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Everyone think good thoughts for my little guy today. He's at the vet getting nuetered. I held off on it as long as I could, but he was starting to spray things in our den and it was smelling not so good. The good news is he doesn't have to stay at the vet's overnight. I can (and will) pick him up after work. Although this means another trip in the evil, evil car, something Mr. Pink does not care for. If anyone else out there (in the greater DC/VA/MD area) has a pet they need to get nuetered or spayed, I highly recommend spay dot org. Once you sign up, they assign you to a local vet and charge you just $75 for the procedure. Anesthesia and pain meds are a bit extra, but it cost me about half of what my old vet wanted to charge me.

Anyone else sick of bloggers talking about CMJ? Fuck David Bowie and the Arcade Fire. The only show at CMJ worth seeing was Tom Vek + Mylo. Last night I downloaded Mylo's essential mix from April and I'm listening to it now. Anyone got a tracklisting for this thing? Shit is ON FIRE. **Update** Here is the tracklisting. Thanks Daniel.

On the other hand, I totally want to go see New Order + The Super Furries in the UK. How tiggs would that be? Drool.

A little birdie told me the Furries will be in DC the second week of November. Last night I decided the perfect tour would be a co-headlining tour with the Furries and Echo & The Bunnymen with Mylo DJing in between sets and after everything was done. And maybe have The La's open a few dates. I would seriously go see that show like 15 times. Yes, I'm a huge dork and I think about things like this.

Gorillaz to play Manchetster.

Oasis is firing on all cylinders as they head back East.

The Mighty Mozzer: "I am aging gracefully. There are plenty of people my age who don't have hair or teeth - journalists mostly."

I can never recall the name of Brooklyn's hip new band. [via Daily Refill]

Matt went and saw BEE too.

Me want.

Say what?

Awesome pic. [via Tien and his ever increasing shoe collection]


Dan said:

Mylo Essential Mix tracklisting can be found here:

You can pull the track listings from any Essential Mix off of the BBC website.

lboogie said:

ball-less laddie sends his best wishes to mr. pink for a speedy recovery. hell yeah to your ideal concert line up!

SMZ said:

But where do you actually dowload it from? Please..big Mylo fan here!

i don't get the tom vek hype. i got the album and listened to it, and started looking forward to the end about halfway through. blah.

David said:

A New Order/Super Furries/La's show?

Wow. Someone has to make this happen, and yesterday.

See you at the Sports Guy signing.

tien said:

mortimer isn't a big fan of the car either. he doesn't meow much, but when he's in a car, it's pretty constant.

Melina said:

Here's to a speedy recovery for Mr. Pink! Lil cutie! (Thinking: Good Thoughts) Talby's hitting six months on the 29th of this month, and it's time to get her spayed, so thanks for the linkage & info Kyle.

What a Mozzy quote...I can just *hear* that inflection in his voice saying that.