have a DCist review of the show up at some point today. Check out more pictures here.

I enjoyed watching Andre Agassi's march to the US Open final, but there was a 0% chance he was going to beat Roger Federer. Agassi was up a break in the third but lost that set and ultimately, the match.

Mylo is at #3 in the UK charts with "Dr. Pressure" a mash up with Miami Sound Machine. I found it online last night so I'll post it later in the week. Mylo rules.

I would totally go see this tour.

No need to go see the White Stripes later in the month at Merriweather. NPR will be streaming the show online.

I've been meaning to break this out for a while, but summer hours on Fridays kept messing up my schedule. So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to information leafblower's new Friday feature, Forgotten Favorite, where I'll be highlighting some random old track that I happen to be rocking out to that particular week.

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I find it completely overwhelming to listen to the ginormous amount of new music available in all corners of the internets, and sometimes I just want to curl up into the fetal position and seek out the comfort of my iTunes library for something that takes me back, or, like the title suggests, some awesome song I used to love but have all but forgotten. So here we go. Our first installment will feature two songs, and it's brough to you by the letter "V".

Velocity Girl: Forgotten Favorite (MP3) - My new feature's namesake is a song I used to rock out to all the time in college. I was introduced to Velocity Girl when I purchased Copacetic (what was once Sub Pop's second best selling record EVER) on a whim after reading about the band in Spin. I liked what I heard and eventually sought out their first EP, which included this song. I must have seen this band like 6 times in college (which, keep in mind, I attended in BFE North Cackalack, so I didn't exactly achieve the concert going volume that I'm used to today), trailing only the mighty Archers of Loaf and the dearly departed Buffalo Tom. Velocity Girl ruined most of the other female fronted indie groups that I've heard since (Rilo Kiley for one). To me, VG is better and I'd rather give Simpatico! a spin.

The Verve: Gravity Grave (Live From Glastonbury, 19911993) (MP3) - Fuck Joe Dimaggio, where have you gone Captain Rock? The music world in general is worse off since the demise of The Verve and Mad Richard Ashcroft, one of the most engaging performers I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. I've recently come around on his depressingly domesticated first solo record, but nothing will ever beat the drugged out, drunk and severly fucked up musings of Ashcroft back in the mid-90's. He was all about attaining the groove and keeping it, witnessed here at the end of the track as he implores the corwd "We got one minute left, C'mon! One minute, C'mon!". The Verve at their sloppy cosmic best.

I uploaded a bunch of photos of Mr. Pink last night, so if you've been jonesing for them lately, you're in luck. I've got him learning to DJ, close up, sleeping, sleeping some more, breaking stuff, and interrupting my flow! More than one person has commented that I only seem to take pictures of my cat lately (so true), but that should be coming to an end now that my week of hell has begun. So expect pictures with humans in them soon.

Very glad to hear that Red Auerbach is feeling better.

The Sports Guy trades email with the OC dude. I yawn.

Roger Avary has aquired the lifetime movie rights to Glamorama.


Don't forget, Bluestate on Saturday! We have giveaways and guest DJs! And Me! andnatalyatoo. :)

And don't make plans for next Thursday!


Albums I loaded into iTunes over the last month:
The Cure, Staring at the Sea, Weezer, Pinkerton Liz Phair, Exile In Guyville Cut Copy, Bright Like Neon Love, Nouvelle Vague, Self Titled The Streets, Original Pirate Material Tahiti 80, A Piece of Sunshine , Echo & The Bunnymen, Live In Liverpool, Wedding Present, Take Fountain, Soul Coughing, Ruby Vroom, Diana Ross & The Supreme's, The No. 1's, New Order, Waiting For the Sirens Call

I know, not a whole lot of new stuff, but the above list is whole records, not random tracks that I get from the various corners of the internets. Some tracks for your downloading pleasure.

Brakes: Heard About Your Band (MP3) - If Damore ever writes a hit song, it's going to be very simliar to this, right down to the "Whatever dude!" at the very end. Two minutes of glorious shit talking.

Elbow: The Stops (MP3)- Unlike the rest of the new record, this track is soothing and chill. A welcome change of pace that harks back to their prog past just a bit.

Nouvelle Vague: A Forest (MP3)- Cure covers are so best.

Cut Copy: The Twilight (MP3)- This is definitely geting some love on Saturday night. I love the guitar breakdown in this track. I can't decide if I want to dance along or play air guitar.

Sia: Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) (MP3) - I don't watch Six Feet Under and haven't for years, so fuck off. I've never even heard the original version of this track. I gave this a listen (and liked it) for one reason only. M-Y-L-O, unofficial information leafblower artist of the year. Respect to Seeking Irony for passing this track along to me.

Anyone else stay up past one in the AM to see the conclusion of the Andre Agassi v. James Blake match last night? It was electrifying stuff with Agassi winning in five sets. Blake won the first two sets in just over an hour and Agassi looked every bit the 35 year old geezer, spraying balls all over the court. Blake was on fire but cooled off after he lost his chance to clinch the match in the third. He was dazed in the fourth, but broke Agassi early in the fifth and served for the match. But Agassi laid the smack down in that game, smashing some amazing service return winners past Blake before he even knew what was happening. Blake had his chances again in the fifth set tiebreaker, but Agassi just hung in there and strung together the last three points, even after Blake staved off one match point. The match, which was full of drama at every turn, was too sloppy to be labeled a classic, but it was still worth losing some sleep over. Good stuff. 23710669.jpg Unfortunately, now that Blake is out of the tourney, no more gratuitous shots of his girlfriend, Jennifer Scholle. I would also like to state, for the record, that Andre Agassi looks weird in Adidas.

The Sports Guy drops his NFL preview.

Say a prayer for Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach today. Rumour has it that he's in a coma at an un-named hospital here in DC.

Paul Pierce rumoured to be on the way to the Nugs for Nene and Andre Miller. Say it ain't so!

A host of the UK's best and brightest are going into recording studios today to record the new War Child album.

Pitchfork calls the new Elbow record "dull". Don't believe it, that album rocks hard.

Depeche Mode tour dates.

New iPod and iTunes phone. Both look nice (obvs.) but I don't see me updowngrading anytime soon.


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As in, posts will resume with content then. I'm swamped at work because of the holiday and some other things. I wrote a long post on Monday night but I ended up not liking it and it ended up in the trash. More later.

It's been a while since I've been excited to say this, but Chuck D speaks!

FEMA timeline. [via Catherine & Tom]

Stephon Marbury has a heart.

Behold the Sports Guy's new book.

GLC insult Mrs. David Beckham, get slapped on the wrist.

Gorillaz plan world tour.

Last new Oasis track for a while?

Elbow + Madness = highly collectible single.

In other news, my new laptop effing rules!


New Toy

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New Toy, originally uploaded by leafblower.

There's a new addition to the family! Now with our new 12 " iBook, we are a two computer family.


See pics from Tuesday's bluestate here.

Ruh roh. Tony Allen wanted for questioning regarding a shooting in his hometown of Chicago.

Off to North Cackalack. Everyone be safe this weekend.